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Audrey Sugarsmak now at AAA Spanking

nurseThe incredible debut of Audrey Sugarsmak is finally here at AAAspanking.com and it has been well worth the wait. I have long admired Audrey’s work, primarily at Punishedbrats.com and I never gave up wanting to film with her… watching her booty getting spanked for other sites was hard for me to watch (lol) – so in April 2016, we changed all that when she spent the afternoon with Sarah & I and helped make some pretty awesome films, filming things you wouldn’t normally expect Audrey to be in… and of course in our trademark crystal clear HD quality playback. I only have screen grabs as this may have been the last film of the day and we were running a little late so I was just grateful that I got to make this great little film, with Audrey wearing an authentic nursing uniform from the UK. If only all nurses looked as good as Audrey… I don’t think that would do anything for those with high blood pressure!

Okay, I have prattled on enough, please do check out the images and GIFs and decide for yoruself if Audrey is worth the entrance fee (still possible to view the site from as little as $12.50/month if you take the Rewards Membership). We update relentlessly at all the sites Sarah and I are involved with so you will always have at least one new film guaranteed every week without fail at every site.

SENIOR NURSE DISCIPLINE – the debut of Audrey Sugarsmak at AAA Spanking


Audrey is the Senior Nurse of the care home she is helping to run (in authentic nursing uniform) meeting CEO Johnny Lake who has flown in especially for this showdown meeting and he has methods of spanking discipline that shocks her… so the rumors about their boss WAS true!

senior_nurse004 senior_nurse008 senior_nurse011 senior_nurse017 senior_nurse023 senior_nurse028 senior_nurse029 au1 senior_nurse030 senior_nurse045 senior_nurse038 spanking senior_nurse049 senior_nurse052 senior_nurse058 caning senior_nurse065 senior_nurse076 senior_nurse077 senior_nurse079 senior_nurse080 au3

ambThis is a debut appearance for Audrey at AAA Spanking and we thought we would try something a little different by dressing her in an authentic British nursing uniform (the ones that are used in care homes) and have her punished by our good friend and excellent disciplinarian, Johnny Lake. Audrey was the senior nurse of a prestigious care home for the wealthy elderly which was run by a subsidiary of Lake Enterprises. Audrey was invaluable to the company but being involved in a scandal and loss of revenue, Johnny flew down in person to deal with this the best way he knew how. He hated having his company name dragged through the media for all the wrong reasons so he arranged a private disciplinary meeting with her. She knew what was coming and was nervous, being spanked with her panties down by the CEO was embarrassing but she couldn’t afford to get fired. Worse was to come as she hated the cane and Johnny knew this! She took the strokes anyway as he reminded her of the alternative right there and then. Watch Audrey, looking so cute in that nursing outfit getting a punishment she thought she had grown out of. This was a reminder to the staff at Lake Enterprises that this CEO took his job seriously when it came to personal discipline!





This film is also available as a one time download – CLICK HERE to view the movie



Melody gets a hard humiliating spanking

I am sorry I wasn’t back here sooner, this update was partially prepared so I will get it out as it contains news of the latest 15 minute hard spanking video to come from AAAspanking.com – it features a welcome return of Melody Nore. Sarah had just filmed with her for all the SG sites and there is some amazing content to come, as I mentioned previously… but first, this interesting video deserves its time in the limelight. The storyline was a little fun to make but that was where the joviality ended as the role play became quite serious once the filming had begun. Which was perfect… as Melody wanted to get into the headspace of this scenario quickly. She was told to imagine she was one of those old school nurses that still dressed like one from the 1950’s… doing her rounds and she was basically a “Home help” so had keys to the houses if needed. A position of trust, right? So why did she insist on trying to take temperatures of all her patients and those in her care each and everytime… rectally!


Poor unsuspecting Melody was about to meet her match when (unknown to her), John Osborne was visiting his twin brother (Jack) and after a long flight took a nap on the sofa only for nurse Melody to let herself in and this is where the film starts… with John sleeping and the nurse thinking that this is Jack… so she is preparing herself with latex gloves and wielding the thermometer and a small tub of vaseline… this isn’t going to end well is it? Melody played this role perfectly, almost too well, I hasten to add the look of concentration on her face was frightening…. when I viewed this for the first time after an edit (this was made over a year ago at the Crimson Moon Spanking party in Chicago) I laughed as she was so serious… creeping up on me… my eyes were shut and I had no idea!!! (heh heh)

mel002 mel003 mel004 mel005 mel006

There is a free preview of an early part to her spanking before a 2nd clip later with her taking a much harder hairbrush spanking!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43088″]

