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More Spankings for Friday

To those of you who adore the weekends because it actually means you have 2 whole days off, I’m very pleased for you! To the rest of the working population, I hope you get to chill out and not get jealous at your friends (tell yourself their 9-5 weekday jobs suck and pay less) – I suggest to prove this that you go out and buy a huge pointless car now that gas/petrol prices are much lower and will remain low for the next few years with any luck!

I had been toying with the idea of getting a larger engined car knowing the prices are likely to remain low… anyone living in Europe will know just how expensive it can be to run a car that greedily guzzles fuel. Mine is a Turbocharged 2 litre engine which I guess is about mid range and gets about 35-38 miles to a gallon (a UK not US gallon). Newer cars are being advertised as more fuel efficient with measly 1.1 to 1.6 engines maxed out to get better performance out of them and are taxed way less – it’s all about the “emissions” (said the bishop to the actress!). Now… my car, being rather elderly, is pretty poor on that score so I get penalized severely when it comes to tax and insurance. Fuel is mid range and will make some difference but I will probably stick it out as if I do have things go to plan I will be spending far more time in the US than in my native country… so getting a newer car would be an expense I could do without and if I did it would be some cheap runabout until I would be counting down the days ’til I left! Anyway, I have waffled on long enough, you’re here for girls bottoms getting spanked, not about engine sizes and other male machismo BS.

My fave spanking couple from FirmHandSpanking.com are featured first today from their “Truly madly Deeply” series – welcome Jonny & Stacy Stockton:

Going to a Bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy

tmd_e001 tmd_e002 tmd_e005 tmd_e003 tmd_e009 tmd_e011 tmd_e016 tmd_e018 tmd_e019 tmd_e020

Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?

Stacy Stockton – OMG! No wonder she came joint 1st as the Hottest NEW Spankee last year. See why in ALL of her exclusive films to this site HERE




Here’s something that is about to be released, I got a full film sneak preview off Greg at BunBeatingFun.com with his new troublesome model kicking up hell at Red Hot Video, Miss Charlette Webb. She’s not protecting a piglet though… (sorry, couldn’t resist) but she is one of those models that at first, my own prejudices would get in the way. I couldn’t hire overly tattooed girls as a rule, though Sarah pointed out to me recently that a girl who I had first dismissed for having HUGE angel wings on her back (much like Charlette does here) looked incredibly cute when she was dressed up as a cheerleader and her tattoos were practically gone and only then did I realize just how strikingly pretty she looked. Well, the same applies here with Charlette. However, I soon warmed to this girl once she wore her second outfit, stuck out her bottom and I thought “there is more to this girl!”. She had a very perky body and an ass that screamed out to be spanked… judging by what happened next, I am guessing she gets a spanking at home and is used to it! (I hope!) oh my – and she got a good OTK hand spanking as you will see!

charlette-49 charlette-50 charlette-51 charlette-4

The film typically starts with the model showing off lingerie (after arriving late!) but it didn’t last long as TMS2 (Rick the mystery spanker) soon tired of her antics and ear pulled her over his lap and started to spank her in one of the cutest outfits I think I have seen a model start to get spanked in at this site!

charlette-9 charlette-18 charlette-21 charlette-23 charlette-26 charlette-36 charlette-39 charlette-40 charlette-42 charlette-46 charlette-48

The spanking is good and I was surprised at how submissive Charlette became, I think she was letting onto us more than the other girls in fact she could take the spanking, or so it seemed and, even… dare I say, suffered in reasonable silence (I think she was getting used to it once the endorphins were kicking in). By the end, her bottom was a proud shade of crimson and Rick had her go face the wall and stick out her bottom so he could admire his handiwork and take some pictures – while she contemplated her new found contrition after this hot spanking.


That’s when there was a nice surprise at the end, which I hope they do more often… as Charlette’s agent knocks on the door and freaks out when she sees what they have done to her bratty girl. I can guess where this is going for the next episode. I love these little story arcs. Well done guys, I can’t wait to see Nikki getting what is coming to her! A brief end of film clip with the teaser for Nikki – with permission of Bunbeatingfun.com


If this viewer plug-in “needs permission” then right click where the video clip would be and choose the option to allow it to run… It should be available on most browsers, I know it works well on Chrome, IE and most mobile devices that I am aware of too.


