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A Spanking Orgasm for Joelle Barros

Here is something you might not realize but most of us who have started up sites usually like them to last and so be at least a little future proof, otherwise it means we have to re design the site or get someone to do it at great cost… which isn’t what many of us can easily afford and more importantly very time consuming. As I was in Houston and traveling around a lot, I was unable to continue with the upgrades that were happening under the new SG Group ownership of the sites. It doesn’t affect day to day running of any site, whoever is looking at customer support, or updating the site, writing the odd blog posts and other simple online things that we have to do… I am talking about tedious coding issues which are time consuming rather than difficult and it’s the last thing I or Sarah would want to be doing on the road! We’re both waiting to see how the “responsive” site designs that Google so want us all to adapt to shape out. I’ve seen many site in mobile mode and they suck, are totally impossible to view or navigate properly so we are holding off on going down that avenue of the complete responsive site but the most important thing is to have HTML5 playable streaming films available for surfers and members. This takes time to upgrade the membership areas of the sites ourselves and I am helping her with that.

As I know the backend of the AAA site, we are starting with that one since the others have a CMS I am unfamiliar with and Sarah may have to work with the original designer to get the same results more easily that are starting to show inside the AAA members area. If you are reading this – and are a member, you may have noticed some films now will stream from where the picture of the film used to be – (finally, you say!)  see image below for example of one of the webpages, still simplified and clutter free, but now with the added option of viewing the film in full (when full film updates are complete) via this method too…

click to view the full webpage

It looks great on an iPad and I have tested it on various mobile devices and other O/S and browsers… all work easily and effortlessly. The usual options for full HD download are there too. I am also checking that there are links to the image galleries on the individual movie pages as some of the older films are missing these so when I come across them I am correcting these errors too. It’s a tedious process so that videos can stream correctly on any device and I said I would start with AAA Spanking as that site was set up by me way back at the end of 2010. I have also been making sure there are no outstanding films without MP4 options as well as getting round to upgrading the films to the best quality without re editing (as that would be costly right now). However, I worked on about 30 of the girl/girl section films so you’ll see a change there today 🙂

Spanked to Orgasm from AAAspanking.com

The reason I was working on that section is because the latest update to come out was from that section too – so I better get one with showing you a decent update of that… Joelle and Lily had tried out new kinks in their love life and now Joelle wanted to experience what it was like on the receiving end and she wanted to emulate what had happened to her GF Lily! Check out what happens (below).

Spanked to Orgasm – 2 (with Joelle Barros & Lily Swan)

spanking Joelle and Lily Swan Joelle Barros girls who love to spank lovers spank sensual girl spanking sometimes a spanking hurts more paddled over her panties Joelle likes the spanking Joelle barros gets naked paddled butt bare butt lesbian spanking red bare ass Joelle given riding crop riding crop Lily starts to make Joelle cum spanking to orgasm Joelle post climax

Lily Swan & Joelle Barros were lovers and had already experimented with some erotic playtime with various spanking implements in Part 1. This time it was Joelle’s turn to experience what it was like to be submissive to her girl when she plucked up the courage to ask her a few days after their first encounter. Joelle wanted to see if she could orgasm too after Lily had started playing with the various toys on her bare bottom including a leather hand strap and riding crop. The finale saw Joelle rubbing her pussy, getting off to the spreading warmth Lily had created using the spanking toys then Lily hand spanked her harder and harder at the time of her climax. Another hot girlfriend visual feast with much sensual and intimate spanking filmed between lovers in sexy lingerie.

Lily gives her lover Joelle much aftercare

Check out the free clip below of Joelle’s bare bottom stung and teased with a Riding Crop!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41283″]

AAA Spanking trial 5 day membership option

& as usual… this clip is available as a one time download option from the Clips Store

joelle barros Joelle Barros spanked to orgasm

AAA Spanking clipstore

Red Hot Spanking Videos

As promised I will show you a full update of what is now out at AAAspanking.com – it’s the hot girl on girl spanking erotic video with a couple of firsts… I had never filmed Lily Swan to orgasm, not that I had asked or eben thought about it… but she had never done that and asked if I would film it, if it was possible – so many things change when the lights go on and the cameras are rolling. To say she is a true “painslut” is somewhat of an understatement. This girl LOVES to be punished like a naughty girl, NEEDS to feel truly submissive and feel that she has had a good discipline session… and gets off on that. It’s a f*cking hot to know that, to be honest! It was also Joelle’s first time on AAA as the “Top” –  I had seen her do it before and she does this in her private life but until last year or so didn’t really feel like she was confident enough to show it on film (I had asked her in the past) … However, I have Punishedbrats.com to thank for working on Joelle as she is a great “Switch” – this was an easy film for both girls, it’s part of a new series of videos and this one shows Joelle being asked to spank and strap Lily (and Lily gets into the mindset that allows her to finish herself off as she got so turned on!). So all good as far as I was concerned! What is there not to like watching an attractive woman, confident with herself to “cum” on camera and take a good hard sexy spanking off Joelle “in lingerie” as well (you’ll see her red butt in the pics and the film clip!)

Spanked to Orgasm #1 – Starring Lily Swan & Joelle Barros

spanked to orgasm

This is the FULL plot of this video… followed by various images and the clips (it’s up at SpankingTube but I have embedded it here, it’s Flash so won’t play on some Mobile Devices but will play on most Desktop or tablets unless they’re Android, apologies)

Lily Swan & Joelle Barros are lovers – Lily suggested something a little different and kinky one evening as they lay on the bed together in their sexy lingerie… Lily had been hiding a secret and wanted to try something a little more kinky and explore her submissive side with her girlfriend. All that “50 Shades” hype had made Lily curious and she had secretly bought a stash of spanking implements and wanted Joelle to try them out on her. Lily was excited when Joelle finally agreed to requests that she said she’d like to try and orgasm when her girlfriend used these on her, experiencing the delicious pangs of pain with the pleasure of ecstasy. See both combine to give Lily a very real shuddering orgasm as she fingers herself off whilst Joelle marks her bottom a glorious shade of crimson at the same time! This is hot stuff!

Lily presents Joelle with the spanking toys so003 OTK spanking OTK bare bottom leather paddling so007 so008 so009 paddling and spanking hair pulling and spanking so012 turned on and spanked by Joelle so014 so015 so016 spread and spanked strapping bare bottom so019

If you are unable to play the link for the long play clip, there’s a link HERE to a WMV downloadable HD1080 version, it’s a little shorter but you get the idea…

spanking Lily to orgasm


Click below to view the FREE Long Play Clip (Hosted at Spankingtube)

This film is also available as a one time download for those that don’t do membership sites!




I have also been happy to find a new digital radio station that is dedicated to the 80’s only – so many fantastic hits from that era… as I was typing this, the Human League track, “Love Action” came on, and it gave me so many great memories from the early 80’s when I was a tearaway teenager. It made me smile and I found the video clip on Youtube (below) – Play it, don’t play it… it’s a corny video (bit of a rip off from the classic film, The Graduate… but the tune is great!)



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