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More spankings to start your week

The asbestos abatement crews were in our basement today… cleaning up tiles that had remained on the floor until the shitwater damage got the carpeting and walling removed to reveal what was below! Asbstos tiles from the 1930s or so! Great… more expense and time to see this removed! We also had the sewer outlet outside our house briefly repaired so it can be used until Spring when the ground isn’t so frozen and they can come back and dig up our front yard once more! Joy! This is heartbreaking stuff… and both Sarah and I are rushing things to try and get an important custom shoot ready and prepared in some way in the basement, already the clean up crews have been in and sterilized the area and it looks better than being under 4-6 inches of dirty water. We have girls flying in, all with tight schedules and COVID testing/isolation as well as at least one young lady hoping to catch up with her family whilst back in New England. To let them down or our esteemed client, we can’t! Anyway, costs are spiraling out of control and Sarah gave in and started a Go Fund Me – she hated doing this as it admits some defeat (temporarily) that we need additional help… but we know the insurance is not going to cover a lot of this and we have paid a lot out of pocket already. Her Go Fund Me is HERE, if you have ever been a fan of Sarah or know her work ethic, it is second to none… and I hate seeing her so upset. She was genuinely surprised and heartened by the response so far… so “thank you” to those who have helped her so far. If you can donate, no matter how small an amount,  I know this would help her immensely. Of course, you could also just join her websites and support her that way and get something back yourself 🙂

Anyway, today… I thought I’d feature other folks’ work until I do the next big SG feature later this week.

Clean Up this Place

with Autumn Bodell and Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey came home to find the apartment that she shares with her roommate to be in total disarray. She quietly waited for Autumn to come home from another of her numerous “dates”. When her roommate arrived Audrey confronted her not just for the state of the apartment but also for her lascivious behavior. When Audrey saw that her roommate had not taken this matter seriously enough Autumn found herself bent over the bed for a spanking. Autumn’s bare bottom was spanked until she agreed to keep the apartment clean and be more thoughtful in the manner in which she behaved with her boyfriends.

panties down spanking spanking spanking her bare red bottom

As well as offering cheap membership options, there is a current promotion for a 3 day non-recurring “looksee” membership, giving you full access to the site for about 5 Bucks! That’s less than a java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks! Check out the website for the latest movie updates like this cool film featuring fan fave Audrey Sugarsmak and sexy redhead, Autumn Bodell.

punished brats

A Problem with the French

with Elori Stix & Miss Elizabeth

Schoolgirl Elori keeps her regular weekly appointment with the school Counselor, Miss Elizabeth, religiously. Wondering why she is so dedicated, Elizabeth discovers that the appointments negate one of Elori’s two French lessons each week. Claims of bullying and a French teacher that doesn’t like Elori do not wash with Elizabeth and she determines that Elori needs to learn a stern lesson… across Miss Elizabeth’s desk, with her panties taken down and a wooden ruler smacking her bottom!

spanking over panties spanking

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film from the extensive tour pages of Northern Spanking

northern spanking

Finally… because, who doesn’t like to see ladies spanked in jodhpurs? Here is the super sexy Jentina Small (who I have a serious spanko crush on) from an archived film at Spanked In Uniform – she can take a spanking and looks stunning doing so, my favorite combination! I know that once I finally am able to leave the USA and return to Europe, I intend to see if Jentina would film for our websites… oh my, wouldn’t that be something? But until then, check out a lot of her spanking fetish work below. This feature is taken from the Lowood Riding School series:

Dry Your Horse

with Jentina Small & Mike Johnson

Little snobbish riding girl, Jentina, took Raven out for a run and she put him back in his Paddock thinking someone else would dry and feed him. That is not how things work at the Lowood Riding School as she was soon to find out… begging for forgiveness across the owner’s knee. Jentina did not dry Raven sufficiently and he was not fed after his run. The owner checked and confronted her in the stables. She was soon dragged back to the office where her own Riding Crop had very painful things to say to her quivering, bare bottom.

otk spanking spanking in johdpurs

See more of gorgeous Jentina getting the spankings she deserves in many uniform style spankings CLICK HERE

Pot pourri of Spanking

Here’s an interesting mix of spanking updates and websites I really think you should check out starting this week off with the finale of a full series of films starring one of my fave spankees that I have worked with for our own network several times… here she is (with a different last name which this site often does to their performers, but whatever) here is Lola Sanders (also more commonly known as Lola Anderson) showcasing at Firm Hand Spanking

Lola Sanders – New Rules

Nude strapping finale for sassy senior Lola Sanders stripped from school uniform: In the bathroom mirror, stunning senior Lola Sanders can see her face and the strap swinging up to lash her bottom. The fact that she’s totally naked in front of John Friday makes the whole experience even more stressful, as he walked in just as she was about to take a shower. This epic nude strapping finale includes a bonus exclusive interview with Lola!

