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The end of an era for My Paddle!


You may recognise this black composite paddle used since the early days of my site, I think the first time I used this paddle was with Sarah Gregory when she filmed with us in June 2011… the moment of truth for this implement came about late last year when I filmed with Danielle Hunt and I told her it would be a harder more severe film shoot (I think the films you have seen of her recently at my site prove this) anyway… little did I know that her buns of steel would see the end of this trusty and much hated stinging paddle! It may not have looked much, but I can assure you the merest of swats from this thing caused intense burning pain on most girl’s behinds… I expect hairbrushes to break… they really aren’t intended for heavy use of tanning naughty girls backsides, after all… but this event was wholly unexpected!

Check out a few promo images below…
I have included the latest movie description and screen images from this film for your perusal!

brokenpaddle005 brokenpaddle010

brokenpaddle013 brokenpaddle015

brokenpaddle016 brokenpaddle032

brokenpaddle038 brokenpaddle040

Danielle Hunt had been confined to her Dorm Room awaiting her latest punishment in the embarrassing “Discipline Dropseats”. A humiliating piece of clothing as any girl at this private school would know that anyone wearing this item was about to be punished… this helped enforce the room confinement and making trips to the bathroom down the long corridor fraught with worry. Cruel? Perhaps… but these rules were in place for a reason, so when Mr Osborne arrived, he discovered that Danielle had also been using a hidden phone which was strictly forbidden! He immediately set about punishing her with her dropseat pants pulled down revealing her full naked bottom… she was spanked, given the hairbrush & then the nasty composite paddle that was a personal favourite of his as he knew this really, really stung like hell! However, her naughty buns of steel broke his cherished paddle: You will see the end of an area at Triple A as one of our much cherished implements met its match with Danielle Hunt!

broken_paddle006 broken_paddle014

broken_paddle027 broken_paddle041

broken_paddle054 broken_paddle057

broken_paddle061 broken_paddle066





Click on any image below & it will lead to a special gallery showing its use on some poor girl’s backside!




There are more but it’s rather late but you get the idea 🙂

By the way… the latest film with Danielle is available as a cheap one off download at the AAA Clips Store as well… just click on the image below for the direct link to that clip!

click here to see this clip of Danielle Hunt's paddling film

Aline Ambrose at Bun Beating Fun

Greg just contacted me to let me know his latest HAWT girl was now available for members and I gotta say I was real impressed with this girl! Aline Ambrose is, in Greg’s words… “extremely hot in the classical sense of the word and what’s more, she’s clear off the scales in terms of slutty sex appeal.” High praise indeed!

Check out a picture of her below and you’ll see what I mean – My God! Fortunately she was an extremely badly behaved brat with a fantastic ass that was like a red rag to a bull for the guys at Bun Beating Fun when she came for her modelling assignment and left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and vowing to be better behaved in future! (I hope not, she needs many more spankings and I’d be more than happy to help out!)


So the usual happens, she hates the location… she calls her agent after Greg’s pal (the Mystery Spanker #2) is unimpressed and I know it’s not PC, but I found it funny when she swore at the guys and TMS-2 muttered “bitch” under his breath… you can feel the tension rising and once her ear was pulled – she was doomed! Over his lap she goes and what follows is a blistering spanking that lasts an age, her knickers are pulled down and her bottom grappled with and mauled like a piece of meat which adds to her humiliation and pure shame… she pleads for it to stop – but it doesn’t as she needs to learn her lesson and (close to tears) Aline is given a spanking she wouldn’t forget in a hurry… there’s a twist at the end too… images below should help illustrate this – I love these guys, they how how to deal with real uppity brats!

aline01 aline02

aline04 aline05

aline06 aline07

& so the long painful spanking begins…

aline08 aline10

aline12 aline13

aline14 aline16

aline17 aline19

aline20 aline22

See how red her bum has become in a short space of time… & then the dreaded wooden paddle is used to properly ensure Aline has learnt her lesson… she is given the paddle across his lap and then when she is told to face the wall so he can admire his handiwork… another few stinging blows are administered… phew! This is no pattycake spanking and I know it is not to everyone’s taste, but I certainly enjoy watching these movies and I know many of you do too!

aline21 aline23

aline24 aline25

aline26 aline27

aline28 alinefinal

Go check out the FREE Clip of Aline’s punishment HERE


I hope you enjoyed this film review 🙂

OK, I will hopefully post a little later tomorrow as I have an appointment with my accountant to give me the heads up on the tax I owe, I’m nervous! (lol!) Back soon, hopefully not too impoverished! The amount of tax I pay depends on how many film shoots I can do over the next few months!!! I shall let him know that… heh heh!


