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Interesting spanking positions

Interesting spanking positions…. part 1
Imagine being allowed to spank this contortionist if she didn’t pot the ball!

Ahem…. and with that… I bring you some interesting positions of some models we’ve all seen and what better than to start with the gorgeous Adrienne Black from FirmHandSpanking.com – who is strapped with her legs (and they are long!!!) held high in the air in almost the diaper position on the soft comfy chair… however, during this punishment, comfort is the least of her worries as she feels the sting and shame of having her bare bottom thrashed in such an embarrassing way, awww… isn’t she just adorable?

College Discipline is Strict! Gorgeous tall blonde Adrienne Black has used her dad’s credit card. Lawyer, Earl Grey (who is charged with her ongoing discipline), has decided to strap  her bottom… legs in the air, so we can see her beautiful butt and anguished face! After 10 swats on her tight skirt, it’s skirt off for a whole lot more on her pert soft bum! Adrienne admitted that this stung like hell and was an extremely embarrassing punishment!

See more of some of America’s most beautiful teenage brats getting what they so deserve HERE!


Now… being naked whilst waiting for your punishment is bad enough, so imagine these two, Lila and Veronica, who have already been punished, waiting for the next part of their humiliating discipline… sore bottoms poking out over the chair! Well, this embarrassing position, as you’ll see below, is precisely what the girls find themselves in with their exposed bottoms ready for Round 2 of the session, a hard (and it IS hard!) paddling and strapping as each girl is made to count the other’s cruel swats… do not miss this movie – which is totally exclusive to RealSpankings.com only!

You can see both girls facing their very severe & embarrassing strapping HERE


I love this punishment below: Imagine you’re this foolish girl… & being punished by Auntie Katie is bad enough, but being punished naked in the bedroom, chastised, then having your bared bottom stuck out, back arched so she can slipper your exposed bottom can’t be the best moment for young arrogant Sally, can it? Fortunately, Sally is stunning and a real English brat that gets what’s coming to her, I promise you will not be disappointed with this series of films starring these 2 warring females!

Click image below which leads to some free movie clips of this actual HOT home punishment!

Check out more free spanking previews at this site HERE


The following OTK positions, you might not thinks are anything special, but from the latest movies (and then I threw in a film I just watched again from last year….) you’ll see why Punishedbrats.com is still one of the sites I love watching because they have the most adorable brats really getting it over the knees and laps of their loved ones or colleagues… usually in the capable hands of either veronica or David…. but Pixie likes to get her hand in too! The following films are as follows.

Shower Power – Sassy little Pi is pulled straight from the shower and right over Veronica’s lap for a nude spanking. Pi has learned a tough lesson on what happens to foul mouthed little brats that call their mom a bitch.

“Principal Called” – Joelle told her principal to go to hell and her Uncle David is going to teach her to have a little more respect for school authority. Joelle has lost her attitude and pleads for her spanking to come to an end.

Juliet Valentina’s Sick Day – Juliet tried to trick Pixie into giving her a sick note so she could take time off work until the examination revealed she was lying! However, Pixie agreed to give Juliet a note excusing her from work for the rest of the day since there was no way she’d be able to sit at her desk after trying to cheat her earlier!

Remember that you can still take advantage of the 5 year Birthday Pricing Offer – CLICK HERE


OK, onto some other girls not featured here before and a delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com – one of Clare Fonda’s favorite sites she admitted working on (because it gave her scope to fully perv as brothel madam “Momma Clare”) – here we see her introduce to us a new girl to the scene (at the time) called Kylee Reese, I remember this blonde honey was a real hit, hardly surprising from the images below, eh? I love this scene… so so hot!


Finally, something as little different as Clare Fonda shows us her “Mommy” side, as if we didn’t know already in her infamous NaughtyDiaperGirls.com website. This doesn’t contain a spanking scene though there are plenty of spanking clips at the site, it concentrates on Adult baby Girls, Diaper changes, rectal thermomenter takings and basically all of Clare’s girls she hires for her regular spanking shoots having a hoot dressing up as “baby” and goofing off or being a little rude in their cribs and diapers, maybe even peeing themselves, like babyfaced Missy below, a really cute new girl I haven’t seen, and am wondering if she’s gonna appear at one of Clare’s spanking sites… if she does, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Check out the images and clip below of the delightful Missy. Who admitted she peed her pants at school and brought home a diaper for Clare to put on her!!!