Check out the free preview of this film (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”63953″]


The next site featured today is Dallas Spanks Hard – Last year saw the beginning of some amazing films with an exclusive first-time model called Hailey! As Dallas remarked, she was a young Madeleine Stowe look-a-like! Check out this special preview of the first series of films she starred in called “Hailey’s Hot One!”

This is what Dallas had to say about this film series: “I hold her tight standing up and give her another paddling and a ruler-strap whipping. She was shaking so much from the pain of the spankings, that I literally had to hold her up! She is then made to put on tight short-shorts, wherein I start with my hand over her shorts, then pull them down, for the rest of her hard hand spanking. She gets a wooden paddle after that, followed by a painful rubber paddle for not using a helmet when riding her bike around campus. It is followed by not only a tearful hairbrush spanking OTK, but her lying on her stomach for a hard antique razor strapping!

Click on the image below to play this 1 min 30 sec preview of stunning Hailey’s punishment

[jwplayer mediaid=”63983″]


Finally today, here is someone I miss working with… Audrey Sugarsmak. Possessor of one of the finest, most spankable booties known to mankind (in my opinion, LOL). I have decided to show her work at Punished Brats since you can find most of her work from this site – it also has a special offer (currently) allowing you to view the full site for just $9.95 for the month. It’s a time limited offer and is available at the time of writing.

Audrey felt humiliated when David bared her bottom and began her punishment, stopping only briefly to chastise her regarding this outlandish behavior. As David landed swat after swat with the strap upon Audrey’s bare bottom she tried to make up any excuse that came to mind. She remembered that David had to spank or strap her on a few occasions before. As this had to do with familial propriety,  this time Audrey was strapped until tears flowed from her eyes and while rubbing her sore red bare bottom, she promised not to behave in such a manner again. Once her spanking was over, all that the socialite could do was rub her sore bottom and promise to use better judgement in such familial matters as tears streamed from her eyes.

Click (below) to view this free preview of Audrey’s leather strapping!

[jwplayer mediaid=”63975″]


Various Spankings to kick off the week

Hello again… here’s an interesting selection of spankings from various websites that you will be able to view and download as part of any membership chosen. Each of these sites has more than enough content to keep you busy downloading content to your hard drives to playback to your heart’s content. The added bonus is that you HELP these sites, the original makers of the content you love. I have provided links to all the LEGITIMATE websites… as a fellow producer you can trust the links I give rather than some of the awful piracy download sites that I have seen recently including ways in which they will take YOUR credit card number as part of their own nefarious membership. Do you want to give your credit card numbers to Russian thief? I know I wouldn’t! I’ve included some animated GIFs for some added interaction… enjoy!

Short Term Employment

northern spanking

High schooler Apricot returns home from the second day of her summer job at a movie theater… and reports that she got fired! It took Paul calling in a huge favor to secure that job for Apricot, because he was sick of her slacking off during the summer holidays. Well, he’s going to find ANOTHER job for Apricot and she is going to keep it. And there’s a price to pay for losing this one, a price Apricot pays with a spanking followed by a good leathering.

spankings apricot pitts spanking otk beltings and spankings


Chores not Done

punished brats

Serenity’s stepdad had given his princess a list of chores to be done while he was away on business. She resisted, complaining that it was exam week. Stepdad was unmoved and informed his brat that should she fail to perform her tasks a sound spanking awaited her upon his arrival home. She smirked at the idea that a girl her age would be spanked.

When her stepdad arrived home and found the house in worse shape than when he left. As promised she was taken over her stepdad’s lap for a spanking. She protested and then sassed then man over whose lap she currently found herself as he spanked her bottom.  After one word of complaint and disrespect too many Serenity’s bottom was bared. She gasped in horror as she felt spank after hard spank land upon her naked bottom.

otk spankings red bottom spankings sore spanked bottom


Boss Takes Wet Panty and Penalty Swats

spanked and exposed

After giving spanking newcomer Kat a good paddling on her wet panties and on her bare bottom sticking out over the end of a chair, the boss finds that she is going to receive the very same punishment including penalty swats. We get to see her watch her paddling between her legs and at the end of the punishment she is on all fours with her bottom spread wide open to be spanked on her bare butthole.

stevie rose shows how it is done spread for more spankings butthole spankings


Yana’s Special Spanking Day

sensual otk spankings

This 22-year-old Russian beauty wants to try a different type of spanking, one which she has been told will make her emotional. She promises to do as she is asked, so she strips slowly until naked, waiting for him to inspect her and use her as his plaything. She becomes totally submissive, taking a sensual spanking, flogging, and a leather paddling which she must do bent over and exposed for his viewing pleasure. Yana’s loss of control turns her on and excites her beyond expectation, bringing tears of pain as well as tears of joy.

sexy yana needs a spanking otk spanking otk spanking spanked over his lap


Cum Whipping for Ivy

ivy sherwood spanking

After a lengthy erotic flogging on her most sensitive princess parts, Ivy is once again turned over to present her ass for discipline. She is overjoyed to be handed the Hitachi to pleasure herself as she is whipped. The lash of the whip falls rhythmically as she luxuriates in the buzzing between her legs. Her ass and thigh jiggle under the heavy whip, begging to cum. Finally given permission, she collapsed in ecstasy. She crawls to the edge of the bed, frantically unfastening his pants to collect her reward in her eager mouth.

ivy sherwood spread for pussy spanking spanking and masturbating cum whipping ivy sherwood gives head


News from around the Spankosphere

Hello again… here’s a collection of some of the latest films and updates I may not have covered from the past in detail so do go check out all these sites and see for yourselves what is going on.

