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A Humiliating Schoolgirl Spanking


Don’t you just love it when you’re almost all done and caught up with uploads and such that your Internet connection, through no fault of your own, should suddenly cut out? Not only that, but for nearly 24 hours too? Apparently my ISP had a major meltdown, much to the disgust of us customers… it affected not just a few streets, but several large cities. Annoying to say the least (I said in a mocking understated way… even though I felt like Gordon above and was really REALLY pissed off!). What’s more, my ISP won’t admit to what actually went wrong. At least I’m back online, I suppose. I was charged with updating the affiliate side of a few sites and couldn’t – until now.

The first is from AAAspanking.com and that is the only one I can show you in this post… but “boy” what a post it is. Lily Swan makes a welcome return to this site in a really hard hitting hand spanking, leather paddling and strapping schoolgirl punishment with a twist. She got caught peeing outdoors (hmmm, ok, I hear you say) well, take a look at the images and the awesome free clip and decide for yourselves. It’s a good little film and it is out in full HD1080 right now for members.

The Punishment Room – starring Lily Swan

Lily Swan takes a piss outside

Lily Swan was one of those persistently naughty school girls who always felt that the rules didn’t apply to her. The morning’s lessons had just finished yet when she felt the need to go pee Lily couldn’t wait until she got home… or even rush to the bathroom before she left. Oh no, she had to do it when she felt like it on the new gravel path around the back of the school, a short cut many people used. Perhaps she liked the thrill of being caught? Well, that was precisely what happened when she had just finished her “business” one of her Head of Year teachers walked around the corner to see that she had desecrated the footpath. His fury meant that she got ear pulled and marched to the school’s “Punishment Room” – a place she knew well, and was feared by all the girls. It was a last resort room full of horrible nasty implements and straps. Lily was placed on a spanking bench and her filthy panties cut off to expose her naked bottom. Her spanking was just evident from yet more poor behavior at home, which was why this time she’d have no dignity or panties to protect her modesty. She was given a hard hand spanking & with a leather paddle before being told she would have to go back & clean the path of her filthy indiscretions with bleach

caught peeing outside by Sir punishmentroomzz019 punishmentroomzz026 cutting her panties punishmentroomzz043 punishmentroomzz045 spanked and exposed spanking a schoolgirl paddled ass spanking her hard punishmentroomzz082 punishmentroomzz087 spanking and paddling punishmentroomzz093 punishmentroomzz099 spanking bench punishmentroomzz103 punishmentroomzz106 bare sore spanked ass

Wow… what an ass! Lily sure can take quite a beating too! She is definitely one of my favorite play partners that I love helping to film for Sarah’s sites and I can promise you that there is plenty more of Lily to come (at AAA, for example in the spoof “Piyo Training series” but to name one): However, check out the free clip below and then go see the site as there are plenty more updates featuring awesome Lily Swan which you can read up about on the extensive tour pages…

[jwplayer mediaid=”43265″]

Click HERE to access the AAA Spanking tour pages


If you just want to download the film as a one time option, check out the stores below!

aaaclipstore aaalibrary600


Spanking & Panty Wetting

Katie wet and soiled her panties

Katie the schoolgirl temptressPanty wetting and spanking have always been somewhat intertwined (in my opinion) from the days of a nervous person facing a punishment or a bratty girl having fun to “piss off” Sir and so on… it was a fascination for me ever since I remember spanking one of my old girlfriends many years ago and she just peed herself all over my lap and started laughing and apologizing. I’m not one to fuss over such silliness… it just made us both laugh and wonder what other “weird” shit we were both into at the time… which was a pleasant exploration (but that is a long time ago and another story). Now it also happened to be that she was a natural “squirter” well before the so called phenomenon is around nowadays on the interwebz as more and more pornographers look for realistic and diminishing niches in which to thrill and amaze us all with. I remember back in the day she felt strange and upset but I liked it and could see this wasn’t piss and told  her if was a “gift” rather than a hindrance (pity that ATVOD in the UK seem to think it is, ignorantly) – anyhoo, before I digress massively… I do admit to getting turned on seeing a girl wet her panties, especially in a punishment scenario… so when Katie and I discussed a schoolgirl storyline where she’d pee herself with worry and fright, she was game… she wanted to do this and we waited to do this as the last movie of the day and she didn’t go to the toilet once and just drank lots (I mean LOTS!) of water that day until she was bursting! Just how much she’d break that seal we were all to discover as I have NEVER seen a girl pee so much before on camera!

katie's little accident - spanking film preview

Katie Brown looks all innocent (kind of) before her pee and punishment film begins!

