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Hot Spanking Updates

I have 3 sites from the Clare Fonda Pass network to start with that all have some amazing new updates… and I also have a link elsewhere which features another site of theirs showcased yesterday with another most recent line up… so all in all, between the 2 blogs you should be able to see what is currently on offer at the individual sites, or via the top value Clare Fonda Pass – OK, I would rather just get you the news update to you today, so no more waffle from me today (hoorah!).

Spanking Sorority Girls – I have 2 updates from them today as I had not brought you the conclusion to the last film with stunning Veronica Ricci (the main star of this site) and new pledge, Missy Martinez, who got to try out the Frat Paddle on beautiful Veronica’s behind on the stairs and landing… a visually appealing finale, that I think you will all agree was worth me posting first!


Veronica is tasked with giving Missy Martinez, who is visiting from a rival school, a tour of the sorority. Well of course that means Veronica must show Missy all about the spankings that take place their regularly, and even demonstrates the pledge paddle on Missy’s bottom. Missy agrees not to report Veronica if she can spank her too… & does so while Veronica crawls up the stairs and bends over the railing for a taste of that dreaded paddle.

sorority girl spankings OTK OTK spanking

Groping Ass 006 007 Veronica Ricci is given a hard spanking 009 011 012 grabbing her butt spanked with the Frat paddle

This week at Spanking Sorority Girls – Sadie Holmes spanks Riley in the Nun’s Office


Sadie Holmes and Riley are waiting in the Nun’s office for her to arrive so they can talk about how Riley spanked Sadie. Riley offers Sadie a few dollars to not tell. But it’s not enough and it makes Sadie even angrier. Only one thing will satisfy her, and that is to put Riley over her knee of a sound revenge spanking. Riley has no choice but to agree to let Sadie turn her plump bottom bright red. She even gives her a wedgie.

02 03 red spanked rump schoolgirl spankings hard OTK hand spanking 07 Freshly spanked ass 09 sore red bottom 11

Click here to see sorority girls get a spanking


Next up at Spanked Callgirls (one of my fave sites) a nice double sleazy and sexy spanking pair, Lana & Darla, squabble and spank it out at the brothel, so a good bitching catfight spankfest is in order!!!

Lana Lopez and Darla are fighting over who is scheduled to see a client. Darla warns Lana to leave. When she won’t, Darla puts her over her knee for a sound bare ass spanking. When Lana gets up, she still won’t leave, so Darla spanks her even more until Lana is totally compliant and her perky bottom is stinging oh so much!

12 13 14 15 bent over getting a spanking OTK red hot ass spankings embarrassed callgirl spanked over the knee 20 21 hot sexy spanking red rump show offs

Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping, paddling and all the best in adult spanking starring the hottest spanking models on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. SEE MORE HERE

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Clare Fonda reprises her role as the pervy Swim Coach – this time she gets to punish and spank her unsuspecting new assistant, as you’ll see… Clare usually gets what she wants in the end!

Clare Fonda and cupcake

Swim Coach Clare has a new assistant named Tiffany (played by spankee newcomer, Cupcake). Clare pays a visit to her office and decides it is time to teach Tiffany a lesson. She puts her young assistant over her knee for a no nonsense, hard hand spanking and finishes off with a heavy wooden hairbrush that Tiffany doesn’t much care for at all after Clare has finished blasting her cute behind!

25 26 27 28 Clare Fonda spanks an ebony beauty black girl spankings Cupcake is spanked hard bare bottom hairbrush punishment 33 hairbrush spanking sore aching bare bottom

See the many varied and LONG PLAY spanking films that makes Girl Spanks Girl one of the best F/F websites out there currently. This site is awesome on it’s own with 3 sections of Sensual, Erotic and Discipline Spankings… you will enjoy them all and this is the home of every “Exclusive Education” series ever made too!

The Home of Exclusive Education


All these sites can  be viewed as part of the Clare Fonda Pass – giving you access to Terrabytes of spanking content for a fraction of the combined site costings – check it out for yourself!


Also check out the other recent BLOG POST on this network HERE


I wanted to finish today with another of my fave sites – Firmhandspanking.com – and feature a new girl, a fellow Brit, who I have taken quite a shine to, as she has a lovely posh accent and a rather fabulous bubble butt that is starting to take quite a lot of punishment, as evidenced by the obvious speckling she got in the 2nd part of this new series with a leather strapping (there’s usually around 10 so I hope she made it!!!) – It was released at the end of last year (well, last week, lol) but I have only now got round to showing you this film update! See for yourself…


Deleting an interview from the newspaper’s archive costs Portia a strapping!

tbs_b003 tbs_b006 tbs_b007 tbs_b009 tbs_b012 tbs_b014 tbs_b020 tbs_b021

She may be a new reporter on Richard Anderson’s tabloid newspaper in “The Big Story”. That doesn’t prevent Portia Marlowe having her posh bottom bared and belted 64 times for deleting an interview from the newspaper’s server and trying to lie about it when caught out. You will see her bottom jiggle and redden before your eyes as this delightful newcomer takes her strapping in the second part of this series!