See more stories and updates at this unique site HERE


Don’r go far, as I will have news and behind the scene gossip on the very latest film to come out at AAAspanking.com tomorrow, and I am still undecided, but it will probably be a new double bill schoolgirl special with Jasmine Lau & Kami Robertson! Seriously… don’t miss it, it’s a good ‘un!

PunishedBrats – Old & New!

Hey everyone… we’re still here!!!

After all that apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo I heard about the world ending last night… I guess there are a few red faces and shame as some devout Christians or other have to face going back to work (if they haven’t spent their savings on whatever cult it was etc). I’m sorry, being British, I was SO disinterested in this claptrap that I have skimmed the stories. I, like many other of my fellow Brits, fail to understand how in the USA these “Preachers” on TV and in everyday life can con individuals and hoodwink vulnerable people so much… over here they’d be hunted down or hounded out of communities by a very angry mob of people or just plain derided as a lunatic and shunned… maybe it’s because we’re such a small land mass that it’s getting harder to hide in our over populated, over regulated and overly CCTV controlled society (put that soap box away, Chief…)

So here we are on a bright new day and I thought I’d celebrate with a small mini review I did way back, a little reminder about just how awesome Punishedbrats.com is – hardly surprising, they’ve been going 5 years now and of course you may have noticed that to celebrate this they are offering a special Birthday pricing (I think this is a first time that there has ever been an offer so take advantage of it whilst you can!)

Current Birthday pricing: (Get this before they revert to their normal price structure)

  • $15 for 30 Days (recurring)
  • $19.99 30 Days (non recurring)
  • $41 for 90 days (best value at 13.60/month – non recurring)

First of all, I want to let you know that there is a new girl by the name of Pi who will be appearing at the site very soon (I guess that at PB they are now only taking on girls who have number references, I am of course referring to the gorgeous Ten who I will let you see in her latest film in a mo). They called her Pi as it was easier than “TwentyTwo over Seven” – I’m hoping she will also star with Ten and then we can have some Spanking Equation fun 🙂

Pi… or 22/7 with a very sore bottom – coming soon to Punishedbrats.com!

OK, as promised, below is the very latest episode featuring Ten, and I’m sure you’ve all seen her many times on here before so take a look at ten’s amazing posterior and as I’ve said before, I just LOVE her thick, strong amazonian legs, I bet she could crush a walnut with those thighs, I’d love to see that!!! But guess what…. I digress! 🙂

Ten was pulled over by police officer Mike Smith. She thinks she has the cop wrapped around her finger after she pulls the crying routine and gets off without a ticket, but Officer Smith is going to escort the girl home for a crying routine over his knee instead!

Now I live Lily Anna, she can pout withthe best of them and of course has a marvellous great butt that reddens beautifully! You can see what happens when she pisses off her lawyer Susan below!

Lily Anna recanted her entire statement in the middle of courtroom testimony making a fool out of her lawyer, Susan. Susan doesn’t feel the girl understands the severity of her actions and gives her a well deserved lesson in real life discipline she won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Finally, the film I really liked recently of a girl I hadn’t seen in a while was of David and Bronte… these images below really capture what went on in the movie as she has a pretty face and of course an amazing bum that David ensures is glowing red by the time he’s finished with her over his knee!

Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled! Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner with her cheeks on fire?

OK, let’s not forget what you can find in the archives of this site, check out the images below from an old post I did and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the site even more again! Enjoy! I certainly did re-reading this all 😉


Punished Brats

OK, to those I doubt many of you will remeber this post I did so enjoy the images of a younger Pixie and blonde Juliet amongst others!

Girls at Punished Brats taking it easy

Wowser! I gotta say that David is a lucky fella getting a chance to punish these brats!  😀

Also, to you TV buffs or perusers of teen sites (ahem) don’t you think that Juliet (below) has a similarity to…

The cheerleader Claire (below left) from TV Series “Heroes” and Teen Minx “Tiffany Teen” (below right)

…and Pixie, well, she’s just adorable and unique, isn’t she? (below)

OK, I am seriously digressing here, first OTK from PunishedBrats naturally goes to Pixie!

