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Casey Calvert is back at AAA!

Hello everyone… great news this week, if you’ve already visited my Clips Store or viewed the front of the website HERE (remember to refresh the page as my Chrome Browser doesn’t always pick up the latest updates for some reason) – then you will have noticed Casey Calvert is back and looking mighty cute in her English style pajamas. Yes, she’s not wearing panties underneath either (lol) – I forbid her to.

smedia006 smedia011

smedia026 smedia030

smedia034 smedia038

This is a sort of step dad/uncle authoritarian figure style of spanking from me to Casey who I catch out using social media on her phone after I had sent her to bed early for some other infraction previous to this. So this is where the film starts… she isn’t even under the covers, the lights are on and she is just texting and contacting her friends despite being grounded. She had also blocked me from the various accounts that I had monitored as I knew this naughty young madam could not be trusted. So there you have it… in I come… I catch her out, we argue and discuss this for a bit but I am fed up, I have confiscated the phone and can see the sort of people she is chatting to online have been forbidden in my house as they are a bad influence so it is with a heavy heart that I feel that I have failed and so must spank Casey once more… only this time she is getting a little more than a quick spanking, she is getting it on her bare bottom which upsets her a little and she is suddenly oh so contrite and apologetic and promising to be good… if only.


smedia053 smedia055


smedia071 smedia090


This spanking has the desired effect but I was never truly satisfied that she meant what she was saying… so I placed her on all fours and removed her pajama trousers and spanked her with her bare bottom on full display… I could also get a better view of how red her bottom was getting as well as knowing that I could see her private parts and she was aware of that too – suddenly she was doing as she was told. A final “Social Media” humiliation ended this punishment when I took a picture of her red bottom on my own phone… to be used if she dared play up again –

smedia094 smedia108


smedia115 smedia112

Do you want to see it? This was the actual image (below) that I took during the film – an exclusive to this blog 🙂


Feel free to circulate it but do please keep the copyright watermark on it, this is so people know where it came from – thanks. Below are some screen images, they are reduced in size but you get the idea and the originals are full 1920×1080 size to go with the HD film formats in WMV and MP4 playback. This is not the first film I have shot with Casey, in fact her others are pretty raunchy… not to mention the films she has made at the POV Clips Store too (wow!) below are some galleries where you can find more of Casey’s work at my site as well as the POV films she did which are awesome (more will be coming soon from her too!)

You can also see a free clip of Casey’s latest spanking film on the front of the site HERE



The Images below lead to free film galleries of Casey’s other films out in full HD…

Casey’s Special Detention (with Miss Sarah Gregory)


Cheergirl Casey’s Detention Punishment


All the above films can be downloaded in the highest HD formats at the AAA Clips Store


& Casey has also appeared in a couple of POV films… as you will see, just click on either image below and it leads directly to the film the full description AND a short preview clip. These have proved very popular, it is hardly surprising when you read up about these film clips, they also happen to be among the most popular, especially the POV wheelbarrow… oh my! They were trending in the Top 5 at the C4S POV section for quite some time! I’m not surprised 🙂

casey3 casey4



It only leaves me to say I shall be celebrating July 3rd like any true Brit… I hear there is some sort of event the following day… but “meh!”, sounds boring and, well… kinda anti British too *gakk!* We get enough of that nonsense over here on our doorstep with the Brussels bureaucrats from the E.U., thank you very much! I’m off to the beach tomorrow, it should be fun and most probably politically correct 🙂 – Now please, my lovely American friends, don’t take this vid clip below too literally or seriously, ok? I know some of you fail to grasp irony (and that is cute, as I tell Sarah) and she will even understand some of what this chap is about to say… “Yah fuckin’ wankaaa!” hehe

Casey Calvert – Coming Soon to AAA

I only have some images from my LA filmshoots, I did some great stuff with Sarah & Alex away from what I am about to show you but I don’t have the stills images (they are with Sarah at the mo) so… here are some images taken from the day I filmed Casey Calvert for my site… these are largely unedited but still, they give you a great idea of what the full stills images and the films will end up like, and I loved putting her in PJs and cheergirl costumes… she is so adorably cute!

