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Double Movie Updates at AAA Spanking

In case you missed my tweets this week, I did mention the fact that there were two brand new and very different updates showing this week at AAA Spanking – well, in case you did miss this, I have some images for you to review and check out the free clips I have provided. Seriously, these films, as usual, are pretty awesome and the Clips Store has been showing a better ranking even though it usually only updates one film per week. For example: other stores put up more clips to stay in the Top 5 or rely on the fact that they own different sites and put them all under one place and so on… but for AAA, it shows the quality of the content we are producing (Quality NOT Quantity!)

So here are the two latest films, one is a bonus feature which I added and slightly re edited even though I don’t have access to a DVT editor as the second film shown here was originally edited from that in 2012 – all our raw video content is usually on SD cards/back up drives and in digital format. Anyway, being a bionus new movie, it is something extra for free to members at AAA Spanking – so I think it is still a good deal!

The latest release earlier on Friday featured Miss Elizabeth spanking beautiful Nuna Starks, her bratty, spoilt step daughter. Trust me, maternal discipline lovers… you are in for a treat – and wait until Miss Elizabeth brandishes that bath brush! Oye!

Tears Before Bedtime

Nuna Starks makes a welcome return to Triple A, although in this scenario, opposite the fearsome maternal figure of Miss Elizabeth, maybe she regretted this appearance! Nuna has been nothing but disrespectful to her new stepmother. Away from her father’s doting eyes she has been mean, spiteful and deliberately causing confrontation. Miss Elizabeth has had enough and in this showdown before bedtime, Nuna is about to discover her stepmom is not someone to be messed with! After a scolding about the hurtful behavior, Nuna is placed over her stepmother’s lap and spanked, whilst still being scolded. She is rebellious and fails to understand the hurt this causes her father and new mother. A further harder bare bottom hand spanking starts to get through to Nuna. However, when the dreaded bath brush is used, this wooden implement really does teach a painful… very painful and tearful lesson about poor attitude. Nuna is struggling, kicking and crying as the brush does its worst. Nuna is comforted at the end, sniffling and quietly sobbing as her new stepmom wants her to understand that she only has the best intentions for her father and for her! If you are into real maternal discipline scenarios, then this is one film you really need to watch!

[jwplayer mediaid=”56383″]

If you want to download the full length movie click the image below which leads to another special preview clip feature and a list of all full length movie downloads at the AAA Clips Store

The bonus film update features a long retired adult actress who is leading a vanilla life nowadays so I won’t link to her new Twitter account but this was made many years ago when she was just 20 years old and she called herself Jessica Jensen. We were the first mainstream spanking site to feature her in such a role and it was obvious after the first film she wouldn’t be able to take a hard spanking despite telling us she would be able to… but she was super cute and we adapted and still made some great content. Anyway, see for yourself… her bottom was still delightfully red, as you will see!

Jessica’s Sensual Spanking

Jessica Jensen is a retired British Porn star and we filmed her way back in 2012 when she was fresh to the scene and winning awards as Best Newcomer in the UK. Only 20 years old at the time, she really was unable to take any punishment spankings so after a few harder scenes she could only take a light, sensual spanking. In order to warm up, she filmed a hot solo masturbation scene – only available at our clip store – as you’re here for the spankings, right? She was still glowing from her recent orgasm and she turned over to reveal a perfectly rounded bottom with clear evidence of her recent spankings. Her sore, speckled cheeks were indeed a sight for sore eyes! This is an erotic and sensual spanking film, with bottom rubbing to soothe her pain with a few harder slaps to keep her from thinking about another orgasm. One thing is for sure, Jessica was not a shy girl and you will see her pert bottom and tight pussy on full display, all beautifully presented. It is a little different from our more traditional films but this is an additional new film update – so we do hope you enjoy this short, erotic spanking video which comes with a set of stills images and extensive video image gallery.


[jwplayer mediaid=”56400″]

Of course you can – as always, also view and download this film in full at the Clips Store (see below for more details)


AAA Spanking

More Cheerleader Spanking Update News

Yup! I’m back with a whole load more spanking news updates from around the interwebz…. it has been a while and I still would like to post about our recent trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco, especially since both Sarah & I filmed so many new girls and fab new spanking storylines. But that will have to wait as I know the updates need to be addressed – and I really am woefully behind on that!