She has been caught out texting whilst driving (actually an offfence in the UK now you know!) so is given a torrid time and all privlieges revoked at home! See the pics below for that magnicent derriere splayed over Paul’s knee as he administers the bath brush on her rump!

click here to play this free clip

Check the FREE Spanking images from this movie below

click here for more Pixie

Next up, Aunty Chelsea has had a lot (A LOT) of trouble with bratty Juliet but in this part of the movie we see Juliet broken and beginning to realise aplogies might be a good thing! Some great camera angle work and a seriously spankable arse, these ae a few great pics and free clip! Enjoy!!!

click here to play

Oh boy! Where’s that cold bucket of water? and I’ve got Helen and Violetta to come yet!!!

more hot girls and brats punished here

David Pierson gets to have these brats over his knee, the first is the very latest update OUT NOW.

It stars the simply delectable Helen Lei, who I’m guessing has either Chinese or Singaporian heretage, oh my! Anyone of you here know my feelings about Asian girls (well, women in general I suppose…heh heh)  😉 This gorgeous brat, Helen, finally starts to come to her senses as step dad David removes her knickers and continues to show her who’s boss!

click here to view this FREE Clip

Miss Lei, you may only be 19 years of age, but it appears you are never too old to be taught this lesson!

Loving those yellow panties as well, I hope if you are reading this David, that you get Miss Lei back soon!

more brats punished here

Finally I found this movie and the girl, called Violetta who surprisingly in this day and age had a refreshing tuft of hair between her legs!
Ah, just like the old days, no harsh tatts in sight as well! Bliss! Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but I find this girl very attractive! Lucky David gets to have her cry and squirm over his knee in this workplace scenario as she fails to come up to scratch!

free movie clip of Violetta's punishment

With those boots, her legs look like they go on forever! And what a lovely arse! A joy to watch!

OK, I think you get the idea, right? & as I mentioned earlier… please be aware that there is a special Birthday pricing that means for the short period this offer is available – you can get access to Punishedbrats – IN FULL – for less than at any time over the last 5 years, it’s their way of saying “Thank you” to those that have supported them over the years… so if you liked what you saw above, then this is just the tip of the spanking iceberg. Check it out HERE – ‘cos the Chief said so!  😉

OK, have a good weekend, safe in the knowledge that The Earth and all life on it have survived another day!

Regards, Chief.


Review of movies past and present!

I have a treat for you today as I reminisce and check over some gorgeous spanking movies from the past as well as bring you some brand new updates to keep you good people interested!

The full movie of this infamous film is available HERE to download and it stars one of the sexiest snivelling models I have been privilege to review and see work in person, and that is the very lovely Miss Rebekah Jordan: To those that don’t know who she is (have you been living on Mars the last 10 years?) she was a well known fetish and hard core porn actress who started filming as soon as she was 18 until her early retirement after admitting she had pretty much done everything in the porn and fetish industry – then having a child obviously changed all that so it helped her decision to quit while she still had her looks way back in 2005!

Rebekah plays poor Barbara Watford, due to get thrashed by her drunken Uncle!

(I have not heard of her since though I guess she is still happily married and looking after at least one son)…anyhoo, this film was a few in the series she shot with Xerotics around 2003/04 and until it went to FetishFlixx it needed properly re-editing and remastering (to remove the problems of frame rates making it look jagged when Uncle (yes that was me and it was one of my earliest films!) was spanking her cute butt – I still see this now with some spanking producers who haven’t sorted out their frame rates or some such nonsense and it is so annoying!

So yes, I had the privilege of spanking and caning her smooth butt (I can still remember how smooth it was even now!!!) Please ignore the daft title of this film, I can’t remember what it was originally called but I know she was never named “Barbara Watford” – just one of the minor gripes I always had with those that used to sort out these films and their hopeless “naming” of models, but it’s a minor gripe and something I always felt they should have paid more attention to in the past –  but since I haven’t worked for them for about 3 years I guess they can do what the hell they like, right?

Barbara is consoled but told to prepare herself for a spanking & caning by Uncle!

BONUS CLIP – Click HERE to see Barbara’s nerves get the better of her!

Due to the limitations of the film & editing equipment used at that time in 2003 and the fact that when it was first produced and placed online, the internet was much slower in those days, so there was no point in putting up a movie with a high bit playback rate to make large screen viewing like watching a DVD etc as that movie file, 6-7 years ago, would have taken half a day to download! Nowadays, of course, with the increasing speeds globally, a simple short 15 minute movie like this is no problem so sit back , relax, get out a big fat cigar as I have a visual treat for you with some latest images and a good spanking clip of Rebekah playing the snivelling “Barbara Watford!”

