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What’s Spanking at SG Network?

It has been some time since I have been able to update the blog as I had been away travelling, as those on Twitter will know. I had phone access so I was able to answer support issues but for uploading data, even images, it proved difficult on WiFi at times – so that is why I hadn’t been around on here. I guessed this might happen so Sarah & I had uploaded content for the websites in advance so update schedules were largely unaffected. Anyway, to catch up, I thought it only fair to show you what was out last week across our sites and, oh boy, was there some amazing content we had in store for members! Read on and you’ll see why we loved ensuring the sites got out this awesome spanking content!

I will feature the 2 sites of the Sarah Gregory Pass firstly… and the 1st update is taken from Momma Spankings with a fantastic double bill of Miss Elizabeth & the unfortunate Raven Mackenzie on the receiving end of a nasty bathbrush spanking & mouth soaping!

Smacked Bottom, Soaped Mouth

Raven has fun taking selfies and chatting on the phone just as mom tries to ask her to get off the phone to help with the household chores. Raven ignores her mother… and apologizes to her friend saying her mom is just being “irritating”. Now, mom has really had it. She takes the phone from her daughter which only infuriates Raven more, making her swear at mother. It is time Raven learned a lesson the hard way. Her attitude has been atrocious, she has been rude, been using foul language and it’s time for her to be punished. Mommy takes rude Raven over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Next, she is made to go and get the strap and positioned over the sofa bent over with her bare bottom fully exposed. Mom straps her very hard until there are tears and apologies. But, that is not enough, not by a long shot! The bath brush is next for this annoying little brat. It is back over mom’s lap for a hard dose of the wooden bath brush. As tears flow and legs kick, mom knows she is finally getting the message through. With just one final punishment, mom knows just how to deal with that foul mouth of Raven’s… a nasty mouth soaping. Raven receives a very sudsy soaping which leaves her with a tear-stained face, and soap filled mouth… sobbing and promising to be a good girl from now on and respect her mother at home.


Delta’s Sinful Punishment

Delta has been sent to a strict, religious institution to cleanse her of her sexual sins. Her first meeting is with Sister Bernadette. Delta is to be taught a lesson about respect and given a good hard punishment from the Sister for her sexual promiscuity and deviant behavior. Delta is scolded and humiliated then told to strip and she is taken through different phases of the Sister’s mean, cruel discipline. She is strapped, caned, spanked and cropped on her most sensitive parts, legs parted being treated like the dirty slut she had been. Sister Bernadette takes no mercy on Delta and enjoys the Lord’s work… in fact, she loves to see this poor girl scared and hurting. Sister believes that is the only way Delta will really learn. The punishment ends with a long, protracted and harrowing mouth soaping to cleanse this dirty girl of all the horrible sexual acts she has done with her mouth. By the time this harsh punishment is over, Delta is one very sorry looking girl who promises to be a better self respecting person in the future.


Rude Rachel’s Tearful Punishment


Rachel Adams makes a most welcome return, but we somehow think that she bets she didn’t… as this latest film shows. It’s a real screaming, spanking snot-fest as she rudely answers back and insults the hotel manager when she is confronted by him for her appalling behavior. The complaints about the noise from her room mean hotel manager, Paul Rogers, has to deal with the situation which has upset all the other guests. She tests his patience until he offers her an ultimatum, get out or take a spanking! She thinks the spanking will be easy and decides to take that option… how wrong she is. The hand spanking over her tight jeans progresses to a bare bottom smacking as her jeans and panties are pulled down, shaming her when she continues to sass the manager. Her behavior deteriorates and he uses a hairbrush found on the side table. By now, Rachel is really starting to feel this punishment, as the painful spanking brings free-flowing tears and a stream of unrelenting nasal mucous, in between the crying and screaming that no doubt the other hotel guests would have been able to hear! Rachel will be one very contrite and sorry young lady, respecting the other guests’ peace and quiet that evening as she will no doubt hide out in shame and embarrassment.

panties down spanking tearful spanking sobbing tears spanking


aaa spanking

Melanie learns her lesson

Melanie has snuck away from cheer practice to play on her phone and take selfies. When her Coach, Soria, eventually finds the missing madam, she is far from pleased as Melanie has not learned the latest routines at all. On top of that, her appearance is sloppy, her attitude to remaining in the cheer squad is shoddy… something needs to be done! Soria takes the sullen one over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking. The spankings and scoldings continue until Coach believes Melanie has learned her lesson. However, Soria is far from impressed with Melanie and takes her over her knee for a further humiliating, hard hand spanking with a leg lock… she then places her over the bench, bottom fully stuck out, for yet more stern discipline. As her bottom reddens shamefully, only then does Melanie appear to learn her lesson before she is allowed back to train and practice with the squad.

otk spanking


cheerleader spankings

Cheer Camp Year One – 100th Film Special!

Well, members of Cheerleader Spankings can now start downloading this fantastic special film that Sarah & I released for the weekend. Now before I provide you with some amazing preview images, behind the scenes gossip and the link to the long play clip (this full movie is nearly 45 minutes in length), I would like to address something which really pisses us both off… and of course, many other producers plagued by this continuing shit. Piracy!

