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1st Show Spanking of Jenni Cakes

bbf-300x250I have a fantastic EXCLUSIVE early preview and… Once more, the Red Hot Video gentlemen of BunBeatingFun.com do it again with a fantastic no nonsense hard OTK spanking film. I love these guys! I hear that some people don’t get their films, they are a great distraction, poking fun at themselves and at the sort of “Bimbo” models and bratty airheads we so often hear about in the biz… it would seem they have a never ending supply of girls to fill this slot (sadly… or fortunately?) What’s more, at Bunbeatingfun.com many of these girls are first and last time spankees which makes seeing their often hard and unrelenting hand spankings all the more interesting! I had never before seen Jenni Cakes but she could take a spanking… this is one of their longer videos at around 25 minutes and from a couple in it’s spanking all the way! Jenni, like so many others is shocked… I love their reactions which seem that much more pronounced, their shock at a spanking, at being treated like naughty divas getting their comeuppance, I can appreciate that… and so would it seem, do their fans as they have been around for eons!

So, let’s check out the latest uppity model to cross Rick & Greg’s paths this coming week… a fiery number called Jenni Cakes. Red Hot Videos can NOT stand girls being late, it is disrespectful… of course Jenni starts off this way and fails to apologize for numerous other faux pas that she makes before Rick hauls her over his lap for a long and painful lesson in learning to be a proper compliant lady. Check out the numerous 1st show images taken from the long play spanking video and I have also got you a short special preview that is NOT shown anywhere else. You can check out the ferocity of this spanking in between the continual humiliating and embarrassing chastisement that she is receiving!

Bun Beating Fun - Jenni Cakes gets spanked

Jenni Cakes makes her painful debut at Bun Beating Fun

jennicakes002 jennicakes003 jennicakes004 jennicakes005 spanked OTK jennicakes007 jennicakes008 jennicakes009 jennicakes010 Jenni Cakes jennicakes012 jennicakes013 spanking jennicakes015 otk spanking spanked butt jennicakes018 jennicakes019 Jenni Cakes OTK spanking jennicakes021 jennicakes022 jennicakes023 jennicakes024 jennicakes025 jennicakes026

Remember – this is an exclusive early preview so join up, download the other excellent long play videos and hard hitting OTK films then wait for Jenni’s punishment to arrive in full WMV or Real Media options with a full gallery of spanking images.

Click below for the freeview clip I made exclusively for readers of this blog

[jwplayer mediaid=”42757″]


The Spanking Therapist

As promised in my previous post, here is the latest news from AAAspanking.com featuring an all girl spanking with the return of Casey Calvert (the first of many) with Sarah Gregory playing the therapist that she visits and asked to spank her… As a Brit living in America, I have noticed more and more over time one thing that sticks out that is almost alien to the way of life in the UK. Y’all practically have a therapist that you go see on a regular basis. It is something I just don’t get at all… along with the way pharmaceuticals are prescribed for all manner of “mental health” issues. I have seen how powerful the Pharma and Insurance companies are related to healthcare in the USA and it is truly frightening – many in Britain tend to work out issues and deal with their problems before ending up on the pill scrapheap – unless it is a serious issue that prescribing is necessary for. Anyway, at the risk of waffling on – I thought it would be fun to have Sarah play the role of a therapist and this video starts where Casey and Sarah are almost wrapping up their hour long session but Casey brings up some questions that perhaps Sarah could answer for her as regards to helping her focus as she had heard that Miss Gregory had used spanking methods in the past with other patients… could it work for Casey?

