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Sexy Spankings on a Friday Night!


So much amazing new spanking smut, so little time to post about it… in between me having a ball, here are the latest updates from a few select sites to kick start your weekend!

New model Katherine Askew now showing at Firmhandspanking.com

realtor_ca001 realtor_ca003 realtor_ca006 realtor_ca007 realtor_ca010 realtor_ca018 realtor_ca019 realtor_ca020 realtor_ca023 realtor_ca024

Hot, tall and sassy: welcome new model Katherine Askew in Realtor Retribution with Patrick Bateman. Faced with a choice of a spanking or not getting a new job, she’s swiftly over his knee with her bare bottom bouncing and breasts popping out of her top.

See the FREE Clip of this hot new young lady HERE


The second film at AAAspanking.com this week – as promised, is also out to download in full and is a reversal of fortunes for Carissa Montgomery over the lap of Nyssa Nevers! Images below are taken from the video.

carissanyssa016 carissanyssa027 carissanyssa036 carissanyssa053 carissanyssa069 carissanyssa078 carissanyssa093 carissanyssa100 carissanyssa113 carissanyssa120 carissanyssa125 carissanyssa135 carissanyssa146 carissanyssa150

Part 2: It was Carissa’s turn to go over Nyssa’s lap for a final spanking. She was wearing very sexy red lingerie and this was tight against her bottom and heaving breasts. Nyssa took delight in giving Carissa sensations of pleasure and pain with some hand spankings and scraping of fingers along the cheeks of her bottom and thighs which made Carissa very ticklish and nervous! When her red panties were removed, the sensation play was continued with varying smacks of Nyssa’s hand and use of her nails to even blowing on the areas that she had started turning red! Carissa was never able to wonder whether this was a punishment or whether it was purely play… however, the reassuring giggles and laughter between the two girls (as they were good friends, after all) proved that this was consensual playtime! See this hot conclusion to the spanking exploits of Carissa and Nyssa in the second part of their exciting spanking play!

See the FREE Clip of Part 2 HERE


This video is also available to view as a one time download HERE


Brand new this week is a hot girl with a very spankable booty called Chanell. She features at SpankedSweeties.com as it is her first time spanked on camera and this site always does the intros and retelling of the girls spanking experiences growing up! Meet Chanell Heart…

002 003 004 005 008 010 011 012 013 014 015 016

Chanell Heart is a beauty who was spanked often by her mom while growing up. Lana Miller plays her mom in this exciting re-enactment. Chanell gives a very candid and colorful interview about her real life spankings.

See this booty busting punishment only at SpankedSweeties.com


Also from the same network of sites – a new film update with one of my fave girls, Veronica Ricci… dishing out a spanking to a callgirl she wants back in the fold… only, as usual, things don’t go quite to plan as Veronica ends up getting a spanking too!!! This update is of course from SpankedCallgirls.com

otk spanking paddling spanking 005 006 007 009 girl on girl spanking spanked callgirl 013 015 016

Lana Lopez is now living in her mom’s green house. Veronica Ricci visits her home with the intention of bringing Lana back to the callgirl business. Lots of hard spanking goes down before it is determined if it was a successful recruitment mission or not. This is Lana’s hardest spanking yet!

Check out the latest callgirl spanking film HERE

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Leggings & Lingerie Spanking Films

Hi everyone, the 1st of 2 new spanking films is now available to download at AAA Spanking starring 2 beautiful ladies, this was filmed several years ago and very nearly went un-noticed until Sarah checked them out and said how hot these videos were and why weren’t they uploaded? She is, after all, the owner and boss… so I helped her upload the films this morning after she kicked me out of bed to make her coffee and get this ready for her! So lucky members of AAA get to see some interesting sexy spanking between 2 hawt ladies, Nyssa Nevers & Carissa Montgomery. The first film this week has Nyssa, wearing super sexy purple lycra leggings, getting spanked over the lap of Carissa who is wearing really hot red lingerie… with her ample breasts on display as she spanks Nyssa. I liked their chemistry (ahem!) … I think you will too!

Check out these images taken from the video (below)
“Leggings & Lingerie Spankings – pt1”


The first of two hot all female spanking films from these ladies! Stunning Carissa Montgomery, dressed in very sexy red lingerie, spanked beautiful Nyssa Nevers who was wearing the hottest shiniest lycra leggings that really did make her look oh so spankable! Carissa wasted no time in feeling the shiny material and loved the smooth texture as her hand started to spank Nyssa’s pert bottom. Over the leggings at first, then later she pulled them down to reveal a gorgeous reddening bottom which she helped ripen even further cherry red! Watch this hot girl on girl spanking film with 2 big names in the fetish biz together for the first time over each other’s laps for a fun but firm spanking session!

nyssyacarissa007 nyssyacarissa013 nyssyacarissa016 nyssyacarissa026 nyssyacarissa031 nyssyacarissa036 nyssyacarissa041 nyssyacarissa046 nyssyacarissa048 nyssyacarissa049 nyssyacarissa055 nyssyacarissa060 nyssyacarissa064 nyssyacarissa075 nyssyacarissa077 nyssyacarissa094 nyssyacarissa103 nyssyacarissa111

I also noted how good watching Nyssa’s legs and feet were in this vid… for those who have a bit of a foot fetish (as I have since discovered I do) this is an added bonus!


Check out the FREE Clip HERE – and full access to this video


The next film update is later this week & you’ll see Carissa getting her turn over Nyssa’s lap!

This video is also available as a one time download at the Clips store HERE



More coming soon… as Carissa gets her turn!



Watch out for more films coming to POV Spanking soon
Including an AWESOME scolding video from Miss Chris!


