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Delightfully stunning spankings!

Some real visual treats for you today! From some of the very latest films to a few that I have again recently watched and been impressed by (then realized I had never shared my view on them here!)

So where do I start? FirmHandSpanking.com always have some of the best visually pleasing spanking updates around! I mean in terms of the girls and the image sets they produce (now always around 24 images to compliment the short films) I didn’t mention the lighting in the videos as I sometimes find this to be a little disappointing if the room is a little gloomy as they only ever use natural light… which can sometimes make the subjects look too cold, or the action scenes a little too dark. But who am I to lecture? I still love the site to bits otherwise I wouldn’t be placing them at the top of today’s post, would I?

I would just like to appeal to the owners to think about lighting sometimes… I can understand if we film girls at spanking parties in our hotel rooms and can’t lug lighting on planes and such… and so we try to find an area that has a load of natural light to film with… for the most part, Firm hand does this perfectly… but in some cavernous halls the light gets too dark which is a shame… however, on deciated film shoots… Come on guys, your films and spankings are great… show them off at the best possible quality and let us gaze on the punishments without squinting at the screen, eh? (I’m really selling this site, aren’t I? LOL!!!)

Am I a cynic to say that no lighting avoids the hassle of moving lights around on set, ideally you should have 3 sets of lights but most of us do with 2 as we often miss out the backlight of a standard “3 point lighting” and instead go for the option of 2 lights , the “Key light” and the “Fill light” to remove the harsher shadows. Anyway, the films at Firm hand are still good, I just feel lighting would help sometimes. But check out the images below, 3 stunning sets from some of their most recent films! #HAWT #HAWT #HAWT

Beth Thompson – the final part to the “Paid in Full” series (I really enjoyed the sisters getting thrashed!)

paid_n008 paid_n011

paid_n017 paid_n020

paid_n021 paid_n023

Beth Thompson has a new job, but Patrick Bateman’s final punishment to settle her credit card debt elicits tears with a ping pong paddle. First on denim shorts, then panties and finally bare, she pays the price. Watch out for director Kat St James in an out-take!

Belinda Lawson – the latest film of her “School Detention” series

detention_cb004 detention_cb006

detention_cb018 detention_cb020

detention_cb021 detention_cb024

Hot blonde high school senior Belinda Lawson is in trouble for bringing no study materials to School Detention. Richard Anderson administers a hard, fast spanking. Skirt up, panties down, her buttocks quiver and redden under 180 fast smacks. Ouch!

Allaura Shane is given 44 whacks with the strap for borrowing Allison’s clothes without permission!

houseguest_cd003 houseguest_cd007

houseguest_cd010 houseguest_cd011

houseguest_cd015 houseguest_cd021

I love seeing Allaura Shane getting punished, I personally hate seeing her being the top (she makes me angry and I just want to get in there and spank her myself…lol!) Anyway, be that as it may, she is a great bratty sub… getting EVERYTHING she deserves, and both she and Allison Miller have done many many films together that they can take it to levels where other tops and subs might be uncomfortable with if they have never worked together. To me, seeing Allison and Allaura together is like seeing bratty sisters spank each other – perfect!

Now that’s selling the site again – I would LOVE to spank all these girls personally, I’d sell my soul (or very nearly) to do so… there, is that reason enough to join? heh heh

CLICK HERE TO SAVE THE CHIEF’S SOUL and check out the latest goings on at Firm Hand Spanking!


One such chap that does use lights and gets them right in his films is Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard and I have the proof for you in some video screens from part of a series of films he made when Danielle Hunt (foolishly, lol) went and visited him on her last whistlestop USA tour. I did talk to Dani about her time in the US at my last filmshoot with her and she told me that her tough time at Dallas’ shoot was as painful as the one she did with me so I fely quite honoured since this film looked rather nasty! Testing the levels she was capable of… maybe that skin butt padding that Dallas was talking about isn’t coming back? See more below:


Dani turned up late for her shoot with Dallas, so imagine the punishment he had devised for her! Images below are from the scenes where her bottom is covered in the sticky vitamin K oil and stinging straps and implements are used across her wide bottom as her protective butt padding is worn away making the punishment hurt even more for her!

dani02 dani03

dani04 dani05

dani06 dani07

dani08 dani09

Check out more of the entire awesome Danielle Hunt punishment series HERE


Something I had in my archives was this amazing film, again the footage isn’t the best we’re used to nowadays but it is still highly viewable but it was filmed a while back, but as it stars Jessica and Brandi, 2 girls now long retired but content STILL comes out at their respective sites and there are also remastered movies replacing the old Real Media files from the past… join any of the sites and you get access to 4! One is primarily an archive site but choose any site below and you still get updates at Teen Jessica and Teen Brandi – hell, even lovely Bailey Sullivan, who is so cute, gets updates at her named site so the low members fee is still well worth it and for this alone I still proudly recommend you at least visit them and see for yourself!

