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Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

More spankings to start your week

The asbestos abatement crews were in our basement today… cleaning up tiles that had remained on the floor until the shitwater damage got the carpeting and walling removed to reveal what was below! Asbstos tiles from the 1930s or so! Great… more expense and time to see this removed! We also had the sewer outlet outside our house briefly repaired so it can be used until Spring when the ground isn’t so frozen and they can come back and dig up our front yard once more! Joy! This is heartbreaking stuff… and both Sarah and I are rushing things to try and get an important custom shoot ready and prepared in some way in the basement, already the clean up crews have been in and sterilized the area and it looks better than being under 4-6 inches of dirty water. We have girls flying in, all with tight schedules and COVID testing/isolation as well as at least one young lady hoping to catch up with her family whilst back in New England. To let them down or our esteemed client, we can’t! Anyway, costs are spiraling out of control and Sarah gave in and started a Go Fund Me – she hated doing this as it admits some defeat (temporarily) that we need additional help… but we know the insurance is not going to cover a lot of this and we have paid a lot out of pocket already. Her Go Fund Me is HERE, if you have ever been a fan of Sarah or know her work ethic, it is second to none… and I hate seeing her so upset. She was genuinely surprised and heartened by the response so far… so “thank you” to those who have helped her so far. If you can donate, no matter how small an amount,  I know this would help her immensely. Of course, you could also just join her websites and support her that way and get something back yourself 🙂

Anyway, today… I thought I’d feature other folks’ work until I do the next big SG feature later this week.

Clean Up this Place

with Autumn Bodell and Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey came home to find the apartment that she shares with her roommate to be in total disarray. She quietly waited for Autumn to come home from another of her numerous “dates”. When her roommate arrived Audrey confronted her not just for the state of the apartment but also for her lascivious behavior. When Audrey saw that her roommate had not taken this matter seriously enough Autumn found herself bent over the bed for a spanking. Autumn’s bare bottom was spanked until she agreed to keep the apartment clean and be more thoughtful in the manner in which she behaved with her boyfriends.

panties down spanking spanking spanking her bare red bottom

As well as offering cheap membership options, there is a current promotion for a 3 day non-recurring “looksee” membership, giving you full access to the site for about 5 Bucks! That’s less than a java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks! Check out the website for the latest movie updates like this cool film featuring fan fave Audrey Sugarsmak and sexy redhead, Autumn Bodell.

punished brats

A Problem with the French

with Elori Stix & Miss Elizabeth

Schoolgirl Elori keeps her regular weekly appointment with the school Counselor, Miss Elizabeth, religiously. Wondering why she is so dedicated, Elizabeth discovers that the appointments negate one of Elori’s two French lessons each week. Claims of bullying and a French teacher that doesn’t like Elori do not wash with Elizabeth and she determines that Elori needs to learn a stern lesson… across Miss Elizabeth’s desk, with her panties taken down and a wooden ruler smacking her bottom!

spanking over panties spanking

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film from the extensive tour pages of Northern Spanking

northern spanking

Finally… because, who doesn’t like to see ladies spanked in jodhpurs? Here is the super sexy Jentina Small (who I have a serious spanko crush on) from an archived film at Spanked In Uniform – she can take a spanking and looks stunning doing so, my favorite combination! I know that once I finally am able to leave the USA and return to Europe, I intend to see if Jentina would film for our websites… oh my, wouldn’t that be something? But until then, check out a lot of her spanking fetish work below. This feature is taken from the Lowood Riding School series:

Dry Your Horse

with Jentina Small & Mike Johnson

Little snobbish riding girl, Jentina, took Raven out for a run and she put him back in his Paddock thinking someone else would dry and feed him. That is not how things work at the Lowood Riding School as she was soon to find out… begging for forgiveness across the owner’s knee. Jentina did not dry Raven sufficiently and he was not fed after his run. The owner checked and confronted her in the stables. She was soon dragged back to the office where her own Riding Crop had very painful things to say to her quivering, bare bottom.

otk spanking spanking in johdpurs

See more of gorgeous Jentina getting the spankings she deserves in many uniform style spankings CLICK HERE

Spanking Punishments You Should See!

Here’s a little collection of the latest updates and spanking punishments that I feel you should check out. They are worth it and visiting the site tour pages will give you more information on the films featured here plus other updates I haven’t covered. You can support the sites by signing up for a membership… these are troubling times for everyone, but the websites featured offer amazing value (remember  20 years ago how you’d crave a blurry VHS tape for 50-50 Dollars?) – Now you get HD content for many hundreds of full films at every site shown plus extras like photo galleries and model updates and such. Trust me, every membership received is greatly appreciated and helps keep the sites you love open and creating MORE content.

northern spanking

Summer Camp

Alex, Maddy, Harley & Linny find themselves abandoned by their parents to a Summer Camp, (a feature of growing up in America) and one with a very strict disciplinary policy. Having skipped off for the afternoon and gotten lost in the woods, the girls must now face an angry Camp Director… and his cane! One by one the girls are lectured, bent over, and smacked hard across their white cotton panties, followed by a 12 stroke caning that leaves their bottoms striped and very, very sore.

sore bare bottom caning spanking schoolgirl caning spanked and caned bottoms


northern spanking

spanked in uniform

The Home Nurse

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom paid dearly for that. First, she gets a sound spanking. Then naughty nurse Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. Olga gets a spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, her bottom sore and red, to reflect on her poor behavior.