However, currently, I am really pissed off and am having issues where we are unable to have unrestricted internet access due to EverSource in Connecticut unable to get power back to the residents in a timely manner. Storm Isiahs hit early this week and has caused havoc to 750,000 residents. Now, observing this as a British citizen living in the USA right now, this situation is unheard of to me. I used to live in a rural area of Somerset (similar in the UK) and the most we ever had with no power was 24-48 hours after a severe winter snowstorm. We literally had a few hours of 60mph winds and it has caused this devastation… I also notice nearly all power lines are overhead in the USA, as that is cheaper, something cable and power companies don’t always do in the UK as underground costs more but residents DESERVE service, especially when Eversource Corp are the ONLY power company where we have no choice but to use them. Again, unacceptable. This goes for internet services too where we live. It is a monopoly and it doesn’t create competition or innovate, just makes profits for shareholders, and pays exorbitant salaries to CEOs and VPs. The CEO of Eversource earns a reputed $19M a year, I wish I was paid that much for overseeing the gross mismanagement and incompetence we residents of Connecticut are experiencing. Anyway, I have phone access (using my British phone and the data plan) which, through COMPETITION… I am still getting offered at no extra cost to use here in the USA. Sarah’s cellphone company doesn’t offer that at all. Anyway, I could rant on and on… this does make me miss the UK when some of our problems are much simpler there.

But enough of that, here are the latest updates for you all that I am covering today!

Breaking Point – Full movie from Punished Brats

real tears punishmentStarring Chloe Noir & David Pierson

As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.

paddling and spanking    spanking chloe noir  


Lucy Lauren – Doctor’s Dilemma (ongoing series)
starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Spreadeagled nude over a punishment frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly strapped

Talented doctor Lucy Lauren works at a top clinic, but boss Zoe Page likes nothing more than telling the pretty blonde medic to bend over for a spanking! Seems Dr Lucy is starting to enjoy the experience as she strips totally naked to lie spreadeagled over a punishment frame to be strapped in Doctor’s Dilemma. Epic slow-motion bottom-bouncing replays!


Sarah Spanks Amy (Spanked callgirls) via Clare Fonda Pass
Starring Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush. The spanking goes on until Amy repents for what she did. Lesson learned. Do not mess with Sarah Gregory.


Smacked in the Changing Room
Starring Zabrina Black, Jadie Reece & Alex Reynolds

Zabrina has been caught cheating in an inter-school cross country race… by the PE Mistress of the opposing team. Cornered in the changing room by a furious Miss Reece, Zabrina soon finds herself bent over having her bottom smacked, first across the seat of her PE knickers, then bare. Miss Reynolds, the PE Mistress of Zabrina’s school enters, having heard the commotion. Attempts to defend her girl only to inflame Miss Reece’s temper and soon Miss Reynolds is in Zabrina’s place, having her bottom smacked like a naughty girl, Miss Reece having ripped off her knickers!

We hope you appreciate the 70’s/80’s feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four-part series of PE-themed punishments.


February Spankings

Hello again… While I have some spare time, I thought I’d find yet more sites of recent interest for your perusal. I can get back to packing now… as I have a big trip planned for the coming week. So in my absence, enjoy this varied lined up of spanking erotica I have collated for you today. Check out the tour pages of each site for their very latest updates, these are all recent from January this year!

Madam Clare Fonda Spanks Elori Stix

Elori Stix was the one who got Clare Fonda in trouble and spanked by Blair Williams. Even though Double Dan and Blare both spanked Elori, Madam Clare decides she needs to punish that already sore and spanked bottom. Clare puts Elori over her knee for a very painful spanking.


This site makes up part of the Clare Fonda Pass network
Access 5 sites for a fraction of the combined price CLICK HERE

Cupcake’s Curfew Caning

College girl Cupcake returns, very late, from a night out to be met with a furious reception for breaking her curfew. She has been warned of the consequences of doing so for a second time: a severe punishment. Having had her bottom smacked hard, Cupcake must now endure a caning on her bare bottom before being sent to bed, with the promise of further discussions on the subject the next day.