OTK Moments at AAA Spanking

Someone recently emailed me asking what were some of my most memorable OTK spanking moments at AAA Spanking – that was a good question and so I decided to try and showcase a few that were special throughout the time… there are so many that even keeping it to a list like this is near impossible as there are so many more and I’d be here all day… and that’s not good since I need to eat and go grocery shopping 🙂


I am thinking of doing this for other sites too and for different scenarios like strapping or even the infamous “wheelbarrow position” – Today, though, is purely OTK spanking positions and in absolutely no order of preference, here are some of the memorable ones picked out via the photo galleries from the Members Area – these are HQ stills that compliment the HD screen grabs and movies…. so this is where some memorable films were missed out here… (maybe next time I’ll do a screen grab memory blog post, lol). I have resized the images and thrown them all up so they will probably go in alphabetical/numerical order and I will just tell you why these shots were memorable to me and some behind the scenes info on them as best as my fading dementia ridden memory can try to remember!

Miss Knows Best – starring Aleesha Fox over the knee of Zoe Page

This was the 1st shoot I had these two girls together, it also happened to be outdoors… and this was one of the last times on film that Aleesha was in a schoolgirl uniform as she confided to me later that as she had become more “switchy” she also didn’t like to play the SG role anymore and felt uncomfortable being asked to play a teen/early twentysomething college girl. it clearly was not what Aleesha wanted to do anymore after this as she couldn’t enjoy the headspace and I understood perfectly the next time we filmed together. It also happened to be a fun thing to film on a glorious summer day’s afternoon since Zoe was totally madcap and a loose cannon when anything was “improv-ed” and so this is a great start to my OTK Collection.

aleeshaotk32 aleeshaotk46 aleeshaotk50 aleeshaotk52 Aleesha Fox OTK spanking otk spanking aleeshaotk72

Alex Reynolds OTK Spanking

There could be many with Alex, but this was a personal favorite of mine. It was a no nonsense good hard spanking film, I cut down on the dialogue and concentrated on spanking Alex’s amazing bum instead! Good decision! Of course, I also love spanking Alex as she always has the most wonderful panties to pull down and finish the spanking in a more contrite bare bottom reddening finale! This was filmed at Alex’s place in Los Angeles, my first visit to LA to see her and Paul Kennedy alongside Sarah who was with me – so lots of other good memories are stored with filming here on a personal level including the awesome road trip from Vegas (I love driving between these 2 cities!!!)

Alex Reynolds alexotk016 alexotk022 alexotk027 otk spanking handprint otk spanking alexotk033

Spanking Angel Lee dressed as a “Little”

This was filmed at the Chicago Crimson Moon Party last year and was memorable for many reasons. A couple of days before this I had suffered my first major asthma attack and was in a bad way, I’m not likely to forget my trip to Chicago for that reason, but I enjoyed the party as best I could but also got to meet some wonderful new people who don’t often go to other national parties. Meeting Angel was fantastic, I know that Sarah had been telling me how cool she was and she could take a spanking… oh my! That was true! Angel also loved dressing up as a “Little” so I hatched a plot to do this in her room… I would be her mentor and not happy that she was stressing out and peaking too early going into “Little mode” so I spanked some sense and calm into her… of course, it meant I got to spank her in that cute outfit as she held her stuffie for dear life!

angel_littles004 angel_littles009 angel_littles015 Angel Lee spanking angel_littles020 bathbrush spanking angel_littles025 hairbrush OTk spanking

Erica Scott – The Bartender Incident

My first meeting with Erica at the Shadowlane Party 2013 (my first ever national spanking party) almost went horribly wrong as we missed each other about the timing of our quick shoot. It was after the infamous Saturday Night Ballroon Dinner and Dance (and time after was precious as it meant everyone started to play in the many suite parties ’til dawn). I still joke with her today about how we were so nearly such “flakes” for missing her and her partner John. There are many reasons to enjoy this memory, I got to film and spank Erica and it was a nice warm up for her to play seriously later… and didn’t we look all smart from our ballroom dinner? It rounded off a day of filming and the party  -it was also my first ever time in Vegas! So many memories… and of course this was where Sarah and I reconnected on an unexpected level at a Sunday party which changed both our lives! I’d say this was a memorable OTK spanking in the mix of it all – I would also consider Erica a good friend in the scene now and have a lot of time for her 🙂

bar009 bar015 Erica scott OTK spanking Erica Scott bar023 bar026 bar032 bar038

Sarah Gregory & I – Halloween Cosplay Spanking

Spanking in a onesie was not my idea, this was the brainchild of Sarah’s… of course this is why I love her as she can see things us fellas would not and I am sure this appealed to women far more – so I do understand. It was fun (kind of) – Sarah was being a real pouty brat and this was another party in Vegas we were at. I got to spank my naughty monkey (lol) and we filmed this so it could be released for Halloween even though it was filmed in February. I could choose lots of Sarah OTK spankings but I decided to choose this one as I played a grumpy guy spanking his gal… and it didn’t take much acting to start with as I was… I didn’t like dressing up in that ridiculous onesie… and poor Sarah got it good! Heh heh!

cheekymonkey007 onesie spankings cheekymonkey015 cheekymonkey017 pouting and spanked cheekymonkey020 cheekymonkey022 Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory spanks her bratty niece Mandie Rae – “Hell No Kitteh”

I love watching Sarah spank other girls, she is one of the most accomplished spankers out there (hence her winning the Female Spankers award 2014). This was a girly pink-fest and stand off between who was using what “Hello Kitty” box or whatever (yawn!) and other “trivial” stuff us guys do not understand. Watching Mandie Rae being spanked in that cute Hello Kitty onesie was more than enough to pique my interest though… but to see her spanked to tears by Sarah over her lap… whilst scolding her superbly… this was why it’s a great F/F spanking film – trust me! It was also the first time I had filmed at Sarah’s place when it wasn’t winter and I enjoyed some warmth that I knew existed in New England! Great memories.