Anyone remember this old classic? Spanking Twister – I love this game, I might just dust mine off and get the 2 new girls I have at my next filmshoot into some rather uncomfortable and very compromising positions dressed in not very much at all, heh heh! Til then, feast your eyes on this 4 girl fest!


twister3 twister4

twister5 twister6



Join any of the sites (below) both the same price and you get access to the other sites FREE 🙂


Finally… a couple of wonderful films now available to members at Punishedbrats.com (still an amazing $17 per month!) and these 2 films star some of my fave PB characters!   Audrey is back, and getting spanked by manly Perth (last spanking Ten Amorette) and the double trouble and perfect pairing of Pi & Joelle Barros.

Celebrity personal trainer is at his wits end with his new PR rep Audrey. When she’s caught texting instead of completing the assignments he’s given her, he tosses her over his knee and gives her bottom a thorough spanking.


Perth is a well known fitness guru complete complete with his own line of As Seen On TV home exercise equipment. Audrey is his newly hired PR rep who seems to be doing everything in her power to sabotage him. Is she out to destroy his business or does she have something else in mind entirely?

seeking1-2 seeking1-3

seeking1-4 seeking1-5

seeking1-6 seeking1-7

There is a free clip of Audrey’s punishment on the home page of Punishedbrats HERE

Check out my last offering today of Pi spanked over the lap of slinky Joelle #HAWT #HAWT #HAWT


Artistic Differences: Pi is going to think twice before voicing her opinion too strongly again after her punishment from Joelle.

art2-2 art2-3

art2-4 art2-5

art2-6 art2-7

Check out MORE of the girls anfd their punishments HERE


OK, that’s it… hope you enjoyed this eclectic mix of past and present spanking films… back soon 🙂

Enjoy this nice pic of a very naughty schoolgirl punished earlier by me (I wish!!!!!)


Fantastic Friday

Yay! The weekend is here and it’s time again to gaze upon beautiful females getting spanked and dishing out some in return! Today’s focus is from America and if you haven’t seen these already, then here are some great images… I have tried to choose images not seen elsewhere so to make it more interesting for you 😉

Gonna have to be quick as I wanna watch my Skyfall DVD with several glasses of red wine tonight! LOL!

PAST PRESENT & FUTURE presentations from the excellent Punishedbrats.com

I saw that David (owner of the site) was reminiscing about the movie they did ages ago with Pixie and Juliet Valentina, a fairytale spanking which his brother Rick wrote and directed, I have this on one of my external spanking hard drives and it’s a blast… I located it and replayed it. The images from this production explain how Pixie has earned a tougher sentence and a dose of the hairbrush for her crime of attempted fairytale homicide – she smashed the spider that sat down beside her *giggle* Now featured as a “Classic” (taken from Snow & Muffat)

muffet1-1 muffet1-2

muffet1-3 muffet1-4

muffet1-5 muffet1-7

Currently there is another awesome girl spanking girl film co starring Joelle Barros as the spanker in this film with Pi feeling the full force of her swift and lethal hand! Is it wrong of me to say that I got seriously turned on watching this girl on girl spanking erotica? This pairing (for me, at least) is a perfect punishment combo… I’d have got Pi in for my American Shoot too alongside Joelle if she was available at the time… so well done to David for having the sense and good taste to film them together instead! 🙂

Current full film – “Unprepared”

unprepared2-1 unprepared2-2

unprepared2-3 unprepared2-4

unprepared2-5 unprepared2-7

Pi shows up to an important meeting with a potential advertiser completely unprepared. Joelle is insensed at her cousin’s continued irresponsibility. Joelle bends Pi over a stepstool for a hard hairbrush spanking. The hairbrush sends a painful message to Pi that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared in her work!

Charlie Skye is back at Punishedbrats and one of her films are already out but there’s a sneak preview of MORE to come (below) this is one Baltimore brat I really should have gotten hold of whilst I was there (but again she was unavailable at the time) otherwise I would have done a separate short film shoot in my hotel room! (ahem!)




See all the very latest films previews and what these talented guys are up to at Punished Brats!


Next from Firm Hand Spanking are 2 recent stunning updates from the American side (yes, I know I have seen the very latest one featuring Leia Ann Woods filmed in the UK alongside Thomas Cameron and directed by Amelia Rutherford by the looks of it… hmmm, if that’s an incentive… more on that soon then, eh?). So, not withstanding that FHS always change the girls names unless it was Danielle Hunt (that soon changed back from Rhianna Parsons as she is everywhere, lol!) – Sorry, was I a little cynical thinking it was some sort of ruse to put off other spanking producers? Personally I respect teh girls and ask them what name they go by as they often want to include you in a portfolio and don’t want yet another alias –  but we get to know who the girls are in the end, heh heh!) Anyway, Sabrina Scott, I mean.. “Valerie Bryant” looks as stunning as ever in her latest film in the “Learning Curve” series!

tlc_bb001 tlc_bb005

tlc_bb007 tlc_bb010

tlc_bb013 tlc_bb017

tlc_bb018 tlc_bb020

tlc_bb021 tlc_bb023

Valerie Bryant” bares her round bottom cheeks to kneel on a chair for a jiggling red, fast 245 swats with a leather paddle. Richard Anderson teaches her about corporal punishment in Learning Curve, covering all over both buttocks and upper thighs. Ouch!