I’m not gonna bleat about it affecting sales or closing the site down… (that’s silly) but I do want to explain something to those content thieves, those fuckers who profit from us and how it does risk sites like ours not bothering to produce or create stuff like this in future. This was NOT a custom video, Sarah & I paid a lot of money between us to film it, get it together, spend LOTS of time on editing, updating and such (as well as all the pre communications of getting 9 girls and 2 tops to commit to a timeslot at a particular place).

We felt we wanted to give something back to our members, those who support the site and this is the 100th special film. It’s probably THE most colorful spanking film ever seen, I love the cheer uniforms, and it was filmed perfectly… capturing great angles and had a great storyline to bring all this together. So when some c*nt deliberately shares the first clip hours after release – on a (thankfully) shitty file sharing company like “fuck.all” (that’s not the real name, lol) which they choose as it is more profitable to them. “Fuck-all” happens to be run by shady people out of the ex Soviet bloc (surprise!) – I “almost” feel sorry for those that use their credit card to actually pay for “premium” access when a similar amount gets a legit membership. The problem is, using resellers and such via this shitty company will almost entirely guarantee identity theft as well as helping them to help people continuing to steal from us and other hard working producers.

cheerleader spankingsSay “hello” to the cast of Cheer Camp -Year One

To Sarah and myself, this is actually OUR livelihood. However, I know those who frequent piracy forums and such read this blog… to get info or some such twisted pleasure (fascinating!) Well, imagine if you had people trying to undermime you constantly… have some fucking empathy for once!

Without support, this site has been expensive for us to operate but we do it because we love this genre and just as it starts to do well and making us believe we are doing something right… we are then getting so many dodgy sign ups that it is driving both myself and Sarah mad with anger and disappointment. I bet you didn’t even know that these fucking thieves don’t even use their own cards, FFS! Fuck knows where they get this shit… most probably on the “Dark Web” somehere (fuck that, right?)

So the joy we felt when we released this fab film is tempered by the fact we have to deal with an increase in piracy attempts. Should we be flattered? Well, both Sarah and I would prefer people try to support what it is they love, it’s hardly a rip off. For example, we now have 100 full HD films at Cheerleader Spankings and all for around 25 Dollars or so. Honestly… is that so much to ask that you can support the site, download to your heart’s content and also download zipped image files for added convenience as well as in browser streaming (our images are pretty darned good too). I don’t think so.

Anyway, rant over, yeah, this has upset us both and she knows that I was going to write this… but let’s get on with why this film and a lot of our recent content has made it such a tempting target (I guess!)


The film is split into 2 distinct parts: The OTK hand spanking (carried out by coach, Miss Elizabeth) – followed by the wooden paddling (which I will cover next week in far more detail) by coach Mr Masterson. Below in the order of being spanked, is the naughty cheerleading cast – I have linked all players in this film to their various Twitter Accounts – a handy starting place in case you want to see what they are up to! I am sure you will all recognize them!










This is our 100th film and to celebrate we have a very special presentation. A unique multiple cheergirl full length punishment film with 2 respected coaches, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Masterson who have their work cut out disciplining an all star cast of the very best spanking talent. We also think this is the most colorful spanking film ever produced with all those different authentic cheer uniforms. The girls are all lined up in their uniforms on induction day, having all been sent to Cheer Camp, for a week long corrective training review. Naturally, this means discipline, something all the girls are used to as they are the worst behaved from the various squads. Miss Elizabeth is first to spank the girls in a position they know all too well… over coach’s lap. She hand spanks them hard and firm, across their panties and withthem pulled down… scolding them and reminding each girl in turn how embarrassing it must be to have their bare bottoms spanked in front of the others.

They are lined up one by one with their bottoms bared until it is Mr Masterson’s turn to introduce them to the Bad Cheerleader paddle. This is a no nonsense very painful six swats introduction. It’s a reminder of what is to come if any girl misbehaves. The sobbing, tears and sore red bottoms confirms that Cheer Camp will not be a pleasant stay for these young ladies!

I’m only covering the spankings this week so also check out more screen video images of each girl’s ordeal… knowing that anticipation of the punishment is often as bad as the actual spanking.

So there you have the first part of this epic covdered. There is a FREE clip to play below and I will follow this up with the wooden paddlings, some of which you can see a sneak preview of in this clip below!

[jwplayer mediaid=”54104″]


“Yay! Give it up for awesome cheerleaders around the world!”

Just so you know, we have also filmed another BIG cheerleader epic and there are some other special films we’ve made that is starting to get this site noticed for some great spankings and some of the best caning content around! Check it out and if you like what you see (there are LOTS of awesome free previews) then please do help support Sarah Gregory & myself invest in more content and costumes. We are thinking of selling some of the costumes used by the girls as  to be honest, we have so many costumes now that they are taking up an awful lot of room. As ever, please do give us feedback or any helpful tips about how we should promote the sale of costumes (if you are interested!) & of course, we DO custom videos too… just check out the custom page HERE – we really do cheerleader and 1950’s/vintage style discipline films like no one else!