Hmmm, let’s find out, shall we? 🙂

the spanking Therapist

The latest full length video of the Spanking Therapist starring Casey Calvert & Sarah Gregory is now available to view and download with an extensive number of HQ screen grabs for members at AAA Spanking


We join Casey Calvert nearing the end of her latest therapy session when the subject of spanking for behavior modification was suggested. It just so happened that her therapist, Miss Gregory, knew a thing or two about this subject and Casey was willing to try anything to help keep herself highly focused. So began the start of young Casey’s introduction to what might be needed in future sessions and Miss Gregory wasted no time in taking Casey over her lap and started to spank her gradually harder and harder to warm up that pert bottom underneath those skin tight pants. Miss Gregory told Casey that she would also expect an over the panties spanking which would leave her feeling vulnerable and more open to suggestion as well as in more severe instances that required quicker action with a firm resounding and sustained spanking or leather paddling on her bare bottom. Casey fought off the embarrassment and unease to experience something for the first time in her sessions – purpose and direction!

casey gets spanked on her tight tushy spanking over pants tight pants spanking therapist032 spanking otk spanking otk hand spanking bosoms and spankings removing her panties Sarah spanks Casey on her bare ass girl girl spankings bare bottom spanking OTK spanking OTK OTK spanking with the paddle the leather paddle hard spanking ass grabbing after spanking Casey Calvert Sarah Gregory paddles Casey Calvert leather paddle punishment

AAAspanking trial

If you want to see the FULL length HD film versions – visit AAA Spanking (& check out the free clip on the tour page) or choose the one time download option of the Clips Store HERE (of click the image below)

Casey Calvert spanked by her therapist

aaa spanking clipstore


I’ll be back tomorrow with a big “Industry Round Up” post – catching up on other sites that I may have missed these past few days that I know you will want to know about and check out for yourselves, maybe… til then, anyone let me know where I can get this refreshing looking Lemonade? *drool*


Rosie Ann’s Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann spanked

Finally, I managed to update the latest film released on AAAspanking.com – As you should know by now… I help update all the films on the SG Network alongside Miss Gregory but unfortunately for Sarah… she hates updating my previously owned site (now part of the SG sites) as I had no content management system (CMS) and had just used HTML/Dreamweaver and FTP uploads which made it harder to update for others not used to this method. So I am often left alone to update this site (still) – anyway, it is up, and also available at the Clips Store (in full) and with a new featured HTML5 player option (as all new fully updated films are now shown in for those who use mobile/tablet devices as well as not wanting to download the full films to a hard drive and just stream it). The HTML5 option (not Flash, I hasten to add) is an ongoing process and there’s probably about 60-70+ films updated to include this but I will try to get this completed by the end of this month for the entire members area. Then we will look at Sarah’s main sites too but she has a CMS which makes this option a little harder so will need to contact her original designer for this project.

OTK hand spanking

Okay, on to the more interesting subject of young Rosie Ann’s fab revealing punishment spanking. How could anyone resist looking at cute Rosie getting a traditional OTK hand spanking in that uniform? Especially over white panties and then with them pulled down. The difference is that Michael used a nasty hard wooden hand paddle, they are particularly “ouchie” and feel like a hairbrush/small wooden paddle as they contain far more sting and a thud (if the impact is done right). Not every girl can take this sort of spanking punishment… but Rosie proved she could endure this… as well as the more revealing and intimate “reverse seat spanking” afterwards. It was a very sexy position and something she was asked beforehand if she was comfortable with doing… you’ll see why from the images and vid clip… not every girl would be able to maintain any sort of dignity in this position knowing that her butt cheeks were hanging over the edge of a seat whilst a camera was close by recording her every reaction! I have discovered that it can be quite intimidating… so fair play to Rosie for doing this… and doing it so well that helped make this a really hot, erotic spanking film too!

spanked in her panties panties pulled down otk rchair004 schoolgirl otk spanking panties down spanking

More images below from the film including stills images that members can view

Rosie Ann

rchair006 Rosie gets spanked

This unique short sharp shock film stars stunning Rosie Ann, dressed in a cute, very sexy school uniform. It was her turn to be spanked over the chair but Mr Stamp had a special implement that he had decided to use this time… a hand paddle that hurt far more than a simple hand spanking! Rosie’s bottom quickly turned red under her white panties and when they were removed the painful OTK spanking continued. This punishment was far from over, as he had decided she should receive a particularly humiliating end to this discipline session. He positioned her so that Rosie sat over the chair in reverse, with her bottom cheeks hanging out over the edge of the seat making her feel very vulnerable to yet more strokes of that nasty wooden hand spanking paddle! This film contains 3 different camera angles so that you won’t miss a single part of this revealing and embarrassing session that poor Rosie endured!