spanked in uniform

spanked and diapered

Diapered for Disrespect

After being extremely rude to restaurant staff in the hotel where they are staying on their school trip, Cara is taken to her room by supervising teacher Miss Elizabeth to be punished. Cara’s punishment is going to be both painful AND humiliating. As well as the spanking schoolgirl Cara is expecting, Miss Elizabeth informs her as she’s smacking her bottom, Cara is to wear a diaper under her school dress for the rest of the day. And she’s going to apologize for her rudeness, in person, in her diaper! Also, it seems that Miss Elizabeth has borrowed a wooden spoon from the hotel kitchen. Pretty sure she told them it was going to be used to punish this rude little girl!


firm hand spanking

New Rules for Lola Sanders

A second six with a wooden paddle, panties pulled down, for bratty Lola Sanders Lying flat on the dining table, pretty brat Lola Sanders pushed John Friday too far by damaging his clothes. Clad only in bra and panties, she’s already had six swats with a long school paddle. Now it’s time for her pert bottom to be bared for another six burning smacks. Her bouncing buttocks clench and twitch as she’s punished, replayed in slow-mo.

wooden paddling sore red buttocks



Sunday Funday Spanking Updates

Another collection of fine spanking erotica from some of the best spanking themed websites around. Here’s something to keep you busy and distracted from your Xmas shopping. Check these sites out and help support them with a membership… easily the best way to view and help each and every producer showcased here.

I will say this again, as I know many of you who read this blog also prefer to try and download content for free from piracy websites… you are supporting Russians who don’t give one flying fuck about who produces the content. They are in it to rip off as many sites as they can… getting rich off our hard work and it’s pretty obscene… I get it, but if you ever sign up for a membership through them – Good luck, I hope your card gets scammed and you are no friend of any producer, all you are doing is helping to hasten the demise of the membership model which provides great independent value, and push us to open clip stores costing everyone more and pushing us to deal with more PRIVATE spanking commissions, for which the vast majority of people will never see. & for what? Because you can’t be bothered to support the sites you profess to love? Not even with one membership sign up for under 30 Dollars… even just once per year? Seriously? But you’re prepared to spend more than that at Starbucks per month or on all those Xmas presents for family members you’d rather not see?

Think and don’t make the Russian pirates wealthy off our hard work. Besides filming and editing and getting the sites updated, we have to source the girls, deal with location shoots, and cancellations, shitty boyfriends or jealous, demanding “dominants” who change the rules after we producers have vetted and thoroughly prepared for a shoot, who write back (if we’re lucky) and say they can’t come, even after buying them a plane ticket, and so on… trust me, this happens sometimes and is part of the job, sadly… as is piracy. Russian pirates just steal and don’t have to worry about anything else like creating content. The irony of when the stuff they steal is shared elsewhere and they “bitch” by putting their own sad watermarks on it is beyond parody… but it is dangerous to continued content creation – again, think on that!

OK, enough of my bleating, go enjoy the latest showcased spanking sites.

The latest film now showing at Northern Spanking

Helping Her Career

Nurse Cleo has failed to gain the promotion she wanted at work. She’s good at what she does but seems to lack focus. Paul believes he can help her with that, by restoring some domestic discipline to their routine, starting with a good spanking for Cleo and a thrashing with his belt.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64139″]

A classic movie that best showcases Spanked and Diapered

Ella’s Giant Teddy Tantrum

Little Ella is getting ready to go on vacation with her family. After a fiasco in which she almost lost some of her stuffies on a previous trip because she brought so many, Ella’s step-mommy, Lilly Calloway, now only allows her to take one stuffie with her. Ella comes into the room with the stuffie that she intends to bring…and it’s as big as she is. When Lilly tells her that this is not a travel-friendly bear, Ella throws a huge tantrum. Out of patience, Lilly resorts to the measures that she knows will work to get her naughty step-daughter under control: a spanking over her knee. But if Ella is going to act this way now, there’s no way of knowing if she will decide to throw fits like a baby all day long. With the troubles of transit already looming in the future, Lilly takes actions to keep Ella from acting out later by giving her a punishment that lasts all day (and saves time, too). Ella gets a dose of diaper discipline as her red bottom is taped into a thick, padded diaper to travel in.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64153″]

A classic mommy/daughter Japanese Spanking from Hand Spanking

Unpaid Monthly Tuition

Yurina’s mother gets a call from school that her daughter has not paid her monthly tuition. Yurina is given the stinging smacks that she deserves by her mother when she gets home. There are two versions shown here, one in the Japanese Room and another time in the Bedroom!


The latest film now available in full at Real Spankings Institute

Devin Jade Punished for not wearing a Bra

On her first disciplinary trip to see the Dean, Devin realizes how seriously the dress code at the Institute is. The Dean begins with a lighter strap but he is not happy with her reaction. The Dean decides that Devin is not learning a proper lesson so he retrieves a much more effective strap and does not stop until her bottom is purple. Embarrassing corner time follows.

Real Spankings Institute is massive in its own right – You can check out the full tour pages of this site HERE

It is also part of the biggest spanking pass network giving amazing value. 8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! Go see for yourself, click on the banner below.

Something different for your day

I have found a collection of drafts that I had not completed, so have placed them together so that you can view these amazing updates from some quality sites. Waste not, want not… right? Again, as usual, I make my apologies for not being here as often as I’d like, there never seems to be enough hours in the day right now!!! So without any more waffle, enjoy these newfound updates… including a few “recent” ones for your viewing pleasure!