hellnokitteh06 hellnokitteh12 girl girl spankings hellnokitteh15 hellnokitteh16 hellnokitteh19 Mandie Rae tears and spanking spanking

Joelle Barros – 1st OTK Spanking

This was my first ever visit to America to film pretty girls getting spanked, it was some time ago now and came at the end of a family trip. I filmed 4 girls in one day at a studio near Philadelphia and it was humid as hell. However, from the moment I picked up Joelle from Philly’s rail station, I knew this was a cool girl and had made the right decision. We got lost on the way to the studio which was hilarious as I rarely get lost, I also shopped at Trader Joe’s for the first time for our snacks (thank you Joelle). I chose this film as it was our first… it was a dream come true for me at the time as I had admired Joelle’s work and knew she would do wonders for the site (and she did). Joelle and I have met many times since and I love her to bits, one of the nicest people out there in the scene… & I can’t wait to film with her again for the SG Group of sites!

joelle_intro18 joelle_intro19 Joelle Barros spanked joelle_intro27 joelle_intro31 spanking spanking otk joelle_intro43

Nyssa Nevers – Philly Shoot

Another reason this was a memorable day for me was filming Nyssa Nevers. I had long been an admirer of hers and hadn’t seen her in a spanking film despite her being very active in the fetish world. So I was genuinely happy that she agreed to film for AAA at the time. This lingerie spanking was special, Nyssa looked absolutely stunning and wriggled and squirmed just as I had imagined. The images and film were very good despite us being abandoned to film for ourselves… me with 4 girls, 2 cams and a humid studio with a very loud AC unit. I switched it off and after 5 minutes we’d all be sweating buckets! Crazy times… but I filmed Nyssa in some great films (alongside Joelle above as well). A memorable day all round in which I gave up a day’s sightseeing of Philly for… I think I made the right decision 🙂

Nyssa Nevers otk spanking nyssanevers18 hair pulling and spanking nyssanevers21 nyssanevers25 nyssanevers28 nyssanevers36

Amelia Jane Rutherford – pyjama spanking OTK

I love spanking girls in PJs… and so I had to include one such OTK scene. I could also choose many Amelia films but this was probably one I enjoyed as it was a 2 parter… I wanted to film something a little different as Amelia has been in so many films… and so this 1st part was more traditional… lazy Amelia getting spanked on the bed… her long legs flailing, PJ bottoms pulled down… lovely! The 2nd part was the infamous shower scene where I hosed her down in freezing cold water to wake her up… nothing had been filmed of her like that before! Her reactions and the spankings on her wet clothing and bare bottom are priceless… well worth seeing! Also this was filmed at my good buddy Dodgy’s place and those awful curtains saw their last time on film – “hoorah for that!” We told him they had to go and he agreed, they are now a more neutral dark gray/brown color so I fully expect to see these on various websites soon, lol! This was also a time when I had just returned from Paris, France… with Sarah on her 1st memorable trip to England to see me. I choose this film as Sarah will be in England with me again very soon so we can create new memories!

sas05 sas09 otk spanking in PJs sas13 sas15 sas16 sas18 Amelia Jane Rutherford bare bottom spanking

Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen (from 2011)

This was a great location to film in… I called it the “penthouse Firm Hand-esque” shoot as it reminded me of the times that FHS would film with mezzanines when they filmed content in the UK in 2006-2009. This was early on in the history of AAA and was, I think, the first shoot after the site had opened earlier that year (filmed in February of 2011). It also happened to be 3rd time lucky that I managed to get Irelynn to come… and also the last time that she was filmed for a full day’s shoot anywhere before her online retirement (sadly). I know how well Leia could switch and wanted a good F/F film, I wasn’t disappointed and Irelynn was a super pouty brat getting a good spanking. It was also a great chance to film at various angles… and of course I loved that apartment we stayed in… very central in Birmingham, UK. I thought it an ideal location for everyone to meet since Irelynn was travelling down from the north west and I had cam guys coming down from the east, I was coming from the south west and Leia traveling up from London! It worked perfectly! Filming content just after the site had gone live was also exciting – so for this reason it made it into the list today! Plus these are great pics, right?

sclobber18 Irelynn Logeen spanked by Leia Ann Woods sclobber28 sclobber33 OTK spanking sclobber52 sclobber57 sclobber65

All these films can be viewed at the AAA Spanking membership site

aaa spanking

or check them out individually at the AAA Clips Store

Spanking Industry Updates

This is a chance to catch up on some of the hottest new spanking movies and updates from my fave sites that are being or have been released this week! I love showcasing talent and new video productions of the kink we all love so much… it’s nice when others recognize my efforts, it keeps me going. I know for some, without blogs and promo sites etc maybe some of their efforts would go un-noticed! Updates will be no more than 8 images per site so you’ll get the gist of the film which you can then decide for yourselves to pursue further interest from… deal? Let’s get this rolling!

A hot new film from MommaSpankings.com with Miss Chris and Sarah Gregory is first up for today… this was released at the beginning of the week but I have only just got round to letting you know about it!

Miss Chris always spanks her girls hard… and Sarah has been taking harder spankings as she has been on a new fitness regime which I am pleased to say means I am benefiting from whacking the naughty madam harder in private… her pain threshold has gone up… I love it! Anyway, I am digressing so here is the latest film called “The Spoilt Brat”

momma-163-024 momma-163-037 momma-163-059 momma-163-063 momma-163-065 momma-163-068 momma-163-072 momma-163-076

Mom is not happy that her daughter has skipped school and has taken the new car to the beach instead. First of all it is mom’s car, not Sarah’s. Second Sarah has lied, not asked permission and then acts like a completely spoiled brat when confronted. Mom deals with her naughty daughter the way she knows best!