Click on thumbnails below for the larger screen grabs



Her soft buttocks were carefully stared at in his drunken state then he aimed his hand into that soft inviting flesh and spanked her plump cheeks until he felt her squirm and cry as Barbara started to complain, making the situation worse as the cane was introduced to tell her who was boss in this punishment!


There’s a special FREE Movie clip that you can view EXCLUSIVE to this blog!

Barbara is a sneaky minx, trying to pretend that the testing tap he gave her with the cane was painful! She is only making things worse with her lies!!!

The FULL Movie is available HERE to download

Access this and 100s more specialist films at FetishFlixx.com


PunishedBrats have an amazing set of movies starring not only Amber Pixie Wells, but the gorgeous Juliet Valentina, Lily Anna and from what I see, Beverly Bacci takes a bottom role (still every now and then)… I guess from old unseen movies they hadn’t used (since she has retired from being a Bottom, or am I mistaken?) – wouldn’t that would be godd news indeed after I thought she had retired from being a submissive over a year ago!

You may remember these cracking films with Juliet (topping and of course baring her bottom as well!) Check out all the full movie reviews on the home tour pages!

This looks interesting as we see Juliet give poor Lily Anna a paddling for stealing her clothes. This brat can’t behave at school nor at home!

This movie, called “Last Day”, has Juliet truly looking the part over Veronica’s knee in a bedroom scene! OMG just look at her red rump! So do you all prefer Juliet’s brunette look or still hanker after her blonde years?

Juliet received an incredibly painful strapping from David for vandalism. Of course David wouldn’t be far away from the action!

& finally in the brunette series Juliet ends up over Pixie’s knee, you’ll see that when doing a company ordered wellness check on Juliet, Pixie determines that she is in need of a red bottom! How delightful, any excuse, and I don’t blame her one little bit, eh? Check out some cracking images taken from movies of Juliet in her classic “Blonde years” as well!!! (Trouser Arousal levels WILL be high!)



Now what has had me in a lather was seeing Beverly Bacci back over Veronica’s knee, I forgot to ask Mr Pierson if he managed to persuade her to sub again, or if it was an old movie, either way, I was really pleased to see another “Bev movie” – I know it’s a tease, but check out some of the images below, I swear Beverly’s legs and ass get better every time I look at them… oh my!

Scenes taken from the movie: “Alarming Business”


The storyline: Beverly made a careless error setting the security alarm when leaving the office. Her boss Veronica had to make an emergency visit to the building in the middle of the night and is about to show her displeasure with her employee. Imagine Beverly squirming and wriggling over your lap, OMG! I need to go get a cold shower now, and that’s without telling you about the movie I just watched again (below) – what is it about us guys and the sight of a girl in a Cheer Leader’s Uniform, For the love of God… PunishedBrats  stop getting me so aroused!

Pixie Amber Wells & Sarah Gregory raise the blood pressure of Chief!
Beverly punished pretty Pixie and Sarah in those uniforms!!!

Sarah and Pixie managed to smuggle alcohol along on a cheer team competition. When the girls are found out, Coach Beverly uses a wooden school paddle to make an impression on the law breaking girls.


Check out the home tour pages of PUNISHED BRATS for more free previews including movie clips from all the above! (& they are STILL one of the most consistently cheapest spanking sites with no gimmicks at $17 for a month, with over 4 years of regularly updated content to gawp at!!!)


One of the very latest updates now out at FirmHandSpanking.com stars the gorgeous Adrienne Black – who Firm Hand are rightly proud of her winning the best newcomer in the recent 2010 Awards held at SpankingSpot and I am also proud of that as I nominated her in the first place!

Adrienne once again defies Earl Grey in the latest installment of her College Discipline series and this is an excellent no nonsense spanking that she gets whilst her “Haze Me” panties are pulled down and she is bent over the chair and given a very hard smacking on her form cheeks for not altering her ridiculously short school uniform and chatting for far too long instead on the phone to her boyfriend! Check out some images of the College Discipline series below and I will get a clip of this spanking up later on Teen Spanking Tube!



Another gorgeous spoiled brat of a slinky girl at FirmHandSpanking is Annabelle Vanderwood, she, like Adrienne, often answer back and don’t take their discipline without moaning and complaining, making it worse for themselves, but I do love the way they answer back and Annabelle is againin no mood to take much crap off Mr Reed, her appointed Life coach that her parents have hired to sort out her applling attitude. Good news, he’s in no mood to take her crap either – “Annabelle – meet The Paddle!”



