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OTK Spanking Special

Last year when I was with Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy, I asked if they would make a film for AAA Spanking in which they would showcase what they do in their private life and at their “amateur” inspired Kitchen Sink Productions clip store (which I like a lot – please do go take a look!) – the result was this video, a real life event leading to real life discipline and an intimate glimpse of their lives opened to us… the viewing public. It’s a voyeuristic peek at their relationship and this is a delightful spanking film, filled with plenty of banter, backchat, plea bargaining and bratty behavior thrown in from Alex. I have to admit, I find particularly bratty situations hard to cope with, personally… as Sarah knows full well! For me, excessive poor pouting behavior leads to heavy implement usage… therefore it is nice to see Paul’s firm but reasoned patient approach… until Alex forces him to up the ante and assert his authority in what was, originally, a maintenance/punishment spanking when Alex would repeatedly lose the keys to their hotel rooms!


Check it out, I think most of you will love this rare glimpse at real couple discipline with partners knowing and testing each others’ limits to how far they can push it before the inevitable spanking punishment takes place. There is also a nice tender aftercare scene at the end too! This update today features some images taken from the video plus a short free instant play preview clip!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41049″]

Losing the Room Keys – starring Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy

roomkey008 roomkey013 spanked on the sofa panties roomkey036 Paul spanks Alex over his knee roomkey044 roomkey050 spanked for real roomkey059 otk spanking spanking spanked and  scolded Alex Reynolds

Alex and Paul took time out from their own private online project “Kitchen Sink Productions” to show us all exactly what they both make at their intimate spanking website that examines their own relationship with much brattiness and eventual contrition from Alex… as well as the loving D/S relationship that Paul has with her. It would be quite obvious to casual observers such as us, in this short film, that we were fortunate enough to glimpse a part of something very real and not contrived with this spanking carried out as a typical and sometimes playful punishment they would do at home or show at their own clips site. This video was made uniquely for AAA to highlight their relationship, in this case with Alex forgetting her hotel room key (again) and the banter that Alex & Paul had as she pouted, tried to reason and hopelessly bargaining with Paul before she got her much deserved bare bottom OTK spanking punishment which we filmed which can now be seen exclusively in our members area!

spanking aftercare


This video is also available as a one time download option
… at the AAA Clips Store

Spanked OTK for losing the room keys

View all videos available for download at the store HERE


You can see more of Paul & Alex’s work at AAA Spanking or for something unique… their amateur inspired Clips Store HERE or via Northern Spanking


The Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston is unaffected by the adverse weather that has been reported recently. The flooding and rainfall has affected Houston but the hotel is situated on elevated land off “The Belt” freeway and access from both airports is not affected. No more extreme weather is forecast although intermittent thunder showers will be on and off throughout the party days, but as the event is mainly INSIDE it will not spoil the enjoyment of what promises to be a fantastic inaugural event!

Full details at the link below for pay on the day guests – see you there! 🙂


Ladies are having all the fun!

I’m out tonight helping a good friend in a fund raising event for his partner who has terminal cancer… he lost his 1st wife to it about 10 years ago and this wonderful lady helped him out of the pits of despair only for her to beat 2 cases of the dreaded “C” before this one will finish her off. She wants to spend time in Vegas to watch her boy get married… they also love Vegas (I understand that) and want it to be their final farewell for her. It is so desperately sad as she is remarkably upbeat and lights up a room with her presence… it helps she is extremely kinky too and I love having conversations with her when half the “vanillas” don’t know! Anyway… better not put this on a downer. I received so many nice comments in mails and feedback from the Clip Store after putting up an old movie never placed there before that I had made with Jean Bradley & Paul Kennedy so I thought it would deserve a little mention here today all on its own. I’ll get back to other regular updates tomorrow!

confessionsIt was an homage to the fun kinky and slapstick films made in the 1970’s in Britain with Robin Asquith in the “Confessions of…” series of films. Obvious ones like a window cleaner getting into all sorts of sexy romps with housewives etc… so we did a kinky one instead. Paul was the Robin Asquith character which was very amusing… and Jean was one of his many horny housewives he’d come across… only this one liked to be spanked too! As Paul remarked on Jean… peering through the window and talking to the cam … Jean was “a right kinky one!” (LOL)

This was also the last series of films that I know of in which Jean Bradley switched and played the sub role… she could take a hell of a thrashing, I’d seen her take a multiple cold caning without breaking a sweat at one of her infamous parties… she’s retired now, of course… somewhere nice in the Spanish Isles. So here’s to Jean and Paul for making a really enjoyable film with some great spanking action in it too! It’s all rather grown up which I kind of like!

I have some short clips from this 25 minute film and some images so you can follow the story… it is available to download at The Clips Store HERE … or in remastered formats at AAAspanking.com 


[jwplayer mediaid=”40551″]

window window2a

[jwplayer mediaid=”40552″]

window2 window2b window2c window3 window3a window3b

[jwplayer mediaid=”40553″]

window3c window4 window4a window4b

[jwplayer mediaid=”40554″]

window5b window5c window5d window6

[jwplayer mediaid=”40555″]

window5aThis is a kinky long play movie at over 25 minutes of good hard fun grown up spanking punishment with a twist! It’s part of a rare & sought after exclusive series of films starring Jean Bradley in one of her last ever submissive roles and you’ll see how this lady loves to switch! In an homage to the cheeky “Confessions of a…” series from the British 1970’s TV & movie series comes our take on that genre that has a chirpy window cleaner (played by Paul Kennedy) talking to the camera about one of his kinky customers he sometimes “has to service” with a good hard spanking as poor Jean can’t get enough of this at home! We’ll see him spy on her, we’ll see Jean getting turned on, spanking herself after watching one of the many downloaded films on her laptop – & then we’ll see Paul get a very happy Jean over his knee for some good old fashioned spanking and playtime with some of her favorite wooden implements! This is a delightfully grown up spanking movie containing authentic, hot, erotic spanking scenes between 2 very consenting adults & lots of bottom rubbing and grinding between naughty playtime kinksters! This is a “Must View!” spanking erotica video with great acting & fantastic spankings as the Brits only know how to do in situations like this!

