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St George’s Day Spankings – Part 2

slay the dragon

In Ye Olden Days, St George (real name not known since he was a Johnny Foreigner… and according to UKIP, a bloody scrounging immigrant) – oh, the Olden Days would be that “real history”- not the 450 year old junior stuff (bless) on the other side of the Atlantic. Now, where was I? Oh yes, George did slay a terrible beasty, a Dragon… (I do believe these became extinct around the time of the Dodo – snigger). Okay, so I am writing more gibberish than normal, forgive me, I’ve had a trying day!!!


aaaaaand… at the risk of losing the remaining Scottish readership – I was joking about your precious (or is that dangerous?) Nicola Sturgeon! I know you lot can take a joke. You deep fry Mars Bars in batter and wonder why your obesity rates are the highest in Europe? Don’t get me started on your football (soccer) teams which are far worse than the (admittedly piss poor) English ones when they play in Europe. To even it up, it’s like barmy UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, treated like “Billy No Mates” by the other opposition leaders in the recent debate (see below) – I am just trying to balance it up… unlike the Scottish Rugby team, holding the “Wooden Spoon” – and so on (I’ll stop!)

General Election 2015 campaign - April 16th

There… Scotland. Better? I am sorry Big Dave C and his best mate, “Cleggy” from (Last of the summer wine) couldn’t make it, Mummy wouldn’t let them out to debate in front of the entire country!

WARNING: Ignore the next paragraph & move to SPANKINGS! I’m on a rant! 😉

rant“Enough!” You are saying… especially those to the great continent west of Britain… (you are wondering what the actual F*** I am wittering on about on this great national English Day that most of us can not be bothered to celebrate?) Well, imagine no one caring about July 1st in Canada or July 4th in the USA… unthinkable, right? There are also elections coming up for May 7th when the people of Britain officially vote their country down the toilet with disdain and indifference to our politicians. the elections this time round are mean, nasty, vindictive and intense and everyone knows Britain is up Shit Creek because of this with none of us caring enough to vote one of these wankers in with a clear majority. I despise them all, just below paedos and killers, but just above bankers, traders and smug billionaires with beards. So I am in a great place right now… celebrating my national day ranting here on a blog when I should be getting on with the spankings as promised!

>>> Spankings start here <<<

To make up for my ranting, here are plenty of updates from the fine ENGLISH style websites we all know and love! Starting with English Spankers

Lazy Luna gets a whacking

npp7151008 npp7151013 npp7151016 npp7151019 bare bottom spanking npp7151023 npp7151027 npp7151029 npp7151033 npp7151037

Luna should have been at work instead she is getting ready to see her boyfriend. She has just been spanked in the shower for being late for work and now she is in real trouble. A session with the leather paddle may teach her a lesson, starting over her pyjama bottoms the paddle does its work and makes Luna take note. Then the PJ’s are removed for a good bare bottom leathering. This naughty young lady features in the latest of their Hand Made Films series.



I couldn’t feature an “English Spanking” without Amelia, could I? I know you’ve all seen the Free Sponsored Canings – if you haven’t them… then Pandora’s site HERE is most probably your best bet to find every link – So Amelia (or her alter ego, Ariel) took hers along with so many other brave girls for BACKLASH (please do contribute to them and help them defend the English websites that may be under threat from the barmy ATVOD Quango) … Instead, I thought I would show off this set of images that is just… so… Amelia! taken from Northern Spanking

Come here! – stars Amelia Jane Rutherford

NSI083-MAB060 amelia jane rutherford NSI083-MAB088 NSI083-MAB090 spanking NSI083-MAB107 NSI083-MAB108 strapping NSI083-MAB121 NSI083-MAB125

When he beckons her to come sit by him, the last thing Amelia is expecting is an OTK discussion of her spending habits but that is exactly what she gets! What she also gets is stripped and leathered with his well used and well worn in tawse.


Pandora’s site Dreams of spanking (apparently under threat from ATVOD) is next – so do support her as she has been the most vocal of pornographers standing up for her kink in the UK. I have 2 peeks at her wonderful kink… the 1st is with Molly Malone and Nimue Allen.