Prove Yourself – New at Cheerleader Spankings

Just a brief interlude before the next round of voting and results are announced for the #SpankingAwards – please do go check out the next category that will have results announced sometime Wednesday, so make sure you vote for the face” – who really does have the best expression in a spanking? A few images can’t do these girls justice but take your time to Google them with a spanking tag and check out the images section, you’re sure to find a few more! 🙂

However, before I go to sleep and hop on a plane later today… please do check out this aweome spanking film with a return for a very bratty, provocatrice… Miss Ashley Graham. She foolishly flirts and attempts to half heartedly seduce her coach, Johnny Lake, who is shocked, angry and knows EXACTLY how to deal with her poor attitude, behavior and disrespect. When he asks if she really wants to get on in the team and progress to actually “Prove herself” – this is where we get the title of the film!

Ashley is a hoot in this, flirting, slurring her words and being a pain in the ass – what a drunken bum this bad cheerleader is! Talking of a “pain in the ass” that is precisely what she got from coach Johnny’s hard measured hand!

cheerleader gets a spanking


Starring Ashley Graham & Johnny Lake – out now at CheerleaderSpankings.com

“How did it end up like this?” Ashley thought… She only had herself to blame!

During a long trip away with the football team, one of the senior cheerleaders, Ashley Graham, thought she could get on coach Johnny Lake’s good side by trying to seduce him. She had heard there was an opening for one of the top positions in the squad. However, Ashley had been drinking and made a foolish clumsy attempt at trying to “persuade” her coach who was shocked by her advances. “In order to be the leader of the squad”, he told her, “you have to prove yourself!” Ashley was not impressed and swore at him. Coach Lake had enough of this awful behavior and quickly took her over his lap. She struggled and complained but she had brought this on herself and he relentlessly spanked her bare bottom after pulling down her white panties. He scolded her, reminding her about how her disrespect for him and her fellow cheer girls would not be tolerated. Ashley was one very sore, sorry and contrite cheerleader after he had finished with her!

Ashley Graham getting a hard hand spanking  Ashley Graham spanking  spanking cheerleaders spanked by the coach


Ashley is one of the latest, naughty recruits to Cheerleader Spankings – one of the best uniform niche websites for spanking out there! Check it out for yourself!


cheerleader spankings

Red Handed Red Bottomed!

cheerThe latest new spanking update released at CheerleaderSpankings.com is a great OTK and heavy leather strapping of a thief in the cheer squad. Check out what happens to Adriana Evans when she foolishly thought she could steal from her own coach (Johnny Lake) whilst the team were on a roadtrip. You just know Coach Johnny will have something special in store for this naughty young lady! Check out the images, screen grabs and GIFs of this latest film out now for members. This video features hard hand spankings, lots of humiliation and a fab heavy reformatory leather strapping at the end.


Red Handed Red Bottomed – starring Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake

cheerleader Adriana Evans

cheerWhilst the team were staying away at a hotel during Championships, cheer coach Johnny Lake had his phone stolen. He used a tracing app using another back up phone and quickly located it in Adriana’s room. Adriana was caught red handed and had no excuses, this was her final strike and coach was beyond disappointed with her. She would take whatever punishment he gave her or kick her off the squad, and her scholarship would be in jeopardy! Adriana complained and didn’t want to take a spanking but that was what she got.

He spanked her over her panties but they didn’t stay up for long as he wanted to make sure she’d remember this discipline session and feel humiliated for daring to steal his property. Adriana still didn’t appear to be that contrite so his heavy leather strap soon ended up striking her reddening bottom. The tears welled up in her eyes as the stinging leather struck her sore cheeks. Finally Adriana was learning her lesson and was reminded this was her final chance! See “Spankee of the Year 2015” show us why she earned that honor with a hard spanking and heavy strapping punishment.

CLS-81-002 CLS-81-004 spanking over her panties red_handed_red_bottomed_023 red_handed_red_bottomed_026 pulling down her panties CLS-81-012 CLS-81-017 adriana evans spanked otk red_handed_red_bottomed_025 red_handed_red_bottomed_036 red_handed_red_bottomed_043 spanking bare bottom spanking cls620 CLS-81-021 red_handed_red_bottomed_054 red_handed_red_bottomed_055 rh3 red_handed_red_bottomed_072 red_handed_red_bottomed_074 red_handed_red_bottomed_079 red_handed_red_bottomed_086 red_handed_red_bottomed_087 strapping the cheerleader red_handed_red_bottomed_104 red_handed_red_bottomed_106 CLS-81-026 red_handed_red_bottomed_107 red_handed_red_bottomed_111 red_handed_red_bottomed_112



cheerWelcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking.

We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!