& if that wasn’t stunning enough, the very popular Carina  Thompson – um, also better known as Karina Kay, a voluptuous and versatile porn actress… shines in this latest “Paid in Full” series really and really looking shocked when she gets her latest punishment (gotta admit that turned me on!) … this is one girl genuinely not used to a spanking and it shows but the guys at Firm Hand pull it off and the spankings and strappings are quite hard. She takes what’s given… but HATES every stroke! That is what a punishment is about, my dear!

paid_k001 paid_k003

paid_k006 paid_k008

paid_k013 paid_k016

paid_k018 paid_k021

paid_k022 paid_k024

Buying clothes for cash seems like a plan to heiress Carina Thompson when her credit cards are cut up in Paid in Full. Family lawyer Patrick Bateman takes a firmer line with a leather tawse. Will 21 strokes bare bottom, then stripped nude, teach her new values?

You can see both these great films in full for members – CLICK HERE


Finally today from the Real Spankings Institute – Michael Masterson spends some extra time thrashing these 2 girls for reasons that you’ll see below!

Caught sleeping naked together in their dorm room, Allison and Abigail are marched fully naked downstairs by the Dean for a long and hard handspanking. Allison is punished first as Abigail is made to watch… knowing her turn is next! Then… the girls punishment continues as the Dean requires them to get on all fours on the floor, and one has to bend over and place her hands on the other’s back. This final scene of the 4 part movie series features a long and hard strapping! Images and vid grabs from the movie are below to show you more about this excellent and severe punishment series. I also happen to like seeing these 2 girls punished together 🙂


str01 str02 str03 str04

str05 str06 str07


str08 str09

str10 str11


str12 str13 str14


See all the severe institutional punishments HERE


That’s it from me… the weekend is here so have a great time to those that are fortunate enough NOT to have to work through it… as for me, I’ll be at work tomorrow (sigh) but that’s the way it goes, eh? Now off to watch my Skyfall DVD and drink a horrendous amount of red wine!

Cheers! *hic*

Ravens, Spankings & the Sunday catch up


GO RAVENS! As the Superbowl is played later this evening, unfortunately I won’t be able to see it all as I shall be getting up at 6am to go to work here in the UK and of course with time differences and such, means I’d have virtually no sleep if I watched it. I shall catch up with the game later and hope they win. OK, I’m not a die hard enthusiast, but I do like the game in general and “Get it” completely… although I much prefer the “real football” over here where you actually USE your feet and it’s a foul to pick the damn thing up with your hands. Footballs are also round… but I digress! Anyways… COME ON YOU RAVENS!!!! 

& onto the catch up spankings for the week including some films I think you ought to know about from other sites and some kick ass girls you may not have seen… until now 🙂


Let me start with some amazing girls from SpankingServer.com that you might not have seen recently, 2 very contrasting beauties, one is quite slim and toned whilst the other girl is beautifully voluptuous and has curves in all the right places! Both are “fit as fuck”, as we’d say over here in the UK… (um, meaning they are very attractive, lol) go see for yourself how these” Trouser-Rousers” fare in some recent spanking and punishment films!

Below is Kari – a porn actress from Eastern Europe who also needs much discipline!!!

Kari (7)

More images below, all open to show her various punishments at Spanking Server

Kari (1) Kari (3) Kari (5)

 Kari (6) Kari (8) Kari

Kari1 (1) Kari1 (5) Kari1 (7)

There has also been the curvacious Yvonne who took some quite severe punishments across her ample charms as you’ll see below! I love the contrast of these 2 ladies, bigger girls deserve punishments too – ALWAYS!

Yvonne (6)

Images below all reveal more of ample Yvonne’s various discipline films.

Yvonne2 (1) Yvonne2 (4) Yvonne2 (7)

Yvonne (3) Yvonne (7)

Yvonne (5) Yvonne (8) Yvonne

You can see all the latest updates from the extensive tour pages of Spanking Server


This is a wonderful bumper film update at Firmhandspanking.com next – now I may not actually be Kyle’s biggest fan (sorry, Kyle… if I ever meet you I’m sure we can discuss why and it’s nothing personal) but I have to admit he comes up trumps in this double spanking update with 2 naked girls over his lap, and not only that, but they are Samantha Woodley and Kat St James! Lucky git! Check out the images I placed up with a tear or 2 of jealousy (lol)

Images below are reduced size apart from the 1st 2 which are the size members get to view them at!

brotherly_j003 brotherly_j002

 brotherly_j006 brotherly_j008

brotherly_j011 brotherly_j014

brotherly_j022 brotherly_j024

brotherly_j027 brotherly_j030

brotherly_j032 brotherly_j035

Here’s a treat for all fans of superstars Samantha Woodley and Kat St James: get them both totally naked and spank them to the limit! Bouncing breasts, jiggling bottoms & red cheeks all on show as they’re spanked raw by Kyle Johnson in Brotherly Love for sunbathing naked!