rchair010 rchair011 spankings close up butt spanked reverse seat spanking rchair015 rchair016 butt spanking rchair018 spanking rchair020 Rosie Ann spanked and spread


See MORE of Rosie’s films archived at AAA Spanking HERE

AAA Spanking trial offer

… or check out the full library of one time downloads (below)

aaa clip store

Lola Marie Spanking Update

It’s a big welcome back to Lola Marie this week at AAAspanking.com as she gets a good hard spanking and wooden paddling from her Homework Tutor for taking the easy route and just copying and pasting work as her own from the internet on her latest work at home assignments. It’s a particularly humiliating and mean punishment with some great scolding scenes. I’ll let you check out some of the promotional images below and provide a link to a short free clip for y’all! Oh… and check out how cute she looks in that cute summer gingham school dress!!!

Lola Marie hw002 hw003 spanking hw005 hw006 hw007 panties down spanking spanked and humiliated

Lola had been assigned a new Homework Tutor as she had been cheating her coursework using too much of the Internet available on her phone rather than learning, researching & understanding her assignments instead of copying and pasting content. She continued to defy those in charge of her care so a tutor was brought in with extraordinary powers to persuade this young madam that plagiarsm and wanton copying/pasting from the interwebs was forbidden. His methods were a little extreme but had a 100% success rate which is what we see with Lola as she learnt a lesson the hard way when he caught her up to her old tricks once more when left in a position of trust. She could expect a lot of embarrassing and humiliating spanking positions and nasty punishments as her tutor was Mr Osborne!

sore red bottom hw011 hw012 getting a wooden paddling Lola Marie paddled scolding punishment paddled hard hw018 Lola is spanked

CLICK HERE to view the free HD clip of Lola’s latest punishment at home


This film will also be available later as a full file download at the CLIPS STORE
(for those that prefer to download the odd movie separately)

aaa spanking

Avenger Spankings

Instead of being at a Spanking Party meeting all the “crew” in Atlantic City… I am alone tonight, so I have decided to go out and watch the latest “Avengers” blockbuster at the movies to cheer my inner geek up… I hope you enjoy these blistering spanking updates in the meantime, they are all rather good 🙂


Some galleries from AAA Spanking you might not have seen before from the extensive archives! Check out the latest films HERE and you’ll see just how much stuff you get on your “Loyalty Deal” (click any image for the gallery below)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08


A hot and very mean sorority paddling initiation for the amazing Lily Swan is first, up… courtesy of Sarah Gregory Spanking – this is an awesome movie and I remember helping to film it (opened mouthed) … poor Lily really did get a hard paddling as you’ll see!

Lily’s Initiation Paddling


Lily is at the final stage of initiation. In this final stage she must take a paddling from head sorority sister, Sarah. Lily reports to the “punishment room” at the sorority house to take her paddling and officially become a sister.

0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-007 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-015 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-016 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-020 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-026 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-045 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-047 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-063 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-079 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-083 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-085 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-086 0201_lilys_initiation_spanking_grabs-087




At MommaSpankings.com – the finale of a severe strapping punishment of both Adriana Evans and Sarah Gregory side by side shouldn’t be missed, the girls get whacked, strapped and wrapped with leather in their cute pajamas by Momma Dana in this non stop punishment that is as relentless as the images below (taken from the movie) depict!

momma-161-171 momma-161-177 momma-161-183 momma-161-200 momma-161-208 momma-161-213 momma-161-218 momma-161-221 momma-161-222 momma-161-224 momma-161-226

Momma Dana has warned Sarah not to hang out with Adriana, but Sarah sneaks her home for a pj party while Momma is away. Momma comes home unexpected and hears the girls sharing secrets that she doesn’t want to know about! Phoney IDs, drinking wine, sex talk, condoms in their purse; it’s all too much for Momma to bear! She storms in and informs them they are both going to be spanked over her knee and the strap taken to them too. Momma spanks each girl over her jammies, panties, and bare bottom; then lines them up on the bed for a bare bottom strapping.