Nyssa Nevers gets spanked by Fiona Murphy for stealing pizza – this is the latest new video from Spankedcallgirls.com – and it’s HOT!

002 003 005 007 008 009 010 011

Nyssa Nevers mocks Fiona Murphy for getting spanked by Veronica. So much so that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests!

Check out this latest film from SpankedCallgirls.com


“Careful what you wish for” starring Gigi Allens as a hot sexy spanked genie from a bottle
This is the latest video to come from the erotic spanking section HERE

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

A genie (Gigi Allens) magically appears to Goldie (in her first ever spanking shoot) when Goldie rubs an old bottle. Goldie wished that Gigi would make out with her. After a long kiss, and some massaging, Goldie wants to know if she was the best ever. When Gigi admits she wasn’t, Goldie’s second wish is to spank the genie. After that wish is granted, Goldie has one more wish…

& her last wish is that she “gets everything she deserves…” which I shall be updating about soon (I think you can guess, LOL!) – See the full video release from GirlSpanksGirl.com

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This is a full film update in remastered HD1080 that I had forgotten to show you all, it’s from SarahGregorySpanking.com and features an awesome initiation paddling of unlucky Pandora Blake by Paul Rogers.

0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-023 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-029 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-035 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-054 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-056 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-058 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-064 0198_pandoras_initiation_gal-066

Pandora Blake is pledging her sorority. She and the other pledges have been dropped off in a nice neighborhood and told to knock on a door and ask for a spanking, a spanking and paddling hard enough to make their bottoms glow. They also have to have a photo taken of their sore spanked bottom to bring back to the pledge house.

Click here to view this full film starring Pandora Blake

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Finally today… a new English girl, Victoria, gets a spanking punishment at SpankingSarah.com – a leather strapping on her bare bottom which was probably harder than she had anticipated!

npp7155002 npp7155004 npp7155008 npp7155015 npp7155016 npp7155020 npp7155026 npp7155036

New girl Victoria has just had her very first spanking and Sarah did not think she would want to carry on but she has surprised her. She had told her that next she would have to bend over for a hard session with one of her leather paddles. Now she was a little nervous but said she had come this far and wanted to go ahead. Sarah soon had her pert rear end stuck high in the air, legs spread and ready for the paddle. Although this was her first time she did not go easy on her and she did take a full strength paddling. A really beautiful young girl and very keen to be punished some more!

Check out the full HD film exclusive to SpankingSarah.com




The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl

Here’s an early sneak preview of what members can download this week at AAAspanking.com – It was going to be called the title of this post today… but it was too long and wouldn’t fit in the text box on the site too easily, so it was renamed “Multiple Detentions” … however  I think the title of  “The Geeks, A Cheerleader & The Head Girl” is quite cool which is based on an idea from a much loved independent film which I highly recommend from director Peter Greenaway. The film ” The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover” from 1989 (the French) poster below, was on my bedroom wall when I used to live in Paris many many years ago and I actually saw this film in an independent cinema in the 14th Arrondisement where I used to live… ah the memories! I loved this poster (and it has some great scenes with Helen Mirren & Michael Gambon in it too!)


Anyway, it’s not related to the spanking film shown here, just a loose title idea… hope you like the poster 🙂

This latest release from AAAspanking.com has 4 girls in it which are all punished at various stages of the film with a great finale where they are all lined up and given the hairbrush next to each other. You will no doubt recognize all the American adult/fetish stars, Ashley Graham, Nyssa Nevers, Joelle Barros and Carissa Montgomery. A great combo of ladies in various school/cheer uniforms for our veritable delectation!


Nyssa & Joelle are the “geeks” in this film!


Ashley plays the naughty cheerleader & Carissa seems to think it is highly amusing that she is the Head Girl who never gets into trouble (hmmm!) – there’s a nice twist to ensure she gets spanked too!!! Images below are from the stills gallery and there are also over 120 screen images that are with this film (a few samples also shown here) which is all out soon this week!

4girls006 4girls027 4girls071 4girls100

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types (Joelle Barros & Nyssa Nevers) who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl (Ashley Graham) due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl (Carissa Montgomery) who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

  4_girls013 4_girls015 4_girls016 4_girls020 4_girls023 4_girls025 4_girls029 4_girls030

4girls111 4girls114

You can check out MORE of this film and over 230 more at AAAspanking.com


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click here for the latest clips

I also wanted to let you know that the film will be appearing as a one time download at the Clips Store as usual if you prefer to download using this option as well with all formats of your choice becoming available over the next couple of days. Click the animated image below and check when it is available! Thanks, and goodnight from America once more!



Nominations for the Spanking Awards are now in and will be looked at (I have to be honest and say I haven’t put them together yet, it’s a daunting task) but the first round of voting will begin shortly!!!

Sensual Spankings – Part 2

Okay, sorry for the delay… I’ll not waffle on. Let’s just get you the naughty and sensual/erotic spankings you want to see… maybe if you like something you will help support those sites with a membership option, most sites here are very reasonable, I wouldn’t promote any site here that I wouldn’t or haven’t joined in the past or present so they all get my seal of approval and need our subs to continue making films. Contrary to what forum and filehosting uploaders would have you believe… the best way of supporting any of our sites is to purchase a membership – everyone counts right now, trust me, I should know!

Here’s a great start with the lovely Sarah Gregory getting a girlfriend spanking a few years ago from Sinn Sage.


