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A Humiliating Schoolgirl Spanking


Don’t you just love it when you’re almost all done and caught up with uploads and such that your Internet connection, through no fault of your own, should suddenly cut out? Not only that, but for nearly 24 hours too? Apparently my ISP had a major meltdown, much to the disgust of us customers… it affected not just a few streets, but several large cities. Annoying to say the least (I said in a mocking understated way… even though I felt like Gordon above and was really REALLY pissed off!). What’s more, my ISP won’t admit to what actually went wrong. At least I’m back online, I suppose. I was charged with updating the affiliate side of a few sites and couldn’t – until now.

The first is from AAAspanking.com and that is the only one I can show you in this post… but “boy” what a post it is. Lily Swan makes a welcome return to this site in a really hard hitting hand spanking, leather paddling and strapping schoolgirl punishment with a twist. She got caught peeing outdoors (hmmm, ok, I hear you say) well, take a look at the images and the awesome free clip and decide for yourselves. It’s a good little film and it is out in full HD1080 right now for members.

The Punishment Room – starring Lily Swan

Lily Swan takes a piss outside

Lily Swan was one of those persistently naughty school girls who always felt that the rules didn’t apply to her. The morning’s lessons had just finished yet when she felt the need to go pee Lily couldn’t wait until she got home… or even rush to the bathroom before she left. Oh no, she had to do it when she felt like it on the new gravel path around the back of the school, a short cut many people used. Perhaps she liked the thrill of being caught? Well, that was precisely what happened when she had just finished her “business” one of her Head of Year teachers walked around the corner to see that she had desecrated the footpath. His fury meant that she got ear pulled and marched to the school’s “Punishment Room” – a place she knew well, and was feared by all the girls. It was a last resort room full of horrible nasty implements and straps. Lily was placed on a spanking bench and her filthy panties cut off to expose her naked bottom. Her spanking was just evident from yet more poor behavior at home, which was why this time she’d have no dignity or panties to protect her modesty. She was given a hard hand spanking & with a leather paddle before being told she would have to go back & clean the path of her filthy indiscretions with bleach

caught peeing outside by Sir punishmentroomzz019 punishmentroomzz026 cutting her panties punishmentroomzz043 punishmentroomzz045 spanked and exposed spanking a schoolgirl paddled ass spanking her hard punishmentroomzz082 punishmentroomzz087 spanking and paddling punishmentroomzz093 punishmentroomzz099 spanking bench punishmentroomzz103 punishmentroomzz106 bare sore spanked ass

Wow… what an ass! Lily sure can take quite a beating too! She is definitely one of my favorite play partners that I love helping to film for Sarah’s sites and I can promise you that there is plenty more of Lily to come (at AAA, for example in the spoof “Piyo Training series” but to name one): However, check out the free clip below and then go see the site as there are plenty more updates featuring awesome Lily Swan which you can read up about on the extensive tour pages…

[jwplayer mediaid=”43265″]

Click HERE to access the AAA Spanking tour pages


If you just want to download the film as a one time option, check out the stores below!

aaaclipstore aaalibrary600


Bridesmaid Butts

I saw an article recently about a trend that is probably happening right near you at the moment… it would appear that at weddings the customary photos are also being enhanced with a few fun outtakes with the bridesmaids (and bride if she so wishes) revealing their panties or bare butts underneath their dresses. Now I am not a prude, of course… and so I welcome this trend, especially as outdoor weddings right now are the “in thing” with the weather being so nice… so here are a few images to give you an idea of a great distraction before I get back to the business of scouring the interwebs for more fabulous spanking updates and my own news and such 🙂

These girls all deserve such naughty spankings… don’t they? 🙂










canadian-american-flagHappy Holidays everyone, I won’t mention it tomorrow, as most of those in the USA will be setting off fireworks and roasting hogs or some such nonsense this weekend… and of course happy belated “Canada Day” to my colonial cousins from July 1st 🙂 – I feel I may need to apologize over the last video for our #ifwewon tag to my literal American peeps… it would seem some of you take these things WAY TOO LITERALLY (what did I say??? WHAT…. DID…. I… SAY? ) so here is enchanting all round English hawt MILF, Elizabeth Hurley, to do the apologizing for me (or maybe not, lol) –  Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

Lola Marie pees her panties when spanked OTK

As promised, here is the very latest naughty film to be released at AAAspanking.com – not only that, there is a terrific 70 image stills gallery in full size resolution AND nearly 200 video screen images to view and download along with the HD film too! Not bad, I know… and this was a film with a difference, I don’t think I had seen anything like this for a while… sure, girls can pee, some pee when they’re scared… but to actually do the business over my knee at the time of her punishment… tsk tsk, Lola is incorrigible! She claimed I had not listened to her bleating that she needed to go to the loo, never mind the fact she was late for this outdoors punishment where I enjoyed thrashing young ladies when the weather permitted… so you’ll see Lola Marie, in her cute gingham school dress, pee her panties and soak my trousers, her pee got everywhere, right down into my shoes and socks, as well as running down her legs. Shhh, don’t tell her, but I actually enjoyed the sensation of her losing control. WANT TO SEE MORE?


Thought you might, I won’t show you a clip of her peeing, I think that should be for my members only, but I have a decent free clip and some sample images that give you a very good idea of what happened that fateful afternoon! Watch out and don’t give Lola too much bottled water, it quickly comes out the other end, heh heh! 1st images are some sample stills… followed by the official storyline and then some actual screen grabs from the film – there is also a free playable clip at the end of this 1st news update! & remember my memberships are very fair for all the content I make is original to my site only, help support me and I have a fantastic Loyalty Membership option which will remain until Xmas (not the new year), but Xmas week only 🙂

lolacantwait002 lolacantwait005

lolacantwait015 lolacantwait019

lolacantwait024 lolacantwait036

lolacantwait040 lolacantwait044


Lola was late for her outdoor detention punishment at Mr Osborne’s quarters in his private secluded garden where he enjoyed punishing his girls when the weather was nice! He didn’t give her time to make excuses even though she was trying to tell him that she badly needed to go to the toilet. Quickly into her OTK spanking she tried to wriggle off Mr Osborne’s lap before she could no longer hold what she should have expunged earlier… out it came, through her regulation white knickers, all over Mr Osborne’s trousers. He was so shocked that before he had time to properly act, she had completely soaked his right leg from her desperate overdue pee! Lola’s punishment took a turn for the worse after this as she was humiliated further after receiving the carpet beater and 2 different canes before being told to wear her damp, sodden knickers for a final embarrassing session with the cane and his stinging hands across her wet burning cheeks! It’s a quirky and very kinky schoolgirl punishment film that will appeal to lovers of this most naughty bad behaviour!

lolacantwait003 lolacantwait011 lolacantwait023

lolacantwait038 lolacantwait046

lolacantwait083 lolacantwait102

lolacantwait128 lolacantwait143 lolacantwait163

A free clip of  part of Lola’s punishment is below:
If it doesn’t want to play, go to the site tour page and view or download the wmv version there!

To see more or find out about the special membership option, please click the banner below, thank you.



Oops! I have run out of time right now… some friends have arrived and are demanding my attention (and access to my fine wine cellar…)


so I shall have to leave it there today… I hope you enjoyed naughty Lola Marie and her suitably embarrassing and humiliating punishment after daring to piss on my favourite trousers! 🙂

“chin chin” everyone 🙂