So this is the latest new video update that members at AAA Spanking can see right now… Katie Brown, dressed as a (rather admittedly sexy) schoolgirl given a punishment at home and while she waits for the discipline to begin pee uncontrollably for near on 2 minutes non stop! Now I and cameraman Dodgy Dave remember this well as it was his kitchen and instead of filming outdoors (it was already dark by this time) we filmed it inside thinking a little pee on the floor… no problem, clean and disinfect that and move on… oh no! Katie just peed and peed and peed… it was almost exhausting to watch and I thought about the electrics and just how much pee was coming out it as it got that bad!!! Check out the clip below and you’ll see the beginning of this epic pee-pee-athon!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41151″]

Here’s some behind the scenes info, we filmed this and then cut, took some stills and then spent over 30 minutes clearing up the mess and thoroughly cleaning it before the punishment scene. the things we do for our art, eh?

Katie Brown about to be spanked

Below are some more of those pee pee scenes taken from the HD1080 video

pissing her panties piss puddle soiled panties taking of her pee soaked panties

wet panties spanking spanking spanked wooden paddle punishment spanking worried schoolgirl before more spankings schoolgirl spanking katie gets a spanking and paddling hand spanking wooden paddle spanking

Katie had been spanked at school earlier that day for multiple behavioral infractions so she was nervous about a decision she took with her additional home punishment when it was revealed that she had not learnt one of her lessons by deliberately wearing bright pink panties as continued defiance of strict rules. This had infuriated John and he told her to wait in the kitchen whilst he went off to find some harder implements of correction. Poor Katie was so worried and badly needed to relieve herself but she just lay over the table in pure fright, unable to move… and then peed uncontrollably. Her panties were soaked and the floor was a pool of shame! This was the appalling sight that greeted John on his return. His disbelief at this shameful act only meant that Katie got to feel leather and hard wooden paddles across her cheeks after her soiled panties were removed. To add to her discomfort and embarrassment, she had to clean the vast pool of shame she had created and the entire kitchen before being sent to bed early.

Check out more spanking action of Katie (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41166″]

katie has her skirt lifted for a spanking bathbrush backhand wooden paddle feeling her spanking spanked with the bathbrish schoolgirl leather strapping

Don’t forget that you can see the full film in glorious HD1080 HERE

This video update comes with over 150 screen images & over 100 high quality stills!

Katie arches her freshly spanked bottom

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Don’t forget that you can also view this video in full as a one time download (below)

Katie's Accident peeing and spanking

View ALL HD1080 films incl. MORE of gorgeous Katie in rare and unusual erotic spanking scenarios from the popular AAA Clips Store option HERE

AAA Spanking clip store previews


If you liked this… you’ll LOVE the new film coming out later this week starring Lily Swan & Joelle Barros in the return favor spanking/orgasm film, no gentlemen in sight as these 2 young ladies get it on and Lily returns the favor to Joelle giving her a terrific spanking induced orgasm… oh my! #TrouserArousal is set at maximum!

Coming very soon this week to AAA Spanking & The Clips Store

coming soon to AAAspanking

St George’s Day Spankings – Part 1

To all my fellow Englishmen and women – Happy St George’s Day wherever you are in the world. It’s not something we English really celebrate overtly, sadly the overly PC yoghurt knitters had instilled in us not to fly the flag or upset others who aren’t “English” or born in England which I find odd (most immigrants are hard working and I would argue WANT to stay in England so surely they’d celebrate with the indigenous population too?) Just more nonsense from the Nanny State, of course! Anyway, I won’t be derailed, it’s just a spanking blog, after all (LOL). So to those in England, ex pats and Anglophiles – we celebrate today with 2 posts, it’s late here so this first one shows the most recent addition now out at AAA Spanking – and later today I will update the blog with some gloriously English updates from other sites!