Click HERE to view a special FREE Preview


I love Joelle Barros to bits, she is wonderfully versatile, intelligent, and hopefully by now, knows the way from Philly 30th St Station to the studio that she is often now starring at for Punishedbrats.com – I say that as we got horribly lost when I picked her up at the station last summer and I didn’t have GPS in my hire car… we got there in the end of course, but that ride there still makes me smile at how inept we both were at finding the damned place which is about 20 odd miles outside of downtown Philly!

But I digress and the sight of Joelle thrashing the bum of someone else I have long admired, Pi… is something to treasure. David has come up trumps pairing these 2, it is definitely what I would have done and not only look great together but both girls play off the other and this makes for some kick ass films… like this one where Joelle punishes Pi for inappropriate Office attire!


Pi has pushed the boundary of what’s considered appropriate office casual attire. Joelle uses a leather strap to send the message that proper appearance is essential to good business. Pi promises that she will show up on time and wearing the appropriate attire from now on.

officedress1-2 officedress1-4

officedress1-5 officedress1-6

officedress1-7 officedress1-8

officedress2-1 officedress2-2

officedress2-3 officedress2-5

Check out how this new F/F punishment film ends with a free preview HERE



God knows what goes through the mind of The Cameraman at the Fonda network but I have to admire the fact although their plots and storylines are a little… well, bonkers, it does work, mainly aided by the fact we (the viewing public) WANT to see beautiful young girls spank each other for any excuse so the plots are usually of little consequence as far as I am concerned when I watch the films at Girl Spanks Girl – although of course there are long running story arcs like this one unique to this site , and then they make sense.

Below are images taken from DAY 5 of the “Naughty Tutor” series of films.

(careful, these films are addictive viewing!!!)

Layden and her sister Alyssa get payback from Alexis for their plan earlier that had Layden drug and spank Alexis. So Alexis has the sisters spank each other, then she paddles them. But they overpower Alexis and spank her once again. With all three ladies now nursing sore bottoms, will this finally be the end of all the spankings?

001 002

003 004

006 007

008 009

010 012

013 014

015 016

You can see MORE of this entire series HERE


Let’s also not forget that at Spanked Sweeties another new girl arrives with tales of her spankings growing up, this young madam definitely needs them even now as she recalls one such incident (below) with mother, I’m sure this has been sexed up (just a little, lol) especially since new girl, Casie, is an active porn starlet.

001 004

005 007

008 009

010 012

013 014

015 016

This is what they had to say about her: Casie comes to us from the adult world (as Casey Cumz) but not before being spanked often by her mother while growing up. Her babysitter also spanked her. But not her father, who was military and made her do pushups. That’s why Casey may be tiny, but has major bicep guns. Syren De Mer plays her mom (who had to frequently discipline her because she was so naughty).

Check out all the updates featuring this new girl at Spanked Sweeties

Both the sites featured above are of course part of the best value Clare Fonda Pass


Finally for today. a couple of different updates and both sites are a little more severe, but still highly intriguing as the punishments are very real and authentic in nature! First, the latest and brand new film for members at Lupus Spanking is entitled “Raging Bull” and tells us of the stories of the harsh grim boarding schools in the old communist Czechoslovak republic at the height of the Cold War. Check these amazing images which showcase the new film!


pic09 (1) pic03 (1)

pic04 (1) pic05 (1) pic06 (1)

pic11 (1) pic12 (1)

pic07 pic10 (1) pic13

Take a look behind the closed doors of a prestigious girls’ boarding school in which young girls are raised rigidly, to become young honourable ladies. Ladies, for whom many things are inappropriate and many things are totally unacceptable. For example… unauthorized evening walks. Such an offence against good morals had to be properly punished, and a strict governess with a compelling hand and an even more compelling paddle would take a good care of it. But that still wasn’t the worst of what was to come… members can see FAR MORE what happens to these 2 girls next!!! CLICK HERE


For all the latest updates and films CLICK HERE


Finally today, it seems mad bad Sergei from Russia has learnt how to rope his victims I mean, girls… but in case you’re thinking they do this unwillingly, there is a smiling shot or 2 of the beautiful young Russian girl at the end showing us she is indeed a lifestyler… so go check out Russian Discipline for yourself and this amazing new film along with a new direction as the spankings, whippings and canings still take place, only with a little more rope work from time to time – I’m impressed, I’m always fascinated by riggers and wish I could effectively tie up subs myself – maybe I should take a course? I love seeing this sort of thing intermixed with punishment play and discipline!

pic03 pic04

pic05 pic06

pic08 pic09

pic10 pic11 pic12


See the new look and changes at Russian Discipline – they have censored some images but members get to see it ALL!


That’s it from me (finally) today. To those on Superbowl Day already out and about down the bars or gathering at friends houses and apartments for a few beers… have fun, and I’m hoping for a Ravens victory!