Casey Calvert – I played her as the cute girl next door… with a very kinky twist!


(below) My 1st film: I buy the girls cute PJs only for them to argue and bicker over who wears what so I *have* to resolve this with some old fashioned OTK spanking of them both in front of each other to humiliate them a little more… that shut them up! (I think I removed the pyjama clothes too and told them I was gonna burn them or something, lol)


I played Casey’s step uncle who is in the unfortunate position of looking after this precocious brat. I caught her out using social media on her phone to contact her deadbeat boyfriend whilst she was grounded… I thought she looked particularly cute in these stripey jim-jams I had brought over from England! I even used my own phone to add to her “social media” experience 🙂




I did 2 wheelbarrow style films, this first one I asked Sarah to do it after a long OTK spanking… this was schoolgirl Casey’s “Special Detention” by pervy teacher Miss Gregory who enjoyed humiliating her girls in this most precarious and revealing of spanking positions… both of them looked absolutely awesome in this film!



& below is one of the 3 POV films I did… this one is the wheelbarrow film… Sarah gave me this image she took on her phone whilst she had gone out to grab us all lunch… this was the last of the films we did just as she returned… don’t you love how intimate these behind the scenes POV films look? The other films included a very sexy OTT teasing film and a spanker’s perspective OTK film.


This was one of my more offbeat films as I played an eccentric English cheer coach who had been brought over to LA to help with the girls for this particular team… I had been shopping in Hollywood and brought this “Director’s megaphone” – Casey wasn’t impressed as I attempted to liven her up… so she got coach’s “Special Treatment” – the humiliating anal hook punishment he (or I) loved so much… this will be the 1st Casey film you guys will see in a week or so with any luck! The images and footage that I’ve seen are stunning… and I gave her quite a stinging hairbrush punishment too!

I also jokingly used this to announce “QUIET ON SET!”




Another double cheergirl film (and why not?) as Sarah makes out with Casey who is weary and unsure that this is right… I catch the girls at it and punish them in a long session… there’s a great twist in this film too as Casey and I play former lovers which grosses out my step daughter Sarah and although she isn’t 100% sure during her side by side punishment… Casey and I swap furtive glances at each other which makes Sarah suspicious and adds to her uncomfortable situation… it’s yet another hot film! I can’t wait to show you these on the site!



That is all I have from that day… the following day Sarah went to film for Clare’s naughty Diaper Girls site and I got to see her in some hot teasing and adult baby girl diapering and a classic Momma inspection of all her intimate areas which I of course loved watching! Clare took us out for a late lunch to her fave Chinese restaurant and she found a way to keep me quiet!!! Ah, such good memories of my trip to LA… I will definitely be back there sooner rather than later, that’s for sure!



All these films will be available to members over the coming months as they will compliment all my other recent footage… I promise you these films are just getting better and better… I loved making these… can you tell? they will also ALL be available in Bluray quality 1080HD (real HD not unlike some that just throw up footage at a lower spec). There is also the new pricing structure at the site so please do take advantage of this while you can, all prices for every membership have been lowered giving you a fantastic value for money experience! View 100% original spanking materials from as little as $12.50 a month!!!


My Spanking Site Updates

Yikes… been really really busy elsewhere and have been itching to properly sit down and write about what I’ve been seeing and viewing but unable to do so, it’s likely to be that way for a good few days more as I have another filmshoot at the end of the weekend and I really want to sit down and prepare some scripts for that, thanks to some ideas I already have, YOU can get them in too – mail me HERE or leave a comment on this post or the previous one where I asked when we shall be filming new girl Mila Kohl and Aleesha Fox with myself, Paul Kennedy, Dodgy Dave AND Zoe Page – quite a gathering, eh?

Anyhow, the latest film update is out at my main site and is a delightfully cruel and twisted take on a popular board game, Monopoly… which Dodgy Dave used to his own evil ends to use as an excuse to punish Amber and Sophie – who were seriously NOT amused!!! See why below from these preview video screen images! I also have a really nice set of images that will accompany the film but they will be out next week as I just haven’t had time to edit them (do you know it takes LONGER to edit and ensure images look half decent than preparing a video edit and the associated screen images? Well, it does for me!)