St George’s Day – April 23rd
St George is the patron saint of England – represented by the Red Cross of St George


Meanwhile… Mandie Rae makes a welcome return to AAAspanking.com as a very naughty schoolgirl – her behavior is totally out of control – so much so she is punished on almost a daily basis and that isn’t working! The latest outrage, was discovered by Mr Osborne, concerned that an animal had been stuck in the yard and marking its territory by peeing… however, he discovers it’s NOT a stray animal making the continual mess, but Mandie – it was her who had been peeing behind the sheds! She has gone too far this time… so this short sharp shock film deals with how her punishment was carried out swiftly but she had to learn to avoid this type of behavior and to associate it with humiliation and shame! It was time for her to be properly humiliated and given the cane this time after a good hard leather strapping and spanking! As you’ll see from the images, her poor bottom got quite red and she was rather tearful… would she learn her lesson this time? For the sake of her precious bottom, One would hope so!


Mandie Rae stars in “Schoolgirl Etiquette” – from AAAspanking.com


Finally… the staff have found out who the “Phantom Pee Artist” is… those sheds are not a rest room (or toilet as they would say in England – and it is their national day, after all!)

etiquettestills006 etiquettestills013 etiquette029 etiquette037 etiquettestills016

Mandie feels the full force of a leather strap before her red bottom is caned!

etiquette038 etiquette039 etiquette060 etiquette064 spanking etiquette071 etiquette075 etiquette077 etiquette086 caning etiquettestills027

Mandie Rae was always getting into trouble with her teachers and being punished for her poor behavior and multiple infractions. It seemed like she didn’t care. The latest incident was the final straw when she was caught peeing behind the sheds of the school grounds. This just showed a lack of respect and no decency from this young lady so a thoroughly humiliating punishment was decided by Mr Osborne. He was furious that she could do such a filthy act outdoors like that so he strapped then caned her on her bare bottom as she snivelled and whimpered. Mandie was extremely tearful and barely able to stand up afterward. She was ordered to get out of his sight and back to her Dorm. To add further humiliation, she was told to show the other girls the results of this punishment and just why she was caned! That didn’t go down well with Mandie, but it was all her own fault for the lack of etiquette she had showed earlier.

sore red spanked bottom

CLICK HERE to see a free clip of Mandie’s punishment

This video is also available in full HD at the AAA Clips Store



& don’t forget, with only a week to go before prices increase for the BIG event in Houston! Check out all the details, if you are in Texas at the end of May, this is going to be a fun filled Spanko Event!



Lola Marie pees her panties when spanked OTK

As promised, here is the very latest naughty film to be released at AAAspanking.com – not only that, there is a terrific 70 image stills gallery in full size resolution AND nearly 200 video screen images to view and download along with the HD film too! Not bad, I know… and this was a film with a difference, I don’t think I had seen anything like this for a while… sure, girls can pee, some pee when they’re scared… but to actually do the business over my knee at the time of her punishment… tsk tsk, Lola is incorrigible! She claimed I had not listened to her bleating that she needed to go to the loo, never mind the fact she was late for this outdoors punishment where I enjoyed thrashing young ladies when the weather permitted… so you’ll see Lola Marie, in her cute gingham school dress, pee her panties and soak my trousers, her pee got everywhere, right down into my shoes and socks, as well as running down her legs. Shhh, don’t tell her, but I actually enjoyed the sensation of her losing control. WANT TO SEE MORE?


Thought you might, I won’t show you a clip of her peeing, I think that should be for my members only, but I have a decent free clip and some sample images that give you a very good idea of what happened that fateful afternoon! Watch out and don’t give Lola too much bottled water, it quickly comes out the other end, heh heh! 1st images are some sample stills… followed by the official storyline and then some actual screen grabs from the film – there is also a free playable clip at the end of this 1st news update! & remember my memberships are very fair for all the content I make is original to my site only, help support me and I have a fantastic Loyalty Membership option which will remain until Xmas (not the new year), but Xmas week only 🙂

lolacantwait002 lolacantwait005

lolacantwait015 lolacantwait019

lolacantwait024 lolacantwait036

lolacantwait040 lolacantwait044


Lola was late for her outdoor detention punishment at Mr Osborne’s quarters in his private secluded garden where he enjoyed punishing his girls when the weather was nice! He didn’t give her time to make excuses even though she was trying to tell him that she badly needed to go to the toilet. Quickly into her OTK spanking she tried to wriggle off Mr Osborne’s lap before she could no longer hold what she should have expunged earlier… out it came, through her regulation white knickers, all over Mr Osborne’s trousers. He was so shocked that before he had time to properly act, she had completely soaked his right leg from her desperate overdue pee! Lola’s punishment took a turn for the worse after this as she was humiliated further after receiving the carpet beater and 2 different canes before being told to wear her damp, sodden knickers for a final embarrassing session with the cane and his stinging hands across her wet burning cheeks! It’s a quirky and very kinky schoolgirl punishment film that will appeal to lovers of this most naughty bad behaviour!

lolacantwait003 lolacantwait011 lolacantwait023

lolacantwait038 lolacantwait046

lolacantwait083 lolacantwait102

lolacantwait128 lolacantwait143 lolacantwait163

A free clip of  part of Lola’s punishment is below:
If it doesn’t want to play, go to the site tour page and view or download the wmv version there!