Last Spanking Post of 2012

Before I give you a few nice updates I haven’t seen elsewhere today… I want to say that the title is a little misleading as tomorrow I will bring my own unique monthly review of some of the best spanking moments of the past year… I do this every year on my blogs now and I know it’s popular from some of the emails I got previously… it’s something I came up with a few years back so it’s nice to see if it gets copied elsewhere, since I run “such a hated blog” in the eyes of some purists anyways (LOL!)

tarousal11But I digress – and so without moaning about our tacky shitty weather (which I could drone on about) or other non spank related guff I could get up on a soap box about (like ny usueless football team)… let’s just see some great spankings that, well… quite frankly gave me “wood” as I gazed on these wonderful updates and stuff that I had been watching earlier today! Therefore I feel I need to warn you that the following spanking films and updates are all certified Class A “Trouser Arousal” material: Please be warned that excessive viewing may require a quick trip to the loo! I haven’t forgotten the ladies, thankfully you won’t suffer from such cloth stretching disorders but if easily turned on by viewing the following gorgeous spanking smut, be prepared to rinse your panties… (how nice!) – Thank you.


Masie Dee – still someone I haven’t worked with (but will do my absolute damnedest to rectify that early next year) is introduced at Northern Spanking and just look at her already reddening bum and her tearful eyes, I also loved the mirror work in this intro that members can see all parts to, check out some of the latest images below:

NSI110-SM085 NSI110-SM088 NSI110-SM096

NSI110-SM105 NSI110-SM106 NSI110-SM110


Also check out what they have been up to over the holiday period with some great new films and continual updates like these below!

The below images are taken from the film: “At the Coal Face”


NSI105-ANR024 NSI105-ANR029 NSI105-ANR042

NSI105-ANR047 NSI105-ANR055 NSI105-ANR064


Rosie and Nimue have failed to hand in their essay on the Industrial Revolution. This being one of several deadlines they have failed to meet. Their lecturer and tutor, Miss Hunter, summons them to a meeting and gives them a very difficult decision. Will they save their education? Or their backsides?

Find out more at Northern spanking HERE


Next from the excellent Bars and Stripes comes a great multi cast film, with a return for evil twisted Matron Maclean (I love watching her enjoying her work!) alongside nasty prison officers Miss Page and Mr Lewis we have the unfortunate Kami Robertson and her cellmate, Lilly Lovell who are given a double session they won’t forget as both girls are punished for fun!

kami2_torturefortwo - 011 kami2_torturefortwo - 032

kami2_torturefortwo - 034 kami2_torturefortwo - 035

kami2_torturefortwo - 045 kami2_torturefortwo - 060

kami2_torturefortwo - 070 kami2_torturefortwo - 087

kami2_torturefortwo - 094 kami2_torturefortwo - 111

kami2_torturefortwo - 114 kami2_torturefortwo - 117

kami2_torturefortwo - 121 kami2_torturefortwo - 126

kami2_torturefortwo - 128 kami2_torturefortwo - 134

Bars and Stripes really struck gold with this unique pairing, Kami and Lilly were inseparable so the girls got many punishments together… sadly, from what I’ve learnt, Lilly did her time at the penal institution and has retired from online spanking already, alongside Kami as a sub, it’s a great loss but I have been informed there are still a huge amount of films to come (as I have with Kami also…yay!)



I haven’t featured Punishedbrats.com in a while and you really SHOULD take a look at what they are producing in HD (at last) at the moment as they star 2 of my fave girls there, Joelle Barros, who I am sure you are aware I was lucky enough to use at my own site… as well as horse riding beauty, Marissa, who was made for OTK spanking (mm mmm!) Checkout some of the images from the very latest updates now available to members…


Dangerous Driving: Marisa was speeding and crashed her fancy sports car. Although she’s upset by the accident, she doesn’t seem to understand how serious a matter it is. She has truly earned this OTK spanking from Uncle David!

dangerous1-2 dangerous1-3

dangerous1-4 dangerous1-5 dangerous1-6


& as I mentioned earlier, Joelle is back, check her out with a girl made to be spanked and given a spanking with… the lovely Pi (or 22/7 as I once referred her as… imagine starring with Ten/10… ha ha!). Joelle shows her dominant side in what I think is the first time on film (damn she looks the part, doesn’t she?)


Taken from the film “Good Impressions”: Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat!

impression1 impression2

impression3 impression5 impression6

impression7 impression8

There is also the promise of Pi getting her own back pretty soon on Joelle – which I can’t wait to see!

Click image below for more on that!



Here’s something I was watching earlier from my personal archives from being a member of various sites over the years… and it stars one girl I am sure is now retired from The Scene, though you never know… Miss Katja Krasivaya who in this case was filmed at Spanked Cheeks so I was more than happy when I saw her here as I had enjoyed viewing her films from Strictly English and also for Northern Spanking in the past…. here she is as a badly behaved bratty schoolgirl getting a punishment that her fed up Aunty Lina has been dying to dish out to her! Yes, it may have been from a few years ago (late 2010 as I recall) but the film is still in crystal clear HD and these reduced size screen shots give you an idea of just what went on. Taken from the film “Not another spanking!”

anotherspanking01 anotherspanking02

anotherspanking03 anotherspanking04

anotherspanking05 anotherspanking06

anotherspanking07 anotherspanking08

anotherspanking09 anotherspanking10

anotherspanking11 anotherspanking12

anotherspanking13 anotherspanking14

This was taken from English site Spanked Cheeks – go check out the link below and click on “What’s New” to see all the film updates!