Sarah told me about this film… and how good it was and I can’t remember seeing it as she said she had fully remastered it (so I’m not sure it was ever up before) but it was perfect for MommaSpankings.com – one thing I have asked her to do, after seeing how much unedited content she had was to get it together and get it out there edited to the best quality possible. I know for certain that she is now reaping the dividends of that as the Momma site has become wildly popular these past few months with some great spanking scenes with legendary Dana Specht… this film, for example, is an early one (in my opinion the spankings are waaaaaaay harsher too!) but after this editing job, looks like it was done last week! These were on tape, luckily HD1080 VT, so well done to sarah who i think edited this herself… this is another triumph and this site deserves to do well! (proud of you, baby!)

Spring Break Spankings (in Atlantic City)

momma-151-001 momma-151-009 momma-151-019 momma-151-025 momma-151-041 momma-151-042 momma-151-044 momma-151-051

Aunt Dana has taken her niece Sarah to Atlantic City for Spring break. In the first part of this long video, Sarah “borrows” a little too much money from Aunt Dana’s credit card to go shopping. This spoiled girl will soon learn that a cute dress and fancy shoes are not worth the bare bottom spanking and strapping she will receive in punishment. In the second part of this video, Uncle Richard meets up with Aunt Dana and Sarah for dinner. First of all Sarah is not ready when Uncle Richard arrives, and secondly, she is being very rude at dinner. When the three of them get back to the hotel room, Sarah is in for three spankings. One from her uncle, another from her aunt, and a long and hard one from both together.

momma-153-120 momma-153-141 momma-153-151 momma-153-155 momma-153-168 momma-153-170 momma-153-172 momma-153-179

See why MommaSpankings.com has become so popular!!!

Or view it as part of the great value Sarah Gregory Pass (pay less for the combined sites and get to use the same codes) check it out and see what you get!


Since I was showcasing Dana Specht it would be churlish of me not to remind you that her 4th and final installment of her scolding & punishment series is out for download at POV Spanking – this time, it’s the dreaded cane. Dana is fearsome with this implement and will swing it wildly and severely at your bare bottom. She is mad at you alright… she is really pissed at you this time and is showing you EXACTLY what is going to happen and when she has you trembling and with your pants and underwear pulled down, she then cruelly swishes the cane a few times as you bite your lip bracing for impact! But nothing… she enjoyed tormenting you… some more legendary scolding before the dreaded “six of the best” are unleashed as you grip the side of the sofa and take what you had coming. This is totally filmed from your POV (point of view) perspective and you’ll get up far too close (and uncomfortable) in this exclusive clip now showing. Images and a scolding scene are below.

danapovcane001 danapovcane002 danapovcane003 danapovcane004 danapovcane005 danapovcane006 danapovcane007 danapovcane008 danapovcane009 danapovcane010

Free clip of Dana’s legendary scolding before she canes you!


Part 4 of 4 available HERE



& news just in… the 2 parter of Rosie Ann’s punishment at Bars-and-Stripes.com is now available for members to download in full HD along with 2 image stills sets. Check out what happened to her when the Guv had her doing mundane lines as part of her punishment…

Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 01 lines2 lines4 Rosie_punishment_lines1_Rosie Scene 2 - 19 lines9  lines10 Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 68 lines11 lines12

Inmate Rosie Ann was called in by the Governor to write a report but instead of writing, she doodled. The Governor soon noticed and told her to write 50 punishment lines while he strapped her insolent 18 year old pantied covered bottom. Then after that… Rosie has to lower her own knickers and the strap and small leather paddle continue to sting her bottom while she has to write the remainder of the 50 punishment lines.

Rosie_punishment_lines2_Rosie Scene 2 - 75

Check out the all new Bars-and-Stripes.com website for yourself


If you STILL want to see more blogging content, then check out my other post earlier today featuring lots of sexy girl/girl spankings HERE

Kami Robertson in a fantasy spanking!