The cane in the Cupboard

Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard005 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard044 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard011 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard022 welted buttocks Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard038 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard045 Dreams-of-Spanking_cane-cupboard053

Probation officer Molly Malone is keen to correct ‘delinquent’ Nimue Allen in this real life f/f caning story. It’s the 1980s, so technically the cane is forbidden, but her unlucky victim doesn’t know that. Molly makes Nimue fetch it from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for her punishment caning. But as the stripes glow red on Nimue’s bottom, Molly looks like she’s having second thoughts. When Nimue returns, will she seek revenge on her cruel probation officer?

Pandora asks the question: Does my bum look big in this? (heh heh!)

Dreams-of-Spanking_bum003 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum007 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum012 Dreams-of-Spanking_bum019 Pandora Blake's bubble butt Dreams-of-Spanking_bum039

Which of these sexy shorts should Pandora’s wear on her date? The hot yoga pants? Hugging her curves, they’re certainly attention-grabbing. Or perhaps the tight pink legging shorts? They look pretty good as she slides them over her gorgeous bottom. How about tight denim short shorts? Pandora Blake squeezes herself into a selection of sexy shorts, before stripping and kneeling for you on the sofa. Pulling down her knickers, she invites you to take a closer look.

View what’s out at Dreams Of Spanking HERE


Finally, I’m running out of time and it is already the 24th April here now (sigh) I was talking to Sarah (Gregory) earlier tonight and she said she had a nice time chatting at the pool with Leia – sigh… in case you didn’t know, the BBW Party is on for this weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. I should have gone, thinking about it, but I was thinking about the spanking party I am helping to host in Houston, TX at the end of next month and can’t stay away so long in the States as I was planning on being back in the summer for a longer period…. anyway, I’m waffling… I was just reminded of this fantastic film that both Leia and Sarah Stern did for SpankingSarah.com a few years ago – and I found it in my archives….watched it again and got you a few pic reminders for you good long suffering readers: I promise… this is awesome! & with that, I bid you goodnight, I hope my ranting wasn’t too unpleasant a read for you all!

Paddled and Strapped – courtesy of Spanking Sarah

npp5005005 npp5005007 npp5005014 npp5005030 npp5005035 npp5005036 npp5005040 paddling npp5005049 paddled and strapped

IN this episode from the drama “The Prisoner” – Sarah breaks into the safe house where Leia Ann Woods is asleep in her bed. After waking Leia Ann Sarah slaps her around the body and face, terrifying her before making her strip naked for a ferocious beating with various straps and then a heavy wooden paddle. In this film we see Sarah at her most wicked and dangerous and Leia Ann at her most submissive!


house roadhouse


Full details on the website home page HERE


More Easter Spankings!

Spring has finally arrived here in my part of the world, my chocolate hangover is over… and I want to spend a few hours by the seaside – since I was brought up by the sea, it’s something I miss more than anything, inhaling that fresh salty air, a nice onshore breeze and the smell of fish ‘n’ chips wafting in the air… I’ll be availing myself to that traditional meal later on, yum! – and hoping that this post went out as I tried to use the update program on WordPress again, it doesn’t always work (my incompetence, no doubt), so here’s hoping as there are some nice additional updates for you today!

I’m starting with the new long play production from Sarah Gregory Spanking – This is one of our rare site crossover productions (I think there has only ever been 3 and this is the third) that Sarah & I do when the films are long and laborious to produce. Since I had first dibs at the wonderful Amelia, Joelle & Sarah “Bathtub Bullies” film – CLICK HERE for a special reminder video gallery – It was only fair that Sarah get first go at this film (it will appear on AAA in around 4 months or so)… & especially as the title of the new film is called “I’m Sarah Gregory”.