View the full film here as a one time download

… or check out a reasonable membership option below from the main website

AAA trial membership options


Remember if you’re in Texas at the end of this month… then grab yourself a place at this awesome inaugural spanking event!


Sunday Feature – Dreams of Spanking

Just one site in today’s post, I hadn’t featured Pandora’s excellent site in a while so here are 2 amazing films, one with my good friends Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy at their place in LA… and another featuring an interesting update that Pandora co starred in with her good friend, Adele Haze in an original piece of spank art (more on that in a moment!)

Thanks to harder economic times or just the fact that many of us “rival” producers actually get on when we meet up… we are all collaborating and helping each other far more than say a few years ago. It’s especially true over the past year or so as many more of us working together on shoots can be found socializing at parties and events, either helping out, doing some trade work for each other. This example below sees just that, Paul, Alex and Pandora traded their time to help each other… it’s what I’ve done in the past and sometimes we might hire each other instead. I’m hoping that I can work with Pandora next month when a few of us will meet up in Vegas. That should be fun, it always is. Anyway, I am digressing. I like nothing better than helping out fellow spankos or producers and I know it’s a nice feeling to have that back (example: Paul and I are filming end of this month before we both head back to America) so will be helping each other out – which reminds me I better ask if he needs my lighting and cams… this is how we all work, lol. I do find it amusing to see what the community think of us outside of our little bubble… if only they knew – yet some things should always remain between friends and those we have a lot of time for! I like the suppositions and (often) off the mark guess work I see on Fetlife etc. It’s always nice to meet people at events. Some of them reading this here are members of my site or now just friends because of the parties – thank you!

OK, back to today’s update as I do have a tendency to waffle: Check out Paul & Alex in an edgy film I’d only feel comfortable asking partners to play out and film (as I think Pandora did here) – called “Playing Truant”


“I can do EXACTLY what I like,” explains truant officer Paul Kennedy, as he strips naughty schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, then beats her with a tawse. Cowering from Paul’s harsh, terrifying character, Alex begs him to stop.

Alex’s favorite role-plays often involve non-consent, and very cruel punishments. This one delivers, as the truant officer abuses his authority to make Alex cry out in pain, promising that she’ll do anything if he’ll spare her further lashes with with the tawse.

Dreams-of-Spanking_truant008 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant012 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant024 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant032 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant044 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant048 Dreams-of-Spanking_truant055


Check out a FREE Clip of this punishment HERE

I love asking partners and those who know each other well to play out roles which they might not ordinarily… as you’ll see early next month when I asked them both to roleplay as they’d do at home for my site that they also do together often for their own lovely pet spanking project at Kitchen Sink Spanking Productions – as that also helps highlight their store too!

Another fascinating update just added to DreamsofSpanking.com involves Pandora finding any excuse to spank her friend, Adele, in this canvas/calligraphy spanking special. “Sing, Muse”.

Two topless women are engaged in a sensual game: one plays the canvas and the other the artist. Adele Haze lies on cushions, exposing her breasts and bare back – and it’s the latter that her lover will write on. Pandora Blake uses black ink and a brush to adorn Adele with intricate Greek lettering.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse005 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse012 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse015 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse017 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse030 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse033 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse025

As Pandora’s calligraphy winds around Adele’s gorgeous curves, Adele must stay completely still, hardly breathing to avoid nudging Pandora as she writes her lines. In a Victorian school, ink smudges would mean a punishment for the writer. Here, the responsibility to avoid error falls on the writing surface. Pandora weaves her spell in words, and the magic of the moment mustn’t be broken. For each smudge, Adele will get a stroke of the cane.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse039 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse054 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse058 Dreams-of-Spanking_sing-muse071

See all the very latest films & beautiful photography at Dreams of Spanking



I hope that you are enjoying what remains of the weekend and for most, a return to work again after the Holiday period! Make the most of it before the return to reality once more!


If you haven’t already, don’t forget that there are still 2 categories to vote on in the Spanking Awards. Check the top of the main blog page (at time of writing) to check on Most Improved and Best Site nominations. Thanks.

Playing Spanking Catch Up

StGeorgeFirst of all, I would like to wish all my fellow Englishmen and women a happy St George’s Day – our patron saint and national day that is thankfully starting to be celebrated and not ridiculed by some as some sort of racist thing for daring to fly the St George’s Cross as it could offend muslims or some such rot (seriously!!! some barmy local councils in the past decreed that flying our own national flag… in our own country might be offensive – FOR FUCKS SAKE!) Am I getting annoyed yet? (lol) Well, I get annoyed when I see some English people getting drunk on St Patrick’s Day (nothing really wrong with that, any excuse for a party, I say) but what rankles with me is how some are so clueless about their own national identity and the day that we celebrate it… it really should be a national holiday here in England… I think St Andrews Day in Scotland is celebrated, and I’m not sure about St Davids Day in Wales… but they might have a day off too… but in any “normal” country, the national day is a holiday… right? (Take July, for example: The 1st for Canada, 4th for USA and 14th for France and so on…) These are all national holidays… I know there are many English who are now campaigning for 23rd April to be one too! I am one of them 🙂


Slay that Dragon, St George – & I don’t mean Madame Presidente de Kirchener (haw haw)



& on with the catch up spankings that I have missed, and news of one coming up, even if it involves one of those pesky colonials! However, I’m sure you won’t mind as I get all patriotic and show you some of the best stuff coming out at the English sites today!

English-Spankers.com start by having the most patriotic of names and there’s a double visual treat for you as I missed out their AWESOME and I do mean AWESOME self spanking feature of Kiki Devine last week. This caused me all sorts of unwanted trouser bumpage as you can imagine… and the gorgeous thing really did belt her wet glorious behind as hard as she possibly could!


npp40594033 npp40594054

npp40594049 npp40594059

npp40594067 npp40594075


Spank Cat says: It does not get any hotter than this!  It is just about the most amazing and sexy self spanking video you will ever see. Starring the beautiful Kiki Devine beating herself on her beautiful bare bottom till sit is red and she is in tears, you can’t see the tears as she is in the shower whilst doing this and at the same time stripping  off and showing her amazing body! This top British glamour model had never been beaten this hard and yes… she did it all to herself.