Click here to view all the latest updates with new free HD style spanking clips


Just to let you know, the latest film at AAA will be available later today and I will let you know more about it then… but for now, here is a teaser image of the lovely Rosie Ann who I have to say, anyone would LOVE to hang out with, she’s a fun girl! I’d love to spend more time tanning her behind… oh yes, he he… anyway, it’s a quirky no nonsense spanking film in a strange “COCK”tail bar that has weird seats and Xmas decorations up after the 12th day in which she she was repeatedly asked to remove them! Oh dear!!! Any excuse, eh?

Cocktail Bar Cock Up! 

Rosie 033

Spanking Bomb Round Up

With the familiar and depressing weather battering Britain from the Atlantic and Day 11 of the repressive Porn Laws sweeping the nation, there are those still under the misunderstanding that the UK is a tolerant and free society. If it wasn’t the depressingly boring dull weather that would push me away then the new amendments/regulations that are set to stifle producers still bravely battling on… afraid that they would get the dreaded letter from ATVOD – the unelected Quango that just want to censor everything to a dull boring gray line where those niche producers of fetishes we so love will face the “comply or die” ultimatum – in fact, such is the niche that they don’t get, complying would be the death of the sites – as other producers outside the UK would easily fill the gap of those killed off. Anyway, I effectively have given my own site to Sarah’s US company… I think I ought to be on my best behavior now, LOL! (Well, I have to try and make light of this ridiculous situation, right?).

This “Weather Bomb” isn’t helping to lift spirits either…


So what is a “Weather bomb”?
You may also notice from looking at the map that there are currently no bigger waves anywhere else in the world as big as those crashing into Britain. The colors denote the height of the waves – with black representing swells of over 48ft and yellow at around 20ft. A weather bomb, also known as an “explosive cyclogenesis”, is classified by a 24 millibar drop in pressure within a 24-hour period. This intense drop in pressure sees dry air from the stratosphere flow into an area of low pressure, which in turn causes air in the depression to rise rapidly, spiral, and create strong storm winds.

Right now, I am so ashamed to be associated with anything British, I am sick of my own country once more… I’m even prepared to put up with one of my most HATED aspects of American society (no wait… 2 aspects).

  1. Their rotten healthcare system that favors only the wealthy and the greedy insurance companies – I know Obama isn’t much liked over his attempt at ongoing healthcare reforms, but he had the right idea… in most European countries we have got the balance (kind of) right… we all accept that we will pay a percentage from our salaries which helps fund a national network, this is pretty much standard in many European countries, but not so in America – because that is left to Insurance Companies – who are ultimately there to serve their shareholders, which means making a vast profit. Personally, I think everyone deserves the right to good basic healthcare, no one should ever worry about seeing a doctor and feel like they are worthless. However, the good ol’ Insurance companies , in their continuing greed to maintain profits for their shareholders, didn’t like this one little bit and have bumped premiums of hard pressed contributors to their healthcare plans and are (rightly) angry as the insurance companies, as I can see it, aren’t willing to give some leeway from their vast fat profits to help those in need or provide basic health plans that actually will give you a good basic cover in case you need medical attention.
  2. My second pet hate is guns! Fucking lethal weapons based on an amendment when The United States was still 13 or so unified colonies on the Eastern seaboard it was one’s right to bear arms… well, wake up, I knwo in Britain we don’t go round abitrarily hanging thieves anymore for stealing loaves of bread, as they once did around the signing of the Declaration of independance circa 1776. Anyway, another disgusting lobby, give a man a gun and he feels empowered, it is a weapon that wants to be used. It settles arguments – quickly, and lethally! It’s not the fucking Wild west… if I can get over these prejudices then I know I will feel fine –  This isn’t America bashing time, far from it, I love being there, I love the country it’s just, no wait… 3 things I most hate!
  3. Fox News. Fucking Fox News – and their ignorant anchors who intervene and I wonder why they bring in so called “experts” on a situation when I have seen them so often talk them down… here’s some news… why not just REPORT it, read it and do not comment on it, that is for us, the discerning viewer to make up our own minds on it. Fucking Fox News…

Anyway, as I was saying, it is not bashing time… I love the USA and for some minor faults, they are far outweighed by the benefits as nothing is perfect, I may come to regret that at some point when I have to endure long New England winters, LOL! Me? I only do snow in ski resorts, where snow has a purpose and is not an annoyance. Now as this is a spanking blog, don’t you think I should get on with reporting on what is new and out there? I will report on all things English (but starting with my American owned site first which has more of an American flavor to it in the newest film, but I think it will annoy the ATVOD prudes anyhow) so let’s start by pissing off my country of birth’s censors should they ever read this. I don’t care!

NEW from AAAspanking.com“Momma’s Sound Advice”… this is a 40 minute film and so consequently the full HD1080 MP4 version is a whopping 2.5Gb so I have uploaded a more manageable 1280 x 720 WMV version in parts first (when I say parts, the 1st section is 20 minutes long so no mean 3 or 5 minute clips waiting for the spanking action). That file alone is still over 400Mb!