& so the mistaken identity, her mistake… and the revelation of what she had been doing to make John’s brother uneasy was all revealed. Time for this madam to get a taste of her own medicine. I remember at the time we had discussed temperature taking, but (believe it or not) I preferred to have it as a “threat” – it got wielded on several occasions and I much preferred that this film be about physical retribution… with a good hard no nonsense spanking and implement punishment. Melody can take a lot of punishment so the hairbrush and bathbrush, both used with thuddy and stinging force REALLY got the message across… as you’ll see! Redhead Melody’s bottom started to mark up from the hand spanking but this was just the warm up… as I said, much worse was to come and (fair play to Melody, being the pain slut that was was… took it all rather well!)


Check out more images and a free clip of what is available this week for members at the site – as well as 2 download options for immediate viewing via the 2 Clips Stores… links for all that are at the bottom of this post.

mel008 mel009 mel010 mel011 mel012 mel013 mel014 mel015 mel016 mel017 mel018 mel019 mel020 mel021 mel022

John was visiting his twin brother, Jack, whilst on a long overseas trip… Jack wasn’t too well and had said some worrying things to tell John about his new home help nurse, Melody. John was tired so took a nap on the couch but was rudely awoken a little later with the home help nurse, Melody, trying to take his temperature rectally. Now John knew what his brother was worried about, she was obsessed with this medical procedure! Melody didn’t realize her mistake, thinking it was Jack until John pulled her over his lap and gave her a damned good spanking. Jack never did that! He wasn’t happy at all and used a couple of brushes on Melody’s cute, pert bouncing bare bottom. She protested but John threatened to take her temperature “that way” too if she didn’t accept her discipline punishment… by the time it was over, Melody’s ass was an angry shameful red. This video will appeal to those that like to see a hard hand, hair & bath brush spanking of a girl in a delightful retro style nursing uniform!


Check out the FREE Clip of Melody’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43087″]



Or try the downloads from the AAA Clips Stores (below)




I promise to be back tomorrow with update news across a multitude of sites and updates at more of my blogs, it’s gonna be a busy day!!!

Spanking Nurses & Students

Canadian-American flags togetherJust a very quick update to keep you amused – I do hope that you have all had a great long weekend, especially to those of you in either Canada or the USA who have celebrated their national days, meaning you get to drink and eat lots outdoors and watch fireworks when it gets dark. Great! At the time of writing, in case any of you are interested in watching “Monkey Tennis” or ladies soccer, as it is also called (apparently) – my congrats to the USA in winning quite comfortably (in the end) against the Japanese Ladies 5-2 (I did watch goal 4 on a highlight and laughed at the hapless, flapping Japanese girl-keeper but it was a cracking goal scored from just within the half way line… those goals are rare and to be savored. Okay, this is brief and I just found this latest update from the Clare Fonda Network located at one of the 5 sites making up this network – one of the naughtiest and sexiest girl spanking sites – Spanking Sorority Girls


Check out this lovely raunchy spanko naughtiness as a student is caught impersonating a nurse – after she took a rectal temp taking! Surely there are easier ways to perv on the sorority girls??? LOL! I like this girl’s style though! & even better, I like the way she is caught out and punished!

002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015

Sunny Day poses as a nurse who must give new student Mary Jane Mahem an exam. She takes Mary Jane’s temperature rectally. When she becomes surly and uncooperative, Sunny spanks her. When Mary Jane figures out that Sunny was not a real nurse, she gives her a few spanks of her own. Sexy and mild spankings is the prescription in this one.


It’s a sexy spanking which compliments the many harder, more severe butt blisterings also located at this site. I have to admit, I like sites that demonstrate “range” (and also not afraid to show that they can vary updates rather than wham! whack! bam! Yikes so hard etc – yawn!) so this week the update is a far more provocative, raunchy style. Check it out in full HERE

spanking sorority girls

Or use the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
– giving you access to 5 popular sites for a fraction of the combined cost –