You can check out a FREE Clip of Kiki’s amazing self spanking HERE

& if that wasn’t temptation enough… check out who is there THIS WEEK! One of my favourite English spanking models, Leia Ann Woods… she looks stunning as a maid, and of course, even more so in this latest humiliating punishment courtesy of Mr Stern… images below are from the very latest film out today!

npp5001004 npp5001014 npp5001016

npp5001020 npp5001025

npp5001029 npp5001033

npp5001037 npp5001045 npp5001047

This was what Mr Stern had to say about the latest film: The latest recruit to the Sexy Cleaning Company is Leia Ann Woods and right from the start we knew something funny was going on. She chose a very old fashioned maids outfit with big bloomers as her sexy cleaning clothes and then she did need a lot of persuading before she posed in the sexy way required, bare bottom well on show. Still, it did give us a good reason to give her a real hard over the knee spanking with the bloomers opened to reveal her very spankable bottom.


A free preview of Leia Ann’s spanking and the very latest updates can be seen in more detail HERE


I did a special feature for Northern Spanking at one of my other blogs HERE a few days back (that was a stunning film with 3 very naughty girls getting punished!) & I was really happy to see a film from the vast archives that the good folk at Northern have built up over the years bring us this film of a 1980’s parody (my fave decade) as Nicole Reina gets the deserved spanking and punishment coming to her in “Oh Whatever!” *sch-wiiiing!*

NSI089-NX011 NSI089-NX025

NSI089-NX030 NSI089-NX035

NSI089-NX048 NSI089-NX049


What do you mean there’s more to come??? “What-evvvva!”

NSI089-NX055 NSI089-NX066

& a peruse through the archives on this fine day brings me to a set of images I loved and of course, I think Paul did too – there can never be enough nursing staff punished, especially when they wear such cool uniforms and stockings… here is Ingrid Bose getting the “Kennedy” treatment in this dark and chilling image set I know you will get!

NSI076-IX002 NSI076-IX011

NSI076-IX016 NSI076-IX043

NSI076-IX056 NSI076-IX065

NSI076-IX147 NSI076-IX176

NSI076-IX197 NSI076-IX227

NSI076-IX248 NSI076-IX279

Nursing Manager Paul is so annoyed at nurse Ingrid’s constant lateness that, after several phone calls and no appearance, he decides to pay her a visit in the nursing quarters. Its not a visit Ingrid will forget in a hurry as a result of the furious spanking she receives. Deciding she is not fit to wear the uniform, an incensed Paul then roughly strips Ingrid, first to her panties and then losing even that small scrap of protection, she is paddled very hard indeed!

Enjoy one of my fave sites that I visit often… you will too if you’ve got the spanking bug! CLICK HERE


Now talking of dark and troublesome updates… how about this latest from England’s premier Prison Punishment site, you know…. Bars and Stripes which has Officer Zoe Page using one of the inmates, Xela Chaste for her own amusement! These girls have only themselves to blame as they get treated like dirt and are often punished for no reason other than they can be! Xela performs humiliating exercise routines in this latest episode of “Confrontation” until Miss Page can stand it no longer and thrashes her because she can!

Some info on inmate Chaste: and why she is incarcerated (below)

xela_chaste01 xela_chaste02 xela_chaste03

Sentence: 6 Years Imprisonment
Background information:
Chaste is inside for running a bordello, a rather low brow establishment with illegal imports from foreign shores, in collaboration with a foreign ambassador, who happens to be a personal friend of the Governor. The Governor knows nothing of this so Chaste thinks she has a lever to bend the guards with. She has always been threatening to reveal the names of people who have “turned a blind eye” on her release, including the Governor’s friend and the guards have a suspicion that she has spoken to the journalist who has been allowed access to The Prison to do a feature on Prison life.
So the Prison staff embark on a programme of “retraining” to ensure that she is suitably contrite upon leaving and sympathetic to the establishment. She maintains her arrogant attitude from the outset but finds that maybe she will have to adjust to her life inside rather more compliantly or things will become even more uncomfortable for her. She has been given 6 years to think about things after all…

xela2_confrontation - 047 xela2_confrontation - 054

xela2_confrontation - 063 xela2_confrontation - 074

xela2_confrontation - 084 xela2_confrontation - 087

xela2_confrontation - 099

xela2_confrontation - 106 xela2_confrontation - 110

xela2_confrontation - 113 xela2_confrontation - 118

xela2_confrontation - 131

See what is currently happening to other foolish inmates HERE incl. a fantastic movie update with Irelynn Logeen


& finally news of my update coming out tomorrow sometime tomorrow (I’ll be starting on the uploads and images after I write this post). It stars Joelle Barros, Ok, she’s not English, her roots from the old world are Germanic and her Latina good looks come from Brazil… mix that with the brash New York lifestyle and you’ve got quite a heady volatile spanking cocktail which I really warmed to! I still hope to work with her again and while we were waiting for the other girls to arrive at this particular filmshoot (tardiness… hmmm!!!) she, David Pierson and I filmed this great PJ romp. I deliberately gave her the PJs to put on without saying anything to see if she’d commit the heinous crime of putting them on over her delicate white knickers and I quietly scowled and clenched my fists together (Mystery Spanker style) as she put them on over her panties and bra and I knew EXACTLY what needed to be done as she waited for her punishment… what’s more, she confided in me that the heavy hairbrush was one of her most hated implements…

Hmmm, readers, can you guess what implement I used? Bearing in mind this was her 2nd film of the day? I can tell you this spanking punishment hurt loads… and it showed, but both Joelle and I agreed it looked HOT when we played back some of the raw footage whilst waiting for the other girls to turn up and her yelps and reactions were 100% genuine as she suffered for her art early that day! So here it is! “Joelle’s Hairbrush Punishment!” This will get some of you PJ lovers in a real tizz (or is that jizz? lol)… but fear not, I will also get it out on the Clips Store as soon as I can and I will inform you here when it is – this is going to be a best seller, I can feel it in my water, & I have only had one beer so far today! 🙂


Images below are early and not entirely edited, but I think you get the idea of what is coming!!!
Warning… Joelle is f*cking HOT in those PJs!!!


tarousal11 tarousal11

IMG_6037 IMG_6038

IMG_6042 IMG_6043

IMG_6046 IMG_6049


Coming very soon to AAA Spanking AND the AAA Clips Store!