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Latest Spankings from the USA

Here’s a blast of images and what I have managed to sneak a look at, some of these sites, are… as usual, giving us humble punters something to really enjoy! I’m starting with David’s excellent site Punishedbrats.com and his latest punishment of the gorgeous Joelle Barros who fortunately NEVER learns her lesson! I love seeing Joelle spanked, it’s safe to say she is my number one spanking crush at the moment 🙂

unattended1-1 unattended1-2

unattended1-5 unattended1-6


unattended1-7 unattended1-8

Young children need constant supervision around a pool so David is furious to find out Joelle has left them unattended. Since she has clearly not learned her lesson about responsibility, David must once again give her a spanking. This time he dangles the errant nanny over his raised knee and gives her a spanking with her tiny bikini bottoms pulled down. See the FULL movie of Joelle’s newest punishment film HERE


It would be hard NOT to mention the fact that Clare Fonda made her last active spanking appearance recently at the very latest movie now available in full from My Spanking Room Mate and it’s a real winner as she says goodbye in style alongside 2 ladies she has often worked with most frequently… drop dead gorgeous and tall, Snow Mercy with the very lovely Kay Richards (she is the one with those addictive perky tits and amazing spankable bum)

r125e03l r125e04l

r125e08l r125e10l

r125e11l r125e14l

r125e15l r125e23l

r125e24l r125e30l

r125e34l r125e35l

In Clare Fonda’s last ever spanking scene, she is moving out of the complex and her long time friends Kay and Snow Mercy give her a New Year’s toast – and they end up toasting each other’s buns rosy red with hand and hairbrush. They all went hard with that “last is the hardest” mentality as you can see from these great full size images taken to compliment the full film which you can see HERE.

If you don’t like this site only… remember it is part of the 5 site CLARE FONDA PASS
(which might be more paletable to you as part of your daily spanking updates!)

Random fact… here’s a naughty image of Kay working for another site…


image is courtesy of my Spankingblogg tumblr image site

There’s lots of random images of bottoms, beautiful girls and spanking pics!


Finally today, from Firmhandspanking.com comes this great F/F spanking movie

cgd_bj002 cgd_bj006

cgd_bj010 cgd_bj011

cgd_bj014 cgd_bj016

cgd_bj017 cgd_bj020

cgd_bj022 cgd_bj024

Jennifer Torrance’s juicy bare bottom is spanked and paddled to jiggling perfection in a College Girl Discipline dare with Tanya Carter. The freshmen are looking for evidence that Mr Anderson has a fetish about spanking, so how about a little spanking roleplay in his office… seriously… this is delightfully HAWT!

Check out the free movie preview HERE


Have a great day and don’t go too far…
I shall try to get you some more naughty spanking updates later this week 🙂

Monday Night Spankings

I’m gonna be brief today (hooray, I hear you all cry out in relief)… It’ll  hopefully be a little different from the usual spankings you’ll see, it’s late here, “Er Indoors” is sleeping but will wake up pissed at me for being here bringing you some updates and stuff I have been watching this past few days without her knowledge… so let’s get on with the naughtiness before i’m rumbled, eh?

Below is Allison – a girl next door type I found very exciting to watch in one of the best OTK spanking films I’ve seen in a long long time! It is taken from RealSpankings.com and Allison goes over the knee of Danny in a no nonsense spanking punishment you’d expect at this network!

Seriously take a look at some images which compliments this movie, this girl definitely “has something” about her and there’s MORE films of her at this site too!



Actually there was a rather good strapping of Allison too as you’ll see at the hands of Danny Crighton (below)



See MORE of this real girl next door’s many punishments HERE



OK, I have a real thing for Carina Thompson… she and her sister owe $1000’s on their daddy’s credit cards and their slow painful payback continues at the hands of Patrick Bateman, the Financial coach brought in to curb these spendthrifts… you can see why Carina here earns a slice off the credit card debt right here with a fantastic nude paddling film following on from sister Beth’s equally stunning first nude spanking film!

More images which compliment this latest movie are below:




Check out a fantastic free preview clip of carina’s paddling punishment HERE


whoops this update didn’t last long, I’ve been busted, it is 12.45am, she’s got out of bed to chastise me… so I better get to bed (whoops!) More updates and news tomorrow (it’s a promise) as I have FAR MORE TIME on my hands… so stay tuned!