To see more or find out about the special membership option, please click the banner below, thank you.



Oops! I have run out of time right now… some friends have arrived and are demanding my attention (and access to my fine wine cellar…)


so I shall have to leave it there today… I hope you enjoyed naughty Lola Marie and her suitably embarrassing and humiliating punishment after daring to piss on my favourite trousers! 🙂

“chin chin” everyone 🙂

Pee Pee Spankings

Just a very quick update here until I get you a more detailed look across many more sites tomorrow… I have news today for you of a new long play film starring Lola Marie & Wynter Sky in their 1st collaberation shown at my site AAAspanking.com – Lola should have filmed with me way back in April/May but because of the tight filming schedule I had to delay that due to an overseas visitor (I grow more weary of these now as I know other producers do too as you never know whether they are filming with a dozen other people in a short period and so on…) sometimes you don’t mind, it depends on how you feel about working with the person so when they don’t turn up and you’re all ready to go, then it kind of sucks… but I’VE DONE THIS ROAD MANY TIMES… so you bide your time, regroup and meet someone you should have met earlier and make up with it with some great films… and why not throw in a girl you loved working with in the past too? Result: a great day’s filming!

Check out this new film with a twist… my famed twisted Girl Guides, disgracing their uniform by peeing their panties and walking along with wet knickers (and predictably) getting caught and punished! Ladies & Gents… I give you the lovely and aptly named new long play film “Gushing Girl Guides” – this was my 1st peeing and spanking film… and it was also Wynter’s 1st peeing action caught on film too!


The girls show off their pee soaked panties!

An awful lot of images compliment this film, there are around 200 screen grabs and about 100 HQ stills…all fully uploaded – the original images for members are 1800×1200 in size – all zipped: already along with the film so it’s a great new update this week and as some of you may well be aware, taking stills after the event, it compliments the film so when Freddy the cat wanted in on the action (I love Freddy… such a cute kitty) he wanted to say hello to the girls… I think he likes the smell of pee pee, not only a cute kitty but a pervy one too! So Freddy stayed in some of the images we took… the girls liked him too 🙂


*sniff* “What the deuce? I smell pee pee!”

ggg020 ggg023 ggg026

ggg036 ggg037

ggg038 ggg042 ggg044

Below are some screen images from the movie and the film plot so you know what it’s all about!


ggg020 ggg028

ggg039 ggg045 ggg050

ggg059 ggg079 ggg106

ggg098 ggg115 ggg128

ggg136 ggg154

ggg157 ggg163 ggg165


ggg183 ggg197

These 2 girl guides were a disgrace to their uniform as they wondered if they could make it back to the Guide HQ before needing to pee… they could hardly walk, their bladders were so full & each girl in turn relieved herself. Lola pulled her panties down & gushed freely, but the daft girl peed directly onto them! Wynter didn’t even have the luxury of that option as she couldn’t wait & peed in her panties stood up, the tell tale trickle running down her legs. Both girls returned to the HQ in shame but not before Troupe Leader Mr Osborne had guessed what had happened from their nervous walk & decided to teach these madams a lesson in humiliation & discipline on how to avoid such unladylike disasters in future. This film features wet panty investigations, spankings with humiliating gaze of the other & the final insult of a diaper positional spanking before being placed in an embarrassing reflective aftermath position both girls would not forget! This isn’t for everyone & hardly traditional, but for those that like something a little bit more kinky, we are sure you’ll enjoy this long play film.


View a free preview of this film HERE



Various short clips are being uploaded to the Clips Store… I have uploaded the pee scene only… as well as the 1st spanking scene of Lola. Tomorrow the spankings of Wynter followed by both girls finale of a humiliating diaper position  spanking will be available to download giving those who like to download one off clips a great choice!