or access Sarah’s site for less taking up the 2 site Pass – see how to – HERE


Don’t forget – if you’re in Texas end of may 2015
–  come join us at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY



Interactive Text POV

I put up a film at POVspanking.com clips store yesterday and it is doing rather well… I think it could have something to do with the fact that there is a new style where it makes the viewer’s perspective a little more interactive. I had been experimenting with this style with a few films previously and have now started to improve on it. This film probably has one of the best to showcase the new style, taken from the spanker’s perspective. I have included some screen grabs and a short clip (all images and clips are reduced in size) – this film has delightful Rosie Ann as the very contrite and submissive schoolgirl, waiting for her punishment as she presents the wooden paddle to you… what you’ll see on screen is text – read it and you’ll be directing her what to do and you will see her respond to every question or command. It’s easy to read and you quite quickly get caught up in this idea that you are giving the orders and carrying out the wooden paddling… which, in my opinion, is what POV style films should be about! I have always said this is an ongoing project and it has only ever been available on the Clips Store … I have even removed some earlier clips that were on that Clips Store as they weren’t really true POV even though they might have been interesting to watch… that is not what it is about, is it?

[jwplayer mediaid=”38905″]

The Store also has scolding films and such, I like these, but again, they only work if the “scoldrix” is convincing… so many stores and models try this, and it’s a personal taste thing to find the ones you like or dislike. I suppose that is the only thing about the Clips4sales stores, you never really get enough of a preview… so that is why I have added a clip (above) from the start of the latest film so you DO get an idea of what it is about… and the other screen images should help too! (below)

Images taken from the full clip: “Rosie Presents the Paddle”

rp01 rp03 rp04 rp07 rp09 rp10 rp34 rp15 rp32  rp49 rp52 rp59 rp60 rp62

See all the films from various POV perspectives HERE


End of Summer & Outdoor Spankings

We’re promised an Indian Summer here in the UK… I remain skeptical… but hopeful, I guess. To be honest. weather patterns are changing here in my part of the world, we tend to have much milder and warmer Septembers and early Octobers than, say, 20 years ago. I like it… just as the leaves start to change, it is still possible to venture outside in a tee shirt! However, it won’t be long, the nights are already drawing in… and my memories of lazing by the pool in 100f heat in Vegas are but a happy memory now. & by the time it is Halloween at the end of October, I will know that it is winter here… it’s always cold then and only gets worse for the following months, lol! So here today, from my site, is the latest film – something I probably won’t be doing much of in the UK until Springtime now… filming in the great outdoors! I love it, there’s a sense of naked naughty freedom, so I try to film as much as I think I can get away with (the only other problem is the light as filming at certain times of the day is suicide for decent playback).

So to the update for today… it stars Lola Marie and Wynter Sky who think they are being clever by sneaking into my secret garden and sunbathing… it would have been ok but the girls always left a mess behind! Check out some sneak preview images from the film AND a free caning clip of Lola Marie and Wynter when I caught up with them! Incidentally, I had a heavy “Caneiac” Paddle which I used for the first time on these girls… they most certainly did NOT like it one bit! But you will!!!


Lola Marie & her friend Wynter Sky had been secretly using one of her neighbour’s beautiful yards to sunbathe in as it had a special “secret garden” that they both loved to spend time in soaking up the sun’s rays in private. However they always left litter behind and disrespected John Osborne’s precious well kept yard so he had been trying to find out who had been causing this mess until today when he caught them both in their bikinis. He had already taken their mobile phones and other personal effects found not far away from where they were hiding out in the garden and you can feel the tension mount as he sneaked up behind them both. The girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling. He had also made them attempt to use this heavy implement on each other as part of their punishment so that they’d remember the consequences of using the place without asking for his permission. However, he just whacked them harder with it after they feebly used the paddle hoping they would avoid further pain and suffering. Enjoy this end of summer romp to see the girls given a good spanking and whacking with their tiny bikini bottoms pulled down, looking extremely vulnerable as John took full advantage of this delightful situation!

dubtrubz002 dubtrubz003

dubtrubz007 dubtrubz017

dubtrubz034 dubtrubz050

dubtrubz060 dubtrubz081


dubtrubz095 dubtrubz123

dubtrubz125 dubtrubz139

dubtrubz159 dubtrubz172

dubtrubz179 dubtrubz190

dubtrubz199 dubtrubz203

dubtrubz209 dubtrubz212

Check out the FREE HD Clip below

You can see MORE of this film HERE – & take advantage of the my offer giving you full access for under $15!