Regards, Chief.



Vote for Spankings

Well, over $2Bn later or whatever the news sources say this presidential campaign has cost, it comes down to who is left in America to vote and a very fine line in some states as to whether Obama gets his 2nd term in office or the prospect of Romney achieving his goal. I think you all know how I feel and I would be upset if Obama didn’t get a 2nd term, but it’s just my opinion. I could be wrong, maybe he’s a stand up guy in real life but from what I’ve seen and read, I don’t like Romney, never have… I don’t think he really knows what “ordinary” people are suffering through these last 4-5 years. Like the ignorant bankers who continue to stick their fingers up at us mere mortals struggling to keep a roof over our heads… Perhaps these guys just want to get it over so they can get back to reading some of their favourite spanking blogs? Sorry Mitt and the great (Republican) state of Texas that I seem to have pissed off right now… I can take it on the chin, I guess! Who really cares? All I know is do I care enough? Probably not, it’s not my country, but I did take offence to Romney’s ignorant accusations about the British ability to organise The Olympics before the games started this summer and in fact we pulled it off with style and in these hard pressed economic times, that’s saying something! So swivel on that one, Romney! & of course… if Mitt does happen to win, I’d be happy to be proved wrong and that he’s not such a bad guy after all… but let’s get on with the spanking updates, shall we?

Let’s start with a cracking film COMING SOON to BunBeatingFun that stars a Penthouse Model from the September 2012 issue

Please welcome Miss Sara Liz – another uppity model that is going to get what’s coming to her!

The above image and the homage below is courtesy of Penthouse Online magazine

Sara seems my sort of gal! If you want to see her in this gentlemen’s magazine, I understand… however, if you want her to be spanked like the brat she showed she was, playing up at the film shoot, complaining and bitching before she got the ear pulling over the mystery spanker’s lap (it’s Greg’s other helping hand… who spanks just as hard!) then please do read on in this exclusive 1st show preview anywhere on the internet!

The below images are the 1st anywhere seen online and this film will become available for members any day now.






Yup, Sara Liz even got the paddle and in a particularly humiliating scene she was told to go fetch it, strip off and asked to be spanked with it! Now that’s teaching some manners in a young good looking lady… and I’d also like to say she was one of the jiggliest girls in a quite a while… Greg, the site owner, has a knack of finding these girls with soft bouncy butts and breasts that wobble in all the right places! Bravo! Here is the official blurb on what they say about the very alluring Sara Liz!

From the pages of Playboy and Penthouse magazines this mouth a watering sex kitten did cometh… and with her she did bringeth her high ‘falutin at-titty-tude and her uppity mannerisms. And when finally she did depart, it was with tear moistened cheeks in front and mottled and crimson cheeks behind. ‘Twas a fine, fine day indeed!



…the end of the film has some intimate moments as a rather relieved Sara has her bottom smothered in soothing gel!

Check out a short humiliating and typical scene of  Sara yelping her way through this long relentless punishment

Click here to view the complete movie

Hangovers and other mishaps

Excuse me for having a heavy head, I celebrated along with many of my fellow countrymen last night a thrilling win of our football team over Sweden… in fact, it’s hard to believe, but Sweden has been one of those teams until last night that England had NEVER beaten in a competitive game. Everyone talks about “bogey sides” and Sweden has always been ours… what’s more, we have often taken the lead against them and they have always pulled it back or beaten us, so when we took the lead… then they went 2-1 up quickly after half time, my heart sank… “Here we go again”, I thought… but no, our boys pulled out a maginificent fightback and not only drew level but ended up winning 3-2 to send the Swedes home, unable to qualify from this group! Excuse me whilst I revel in this as I show you some images from that game last night in Kiev.

“Get in! 3-2!” – The winner v Sweden



Images above: The opening goal, English fans go wild, and fun earlier in the day ebtween English and Swedish fans… note the “Swedish gimp” in the final pic… hilarious! There’s even a wet patch wear he has been drinking his beer – respect!


& quickly on withthe updates, unfortunately, with hangover and a tight schedule of me being told to trim back our overgrown hedges before the deluge/monsoon/gale force winds arrive (black clouds are looming as I write this!) I can only bring you one today so I had better nake it good and it stars a real favourite of mine, Belinda Lawson, being punished (rather well, I might add) by Amelia Jane Rutherford who proves she can give as well as take. This is the final part of the “End of Term” series from FirmHandSpanking.com






Rather than me waffle on about the storyline, the intro below shows you just what is about to happen – and why! Amelia is rather good in her role, and members can of course see Belinda’s magificent bubble butt given a sound hiding which I highly recommend you do not miss!