Taken from the archives… this film is called “The Cheat” (co-starring Sinn Sage in a girlfriend spanking movie)

0018_the_cheat_gal1-013 0018_the_cheat_gal1-016

0018_the_cheat_gal1-023 0018_the_cheat_gal1-025

0018_the_cheat_gal1-026 0018_the_cheat_gal2-013

0018_the_cheat_gal1-031 0018_the_cheat_gal2-026

0018_the_cheat_gal2-024 0018_the_cheat_gal2-020

Sarah’s strict beautiful girlfriend, Sinn Sage, is very angry when she finds out that Sarah has been cheating on her. Sarah is working, earning money letting guys touch and spank her at clubs and hotel rooms but Sinn doesn’t like that she has to do that behind her back… so when she returned, Sinn makes Sarah strip down and get across her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking with hand, strap, and leather paddle in more than one sexy position that Sinn gets off to, watching Sarah squirm with real shame and embarrassment before the girls both get turned on and make out with Sarah’s bright red burning bottom a reminder that she should be a better girlfriend in future!


This is one of the many HOT films from the archives of Sarah Gregory Spanking

or view as a member of MommaSpankings.com too & save money with the Sarah Gregory Pass (see below)


I found some original screen images from a naughty girl/girl movie at my site AAA Spanking … no one has seen them this size as they are taken from the raw data and the film was originally edited at a very reasonable 1280×720 resolution – all new films at my site are now edited at their original screen size of 1920x1080HD – at a future date I will most probably re edit some older films, so they will be started from scratch (essentially slightly different from another editor’s eye using the same raw data and with some suggestions and input from me with musical scores, credits, split screens/slo-mo shots and more). However, I have to PAY a decent editor to do all that for me… without membership sign ups, that isn’t gonna happen – period … but imagine if this film was one of them, eh? #schwiiing!

Webcam Hustlers – Starring Ashley Graham & Nyssa Nevers


Nyssa’s English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of their wicked Uncle’s plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! he wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show?

Check out the movie and see for yourself who won!

webhustlers002 webhustlers003 webhustlers004

webhustlers005 webhustlers006

webhustlers007 webhustlers008


webhustlers010 webhustlers011

webhustlers012 webhustlers013

webhustlers014 webhustlers015 webhustlers016


These girls had such naughty chemistry… they knew each other outside of spanking and actually travelled up together at the time for that film shoot… so felt more comfortable messing around with each other, which showed. I thought they were great and it’s a great spanky sensual and erotic girl girl spanking fest! I hope you liked the added touch of the football shirts of the 2 Manchester teams (City & Utd) from the English Premier League – they had no idea who or what they were (LOL!)… Nyssa pronounced it “Man-chess-terrr” in her cute (to my ears) American accent. In recent years, Manchester City (in sky blue sported by Ashley) have had the upper hand on titles – in England the teams are often referred to as “Man City or United” but I think that year that Nyssa wore the shirt, the Reds of United had won it.

This is your last chance to grab the trial membership – It goes before the end of the month!



Here’s a reminder of a fantastic sultry Christy Cutie pleading with YOU (playing her daddy in the POV perspective as the spanker… we’re witnessing everything through YOUR eyes!). She’s pleading for you not to give her a spanking! She’s just so adorable, and too cute to spank, she’s telling you that again, but you’re having none of it. Here are some reminder pics of this popular POV style spanking! #cute #adorable #POV


christy002 christy003 christy004

christy005 christy006

christy008 christy009


YOU are Christy’s Daddy and you are far from pleased with her inappropriate attire. She shows you her tight Daisy Duke shorts and pleads for you to let her go out, but those big doe eyes and sexy pout don’t get what she wants this time… oh no! She looks shocked as she watches you remove your belt and gesture for her to take off her shorts AND panties as you bend her over the sofa to take a look at what your baby girl is made of before giving her some reminder strokes with your leather belt who is in charge! Christy’s smouldering looks, and adult babygirl attitude make this an even sexier spanking experience. This is definitely one spanking POV film you should check out as our project continues and we improve each and every time we make these challenging films! This is what real spanking POV should be from YOUR perspective when you imagine spanking a brat… go on, enjoy… we know you want to!

christy010 christy011

christy012 christy013

christy014 christy015 christy017

The Clips are in either WMV or MP4 HD 1280×720 playback – VIEW IT DIRECTLY HERE


All the latest POV spankings, scoldings sub/dom perspectives can be seen HERE



Finally today, a fantastic self spanking reminder from English Spankers with American fetish model, Ludella Hahn. Enjoy watching this self spanking and an interesting intro shown earlier this year.

npp6029008 npp6029011

npp6029014 npp6029023

npp6029029 npp6029032


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.


npp6029051 npp6029056

npp6029057 npp6029060

npp6029066 npp6029068

You can see this film and more of Ludella right here!



Updates for your Perusal

It’s funny how this damp and rainy autumnal weather is a world away from a few months ago when I had high hopes and foolish eager excitement watching the Football World cup take place in Brazil on my TV screen – they were warmer sunnier times and of course such warm memories were soured by my own nation’s woeful performances. Anyhoo,  I always loved the final montage that the BBC here in the UK did to sum up that incredible World Cup… it is below, so it you wanna skip it and move on to my updates, I understand… it was a nice distraction and if you liked the music, it is from a French rock band called “Woodkid” (performing Run Boy Run) – I hope to see them in concert at some point next year… they’re awesome! I also smiled at presenter and former England player, Gary Lineker’s begrudging admiration and resignation for Germany, the lesser of 2 evils in that final – (… “and the Germans won” – LOL)

Ah… memories… OK, and onto what is out there today! I’m showing this in order of no overall preference (I rarely do to be honest), let’s just see where this takes us!!! Let’s start at Firm Hand Spanking as there is a bit of a theme going on with sibling spanking showdowns at the moment… take this all girl affair with the beautiful and talented Stacy Stockton switching perfectly giving sassy sister, Amber Davies, a real tears OTK spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

sisters_bf001 sisters_bf003

sisters_bf006 sisters_bf007

sisters_bf008 sisters_bf013

sisters_bf015 sisters_bf020

sisters_bf022 sisters_bf021

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes!