1st 2 clips are below and available to view:

GGG1 (1) GGG2

British Spanking Updates

Union Jack - the British flag showing off a nation of spankos!

I’ve just had a very pleasant lunch with “Er Indoors” down one of our local countryside pubs… she has now retired for her afternoon kip whilst I type this a little worse for wear having had just a few drinks which is enough to make me feel sleepy. Good job, then… that I updated the site with the new film starring the luscious Mishka before I foolishly partook of some ale and fine food. So I think you’ll find this post today, celebrating all that is quaintly iconic and British when it comes to spanking…. strict – stern – fun – tongue in cheek – harsh – sexy – quirky and above all focussed on the punishment of pert female bottoms! Let’s start with what I have been updating recently… then I’ll show you some other fantastic new films from the other British sites that I have access to!

Mishka is back in a very sexy roleplay as a naughty  –  VERY naughty schoolgirl!


Mishka, the new Exchange Student, was a very naughty little thing! She rubbed herself off & got excited reading about the ways in which bad girls were disciplined with a corporal punishment spanking! She imagined herself getting that treatment too & dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy to relieve that feeling of severe arousal! However, she hadn’t turned up for Supper as she was so engrossed in her illicit finger pie business, she got caught masturbating! A shocked Mr Osborne gave her a spanking (which was what she got off on) – but he noticed this & then turned the tables on her, making her read the paragraphs that she had found so interesting from the Female Disciplinary Manual then whacked her bare reddening cheeks with the hairbrush! Her growing humiliation was only matched by the increasingly beautiful red colour of her tight buns! Gaze upon the glowing cheeks of shame which contrasted beautifully with her light blue gingham school dress!

If you haven’t already clicked the image above… it leads to a special free gallery of her from this film!

Do you remember the Female Disciplinary Manual?

Well, young Mishka was reading this manual in it’s softback version as described earlier… and completely forgot to attend supper that she got turned on and was soon engrossed in some serious self defilement before getting caught – how embarrassing! Ok, it’s a naughty fantasy of mine to imagine a girl dressed like this getting off on something that should be about correction… but it made for some great scenes and Mishka did me proud by trying to read the English text (remember she’s not a native English speaker) whilst getting spanked and given the hairbrush across her very tight pert sore bare bottom! There are some screen images from the movie below which will best show you what actually happened too… some of these images are not shown elsewhere and these are the full size 1280×720 resolution 🙂

wordplay003 wordplay021

wordplay024 wordplay031

wordplay038 wordplay051

wordplay068 wordplay088

wordplay095 wordplay110

wordplay133 wordplay135

Check out a FREE Clip and preview from this new film HERE

& of course this film is available IN FULL already at the Clips store HERE

Mishka Devlin caught playing with herself and spanked on her bare bottom


get over my knee! with Leandra James

Meanwhile at POV Spanking there is an interesting POV style film (in HD-MP4 1280×720 format) – no actual spanking as such… as those of you (female or male) reading this who are submissive in nature might be interested to see that you have a chance to get over lovely Leandra’s knee as she scolds you for peeping at her whilst she was asleep! She’s not happy and switches rather too easily for my liking!!! She angry with you but seizes a chance to punish you… calling you a “dirty pervert”… the cam angles show what you’d see as she makes you get over her lap then, she realises she needs to spank you on your bare bottom so she makes you stand up and remove your trousered protection before assuming the position again as she tells you off – smacking your bare bottom as she does so, you try to look back but she isn’t happy with this and then you’re made to do some reflective cornertime whilst she looks at your burning bared bottom” The shame of it!”

IMG_7812 IMG_7815

IMG_7816 IMG_7819

Images below from your POV perspective… we are filming more of these and they will be coming soon to the site

overmyknee001 overmyknee002

overmyknee003 overmyknee004

overmyknee005 overmyknee006

In future we shall also sign and grade all clips so you know exactly what they are beforehand:  eg) I shall place a key on the site with images and text such as WB for wheelbarrow position or POV-1 meaning YOUR POV experience as a spankee or POV-2 as the Spanker and so on… it will all become clear at some point, lol! (I did say this was an ongoing learning project we are doing but we are getting there as it is filmed in a totally different and alien way to how we normally do it).



Let’s now see what else is out there currently from my English compatriots!