Happy St George’s Day (what is left of it here in England!)


New Updates from AAA & POV

I’ll have to be brief, I had been editing and updating like a nutter the last few days (this is what comes of doing it all yourself) but I have got you some fantastic new films for you to see and at the main site comes this awesome schoolgirl themed movie with Alex Reynolds as the American exchange student who gets punished in front of a gloating Zoe Page (a prefect learning the craft of detention punishments) and the teacher is none other than Mr Paul Kennedy… I thought you could really do with a rest from my ugly mug for a few weeks! I also can’t help but wonder if I had got my act together sooner, I could have been boarding a plane for the BBW event in Atlantic City this weekend too as I had found out I had time owed… and could just about afford to go (I’d scrimp on a filmshoot somewhere, lol). But alas… that’ll have to be for next year!

So onto the “Exemplary Detention” film, it’s about 18-19 minutes long and is part of a short series that has a fantastic twist in the 2nd part… I won’t let on for now, but when you see part 2… you – WILL – LOVE IT!


Some behind the scenes info on this film: The classroom set was quite cold, despite us having the use of a massive heater, the setting loses heat very quickly (like the schools of old as I recall). Alex… and pretty much most of us (I am never that bothered by the cold, that’s just my quirk, I guess) hurried their lines to get the spanking part done so at least Alex could feel some part of her body warming up!!! Zoe didn’t play in this film, she was an observer… watching and taking notes as to how to properly punish a girl in detention… so have a thought for poor Zoe who was rather skimpily dressed, as you will see! Below are some images taken from the film followed by some actual screen shots of the film so you can clearly see what will happen to the naughty exchange student  (Alex).

ex_detention05 ex_detention08

ex_detention10 ex_detention11

ex_detention17 ex_detention22

Wondering what the wine bottles, cigar humidor (and there are also several LARGE chocolate bars) as well as all those nasty implements are doing there? The official blurb doesn’t state why they are there but the reason is because Alex had stolen these items from the staff room as the teachers had a party planned (apart from the implements, they are there for “educational” purposes for Zoe) – I won’t tell you how they found out…. needless to say, Alex was well and truly rumbled and had what was coming for all her lies!


Some screen shots below of the action too… I really liked the way this film came out in the end and it was one of my faves of the day… I guess Alex just “loves” to play bad bratty schoolgirls!


ex_detention018 ex_detention034

ex_detention066 ex_detention075 ex_detention095

ex_detention114 ex_detention120


ex_detention173 ex_detention187

The official storyline: Alex Reynolds was the subject for prefect Zoe Page’s study on how to carry out the perfect detention as shown by Mr Kennedy. This was needed in the absence of teaching staff due to ongoing Education cuts to teacher funding at the school. Alex was a complex subject for Zoe to observe as this American Exchange Student tried every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence! This would be no simple spanking punishment, as Zoe had secretly hoped it wouldn’t be… Miss Reynolds’ lies & her refusal to own up when she had the chance saw to that! So her regulation panties were removed then she received various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare, quivering bottom in the cold austere classroom. This would include the heavy punishment hairbrush, a thick leather strap & a painful wooden paddle (to make her feel at home). Zoe watched eagerly taking notes as the punishment unfolded so she could step in if needed whenever Mr Kennedy decided to leave the room. This is a special long play 2 part detention series of student Alex Reynolds & we know you will enjoy this! See what happened in this schoolgirl spanking film with a true authentic, depressing classroom setting!

You can see a Special 45 second clip of this on the front page of the site HERE



Over at POVspanking.com I have added some more film clips, but i promised to show you what we were doing so you get the idea… here is a clip of Alex, in her dropseats pleading and then accepting her punishment in a purely POV style. then you’ll see the action later ion clip 2, just click on the images and the files should play, I didn’t have time to turn them into flash movies for now and they won’t play on mobile devices using Android anyway!

Clips are reduced in size/quality from original HD-MP4 versions but still play well at wmv 960×540…



I’m not going to give it all away, of course… but you can see our intentions, I hope! this is just one perspective we have plenty more planned! There are also some nice close up spankings such as the latest film I have uploaded yesterday that stars Danielle Hunt splayed out over some lucky person’s lap… images below for your pwerusal… these films are only available via POVspanking.com


dani02 dani03 dani04


See all the latest films at POVspanking.com


Oh… and I know this is a spanking blogs and I try to keep news or politics out of it (believe it or not) but my heart goes out to all those affected by the terrible tragedy at the Boston marathon… this is something this world can do without and I hope the perpetrators are caught! That is all…

News from the AAA Filmshoot

What a thoroughly enjoyable and hard working couple of days I have had with our first film shoot this year… yup, March already and finally I got round to producing more content at last… and I hope that what we produced you will all thoroughly enjoy as much as we did making it. As I had mentioned, I had American model, Alex Reynolds do a double shoot with me and Paul from Northern Spanking, ably assisted by Miss Zoe Page who was absolutely fantastic on both days.