In another film preview, there is what looks like being the last of the “Brotherly Love” series of films with Kat St James and Sam Woodley playing the bratty sisters of Kyle Johnson… to be honest, as it has these girls in it, what’s there NOT to like about it? Samantha Woodley is the girl getting a spanking in this film…. as ever, it is worth the entrance fee alone to see her bared booty getting a good whacking!

brotherly_z001 brotherly_z002

brotherly_z004 brotherly_z008

brotherly_z012 brotherly_z015

brotherly_z017 brotherly_z020

brotherly_z022 brotherly_z023

Two brats fighting right after they’ve been spanked? It’s time to break out the strap! Samantha Woodley and Kat St James get in a fight, so 50 with a strap across Samantha’s bottom – 25 bare!- will sort things out in Brotherly Love with Kyle Johnson.

The FULL Film can be seen HERE




Ok, so what happens when you steal fruit in the UK? Or “Scrumping” as I call it? Why, of course you get a damned good spanking… which is why you see beautiful young Ella Hughes stripped naked and strapped HARD by Sarah Bright at English Spankers this week…. this is indeed a very exciting film to watch!

npp7073003 npp7073011

npp7073012 npp7073013

npp7073018 npp7073015

npp7073020 npp7073030

npp7073040 npp7073042

Young Ella Hughes has been caught stealing fruit from the orchard, the gardener takes her to see his mistress who is a particularly nasty individual. She berates Ella and almost has her in tears. She then sends for her father’s old razor strop and tells her she will be getting this. She then hands out a ferocious beating to Ella’s bare bottom, one of the hardest we have featured. A film not to be missed.

Want to see the full film and MORE of gorgeous Ella? CLICK HERE


A special look back at someone I have never actually met, which is a great pity. She no longer subs but is now a fearsome domme, so I better watch what I say (lol) – please take a trip back in time with me courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com as we check out the amazing Amy Hunter from over 11 years ago, the archives at this site are truly astounding!

NSI014-FA022 NSI014-FA028

NSI014-FA051 NSI014-FA074

NSI014-FA081 NSI014-FA092

NSI014-FA095 NSI014-FA101

NSI014-FA104 NSI014-FA108

Poor Amy is so poor at the moment she can’t afford to buy her partner Christopher a pressie for his birthday. Wracking her brains, she comes up with a devious plan… SHE can be his present! Dressed up as a fancy french maid, Amy offers herself as his maid for the evening…but what she be “maid” to do?

NSI014-FA161 NSI014-FA164

NSI014-FA167 NSI014-FA174

NSI014-FA179 NSI014-FA182

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Here he strips off her dress and gives her a sensual and thorough whipping. Yummy!

NSI014-FA204 NSI014-FA205 NSI014-FA209

NSI014-FA216 NSI014-FA221

NSI014-FA223 NSI014-FA224

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Christopher delights in removing even more of her clothing to beat his girl further finishing with some more intimate connections!


Check out the amazing archives of  NORTHERNSPANKING.COM


Finally today, since we are checking out some archives… take a look at my own at AAA Spanking – You may not have seen this, or if you have, not for a while at least… it’s a good spanking film with someone I had admired long in advance of meeting her, this was from my first ever American stateside film shoot well over 2 years ago in 2012 and this was one of many films I did with the amazing and beautiful Nyssa Nevers! #schwiing! I still have a special 4 girl film I haven’t released yet with Nyssa, Joelle Barros, Carissa Montgomery & Ashley Graham (what a fricking line up, eh?) – I really ought to do something about that, right? It’s been edited and stored away in the cyber vaults… maybe I should just release it on the CLIPS STORE – either way… check out this film and see how gorgeous Nyssa looked in this lingerie spanking film  😉


This was the 1st film I made with stunning Nyssa Nevers & I requested that she bring along some of her sexiest lingerie for the intro film. I was NOT disappointed as you’ll see, Nyssa has the most wonderful bottom to spank and whilst wearing her very sexy lingerie provided a magnificent spectacle. I am sure this will provide a nice visual treat for all you spanking voyeurs! Watch Nyssa’s flawless untouched cheeks turn red during her 1st spanking film of the day!

nyssanevers02 nyssanevers05 nyssanevers11

nyssanevers13 nyssanevers15

nyssanevers18 nyssanevers28

nyssanevers19 nyssanevers25 nyssanevers35


See many more films of Nyssa at AAA Spanking HERE – or check out this film on its own – like many others – at The AAA CLIPS Store and choose the clip you’d like to view, own & download, there are 100’s to choose from and in various formats giving you the best choice available!


Good night… who wouldn’t want to spank this office booty? #OMG! Eyes are popping! Back soon!


CLICK HERE for another blog update -I promise you will like it 🙂

Short Shorts Spanking

Hello everyone… I hope you all didn’t miss me waffling on here too much. As you know I have been busy filming and enjoying the hospitality of Miss Sarah Gregory. We have some exciting plans for future cross collaborations including a fantastic new idea for a new site concept… however, that is all I can say for now but it’s something we haven’t seen anywhere and it probably won’t appeal to many of you (don’t worry, I won’t be baring myself or anything like that, lol!).

Yesterday, I got out of the sticks and went to New York City, the day after the Christmas tree lights were put on at the Rockefeller Center… I event managed to go ice skating, though I wasn’t very good (I fell over once!)… I also checked out the Freedom Tower (which is nearing completion) and Times Sq/Chinatown – all fun and a nice diversion away from business!

In the meantime, I had finally managed to upload the latest film so you good people can finally see the Short Shorts Spanking movie now out at Triple A Spanking – it was from a member request about featuring girls in naughty short shorts, the type that daisy Duke might have worn… seeing this film again sure sent my blood pressure soaring. It starred Ashley Graham, Nyssa Nevers and Joelle Barros… in fact, Joelle will be filming with us tomorrow, something I am very excited about!!!