To see all of Belinda’s great films and some of the hottest spanking scenes – CLICK HERE


Oh… and there goes my last Swedish reader (sorry!)

Have a good weekend everyone!


I have always been fascinated by the contemplation and anticipation of a forthcoming punishment. In some of my films in the past, I have offered the girls some oimplements that will be used on their bottoms. I leave them to think about what will happen, why it will happen and allow them the chance to try it out. It’s all part of the essential punishment I think is an added bonus to a prolonged session… some might say that it’s a little cruel… allowing the girl to anticipate what is to come – or mental torture etc! However, seeing it on film has always grabbed my attention, it’s just my kink…

If you clicked on the image above you can see who it is and what site it is from… you can see much more from this site with one of my all time fave girls RIGHT HERE

The reason I have posted this briefly is that I have had a terrible week – working very hard away from the blog so am mentally drained… I am going to stay away from a PC screen today and will be back fresher tomorrow where I promise I have some amazing spanking updates and news for you all to peruse over…

If you missed Brandi – do check her out HERE in a post I wrote earlier this month
(seeing her disciplined as a cheerleader!)

Until then… have a good continuing weekend break!


Gorgeous Girls Punished

My internet connection out here in the rural wilderness has been painfully slow recently, especially on upload speeds so I have been trying to get the 1st part to my movie uploaded for members tomorrow… God , it’s painfully slow, I am dreading uploading the full WMV and MP4 files (groan) … anyway, as I have been doing this in advance, I decided to surf around and check out some other sites of extreme interest and as the title suggests, bring you some unashamedly good looking girls in some of the latest most recent updates from a few of my favourite sites! I’m not sure if these have already been highlighted elsewhere yet as I just have not read anyone else’s sites for a few days as I have been busy my end… so I hope you find these here reasonably early and enjoy what is a visual feast of spanking entertainment that will create a rumble in the gentlemen’s trouser department and for you ladies who are partial to the sight of a very beautiful female (or 2) disciplined on her bare bottom… I’m sure these girls will get you nice and moist “down there” (oh God… I hope so!)

Just a random spanking image I found on the internet (You know I love that Japanese crying shit… lol!)

OK, inspired by my gorgeous japanese girl and their amazing costumes… I give you the latest gym outfit spanking and HARD paddling film now out at CutieSpankee.com – oh… and there’s tears and crying too!



This site gets it right everytime when it comes to knickers and uniform punishments of the cutest girls imaginable! Scroll down through some select images of the films that members have been able to view, these are all taken from just some of the films that have been uploaded over the last 4 or 5 months! I think you’ll get the idea… and the paddlings MUST be seen… and the whimpering girls MUST be heard! Underestimate CutieSpankee  at your peril!


& one amazing new film update I saw today comes from my good friends over at English-Spankers.com who have an unbelievablely cute new girl called Paradise who has the most spankable tight bottom and isn’t afraid to get thrashed for our viewing pleasure in this audition paddling on camera!



Glamour model Paradise is now at the second part of her audition to become a spanking model for English Spankers. She has been spanked hard and now she has to bend over to get her bare bottom paddled with the leather paddle. Aunty Katie has a very strong right arm and really lays it on to this young ladies bare bottom, the whacking does not stop till Katie is satisfied that Paradise has received a real good thrashing.





At NorthernSpanking.com there are a couple of updates I’d like to tell you about, one film is now complete, that of the wonderful brat, Jenna jay, who I had the pleasure of spanking myself, as I’m sure you’re aware… I know how David must feel in this film… admiring his handiwork on her hot red buns… mmm!


In the conclusion to this film… Jenna has been very naughty and sent to her room to await David and the inevitable punishment to follow upon her tender cheeks! Paul and Lucy had this to say about her (and I of course can’t wait to see more of her here!)

“A super warm welcome to our newest lovely, Jenna Jay. Pretty, young and very submissive, we promise you will be seeing a lot more of this naughty young lady.”

From this there is a new film with some equally lush pantie spankings (to start with, at least) this stars Sarah Gregory when she came over to the UK last year, she did a double film shoot with us and Northern at the same location over a couple of days so Sarah’s bottom was rather sore by the end of all that! Here Donna gives her a spanking in the film “E for Effort”



Captain of the netball team, Sarah, is a lazy toad. Her coach is constantly on her back trying to motivate her but to no avail. During her latest motivation session, Sarah shows significant lack of effort AND insults Miss Davenport. Nothing else but a trip to the Headmaster’s office will suffice.