CUTIE SPANKEE  (Japanese Spanking)

The Call Bell

Madam always rings for me when I make a mistake or for other reasons she is displeased with my work. The number of times the bell rings tells me what implement will be used on me during my punishment. I have to bring the implement on a tray immediately to madam. I arrive trembling with a shaky hand holding the tray… just wishing that the punishment won’t be more severe this time!

This site may not update anymore with new content, but if you haven’t visited it until now, it is worth every penny. This unique Japanese all-female spanking site has some of the best photography and unique maternal and schoolgirl discipline films you will see. The site has an easy English interface so you won’t get lost! Buy a month’s membership and you won’t be disappointed with the amazing photosets and costumes used during the many 100s of spanking films!


Sign up to this site & you get 3 others FREE with your membership (see website for details)
Includes Spanking Teen Brandi – Spanking Bailey – Bi Spanking

Learning How to Spank

Brandi and I have a spanking contest and are instructed by Miss J and Lady D on the proper techniques of spanking. In trying to beat each other out by spanking the hardest we learn how to use various straps and paddles effectively.

As well as being part of a network of 4 websites (which are still updated) this site is also part of the stunning value 8 sites Real Spankings Pass – if you haven’t already, check out the options below (click the banner of your choice) to learn more!


Real Spankings (part of the Real Spankings Pass Network)

Michelle’s School Swats

New model Michelle participates in the school swats series. She will not be sitting anytime soon.

school swats


RS is also part of the Real Spankings Pass – giving 8  sites access for a fraction of the combined cost. This site is massive in its own right but combined withthe other sites makes for an awesome archive of spanking content to view and download.

real spankings pass

Northern Spanking (another site with a vast archive of content!)

Silly Sister’s Seifuku Spanking

sarah gregory at northern spanking

Alex Reynolds can’t believe her eyes when she walks into the living room to see her little sister, Sarah Gregory, dressed in a seifuku and reading a book about anime…holding the book upside down. Sarah wasn’t even interested in anime last week, but now it has suddenly become her “obsession.” It’s too bad she didn’t do any research into the subject at all, but ditzy Sarah tends to be like that.

otk spanking


northern spanking

Spanking Server

Yasmeena’s Tearful Caning

Yasmeena is placed onto the bench and tied before her dress is lifted and panties pulled down, baring her upturned exposed bottom. To ensure the caning strokes are even more effective, Peter sprays oil onto her cheeks to add friction to the cane strokes. Yasmeena grits her teeth and takes the caning punishment but not without tears. After, she is left to face the wall, her red bottom on display, and to reflect on this latest punishment.


spanking server

Here’s to the final month from the Year of Hell! What could go wrong?

Spanking Stuff to start your week!

Howdy! Here are some different spanking updates for you today, they are varied and cover many websites I love to catch up with. If you like what you see, please go check out their tour pages and see the other latest content from the links I have provided for you to view! Have a good one… and here’s hoping this makes for a better start to your coming week! Enjoy!

Correctional Institute – Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

Prison officer’s bare ass paddled as revenge: red hot punishment scene! The painful, stinging smack of a wooden paddle across prison officer Zoe Page’s bare bottom can be heard outside her office as inmate Lucy Lauren exacts revenge for months of abuse in Correctional Institute. Awesome 20 swats counted out, plus many more before and after, leave Zoe’s bottom red raw. Check out the slow-motion bouncing booty replays!

See more of this preview & series only at Firm Hand Spanking

A Friend’s Loyalty – Introducing Veda Rose

After a friend’s night out, Veda comes home alone. Refusing to rat out her friend, she is soon bent over the bed for daddy’s belt. Still refusing to talk, her pants are pulled down for a spanking across his knee. Veda whimpers as her bottom gets spanked swollen and red.

See more of this movie only at Assume the Position Studios

Jill And Britney Caught: Spanked And Penalty Swats

Jill Kassidy and Britney Light, the two prettiest women in spanking today, are caught spanking and playing with each other by Daddy who spanks those pretty naked bottoms hard and gives Penalty Swats too.

See the full-length movie of these sexy girls at Worst Behavior Productions

A Proper Whoopin’ after Getting Paddled at School

Michael receives an email that Kiki had been paddled at school, so upon her return home, he demands to see her bruised bottom. He then follows up with a bare bottom whoopin’ that she will not soon forget.

See the latest hard domestic punishments featured at Real Spankings
Or visit Real Spankings Pass – offering you THE BEST value (8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost)

Business studies – with Bambi Belle

Bambi is an industrious school girl who has started running a small business from her dorm room. Unfortunately, some of her stock was intercepted by a concerned mail room staff member…since one of the boxes that arrived for her was clearly labeled as coming from a sex shop. The headmaster has come to Bambi’s room to have a word with her. Bambi seemingly has no idea why her new money making scheme of selling vibrators and lingerie to the girls in her building should be a problem…but the headmaster definitely thinks it’s a problem!

Bambi is about to learn the limitations of on-campus commerce via a sore spanked bottom and a taste of the Headmaster’s strap.

See more of this film & Bambi’s other features at Northern Spanking

Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s been a while so here are some excellent recent updates and a classic (at the end) that I have for you today from these fine sites I recommend you go support. Each is different, as you’ll see… so without further waffle from me, please enjoy today’s reviews!