Finally for now, in case I don’t include these 2 girls her in my blog review of the year, how could I miss out on slinky 6 footer, Adrienne Black… and beautiful, big breasted schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson? These are the 2 very latest films of both girls featuring at Firmhandspanking.com

highfliers_c003 highfliers_c007

highfliers_c010 highfliers_c012

highfliers_c013 highfliers_c019

highfliers_c021 highfliers_c023

Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays which I have to say are HOT HOT HOT!


Belinda’s detention film kicks off the New Year as she is punished for trying to extort money… her beautiful curvy bum is exposed and given a hard caning punishment as she is made to touch her toes, legs straight and counts out each of her strokes… there’s a slo mo and reaction cam which provides how hard this puinishment was!


detention_bg003 detention_bg005

detention_bg010 detention_bg014

detention_bg016 detention_bg021


Check out all the latest varied updates with FREE Previews – HERE


That’s it from me, I shall conclude this year with a special post tomorrow! Good night! 🙂


Differences, spankings & very sore red bottoms!

Before I bring you some excellent new spanking updates I have just been reviewing and watched, with a nice glass or 5 of fine wine in the darkened locked Study that is my personal domain… I just wanted to say a public “thanks” to those that took time to email me about our latest Girl Guide update that I featured out at AAAspanking.com yesterday. I had a few questions and was happy to answer them in private, I answer all private mails, as long as they are not crazy or discourteous, so if you don’t want to leave comments, you can always mail me at my site’s customer support links or the address I have on my profile page at this blog!

I am going to finish the Caption Competition sometime soon after the weekend of 20-22nd this month… it would be nice if some of the several thousand unique views I get here and 3 times that number at the Tube site could try and enter… as someone WILL win a month’s free membership:  it’s FREE to enter and the only thing I’d  need to notify the winning entrant is a contact email address for the winning caption (that’s it, I’m not going to spam it, I have nothing to spam it with and have no time for that shit anyway, lol) Anyway, think of something amusing and you might get a membership for gratis, ok?

My 1st spanking update of the day stars one of my most fave models to have appeared at Punishedbrats.com in ages and I love seeing her new films, this girl called “Pi”, aka 22/7 or “the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter” has not only a unique name, but one of the most amazing asses that turns an angry speckled red when paddled hard, and she can take quite a lot as it is obvious to see! I feel David surpasses himself with Pi, I’d love to film with her, I really would… can you see why in the images from her latest movie? (below)



Pi is heading out wearing a tiny scrap of cloth she calls a dress. David won’t allow her out of the house unless she changes and when Pi flat out refuses, he has her bend over the railing for an extremely hard paddling. Embarrassed and all cried out, Pi might just decide to stay in for the night afterall.

Click HERE or on Pi’s sore red bottom (above) for a special free preview clip of this new film


I featured lovely Danielle yesterday appearing as a naughty, sexy Girl Guide, well, she has also been in a new recent movie for FirmHandSpanking.com though they seem to want to call her something completely different (Rhiannon Parsons), it’s obvious who she is… and to show that the schoolgirl updates they have are no fluke, I have some images from the latest Kelly Morgan movie as well (which is a real OTK cracker!)





This is a painful detention punishment and it’s the 1st of many that members will get to see!

As promised, from the same site, I give you a quick look at the very latest film with beautiful Kelly Morgan in that trademark FHS blue uniform looking rather uncomfortable in her 1st school uniform OTK spanking punishment!

Kelly Morgan is back in the film “Cheer girl Captain” and looks hot in her private school uniform! As cheer captain, she’s held to higher standards. So when her grades suck, coach offers a simple choice – corporal punishment or lose her captaincy. See those tanned butt cheeks jiggle over his knee with 275 smacks – 125 bare!




Finally today, a right old classic schoolgirl catfight ends in much mayhem and sore red bottoms in this fun but hard hitting spanking films from NorthernSpanking.com – the sort of film they do so well, as you’ll see… and I love seeing blonde Lexi get a good hard spanking punishment too! Images and the storyline are below to let you understand more!



Lexi and Sarah were disqualified from the inter-school cookery competition when it transpired that they had copied the recipe they used from another competitor. Bringing shame to the school, both girls are given detention for the rest of term. It is during one detention period that Mr Kennedy decides to invite fellow competitor, and winner, from the competition, Keeley Caine to talk to the girls about her success and fair play. What Mr Kennedy doesn’t know, is that Keeley did steal the recipe from Lexi and Sarah in the first place! Will he discover the truth however, or will Lexi and her big mouth land her in even more trouble? You will have to see more that members can view in the movie series at Northern Spanking!


As well as this great schoolgirl film, there is a brand new update released today co starring Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu (OMG!) these 2 together are HOT! as you’ll see in this image below, members can view more of the spoilt little rich girl Irelynn doing what she pleases with her poor subordinate maid!


& if you are unsure what I have coming to AAAspanking next week, then check out a double introduction movie with Zoe and Jess (over Zoe’s lap) FF lovers… you are in for a treat these coming weeks at Triple A! (fine wine viewing indeed!)