Annabelle wears a pair of jeans so well, and I can tell you the actual movie she got a right old paddling, that tight bit of denim was no protection at all – of course you can see Annabelle in many other punishments with her jeans down at FirmHandSpanking, panties removed – but I rather liked this punishment with her jeans on, (kind of made it a little more believable) – as we know damn well her next punishment will be without any Denim protection!

Check out all the very latest movies & free previews provided HERE

Provocative Spankings

Right, as the title suggests, here are some highly erotic and thought provoking movie scenes/clips and images which should get the ol’ spanking juices flowing!!! It’s been too long since I fully featured Miss Samantha Woodley, and in this outfit, I’m surprised no further damage was done other than a good long hard spanking! Click below and see the source of my severe trouser disgruntlement!!!

Now if you thought that was hot from FirmHandSpanking.com – have you seen one of the new girls recently in her “Life coach” series? I present to you Miss Annabelle Vanderwood! This dusky haughty beauty is being taught the meaning of respect and discipline when her parents hire this “Life coach” to sort out their spoiled brat… got to say, this series is damned hot and one of the 1st I now look up, as you’ll see from one of Annabelle’s recent strappings below! *sigh*

Don’t forget this site includes loads of great schoolgirl punishments and I had never showed this before, it’s of a very cocky Susan Gilbert getting a tear jerking paddling, (seriously that wooden paddle was heavy and HUGE!) You’ll see her in that cute uniform with her panties pulled down, the smirk replaced with a real look of regret! If you’re into tearful spankings and suchlike, this is the film for you!!!

For this and all the latest updates with free movie previews, check out FirmHandSpanking.com for more!


Staying in America, there are some exciting girl on girl updates which I am showing here today, but if you’re only into M/F then feel free to check out the tour pages of Punishedbrats.com as I’d say the spanking ratios are about 50/50 – I’m just showing you some good girl on girl action today

What better way to start than choose Pixie and Lily Anna? I love seeing these 2 girls together, and they’re switching more and more as they get more dominant in their roles… it makes this even better to view as you’ll see below when they play Student leaders, caught off campus without permission. When Headmistress Veronica determines it was Pixie’s idea, she orders Lily to administer the punishment to her friend. (images below)

You just know it’s not going to stop there with Headmistress Veronica in charge of this punishment, don’t you? Likewise, this recent update below with Veronica and Ashley over her knee is typical of the excellent hard punishments and very wrigglesome spankings that I’d definitely need cast iron underpants for protection! Ashley is rightly punished for pawning Veronica’s stuff, I know it’s hard times at the mo, but that’s like stealing FFS! No wonder Ashley got such a thrashing… see images of this punishment below!

There are a ton of free images & movie clip previews you can view from this site HERE


Finally check out this site, 1stChoicespanking.com – it’s had a major revamp and more movies have recently been uploaded, these are old British classics and are remastered for full screen playback! I can safely recommend thsi site now having viewed many a film myself which brings back losts of old and forgotten films – all are long play approx an hour each in length and there’s days worth if you watched them back to back!!! (I haven’t tried that)

Check out the site and you’ll be amazed at the FREE Tours and flash vids that they are showing, you’ll spend an age just viewing the free content before you realize that this site is shit hot and worth checking out! (see below)

Now if you wish, there are 2 choice long play movie clips uploaded at TEEN SPANKING TUBE and here is one of them below that I have linked directly, just click on the image below and there are also some smaller lower resolution images from this…

Click image above to watch this provocative spanking & caning movie


Finally, just to let you know my updates here will be thin over the next week as I will be away and am unsure if internet access is available, and anyway, I’ll be on holiday so plan to enjoy being away from the screen for a bit and for my own sanity. Looking forward to going now and also be refreshed and tanned, ready to carry on when I get back

Regards, Chief.

Spankings from around the world!

Right you ‘orrible little lot, I have been informed that you have been touching yourselves with excitement viewing some of these recent spanking news and updates provided by Chief, well, as your Drill Sergeant I own your ass and am this stopping RIGHT NOW!