I have some images and behind the scenes info from the shoot and how things worked out over the 2 days and what we got up to! Just in case you ever wondered… like! The filmshoot was in Derbyshire… the weather at this time of year was not the best and a tad chilly, Paul had booked us all to stay in a guest house a few miles from the film studio and I was the 1st there so I quickly abused the B&B’s wireless connection and perused a few blogs and my Tumblr account, which was aimless fun! Paul and Zoe travelled up together and picked up Alex on the way from Stansted airport as she had just come back from Holland from a 2 day spanking shoot we only knew about at the last minute (I’ll admit I was rather concerned) since we had made the booking far in advance and this meant Alex would now be working 4 days on the trot with lots of travel and no breaks in between… hardly ideal for most girls as this can be rather debilitating, but Alex was rather more resilient than me… as I’m an old git and can hardly take my drink nowadays! Hopefully she should be recovering after all this travel at one place now, staying with Pandora Blake in London allowing her time to  properly settle down before they next work together.


This image summed up the fun day I had with Alex on my shoot – “naughty bear!” *tee hee*

However, I’ll let you know how it went on day one from my fading memory… and I’m sure Alex will be writing about her days so far so you should be able to see what was her perspective HERE

When everyone arrived, we had a chat, this was my 1st time meeting Alex… and we had a few glasses of vino, as you do…. until the wee hours before retiring to bed. We had a hearty cooked breakfast (which our B&B hostess didn’t like the girls leaving some of it on the plate… to my amusement) and we set off to the studio on a cold foggy morning. The 1st film on Paul’s day was a fantastic barn scene with some amazing hay bales and Zoe was the spoilt rich kid whose parents owned the stables and every other thing like the horses… Alex played the hapless poor girl who only wanted to ride the horse (was he called Monty… after the cute ginger tom B&B cat? I can’t remember) anyhoo… Zoe hammed it up beautifully… and frighteningly… with Alex accepting her lot and her spanking over her jodhpurs… and of course… on the bare! I had to laugh as Paul and I sighed relief when we saw that Alex’s bottom wasn’t as badly marked as it may have been from continual play and filming… she’s a tough cookie, lady & gents! This was a very pervy and a great start to the day and I know this film will be a big hit with members at Northern when this comes out! I don’t have too many images of scenes, but I do have some behind the set images of the next few movies… Zoe was also mad stills camera lady as you’ll see and Paul shot a few schoolgirl scenes, one with Alex wearing authentic gym school knickers (the retro ones are expensive!) – It’s funny but we both enjoyed working in the huge white infinity area at the studio… a nice way to start and a clean background set with no distractions other than the hapless subject (Alex!)


IMG_6877 IMG_6881 IMG_6885

The below image is taken on my camera and is part of an extensive scene that I should get to Paul for his esteemed members 🙂


The studio also had a bedroom set which was used with Alex getting told off for fighting at school, shaming Paul’s “non specific male authoritian figure” that he had no alternative but to thrash her for her continued misbehaviour! The film studio set up the school classroom set and you’ll see some of these from my own shoot images I have for you. naturally we both filmed here a lot and you can never have too many schoolgirl themed spanking films… can you? I have a few images below which I took from my phone but you’ll get the idea!

20130308_122404 20130308_132623

Alex has an amazing wardrobe… lots of plaid skirts and authentic American style uniforms which I don’t often get to film on girls… One thing that we suffered from over the 2 days there was the cold, it’s a great place but…. “brrrr!” it was chilly and I typically had to be there on a cold few days… they have a massive gas heater which is for warming up sets and is fantastic… but the heat soon disappears as the roof is the sort of industrial unit corrogated type, not designed for being a film studio (they’re addressing that), check out the awesome heaters they use below as Paul and Alex warmed up previous to one of my films on my day 🙂

IMG_7298 IMG_7299

So the first day came to an end and then the fun of finding somewhere to drink and eat began… luckily the place we were at had plenty of pubs and eateries (apparently a good tourist spot when the weather is nice!) so we weren’t disappointed, after several beers (and spritzers for the ladies) we went to another pub which was quite busy (things were starting to blur by then and a bit hazy!) and then retired to the B&B and carried on drinking and gossiping about this and that as we might do… only we woke up the landlady… we were the only guests – oops! Time for bed. I hadn’t scripted my day’s shoot, this was possibly my most scatterbrained one yet… I of course had ideas and what I wanted, I just hoped that I could articulate them enough on the day through any foolish possible hangover…

Alex Reynolds will be coming to Northern Spanking very soon!


DAY 2 – Triple A Shoot

Breakfast had just the guys turn up as the girls wanted “5 more mins in bed” – we weren’t spared breakfast lady’s request if we didn’t like anything to let her know so we wouldn’t waste anything she had cooked and a “polite” reminder that breakfast was by 9am for the girls if they were not coming. I ate my breakfast, as delicious as it was with lots of fresh coffee and felt good… tired, but ready to go. Warming up the filmset, I decided to use the white infinity set first for a few films including a new project I can’t write about here (if  Alex does, then cool) but I don’t want to bore you with that just yet. I always try to do an introductory film and got Alex dressed in a casual outfit, a contrasting orange t-shirt and jeans. It was a good length OTK film and I forgot just how hard on my own hands a spanking over jeans could be… damn, I soon put a stop to that and got Alex to remove those, lol!


Above. Alex on the 1st spanking film of the day and below, my PJ and naughty bear film (in case you were wondering what the hell that image was at the start of this post today) We did have a giggle over naughty bear’s penchant for spanking ladies! Anyway, Zoe was a perfect little spoilt princess who couldn’t handle the fact that Alex’s dropseats were nicer than her “jim-jams”. Remember the images I’m showing here are largely unedited so if there are things stuck in them, it’s because I haven’t gotten around to cropping them out etc… all that takes time and i am waffling as it is!

IMG_7091 IMG_7100 IMG_7106

A defiant schoolgirl and another horrible uncle type figure whacking her into shape (yup, me) in the scene below as Alex had refused to go to bed early from being sent home from school for smoking… the stern austere room should have had reminders of spanking implements in them but she had hidden them away and hadn’t got dressed into her scratchy nightshirt… needless to say, I wasn’t impressed, and found the hidden implements and introduced a few more decorations to her room for daring to remove the bed covers and replace them with a gothic black one! Will these girls ever learn? (I hope not, heh heh!)