Below are some screen shots from the movie including some special exclusive 1st show images/stills for this blog only!

shorts001 shorts007

shorts012 shorts019


shorts024 shorts028

shorts042 shorts062


shorts068 shorts092

shorts094 shorts098


shorts103 shorts108




This film is also available as a full file HD-MP4 one off download at the clips store (see below)


OK, I have to go as I am being nagged for being late getting the new content filmed… will try to get back here soon with more news and such! have a great weekend everyone!

AAA Updates

I’m away at the moment and my internet connection is very limited so that is why there is no posts from me until now and this will have to be brief so I apologise but service will be resumed normally very soon 🙂 I’m going to start with news at my site of a new film which has just gone up and is another delightful and naughty F/F spanking film starring real life friends Nyssa Nevers and Ashley Graham. It’s a sort of PJ film as it has the girls in some football (or soccer) style bedwear (they were really for boys but the girls look great in them) … and is kind of topical for us here in England as the 2 teams the girls represent are heated rivals and again in the TOP 2 positions of the English premier league (Manchester Utd and City).


Images below are taken from the film and there’s a link for you to watch a freeview clip as well!

camgirls001 camgirls006

camgirls015 camgirls032

camgirls038 camgirls050

camgirls064 camgirls071

camgirls080 camgirls096

camgirls111 camgirls113

camgirls128 camgirls144

camgirls160 camgirls164

Nyssa’s English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of the wicked old Uncle’s plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! He wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show? Check out the movie and see for yourself.





I’ll get the above film uploaded to the Clips store this weekend along with more short clips 🙂

Back soon with more regular news and updates. have fun… hope you enjoy the new film, next week will see a return to the “Uncle Knows best” series and this has schoolgirls Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay given a short sharp reminder that there are still chores after school at home to do!!! Bye for now, Chief.

Back from the Vomiting Dead!

It’s a nice title today! Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days… I was really quite ill, so ill, it felt like I had flu (the real one, not the infamous “man flu” which ladies never get). I had the first round of winter vomiting bug or “Norovirus” which ensured anything I had eaten got expelled rather quickly and my poor tummy cramped at the thought of anything entering it, even water, so I ended up severely dehydrated… but I seem to be over the worst and am able to blog again. To be honest, I have never caught this bug before and was a little non plussed by people complaining about it, so I guess I got what was coming to me… it’s nasty and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! OK, Just to start with, to confirm the “Girl Guide Flasher” film with Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers is up at the site and available to view… I have also got you a couple of freebie galleries that I’m hoping my lovely affiliates are using too (big smile)… just click the images below to access those!


Oh, here’s a few blog exclusive images behind the scenes of the girls goofing about…and just LOOK at the mess they make!


& to let you know what is coming out over the next month or so, here’s some screen images of the movies you will get to see if you take up membership this month or of course the very special “Loyalty Offer” which is still available as a parting “thank you” to those of you who have supported the site throughout this tough year for everyone!

next up: Danielle Hunt in a very naughty & twisted schoolgirl punishment film! Whacked really hard with the cane for getting caught touching herself over the teacher’s spanking magazines that she stole from the Teacher’s Common Room… see the twisted punishment unfold!

The build up to Xmas 2012 sees the Triple A debut of stunning Carissa Montgomery followed by our naughty exploits of Uncle “Dodgy Dave” & his delightful Christmas presents thanks to Amelia & Molly! (it’s a mega movie and fun… and of course it has both girls together in a films being spanked, what more could you want?)

After that… there’s a really good film I have kept back over 2 years with a tearful Kami Robertson with her red hair in very cute pyjamas getting a severe belting on that most delightful of posteriors to ring in the New Year! This is an awesome line up for you all… believe me!



I’ll be back later with some outstanding other spanking updates after all, I don’t want you getting sick of just my stuff on here, I’m naturally biased, but there’s more out there, of course that I have to catch up on and they are worth waiting for! Have a pleasant end to the weekend 🙂

My Exceptional Mid Week Spankings

To congratulate Obama on 4 more years as president (in what turned out to be quite a victory after all) – I have a stunning OTK spanking update this week from AAAspanking.com in the shape of sexy vixen, Nyssa Nevers, in what was her 1st time working with a British Spanking site. In fact, this was her 1st film she did with me… so you get to see her flawless bum before I managed to turn it a naughty shade of red for the day… and she didn’t disappoint with the very sexy lingerie too… as you’ll see in these stunning galleries below, see for yourself and watch a free clip and discover 2 options of viewing the full HD film! Enjoy! I most certainly did!!!

Click images to show the new free galleries!

…below are some actual screen images from the film in this particular gallery, like the above images, these are reduced in size for promotional purposes and members get to see much bigger images and the full film, of course!


The previous film also has a new gallery which you can see at the banner below – Trouser arousal levels for ball gagged schoolgirl punishments are set at maximum! Who says I can’t enjoy myself and live out some naughty fantasies? Thank you Danielle Hunt! I have had some great feedback on this previous movie, nice to know some of the members appreciate my work, we must be doing something right!!!

OK, as a special something… people have been asking me where is Mishka? Well, I have good and bad news about her. You see, I approached her to do some more work for me, but it seems she only does her own stuff now (and it’s not spanking but all manner of filthy things) so unfortunately there will be no more Mishka spanking films and such anywhere else… luckily, I did film several more movies of her so don’t worry… and to keep you all interested, one of her naughtiest wheelbarrow spanking clips is coming up NEXT week! Yup, the next installment of the “fantasy series” comes out next week, the best yet in my opinion (I should know as it was my fantasy, lol) as slinky Mishka takes the next wheelbarrow spanking in a schoolgirl Gingham dress just made for her… I also managed to use the bathbrush and put in some soothing cream on that red behind whilst still availing myself to her soft bottom in that revealing position so I managed to get in some telling swats too as well as getting the cams to get up close and intimate! HAWT ain’t even the half of this one, believe you me! Check out a couple of teaser images below of what’s coming!!! If you’re not a member, then get yourself a cheap monthly deal, there’s now over 120 films or thereabouts for approx $25, all exclusively produced too and in HD! If you’re into spanking… check out what I’ve been up to recently! (If you haven’t already!)