Angel spanks Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory and Angel Lee are playing at a spanking party. Angel is giving Sarah a nice sensual spanking and Sarah thinks that’s all it is. All of a sudden Angel starts to spank her a little harder than planned. Angel is sick of hearing Sarah say, “Don’t Mark me, I have a shoot.” People pretty much know that as the “Sarah Gregory saying.” What Angel doesn’t know is that Sarah’s boyfriend, John, will be back soon. When he walks in on Sarah upset about being spanked harder than she wanted, he is not too happy with Angel so he gives her a taste of her own medicine.

groping sarah's ass unwanted spanking sarah gregory angel lee otk spanking time to use implements on her ass hairbrush spanking tears for angel strapping a sore red ass sweet spot spanking

Video & image sets are out now to download at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Sarah Gregory Spanking - click here


Also at MommaSpankings.com is a new long play video (they are ALL long play here, lol) and it co stars Sarah as “Mom” and Christy Cutie playing her very cute but badly behaved daughter. I just finished watching the complete edited movie in advance and it’s great! Sarah really can play the adult role oh so well, I love seeing her lecture and scold before expertly spanking her girls… check out these screen grabs from the movie (they are all reduced to 1280×720 pixels). What’s there NOT to like when it has an impossibly cute Christy Cutie… in *that* outfit and “Mommy” Sarah itching to spank her bare bottom… and of course the adorable PJs (“sans” panties underneath) – oh my!

Daytime Spanking, Bedtime Spanking

Christy Cutie & Sarah Gregory Christy gets a spanking OTK upskirt spanking spanked Christy Cutie long legs spanked in PJs inspecting ass bare bottom hairbrush spanking hairbrush OTK spanking Christy and momma sarah Christy Cutie

Mommy is very disappointed when she gets a call from daddy that their daughter, Christy, has put her life at risk by disappearing in the neighborhood long enough to cause worry. Mommy and Daddy decide that spanking is the best way to handle this, but Christy doesn’t like this one bit. Mommy assures Christy that she loves her and is doing this for her own good.

See this and all the other specialist Mommy/Daughter spanking films HERE

Momma Spankings

Access either site as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass and pay less with one set of codes! See how much you save by checking out this link or banner provided for your convenience.

Sarah Gregory Pass


From NorthernSpanking.com – the conclusion to the “Damp Day in Derbyshire” films… however, it’s not because of the usual inclemant weather this video series is named after… but Nimue’s attempts at drunkingly attempting to pee after coming back from a night out with her co-worker. Just take a look at the images and the full storyline (below) and all will become clear – stars the excellent Nimue Allen, Janna Jansen & Paul Kennedy: I really liked this film and these girls have amazing bubble butts to die for!!! & look at those nursing uniforms #yikes!

careworkers sneak out to drink Nimue tries to pee otk spanking panties down for her spanking pantyhose removed for punishment white knickers caning the nurse bare bottom caning nurses show their asses knickers down for spanking

Nurses Janna and Nimue went out for a few drinks to celebrate one of their coworkers retirement. The elderly care home where they work locks its doors at eleven, so when the girls stumbed back to the grounds at first light, they found themselves unable to get back in. After a night of drinking, both girls badly needed to pee. When they realized they were not about to be let in, Nimue decided that the best course of action left was to simply go in the grass, and in her drunken state she fails to take down her panties and leggings, soaking the white material. Unfortunately for them, the commotion woke Mr Kennedy, who was not the least bit amused by the girls behavior. Nimue and Janna seemed to think that the whole thing was hilarious, but he had a way to put an end to their giggling, and access to a school cane, as well…

Damp Day in Derbyshire – HD film from NorthernSpanking.com


Finally today – an additional update at the AAA Clips Store sees a new film (several months in advance of the main site) which features the lovely Aleesha Fox and naughty Zoe Page together again in a special fun “wheelbarrow spanking” video. I love working with both girls and they have great chemistry… this film summed up that day we were filming and of course Zoe was only too pleased to spank Aleesha in this position for her very first time! Don’t be fooled by the early smiles in this… Zoe spanked her hard enough, as Aleesha would well remember!

wheelbarrow spanking Aleesha Fox spanked by Zoe Zoe Page spanks Aleesha Fox rear view of Aleesha Fox spanked panties Zoe Page gives Aleesha Fox a wheelbarrow spanking Aleesha Fox wheelbarrow spanking Aleesha gets a spanking Aleesha Fox wheelbarrow spanking Aleesha Fox wheelbarrow spanking

Stunning Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page are friends outside of filming… and Aleesha felt a little embarrassed to bring up the subject at one of our filmshoots she attended, she did anyway.