Bubble Butt Spankings

I had planned to bring you this post yesterday, but for some reason my internet connection here is playing up. I’d reboot the whole system but unfortunately I am now in the middle of uploading content important to my site update tomorrow and don’t want to restart. It is slow  a little unpredictable at times so I’ve turned any other mobile devices off in a bid to help with my connection resources… anyway, enough of my domestic connectivity woes… it’s annoying but won’t last long.
broadbandbirthdayI read somewhere earlier today how in the UK (at least) it is the 15th birthday of Broadband… remember before that we had the Dial Up tones and the modems connecting to the router… WiFi was still not a part of connections at the turn of the Millenium. The news item also mentioned that our fastest speeds for some users are currently nearly 3000 times faster than the 1st broadband access… we take for granted nowadays pages loading immediately, videos and clips playing and streaming seamlessly with multiple devices and options using WiFi for viewing, storing data in “The Cloud” etc. The big bulky monitors that we used to look at too are all replaced (as are our TVs with flat screen monitors and fantastic displays/tablets and laptops). I really only got online in 2003/2004 onwards, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much when my upload speed slows down to what was once still considered science fiction only 15 years ago.
Do you remember those Floppy Disks (remember them?) that only held 1.44Mb of info: that’s not even enough to hold one picture on a raw unedited photo taken from a standard Digi camera or even from my Samsung Note 4 (another piece of equipment which would be totally science fiction 15 years ago). pile_of_floppys Technological advances are so quick now in computing and other similar areas, we cannot imagine what it would be like even 15 years into the future. There is a curve graph ratio that steepens as we look further into the future. Eg) If we look 15 years back, we can not compare that to what is to come in the following 15 years. Why? Technology from 15 years ago was slower/obsolete from now, the starting point which we would use for the next 15 years – so in fact the rate of change from the last 15 years would mean perhaps only 3 or 4 years into the future from this point for a comparable change. So looking 15 years into the future… the changes will be fantastic to us now. More will happen in those 15 years than the past 50-100! Look at how things quickly develop from the early 20th Century onward and how new advances in any field such as medicine, computing, & communications have changed and would be considered Science Fiction, even! I find that scary. This is where calculations for Artificial Intelligence really come into play… and it WILL become a reality in my lifetime, AI is already with us… but the concept of SUPER AI which is stuff or SciFi – the machines thinking for themselves, or becoming sentient and surpassing Human Knowledge, is barely 30 or 40 years away, maybe less. What then for us all?
So what has all this to do with spanking, I hear you ask. Ol’ Chiefy has once again lost it, I hear you grumble… well, I am marveling at the explosion of spanking content we now have and how, for us spankos, the past 15 years has been an eye opener if you look back… I can’t even imagine how exciting the next 15 will be for those of us who embrace technology… one thing that HAS remained constant, is our love for today’s subject – “Bubble Butt Spankings!”

Brittney to the woodshed!

BRITTNEY BUBBLE BUTT bubblebutt strapping spanking a bubble butt strapping tearful strapping bubble butt strapped in the woodshed Audrey spanks Brittney shame of her spanking crying out in pain holding her sore spanked bottom inspecting the sore spanking

Brittney was sent to work on her uncle’s farm for the summer. When she failed to do her assigned chores, she was taken to the woodshed by her cousin Audrey for a taste of country discipline on her bare bottom. After cousin Audrey finished strapping Brittney, the tearful city girl was made to take the walk of shame, shuffling back to the house with her pants down so all could see her bare red bottom!


see more at PunishedBrats.com


Schoolgirl bubble butts are an easy target when these naughty young madams misbehave… as you will see in this Catholic Style discipline from Spanked in Uniform when this girl’s rather large bottom is given a good hard spanking on the bare!

Cleaning Duty – Bellview Catholic School for Girls

punished at school ouchie spanking spanked over panties spanked over his lap OTK spanking ep11_2 OTK big buns spankings schoolgirl OTK cornertime reflection schoolgirl bubble butt

Another naughty schoolgirl was sent to the Headmaster again. This time Miss Du Pree sent Betty because she was on classroom cleaning duty and she didn’t clean the classroom after the history lesson. After a good scolding the Headmaster pulled Betty over his knee and gave her a sound spanking followed by some reflection time in the corner.

Watch all the many schoolgirl punishment movies plus 15 more uniform spanking styles exclusive to Spanked in Uniform



A “Double Bubble” feature now with Jenna Jay & Amber West – I had missed this naughty update when I was away… I’m still catching up and came across it inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com which I thought you’d all like to see. It features one of Paul Kennedy’s core kinks, girls spanked in nursing uniforms (which I highly approve of) … we are lucky that we also have “Matron” on hand in the form of stunning Miss Jessica Wood to teach these 2 girls a lesson when they are caught playing around on the stair lift machine at the nursing home they all work at! Seems these girls will have to find some amusement elsewhere after this as their bottoms were very sore afterwards!