Spankopoly – the game of NO CHANCE!

Each month Amber & Sophie return to Uncle Dave’s for one night & a game of (no) chance, a twisted game version that Dodgy Dave loves to call “Spankopoly” where he is always the banker and the girls always lose and pay forfeits with various punishments that he can think up. Why would the girls even contemplate such an act? As you’ll discover both girls are not entirely submissive & are thoroughly fed up to be playing his “game”. The reason they return is because he generously funds them both a lot of their privileged lifestyle and this “game” is a once a month penance they put up with but it also offers them the chance to try & at least win for once & avoid the various humiliations and thrashings… but the odds are always stacked against the girls & they put up with his strange antics. However, tensions mount as Sophie flips the board in total frustration at their ongoing embarrassment being there having their bare bottoms spanked & he orders both girls to stand up & receive a more traditional old fashioned punishment with his leather strap. See how this ends as Dave quashes the rebellion as only he knows how!


Now check out the images taken directly from the film (below)

spankopoly004 spankopoly010

spankopoly025 spankopoly030

spankopoly043 spankopoly048

spankopoly053 spankopoly065

spankopoly071 spankopoly074

spankopoly078 spankopoly081

Check out a special LONG PLAY 50 MB clip that shows the moment Sophie “lost it” and Dave upped the tone of a more traditional spanking punishment, getting fed up that the girls wouldn’t play along with his twisted game anymore… Hilarious and perverse at the same time, I loved it… I hope you do too!


This film will be up on the AAA Clips Store (along with last week’s offering of that Milkmaid thrashing of Dani Hunt) – I just haven’t had time to upload some content yet, I actually only just got a brand new router as the old one was about 6 years old and slowly dying on me… this one is giving me a better upload speed so hopefully I won’t find it such a pain to get the films up from now on!!!

Schoolgirl Amber bends over in the latest offering from POV Spanking


& to showcase that, I have started uploading more content to the new POV spanking site and the latest film stars schoolgirl Amber in a purely POV setting that she found challenging to start with as my hand and direction said nothing… this was hard to direct so we had to be meticulous about what was supposed to happen… it still is in its infancy, but the films get better and better with each new scenario I help direct and make, I liked this one as it had Amber in a very ridiculous short skirt, set for a maximum perving gaze and featured just my hand and some gesticulating so you get to view this as if it was yourself carrying out the spanking – a perfect POV style! Check out the screen grabs from this film, I shall be uploading these and some cool stills images I took as bonus content for members at the main AAA site which will help showcase the POV site there anyway… but here is a taster of the quality of the images you can see taken directly from the film!

schoolreport01 schoolreport02

schoolreport03 schoolreport04

schoolreport05 schoolreport06

schoolreport07 schoolreport08

“Amber is worried and with good reason as she hands you her latest school report… and it’s not good reading. You screw it up into a ball and throw it back at her in disgust then point to the floor signally the start of her spanking punishment for failing her grades – again! She’s still in her uniform, but with her white panties removed and shamefully down around her ankles. The hand isn’t enough so you soon get to use a hairbrush across her schoolgirl bottom to see if that does the trick! This unique film includes good close up POV style action with the hairbrush as well as the hand!”

schoolreport09 schoolreport10

schoolreport12 schoolreport13

schoolreport14 schoolreport15

schoolreport16 schoolreport17

…the beauty of these films is that in the strictest POV style, there is nothing from the spanker… no dialog, in fact, you should not be able to see the spanker as that is supposed to be you in that position, isn’t it? Some nice close ups and some interaction from the punishee adds to the true style POV effect… I hope the images above help show all this!

I will be uploading this full image set and bonus images on top of the usual updates at AAA Spanking soon (it is a treat and a way for members to see our good work carried out elsewhere), but the actual films will only be able to be seen at POVspanking.com

SWS_1317 SWS_1324

Check out all the POV style films, close up and intimate spankings as well as new wheelbarrow position clips!



OK, it’s late (2am) and I am up at 6 so I’m shuffling off to bed… “night night!”