Spanked in Uniform starring Lucy Lauren

spanking over regulation knickers

Panties pulled down, Lucy Lauren is spanked long and hard in school uniform: Fantasizing about being spanked as a naughty schoolgirl is one of Lucy Lauren’s favorite themes. But when she’s faced with the real thing, panties pulled down by headmaster Philip Johnson, it’s a whole new world of humiliation in “Spanked in Uniform”. Lucy’s bouncing cheeks are soon turned crimson. Awesome slow-mo replays show every ripple!

spanking from Sir schoolgirl spanking lucy lauren spanking aftermath


Rude Awakeningstarring Cara Day & Alex Reynolds

cute cara day at spanked and diapered

Little Cara is on vacation with her big sister… but she has too much energy in the morning. When she won’t stop bothering her sleepy sister, Alex, and doesn’t listen to instructions, she’s in trouble. A day at the zoo is still in her future, but it will have to wait until she’s had her bottom spanked over Alex’s knee. And what happens to little girls who don’t listen? They can’t be trusted to listen when they’re out of the house, so they end up getting put in diapers, just in case. Cara looks so sweet being taped into a vintage Bambino diaper that I daresay all will be forgiven.

otk spanking panties down spanking explicit diapering of Cara Day spanked and diapered


Priceless Artifactsstarring Rachel Adams & Paul Kennedy

Rachel is a security guard at a city museum. She works very long hours for very little money and this is just one of her jobs. Overcome with tiredness one day, Rachel takes a nap. Unfortunately, the 18th Century heirloom on which she’s napping is covered by a security camera.
Rachel’s boss is a lazy but connected city employee seemingly freshly transferred from one of its correctional facilities, where no doubt his strengths were more in play. About heritage and history, he gives precisely zero fucks but he does recognize an opportunity when he sees it asleep on a screen.
Unwilling, supposedly, to go through the mountain of paperwork needed to dismiss Rachel, his alternative punishment is more immediate, painful, and extremely humiliating for poor Rachel, who soon finds herself across his desk, tights and panties down, on the receiving end of his belt. She does want to keep her job after all, doesn’t she?

spanking over pantyhose spanked and strapped leather strapping


Judicial Caning & Hand Tawsing of Chrissy Marie & Delta Hauser

hand tawsing and caning

There are 2 sets of a dozen strokes delivered to both girls with increasing velocity to each of them. The cane cuts into their tender skin. Delta takes her 1st 12 then is made to watch as Chrissy receives hers, this is then repeated again with the second set. A second camera angle captures the look of pure agony on their pretty faces with each cut of the cane. The punishment bench pushes their bottoms high in the air, spread and exposed without an ounce of humility.
Their punishment ends with a severe leather hand-tawsing for each of them before they show off their sore hands and striped bottoms.



That’s it for today… and a friendly reminder that this is the type of America we should all aspire to live in, not a divisive one we seem to be struggling in right now where neighbors and friends can not even say who they support politically without resorting to petty name-calling. We are better than this. It was never this bad… was it? I can’t vote, but I highly recommend those who can exercise their God given right and do something about it!


Various Spankings to kick off the week

Hello again… here’s an interesting selection of spankings from various websites that you will be able to view and download as part of any membership chosen. Each of these sites has more than enough content to keep you busy downloading content to your hard drives to playback to your heart’s content. The added bonus is that you HELP these sites, the original makers of the content you love. I have provided links to all the LEGITIMATE websites… as a fellow producer you can trust the links I give rather than some of the awful piracy download sites that I have seen recently including ways in which they will take YOUR credit card number as part of their own nefarious membership. Do you want to give your credit card numbers to Russian thief? I know I wouldn’t! I’ve included some animated GIFs for some added interaction… enjoy!

Short Term Employment

northern spanking

High schooler Apricot returns home from the second day of her summer job at a movie theater… and reports that she got fired! It took Paul calling in a huge favor to secure that job for Apricot, because he was sick of her slacking off during the summer holidays. Well, he’s going to find ANOTHER job for Apricot and she is going to keep it. And there’s a price to pay for losing this one, a price Apricot pays with a spanking followed by a good leathering.

spankings apricot pitts spanking otk beltings and spankings


Chores not Done

punished brats

Serenity’s stepdad had given his princess a list of chores to be done while he was away on business. She resisted, complaining that it was exam week. Stepdad was unmoved and informed his brat that should she fail to perform her tasks a sound spanking awaited her upon his arrival home. She smirked at the idea that a girl her age would be spanked.

When her stepdad arrived home and found the house in worse shape than when he left. As promised she was taken over her stepdad’s lap for a spanking. She protested and then sassed then man over whose lap she currently found herself as he spanked her bottom.  After one word of complaint and disrespect too many Serenity’s bottom was bared. She gasped in horror as she felt spank after hard spank land upon her naked bottom.

otk spankings red bottom spankings sore spanked bottom


Boss Takes Wet Panty and Penalty Swats

spanked and exposed

After giving spanking newcomer Kat a good paddling on her wet panties and on her bare bottom sticking out over the end of a chair, the boss finds that she is going to receive the very same punishment including penalty swats. We get to see her watch her paddling between her legs and at the end of the punishment she is on all fours with her bottom spread wide open to be spanked on her bare butthole.