Diapered Dorothy: Exam Prep

Alex Reynolds calls her little sister, Dorothy Burnett, into her room. She tells her that she came up with something to help her to prepare to take her upcoming entrance exam to a prestigious new school. Dorothy is expecting help with her math. Instead, Alex presents a diaper. Dorothy has to pee frequently, and no one is allowed to leave the lecture hall until the exam is completed. So, Alex suggests that Dorothy needs to wear the diaper for the exam, and to wear one now to “get used to it”. Dorothy throws a HUGE tantrum over this, throwing the diaper, kicking and flailing, and whining the entire time. If she’s going to act like such a little baby, maybe diapers are more than appropriate for her. Alex has to physically lift and carry Dorothy into position and has to fight and wrestle her to get her to put her legs up, but when she does, it’s to give her a diaper position spanking first. Only then does she tape Dorothy into her vintage DC Amore diaper. Once she’s wearing it, Dorothy still won’t agree to wear one to the test, so Alex wrestles her down onto her stomach there and pins her in position, spanking her diapered bottom until Dorothy gives in and agrees.


The Mentor: Dixon Mason & Beverly Bacci

Dixon is applying to Beverly’s alma mater and seeks Ms. Bacci’s financial assistance and influence with the school to help get her accepted. Beverly is uncertain about the girl, but agrees to take her under her wing provided the girl is willing to do exactly as instructed.

Dixon is not making the best impression on Beverly with her sloppy outfit and poor manners, but Ms. Bacci has faith that the girl has what it takes to be a successful student based on what was written in the application letter. Beverly insists that if she is to offer her assistance, Dixon will do anything she says, effective immediately. This includes removing her offensive clothing and taking a bare bottom spanking for her obnoxious attitude.


Helen Stephens – Spa Rules series

Having her bare bottom spanked in not what Helen Stephens expects at work!
Lying bare bottomed over Earl Grey’s knee, Helen Stephens’ cheeks are bouncing red as her first spanking is completed in Spa Rules. It was her jokey suggestion that he spanked her, watched by spa boss Belinda Lawson – who is next! “I could feel my cheeks wobbling around as he spanked, it was a weird feeling,” said Helen. Earl laughed: “She’s got a good bouncy bottom!”


Spanking Potpourri

Something a little different for you all today, I have a nice mix of classic, unseen and brand new updates from some excellent spanking sites. It’s a veritable spanking potpourri which I hope you all enjoy!

This scene from Amber Spanks highlights Zahara Haze, one of her unique finds (as you’ll see below) – she really enjoys spanking and fucking this voluptuous, teenage diva!

Amber Spanks

Performers: Amber Dawn, Zahara Haze

Amber’s spanking introduction of Zahara

This is what Amber had to say about her film with Zahara: Watch me initiate this virgin 19 year old to the ways of submission and ecstasy, for your viewing pleasure. I torture, punish, humiliate, fondle and fuck this little sex doll hard before getting her off for real. Come see for yourself.


See the full extent of what Amber gets up to HERE

Girls Boarding School

Performers: Headmaster Tom, Linda

A Broken Wristwatch

Linda has left a note for Headmaster Tom explaining that she broke his wristwatch and is waiting for her punishment upstairs. she suggests a few minutes OTK spanking and a few strokes with the cane. That is all very well, however, Tom decides what he thinks is a fair punishment… and Linda will not like it one little bit! Lots of hard spankings and severe canings are in order. This film features one of the GBS favorites, Linda. Now with added features for locating performers and all films in playable MP4 formats, downloadable and in-browser streaming.

Go check out the new look Girls Boarding School for members HERE

Punished Brats

Performers: Audrey Sugarsmak, Veronica Bound

Shoplifting Scheme

Audrey has become an expert at shoplifting and has taken thousands of dollars of merchandise from several stores. When Veronica catches on to the scheme, she works out a plan to return all of the items and exacts strict discipline. Audrey is bent over and strapped with Veronica’s black leather belt. Audrey howls as Veronica’s well worn leather belt stings and burns her tender flesh. Perhaps she will think twice before ever committing such a misdeed.

See all the films with Audrey at Punished Brats HERE

Northern Spanking

Performers: Alex Reynolds, Jess Howl

A Spoonful of Harmony

After a terrible flight, the first order of business upon arrival at their hotel is a spanking for Jess. Travel is stressful enough without Jess wandering off at the airport and the ensuing walk of shame, boarding the aircraft as the last, and late, passengers. Further misbehavior on the flight seals the fate of Jess’s bottom and Alex has brought along the wooden spoon which is used upon Jess whenever she is naughty enough to need it. Family harmony restored? We’ll see!


Watch all the films from Northern Spanking HERE

northern spanking

Real Spankings

Performers: Cara Day, Betty Blaze

Bare Bottom School Swats

Cara and Betty have a little chat on camera about her bare-bottomed school swats. Cara then bends over, bottom bared… and is given 10 hard swats with the wooden paddle.