This film is already available in 3 formats of your choice to download IN FULL at the AAA Clips Store



Ok, it’s late, so enjoy the film, I rather liked this one 🙂

Special 1st Early Bun Beating Fun Preview

Happy Monday everyone… another long week ahead for some of you, I guess, looking forward to the weekend again. So I shall attempt to start things off for you people too upset that you have 5 days of hard work ahead of you until your precious time off. I guess Americans will be especially looking forward to the following weekend for some strange reason that I find totally offensive as a blue blooded Brit (I am kidding, so don’t get all literal on me, ok?) – so what couldn’t be more American than the excellent site BunBeatingFun.com and their highly amusing and mildly offensive (to some overly PC idiots that take things waaaaay too literally) – it’s a tongue in cheek site treating the really badly behaved,  bratty and nasty models to some good old fashioned discipline these guys only know how… hard on the girls bare bottoms!

Greg let me see his latest offering a little early, knowing I am a fan of his site and we plan to meet up, I hope, in Florida later this year… but for now… here is the continuation of a popular story arc that members liked… the bratty model’s agent turns up… and she gets the same treatment.

smurfasaur001 smurfasaur002

So, last time, it was left with model Alexandria left to contemplate the consequences of her bratty behaviour doing some walltime after a good hard OTK spanking by Mystery Spanker, Rick… when the door knocks and a really gobby, mouthy loud young woman with some serious attitude demanded to know “what the actual fuck” (sic) was going on with her girl. Well, you are about to find out in the glorious medium of image and a video clip I have made so you will see just what happens.


smurfasaur004 smurfasaur005 smurfasaur006

The agent is not your conventional type of girl… she is rather “unique”, I don’t mind saying… and at first I took an instant dislike to her, perhaps it was her overly tattooed body, perhaps her foul mouth which Rick remarked on… or perhaps her hairstyle or piercings… I am old fashioned and set in my ways like that. But, actually, I really got to like watching her get a spanking, it could be something to do with the fact that she possessed a very… VERY spankable ass that cried out for a good ol’ fashioned thrashing. She has a rather interesting name too… Smurfasaur (OK, I don’t get it… but hey, I’m an old git, OK?) what I did like from the moment she got her ear pulled and taken over his lap was the way in which her clothing was deftly and expertly removed bit by bit… you could tell Rick  just wanted to spank this naughty foul mouthed agent… another purveyor of uppity and poorly behaved models that had given both Rick and Greg a lot of grief… and you find yourself willing on Rick to  get her pants off quickly. We are not disappointed… she has a most spankable posterior and it was turning red rather quickly.

smurfasaur007 smurfasaur008

smurfasaur009 smurfasaur010


She still screamed and complained… now remember her model that she had sent on the previous job was still doing her walltime and Alexandria saw this as her time to get the hell out… which you see her sneak out… leaving the near naked Smurfasaur alone with her tormentors.


“Yoinks! I’m outta here!!!”