Click on the panties below to see what members are about to view more of!


My last quick look at today’s last site is one of the most popular – FirmHandSpanking – and for good reason. Just check out thses 2 image sets I have for you, taken from the members area and you will see why it is so popular!




Twins Marissa & Clarissa Berkeley get the bath brush treatment lying ashamedly together so they could both witness the other’s humiliation at having their bared bottoms thrashed very hard with the dreaded heavy bath brush, leaving rather visible marks as you can see! An amazing film, the best ever yet starring these 2 unique girls!

& of course there is the beautiful Belinda “schwiinnnng” Lawson who gets a rare wooden paddling from none other than Amelia Jane Rutherford. There’s not much to say about this except perhaps utter another “schwinnnnng!” and stare at Belinda’s red cheeks in awe! #smitten  – #trouser bumpage



Click here to see free movie previews of more stunning girls spanked at FirmHandSpanking.com


& before I go, I have been very busy at the Clips Stores recently, uploading films madly, so those who only want to view the odd film or 2 are well catered for, including the FULL movies out now of the new girls showing tomorrow at the site and also the full film of Mishka – so Clips Store downloads have their advantages too! 🙂

Click any image to view the recent films at AAA Clips Store




& also at the Naughty Bottom Clips store too!



Danielle Hunt becomes a naughty Girl Guide!

Our latest film is now out for members to download and I have a nice little preview of what yoiu can expect, the later part of the film has some excellent bath brush and paddling scenes of Danielle’s lovely rump! It is no surprise that all the girls LOVE to be punished in this uniform as they look so damned cute in them, don’t they? & of course I love spanking the girls in this… it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it! *sigh*

Danielle gets her 1st spanking for being rubbish at ironing!

So here are some behind the scenes extras and a nice preview of what is out right now! Danielle, as I said, looks so cute and innocent in that girl guide uniform, trying to earn her domestic badge but she’s hopeless at ironing and has tested my patience to the extreme as I should have had my white shirt an age ago! This film shows her briefly trying to iron before I come in, give her hell and within 30 seconds her panties are pulled down and the discipline commences, so no big build up, it’s not necessary 🙂

Danielle tries to iron my shirt!

Below: check out this free clip of an early spanking scene before I really show her some discipline with a paddle and my fave implement, the dreaded bath brush!

This film was shot quite quickly and towards the end of the filmshoot, it was the 1st of 2 films I did with Danielle in this costume… the 2nd was a kitchen scene, and although I don’t have the images to hand, think it was with her on all 4’s getting paddled, I can’t wait to get that one out too… I’m sure you will all approve! So back to this film, I have some screen grabs from the film, they are reduced quality but you will get the idea of what happens and of course, the bath brush!






If you like seeing girls punished in this unform then you will no doubt know that there are many more punishment films available for downlaod right now inside the members area! CLICK HERE for the extensive tour pages so you can see for yourself. Good night! Chief.

Cream Horn Spanking Special

As promised today, I am bringing you some very special Cream Horn rated spankings which I hope you will enjoy! These are a collection of past and up to the minute spankings from across t’interwebz, so please do ensure that you are sitting comfortably and relaxed… please do ensure that you have been to the toilet (do so now as you could be some time gazing at this spledifera of spanking talent.

Have a glass of your finest vino, bubbly or milkshake (whatever turns you on) to hand… and remember to lock the door for that extra privacy as I show you some of what I have been viewing and downloading today… I’m spent, I’m sure you will be too! Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you today’s Cream Horn Spanking Specials! *drum roll*

Possibly my all time favourite spanking model from Punishedbrats in the past was Juliet Valentina, when she had that perfect girl next door look, with her long blonde locks and able to play a schoolgirl or naughty cheer girl at will! She has since come back… and depending on her real life commitments, so I understand, she could well do again (I can hope!) – But fear not, as you will (probably) already know, there is a vast collection of Juliet’s films waiting for you to discover her talents at PunishedBrats.com

Not sure who made this poster at the time – but it’s a giggle.
Edit: Just been reminded that it was Cutiepie of CutiePiesSexySpankings.com that made it (nice one!)

One of my all time fave films of Juliet is shown below, I think it was the combination of that school uniform, the OTK spanking and just how breath takingly beautiful she looked that day over one very lucky David’s knee!