See more films starring beautiful Cara Day HERE


More Spanking Reviews for this week

The latest hot spanking updates are ready for your perusal… enjoy!


Naked Helen Stephens is strapped for her final test at The Institute
starring Helen Stephens & Earl Grey

Helen Stephens and close friend Belinda Lawson signed up for corporal punishment research at The Institute, more painful than they expected! For a final test, Helen rashly suggests to Earl Grey that she strips naked. He jumps at the idea and orders her to lie flat on a table for a full-on strapping. Enjoy slow-motion, cheek-quivering replays and Reaction Cam action.

leather tawsing strapping spanking and strapping sore bare bottom

See more of Helen’s punishment & full spanking series HERE


Introducing Morrigan Lefey
starring Morrigan LeFey & Alex Reynolds

Morrigan LeFey is brand new to the spanking video world. We did her first spanking shoot and couldn’t wait to introduce her to you. Morrigan is sweet, spankable, and drop-dead gorgeous… Today, let’s get to know this beauty by taking a look at her as she’s dressed in a pretty white dress that doesn’t hide her cute and colorful panties. Her dress is lifted and Alex expertly applies the hairbrush to her bottom, making sure that Morrigan won’t forget the lesson she’s being taught.

spanking spanking over panties all girl spanking hairbrush spanking spanking panties down

See the latest update featuring new girl Morrigan LeFey HERE

northern spanking


Ways to Earn a Spanking – A Spanking Series
starring Audrey Sugarsmak & Skyler Grey

1. Tardy For The Shoot
Audrey was late for an 11am call time. Today, she was to shoot for the formidable Skyler Grey. She bent Audrey over the island in the kitchen, lowered her panties, and gave the entitled model a hard spanking. Skyler spanked the model very hard, all the while Audrey pleaded for her to stop and she promised to never be late again.
2. Painful Rent Payment
When Audrey was late with her rent payment again, her housemate Skyler confronted her and inquired when she planned on paying her part of the rent. Once Audrey noted that she didn’t know as she was waiting for her father to send it, Skyler lifted Audrey, placing her face down on the kitchen table and gave her bratty roommate a hard spanking with a leather paddle.
Skyler gave Audrey a very hard spanking until the entitled girl agreed to pay her rent on time, even if that meant getting a job.
3. Country Spanking
When Audrey began to complain of boredom Sklyer decided to give her bratty entitled friend a taste of country discipline. She removed the blanket and took the naked girl over her lap for a hard spanking. After Audrey’s hard spanking was over, the naked girl was placed in the corner with her very red bottom on display.
4. Feel The Burn
Skyler is well known for being a great motivator. Audrey wanted to work her lower body so that she would look good in her new jeans. Sklyer knew of a terrific work out that would impact Audrey’s lower body and it didn’t take Audrey long to figure out that she was being motivated to perform by Sklyer with a very hard spanking. Soon she was begging for the punishment to stop and promised to do as instructed from then on.

bubble butt hand spanking audrey for a spanking bare bottom paddling otk spanking bubble butt spanking

See the new spanking series starring Skylar & Audrey HERE

punished brats


mommy spanks kat

Spanked by Mom for showing off Bikini
starring Kat St James & Clare Fonda

In this classic scene never released on a membership site, Katherine St. James is a naughty daughter so her mom (played by Clare Fonda) chases her down the stairs and gives her a sound spanking for showing off her bikini to the gardeners. Her mom had warned her and now she is delivering the discipline, turning that bottom bright red with a hand spanking.

spanked over her tight panties spanked over panties otk spanking momma clare spanks hard spanking by mommy sored spanked ass

This site contains massive archives including classics like Clare & Kat! HERE

girl spanks girl


new at spanked sweeties

Holly Handler
starring Holly & Veronica Ricci

Holly Handler is a dancer who does not normally model, but agreed to be interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was spanked a few times by a neighbor lady (played by Veronica Ricci in our re-enactment) who would occasionally discipline naughty neighbors such as Holly.

cute butt spanked otk spanked by veronica a brat gets a spanking bare bottom spanking spanking over her lap

New update features a brand new girl to spanking, cute blonde Holly HERE

spanked sweeties

Spanked Sweeties & Girl Spanks Girl make up 2 of the premium sites in the Clare Fonda Pass giving you full access to all sites for a fraction of the combined cost!

Mid week spanking updates

Here is a brief selection of updates featured across various websites that I know you’ll enjoy seeing more of… so without further ado let’s get on with the reviews.


Summer – The Audrey Complication

Audrey had come into Joelle’s retreat house in the woods unannounced only to find Bianca resting in bed. The tall redheaded told Audrey to leave or she’d hit her. She made a half-hearted attempt at striking the powerful editor from New York and soon found herself pushed onto the bed with Audrey on top. Soon the two were exchanging passionate kisses when Joelle came into the room wielding her crop. Joelle was aware of the attraction between Bianca and Audrey and felt that the best way to break that spell was to thoroughly humiliate her dear friend and editor. It is clear that Joelle and Audrey have a complicated relationship, and it is also clear that relationships of this kind are the only sort that Joelle has.