2 Very contrasting films from Pandora Blake’s site Dreams of Spanking … the first is a traditional M/F domestic spanking role with voluptuous Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy (yes, I’m still jealous FFS!) as you’ll see from these great images below as Paul nonchalantly canes Mila across her full bare bottom…


Mila is “Caned before Dinner”

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner022 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner028 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner031

Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner034 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner036 Dreams-of-Spanking_dinner038


After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila’s father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. 12 sore cane stripes on her bottom will remind her to behave…. CLICK HERE to see Mila’s punishment in full –  Then take a look at what is a great period set in a “who’s who” of British spanking where in this film Pandora gets to punish all the conspirators (as you’ll soon discover) including Will, the Footman (who has a great ass to bare, btw!)


Caroline and Amelia enlist Will the footman to deliver some counterfeit invitations to a forthcoming dinner party. Governess Miss Blake finds out the plot, and disciplines all three conspirators with the cane!

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites027 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites031

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites046 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites051 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites055

Dreams-of-Spanking_invites061 Dreams-of-Spanking_invites066

Check out what else Pandora dreams about HERE


& now for something completely different, as they used to say on Monty Python sketches  (well… for the moment, at least) as Miss Lola Marie… or  Lola “Pee Pee” Marie as I like to affectionately call her now, has an issue regarding bladder control as you’ll see when she wets her knickers in this latest film from SpankingSarah.com

NPP6024018 NPP6024020

NPP6024030 NPP6024048 NPP6024043

NPP6024045 NPP6024051

NPP6024058 NPP6024067


NPP6024073 NPP6024081

Punishment exercise has been ordered for naught pupil Lola Marie and the nasty mistress really does put her through it with the liberal use of the school punishment strap on her hands and her legs. Lola wants to go to the toilet but her request is denied so when the mistress is not looking Lola goes behind a bush and has a big pee. As you can guess she is caught out and then her punishment really starts. She is made to bend over and take the strap on her wet bottom and knickers, a real hard punishment for Lola!



I’m not sure if this image series (now available in full as it was over 3 parts) has been shown elsewhere but at NorthernSpanking.com I liked this unique look at the aftermath… it is something I have been dwelling on more in my own films and also know how influential the old style magazines are on us all… as Paul admitted when he made this beautiful collaboration with Alex Reynolds (see below):


This is what Paul had to say about this project: “This is a bit of an experiment, not a Top-saving exercise! Spanking magazines from the 1980s which as I think everyone knows is my primary influence, often used to feature picture sets like this, where the girl had clearly been soundly punished and left to contemplate what has happened to her and looking at the marks left on her bottom. I like this one rather a lot, especially as I was able to make it with Alex, who very much shares my outlook on spanking and the kind of aftermath depicted here. I hope you like it!”

NSI116-Z013 NSI116-Z014

NSI116-Z027 NSI116-Z043

NSI116-Z053 NSI116-Z056

NSI116-Z064 NSI116-Z067 NSI116-Z071


Check out this and the other original image set and the vast movie archive that is NorthernSpanking.com


Finally today… from English-Spankers.com a fantastic Sexy Maid Cleaning Company debut for Aleesha Fox, with *THAT* cleavage, heaving breasts and of course one of the most spankable bums any of us could have the pleasure of getting to grips with!!!

npp6006003 - Copy npp6006018 - Copy

npp6006059 npp6006025 - Copy npp6006030 - Copy

The boobiful and very lovely Aleesha Fox has at last joined the Sexy Cleaning Company. Our newest recruit knows just how to show off her assets and just how to tease our customers. Despite her leg and boob show she still has to undergo the same rigorous test as all our other ladies and so it is she ends up being spanked and taking a good hard thrashing with a wicked leather paddle. Boy did she get spanked and wait ’til you see this amazing film. Spankingly good!

npp6006037 - Copy

npp6006038 - Copy npp6006043 - Copy

npp6006046 npp6006047

npp6006054 npp6006055 - Copy


You can check out a sneak preview of Aleesha’s tryout HERE


If you don’t want to view just British stuff today… I have written up on a famous American site (that has a lot of British influences…) but they are very unique… who am I on about? Well, check out my other blog post HERE and you’ll soon find out (WARNING: contains a ton more images to damage your eyesight with!!!)

& if you’re still hanging around online, may I suggest the completely useless but very funny Stuff on my Rabbit website featuring Vinnie – a very calm rabbit that has had just about everything balanced on his head… he’s AWESOME!!! Click image for the direct link to their website 🙂


Girls Diapered, Playing baby & Spanked!