“My Ass is AWESOME!” – Juliet Valentina (made up by Chief)

Currently at Punishedbrats.com there are heaps of great new updates with new girls and as you’ll see in the latest images below, this site, with it’s amazing archives just gets better and better!

Pixie was and still is my number one girl and the reason so many have stayed loyal to Punishedbrats.com – now that she also edits the films, when she can find  time to be in front of the camera… we get fantastic images that accompany this recent film called “Office Pal” – don’t miss it, it’s Pixie at her wriggling, yelping best over (the very fortunate) David’s lap!



the storyline: Ten had been taking advantage of her friendship with her supervisor, Pixie, by asking for a lot of time off work. Now she has left an important project incomplete and it’s Pixie who has to pay the price when her boss finds out! See how Pixie coped with fixing the problems at work with a very sore red bottom! Click HERE for the free preview


Amber Dawn has been a busy spanking bee recently… secretly acquiring newbies like insects to honey… this blonde waif came to Amber for a correctional spanking punishment… I don’t think this young lady will be back as she looks like she might just try to behave and avaoid those stinging hand strokes on her bare soft bottom… but I’m sure glad she gave her the “once over” as Amber has some private time, I’m guessing she might even have broadcast this as part of a webcam show – I’d like to think so 🙂

Amber Spanks Abbey Rhode (like the play on the name… were her parents Beatles fans? lol)





At the time of writing this I have just noticed that there is a new full movie just added, it’s a HUGE file and it’s called Amber spanks Alyssa… she looks f*cking hot and the file size is a humungus at 2.7 Gigs! I’m currently downloading it as I write up this post today (predicted to take well over an hour and then some) so I promise to get back to this but YOU can view this and Amber’s other sites on a Special Trial promotion for under $5! Sign up through SpankAmber and there are the member page links to all 3 sites! That is so cheap… but also, her long term memberships are worth every penny, you’d be hard pressed to even download a fifth of what Amber has in her archives in the trial period! Anyway, check out some teaser images of Amber and Alyssa below… this looks well worth it alone for a 2.7 Gig download!



Edit: I have just seen it – F*CKING HELL!!!! I will get you news of this SOON! See for yourself!


Things are hotting up, aren’t they? I have a ton more stuff for you yet and while I’m taking a break to waffle a bit, please take a break and get some fresh air, stretch your legs a while… as I aim to bring you what’s hot and new across Clare Fonda’s excellent sites… and at the 1st site I’m going to showcase for you, there is a theme running ever since they hit the 100th episode in this ongoing spanking soap opera… that of “female wrestling and powerplay” – Who wins, gets the power to spank the other… and I have to say I had to make a choice with this as these themes are in both episodes 101 and 102, so here is number 101 with Kay Richards and Ashli Orion (who is tall and athletic, whilst Kay is bosomly – I love the way her breasts hang like they do…but that’s another trouser busting distraction… ahem!) Let’s find out how they get on!

“Ding! Ding!” Round 1:  Kay and Ashli are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other’s bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is still bitter about the breakup, so she spanks Ashli hard and tells her “no fooling around!” – Go girl!





The next site with new content was the one voted most improved in 2011, so that means we are taking a quick look at SpankedSweeties.com

Why? Because it is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites. Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking. Clare uses the prettiest girls and a good array of newbies, first timers and established models – some have been spanked before and tell us all about what happened to them growing up and re enact some events and some have never had their bottoms spanked before – these girls often have very red bottoms, which I love, of course… take Lilia Spinoza… one of the stars of EE6 ( <<< click this link as it is a really good free gallery of Lilia in a cheer girl outfit!!!) as a convincing cheer girl, see her get a man spanking across the lap of Double Dan in that cutsie school uniform! Mmm!




See what makes this site addictive viewing – Click Here for the tour pages

Finally from Clare’s site GirlSpanksGirl.com today, tall slinky Elise is in trouble with her mother, Clare (again) home from school, Momma has a few things to say and Elise is humiliatingly stripped and given yet more demeaning discipline designed to make her daughter learn to avoid such bad behaviour in future! This punishment included a hand whacking with a wooden ruler which was kinda “ouchie!” (Oh, and Elise looks drop dead gorgeous over Clare’s knee, doesn’t she?)




This is part of the Disciplinary Section (with all the hour long movies and the infamous EE Series of schoolgirl films) – I just thought I’d also show you what I hadn’t seen in a while , which was amazing… this was the film between Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory in one of these home domestic discipline classics, this film is  one of Clare’s finest in my opinion and I forgot just how bloody good it was! (Thankfully I found a gallery with a complete explanation for you, so click on the image below and all will be revealed!)