Cracking Weekend Spankings

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been at this blog and my others as often as I had wanted recently, but I was absolutely shattered yesterday after a stressful week at my dayjob and so tired yesterday that I practically fell asleep at my desk thinking up what to write (honestly… “Er indoors” caught me in a trance-like state and told me to get some sleep, so I slept solidly afterwards!) Sleep is great, eh? Must remember to do that more often! I will never ever under rate sleep again 🙂

Above image taken from the brilliant series taken from the archives of NorthernSpanking.com starring Erica Scott & Stephen Lewis – I have featured this before in ny blog, just type in “Erica Scott” in the search box and I’m sure you will find it 🙂

OK, as I mentioned NorthernSpanking (oops, done it again!) – I feel I should start there as I haven’t featured much from their site recently so I will treat you with a quick look at their extensive daily updates instead… so you can see what you are missing out on! Hope this whets your spanking desires! “Bon Appetit!”

Do as you are told!

Nicole has the use of her Aunts lovely flat in Central London while attending uni. However, news of late night parties, loud music and lack of attendance at lectures has reached Aunt Leia and she is not pleased. An unexpected visit reinforces the message that such things are not allowed!


Very curvacious Kate is drifting off to sleep and this kinky minx  has a lucid dream about being spanked and played upon so it’s a pleasant surprise for her when she wakes up to find her kinky daydreams have become reality as her beautiful rump is spanked and cropped by a grinning Paul!


Here is the excellent presentation of how to punish an imperfect schoolgirl! Played by (the perfect) Amelia Jane Rutherford who, as always, looks stunning in her uniform and takes a spanking and caning across that impeccible rump of hers which does not fail to disappoint fans of AJR!


You can see all the very latest naughty goings on at this wonderful site – CLICK HERE


Below contains the latest Trouser Arousing (™ Chief) scenes from Amber’s 3 site network!

I love what Amber Dawn has done to her site network, it was bound to happen in the end, she has 3 distinctive sites, the original SpankAmber.com which recently celebrated 5 wonderful years online, followed by  (what I think has become one of the best F/F sites out there) AmberSpanks.com – a very naughty and original female discipline site which contains very raunchy scenes and a few years ago Amber stared up a more model and webcam focussed site but she has decded to add that as a bonus site you can use withyour codes when you purchase any membership tot he other 2 sites and you now get all 3 as standard for the same price!!! How cool is that? The bonus site contains extra images and films of Amber and friends, there’s less spanking but it also has lots of recorded webcam shows (hot!!!) and shows us stunning girls like Anna shown here who has a perfect round bottom! & of course, as I said, the bonus is that you can get access to all 3 sites with one membership now – CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS (see join up page for access to all 3 sites – and check out those prices!)



& of course at AmberSpanks.com (see below) you will be amazed, as I was, by the coninuing sexually explicit punishment of Amber’s beautiful dusky playmate, the 19 year old online spanko virgin, Zahara Haze, who is spanked, groped, her butt oiled and massaged including a hot fucking with Amber’s strap on after being pleasured… all hot stuff including the much expected spankings too!





See the unique AmberSpanks.com website and decide for yourself!

Also take advantage of Amber’s special pricings which allow a trial membership or her really popular low priced 6 month deal! Click on Amber’s image below and you’ll see exactly what this redhead spanking goddess is offering you! I daren’t show you anything today of Amber being spanked… I want to keep my keyboard clean… but YOu can check her out (below)


I’m not doing my trousers any favours today, am I? The next recent update from Firm Hand stars Melanie Taylor who I absolutely have a thing for… she has become incredibly popular in a short space of time and this latest film, the engaging angles and that sublime butt ensures FirmHandSpanking.com are onto a winner with this beautiful brat!

Beautiful casino worker Melanie Taylor strips down to her bra and lays out like a delicious dessert on a kitchen counter! Earl Grey is punishing her for theft in The Dealer: the leather paddle cracks beautifully 31 times across her bare bottom. Reaction Cam replays show she suffers! Yikes!




See all of stunning Melanie’s films only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Whilst on the subject of brats, it would be rude of me not to pay you a visit to one of  the original and best brat busting sites out there, the aptly named and much loved Punishedbrats.com – of course! The below feature 2 really HOT girls getting what they deserve and news of what members can expect very soon with a new teen girl which you can see at the end of this post!

Pi has been letting her homework pile up in favor of watching endless marathons of trash television. David paddles Pi’s bottom until it is so sore and bruised that she’ll have trouble sitting to do her assignments. * Chief’s note: See the tattoo of the Greek letter P (symbol for Pi or 22/7… nice touch!) Oh… and what an ass this girl has… this is addictive viewing, especially the scnees where she gets the paddle as Pi admitted this really did get to her!



I think Pi’s homework should have been along the lines of understanding her mathematical properties!

Pi is a numerical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter on a flat plane surface.The value is the same regardless of the size of the circle. The decimal expansion of pi is a nonterminating, nonrepeating sequence of digits. For most calculations, the value can be taken as 3.14159. This means, for example, that a circle with a diameter of 10 inches, as measured on a flat surface, has a circumference of approximately 31.4159 inches.