Valentine’s Day Spanking Update

v0 v1



^^^^^ Check out the “heart shaped bum” – awesome!

v03 vo2

Anyhoo… “Happy Valentine’s Day


I wasn’t going to post anything today as I’m really supposed to be spending time with “Er Indoors” and being romantic… so I will have to be brief. (However, I have just released the latest film now out at AAA Spanking (a day late. sorry!) I had a shitty net connection yet again which prevented me from uploading data to my site, yesterday, grrr!. Anyhoo, it’s all fixed now and members can enjoy what I was genuinely surprised at… first of all, I thought this film was already uploaded to the site (duh!) secondly, I had forgotten just how good the banter was between me, Sarah Gregory and Donna Davenport for this film which was a real hoot to make. Thankfully, every single memory of that day came flooding back (I’m not getting any younger, you see… and my faculties are starting to fail… obviously!).



The girls read through some of the stash of magazines they have found!

This film sort of signalled the lighter side and the humour that we often get in spanking films… after all, the girls have found my secret stash of spanking porn magazines so get very cocky and sassy when I confront them over this. Yes… why are they in PJ’s at my house etc etc… but that’s the sort of bonkers things I love about making these films! Of course, I had them dress up in some uber – cute PJs which did my ol’ ticker no good when I viewed this film back before uploading it to the site. &… with all the fun, frivolity and mayhem… I have to say there were some good hard honest spankings, especially in the OTK position… I got the hairbrush out later and thrashed both girls with their bottoms poking up rather invitingly at the end. Overall, this film was a genuine delight and I am sure those who love to see girls in PJs punished, or even Sarah Gregory, who after all was voted THE spankee of the year, 2012 – then this film is rather a must see!

Images , official storyline and the links on viewing free clips and where to download the film as a one off are all available below! Enjoy! I most certainly did!!!

spankmags04 spankmags11

spankmags13 spankmags14

spankmags15 spankmags20

spankmags23 spankmags25

spankmags28 spankmags30

spankmags39 spankmags43

spankmags44 spankmags45

Sometimes we can’t hide the fact that we enjoy making our films and this little movie was nearly overlooked as our stressed out webmaster thought this film had already been published! Oops! Now as it co stars Sarah Gregory (voted spankee of the year 2012) we thought it wise to show you this film sooner rather than later and as a fantastic bonus it also had a giggling and very bratty Donna Davenport giving John a hard time over his huge stash of spanking magazines that both girls had found in a bedside cabinet whilst they were stopping over at his place. The girls made fun of him but not for long as first Donna then Sarah got a rather hard (and we do mean hard!) OTK spanking followed by a heavy hairbrush. It’s a fun pacy film and the spanking punishment dished out was more than sufficient to make the girls realize John meant business! Don’t miss this film which will make you smile, it’s a great little piece of spanking fantasy entertainment!

You can see a great free HD preview Clip on the Home Page – HERE


& for those who only want to download the odd movie now and then, this one has also been uploaded straight away (I have also put up the last PJ film with Danielle Hunt in clip form too which has already proved popular) the link for the latest film is located below:


Dishing out a spanking!

GET IN! It wasn’t pretty, but we’re through to the Quarter Finals & we’ve avoided the World & European Champions, Spain… BRING ON ITALY! Dare I believe? Italy should hold no fear for England, only complacency will be our downfall now! But you are here for some spanking news so let’s get on with what’s out there “kicking ass” at the moment!

Let’s start in England as we celebrate horny old Uncle Paul’s “Pyjama Club” spanking with the beautiful Kiki!

Uncle Paul takes a good look at Kiki’s PJ’s ensuring he can see no panties underneath her leggings!



The second film from Uncle Paul’s pyjama spanking club sees the very beautiful Kiki getting her bottom well spanked first on the top of her pyjamas and then with them lowered to expose that delicious red bottom. Uncle Paul knows how to give a hard spanking and his horny old hand delivers each hard spank accurately until this young lady can’t sit down. Good fun… but a damn hard spanking!

See MORE of Kiki spanked in a special free HD movie preview HERE


 I love seeing cheerleader punishments, so this recent film at Punishedbrats.com made my day! What’s more, it stars one of their new finds, Audrey, who has a fantastic bubble butt as you can see below! Veronica is doing the honours of spanking that delightful derriere!