These movies and the latest updates I have shown you of Elise can be viewed seperately at GirlSpanksGirl.com


All Clare’s above sites featured here today can be purchased seperately, for they are all HUGE in their own right… or you can get the BEST multi site deal around and get these sites in any combination YOU choose of 3, 4 or 5 sites in the CLARE FONDA PASS – saving a lot of money on monthly and further on quarterly membership deals!


That’s it from me, tomorrow I will be focussing on European sites and some that I haven’t for a while which I promise you won’t want to miss! Until then… cheers! Chief.

Pass the cream horns around, will you? 🙂

Spankings – & that woman is a “slut!”

Before I start today with my spankings for this weekend, I had a link sent to me about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Flake (well, he kept calling her that, oh my!) … I mean “Fluke”… yes, Sandra Fluke was lambasted by Rush Limbaugh over the women’s rights for contraception as students on campus… now as a Brit looking in, I am genuinely horrified by this backward behaviour shown by this infamous radio pundit, he really loses it big time (I guess he’s paid to over react like this) and calls her a slut – My God… and then when you see the religious organisations who control certain universities who won’t allow contraception to be paid for their students (hello, this is what students get upto in the prime of their life!) then I guess he and the religious backwater should take a look at Europe, Britain, in their eyes must be Sodom and Europe, Gommorah! We are doomed, and just as I genuinely thought about wanting to see if I could ever stay in America and carry on my spanking productions there (pipe dream, I know) – I think… with people like this in society, I’d rather stay on my cold overcrowded grey rock! Judge for yourself as Rush goes off on one below (the beginning of his rant is classic Limbaugh and then he loses his way a little to recover bravely… calling Sandra a slut at 3.46!)

However… there are 2 sides to this story, her claims, in my opinion are daft, any woman that spends $1000 a year on contraception has no concept of money and thusly deserves a spanking… they should also respect the fact that certain religious faculties are not bound to include this “service” in their insurance plans for co eds or students as it does (surprise surprise) contravene all their beliefs that they uphold (Catholics and Jesuits spring to mind). Surely Miss Fluke could find cheaper contraception near the campus or encourage her womenfolk to? Perhaps online and such? I noted that these institutions didn’t actually object to the women fornicating like rabbits, just that they didn’t want to help them through their insurance plans and such… seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Anyway, to me looking in, it was a titillating piece of non news I wanted to share with you!

Cripes, enough… let’s get on with what we’re here for!
Beautiful women getting their behinds tanned! Yay!

Where better to start than with Valerie Bryant who, along with some of the other fantastic new girls appearing at FirmHandSpanking.com this year, make it a site you can not afford to miss! To emphasise this, I have her latest update and something from my own archives you’ll love from around 5-6 years ago, Abigail Whittaker’s 1st spanking alongside Samantha Woodley!


“That was totally embarrassing,” admits pretty Valerie Bryant about her spread eagled paddling in Reform School. “You can see my bare cheeks tense up every swat, I couldn’t help it with the sting.” 30 spanks with a leather paddle for using the faculty room is tough from Mr Reed!



You can see a FREE preview of Valerie’s spreadeagled embarrassing punishment HERE

As promised: A visually stunning double punishment of Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker

You’ll see uncle Tim take Abigail over his knee for her 1st spanking after witnessing what had happened to Samantha, who now watches her friend take a bare bottom punishment! Stunning girls, gorgeous contrasting uniforms, a perfect fantasy voyeuristic spanking!




The full series of films and top quality photo sets that accompany these movies are in their own right a massive archive of both girls throughout the years they have appeared at this site and are fully available to members of Firmhandspanking.com


There is a fantastic new girl just updated at BunBeatingFun.com – an auburn haired (yup, one of my favourite types, as you should all know by now) girl by the name of Ashley Graham (who you will have seen previously at Punishedbrats.com but not in this context as she REALLY plays up in this new film) – and as you’ll see from the images below, this model brat gets everything coming her way in typical bun beating OTK fashion! With an added paddle bonus! “Baaaad girl, indeed!”

Check out the finale of Ashley’s ordeal!
Members can view this highly satisfying spanking film in full – HERE

Here we have a sizzling hot redhead with a nice big mouthwatering pair of natural jugs, a firm well shaped posterior &… a decidedly chilly demeanor. Using only the flat of his right hand, our man – who prides himself as quite the a magician – promised to make Miss Graham’s bottom every bit as red as her head, as warm (well, hot actually) as her personality seemed not, and – best of all – to cause her bewitching bottom to jiggle and bounce just like her boobies. He did it too! The truth be told however, the man did cheat just a wee bit by using a stingy wooden paddle part of the time. But hey – unlike Miss Graham – we saw fit to forgive him and we think you will too!