stevie rose shows how it is done spread for more spankings butthole spankings


Yana’s Special Spanking Day

sensual otk spankings

This 22-year-old Russian beauty wants to try a different type of spanking, one which she has been told will make her emotional. She promises to do as she is asked, so she strips slowly until naked, waiting for him to inspect her and use her as his plaything. She becomes totally submissive, taking a sensual spanking, flogging, and a leather paddling which she must do bent over and exposed for his viewing pleasure. Yana’s loss of control turns her on and excites her beyond expectation, bringing tears of pain as well as tears of joy.

sexy yana needs a spanking otk spanking otk spanking spanked over his lap


Cum Whipping for Ivy

ivy sherwood spanking

After a lengthy erotic flogging on her most sensitive princess parts, Ivy is once again turned over to present her ass for discipline. She is overjoyed to be handed the Hitachi to pleasure herself as she is whipped. The lash of the whip falls rhythmically as she luxuriates in the buzzing between her legs. Her ass and thigh jiggle under the heavy whip, begging to cum. Finally given permission, she collapsed in ecstasy. She crawls to the edge of the bed, frantically unfastening his pants to collect her reward in her eager mouth.

ivy sherwood spread for pussy spanking spanking and masturbating cum whipping ivy sherwood gives head


News from around the Spankosphere

Hello again… here’s a collection of some of the latest films and updates I may not have covered from the past in detail so do go check out all these sites and see for yourselves what is going on.

However, currently, I am really pissed off and am having issues where we are unable to have unrestricted internet access due to EverSource in Connecticut unable to get power back to the residents in a timely manner. Storm Isiahs hit early this week and has caused havoc to 750,000 residents. Now, observing this as a British citizen living in the USA right now, this situation is unheard of to me. I used to live in a rural area of Somerset (similar in the UK) and the most we ever had with no power was 24-48 hours after a severe winter snowstorm. We literally had a few hours of 60mph winds and it has caused this devastation… I also notice nearly all power lines are overhead in the USA, as that is cheaper, something cable and power companies don’t always do in the UK as underground costs more but residents DESERVE service, especially when Eversource Corp are the ONLY power company where we have no choice but to use them. Again, unacceptable. This goes for internet services too where we live. It is a monopoly and it doesn’t create competition or innovate, just makes profits for shareholders, and pays exorbitant salaries to CEOs and VPs. The CEO of Eversource earns a reputed $19M a year, I wish I was paid that much for overseeing the gross mismanagement and incompetence we residents of Connecticut are experiencing. Anyway, I have phone access (using my British phone and the data plan) which, through COMPETITION… I am still getting offered at no extra cost to use here in the USA. Sarah’s cellphone company doesn’t offer that at all. Anyway, I could rant on and on… this does make me miss the UK when some of our problems are much simpler there.

But enough of that, here are the latest updates for you all that I am covering today!

Breaking Point – Full movie from Punished Brats

real tears punishmentStarring Chloe Noir & David Pierson

As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.

paddling and spanking    spanking chloe noir  


Lucy Lauren – Doctor’s Dilemma (ongoing series)
starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Spreadeagled nude over a punishment frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly strapped

Talented doctor Lucy Lauren works at a top clinic, but boss Zoe Page likes nothing more than telling the pretty blonde medic to bend over for a spanking! Seems Dr Lucy is starting to enjoy the experience as she strips totally naked to lie spreadeagled over a punishment frame to be strapped in Doctor’s Dilemma. Epic slow-motion bottom-bouncing replays!


Sarah Spanks Amy (Spanked callgirls) via Clare Fonda Pass
Starring Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush. The spanking goes on until Amy repents for what she did. Lesson learned. Do not mess with Sarah Gregory.


Smacked in the Changing Room
Starring Zabrina Black, Jadie Reece & Alex Reynolds

Zabrina has been caught cheating in an inter-school cross country race… by the PE Mistress of the opposing team. Cornered in the changing room by a furious Miss Reece, Zabrina soon finds herself bent over having her bottom smacked, first across the seat of her PE knickers, then bare. Miss Reynolds, the PE Mistress of Zabrina’s school enters, having heard the commotion. Attempts to defend her girl only to inflame Miss Reece’s temper and soon Miss Reynolds is in Zabrina’s place, having her bottom smacked like a naughty girl, Miss Reece having ripped off her knickers!

We hope you appreciate the 70’s/80’s feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four-part series of PE-themed punishments.


More Spanking Biz News

Hello again, I seem to be on a roll with my update posts so today I thought it would be good to catch up on various sites that I haven’t caught up with including a couple of new updates from our own sites that I know you’ll like too!

However, before I continue, I’d like to make a statement about the ongoing COVID pandemic. There are several things to be concerned with and I am at pains to not be political (there are reasons for which I can’t mention here so prefer to keep this on a humanitarian level instead). After all, it’s a spanking blog so I will keep this personal message as a health issue and I’m quite troubled from what I hear and see on media in the USA. This virus hasn’t gone away… Jesus won’t wish it away, less testing doesn’t mean that it is less prevalent. This virus is not ‘Flu (anyone who has caught Flu will also know that is highly unpleasant and life-threatening to some). This virus is sneaky, it remains undetected and pernicious if left alone; it attacks the lungs, the vascular system, and those with compromised health issues… it will find a way to worsen those symptoms. It has an unusually long incubation period without signs of being (highly) contagious. Many people are asymptomatic (I’m not going to explain that, look it up if you really have to) so many are unaware they are spreading it because we don’t have decent testing methods yet.