More warming up sets and such and it was time for lunch… Alex had learnt a few new words over the course of her stay with us… such as derogatory words for ladies like “slapper” (from me) …and “slag” (from Zoe!) and the word “cob” which is a northern word as it’s not that familiar to me either, meaning a sandwich roll… or “bap” – which I explained to Alex could also mean a girl’s breast! By the time she returns to America… she’ll have all this “Limey-lingo” sorted!

IMG_7175 IMG_7176 IMG_7182

Some schoolgirl themes for me in the afternoon… with a great 2 part film, one with teacher Mr Kennedy… aghast at the attempted theft of the staff room chocolate (incl. 5 humungous 390g bars of delicious Galaxy chocolate, cigars in a humidor and fine wines by Alex, the American exchange student… Zoe was there as head prefect to learn how to discipline the girls! At the end of film one, Alex is left snivelling in the corner with her red bottom on display and Zoe is given permission to punish her if she dares to rub it better whilst Mr Kennedy is called away from the detention session.


Hmmm, can you guess what happens? Zoe is the perfect prefect bitch… a nasty piece of work as you’ll discover in due course! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable 2 part story, both parts are quite long so I hope fans of Paul, Alex and Zoe will enjoy this… I can’t wait to see the results!

I had asked Alex to bring her authentic girl scout uniform with her in a battle of the Atlantic “Guides v Scouts” – Zoe was once again at her pervy best in this unmissable girl on girl spanky fest with some rather hard use of the crop and lots of attention paid to little madam Zoe! Mm mmm!


The desks used were scrawled in graffiti… VANDALISM!
Can you see Alex’s scrawlings below? If I’d have known this it would have been another excuse to spank her!

IMG_7248Not sure if I have missed out any films as this is from memory and what I have quickly found on my phone… we did do other films with Alex such as the “Wheelbarrow” spanking (both me AND Zoe doing this) as well as my pet project early on which both I and Alex struggled with, but with experience I will become more adept at directing and leading this… I would like to think by the time we did films 2 and 3 of that series that we were getting that quality across! (I’m such a tease, aren’t I?)

Below was the final film… sadly I couldn’t do my judicial punishment scene, after 4 days of spankings, the travel, being in a foreign and strange land far from home, it must have been a little daunting for Alex, which of course made me feel like crap as she got upset thinking I was going to hammer the hell out of her (if you saw the set and the costume I had for her, I think I’d have been a little intimidated). I probably didn’t articulate this well enough (tiredness and the delayed hangover kicking in) so I offered to do a few stills sets at the end of the day but Alex was happy to do a more traditional and loving domestic spanking film instead of the austere judicial set. As it turned out, I really enjoyed making this film and look forward to seeing it as Alex didn’t have to do this film… but she felt that she wanted to. Bravo Alex… I am sure I will meet up with you again later this year and thank you for making some fantastic films for both me and Paul! It was a real pleasure!


I should be getting out one of the films we made with Alex the week after next as I have already got our planned new film update for this week (and that is with another american cutie) Ashley Graham – I promise you won’t want to miss that one! Hope you enjoyed this rather more detailed “A life in the day of” (a producer in this case) – I’m sure Alex will have something to say on her excellent blog HERE when she has a chance to catch up!


Check out what is coming soon from above and going to be out later this week at AAAspanking.com


New AAA Spanking Preview

I was up late last night getting together my latest film release and although it was late, I did what I had promised and got it out on Wednesday (as advertised) despite me having a full day elsewhere and being completely shattered… so I hope those of you who are already members at AAA Spanking will appreciate the effort these things require. I particularly liked this film as it had 2 characters comfortable with each other able to ad lib and play out a good bickering, argumentative couple for a good old fashioned over the knee domestic discipline spanking! I hadn’t seen this film for ages and playing it back to ensure all was OK, I had to chuckle at some of the things Leia had bought on poor Paul’s credit card… as well as other things which would induce further rage from him like getting their one and only car resprayed a horrible girly colour… and so on. The spanking punishment Leia got for this was entirely appropriate (and justified if this had happened to me, I’d have placed my missus in stocks and would expect the divorce lawyers to come knocking later… heh heh!)

This film was one of the last from my very first film shoot (I think there may be one more to come) that I ever produced… I still can not thank Leia (and Pandora for that matter) for coming in at such late notice as I had intended to hire them at a later date once I was a little more comfortable with the producing side of things, however, when I had originally planned a whole week’s filming for virtually every girl NOT to turn up… it was a big learning curve that week… and of course also a massive “thank you” again to Paul Kennedy and Jean Bradley from that very first shoot for helping to retrieve something from what would have been an absolute disaster. I have come a long way from those innocent days… so as I show one of the final films, I hope you enjoy what was an impromptu and unscripted lighter moment that actually turned out to be a really good OTK spanking film! I hadn’t filmed this personally as I was upstairs filming Pandora getting spanked by Jean – CLICK HERE FOR THAT REMINDER – So when I viewed the final edit, it would be the same as you guys as I had no idea at the time what had been filmed apart from when I got downstairs, they were all giggling, smiling and buzzing from “a good little film” they had made! I hope you like this as much as I did when I first saw it! 🙂








Check out the FREE HD Preview Clip CLICK HERE

You’ll get to see Leia, Pandora and many other naughty ladies get a rather deserved punishment or 5!


Back later with the other site updates and news… I’m off out to get my hair cut – such excitement, eh?

Multiple updates at AAAspanking

OK, I’m running out of time, I have been updating and uploading a ton of stuff with a painfully slow connection today which is making me go “GRRRR!” But it is now up and there are 2 new movies added which will cover everyone while I am away! I suppose if your membership runs out tomorrow and you see this you’d better get busy, eh? (lol) “Oh… and why are you leaving me?” *sniff*

So here they are, I’ll start with what you can see on the front page of the site as I haven’t updated both films there… the one you can see is with Kami Robertson getting a rather hard OTK spanking across some rather inappropriate night wear… tsk! Time for a thrashing, methinks!