Mommy Daughter Spanking Update at AAA

moms knowHello everyone, this next spanking film and many more that you will see after this date marks more of a change as well as the regular things you see at AAAspanking.com – However, nothing is changing too much. In fact, even I am in full agreement how the new direction of the site is going (2 heads are better than one). Sarah Gregory’s influence takes hold in this film as you’ll guess from her love of ageplay and mother/daughter style discipline scenarios. Who better to do this than big stars in their own right… Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alex Reynolds. I have to say this film turned out really well. I sometimes shy away from the daddy/mommy/daughter dynamic, but I do get why so many want to watch these type of video roleplays and of course they need to be done well. There’s also something new next week and a few new style spanking films to come which I am sure most if not all of you reading this will enjoy viewing at some point!

However, to today’s blog post and news update – it’s called “All Privileges Revoked” and I have made some special GIFs and I have lots of images for you to check out and of course a link to the update/HD film where you can see a preview clip.

Revoking all privileges at AAAspanking
Alex has good reason to look worried, She is told in no uncertain terms what will happen!

alex_privileges002 alex_privileges003 OTK spanking punishment alex_privileges004 panties come down for her spanking OTK spanking spanked alex_privileges009 alex_privileges007

Daddy’s little girl, Alex Reynolds, had an arrangement at home that if she followed the House Rules and did well at school then she could wear any of her cute clothes and accessories. Her Mother (played by Chelsea Pffeiffer) thought this wasn’t a good idea at the time as it wasn’t her idea. Soon enough, Alex got lazy and thought she had a right to do as she wanted and the final straw was the below expected mid term reports. Mommy was very disappointed with Alex and made her take off all of the privileged items of clothing she had on whilst giving her a humiliating punishment she wouldn’t forget. Alex’s bottom was bared and given a thorough spanking before enduring some of the discipline implements that she hated the most. These were the hard wooden paddle, hairbrush and a leather strap that stung and brought her to tears. Alex didn’t feel very special or cute without her favorite clothing and now she would have to earn that right, in time, to wear her choices again.

hairbrush spanking

alex_privileges010 alex_privileges011 Chelsea spanks Alex alex_privileges013 Chelsea Pfeiffer uses the hairbrush leather paddling for Alex alex_privileges015 alex_privileges016 ass whacked with leather leather strapping tears for Alex Reynolds Alex strapped hard on the couch


Alex’s tearful eyes & red bottom tells her mother that she has learnt today’s lesson!


This film is also available as a one time download from the CLIPS STORE

alex spanking revoked


douche knight 1Next week cometh “The Douche Knight” – a character who we never see on camera. I’m not even sure the camera guys saw him. he just turned up, did his job… and left. Luckily this guy wasn’t wearing a cape, but he from what I’ve seen, he thinks he’s a stand up guy and doing a good job spanking the girls… but will he ever earn their respect? Does he even care? Do WE care? Hell! That wouldn’t be very ethical, would it? It would appear that all he wanted to do was spank them and make up any lame excuse to then spank them some more… Oh boy, what a douche-bag! That is the joy of our friendly “Douche Knight” – I think he also had a bit of a brooding Dark Caped crusader voice thing going on – oy! Like I said, what a douche! Watch out ladies, you better behave, your bottoms aren’t safe in this new *“reasonably consensual” series.

*Disclaimer: I was kidding, of course!

Jadie spanked by the Douche Knight

OTK Spanking for Naughty Katie

keep-calm-and-spank-onI am sorry that I haven’t been around on this spanking blog sooner, you will find out why very soon as both Sarah and I have been traveling a lot (we’re in Northern California at the moment!) and I am helping her with stuff behind the scenes that you will see soon enough! It is rather exciting news and I might be able to let you know what it is by tomorrow! Eek!

Anyway, right now, there was a new film update at AAAspanking.com this week and becasue I had to do this update with Sarah on the move (she was too busy so I helped get it up) – I had the film update in whole along with a decent amounty of screen grabs and stills images. This HD update is now available and features the last ever time with girl next door type, Katie Brown. This was shot about 3 years ago… hard to believe how time flies – so I am glad that the images and film are now made available (finally). Check out what happens when a young girl like Katie defies her uncle’s house rules when she stays at his place. Watching TV in his Living Room while he was out instead of trying to get some sleep earns her a spanking over his lap with a stern lecture on her poor behavior!


OTK Bedtime Spanking – starring Katie Brown


A screen grab from the movie as she is scolded before her embarrassing pants down spanking!

spanking over her PJs

Katie never listened to grown up advice or what rules her Uncle Dave had carefully set out for her when she stayed at his house. She only was in his care when she had to attend week long courses at a Girls Finishing school near his place and her parents trusted him to look after her and discipline Katie as necessary. So when Dave returned home late to find her still up watching TV (instead of being in her room trying to get some sleep) he took her over his lap right there and then. She was in her PJs but her pants were pulled down for an old fashioned and humiliating spanking on her bare bottom! This is a great uncle/niece spanking scenario for those that like home discipline videos.

bedtime003 bedtime004 wedgie spanking bedtime006 bedtime007 spanked in her pajamas bedtime009 spanking bedtime010 bedtime011 bedtime013 bedtime014 bedtime015 bedtime018 bedtime016 bedtime019 bedtime020

OTK Spanking



This video is also available in full to download from both Clip Stores in MP4 format (below)

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore


& don’t forget that the BIGGEST National Spanking Party is coming soon to Houston TX!