I’m absolutely shattered, I can hardly type and will get this update out today as soon as I can… I was going to rant about something or other, oh yes… British (in)justice as my scumbag neighbor – (who had been put away in prison end of March this year for a serious assault crime)well… he was given 20 months and also additional time for deception, insurance fraud, drink driving and other nastiness in a different case. Those seperate sentences were to run concurrently and only amounted to 4 months even though he got 4 plus 4 plus 2 for the various offenses making at least a total of 2 years together so we all thought he’d stay behind bars for at least a year (which was too short for what he’s done)… but no! – oh, he really is a complete TWAT… well, he’s out, after serving just seven f*cking months and has already upset one neighbor and made her cry! I am absolutely disgusted, I know our overcrowded prisons here are full to capacity, but this is just a joke, it doesn’t teach scum like him a lesson at all. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t rant on, so I won’t… suffice to say, I and all our decent neighbors are totally appalled and really upset this piece of bullying lowlife is free again so soon! I expect he’ll be building bonfires as he used to do right next to our property, just for the hell of it to wind me up, cos he’s a total ignorant c*nt!

So, moving swiftly on… *sigh*

I decided only to showcase one site today and in my angered state, choose some well meaning galleries that best highlight this interesting and unique site run by Clare Fonda, she admitted to me that her interest in this genre grew and grew over the years until she had enough content to start up a spanking and diapering site for adult baby girls and of course Clare has done this so well, just like her other sites. I give you Clare’s delightfully barmy Naughty Diaper Girls

What you get is diapering girls, adult baby stuff, girls in real cribs, temperature takings, girls wetting their pants and spankings inside and out of the diapers as well as the humiliation and submissive aspect of the whole ABG thing…it’s a nice distraction and all of Clare’s models love working on this… I talked to Sarah Gregory about it when she worked with us and she loved doing it, so much so that she told me she was filming with Clare again and you can see the results of that below: Just click on the images and they lead to seperate galleries which best showcase this site rather than me waffling on.









Ok, you’ll also see in the final galleries that there were some features from new models Missy and Tegan who are now showing at Clare’s spanking sites, they were first shown here and these fetish models look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? You’ll also recognize all of Clare’s main stars she’s used recently such as Kat St James, Kay Richards, Ten Amorette and hot porn and fetish stars like Addie Juniper and Isobel Wren (Isobel looked awesome in diapers and got a good OTK spanking too!)

If you want to see any more, please do check out the update pages HERE

Special Friday Spanking Updates

I have a selection of varied spanking content and reviews, new stuff and classic spanking content you might not have seen before…so I better hurry before I get out the nacho chips, beers and sit down to watch the opening football fest that is coming up later today in South Africa!

I get people asking me about Strictly English movies and I reply back check out the easisets way to pick and choose their long play content at the movie theater below. I have deliberately got the link below set to Strictly English so you can check out all their movies in that section!


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OK, I have chosen one movie today to review, in fact it’s one of the hottest with Suzi Martell playing Sharon – a very horny spanking slut, dolled up, literally as this is the review of the film LIVING DOLL

This doll is in for some punishment and abuse!! She is stripped of her clothes and her pride as she incurs the wrath of her Master’s paddles and heavy hands. You will see her ass reddened with some fantastic welts and of course some erotic pussy whipping that made this film so addictive to view!

Lying in bed, Sharon has been watching a spanking video whilst playing with herself and her spanking ‘dolls’. When she falls asleep she dreams she is a ‘living doll’ being punished by the male star of the video she has been getting off on. From the hard ‘cold’ caning that starts her punishment to the prolonged naked caning at the end, this non-stop action video oozes with a highly charged sexual atmosphere as Sharon is spanked, paddled, cropped and caned in almost every position you can think off (and some very naughty sexy positions that you can see below in these video grab images).

Although the punishment is strict and prolonged, Sharon is so highly aroused by it that she endures everything Wayne can dish out, despite the severity, with the minimum of complaint in this unique and highly erotic portrayal of a very naughty girl’s very naughty sexual fantasy! With a rarely seen mixture of both the severe and the sensual, this video, when it was first released broke new ground in the portrayal of highly erotic CP and got rave reviews! This was first released as far back as 2003 yet it still remains one of my most watched movies when I feel the urge to watch something hard and sensual! I’m not alone in this and it has been consistently voted one of the best of its kind, even today, for those that are already logged in to the movie page, you can check out the many comments to back this claim!