I have never forgotten this film which is now out for members at AAAspanking.com to download – it is also available as a one off HD720 download too at the Clips Store HERE – it had only previously been available as a smaller wmv file at the store way back but I wanted to give something special to all the loyal members of Triple A and I know that there were those that had been begging me from emails and such about this film as they had seen it at the Clips store so I have relented as I was in a good mood at the time and decided to include Kami as the 1st new film release for the site at the start of the year! & what a year I have planned, I have just finished with all the edits from my recent filming with Joelle Barros and Sarah Gregory and have literally been watching the movies with some rather uncomfortable “Trouser Arousal” (tm Chief) or “TA” as Sarah and I call it… since she gives me that so darned often!!! Seriously, I loved the film the girls did together and I thought it would be a nice break from you guys seeing my ugly mug on screen so the next couple of weeks will feature 2 F/F Spanking movies… the first will feature the delightfully bonkers and unhinged Zoe Page who plays a scary psycho house owner who doesn’t take too kindly to a rude mouthed and obnoxious Aleesha Fox trespassing on her property (don’t feel sorry for Aleesha as she deserved what she got!) and gives her a rather wicked and humiliating punishment outside in her garden!


Then the following week, as I had just mentioned, Sarah gets her way with beautiful Joelle and I have to say I got some great shots of Joelle’s long legs draped over Sarah as she spanked her rather hard and paddled her buns to glowing red perfection! Awesome… I loved the masks too, which were the feature of the film… I will let you in on the exact storylines (Sarah was being a bitch to Joelle and THEN… got her way with her). You’ll get the full recap sooner to the time it comes out but I just wanted to show you what is coming over the next few weeks!


& so back to today! Kami dressed as a naughty girl guide was a fantasy of hers, she loved the uniforms that she had seen on the site tour pages and asked if I would be bringing them to the set that day, I confirmed that a uniform would be there and she would look AWESOME in them, and of course the rest is history… Kami and I came up with a plausible storyline (as she didn’t like madcap plots I sometimes involved myself in… and once she was satisfied with the story played her role to perfection) So it was nice to see Kami trying out the uniform and getting excited. I loved the fact that her punishment was to be one done “in private” between her and Mr Osborne for an indiscretion that would humble and embarrass his school if it were to be leaked out that his prize running star had cheated… only he and Kami knew what happened that day and so they kept it secret, but she had to pay the price with a spanking, leather strapping and a hated bathbrush punishment to ensure she wouldn’t forget what she had done!

Kami and her winning cup

So check out the images below taken directly from the film, they are reduced in size… members can have the original 1920×1080 HD screen edits, the MP4 films plays back at the usual HD720… but I will probably get a few of these films remastered at some point to full Bluray standard HD1080 and this will be one of the few films I will want to get done first from the past! (Remember this film was edited over 2 years ago and has lain dormant gathering dust in the Triple A vaults until now!)

racecheat004 racecheat005

racecheat006 racecheat010

racecheat012 racecheat025

racecheat027 racecheat032

racecheat048 racecheat051

racecheat055 racecheat059

Kami Robertson has let down her school & the Girl Guide troupe that she belonged to by cheating in the final of the Annual Inter Schools & Guide 100m Race.
She had placed dried peas inside her fiercest competitor’s shoes to ensure that the other girl wouldn’t beat her & the 1st prize she had earnt was undeserved.
In a private meeting between Mr Osborne & Kami, only he knew what she had done from the CCTV footage he had viewed which he had not disclosed to any third party! She accepted his offer to punish her privately to avoid embarrassing the school & the Girl Guide troupe if this was ever to come out! He spanked her bare bottom then used a stinging leather strap before finally using the dreaded, nasty bath brush on her sore burning bottom whilst she was still in her Guides uniform! Enjoy this movie with Kami, who wanted to be punished in our famous girl guide uniform to fulfill a dark fantasy of hers, making an addictive punishment film for you to view! Fans of Miss Robertson & those seeing naughty madams spanked in Girl Guide uniforms will enjoy this very much!


You can see a free clip of Kami’s punishment HERE


All of Kami’s films are available via the main membership site
or check out her films one by one at the CLIPS STORE


I have also uploaded a new style POV film starring Katie who is Mistress Katie B in this film… she is displeased with the way you are eyeing her up, looking up between her legs… you can’t help it though… she’s teasing you but it’s an excuse to punish you. You’ve been warned, but you’re weak… you can’t help it and the next few minutes are a blur as she takes you across her lap, pants pulled down and she’s spanking and paddling you hard! This POV movie is from your perspective as a sub, a spankee!