“Zoe…” she asked “I know you’ve spanked girls in the wheelbarrow position before, could I try that with you too?”

Well, needless to say, Zoe was only too happy to do this and Aleesha tried out this very submissive position for her first and only time. It’s a delightful girl on girl spanking plus we get to see Aleesha’s spanked red bottom up nice and close too! Features a great panty wedgie punishment as well as the hard hand spanks in this position to add to what many girls want to see if they can pass that humiliation barrier. See Aleesha as you have never seen her in any film before – this short vid comes out well in advance of the main site so take advantage of this opportunity to add more unseen spanking erotica to your growing collection of special films!

The full clip can be seen HERE

AAA Spanking Clips Store

Or check out the 250 odd full films available at AAAspanking.com right now



Don’t Forget – the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY in HOUSTON – May 28-31
Spend time with fellow spankos in the 1st Annual Party to be hosted in Houston, Texas.


Stunning Downtown Houston image (c) Noel Holland

Lone Star Spanking party

Saturday Spankings pt1

I usually love Saturdays unless I have to work late (like today, unfortunately)… so I’ll keep this brief and post a few sets you may or may not have seen as I quickly perused through my spanking archives and checked out what is out there at the mo!

So let’s check out what is available first of all at one of my fave sites NorthernSpanking.com and this is one of the very latest additions to the members area as Nimue Allen lures her submissive partner Janna up to her room for some “Playtime”

Nimue is feeling very horny and has tempted her sexy, submissive playmate Janna up to her bedroom in her favourite school uniform, complete with authentic white cotton knickers. Nimue is delighted to be able to take her time and administer a long and very thorough smacked bottom to Janna, in the knowlege that she enjoys each delicious slap to her buttocks, especially when told she must hold her legs in the air, allowing Nimue the uninterupted view of her hidden pleasures, to be attended to in good time!




Check out how shapely Janna’s bottom got further marked only from NorthernSpanking.com


I hadn’t kept on top of the uniform updates at Spanked-in-Uniform.com until recently when I decided to go through them all and hadn’t realised that curvacious Clover had appeared in 2 films I hadn’t viewed (that was very soon rectified!) and now that I’ve seen them both, here they are taking pride of place as a top recommendation. She’s a top girl and in my busy schedule of bookings this is one girl I have foolishly overlooked so if she is keen I will be contacting Clover to rectify a shoot with me sometime soon at my site. But until then, check out these 2 films, her most recent shown at the site which showcases her talent for looking good in and out of uniform and getting her bum very toasty care of Mike’s shovel hands!

Missing Practice : Rockford School of Dance





Clover Rock showed up at the Dance school and she really wanted to join the cheerleading squad. She was quite surprised when coach Johnson told her that the rules at the dance academy are very strict and that spanking is used. She did reluctantly agree to the terms. A few weeks later she missed an important practise before a show so she was spanked for the very first time. Over coach’s knee her bottom was spanked a fiery red and she had to stand in the corner for a while.




Senior cadet Clover has been late back from a weekend pass a few times and this time her commanding officer caught her sneaking in to the academy red handed. He told her that for one week she was demoted to junior cadet and she had to change in to her junior cadet uniform, and report to his office in 10 minutes. He then gave her a hard strapping and ordered her to write punishment lines sitting on her bare, sore, well strapped bottom. Very humiliating for a senior cadet.

If you want to see MORE of Clover and all the other girls spanked in their various uniforms – CLICK HERE


Part 2 of today’s updates will be out later today, have a good one!