She started to become a little more contrite and you actually warm to her, feel for her as the spanking is rather relentless. She politely gets the trademark wooden paddle that the guys use… a sign she was learning her lesson and I actually enjoyed the sight of this naked young girl now… whereas before I may not have, perhaps it was the contriteness making her appear more attractive? (she had a nice little pair of titties… how’s that for being not politically correct? LOL)… so back over his lap she goes for the last part of her punishment…

smurfasaur013 smurfasaur014

smurfasaur015 smurfasaur016

smurfasaur017 smurfasaur018


The paddling which ensures her bottom is an angry sore red before she too ended up doing her walltime. No answering back… no complaints, this young lady had learnt her lesson and accepted what she had done was wrong… and of course we get to see her cute spankable butt and body (and those pert li’l titties below) one more time.


smurfasaur022 smurfasaur023

smurfasaur024 smurfasaur025

Bravo Greg and Rick… this was a surprisingly good film and I liked the little out take scene at the end… I won’t spoil it too much… but Rick has something to say about some of the implements they use… there is also a nice scene of Rick rubbing Arnica Lotion onto the butt cheeks of a very grateful Smurfasaur. A tender scene to end this on.

Below is a special freeview clip of a screaming and bratty young girl learning her lesson!

You will be able to view this film in full this week… and it compliments the many other themed spanking retribution films that BunBeatingFun.com have become so well known for.

Latest news & behind the scenes at AAA

Tales of my demise from that image I showed you yesterday are of course untrue… I had a great time earlier this week working with 2 new girls (to me) on a private custom shoot… I did a fun out take between a few films I was making to take this photo story… I broke up a fight between the 2 girls and as I was about to punish and spank them for their poor behaviour… they imagine getting their own back on me… hence my apparent demise at their hands! When I have time, I’ll upload it to the members site… but I am rather busy preparing for my trip to America, I am going over early, well over a week in advance of the BBW Party in Atlantic City and spending time with Sarah Gregory at her place, so I will still be able to work in between at hers, but I would rather spend quality time with her, and she with me – so we are both frantically trying to ensure our sites have enough updates and such for us to update them with ease! The things we do, eh?



Don’t forget that I am running the Freaky Friday bonus film update, I won’t say anything here until Saturday if there has been any extra bonus film update, they are invariably short films and will be on top of the usual update expected on the Friday that they will appear! Hey… it’s something for nothing, on top of my continued lower pricing and Trial Offer (check the sign up pages) for the full details of all that CLICK HERE!

As promised… another new girl to Triple A Spanking – aaaspanking.com this week is Adriana Evans – she appears in a film I loved making with her, having licence to use all manner of leather and wood across her bare bottom, including a tawse, 3 tailed strap and some heavy wooden paddles and a heavy thuddy hairbrush… all used with force that most girls would feel unable to take! It’s harder than many films I have made, not everyone likes this, but I assure you it is HOT and Adrianna reacted beautifully, blubbing and so tearful at the end. She admitted to me afterwards that she loved filming this story and needed that cry… I was only too happy to oblige! Check out some images and screen shots from the movie below:

“I’m so Disappointed”


disappointed002 disappointed003


disappointed006 disappointed009


Adriana had been given more independence and the use of John’s convertible on his insurance policy now that she was 21 years old. However, this freedom and his trust were tested when he received a warning from the police about her erratic driving behaviour and the fact that she had an open bottle of liquor in the car. They could find no criminal act but warned her guardian before she returned home when they checked the licence plate of his car. Adriana got back later from cheer practice and refused to admit what had happened which so disappointed John that he felt he had no option but to teach her a lesson about lying and dishonesty the only way he knew how! A series of ever more painful and humiliating strappings and paddlings until Adriana’s tears were streaming down her face, proof that she certainly would try harder to avoid such nasty and severe punishments in future! This is her very first film released with our company and we are sure you will appreciate just what this amazing girl can take! She is sure to become a big hit with members.

disappointed006 disappointed023

disappointed028 disappointed049

disappointed069 disappointed082

disappointed086 disappointed094


Check out the FREE HD Clip HERE – the full movie will be available in MP4-1920x1080HD playback

This film will also be available at the Clips Store soon!


I will be back tomorrow with more updates at my sites and elsewhere… Goodnight!

The end of an era for My Paddle!