Just for now, I thought I’d catch up with the last 3 spanking updates featured at Cheerleader Spankings – so you will get a special animated GIF feature along with some high quality images taken directly from the film and links to more free previews. Just remember you can purchase these films and the smaller parts if you need to – at the popular Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store as well!

Mom Takes Charge
Starring Mackenzie Reed, Kitty Catherine, Clare Fonda & Madame Samantha B

spanking a tearful cheergirl

Sisters Kitty and Mackenzie have been giving their cheer coach, Clare Fonda, all sorts of issues at the latest practice with their squabbling and petty fighting. Coach calls home and Mother rushes over to discipline the girls there and then… brandishing a hard heavy hairbrush! The girls are ashamed, then doubly embarrassed as Mom spanks Mackenzie in front of Kitty, letting Coach know this is what should happen if they play up again. Kitty is near to tears watching her sister being punished and is told to hand the brush to her mother. Poor Mackenzie yelps, cries and struggles over Mom’s lap as the hairbrush wields so much pain! Then Coach is told to spank Kitty in the same fashion… Kitty sobs and Mackenzie cries watching her little sister receive the same humiliating punishment. Mom finishes off the punishment of a very tearful Kitty… letting Coach Fonda know she has no problem with her punishing both girls this way in the future!

hand me the hairbrush! spanking cheerleader spanked by mommy  hard hairbrush spankings


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

Autograph Ass Whoopin
Starring Lady Alice, Violet October & John Osborne

caned cheerleaders

Alice and Violet skipped an important cheer practice. Their reason for not being there was because they wanted to meet a famous film star who had arrived in town and they eagerly explained and showed their Coach the autograph they had got from their idol to prove their story! However, Coach was far from impressed and decided that this was not a valid reason for ruining the previous cheer practice. He confiscated the autograph and informed each girl that they would receive 12 hard strokes of his cane. These would be hard mean strokes split into two sets of six due to their severity. The girls agreed to take their punishment to atone for missing practice and by the second set.of 6 cane strokes their legs were shaking and buckling from the onslaught of his heavy dragon cane. The tearful girls barely made it to the end before Coach sent them back to their current practice session without their prized autograph.

tears canings and spankings caned cheerleaders


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)
cheerleader canings

Sisters Before Misters
Starring Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

Mackenzie invites her BFF, Nuna (and fellow cheergirl) over to hers after practice. Mackenzie has an ulterior motive for this as she wants top see Nuna’s reactions when she recounts her boyfriend issues as she suspects he has been seeing someone behind her back. She already knows it is Nuna and as she awkwardly lies, Mackenzie shows her the proof she obtained from her boyfriend’s phone! Nuna is busted and unable to reply – her best friend is upset but they are still best friends… “Sisters before Misters” she says. She knows a way they can get over this and move on. Mackenzie wants to spank and paddle Nuna’s bare bottom, to punish her, and if she accepts this, that will go a long way to showing that she cares for their friendship. Nuna agrees to take the spanking over Mackenzie’s lap and her beautiful bottom is spanked over her white crisp panties before they are pulled down and the spanking gets harder to teach Nuna her lesson. It’s far from over, Mackenzie wants her to feel truly sorry and produces a heavy wooden hairbrush that is used with much greater force than Nuna expected. She gasps and cries out in pain as the wooden implement whacks her bouncing cheeks time and time again. The girls make up and Mackenzie tells Nuna that her boyfriend is history as it is always “Sisters before Misters!”

otk spanking hairbrush spanking


Also available to download at the Cheerleader Clip Store (see direct link below)

cheerleader spankings

A Very Tearful Detention at AAA Spanking

Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed looking adorbs in their uniforms recently (behind the scenes)

I have a rather special news update featured today at AAA Spanking which also has a great debut performance from Nuna Starks alongside Mackenzie Reed. These two lovely young ladies have a great chemistry together and had been filming on set for Strictmoor Academy 3 recently which I will be reporting on in great detail soon enough. However today, I thought you’d like to see these GIFs and screen images from the latest film now showing this week.

A Very Tearful Detention at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

This video can also be downloaded at the following clips stores in WMV & MP4 formats
AAA Spanking Library

This is another excellent film in our School Detention Punishment series and this time it is a special “Double Detention” for Nuna Starks (making her first appearance at Triple A) and Mackenzie Reed. They have been told to report to the school’s punishment room where they will be disciplined after school. This is no ordinary detention, as these girls are a whisker away from being expelled, this is their final punishment and it will count! The girls are nervous, and are fully aware of how much trouble they are in but didn’t expect such a harsh and humiliating session as this one!