Check out the images below of Kami’s OTK punishment. *swoon*

You can see a good hard spanking clip of Kami from this film – CLICK HERE

& in the other film, as I said, it stars Jean Bradley as a naughty grown up nurse who should know better… it was one of our 1st ever films we made and those who will view it will see we had some fun making it, as well as getting Jean’s bum EXTREMELY sore!!! (Thank you, Mr Kennedy!) An image set taken from the film can be seen below:

As well as these 2 new films which are out at the same time (because I am going away next week) members will be able to see the complete parts to one of my fave films I did with Leia, the “Cakeboy” film.


Unfortunately that is all I can post right now, my internet connection… for what it is, is completely shagged, it has been playing up all day, I am hopeful of getting you one last mega industry update tommorow before I leave on Monday so until then, as I hope this is only a temporary glitch, come back on Sunday for more global spanking goss and biz!


Just to note: Yes, I’m going away for a well earned rest, no laptop, computer, decent phone connection… just me and Er Indoors, off to the remote French Alps to see family, their internet connection is crap (Skype is difficult at best of times) so I am treating this as a complete break from a screen as I need to or I’ll become deranged! Hope you understand, I doubt I will be able to view my gmail account either, though I may try to… I have also been planning a big film shoot for the end of the month, new faces hopefully and some 1st timers… so I will be looking forward to that!

Back tomorrow (as I said) hopefully.

Sunday Spanking Galleries

This really is a quickie today as I have been away… and guess what! My internet connection has been playing up again… bloody f*%king BT! But being stuck out in the rural countryside, us folks are the worst off… even my mother has a faster connection than me (in the city) and she’s useless at going online… it’s so frustrating, so while I harass the BT engineering line again and ask them if this problem is finally resolved for my area (I have access at the mo) here are some quick gallery updates from around t’internet for your perusal and viewing pleasure. I’m starting with my site first (‘cos I can) as I have just added some new galleries there and some of them look bloody good if I don’t say so myself 🙂

Just click on the images for the galleries and if you want to see free preview clips from any of the following click on the links below each section – OK, enough of me waffling on… onto the spanking mayhem!






As the last 2 featured Sarah Gregory, please do go check out her own stuff below which is… as always, fun, original and damned good!






Ok, that’s it, short n sweet, but I want to at least make sure this goes up today 🙂
Have a good ‘un!

Spankings that WILL NOT turn you to stone (just give you wood)

Hello everyone, I’ve been offline for a few days but am back so here’s what I have been taking a look at recently, including many new updates and my own little insight into the various spankings you’ll see, so hope you like it! Right, no more of my waffle today, let’s get straight onto the spankings and here’s a startling one that I always look forward to when new mistress/spankee… Azul at Punishedbrats.com takes charge of Angelina (these 2 look FANTASTIC together) and I am always in awe of Azul’s dreadlocks… she reminds me of Medusa… but fortunately a good looking Medusa who won’t turn me into stone if I dared look at her:

This is not Azul… but she could easily take part in “Clash of the Titans”
imagine being spanked then turned to stone – yikes!

Angelina Summoned – Mistress Azul received word that Angelina was late to the studio. Angelina admits to oversleeping and tries to push the blame on Azul for not waking her up. The dance mistress decides to give the girl a wake up call in responsibility and delivers a painful hairbrush spanking to the lithe dancer’s bottom.




MORE films and a FREE Preview of these 2 “in action” can be found only at Punishedbrats.com



A new Sarah Gregory update is released today at AAAspanking.com and I’m sure that those that LOVE girls punished in their PJ’s will just love this one as Sarah gets her very first Dropseat Spanking thanks to Uncle Paul – over his lap and spread out on her bed with her ass held high in the air and in the diaper position… she is thrashed at bedtime when he catches her eating a chocolate bar. I loved making this film and you’ll love the way Sarah brats and complains as her fantastic bottom is given the hairbrush for her continuing sass and cheeks until she is left blubbering! The images below are the actual HQ images that members can now download and the movie and the accompanying video images etc will follow later! Hope you like, there’s some excellent films of Sarah at this site now! (and plenty more to come)




You can see MORE of sarah’s films she made exclusively with AAAspanking HERE


Another of my favorites had her ongoing punishment at FirmHandSpanking.com (“which fave are you on about?” I hear you gasp!) That would be Adrienne Black… with her beautiful blonde locks, she looks an absolute joy to spank… so it is with begrudging respect that I gibe Mr Reed here as he continues to spank Adrienne in her latest movie release HERE *sigh*




Seriously HOT otk spankings are ALWAYS guaranteed at Firmhandspanking with some of the hottest girls thrashed for our obvious viewing pleasure! Adrienne has a massive archive of films now at this site and can only be found HERE

Adrienne Black – one of the prettiest girls with possibly the longest legs in spanking!!!


More fruits of Clare’s recent labors at the Shadowlane Party was shooting some “authentic” hooker hotel room films shot in Vegas (of course) for her Spankedcallgirls.com site and this is a stunning debut for Snow Mercy’s friend, Sophia Locke… who plays hooker babe, Miranda!

Sophia Locke plays Miranda, one of Clare’s new girls who is a hard worker, smart, pretty and sweet- just the kind of girl Madam Clare likes. Unfortunately for her, Clare is out of town and Lana has been left to get Sophia started. Sophia is just Lana’s type as well cause she loves to spank round bottoms. Once she sees what a good little slut Sophia is with her panties stuffed in her mouth, Lana cannot resist caning her until the implement breaks. Lana just could not help herself and she had to keep punishing Sophia’s bare bottom! This is a stunning debut on Spanked Callgirls for both ladies with a hot scene caning scene (probably one of the hardest I’ve seen) that pushed Sophia’s limits.