Vanessa Vixon’s Deserved Spanking

This is an exclusive early preview of the spanking punishment of new bratty model, Vanessa Vixon, the latest young lady to fall foul of the gentlemen running the aptly named site – BunBeatingFun.com

Bun Beating Fun

However, this is part of a long running story arc and brings me back to 2 other ladies (one a model and the other an agent responsible for bringing such poorly behaved girls like these to the shoots). It all started way back with a model (who it would appear I never showcased) called Charlette Webb… this heavily inked model had a very pretty face and a very… VERY spankable bottom! I don’t know how I missed her, but I did, and thsi was from earlier this year, so I – ahem – needed to research this in the privacy of my darkened study before continuing to write up the the early preview!
Verdict? Wow… Charlette isn’t usually my type but I really enjoyed watching her get her bottom well and truly spanked!

Charlette Webb

It wasn’t long after Charlette came prancing through their film set doorway that their man at Red Hot Video productions was seized with an overwhelming urge to inflict no small measure of percussive mayhem upon her bouncing bare butt cheeks… and that he did do… with unbridled glee. It was the wise man indeed who knew to trust his instincts! Some more images of Charlette’s “time” with the gentlemen from RHV are below:

beautiful bubble butt pert ass spanking charlette gets spanked OTK spanking pert bum spanking spanked over his lap Charlette Webb given a spanking c11

The lady in the middle of all this is the agent… Nikki Brooks. In a previous update which you read up about HERE in more glorious detail, she turned up, angry and upset that Charlette had been treated this way and to cut a long story short – she got the same treatment when her foul language and poor overall attitude fired up Rick and Greg to deal with her in the same manner too! A couple of reminder images are below… I remember her very well – a very pert spankable bottom indeed! (and very contrite at the end)

spanking Nikki Brooks spanked spanked naked over his lap spanking impact

Modeling Agent, Nikki Brooks, experiences what some of her brattiest, most sassy models went through and came out a better behaved and more reasonable young woman… so much so that we are here today with this advance preview of this film introducing Vanessa Vixon (which I have seen in full already… thanks Greg!) & you are getting to see images exclusively here before anyone else!

This film starts with some aftercare of Nikki. Rick is soothing her burning ass with Arnicare lotion when she informs him one of her other difficult models could probably do with this treatment… so she agrees to send Vanessa to them a few weeks later on a pretext that it’s a “lingerie shoot” when she knows this feisty diva will go crazy and give the guys just the excuse they need!

sore bottom and arnicare soothing lotion into a red butt v03

Nikki (above) discusses putting her model, Vanessa (below) in contact with the guys!

Vanessa Vixon

… aaaaand here she is, Vanessa Vixon (who turned up late) for her “Lingerie” shoot

Vanessa in lingerie ear pull spanking

You know how this goes, right? She is infuriating the guys in no time at all and before she knows it gets the dreaded “ear pull” and is placed over Rick’s lap for the start of her long painful spanking ordeal!

bunbeatingfun v07 embarrassing spanking OTK spanked Vanessa Vixon gets spanked v13 face down ass up spanking

spanking vanessa

You should have heard how Vanessa here hollered and carried on once their man got her upturned bottom a-bouncing and a-jggling… and under his hard swung spanking hand. Hot diggity damn! It’s a wonder the windows didn’t shatter!

spanked and manhandled spankings spanking aftermath tits and punishment jiggling sore booty


OTK spanking

There are more films just like this where real uppity brats, lewd, rude models and real divas get the full Bun Beating Fun treatment over the laps of these film producers. Their films have a timeless retro feel about them, when there was no political correctness and badly behaved girls were quickly and mercilessly dealt with in the time honored tradition of a short sharp shock spankingputting the world to rights one smack at a time 🙂

Bun Beating Fun

Spanking Crystal Clark’s Buns

Hello everyone… here is a quick spanking image update to brighten up your holiday Sunday featuring a new girl by the name of Crystal Clark coming out any day now from those no nonsense bimbo spankers extraordinaire at Bunbeatingfun.com – I was given a quick sneak preview of this butt jiggling spanking and this tearful girl gets what’s coming to her in their finest tradition of hard no nonsense OTK hand spankings mixed in with some added humiliation, snivelling and timely ass grabbing… Crystal was made for this part… and this perky girl with a very spankable butt is very addictive and must see viewing!