You may recognise this black composite paddle used since the early days of my site, I think the first time I used this paddle was with Sarah Gregory when she filmed with us in June 2011… the moment of truth for this implement came about late last year when I filmed with Danielle Hunt and I told her it would be a harder more severe film shoot (I think the films you have seen of her recently at my site prove this) anyway… little did I know that her buns of steel would see the end of this trusty and much hated stinging paddle! It may not have looked much, but I can assure you the merest of swats from this thing caused intense burning pain on most girl’s behinds… I expect hairbrushes to break… they really aren’t intended for heavy use of tanning naughty girls backsides, after all… but this event was wholly unexpected!

Check out a few promo images below…
I have included the latest movie description and screen images from this film for your perusal!

brokenpaddle005 brokenpaddle010

brokenpaddle013 brokenpaddle015

brokenpaddle016 brokenpaddle032

brokenpaddle038 brokenpaddle040

Danielle Hunt had been confined to her Dorm Room awaiting her latest punishment in the embarrassing “Discipline Dropseats”. A humiliating piece of clothing as any girl at this private school would know that anyone wearing this item was about to be punished… this helped enforce the room confinement and making trips to the bathroom down the long corridor fraught with worry. Cruel? Perhaps… but these rules were in place for a reason, so when Mr Osborne arrived, he discovered that Danielle had also been using a hidden phone which was strictly forbidden! He immediately set about punishing her with her dropseat pants pulled down revealing her full naked bottom… she was spanked, given the hairbrush & then the nasty composite paddle that was a personal favourite of his as he knew this really, really stung like hell! However, her naughty buns of steel broke his cherished paddle: You will see the end of an area at Triple A as one of our much cherished implements met its match with Danielle Hunt!

broken_paddle006 broken_paddle014

broken_paddle027 broken_paddle041

broken_paddle054 broken_paddle057

broken_paddle061 broken_paddle066





Click on any image below & it will lead to a special gallery showing its use on some poor girl’s backside!




There are more but it’s rather late but you get the idea 🙂

By the way… the latest film with Danielle is available as a cheap one off download at the AAA Clips Store as well… just click on the image below for the direct link to that clip!

click here to see this clip of Danielle Hunt's paddling film

Saturday/Sunday Spankings pt2

Oops! I had tried to get in a 2nd post yesterday so have had to catch up today… the reason I was delayed is because of my fuckwit neighbour , who  it would appear has had his tag taken off if his present behaviour is anything to go by). he was put away after the vicious assault he carried out on someone who owed him money and of course our pathetic judicial system let him out on release 7 months into a 20 month term… and he had a further 10 months drink driving and other anti social prison terms to run concurrent (meaning no extra time added!) WTF? No wonder crime in this country is on the rise when the consequences are pitifully weak…

Tough luck, kid… something completely inane and random uploaded here for you!

 Anyway, rather than start off on a diatribe about this piece of scum that lives next to us (he has started bullying my partner and our other friendly neighbours) so we have already involved the police who were quick to act this time, I want the wanker put back in jail, we shall see if he continues to misbehave… but I never hold out much hope! Seriously though, what is wrong with some people?

& in other news, goat and sheep herders of Italy unite in their support against England in a crucial one off game to see who plays Germany in the semi finals… COME ON ENGLAND… we can beat these tax dodging sheep herding lotharios!

heh heh! & so on with the spanking updates I had promised you all!


Apparently Danielle is back in England, I’m not sure how many companies she managed to star with but I know that she is filming with someone I know over here for the 1st time so that will be interesting to see his results when they come out (I’m such a tease)… but if, like me, you wanna see MORE of Danielle, then please do check out this great film now showing between the wonderful Betty Blaze and our Dani as she is given a rude reminder of what happens to girls who keep Mistress Betty late!





Check out the early part of this film which shows you just what members have been viewing…

See the full film only from RealSpankings.com


The next couple of sites I’m showing are from some great films I watched again and I thought they really deserved a mention as they showcase the next 2 sites in question… so first up, from the aptly named Spanking Sarah – a really cool film with Sarah given a good hard thrashing with the leather paddle of a furious Mr Stern… now THIS is why I love this site so much… seeing Sarah told off and put in her place (which is rather difficult if you ever meet her, as she is about 6 feet tall!!!) I understand why she can scare half the girls she punishes just by towering over them!