This guest stars legendary Dana Specht as Sarah Gregory’s real life “scene Mom” where they have their own unique take on all things spanking at MommaSpankings.com they have a unique chemistry so I was honored when Sarah wanted to introduce me into their dynamic as she felt it right as I am, after all, her real life partner, why not on screen in this relationship too? We filmed this way back on one of our trips to Vegas (back in February I think). It was the first time I had met Dana and I enjoyed her company and amazing ability to iron shirts perfectly (she insisted on ironing my shirts, I can iron but not as quickly or as effectively as Dana!) It was good that I felt an instant rapport with her and so we made this long film (Dana insists and you can’t turn her down on that, lol). Dana likes there to be a good storybook introduction, often with her unique scolding ability used to good effect and then the long drawn out punishment and spanking scenes with aftercare/epilog at the end to close the film off. So this film is basically about the 1st time I met Dana… and being Dana, she couldn’t wait to show me how her little girl gets spanked if she is naughty and insisted I try that out too!

Momma’s Sound Advice


Sarah is in love and is bursting with happiness telling Momma all about her new beau. Momma is delighted she is so happy and asks to meet the boy she wants to marry. John, her new love, is waiting outside to meet his future mother-in-law and Sarah gushes with pride as she makes the introductions. Momma will give John the typical interview then inform him what happens to Sarah when she gets moody, sassy, misbehaves, or anything else that doesn’t sit well with her. She tells him she spanks her and shows him exactly how to do it. John is very curious and wants to try his hand at spanking his fiance, which he does quite well. Momma is happy that her daughter will leave the nest and be well taken care of when necessary. This 40 minute film guest stars Dana Specht as Sarah’s formidable “Scene Mom” with her legendary scolding and hard hitting hand doing all that is necessary.

mommas_sound_advice_026 mommas_sound_advice_040 mommas_sound_advice_054 mommas_sound_advice_061 mommas_sound_advice_068 mommas_sound_advice_074 mommas_sound_advice_080 mommas_sound_advice_088 mommas_sound_advice_091 mommas_sound_advice_094 mommas_sound_advice_123 mommas_sound_advice_134 mommas_sound_advice_142 mommas_sound_advice_146 mommas_sound_advice_148 mommas_sound_advice_152 mommas_sound_advice_157 mommas_sound_advice_162 mommas_sound_advice_170

Check out a free clip from this film with Momma spanking her girl the only way she knows how!!!


The FULL length versions of this are now available at the CLIP STORE too



In other site news… From NorthernSpanking.com check out why Irelynn Logeen & her man, Stephen Lewis take so long to get ready of an evening… she has a spankable rear and he has hands that need spank and caress her bare buttocks!

gettingready004 gettingready018 gettingready023 gettingready030 gettingready034 gettingready036 gettingready041 gettingready051 gettingready057 gettingready061

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I’m preparing the nominees for various categories and I can tell you the next young lady featured here WILL be one of those listed when it comes to voting for the new Spankee of the Year, that would be Miss Ella Hughes. Sarah Bright (aka Mrs Stern) was rather pleased that she has become so popular… and here she is in her 1st caning Film.


This is what Sarah had to say about  this next film: It’s the last part of the initial interview with Ella, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!

npp7058007 npp7058010 npp7058011 npp7058015 npp7058017 npp7058018 npp7058020

See all the very latest films out now from SpankingSarah.com


A new series and a new girl from England, Portia Marlowe, appears at Firmhandspanking.com in what looks a good story arc. A posh girl falls foul of her boss getting her first ever spanking, watch her cheeks turn a beautiful speckled red.

tbs_a002 tbs_a005 tbs_a007 tbs_a009 tbs_a013 tbs_a016 tbs_a018 tbs_a020 tbs_a023 tbs_a024

Check out the free clip of Portia’s very first spanking

Flame-haired posh totty Portia Marlowe gets her big break as a reporter for a London tabloid in The Big Story. She fails to get a scoop, so editor Richard Anderson gives her creamy, bouncing cheeks a sound spanking, panties down – Portia’s first ever spanking!



Finally, Pandora Blake has a great new film with Molly Malone  called “Curious Pleasures”

Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures007 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures011 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures016 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures019 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures026 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures035 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures040 Dreams-of-Spanking_curious-pleasures029

John Beecroft has a delicate matter to discuss with Molly Malone. Having found a bag of spanking implements, and a book discussing erotic spanking, he insists that Molly explain herself. Feigning shock that she’d want to be beaten for carnal pleasure, he bends her over the sofa for ‘punishment’. As she reads aloud from the book – Curious Pleasures – he whacks her firmly with a flogger, then takes her breath away with a hard strapping.

CLICK HERE to view all the latest films from DreamsOfSpanking.com


Finally, the first round of voting on 4 categories will be next!

Excited? Next post will contain who or what is up for voting