Crystal Clark – the new model spanked at Bunbeatingfun.com

Crystal Clark is a very rude girl

This is what the good folk at Bunbeatingfun had to say about their latest model: She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was, as in very, very naughty. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer’s dog! But that’s okay… problems are opportunities. And this was one opportunity that was far, far too sweet up pass up!

c01 c02 c03 tight bubble butt naughty girl ear pulled c06 c07 hard hand spanking c09 c10 bare bottom spanking c12 OTK spanking c14 c15 c16 c17 tearful spankings c19 spanking painful spanking wooden paddle spanking c23 c24 c25 c26 c27


sore bare butt

These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the “F” word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

You are invited to peruse these samples of their work HERE knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun

Tuesday’s Spanking Classics

Here are some reminders of those who are no longer active in The Scene but are still available to check out in copious detail at the following sites mentioned. Gone but never forgotten, I guess. I’ll start with the beautiful and unforgettable Amber “Pixie” Wells – who was most synonymous with Punishedbrats.com

Check out this classic called “Insurance payment” taken from the PB Archives

Amber Pixie Wells paddled over Miss Susan's knee

Pixie was supposed to put Susan’s car insurance payment in the mail for her, but it slipped her mind. When Susan gets a ticket for no insurance, Pixie’s bottom has to pay more than the premium’s price. Pixie suddenly sees the importance of getting the bills in the mail on time and is begging Susan to be allowed to run to the post office. This features a good hard leather paddling across Pixie’s bare enticing bottom, typical of many of her classic videos you can download in full from this website!

OTK Paddling spanked OTK OTK spanking Amber Pixie Wells painful spanking leather paddling of a bare sore bottom spanking Amber Pixie Wells spanked Pixie is spanked OTK struggling with a bare bottom paddling


Punished Brats - spanking archives


I don’t see a lot of new stuff with Lila anymore, but she featured strongly for a long time across the RSN sites and this scene below from around 3 years ago was typical of her many embarrassing and painful punishments she endured, often stoically but with an addictive yelp she’s often make too!. I loved watching her take her spankings! Let’s hope she hasn’t left the scene altogether!

Lila’s Surprise Uniform Inspection at RSI


Mr Masterson springs a surprise uniform inspection on Frankie and Lila. Both girls seem to have everything in order, until he gets to their panties. Frankie has her correct one on, but Lila does not. Lila is told to remove her clothing and get on all fours on the study table. The Dean hand spanks her in front of Frankie and then tells her she will finish the day without her clothing!

Lila removes her clothing spanked and exposed opened up and spanked schoolgirl spanking Lila is spanked tight teen butt spanked hard naked and spanked by teacher sore bottom spanking aftermath



RSI is also part of the 8 site Realspankings Pass Network

Real Spankings Pass


& something from a few years back as the uber gorgeous Ela Darling quite literally gets a “good spanking” from Chelsea Pfeiffer at her goodspanking.com website – This is HAAAAAWT!

OTK spanking by Chelsea on Ela

This is what Chelsea had to say about her time spanking Ela: Ela is another gorgeous, nice, genuine and super-smart young woman. Seriously, with Ela, I have a real girl-crush! She is leggy, has a shapely body and perfect bottom which are just icing on the cake. Ela also begins with a nice hand spanking warm up, where we work the lovely layers of her pretty dress and panties. Then, sassy Ela takes off all her clothes (except her cowboy boots!) and takes more hand spanking ( a little harder this time). The hairbrush, a flogger and a strap all help to makes Ela’s bottom beautifully red, glowing to perfection and oh so hot!

Ela gets spanked hand spankings beautiful Ela spanking Ela Darling Ela Darling has a cute round bare bottom Ela darling strips off cute ela darling ass up face down Ela hairbrush spanking hairbrush spanks cowboy boots and spankings for Ela Ela spreads her spanked cheeks wide Ela Darling Ela is strapped by Chelsea


Ela hugs Chelsea after her spanking

goodspanking goodspanking.com website - enter here


In other news… Watch out for a NEW HD video of stunning Lola Marie tomorrow with a full stills set and screen grabs (as standard) in the next update “Personal Trainer’s Punishment” coming from AAAspanking.com

Lola Marie - punished personal trainer

Spanking Awards announcementAs well as this… there will be the next result of the Best Facial Expression in a spanking – so if you haven’t already… make your votes count  and go to the link as I can tell you it is really tight at the top with at least half the girls in with taking the honors! Exciting stuff! (I’m making it sound like X Factor, lol!)

Wonder Booty Spanking

Christina CarterThere is a hot new spanking film available to download at AAAspanking.com and it’s a special OTK spanking feature with popular and renowned fetish/cosplay and glamour model/producer, Christina Carter. She is a very busy lady and of course you may have seen her in her trademark cosplay superheroine parody costume of Wonder Woman. I met Christina again tearlier this year at Fetishcon and we found some time to film a few things with her when our schedules were clear… I’m so glad we did, she is a blast to work with, naturally… and we had a lot of fun making some films. You may remember that Sarah did a great F/F video with Christina… you can see a FREE gallery of that sexy spanking fun film HERE

Anyhoo… Christina also happened to be good friends with our roomie, Johnny Lake so we naturally asked them if they’d film an equally sexy M/F film… and this sure was… you’ll see Christina genuinely get off to her spanking and ask, no BEG Johnny to spank her some more! Christina is known as a Fetish and Bondage model but she still loves to be spanked by the right people!