You can also see Nyssa’s film as a special one off download at the Clips Store HERE


Oh… and before I go, I just loved this picture, so I hope you all do too!
Gotta love a girl when she carries out her dare, eh? LOL!


OK, goodnight, I have some great spanking updates from other sites for you tomorrow! Chief

Updates at Triple A Spanking

Guess what, my connection has been playing up BIG TIME again, I’m getting really fed up, but this time it’s a broken router between my connection at my laptop and somewhere on the way to my dedicated server hosting the site and this blog etc. I’ve contacted them, I’ve pinged the site to see what hops are not working (looks like it’s my own service provider, BT on the way out of the UK to the American server) and the time outs etc which plagued my attempts to upload the 1st part of the new movie yesterday (it took about 6 attempts and around 7 hours to finally upload that data much to my frustration). So anyone in the UK or using BT have slower connection issues to the site? Let me know as I’m really peeved about it as it’s beyond my control and I just have to wait for whatever router or connection is fixed. My hosting company assures me it’s not a server problem their end so those of you in The States are probably wondering what the hell I’m babbling about as the connection there is fine! & so to my latest movie (out finally) with Joelle Barros and debuts for Nyssa Nevers and Ashley Graham, the 3 of them in gym kit and bratting to me were irresistable to spank… and boy did they get it (heh heh!)

The image below gives you an idea of what is going on, don’t you think? these are also full size images too if you click on them, they are bonus images that members get to see alongside the film images and the 1st long play part of this 3 girl spankfest!

Some promotional images below best explain what and how the girls ended up with such sore bottoms!

The Official site blurb is shown below:
This is the 1st of our multi girl films recently taken in the USA and there are stunning tearful debuts for Nyssa Nevers & Ashley Graham alongside Joelle Barros! The girls have been annoying other customers of the high class and much sought after Gym Club where new memberships are difficult to get approved and they are brought into a back office to meet the Gym Club owner, John Osborne. He issues these brats an ultimatum when he senses a chance to show them some old fashioned British discipline values. They accept a humiliating punishment in front of each other or he would have no hesitation expelling them all! The girls love this place & realize how difficult it is to find somewhere else half as good so they reluctantly accept their fate to learn to behave like proper ladies!



Here are some behind the scenes info on this film: This was filmed early on in that particular shoot, it was Joelle’s 3rd film and both Nyssa and Ashley’s 2nd of the day (as they had arrived a little late caught in traffic from DC to Philly) However, as you’ll see from the images, both Nyssa and Ashley’s bottoms were reddening up quite quickly and Joelle had a tight pair of buns that refused to glow as red (to start with!) Nyssa was also the loudest to react to her punishment and started bawling and blubbing, which I have to admit I found quite a turn on… she was fine as she later confessed she was a bit of a crybaby (in the nicest way, of course). All the girls bottoms were showing those telltale speckling signs that bottoms were under severe duress, the film syill ends up being nearly 18 minutes long and has 3 distinct sections where each one gets the same treatment as the others watch! I hope the image do this film justice as there are many more multi girl films and some great scenes to come from this particular filmshoot over the coming months I hope you’ll all be really pleased about! (& I haven’t even gotten around to introducing the adorable Carissa Montgomery yet either… oh boy!)

For those of you who can’t wait and want to see some of the films from this shoot NOW rather than wait longer you can view the Clips store and download the full film or clips of your favourite spanking model from this film (each girl has many charms) … Nyssa is just gorgeous and THAT ASS and her tears! … Joelle takes a good hard punishment and THOSE LEGS that go on and on lead straight up to one of the trimmest butts known to mankind! … then there’s Ashley Graham with her smouldering looks and unbelievable figure, THOSE BREASTS! Oh my… and DAT ASS! jiggling under duress…. It’s a tough decision to take, of course you can wimp out and view the full film… your choice is below!

You can also see the amazing intro of Nyssa Nevers getting a OTK spanking in some very sexy lingerie!
This hasn’t been shown anywhere other than the Clips Store at the moment! Very HAWT!

& of course the fantastic spanking intro of Joelle can also be viewed here too!



In contrast to that, I did a small film shoot on Monday which was very productive and I actually got some interesting films from Danielle Hunt who I worked with again, but this time it was to make harder and more explicit films that I’m sure many of you will really like as well as blurring the boundary lines of what “Uncle” can and can not do and how to treat a never ending yapping schoolgirl by ball gagging her into silence then thrashing the hell out of her! This was one of my faves of the day and I am editing this film before all others as I’d like that to be shown to you all first! You’ll see the images referring to what I am on about below, we also did some great PJ films, including a dropseat spanking with Dani’s big dark bum protruding from the white cloth accentuating her ass even more…. some naughty toy play and a rather severe caning and carpet beating that followed with more raunchy storylines and a hilarious but rather severe film where farm help, Dani, is late to go milk my cows! Images below are unedited and far smaller than the originals but you will see what is coming soon to the site 🙂

Oh… & Dani’s bottom broke my favourite composite paddle 🙁


That ballgag sure did keep Dani nicely muffled and subdued!

The dreaded hairbrush, the one implement Danielle HATED!

and below some more films of Danielle in various naughty and painful poses!



There’s plenty more but for now I think you get the idea of what went on, right?

Check out all this coming soon to AAA Spanking


Back tomorrow with my updates of the week at other selected sites. Good night. Chief.