Wear your masks… the reason we wear them, and why everyone should is not to protect OURSELVES from the virus… it is to protect OTHERS. It is a fact that those wearing masks can reduce the transmission of the virus greatly if they are carrying it, and as long as you follow hand washing and good practices on top then we can really flatten the curve. What I saw in Tulsa yesterday and from the recent, ongoing but totally understandable BLM protests is that we must continue to wear our masks and practice safe social distancing where possible. Most of mainland Europe has now completely flattened the curve and with relaxed procedures, they are ready to allow more freedoms… expecting a 2nd spike and curve to rise… this is normal (protests there will also have exacerbated the transmission of COVID). However, in the USA that curve is nowhere near reduced and is merely flattened and slightly falling… I fear in the next few weeks that the hospital admissions will rise substantially here and it ruins everything we have tried to do these last few months.

The best slogan from any country I have seen is from the Czech Republic:
The Czech motto is “your mask protects me, my mask protects you”.

So, please wear your masks for each other, that is all. Thank you.

As usual, I have featured (where possible) all performers/producers with their Twitter accounts (just click on their names). You will be able to check these out as this form of social media tends to show their latest news and further links to their other ventures, e.g) – other platforms such as additional member sites, Patreon and OnlyFans, etc.

Punished in the Woods – SIU Badminton Club
Starring: Mike Johnson & Olga Cabaeva

During the last game Olga performed badly so after the game instead of taking her straight home, Coach Mike made an extra stop in the local woods to give her a punishment she so richly deserved. He puts her over his knee in the car and spanks her soundly. Coach takes Olga into a space in the woods and bends her over to give her a sound bare bottom paddling with his trusty stinging hand shaped paddle.

Spanked in Uniform has many categories of specialist themes and is also adding content across their network. For example, this series featured below is available to view at either site (from what I can make out) so you can make your choice, I guess. I’m a little confused but whichever site you choose, there’s plenty of discipline to go around!

Satine & Masie’s Long Punishment
Starring: Satine Spark & Masie Dee

Satine comes to Holland regularly and she is in dire need of discipline as well as Masie. Satine stays with Masie when she is here and Masie told us that she doesn’t help around the house etc. Mike gives Satine her first spanking but then it became clear that Masie hadn’t shown Satine at all how to help around the house so it was only fair that he spanks Masie too. Both girls left with very red and sore bottoms. Until the next time… when he told them to email him pictures of their clean flat so Mike can see that they did actually clean. He never got any pictures so he decided to give them both a sound leather paddling.

Then there was the time Masie and Satine were booked a SIU shoot but when he arrived at the station to pick them up… no girls! One hour later the two madams showed up totally surprised and it was clear that they had forgotten that that night the clocks were put forward one hour. They had forgotten to set their mobile phones so he told them both to bare their bottoms and face the wall for one hour as they kept him waiting that long. Then he gave them both a good hard spanking.

Visit Real Life Spankings & Spanked in Uniform
For exclusive “schpaaankings” from the Netherlands (all films in English language)

Big Sister Takes Charge
Starring: Cleo Divine & Bri Crawford

Bri Crawford is supposed to be watching her little sister, Cleo Devine. Cleo went behind Bri’s back and asked one of her friends to buy alcohol for her and her friends. The friend told Bri, and she was NOT happy to hear this. How is she supposed to be keeping her little sister, the precious angel of the family, out of trouble if she’s hitting up her friends for alcohol?

Cleo is in big trouble this time. She is going to learn a lesson: her tight leggings are going to be pulled down, and she’s going over big sister’s lap for a hard hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. The two have fantastic chemistry and seem just like real sisters with the way that Bri scolds and Cleo complains back to her.

bare bottom spanking spanking

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Diapered by the Boss
Starring: Nuna Starks & Alex Reynolds

Nuna is on her first big business trip with a new firm, but at yesterday’s negotiations meeting, she couldn’t focus and got up over and over again to go to the restroom. She needed to be filled in whenever she got back and was creating a huge distraction. She’s sharing a hotel suite with her boss, Alex Reynolds. Alex is flustered and frustrated by Nuna’s behavior, so right before they head out to the meeting for the second day of negotiations, Alex has a talk with Nuna. She tells her that she is going to be punished for being so distracting yesterday and that she is going to fix the problem by putting her into a diaper for today. Nuna is dressed in her professional best, including a pair of silky stockings and a garter belt, but that doesn’t stop Alex from diapering her. Nothing could make her feel more embarrassed than wearing a diaper with her stockings: it points out how mature she should feel, but how childishly she is being treated. This is *so* embarrassing! Poor Nuna!

spanking and diapers spanked and diapered diapered and spanked

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Casey Ruins Lola’s Laundry
Starring: Casey Calvert & Lola Anderson


As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the Cheerleader Spankings Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