Just so you are aware of who Christina is… her website is ChristinaBound.com – I do suggest you go check it out and see they types of naughtiness she gets up to, it’s a popular site and she is one of the best at very naughty, rude parody cosplay scenes! Before I show you some images from the film and a link to a cool free clip… I found these images below of myself, Sarah & Johnny on what looked to me like one of our warm up sessions before getting delightfully drunk (by the looks of it). Ah…. Fetcon, that was a fun few days! 🙂

DSC_5077 DSC_5079

As we were in a hotel, we easily made the plot believable as you’ll see below… and Christina was naked too… win/win all round! 🙂

Wonder Booty Spanking – starring Christina Carter & Johnny Lake

wonderbooty001 wonderbooty002 wonderbooty003 wonderbooty004 wonderbooty005 wonderbooty006 wonderbooty007

otk spanking wonderbooty009 wonderbooty010 wonderbooty011 spanked for being late Wonder woman spanking wonderbooty014 wonderbooty015 sore red ass



Or if you prefer to watch this as a one time download/keep option then this will become available later today at the AAA Clips Stores (below)

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

& that’s not all… earlier this week at the POV Clips Store there was another awesome teasing & scolding film with some great interaction with YOU (this is your perspective as the sub) as the desperate guy who turns up for his session. You really need a good hard spanking over her lap…. you’ll do anything and even show a little disrespect by trying to grab at Christina before she puts you in your place! “Naughty Boy!” Check out some screen grabs and a link of where you can find this!

POV – Are you a naughty Boy? Starring Christina Carter


Christina Carter is the stunning fetish model who you meet for a special session. However, you didn’t request her to be in her trademark “Wonder Woman” costume… you are a naughty little boy that wanted to see what she was like underneath all that clothing. My my… you are naughty, aren’t you? She scolds and teases you at first, you asked for her to use and abuse you… you want to be punished by this strong woman…. but she won’t make it easy for you, oh no… she is going to tell you exactly what will happen before you deserve to go over her naked lap! You only make things worse for yourself by trying to paw at Christina carter’s ample breasts… such a disrespectful young man…. aren’t you? This film doesn’t contain any actual POV spanking or scenes of spanking, but it does contain some fantastic scenes of scolding, humiliation and femdom POV material from your submissive point of view… and of course, it stars the fantastic Christina Carter in this one time exclusive film here at POV Spanking

ccarterpov002 ccarterpov003 ccarterpov004 Christina Carter hairbrush spanking ccarterpov006 ccarterpov007 Christina Carter POV Spanking ccarterpov009 ccarterpov010 ccarterpov011 ccarterpov012


Check out a FREE Preview clip of this video (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”44796″]


Have a good one… oh, & don’t forget to put in your nominations for the #SpankingAwards

A Hot Bonus Spanking!

There was an additional short film added to AAAspanking.com earlier today for members which featured beautiful, well endowed, Sophie Parker in a really cute pair of pajamas getting an OTK spanking over in a nice close up and personal view for us. The camera angle got in very close to her spanking and also captured her facial reactions as she talked directly to the camera at times, pleading for her bedtime punishment not to continue. This film was originally a project of POVspanking.com but it actually wasn’t strictly a POV style film in the truest sense as the camera roamed around. However, instead, it was shelved and recently remembered, looked at again… and then decided it was far too good to sit languishing on the AAA servers unwatched. Sarah asked me about it and then i remembered that it was actually a pretty darned good spanking film! I know that this will probably appeal to those that hate to hear the spanker yap on, or whatever… we know the story from what information is provided (which you’ll see below) in fact, you don’t even see the spanker, as such… just a non specific male guardian type figure dishing out her spanking in an efficient and stern but silent manner. I am sure AAA members will enjoy this, I certainly did when I saw it again. Sarah liked it too which is why it has gone up. I can tell you that there are more and longer films like this which will be coming from the SG group of sites… but for now, check out the screen grabs and a short clip so you can understand what I am trying to describe to you today!

Sophie Parker’s “Up Close & Personal Spanking” – from AAA Spanking


Here is the description for AAA members: Every few months at AAA Spanking there is always an extra bonus short movie put up. They are often different and this one is definitely so. This was originally part of the POV project but as it was an early attempt this was in no way a true point of view from the spanker’s perspective so it was quickly  removed from that clips store. What you have instead is a great OTK spanking movie of a beautiful pleading girl, Sophie Parker, who we see getting spanked up close and personal before her bedtime. There is no dialogue from the spanker, in fact we don’t even see the spanker. Some would argue that is a good thing! This is a short hand spanking and hairbrush punishment clip with lots of close up angles of Sophie reacting, talking to the camera and us getting a great view of her fantastic bared, spanked bottom.

sophie_closeup008 panties down for her spanking otk spanking tearful spanking sophie_closeup034 sophie_closeup037 time for your spanking sophie_closeup041 sophie_closeup044 close up spanking sophie_closeup052 sophie_closeup057 hairbrush spanking sophie_closeup069 sophie_closeup072 holding her bare spanked bottom

Check out a short free clip of Sophie’s spanking punishment…

[jwplayer mediaid=”44142″]



This video will be available as a ONE TIME DOWNLOAD HERE from Tuesday this week

In case you are wondering, check out the galleries of films that Sophie has already appeared in at AAA Spanking – just click on the images below which will lead to that specific film gallery. I hope you all have a great start to your week 🙂

soph1 soph4 soph2 soph3 soph6 soph8 soph5 soph7

oh, & in case you’re wondering, Sophie co starred with Amber West in a few of these vids!