Images below taken from: Stairlift to a Hiding

nurses are going to get spanked OTK panties spanking nurse spanked OTK by Matron Amber West ass 2 nurses spanked OTK paddled bubble butt OTK strapping naughty Jenna Jay spanked bottoms

To see more stunning images and updates like this
– check out NorthernSpanking.com for more –

click here to see more at NorthernSpanking.com


This site I am showing next normally has quite thin looking girls, possibly as all they are Russian and (perhaps) could do with a good meal sometimes… I don’t know if it is the state of the Russian economy or not and if the girls eat or whether there is just less shitty highly processed foods like we get in Europe & America which never helps, does it? (he said going for a microwave meal) …. anyway, it’s hard to find girls with real fleshy behinds, especially those who have very trim waists, but I found one: In fact – there are a fair few (thankfully) at this site but this example from SpankingThem.com should suffice in yet another wonderful and delightfully humiliating punishment for this young lady called Anna – she is a bit older than the early twenty-somethings as she is one of the teachers at this austere and frightening institute!

strip for punishment preparing for her spanking self spanking showing off her bubble butt OTK Russian girl OTK bent over for a spanking self strapping 010 gagged and playing with herself open up for inspection red bubble butt

Lots more pervy, humiliating punishments & hot spankings HERE

spanking them - click here


Finally, the Queen of beautiful bubble butts has to be Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com – This is a typical example of how we get to see nice and close up, in a great POV style, her brief spanking and sexual act that she performs on her lover, Daddy (as he films it) … spanking her when he can in a very sexy, real life couple intimate spanking film – it also features Amber self spanking and slapping her wet pussy! WARNING: Watching this film will cause Trouser Arousal!

Amber Dawn's bare bottom spank me daddy ass cheeks ass grabbing Bubble Butt Amber's spanked bubble butt blowjob and spanking sucking cock slapping her pussy open legs masturbating bubble butt

There’s nothing to be said, except “Damn!” See her revamped site HERE


Finally, Chuck Norris would like to make an announcement!

The 1st Annual Lone Star Spanking Party is on for may 28-31
Check out the website for more details and how to attend! Or else!


Catching up with Uniform Spankings

I haven’t visited Spanked-in-Uniform.com in an age so it’s no surprise, then, that there’s whole load of new spanking content for me to let you know about! With currently 17 different uniform niche sections, there are about 12 or 13 which are regularly updated… the others are archived, either they weren’t considered viable or from member feedback they have moved onto better things? I don’t know… but the other sections are always getting updated and they are among my favorites such as nurses, sports/cheer girls as well as waitress or more formal secretarial type or military uniforms and of course various school uniform film sections too (it would have to be included, right?) – so here are the latest updates from across just a few, you can check out the site IN FULL HERE later and see all the sections for yourselves.


From the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency section: Carla’s Submission Training

 ep11_2 ep11_4 ep11_6 ep11_7 ep11_11 ep11_13 ep11_14 ep11_5 

Carla was not submissive enough during her last job so it was time for a spot of training. Mr Johnson, with the aid of his riding crop and short whip, gave her an intense and painful lesson in obedience. However, what surprised them both is that during the hard hand spanking towards the end, Carla had an intense orgasm and a smaller one after. ( The orgasms are not fake but really happened during shooting of this episode).


The SIU Badminton Club: the Tawse for Monique

 ep8_1 ep8_5 ep8_6 ep8_7 ep8_8 ep8_9 ep8_10 ep8_12 

After each practice one girl is assigned to clean up. She has to make sure all the racquets, shuttles and clothing are put away properly. This time it was Monique’s turn and she thought chatting on her phone was more important. When Coach found a few racquets in his office, little lazy Monique was soon bending over the chair, feeling the sting of his two tailed tawse.


St Elizabeth Private Hospital: Caught in the Act

 ep52_3 ep52_2 ep52_8 ep52_10 ep52_11 ep52_12 ep52_14 ep52_4 

While Dr Johnson was soundly spanking one of the nurses in his office, nurse Rani got so turned on that she started playing with herself whilst peeping through the window. Unfortunately her orgasm was so intense that she didn’t notice the spanking had finished and Dr Johnson came out and had caught her in the act. A few minutes later, after a stern scolding, she was over his knee getting a long hard spanking.