You can ALL of Sarah’s severe & naughty punishments – as well as see her expertly dishing it out Right HERE


OK, here is one of my fave spanking stars from over the years, and what I think was her first ever time on film when she was just 18… Irelynn Logeen featured as a resident at Girls Boarding School getting some traditional spankings across the knee of Headmaster Tom in what were a really good set of films… so much so that I watched a few again and this one stood out and I’m sure I haven’t shown you any images from it until now but you’ll get the idea when you see how good this looks (it is, btw!)





Click HERE to see more of Irelynn and check out the very latest film previews


OK, that’s it for now, I have to ensure all my beers are chilled for the big game tonight!


Kami Robertson thrashed at AAA

As promised (finally) the new movie with Kami Robertson as a hapless secretary losing her boss a lot of money in a lapse of concentration over a money transfer gets its first airing and members can see the first part (part 2 comes out on Friday) of this 25 minute movie of her full length and severe punishment as he takes it out on her ass!

If you click on the image below, it takes you to a 24 image gallery, the images are not as large as the actual screen video images that members can download (all 140 of them, in fact) which accompanies the movie… but this 24 image gallery gives you a fair representation as to what the film is about!

Click on Kami’s bottom for the 24 image gallery

The official blurb on the storyline is below:

Secretary Kami Robertson was aware that something was up as her boss had left a pile of spanking implements lying on her desk when she arrived at work. She soon discovered why as he had pointed out that the bank transfer she was asked to make to a Trust had been made in error due to her carelessness in transferring out 10 times the amount by adding an extra zero. John had been contacted by his bank & had managed to sort the mess out in time but he wasted no time in telling her that she was going to get one hell of a punishment thrashing for her monster mistake! He was going to use all the implements laid out on the desk: the leather strap, a horrible bathbrush (which he promised he was going to whack very hard for her error), a horrible stinging paddle & a whippy cane which he knew would leave yet more marks on her very sore bottom. This long play movie includes gratuitous use of Kami’s favourite butter cream which was rubbed into her sore, swollen cheeks at the end after receiving one of her hardest punishments on film! John & Kami admitted afterwards that this was one of their best films they had made together & we hope that you will see why! See how much Kami could take as she entered her own private world of pain!

I have included some extra close up shots of the implements used to great effect on Kami’s ever glowing and increasingly sore red bottom as the punishment progressed through each phase. For each punishment schedule, before her boss moved onto the next item, he gave her some additonal whacks, for transferring out 50,000 Pounds instead of 5,000… and for each addional 10,000 that she put the company into the red, he gave her some extra hard whacks, so 5 nasty strokes of the strap, bathbrush, paddle and finally the cane were carried out on top of the angry strokes and swats he meted out to her for this monster mistake!

The Leather Strap:

The dreaded bath brush:

The stinging composite paddle:

A thin whippy kooboo cane:

& after her ordeal was over, some soothing butter cream was rubbed into her sore red cheeks…

If you haven’t already noticed, there is also a free HD movie Preview on the Home page of AAAspanking.com


I can not stress how severe this punishment became, it wasn’t brutal or sadistic in any way… not at all… but it was certainly really severe and she took what was given to her, whimpering occasionally but anyone that knows Kami will recognise when she is “in the zone” and once she is there, then no further amount of severe thrashing is required as it is pointless… she would take virtually anything you’d throw at her after that! The secret was to make her not peek too early and that is why I loved making this film as I think I got it just right… getting 25 minutes out of this was perfect timing and the “cool down” with the cream at the end was the icing on the cake (for me). This is definitely one of those films you will love to see again and again for your “viewing pleasure”.


Oh, and before I forget, the winner of the caption competition is below, it was a hard process but I saw this caption early on and it amused me and as I was a big fan of “Bewitched” when I was a kid… I thought this caption was appropriate for making me giggle (at least). Well done Baz… I shall be mailing you your codes after this and you’ll be able to enjoy seeing the saga of Kami’s latest punishment unfold. Thank you to everyone that entered, thanks for making my choice difficult! 🙂