Images below are taken from the HD1920x1080 high quality playback clip!

katiePOV1_001 katiePOV1_003

katiePOV1_005 katiePOV1_006

katiePOV1_007 katiePOV1_008

katiePOV1_009 katiePOV1_010

katiePOV1_011 katiePOV1_012

katiePOV1_014 katiePOV1_016

Check out more of Katie who is rather frightening as she switches too convincingly!



POV Spanking


There’s a new site niche on the market and it’s something I have been planning for a while, the films I’ve done each time are getting better and better as I learn what is needed with each filmshoot we do! It’s a very steep learning curve, but to start with I’m adding some “Close Up” films (not seen anywhere and staying on this site) and also the now infamous “wheelbarrow style” spanking movies I now get all our girls to do… but the main emphasis is on real POV style movies (point of view) which I have been slowly perfecting and I have just about got there with what I need and although it seems rather alien to the poor girls that I have recently been inflicting this on… the results are pretty good once I explain how it works if I say so myself! (I actually felt sorry for Alex as doing this with a heavy head from a night’s foolish drinking was not wise!) “Sorry Alex!” (if you’re reading this.)

Most recently as well as Alex… Sophie and Amber from my last shoot were my latest victims (sorry) volunteers as we got through some interesting far more interactive films… you’ll start to see these become updated on the new Clips Store at POVspanking.com quite soon to start with, I am not sure whether to keep it as a one off download site, I probably will to start with as it is just a small site (it has to start somewhere) and with the recent new changes coming in with bastard MasterCard charging adult companies an additional $500 just for the privilege of accepting their shitty piece of plastic credit… I will see how it goes before I use a processor or billing agent for membership so that may well be far down the line as that would be an additional cost to start up with. It doesn’t sound much, but it is per billing processor and per site if you’ve got completely different accounts set up and this could start to mount up, so you see what I mean… it’s basically a moneymaker for MC – because they can rip us off – it’s that simple and it’s a fucking joke as I haven’t had one chargeback this year and just 3 in total for 2012 which for an adult site doing what we do is pretty impressive as I try to detect fraudulent transactions ahead of the game and am quite vigilante, as I know do many of my counterparts in the biz… but hey ho…. MasterCard have discovered a way to rake in unnecessary Millions, so be it! I’ll ramble more at length about that when it takes effect in just over a month’s time. Needless to say AAA will continue to accept the cards as normal and bend over and take the fees…


However, it you fancy watching the odd download and seeing this interesting niche, imagining YOU are the person spanking the poor victim/unfortunate lady… or getting up close n’ personal with some roving cam angles… including all new wheelbarrow spanking movies not seen before, then check out the new site for yourself. there’s only a few movies uploaded there presently but I aim to get plenty more up in a very short space of time that I have edited quite soon, so be sure to bookmark the site. This is an ongoing project and I aim to get in models I wouldn’t necessarily employ so this could be an interesting year ahead with this little project! (that’s all I can say right now… but you’ll be pleasantly surprised int he long term… as I am!)

Click image below to check out the movies, some are already at AAA or my present clips site (the Mishka “Fantasy Wheelbarrow Spanking” series, but these are all in WMV formats which I know many people  like to use).

POV Spanking - up close and personal

Below are some images that are from exclusive movies as well as some promotional images which I will give to members as a bonus… but ultimately, the movies I am making for this genre are going to be for the new site only! Wish me luck! It’s an exciting project that I am eager to excel in! The latest films we have made are proof (to me) that we are getting there! 🙂

All images below are of films to come soon at this site so it gives you an idea of what we are aiming for.







Image1 Image8

Image16 Image23

So there you have it… check it out and let me know what you think… when I have more time I’ll post up a clip or 2 and you can see what I mean as the films shown above are not just any sort of close up films… the girls talk directly to YOU… and in general you never get to see the spanker… I actually did a POV style hand held cam with Alex on a couple of films too! (not shown here) and perfected this more so in following shoots… which is kind of what POV is really all about!

Anyway… I’m waffling, I’ll let you know when these films & others get uploaded from now on alongside usual updates.