Screw you Hartman, this is MY blog, leave my readers be… we’re gonna get our rocks off to some fine bare bottom spanking erotica whether you like it or not, you dinosaur! So stand by for another rollercoaster ride around the world of spanking and today there are some cracking girls and some seriously good updates out there at the moment which will no doubt occupy your time as much as mine! Here is what I have been mainly, ahem…viewing “sans pantalons” this week! 😀

2 glorious new movie updates are out at PunishedBrats this week and the first below has gorgeous stalwarts of the site, Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna back together and in deep doo-doo as you’ll see below! This is what happens when bad girls sneak off and cover for each other!!! A double pyjama spanking for the bratty sisters from Michael! Lily Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend ( Snake – great name, lol) and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

Seriously, I’m loving these new film supdates from Punishedbrats.com – where the hell do they find some of these girls? They’re just lovely! Case in point below when new this relative online spanking newbie steals from mom!
Ashley didn’t just borrow her mom Veronica’s jewelry without permission, she pawned it for some quick cash!! Veronica is furious and spanks her thieving daughter!

Chief’s fact of the day: I used to work in a Pawnbrokers/Check Cashing establishment, and boy do they rake in the dough now in these times, eh? Should have stuck with it…oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

You can see some cracking free clips (in lower res – members get better) and more previews of all the most recent updates from Punishedbrats HERE


From Japan, some incredible recent updates have appeared with the schoolgirl and young newbie teachers getting thrashed, seriously,I gotta take a trip to Tokyo before I shuffle off this mortal coil…I’d bust a gut seeing those cute little minxes with their knee length socks and oh so short school skirts!! See what happens to this new teacher below as she is first spanked then paddled AND PADDLED HARD!
I got you a clip from the TEEN SPANKING TUBE as well! (see below)

Japanese girls and their school uniforms are such a temptation, eh? What about seeing them thrashed in their swimming costumes? Well, in a recent movie, that is precisely what happens when a teacher overhears 2 girls cursing and being disrespectful, it’s not long before they are both punished together, sobbing and crying as only these cute chicks know how to…

You can see ALL the very latest updates from CutieSpankee HERE


In Holland, the “schpaannnkings” continue without mercy or rest as I take a quick look at 2 sections of the hugely popular Spanked-In-Uniform website – today we see gorgeous Kami in a school uniform and new girls Leandra and Stacey this time at the Birchrod Inn in their French maid costumes, oh my! “I have wood”…

Kami Robertson learns quickly the “No Alcohol rule”

In this 22 minute full length film which is out now to download in full, little Kami decided to sneak a beer into the school but while she was drinking it in the playground, The Headmaster called her to the punishment room for a knicker inspection (as they do nowadays, heh heh). Whilst he was inspecting her knickers he smelled beer on her breath and this was all the encouragement he needed to give her a  good spanking over his knee. The next day naughty Kami put some Whiskey with her coffee in a flask to not get caught again – but the silly girl forgot that it can still be smelt! Oh dear…back to the Punishment Room this time for 12 of the best with the cane and as a final insuly and humiliation she had to bare her bottom to the whole school during assembly as an example to the other girls! (I so want to be janitor at this school!!!)

I love their little effects, placing girls in assembly halls, and airplane stewardesses in the planes etc…very neat trick! You can view this whole movie only at SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM.com

I promised I’d show the new French maids Leandra and Stacey, prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, I thought they looked cute in their airline uniforms, but oh my, do they look delicious in and out of these! See more below and you’ll understand why!

“No hanky panky” – the full length 28 minute film from Birchrod Inn at Spanked in Uniform

Stacey and Leandra are lovers. Their boss sent them to the Birchrod Inn because they could not keep their hands of each other during workhours. After the warning lecture they changed into their maid’s uniforms upstairs then were ordered to dust but very soon they were involved in some “hanky schhh-panky”. Stacey was sexily spanking blonde Leandra on the couch when they were caught by Mr Johnson! He turned both girls across his knee and gave them a good “sch-panking”. He then sent them upstairs to clean the bedrooms but they were caught again as stacey was soothing and fondling Leandra’s beautiful bottom! They were dragged downstairs and their bottoms got a sound leather paddling over the table then forced to stand against the wall, sore red bottoms on display, ashamed and had to stay like that until all the guests had checked in! Again…where is this birchrod Inn…do they do super spanking saver weekends?