In front of Bianca, Audrey was made to slowly remove all of her clothes, allowed to cover nothing. Audrey protested when she was made to go over Bianca’s lap for a spanking. She protested even more when she was instructed to spread her legs while being spanked, for Joelle’s pleasure. Then Audrey screamed when she felt the powerful hands of Bianca descend upon her. As Audrey screamed from the pain of her humiliating punishment at the hands of the tall redhead, she also felt lost. Joelle told her that she was suffering for the good of their relationship and this helped center her. At the end of her very painful punishment, Audrey was put on display as Joelle and Bianca admired her well punished bottom and tormented her further by rubbing their sharp nails into her tender flesh and exposing her most private of places.

[jwplayer mediaid=”59160″]



Mackenzie spanked to tears by Mommy

The full clip can be viewed at our Clips 4 sale store HERE

Mackenzie arrives home, hoping against hope that her mother does not find out what happened at school earlier that day. However, the butterflies in her stomach flutter wildly the moment mommy asks her to explain what transpired… as she had received a call from school. The poor girl can not lie, she is aware mother knows everything already so tells her that she got caned for lying by not handing in her homework assignment then is made to show her bare, recently punished bottom. Mackenzie knows that a spanking at school means a spanking at home! Mommy wastes no time getting her daughter over her lap for a hard, bare bottom hand spanking that has Mackenzie yelping, squirming and begging for her to stop. The spanking is far from over, as a near tearful Mackenzie is told to give her mother the bath brush that is laying on the side table in front of her! She begs for her not to discipline her with that awful, dreaded wooden implement. Her pleas fall on deaf ears and mommy doesn’t hold back, fed up with her daughter’s continuing poor behavior. This time she will learn a very tearful lesson as the bath brush hits poor Mackenzie’s tender cheeks again and again. This painful short sharp shock punishment makes Mackenzie cry and promise that she will do better at school from now on! For the sake of her bottom, she must improve or she will be finding it hard to sit down in the future!

[jwplayer mediaid=”59179″]



Director’s Cut: Stacy Stockton spanks Amber Davies

As director Lauren Holt says: “I don’t know who was more nervous when I directed Stacy Stockton giving her first spanking to a totally new model, Amber Davies! It turned out that they were both brilliant as sorority sisters. I didn’t even have to tell Stacy to spank Amber harder, she went for it!” Enjoy previously unseen footage in this new Director’s Cut!

[jwplayer mediaid=”59194″]



Bathbrush for Kali


Mom is royally pissed off. Kali has left her “special” candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali comes home and is upset that her precious candles are gone. Mom explains how this is a safety hazard and that there could have been a fire. Kali doesn’t seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter’s bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush. This leaves Kali’s bottom sore and marked and one sorry sorry girl.

[jwplayer mediaid=”59206″]


This site and Sarah Gregory Spanking are part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you full access to both websites for a fraction of the cost and full access to the Strictmoor Academt series across the websites. Take a look HERE for more information.

Coming to the Spanking Stage!

Hello… before we all stuff ourselves full of Turkey & Stuffing with all the trimmings this coming Yuletide… let’s delve deep into Santa’s Sack (Ho Ho Ho!) for some present spanking showstoppers from around the globe. If you’ve been on the naughty list then you can escape with a few viewing treats provided by the following websites all vying for today’s Spanking Stage. So let’s see what’s out and about this coming Christmas time…

College Girl Spanked

After being arrested at a party at school, third year college student Nadia was called home by her mother. Her mother was not at all happy with her daughter’s behavior, and attempted to discuss the matter with Nadia. When Nadia told her that she is a gown woman and will do as she likes, she found herself over her mother’s lap for a spanking. It was bad enough being spanked, but when Nadia insisted that the spanking cease, her mother took down her panties. Nadia was struck by disbelief, then her mother’s hand. As her mother spanked her bare bottom harder and harder, Nadia forgot of her feelings of humiliation and was now begging her mother to stop spanking her and promising to be a good girl. After her spanking was over, Nadia was led to the time out chair used when she was a child. Placing her freshly spanked bottom upon the wooden chair was another in several humiliating and painful sensations she needed to deal with since this college girl arrived home.

otk spanking

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– Episode 37 & 38: Caught At Home –

Cheerleader Ivey decided to miss a practice and mobile with her friends. Little did she know that coach missed her and went to visit her in her own home. After a good scolding she was turned across the coache’s knee and her tight little bottom was soundly spanked. Afterwards she had to strip and kneel on the couch with the dreaded Stinger in her mouth. After spending a while kneeling naked on the couch, she was bent over and she felt The Stinger’s pain explode across her naked bottom before she was taken back to practice. Her bottom bare under her skirt so the other cheerleaders can see she was punished.