Having an impeccable cheer uniform is part of the pride of representing the team that one cheers for. Today is a special practice day for the keenest girls who are to turn up in their full cheer uniforms for additional credits. Casey is all ready to leave and waits for her roommate, Lola, who is cursing and stressed out in the other room. The reason becomes all too clear when she enters the living room topless and without her socks. It seems that Casey had washed Lola’s clothes without her knowledge and they had been washed with red items that had run. Now the whites of her uniform, apart from a spare pair of shorts that she is wearing, are bright pink! Lola is so angry with Casey’s lack of concern that she decides to teach her feckless roomie a painful lesson and turn her bottom as pink as the whites of her clothing! Casey is spanked over topless Lola’s lap and continually scolded. Her shorts are removed and the spanking continues on Casey’s ever-growing pink colored bottom. To ensure her cheeks remain flushed, Lola uses a nearby hairbrush that really teaches Casey a lesson in not touching other people’s laundry! It seems both girls will miss out this evening on the full cheer practice and the credits they could have gained! Way to go Casey!

otk spanking hairbrush spanking

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Alex Reynolds’ Wheelbarrow Spanking
Starring: Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy

As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the AAA Spanking Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

We would like to thank our good friends, Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy (co-owners of Northern Spanking), for agreeing to make this special wheelbarrow spanking film. This position can evoke a lot of emotion, even fear or trepidation. We realize this and now rarely film M/F content in this position as boundaries can be crossed and there could be issues of trust. This is a vulnerable position and we have seen other productions making the mistake of using this position for the wrong reasons. Remember, this is primarily a spanking position, we acknowledge that it is often explicit, but as with Alex and Paul (husband and wife), we wanted them to feel comfortable doing this. There is the exploration of submission, trust, and the headspace that comes with being spanked like this. For the spankee, as with Alex, she would be unable to always anticipate the smacks of his hand but would feel the soothing caresses from Paul and the different dynamics that using this position brings. This is a fun and loving spanking, with the added spice that this wheelbarrow position brings… making it compulsive viewing.

wheelbarrow spanking

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Oh… and another reason I knew I loved Yorkshire Tea! (apart from the amazing taste)

Various Spanking Updates

Hello again… I hope that you are all well and that self-isolation or whatever you are doing (socially distant-wise), is not driving you all too mad… here at “SG Towers” we have been doing much-needed yard work and general upkeep where possible. As usual, grocery shopping is probably the most stressful time of the time when we need to do this. We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe!

It’s sad that we can not interact or trust people close-up right now… especially when you see folk stirring up trouble to break lockdowns or whatever (with pathetic feeble-minded and selfish conspiracy theories) with what is downright civil disobedience (in the name of The Constitution… pah!) However, without getting political as we have all had our fill of that in our lives and you didn’t come here to be lectured. I am hopeful that before the end of the year we will be able to resume (with safer practices) a semblance of life before COVID… in person, right?

I have to say I am far from impressed by the Govt responses from the USA and the UK with the lack of testing being the issue when we all want to try and restart our lives but everyday changes and the sooner we realize this virus isn’t going to be lectured, lied to, or ignored… and we deal with how to beat it from the advice of infectious disease experts (and no-one else) the sooner we will have an idea of something to genuinely hope for… so stay strong out there.

Here is a selection of some featured spanking updates to keep you occupied and check out at the participating sites: This is the first of (hopefully) many posts that I need to catch up on… so without further ado, let’s just get on with bringing you all the latest HOT spanking video updates I have chosen for you today.

Spanked to Cum

Cara and Veronica are popular girls here at “Intimate Spanking” and they make their return in a stunning, hawt erotic video that will have you wishing you could be either of them. Veronica is the fortunate spanker and Cara is the lucky recipient in this thrilling girl on girl spanking with a difference. You can imagine being there watching the girls and you decide who you want to be… both options are too delicious to think about but we will let you decide as you gaze upon this pair. Cara shows off her recent marks from a recent hard discipline punishment as Veronica takes pity wanting to give her girlfriend a “good girl” spanking. Blonde Cara doesn’t mind… she replies to her GF’s concerns that it is sore but hurts in a good way! This encourages Veronica to make her move as the girls make out and caress each other. Then Veronica uses 2 pink paddles and spanks her gently at first bringing back the glowing red cheeks of her BAE’s bottom. Both girls are getting turned on and Cara takes a prolonged and intimate pussy and light clit spanking until she can take it no more, wanting to cum with her powerful Hitachi wand. She grinds it against her swollen, glistening clit, bottom stuck out as Veronica spanks and gropes her to a shattering orgasm that has her body convulsing with pleasure, washing over all that delicious warm pain.


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Taken for a Ride

Luci is a rather over-privileged young lady and is equipped with her own credit card. Her parents are unimpressed when she uses her financial independence to purchase an unorthodox companion for her horse. A discussion ensues about financial responsibility and who pays the bills! The discussion concludes with a very sore bottom for spoiled Luci, Paul having smacked her over her jodhpurs before taking them down. Concluding with a prolonged paddling from Elizabeth.

See this latest domestic discipline from Northern Spanking

Mummy’s Going to Slipper your Bottoms

This is the full film of the slippering of two naughty sisters by their very angry mummy. Do sisters really behave like this towards each other it will end in tears, that’s a promise. Sisters Willow & Holly are in trouble and know that one of them is going to be punished and punished hard. They have been very cheeky with the lady who lives next door but which girl is the guilty one? It’s up to mummy to find out and so when they are in their pyjamas she goes to their room and has it out with them. Willow ends up over her knees getting her bottom spanked and then slippered but is she the guilty one. Willow has just been spanked and slippered for supposedly telling lies. Now the truth comes out and the trouble maker turns out to be Holly. Mummy is not best pleased with this and invites Willow to spank her sister’s bottom. She proves to be not very good at this so mummy takes over and gives Holly one hell of a spanking before taking off her carpet slipper and beating the bare bottom of this very naughty teenager. Two girls with very red and sore bottoms.