Audrey is dared by her friends to not wear panties or a body suit under her cheerleading uniform. She accepts the dare to prove how cool she is, but when her mom sees her half-dressed performance, she takes her straight home to really warm her bottom.

David Pierson had a tribute on his blog most recently to his beloved brother Rick and I’m sure he won’t mind me posting the beautiful images of a girl I had forgotten about, the ever so lovely Vanessa who, I might add, was stunning as a cheer girl too (see below)

Isn’t she just adorable? The perfect brat next door getting spanked on that sofa!

Well, Rick helped script a whacky film, which shows what fun they all had making some of their movies a little “far out” like “Sensational Girl” with Vanessa, as you’ll see below…amusing… and a most spankable ass in need of a good old fashioned brat busting punishment!



This film can be viewed below in full as a special tribute – take time to check it out!

For all the most recent films in higher res Wmv playback – CLICK HERE


OK, it’s late here, so I will bid you all goodnight! Oh… and for once, it feels good, almost “smug” to be an England fan! (for now!) “Night night!”

An apology and on with the spanking updates

I had made a promise that I’d get you some insider info on my next film, well, unfortunately, editing the data and the images was taking too long so I will announce the film when it is updated later this week… but be aware that all good things come to those that wait!

OH, AND IT’S A LITTLE LATE, BUT TO ALL MY FELLOW ENGLISH TYPES OUT THERE, HAPPY ST GEORGE’S DAY! Yup… fly the flag unless some council busybody says you can’t because… God forbid, the cross of St George might offend someone of a non Christian faith (sigh). So here’s the new football strip our overpaid players are wearing which came out today in preparation for our glorious failure in the Euro Finals coming in June… I actually quite like the new strip, England’s 1st home kit colours that are the same colour as our national flag (the away strip has always been a favoured red shirt and white shorts… so this reversal is pretty cool in my opinion!)

Ok, and onto some amazing previews of what my fellow “English” spanko producers have recently been letting their members download, and in no particular order of spankiness… let’s start with some cracking images from a spanking of a very sexy girl called Kelly Wilson from SoundPunishment.com – The image set brings out the best of this lovely girl, don’t you think?




Check out more of Kelly’s unique spanking films and image sets HERE


Sasha Harvey is all woman… just so so spankable! I still remember many years ago being present at a filmshoot where she had the severest leather strapping I had ever witnessed, her bum ended up a welted angry red… this is a lady that can take her punishment! Unfortunately for her, Mr Lewis can dish it out too so when she is lazing around in the garden and asked to clean up… then this is what happens to madams like Sasha that won’t do as they’re told! From the series “Clean Sweep” at NorthernSpanking.com




Sasha has done a whole load of great films with Northern Spanking – check them out HERE


& finally today, a classic pyjama-fest with Uncle Paul and Dani Hunt his blubbering neice placed over his lap for being a stroppy feisty girl! This is from the forthcoming movie which members will be able to see at SpankingSarah.com – & I can’t wait to download it, can you? I love Dani… and I love seeing “Uncle Paul” chastising her.. this so reminds me of the film we did together (a reminder at the bottom of this post!)

Sarah Sly gets involved in the case of the runaway girl, this is a long and involved story of deception and pain through lots of spankings and other punishments. The story starts as Danielle Hunt is to be punished at bedtime by her Uncle. She does not want to be punished and puts up quite a fight but she ends up over his knee being spanked and slippered on her pyjamas and on her bare bottom. A good old fashioned punishment well delivered!





Remembering Paul in a similar situation with his step daughter Sara Winter… this film proved quite a hit, click on the image below for the free gallery reminder.

Available in full HD playback from AAAspanking.com

If you just want to see this film only then it’s available as 2 short (and cheap) clips – click below and you can download this as a really cheap one off movie of your choice (the OTK spanking and/or the later punishment)


What’s hot & worth watching!