The Judge at Home (new series)
– The Hamster Problem –

This is the first in a new series of The Judge at Home: Not in a court of law but a domestic setting where domestic crimes are sorted out. A complaint has been made against Cherry for not looking after her pet hamster. Judge Stern listens to the evidence and pronounces the sentence which is to be carried out. This will be in 2 parts for which the first is a hard OTK spanking!


Check out British Discipline at English-Spankers

Alexa You Played with my Husband

Alexa is staying at Sarah’s house but it is not quite turning out how she envisaged. Her husband caught her going through their stuff in the bedroom and then is walking around the house in sexy outfits. Sarah is not happy at all eith the way she is behaving but her saving grace is that she said she likes spanking ames. Sarah picked a very heavy leather paddle – a real punishment instrument and no plaything and she used this on Alexa’s bare bottom.



Yasmeena found and spanked

Yasmeena tries to hide from Peter when it is time for her punishment with his belt. He finds her hiding behind the curtains and quickly places her over the sofa, pulling her pants down before giving her the promised spanking and strapping across her bare bottom. Yasmeena then spends corner time near her hiding place, this time with her bare, sore bottom on full display to remind her to behave better in future.


spanking server


Schoolgirl & All Female Discipline Spankings

How is everyone? I know that in the northern hemisphere, just about everywhere it is baking – as the height of summer is upon us all, it’s damn hot. In fact, some places are dangerously so (Greece and Japan are experiencing record temperatures and devastating bushfires). Even here in the UK, this week is set to surpass 36c (high 90s) and generally we don’t use or have air conditioning, except in our cars… yikes! Anyway, today’s multiple special site update features, as the title suggests, schoolgirl and all girl discipline video reviews. This presses most people’s “spanko buttons”, I’m sure, so let’s get on with these featured films. Most of these are recent updates and a couple are some classics I have probably missed out on in the past!


momma spankings


Rachel is sent to her aunt’s house by her mom as she is out of control and auntie knows just how to deal with brats like this. It’s time to go out to the dress shop for an appointment and Rachel is supposed to go to help but she is still in bed and playing on her phone. When aunt Elizabeth comes into the room, Rachel is rude and ignores her. It’s right over the knee for a well deserved spanking. Then auntie has another more humiliating punishment in store, if Rachel is going to act like a child, she will be treated as such. Rachel is put into a diaper and is so humiliated. She is told if she needs to pee she will use the diaper but she must tell auntie so she can be changed like a baby. When they get home, she is in trouble. Not only was she rude to the shop keeper, but she wet herself and didn’t tell her aunt. It’s over the knee again, but this time she is spanked hard with the hairbrush until the tears are streaming down her face. Then, a new diaper is put on and she is held and forgiven. She is very very sorry and promises to be a good girl from now on.

spanked and diapered hairbrush spanking spanked and diapered





Senior sorority Sister Carolyn (Lena Ramone) calls pledge Ann (Beverly Bacci) on the carpet for lesbian activities in the sorority house with Julie (Sinn Sage). Carolyn maintains that such behavior violates the Lambda Sigma Zeta charter and instantly administers punishment to the lithe brunette. Over the knee spanking over Ann’s panties gives way to bare bottom discipline and then more spanking while Ann is fully nude. Finally, Ann is given a dose of the traditional Lambda Sigma Zeta wooden paddle, which stings like the devil and leaves Ann with a sensation of keen resentment against her senior sister.

frat paddle spanking



northern spanking

Taking Advantage

Features Aleesha Fox and Jadie Reece: It’s amazing what one small mistake on a spreadsheet can do. You know that recession we now find ourselves in? Well, Aleesha caused it and her boss has punished her for it. Do you feel better now?!

girl spanking fun



spanked in uniform


Starring Ivey Passion: Ivey decided to skip school feigning illness. Her mother was called and she agreed that Ivey needed her bottom spanked. The Headmaster visited their home before school and Ivey first got an old fashioned slippering until her bottom was swollen, red and sore. Then Headmaster took his stinging leather paddle and told the schoolgirl to kneel on the couch, bare bottom up! He gave her freshly slippered bottom a sound paddling before taking her to school.

spanking and paddling



punished brats


Kim was called to Miss Audrey’s office after having a confrontation with Dr. Beardsley in Physics class. While the brilliant student was correct in her assertion that the aging professor’s equation was incorrect, it was her disrespectful way of going about it that landed Kim in trouble. Kim protested when she learned that her punishment was a bare bottom spanking over Miss Audrey’s lap, but soon found herself with her panties down and Miss Audrey’s hand descending over and over upon her bottom.  As Miss Audrey spanked the talented but arrogant student, Kim promised not to be disrespectful of the elderly yet once prominent Dr. Beardsley regarding the issue of his physics errors. Once the spanking was over, the little genius was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display; a humiliation she had never before experienced.