If ever there was a movie to tempt you to view in this Video on Demand format with so many options then LIVING DOLL is it! (with streaming, download and just paying for the time you use etc, you can command how you want to view and watch movies for less! Of course, new members signing up at my Spanking Theater will get FREE Time as a promotional welcome so take advantage of this today! See some of the above movie absolutely free once you’ve signed up! What’s there to lose?



Here is something NEW to BritSpank that has just come out earlier today … and these are the first visual treats that I believe are shown anywhere at the time of writing! I remember this little movie being made so I know it’s never been shown before! Poor Belinda had the most wobblesome pair of buttocks that were speckling a beautiful red and becoming very sore with this spanking! A visual treat for fans of girls with buttocks that have a mind of their own!



Amber has been busy, as usual, at her premium site SPANK AMBER having her gorgeous butt spanked and in this movie she again allows a buxom beauty by the name of Wara to spank her OTK, however, Amber is such a horny feisty thing she practically lap dances as her naked bottom jiggles under the strokes of Wara’s hard hand smacks!

Feel free to check out some naughty video images from this movie below as Wara gets her revenge on Amber’s poor butt! Amber had spanked Wara earlier however, Wara finds Amber’s weak spot, the top of her thighs and shows her no mercy as she swats and swats and ignores Amber’s pleas to go easy!

Check MORE of Amber’s latest HOT Horny spankings HERE!


Remember this old classic? I’m sure many of you will remember it, but there are those who I am sure have NEVER seen this and it deserves another showing!  ladies and gentlemen, the very gorgeous Lisa!!!

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This is a great punishment movie from Girls Boarding School which at nearly 1000kbs playback is a nice and clear resolution. You can see for yourself with the 2 FREE Clips I have provided below along with some stills from the movie so you know the plot. I was particuarly interested in this movie as it featured a lovely Polish girl called Lisa with a cracking lithe body. Also the Dom happens to be someone from around my neck of the woods, particuarly his accent! So don’t mess with boys from the South West of England! 😀

Some of you may know that I adore some of the East European girls – Lisa certainly doesn’t let us down!

The Story: Lisa was told to clear up the kitchen but she ignores this & selfishly enjoys herself by the pool instead. Come sundown, and return home from work, her partner sees that she’s done absolutely nothing. He fetches his cane and waits for her to come in as the sun starts to set.

See the clip below of the first part of her caning whilst standing doing the washing up

Click here to play

This is only the start of what is to come as she really does get humiliated. Imagine cleaning the floor on your bare knees, bottom exposed and the cane biting into your exposed cheeks! Check the pics below of the story in brief!

I love the way she snivels as she is pursued around the hard marble kitchen floor, an excellent punishment movie! Check out the second clip below as Lisa tries to clean the floor on hands and knees whilst trying to avoid the dreaded cane!

click to play here

I’m not sure if this movie has been shown in such detail outside the members Area of Girls Boarding School, but I thought it deserved a another mention – as well as the fact now you lucky American folk or those with US Dollar accounts can profit from Europes current EURO Misery as the Euro is at an all time low against the US Dollar making these once expesnive sites totally affordable!!!
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If you liked what you saw here, take a look at the FREE Tour Pages of Girls Boarding School and decide for yourself via theiur extensive tour pages.

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& finally, I am happy to see this movie fully remastered and out again as intended for FULL screen download. A rather naughty and very rude and severe discipline film with Angelina (yes, another Polish girl…they are everywhere these days!) from STRICTSPANKING and this is one of the most moving films, a girl strapped and caned to very real tears…as you will see below!

So how did Angelina end up so severely thrashed? What did she do to deserve that? Well, if you take a look at the images below taken directly from the movie, I think you will understand why headmaster was so disgusted and had to punish her like never before!!!

The filthy slut! Yes, this exchange student peed outdoors, don’t they have toilets in Poland??? So imagine the shame of being caught with no way of justifying this behaviour, what you will see is Angelina strapped across her bare bottom and her hands, and of course caned hard so the welts were very visable! There, hopefully, if you were deciding on looking or signing up to a spanking site, I hope I have caused you a dilemma with all this fantastic content! Enjoy!


Righty-ho…I’m off to watch the opening ceremony and opening game of the FIFA World Cup! Back later!!