OK, moving swiftly on… one girl at this site who appeared, I think, early last year has one of the best spankable asses, in my opinion, ands in that authentic looking (English) school uniform, David has got this just right! Ladies and gents, I present to you, Miss Joelle Barros over the lap of Beverly Bacci!




Joelle committed a terrible prank, Photoshopping the faces of the school’s professors into compromising sex positions. She thought it was funny, her friends thought it was hysterical, but school disciplinarian Beverly Bacci is not amused at all. A bare bottom hand spanking is going to be only the very beginning of Joelle’s long, painful punishment from Ms. Bacci in this film “5 Day Detention”.

& finally as I had promised, here are some sneak preview images of their latest newbie, called Tara from their most recent unpublished film shoot… which David described below.


“Despite her youth, Tara was a total pro. Pixie had to miss this one  due to her health problems.  So my son and I pressed on… Pixieless. Let me tell you, having Pixie onset (whether on or off camera) makes my life a lot easier. She has the organizational skill to herd cats – Well, she will be editing both video and photographs soon enough. Tara was adorable and cried through each scene!

I can’t wait… and I’m sure if you are a member you will be viewing this VERY SOON!


Have a pleasant weekend everyone! I will try to post one more time here before my next film shoot on Monday (which I am 100% looking forward to, the girls are confirmed, the location is set and I promise you much raunchiness and mayhem as we have never filmed before!)

Excitedly, Chief.

Seriously Smoking Hot Spanking Updates

Yay! It’s Friday, I need to get this update done today so I can relax and enjoy a glass or 5 of finest vino in front of the log fire since it’s still a little chilly where I am… (but nothing like last year’s big chill or the blizzards way out north west in America, so small mercies and all that!) – So as the title suggests, lets take a look at some red hot stuff I have for you today, including a look at some old faves of mine you may not have seen before to add some old in withthe new!

New and now complete at Punishedbrats.com is an awesome OTK spanking movie with the newly cropped Pi, who looks so alluring with her tomboy looks that I can’t keep my eyes off her and her wiggling red bottom! Check out the images below and you’ll see why David was such a lucky fellow to be spanking this total hottie!

“The Confrontation” – Pi is surprised and not at all happy to see her father David at her door. But David is not about to leave until he has had a serious discussion with his daughter and he instills some tough love with a good hard hand spanking across his lap with her panties pulled down for an especially humiliating OTK session…




You can see the full uncut spanking movie of Pi (or 22 divided by 7, as I like to call her) at the link below


Next up is my favourite movie so far from Pandora’s new site DreamsOfSpanking.com – I haven’t had much time to view her site yet and will be doing a full review when I can but I highly recommend that you check it out, especially as she has options to join for just 5 days so you can see for yourself at a much lower price. She also told me that she is trying to attract more women surfers to the site, so my female readers (yes, there are still a few of you lovely ladies here… lol!) – please do go take a look (and of course, gents, please do NOT feel left out as there is plenty to view and gaze at with bleary spanko eyes…)

Just take a look at what I have for you , the 1st a 24 minute film with the awesome Zille Defeu (who I have definitely got a thing for now, OMG! I so want her to come appear at my site when she’s next in the UK!) she stars alongside Tom Cameron and Pandora in the film “Caned in Jodphurs” and following this I have some amazing Pandora fantasy images of her as a rather sexy, scantily clad secretary (should there ever be any other types?) some great photography as you’ll see, so check out what is going on at Pandora’s site from my gaze… below.




Pandora and Zille together *swoon*

Pandora the secretary

Check out the secretary images that I mentioned earlier… you can tell that Tom and Pandora both enjoyed making this for us to see… why? Well, whose fantasy is this? Tom’s or Pandora’s?

It’s a theme we all know so well and love (I certainly do) so I hope you enjoy these selected images I have for you. The website gallery has nearly 100 and they are in a much higher resolution than what I am showing here.

& the storyline? A young, nervous secretary. Her stern, intimidating boss. There’s only one way this can play out. But is it real life, or roleplay? His fantasy, or hers?

Why don’t you decide?  🙂




OK, I think you get the idea, right? Frankly, you’d be mad NOT to check out Pandora’s site. There are a bunch of nifty features that help you navigate around the site, you can leave comments just like on a blog on each and every update or section there is, which I like and I have to admit it was something I wanted to place on my site but because we use Strongbox (a security programme, which I will never give up as it is amazing) – it changes the actual web address to each unique user at that time and I tried setting up an interactive comment box but it wiped away comments as anything placed by members at the unique web address stayed there and didn’t show up the next time anyone would enter when they logged in… bummer, but I’m still working on that my end… Pandora already has it – and a whole load more which I will get news of to you in my own review sometime soon. In the meantime, go check it out.


For those who are wondering what I have updated at my site, as promised, I uploaded the 2nd part to the F/F film “When the Boss is Away” – go check it out, it’s a beaut! 🙂

click here to view the 2nd part of this movie