& finally a special 2 part schoolgirl special to finish on… I liked this one 🙂


St Catherine’s Private School for Girls: Hiding in the bathroom – Pt 1

 ep77_1 ep77_3 ep77_7 ep77_12 ep77_13 ep77_14 ep77_16 ep77_5 

The Headmaster caught schoolgirls Kitty and Angela skipping a History class AND smoking in one of the restrooms. He immediately marched them both to his office. He gave them both a sound hand spanking for skipping class followed by a lengthy cornertime. In part two they get worse for smoking…

After spending some time facing the wall, it was time for the dreaded Two Tailed Tawse. Angela was called first and had to lay, bare bottomed, over the desk. The Headmaster administered 5 hard strokes and Angela was bawling her eyes out. He asked Kitty if she would take Angela’s last stroke for her and she agreed. Kitty was next and she also was close to tears when the headmaster finished with her sore bottom.

 ep78_1 ep78_3 ep78_5 ep78_8 ep78_10 ep78_12 ep78_13 ep78_14 





Doctors & Nurses & I’m away!!!

Just a brief post from me before I go away on a 2 day trip… I still won’t jinx who I am filming with after the last fiasco of being supremely confident but I’ll tweet a pic of her getting into my car so I know we’ll be filming then, lol! But until that image on my Twitter account HERE which you can see tomorrow morning… I have updated the site TWICE, today’s normal Monday update and the NEW movie early as I will be away filming so you lucky people have the new film early this week and I have a FREE gallery which showcases what you will see. The film is also available in full WMV HD at the Clips Store too!

I loved making this “Doctors and Nurses” film… we have authentic scrubs and nursing uniforms, of course… which adds to the surreal relationship between this pair, Zoe and Aleesha. How the hell the girls did not laugh more in between the punishments I do not know… there were a few retakes because Zoe was being such a bullying brat… which she is so damned good at… and Aleesha was so deadpan and “oh my God, you’re such a weirdo” with a deadpan delivery. This is a dysfunctional medical couple, Aleesha the put upon junior doctor and Zoe, the house owning landlady pyscho senior nurse who has a lot of power over her junior doc tenant… as you’ll discover!

Enjoy… have fun, I will let you know how I get on tomorrow, I have a very early start (getting up at 5.00 am) so better sign off!
Good night!

Click image below for the full 16 image gallery of Doctors and Nurses


See the FREE Clip of Zoe spanking Aleesha hard… (it’s HOT!) CLICK HERE


This movie can be seen in full at the CLIPS STORE


Awesome Spankings, Part IV: Volume 5799 – Subsection 4i – Paragraph 2e

or…. Friday – Severe Spankings & Correction Day

… & Lord Belbograth declared: Friday was decreed to be a day of “Relentless Punishment” in His House for his naughty female family, subjects & servants; to be thrashed in such a manner that only their soft vulnerable, exposed bare buttocks be played upon severely for His satisfaction, amusement and behavior correction as He saw fit. He required such a reddening of the private bottom flesh that maketh the tears to flow verily from His snivelling subjects ensuring they learned the ways & teachings of Belbograth Manor – He instilled Order & Discipline in His Private Chambers without mercy on the 5th day of every week for those in need! After Luncheon.

& so to Friday’s cracking Spanking Updates 🙂

Spanked-in-Uniform.com has 2 movie updates I want to share with you that are exceptionally addictive to watch! 1st up is one of my fave sub niches at this site: “Naughty Nurses” – this movie contains, Revenge and Canings! It’s all here below!





Nurse Brittany gets her revenge! She takes nurse Leandra over her knee and gives her a sound spanking. After the spanking Dr Johnson fetches his cane and Leandra gets six of the best across her bare bottom while laying over the massage bed in the office… then our good doctor takes Leandra & Brittany out into a busy corridor in the hospital and Leandra is ordered to stand against the wall for an hour. Her bare, sore red bottom on display while people laugh and make fun of her!!!


Don’t forget there are plenty of uniform niches at this site and the schoolgirl one (this is the latest with Caroline Grey) is an obvious choice to view at your leisure with a fine glass of port, soft pungent cheese and water biscuits for nibbles and of course best viewed in a private darkened room!




Caroline Grey is an exchange student sent to St Catherine’s school from America for two semesters. She is rude, ill mannered, sassy and shows no respect to the teachers. When the Headmaster called her into his office, she was her usual sassy self which earned her a severe scolding, having the back of her legs slapped and a quick hard spanking to get her to listen. Then the Headmaster gave her a proper St Catherines style spanking…. VERY HARD!

Check out all the latest films now available across the uniform niches HERE


Bah! I have run out of time again, (er Indoors is glaring at me to finish as she wants to go out!) but you can check out some galleries I have spied that will show you some awesome updates elsewhere currently! Enjoy… and beware Fridays at the Belbograth Household, ladies!






Have a good weekend everyone!
Chief. xx