See the full film only at Spanking Sarah

The following updates below come courtesy of the CLARE FONDA PASS network

Iris Spanked For Scamming

Iris tells Bart her fee is $10,000. When he threatens to call Madam Clare for clarification, she tries to move the price down a bit, but he calls and Clare recommends spanking Iris. So Bart does just that, putting Iris over his knee for a sound spanking.

Rachel’s Hit and Run Punishment

When Rachel Adams hits another car and flees the scene without leaving a note, she does not realize that it was caught on camera. She shows up to a location to resolve the issue. Turns out the car belonged to dominatrix Snow Mercy, who will settle the issue the old fashioned way, with some sound corporal punishment in her dungeon. Rachel is bent over a spanking bench and she is spanked by hand and paddled until she learns a valuable lesson – always leave a note. She leaves in tears, with a very sore, red bottom.

Teacher Snow Spanked By Volleyball Coach

Volleyball Coach Veronica Ricci is upset that Teacher Snow Mercy failed star player Iris, which means she will get kicked off the team. So Veronica marches into her office and puts Snow over her knee for a very long, hard spanking, lecturing her about respecting the Volleyball team, turning her bottom bright red. When Veronica uses a strong wooden ruler, it drives the lesson home.

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Spanking Updates for Self Isolation – 1

The title says it all, I hope you are all safe and well, and practicing “Social distancing” as best you can. There’s no need for me to lecture anyone on what to do. Instead, I’ll give you something to keep you occupied and even daring to join the awesome sites featured below who are making content for us all and keeping us safe and sane indoors… so without further ado – in no order of preference – hold on to your seats ladies and gents for the first ride this weekend!

Foxy strapped by Heidi

Foxy is a recent addition to the unique and hot performers from E. Europe at this studio. Using one of their many specialist discipline furniture, Foxy is placed and given a bare bottom leather strapping by resident female disciplinarian, Heidi. She has redhead Foxy gasping as her punishment is completed swiftly and silently. Bared spread and exposed… Heidi is left to rub her sore red bottom afterward.

Click here to see more of Foxy’s films at Spanking Server

Introducing new Spanked Sweetie – Iris

Iris is a professional switch who works in an LA dungeon. She and her sister were both spanked growing up and Iris tells us all about her experiences. This tall, sexy lady then re-enacts a spanking in which her mom (played by pro-domme Mistress Gloria) spanks her with hand and shoe.

All-new content of sexy Iris exclusive to Spanked Sweeties

Math Tutor Spanking

Apricot Pitts is not doing well in math. Her tutor Ashley Lane is very upset with her and her lack of studying. So Ashley gets creative with her discipline. Ashley puts Apricot over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, incorporating math into the spanking. By the time she has finished, Apricot is much more eager to learn math and has learned a very valuable lesson. And it leaves her bottom very sore and red and it definitely hurts to sit down!

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Tennis Tantrum Punishment

Cara Day is sitting in her hotel room pouting. She got into a fight with her partner during a doubles tennis match and knows she is in trouble. Her coach, Miss Elizabeth, is known for being very strict in her punishments of players who act up. When Elizabeth arrives, she has both a hairbrush…and a diaper. After a scathing scolding, she puts Cara across her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves her struggling, red, and very contrite. But this is only part of her punishment. Elizabeth is going to give Cara some strict diaper discipline for this behavior. She makes a big production of showing her the diaper, making her lie with her legs open and everything very exposed, powdering her, and humiliating her. Act like a baby, get treated like one! Cara now has to go down to practice in a short skirt that hardly covers her brightly colored Rearz Safari diaper. Miss Elizabeth is one of the most authentic scolders the fetish scene has ever seen, and sweet lifestyle little Cara Day is clearly so embarrassed by her punishment. And the cute, vintage tennis uniform combined with a fluffy, padded diaper is to die for!

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Megan and the Pool Cleaner

Meg is on holiday in Spain and rightly she wants to enjoy herself but sometimes she goes just that bit too far. Mr Stern is not known for being a very sociable sort of person and while he is cleaning out my pool he does not want Meg trying her best to distract him When he has finished with the pool he decides to teach Meg a bit of a lesson, he grabs a hold of her and puts her over his knees for a good hard spanking.

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After her previous hard OTK spanking Amy Fox now receives an ass-scorching caning in her thin, tight leggings. Viewers of this site will know that the owner has a penchant for tight leggings and films whole series of them on a regular basis, if you want to see girls spanked strapped and caned in tight leggings and yoga pants this is a great place to visit!

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Under the Sea

Dorothy has entered her family into a rather challenging competition, never imagining that she might actually win. Well, guess what?! Paul is singularly unimpressed both with the prize and with Dorothy’s unsanctioned actions and determines punish her for it. Another trip across Paul’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.

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The Tattoo

Since this blond angel was committed to Girls Boarding School some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at Girls Boarding School does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason. This feeling of ease and relief was until a few days ago… until everything changed… on that one day when the Headmaster discovered her new tattoo! What happened on that day can hardly be put into words! One of the most severe bare bottom beatings ever taped! Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out! Enjoy this firm young bottom turned into a dark blue mess, enjoy this beautiful young face crying a flood of tears! Not a movie for the faint-hearted!

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Made it here? There’s plenty more coming this weekend! Stay safe!