Check out this and ALL the latest updates only at Spanked-In-Uniform.com


Finally today, back in northern England, at BritSpank.com things aren’t getting any better for Angelina at her stuffy private school, this latina exchange student needs to learn how to behave and she’s a long way from home! Perhaps she wants to learn how to sit down on very soft cushions for comfort?

Angelina was sent out of class to speak with the Headmaster after she started crying. When asked why she said it was because she missed her home since she had started at the private girls college whilst in England. While the Head was not unsympathetic he did explain that she would have to get used to the idea that she had been sent to England to finish her education & that she would be expected to do her very best in all things. He then said that he would actually now give her something to cry about & that he felt she would benefit from getting her bare bottom soundly thrashed. Loud sobs filled the room as Angelina was bared & then punished! I know there are many of you, like me, addicted to her sobbing and sniffling, she doesn’t let us down in this film!!!


Check out all the latest movies & free previews exclusive to BritSpank & no other site

Punishedbrats – Good News & Sad News!

This was going to be a review of Punishedbrats but I also just got word of some news developments, both good and (not so good).

First the bad news and I’m hoping this won’t be for long, Pixie was once again admitted to hospital, but by her own admission on her own personal blog here which covers all the events of her comings and goings these last few months, she hopes to be home again before the middle of the month! Get well soon Pixie!!!! Leave her messages there if you haven’t already!

Now the better news is that David Pierson has been busy and lined up some formiddable forthcoming talent, despite Pixie’s absence, for their next shoot on May 15th (ooh, a day before my birthday!) and due to numerous member requests, begging letters and just humble grovelling, there are some amazing returns! Anyone remember Juliet Valentina? Who could forget this blonde bombshell? She’s returning after an absence away from Punishedbrats of more than 2 years! (Check out my sidebar and you’ll see Juliet in her blue cheergirl outfit with her red bottom exposed advertising this website!!!) This blogger here can hardly contain himself, Juliet is by far one of my most lusted after objects in the spanking world and to see her back, beautiful bottom bared, well….turn on the cold shower now! 

Juliet Valentina (left) and Beverly Bacci (above right) return to Punishedbrats

Also returning to the Punishedbrats stage is Beverly Bacci. Beverly had retired a few months ago (as I had informed you all) from fetish modeling but she returns as a spanker! Beverly can be rather ferocious so once again, I can’t wait to see these 2 girls giving and getting it good!

But there’s more! Recent crowd puller Lorraine, she of the most amazing pout and damned gorgeous, to boot, is back too by popular demand from members and who can blame them? I am really looking forward to seeing much more of Lorraine (uncovered)!!!

Lorraine’s beautiful butt pokes out over the knee and under the hand of lucky Veronica
If you have been living on Mars then check out the FREE Gallery of Lorraine

David Pierson has managed to keep something for himself as one of his personal favourites and also mine makes a welcome return! You’ll recognise Charlie Skye below, great facial expressions and a long mane of blonde hair with a delicious spankable derriere, you just know she’ll be crying out loud as her bottom is tanned crimson very soon!!!!

Charlie Skye will be making a very welcome return in this all star line up!!!

So there you have it! Some amazing spanking stars retruning and I’m sure an awesome filmshoot awaits! In the meantime, Punishedbrats have been releasing some amazing films with one of my favourites, Lily Anna who you can see below (click to enlarge images)


Above stills were taken from the movie “Empty Bottle” – with Lily Anna and Veronica Bound.
Lily Anna should have known better than to ever think she could steal Veronica’s vodka without her noticing. Now she’ll really pay the price! Naughty Lily Anna probably won’t quit her vodka habit (and that will no doubt mean more spankings for her in the future!), but she’s learned never to touch Veronica’s stash!

David Pierson has another blonde cracker over his knee with the delightful Lilly Page!

“Curfew Violation” – the latest film with Lilly Page and David Pierson.
When Lilly comes home well after curfew she finds David is waiting up for her, she knows her teenage bottom is in big trouble as he glares at her for disobeying him once again! This is a classic OTK domestic discipline that david excells at and Lilly Page’s bottom turns a dark crimson in this movie!


Sample clip is a lower resolution than inside the members area

What an all star line up coming soon!…and with the massive archives already available at one of the most competitive pricings around (starting at just $17 for 4 years of totally excluisve content not found anywhere else) you can see why this site consistently wins awards for best value and entertainment per spank! Well done David on an impressive site and an amazing “coming soon” I here “chez Chief” can’t wait to see more!