I’m sure these are all valid questions you would like answered out there in the kingdom of spanking… so I shall try and answer a few of these pertinent questions as I haven’t been online except to update my own site and I have been working hours in my regular job that are alien to me, like starting at 5am (getting up at 4!). I didn’t even know there was a 4am! So I have been just too tired – like poor little kitty below…

and I’ve been fed up with these mad hours but as I’m getting used to my ridiculous hours this week, here’s a welcome back post from me so I hope you like it… I’ll start with what is out at my own site as there is a brand new film with Sophie, the new girl I showed last week and a return for Jasmine… back by popular demand and she made a whole heap of new stuff with us which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate in time! This is a particular fave of mine as it’s a pyjamas film and one of the girls are wearing white panties underneath their PJ bottoms (shock horror!) I see to it they get an additional unfair punishment for that!

Jasmine is in Sophie’s private Dorm Room in an unauthorized stay under the blankets & they talk about various girly things until Jasmine admits she’s been “wanking” in Sophie’s bed!

If you haven’t already, click image above for the free gallery I just made public – it explains the movie as well in detail – there is also a great strapping clip which you can view and download HERE

So what can I tell you about the film? I don’t know why, but I found it amusing to have the girls talk about “wanking” – it’s not a word many women often use and I guess it’s also more of a British word, and since the girls are English, then why not?  Which is why I asked them to say it, some might think it rather childish of me, but it actually came across quite well in the film as they bicker about it and I come in and talk about “self defilement” which is what the title of the film is loosely based on! I hope my American members enjoy their arguments and accents before we get down to the strappings and leather paddling which left both girls bottoms nicely sore and a perfect shade of crimson!


& now to Amber’s sites – I had to ask her for my membership codes again since I had lost all my passwords recently… and so when I went back in the other day, I was in for a real treat… so whilst I’m on this “wanking” or “self defilement” theme (lol)… here’s a naughty film of Amber at SpankAmber.com as she gets off on what she describes as a “Sex Bench” – masturbating and jerking off her sweet pussy up nice in close after teasing us to start with… & Daddy joining in to fondle and stroke her tight buns before Amber fucks her aching pussy hard with a dildo and slaps her ass for us all! It’s a great diversion from her spanking films and one which captures the essence of what Amber as a person enjoys doing… receiving pleasure! She admitted to me that she web cams a lot, I think you could expect to see her do pretty much anything you’d want if you were to have a 1-2-1 session! Images below are from the latest movie series at SpankAmber.com






You can see MUCH MORE of Amber wankin’ & a spankin’ at SpankAmber.com

Meanwhile at her site where she gets to dish out the sexy punishments as only she knows how (lots of female play, foreplay, oil, ice cubes and of course her firm hand and myriad of implements both for punishment AND pleasure) we see a welcome return of Jolene, another redhead submissive slut that Amber loves playing upon… as you’ll see below… and I have to say that Amber is fixated with nipple play and clamping both on herself and her sub spankees…. I love it! I’m sure you’ll get a taster of what is going on in this latest series, prepare for double redhead overload!






Delightfully rude, tantalisingly naughty… that is how Amber loves to play and spank her girls!
CLICK HERE for more of this latest series & how to join both sites with one membership for a whole heap less!

Oh, and a big “Shout Out!” to Daddy who films Amber and her girls, how the hell he does this in a room that must smell of sweet female scent when these girls are on heat… my oh my… bravo, you’re a lucky man to then have Amber all to yourself afterwards!


Staying in America why not visit Punishedbrats.com – withtheir new large screen format movies and stunning girls like Pi, or as I called her first… “Twentytwo over Seven” (I’m such a geek I’m thinking about Jeri Ryan who played “Seven of Nine” from the Star Trek Voyager series…. but I could seriously digress… as you will too looking at Pi’s gloriously red bare bottom in these images taken from the film “Art Exhibit Failure”



Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom and you can see that Pi’s bottom turns red with shame as the leather strap licks her soft cheeks bringing her close to tears as the embarrassing punishment continued without mercy.