otk spanking

*Note – I had to edit these images, cut, crop and resize, color correct as best I could to bring you a representation of this film (This does take time, of course). I love Punished Brats – they’ve been around for years and I hate to quibble, but this is one of the things I have noticed is lacking nowadays, decent stills. Either do them or don’t. I love the films but I do wish they would up their game when so many producers (myself included) really try hard to bring you decent HQ edited images that are all the same dimesions (point being tomorrow at AAA you will get circa 250 images with the video update! Edited.) Anyway, this site is fantastic value, with awesome over 12 years of filming including my favorite girl, like Audrey Sugarsmak, so it’s a minor quibble… that is all!



firm hand spanking

Disrespect costs pretty Helen a bare bottom spanking

Reporting to Reform Academy wearing short school uniform skirts gets stunning Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson into more trouble with Mr Johnson. Helen is swiftly over his knee, skirt up and panties down, to have her bare bottom soundly spanked for disrespect. Hot Reaction Cam and cheek-jiggling slow motion! The paddle is still to come.


Another Collection of Spanking Updates

Hi all… it has been an awfully busy time for me personally… I’m currently in the UK, there is a lot of travel planned soon, filming (of course), fun and less time to spend here online although all the usual customer support, updates and other web business goes on as usual behind the scenes. I am still hoping to get some sort of update on our recent successful Lone Star Party which pretty much everyone who attended thought was the best one yet! Anyway, on to some website updates for you all…

Ordered to strip naked, Helen Stephens is lifted on Belinda’s back for the cane!

The heat is on at Reform Academy: stunning Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson are told to take off all their clothes to be caned! Mr Johnson orders Belinda to grab Helen’s wrists and hoist her up on her back until she’s helpless on tiptoe, bare bottom perfectly presented for 12 hard strokes of the cane. Hot reaction cam and slow motion replays!

To see the free spanking and caning preview CLI CK HERE

The Burn – featuring Audrey Sugarsmak

I love seeing Audrey getting a spanking, and I re edited these images myself from Punished Brats – I thought you may prefer these, she deserves the attention… the full film is of course available for members too!


Audrey’s personal trainer was getting much resistance from her client when it was time to focus on her upper body. Skyler is well known for being a great motivator. Audrey wanted to work her lower body so that she would look good in her new jeans. Sklyer knew of a terrific work out that would impact Audrey’s lower body consisting of exertion of her own right arm making impact on Audrey’s bottom. It didn’t take Audrey long to figure out that she was being motivated to perform by Sklyer with a very hard spanking. Soon she was begging for the punishment to stop and promised to do as instructed from then on.

To see the all girl free spanking preview CLICK HERE

Bambi Learns Her Place

Alex is one of the cool kids at school and Bambi….is not! Wanting her daughter to be a little bit nicer, Alex’s mom thinks it would be a good idea to ask that nice girl Bambi over to spend time with Alex. Alex spends time with Bambi all right, teaching her exactly where her place in the school hierarchy is: right at the bottom! And talking about the bottom, poor Bambi is ultimately humiliated by having hers well spanked!

bare bottom spanking

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Consequences for Ava

Ava Nyx is a fantastic addition to the SG Group of sites and made a whole range of movies for us all recently. This is one of them and she looks absolutely stunning in this cheerleader uniform, right?

It is Friday, which means game day, so the cheerleaders are allowed to wear their cheer uniforms to school only Ava seems to have forgotten her panties. When she is sent to the Principal’s office for this, she can’t seem to understand why it is such a big deal as she likes the feeling of the wind against her naked parts down below. After a bit of sass she soon shows contrition after she is told that she will either take the punishment or be off the squad. She agrees to take said punishment as she doesn’t want to lose her spot on the cheer squad. Principal Wackford spanks and straps this naughty slutty cheerleader hard until she is crying.

cheerleader spanking

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Spankings to start the week

Brittany Sent To the Principal’s Office


Brittany was sent to see Principal Audrey after being caught cheating on a test. She was stunned when she learned that her punishment was to be a bare bottom spanking. After a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking, Brittany was subjected to several hard swats with the school paddle. She promised to never cheat again.


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Teaching the Trainer

Mr Stern just had one hell of a telling off from his wife for not doing his training exercises. His personal trainer dropped him right in it. He is now going to teach his trainer, Lola Marie, the erros of her ways for telling Mrs Stern. As he was good at cricket in his schooldays he finds a wooden paddle shaped like a criket bat and plays with Lola’s bare bottom instead of a ball. A real heavy duty painful whacking for Lola.

spanking and paddling

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Harley Gets the Slipper

Harley has been a very rude girl. Once again she finds herself confined to her bedroom, in her jammies in the middle of the day. Worse is to come though, much worse. Soon Paul will arrive and he will punish Harley with his hand and probably his carpet slipper.

slippering and spanking

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northern spanking