I have to warn you this was seriously one of the best updates I have seen at Spankedcallgirls – find out why HERE


Over at the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate – the switching and spanking mayhem continues with Clare’s exclusive girl, gorgeous Mary Jane and my ultimate spanking crush, Kay Richards (don’t ask my why, but she is just the most spankable thing around in my opinion) – For your info, I provide myself my own “Trouser Arousal” warnings when it comes to watching a naked and dishevelled Kay get a spanking, lol!

Mary Jane spanked by a naked Kay (loving her lovely bouncing breasts too!)

Mary Jane arrives withtout notice to ask her cousin Madison if she can stay at her apartment. She is here to become a model. She walks in without knocking and discovers a naked Kay doing dishes. Kay decides to teach Mary Jane how things are done around here and spanks her hard for barging in, spanking her through a phone call with Mary Jane’s new modeling agent. The larger Mary Jane overpowers Kay and returns the hard spanking.




See more of Kay and friends at this spanking soap opera in the free galleries below
(these are the most recent films including a rare Clare & Sierra Salem update!!)


You can check out more of the episodes HERE and remember that this site is one of the chosen few that you can use to view via Clare’s best value CLAREFONDAPASS which I now ALWAYS recommend as it represent best value (if you’ve got the hard drive space!)

OK, this was short and sweet today, hope you find something you like and I will be back soon, of course. Chief.

Sarah’s 1st Authentic English Discipline

I’m in a rush so will get this out as fast as I can (gotta go meet a couple of sellers of some cars I have seen advertised) and if I have time when I get back later I’ll upload more updates from elsewhere but I have just seen the entire edited film (a big thank you to our hard pressed and often undersung editor who got this to me last night). The wait for the 1st film was definitely worth it! I had teased you with some images of Sarah in her St Trinians style uniform, now you can see the 22 minute movie that this came from! Just check HERE or click on the image below for the 1st show images of Sarah that I had posted previously if you’ve missed them already. Those that like to see brats punished in school uniforms…. “yikes, you’re in for a real treat!”

This film has Sarah bratting oh so beautifully as I knew she would! Paul Kennedy played the hard pressed Headmaster… who you’ll see reading some, ahem… what I can only describe as “educational corporal punishment” material (nothing erotic there, of course!) before Sarah is told to come in when she knocks on his Office Door! Nice publication, Mr Kennedy! *cough*

If you’d like to see a short free preview of this spanking film and the way Sarah behaves when she is spanked, then just click HERE or on the image of the scene below and you’ll be able to view this Wmv clip! the full explanation of the film is available on that page too! I do hope you enjoy this film as we did making it, this was the first of around 3 or 4 schoolgirl films we did of Sarah which you’ll be seeing soon over the coming months (remember you can catch a glimpse of what she filmed with us on a previous post I made HERE). Sarah’s films will compliment our other usual updates… and I’d just like to say a big “thank you” to both Sarah and Paul for helping make some great films with us!

A couple of screen images from the movie are below – you can download & see the full film HERE

All the latest updates and films from our networks are below:

Hot Tub Spankings

OK, as I promised you yesterday… here is the latest film to be released at AAAspanking.com and it’s one I’ve had in line for sometime, I was going to delay it a little longer but I’m impatient so wanted to let the members share in the fun with Pandora Blake & Leia-Ann Woods. & what’s more… the bonus is I’m not in it (“yay”, I hear you cry!) and it has Paul Kennedy & Jean Bradley dishing out the discipline instead and together they are a formidable pair… there’s a full explanation and 2 video formats to view (the HD-MP4 file is far better, a clearer resolution & members can download this full movie file) on the HOME PAGE HERE (or click on the image below)

OK, you’ll see there is a full explanation of the movie on the home page, but of course you’ll get to see some movie images here first, along with some behind the scenes memories and additional images you won’t find anywhere else! This was the last movie that Pandora filmed with us and the girls had been eyeing up this Hot Tub from the moment they had arrived earlier in the day! I had mentioned that there was a Hot Tub so hoped that they’d find it fun to do a scene in it… I wasn’t disappointed… Anyone will tell you that it’s a great way to relax and unwind… bubbles are soothing,  which was just as well because having your wet bottom spanked can be super ouchy! Thankfully I spared the girls (and yourselves) the full horror of Chief disrobing and enjoying a dip… I did that later without any cameras. So take a peek at some images and I’ll continue with a behind the scenes memories.

Leia got a tongue lashing & spanking off Jean Bradley in her own inimitable way as Pandora looked on… just as we started filming, it started to rain heavily overhead, the hot tub area was covered but it didn’t stop me and one of the cam guys getting a bit of a soaking, I had to hide nearby and direct the film as the lighting seriously changed and we were actually running out of time as the girls had trains to catch back to London later that evening. I hadn’t bargained on the skies darkening so heavily and we only had one “daylight” from one direction and couldn’t use any others unless one of us fancied a spot of electrocution in the wet… but despite the severe constraints (the actual filming area was really tight) I have to heap praise on our editor, Neil, for the MP4 version which he played around with recently and that version is so much better despite the poor lighting. What members WILL see though is Pandora getting a real stinging spanking off both Jean & then Paul… and whether she was acting or not, I don’t know as she seemed to be really wincing, either way, I think it was the latter and that must have hurt after a full day’s filming. I’d once again like to say thanks to Pandora for making those scenes look convincing, I don’t think much acting was required for that as anyone having their wet bottom thrashed will testify to the fact it hurts like hell!

I haven’t mentioned Paul or Jean’s excellent contribution to not only this film but the entire film shoot, this was our first ever time filming and after my disastrous very first day where we had a complete no show from 3 models (unbelievable… you live and learn, though) it ended on a high, thankfully… and although I am sure we’d have done many things differently now, I am still proud of the way we coped that week and this was a feel good film that had a slightly different feel to it and of course after we stopped filming the girls got back in the tub finished their wine and got themselves ready for the trip back to London!

Below are some extra images that will not be found anywhere else as they are for this blog… I took a few images of the girls enjoying themselves after we wrapped up the day’s filming 🙂

See the many exclusive films that are shown at AAAspanking.com of both Pandora & Leia!