Kenzie is taken over Sir’s lap and given a spanking on her crisp white panties, whilst Nuna is told to watch. The girls swap and it is Nuna’s turn. the tension builds as Kenzie goes over his lap for a panties down, bare bottom spanking. This is repeated for Nuna, who kicks and squeals as the spanking starts to really hurt. Then they are told in turn to take turns at kneeling on the bench as the other girl watches the Reformatory Leather Strapping of the other. It is hard and mean, and poor Kenzie quickly loses count in between the floods of tears. Nuna can see the obvious anguish of her fellow conspirator and learns to concentrate on keeping count of 12 hard swats of leather.

The final installment is unexpected as the girls are given a blistering caning, but they have to hold each other’s hands and look into the eyes of the other across a table. This is deeply personal and so humiliating that it brings yet more tears to both girls! It is a tearful detention punishment that these young ladies will not forget, which is the whole point as this is their final chance to remain in school! So it is hoped that this will remind the girls just how serious it really is!

       caning and spanking    crying after their spanking strapping and caning


aaa spanking

Spanking Updates

A few more recent new video updates from some of the sites closest to me and a few faves that never fail to please… I don’t have time to make any GIFs today so I have chosen some excellent images (8 images per site) with the description of the film update for you all to check out!

AAA SpankingTen Amorette’s Spanking party Punishment

Ten promised to get the suite ready for a spanking party that she was co-hosting but all the essentials like liquid refreshments, beverages, snacks and tidying for a large gathering hadn’t been done and the first partygoers were due soon! John was really unimpressed and Ten had no excuses but bratted him anyway! She had also been playing way too hard and up until the wee hours which he hadn’t failed to notice. John wasn’t putting up with ten’s precocious behavior and was just going to spank her and help her get the place ready but she pushed many of the implements resting on the counter to the floor and he told her that everything she had pushed off the counter would be used on her bare bottom. Poor Ten’s choice meant all the nastiest heaviest and most stinging leather straps got picked up and used including his AAA Canadian Prison & 3 Tailed Straps! The countertop was used to humiliate Ten further with an “on all fours” position, panties down whilst she got strapped relentlessly and then the final stinging swats were given with her clutching the side of the counter, bottom stuck right out, as the meanest straps reddened her bottom a beautiful color just in time for the first guests to admire!

Click here to see the free spanking preview

Momma Spankings – Naughty Aysel

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy’s lap for a spanking.


From Real Spankings – Nuna’s Strapping

Nuna is given a bare bottom leather strapping at the hands of Mr M. (this was an older update from February but I only just around to bringing you this “latest” post from my update schedule. Nuna has appeared in many films at this network since.


Punished Brats – Sneaking In

Kitty was supposed to have been studying for a test the following day but instead went to a club. When she returned home, she found her father waiting for her. He removed Kitty’s innocent looking skirt to reveal a leather party dress underneath. This was not Kitty’s first such offense. She was promised a severe spanking upon her next offence. She believed these were hollow threats, clearly she was too old for a bare bottom spanking. Soon Kitty found herself over her father’s lap with tears streaming down her face as each hard spank found its mark. Once Kitty’s hard, over the knee, spanking was over, she was made to stand for further punishment. The tearful girl was then sent to bed naked from the waist down. No matter how hard she tried, she could not rub away the fiery pain from her bottom.


 Spanking Sorority Girls – Who’s the Toughest Bad Girl? (Part 1)

Briella Jaden claims to be the toughest girl in the sorority. But new girl Savannah Fox says she’s tougher. So the contest begins, who is tougher, but seeing who can take a harder spanking. In part 1, Briella is the first to take a spanking, going over Savannah’s knee. At first, Briella laughs, but as the spanking gets harder and longer, she fights, kicks and protests as her butt turns red.


My Spanking Room Mate – Clare Spanks Madison and Kay

Clare Fonda is posing as the church counselor who gets Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) to agree to go to a religious retreat. But first they must have their sins cleansed with a hard hand spanking that turns their bottoms bright red, speckled and causes them to cry. When Clare is finished, the girls can’t sit down. They repent.