Spanked Soaped & Strapped

Finally, it is here… the fantastic film from AAAspanking.com – I just got the all clear from Sarah (she’s out West at the moment visiting Dana Specht but managed to get this up) She told me that the film is now in the Members Area and active… as well as the affiliate info which has been done (I did that) for those that wish to promote this wonderful film… as I have been told it has already been selling on Clips4Sale as there is currently the full file download – and I am not surprised!


This film is quality, it has so much to offer… raw emotion, passion, defiance, power plays, struggle and of course a good hard OTK spanking on both tight gym pants and then Adriana’s bare bottom. This is followed by the infamous mouth soaping scene which I just know will put C4S customers (interested in mouth soapings) into soapy suds Heaven… and then there’s a mean nasty 50 licks with the leather strap to finish her off. Miss Chris was the hard put upon school coach who had to teach uber brat Adriana Evans some manners and to watch that swearing tongue of hers! I have some excellent preview pics direct from the long play film (approx 30 minutes long as I recall) including a free play clip for y’all! I also have some behind the scenes gossip on this as it contains a Blooper scene at the end… but it actually shows the emotion of Adriana as she was psyching herself up for what she knew was going to be a nasty mouthsoaping and we had to call “Cut” – poor Adriana… if looks could kill… she did that a lot in this film and I am not surprised!


Miss Chris and Adriana make an awesome pairing, I hope you like this… it is easily one of my favorite films ever to be filmed for AAA in almost 5 years… I hope that is praise indeed… and I can tell you that there are some equally stunning films coming very soon. Between you and me, I think AAA Spanking is producing some quality films (I know I sound biased), and that is in part to the way both Sarah and I have worked together. She is rightly proud of her stuff at her main sites and that has rubbed off at AAA too! Anyway… I’m waffling, enjoy! Here are the images…

Spanked Soaped & Strappedstarring Adriana Evans & Miss Chris

sms002 sms003 sms004 yoga pants spanking otk spanking pulling down the gym pants

This is one of our most dramatic punishment films ever made. Lots of raw emotion, power struggles, defiance, severe punishments and their consequences. This could have been a straight forward punishment for Adriana Evans, but her big mouth got her into trouble with Miss Chris in no time at all. Representing the school away from home was a big responsibility so when Adriana had been caught in the hotel gym doing provocative exercises in front of others she was sent to Miss Chris to be dealt with. In no time Adriana was spanked over her tight gym pants but rather than leave the matter there she continued to fight back and her pants were pulled down so the spanking continued on her bare bottom. Then she swore, she continued swearing which infuriated Miss Chris so much that she marched her to the bathroom for one of the most intense mouthsoapings ever caught on film. You will be blown away by the anger, the emotion, the defiant struggle as that soap washed away Adriana’s filthy tongue time and time again! Eventually Adriana realized she wasn’t going to win and the final part of her punishment saw her take 50 strokes of the leather strap. Miss Chris is renowned as one of the hardest players out there, this was no exception. This is a must view film for those who love to see real brats get an almighty and humiliating punishment session they deserve, this is sure to become a classic!

sms009 about to get a mouthsoaping sms011 sms012 mouthsoaping mouth soaped nasty mouthsoaping sms016 sms017 bare bottom strapping

Behind the scenes info: Adriana & Miss Chris filmed for all the SG Group sites… this was filmed in Vegas at the last Shadowlane Spanking Party, a great place to meet up. I wasn’t sure if Adriana was coming, but after this performance, I am most certainly glad she did. She also performed in another favorite film of mine at AAA – (with Johnny Lake) as the hapless Brazilian secretary who messed up date order and he missed a client… as Brazil uses the same system as the rest of the world (lol) using Day Month Year unlike in The States… this has consequences which you can see in the FREE GALLERY HERE

Meanwhile… the mouthsoaping scene was intense, you know that already, but Adriana admitted that she got off on the severity and the way she was treated… to be fair her look she constantly gave Miss Chris was brave and foolhardy, and her poor behavior in the film earned her every stroke, every swat and every nasty tasting soap sud! Adriana also has a butt of steel, of course the punishments hurt, every girl will tell you that – but her healing powers are remarkable!

sms019 sms020 sms021 sms022 sms024

Check out the Freeplay clip below… this gives you an idea of what happened!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43501″]
Hmmm, the sound didn’t sync at the end but rest assured the HD1080 versions are fine!




Or visit the stores below for One Time Download options of the full film.

aaaclipstore aaalibrary600

Oh… and for freetards like Blackie who hotlink my images and bleat about getting pirates to get him a free copy, you’re lower than low… without sales or subscriptions, none of this would be possible for you to jerk off to! Try supporting the sites that make this content and purchasing a copy for yourself.