& as I said, here is the great remastered film that the webmaster, Greg, had told me about (below)

Anna Sundquist: Paybacks are a bitch and this is one diva brat who sure had one coming!
This film, although an oldie, has finally been remastered to full quality and was one of the films I had begged get the treatment, you’ll see why in the movie explanation and images found below which highlight this excellent 20 plus minutes movie!

The opening scenes show her swagger and acting the diva… along with the inevitable lingerie shoot she is booked for and then makes demands for more money for filming in such a dump! (naturally, lol!)


 As Greg  (aka TMS – The Mystery Spanker explains in more detail):
“3 years ago we flew Miss Sundquist clear across the country to do some modeling for us. No sooner did the diva get off the plane then she announced that she had changed her mind. “Our body of work”, she sniffed, was not “on par” with the image she wished to project to her fans, or some such nonsense.

No apology, no offer to reimburse us for her airfare and hotel, no nothing. Not even a lousy thank you for her free vacation flight. In due course the larcenous little tart faded from my memory altogether, until just recently that is. It seems that Anna, having contracted to do some modeling for an associate of mine, was back in town – and on our dime once again – and now, she was giving my associate a hard time, a very hard time.

That’s when I decided to, shall we say, communicate our displeasure in a language she would understand!”




See the full film of Anna and another FREE Preview – Click Here


Talking of brats, it would be rude of me not to let you see the latest update out now in full from Punishedbrats.com starring Pi in what appears to be a rather controversial film! I like the fact that there is controversy, you can’t please people all the time… I’ve seen David slated for not whacking the girls hard enough (in the past) to now being “brutal” in this paddling punishment. He had to explain that Pi is a genuine lifestyler who can take this punishment and he would never have given it without her being ultimately comfortable (pardon the pun) with it! I know about controversy as my latest girl, who is genuinely into spanking, actually… to the uneducated!) has been referred to “that skinny bitch” (nice!) or an amazing piece of filth they’d want to fuck and spank relentlessly (I think that was a compliment) so, as I said… stirring up controversy is good, as far as I’m concerned… push the bounderies, try out something else… and this is by far one of Punishedbrats.com most memorable films for a hard no nonsense paddling as you’ll see below!




A preview with access tot he full film can be found HERE

Finally, one of my other favourite girls from this site has a new film showing at the moment and it stars Lorraine Little, now I’m never sure about the girls with their new look short cropped hair styles… maybe it’s an east coast thing? What does remain constant is the beautiful whining noise that Lorraine makes, her pouty expressions which make her such a bratty daughter or sister… and of course, that wonderful spankable butt of hers!




Lorraine is tired of being grounded and decides to constantly interrupt and annoy Beverly as a means of revenge. But Beverly still has the upper hand plus a stingy wooden hairbrush and spanks the obnoxious brat until she calms down! Just check out both girls, Beverly Bacci is toned and awesome in this film… and she knows just how to dominate bratty Lorraine to perfection over her lap, don’t you agree?

For fans of Lorraine, you might remember her with longer hair too… this was filmed a while ago but only released fairly recently as she got a whacking over dad David’s lap!


Latest films and free previews can be seen HERE


OK, that’s it from me today, have a good one and I’ll be back soon, I don’t know whether to update my site with a brand new film of Mishka or have an all female film (I think they will both come out this coming week anyway… so it doesn’t matter, does it? lol)

Regards, Chief.

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

Spankings that are too good to be true?

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Hmmm, I copied that exactly as it came into my mailbox. Now… should I respond to this unsolicited email? Or make a call? *chuckle*

*Disclaimer: By all means have a go yourselves but the Chief will not be held responsible when these idiots bleed you dry of funds for fees and such before you get your non existant cash!

Why am I posting this? Well, I just wanted to apologise to any prospective members who might have wanted to take advantage of my 1 Year Anniversary join up at AAAspanking.com… sadly I had to pull it as it got so abused by password traders and piracy which I had (unfortunately) discovered that I have removed this option and will no doubt never trial again! Well done to the idiots from Eastern Europe signing up with stolen details… bravo indeed!


Let’s lighten the mood with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings! 🙂

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Neice discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film from SoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


OK, that’s it from me today, I will be back soon with more updates as and when… take care