More updates coming out very soon , but in the meantime, do NOT forget this: If you are at all interested in attending a National Spanking Party that caters to newbies more than any other and also happens to be the largest in the USA – the Lone Star Spanking Party – is held in Houston , Texas. All I ask is that you REGISTER, pay your fee and get your special code for the Hotel as rooms are selling out fast! This isn’t some lame tactic to get you to come or sign up like I’ve seen in the past with other party mailers… it’s genuine and I really do want those who are interested in coming – including those models who I know haven’t paid their registration or booked their rooms yet *cough cough, ladies*DO IT NOW before it’s too late and of course – prices do go up on May 1st so those who procrastinate will find their choice of rooms more limited… there, I said my bit 🙂

More Spanking Updates – Old & New

Some more update news for you today… these are all good, so enjoy, I most certainly did! Starting with a brand new film release from Sarah Gregory Spanking – one of my fave real life couples, Kajira & Ulf, teamed up with Sarah and helped make this fun spanking film about an annoying girl scout hassling him to buy her cookies… on the third knock at the door, Ulf had enough and showed her what happened to cute brats like Kajira (and she is cute in that authentic girl scouts uniform, isn’t she?)

Cookie Girl Correction – starring Kajira Bound & Ulf Sayer

0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-009 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-015 0257_cookie_girl_correction_gal-002 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-026 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-042 ck1 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-049 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-054 0257_cookie_girl_correction_gal-003 ck2 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-062 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-076 0257_cookie_girl_correction_gal-010   0257_cookie_girl_correction_gal-005 0257_cookie_girl_correction_gal-009 ck3 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-104 0257_cookie_girl_correction_grabs-114

Kajira has been a very naughty girlscout. She is hassling all the neighbors multiple times to buy her cookies when they tell her no. Well, Ulf has had just about enough of her harassing him over and over. He tells her he has something for her and drags her inside where he takes her over his knee to give her some good old fashioned discipline. This brat will learn her lesson, she will learn to respect people and not try to push her cookies on them when they clearly say no. She is whining and struggling right from the first smack. A bare bottom spanking is clearly what this naughty cookie girl has needed.


This site is also part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network giving you access with the same set of codes for a fraction of the combined cost. See more info on that option HERE

Sarah Gregory Pass


I haven’t updated anything recently from Firmhandspanking.com because every film features Alison Miller who I can’t stand! I realize this is a personal issue and I knwo I shouldn’t write anything negative but I really can not abide the girl (I have my reasons). So in the offchance the owners of FHS are reading this – guys, please don’t put out Alison one after the other… I feel this jeopardizes your site… but who am I to argue? I say this as I really do love this site and it does have one of the biggest archives of data out there so I will show you something you may have missed from the past. It’s a cheerleader F/F paddling/spanking theme and this was from Tiffany Hendrick’s “Attitude Adjustment” series from way back in 2009! This is more like it!

tiff1 attitude_be007 attitude_be010 attitude_be011 attitude_be014 attitude_be015 attitude_be017 attitude_be018 attitude_be019


Pale bottom upturned over the knee of Ms Wallace, top cheerleader Tiffany Hendricks learns the hard way that hazing stunts are not a good plan – particularly when the target is the principal’s car! A tattoo of stinging smacks, 10 over her tight skirt, the remainder on bare skin, makes Tiffany squirm. But is she sorry? Discover the truth as she kneels after a spanking in Attitude Adjustment.


See the full series of Tiffany Hendricks exclusively to Firm Hand Spanking


I’ve a lot of catching up to do at Northern Spanking so will start with the most recent film which is out in full for members to download and features the location of one of the Lone Star Spanking Party hotel rooms (lol) with Nuna Starks getting a caning from her boss… the explanation why is below, along with these lovely images.

nuna starks gets a spanking and caning nuna starks gets a spanking and caning n1 nuna starks gets a spanking and caning nuna starks gets a spanking and caning n2 nuna starks gets a spanking and caning nuna starks gets a spanking and caning nuna starks gets a spanking and caning

One mistake too far sees secretary Nuna and her long-suffering boss sharing a too-small hotel room for the duration of their business trip. Luckily, Mr Kennedy always brings a specific piece of business equipment with him on such trips… His cane!



For all of you who are flying today… safe flight and happy landings! xx