Another fantastic OTK spanking by David Pierson sees one uppity brat, Taylor Rayne, getting what she deserves in this movie now out in full to download as you’ll see below, these images show her off to perfection, a perfect wigglesome ass and one which I’m sure the “Cast Iron Protective Underpants” ® Chief – were deployed by Mr P. for some serious OTK discipline to stop any distracting wriggling onto his lap! I swear by them 🙂




Call From School – Wild child Taylor Rayne was still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked, but spanked she was… and hard across david’s lap as she kicked and cried out for him to stop, blubbing like a brat until he had had enough of her tiresome behavior and made her kneel on a stool in the corner, whilst snivelling, to reflect on the situation!

You can see these movie updates and of course awesome residents like Pixie and co only at Punishedbrats.com


OK, I have just noticed at NorthernSpanking.com just jow lucky one Mr Stephen Lewis has been recently…. have you seen the movie updates he’s involved in? Well, if you’re not a member, then perhaps you might want to see what this lucky git chap has been up to… 🙂

So… in no particular recent order and magnitude of “Gittiness” (Moi? Jaloux? Pas de tout!)
The Git Files #1: PJ Punishments of not just Zille Defeu… but Irelynn Logeen as well!



Hey, Stephen… if you’re reading this, just kidding! Awesome films as always, and you can see MORE of Zille & Irelynn with Stephen in the latest film just released…

The Git Files #2: Coach caned, bus blamed.

Just how DID Irelynn manage to win a race in world record time? Mr Lewis gets to the bottom of this (literally) with the helpful report of the busdriver on a route almost identical to the race itself! (Hmmm….) You’ll see both girls getting a deserved spanking and a special caning will be reserved for coach Zille Defeu!




Another movie at the same site currently being updated with Stephen red-lining my patent pending “Git-ometer” is with one of my favorite ladies who I’d “love” to have featured at my own site soon, even though I’m unsure she subs anymore (maybe just one film in amongst her domming the girls? Please???) I could hope, I suppose 😉 – anyway, I am getting distracted again, which is easy with Andi… as she disturbs Stephen’s late time reading…. beware of things that go “Bump” in the night!

The Git Files #3: Beware things that go bump in the night



Don’t forget to check out their vast archives which you can locate easily by model – CLICK HERE


Next… this site and model really need no introduction, but in case you have been living on Mars… then it is Amelia Jane Rutherford’s latest “Marriage Guidance Counselling” series from FirmHandSpanking.com where Amelia is advised on the perils of trying to drive after just a few hours sleep… this spanking is indeed for her own wellbeing, I should know after being tired and having an accident that wrote off my car end of June this year… it ain’t clever, kids… wise up! Some superb images from this movie are below for your delectation and fine early evening perusal:




See the free Movie Preview of this full length film HERE


OK, I wanted to do more so will be updating my other blogs with a movie review coming from this producer tomorrow (I’m not going to tell you which film but it’s a real cracker!) as well as a full movie review from Lupus, I’ll let you know where these reviews will be as well as a weekend update here from some European based spanking sites tomorrow, it’s gonna be busy! Have a good one! Back soon. Chief.

You say Pajamas & I say “Pyjamas”…

PJ’s – jim-jams or jimmie-jammies… I never quite know which way to spell the actual word or present it on this site (since 70% of my readership is American I hope you guys appreciate that I am trying to accommodate you all where possible since spelling “color” or “labor” is odd to me (instead of my preferred “olde english” way of colour or labour)… now, I seem to recall that many American websites spell this word as  “pajamas” and over here in England we usually spell it as “pyjamas” (I think, am I confused? Yup!). So whatever way (maybe both are correct) I decided to call our latest movie – which has just been released at AAAspanking.com as “Pajamarama Jamboree” in celebration of this visual PJ feast and the fact that we used Dropseat “jammies” for the 1st time (which were great!). Yes, a nonsense title but full of PJ related jinx including a stern new Top who some of you will know as Mr Paul Down (a PJ enthusiast!)… so who better to have slipper and punish the girls (and he’s a leftie… not politically, like some darned commie pinko – yes, I’m joking before you humorless socialists write in… & yes, that was another jape again for goodness sake!) He’s naturally left handed which helped when we did a movie together punishing the girls with canes at the same time… but that’s another film and for another day!

Click on the image below – it leads to a special extended preview as well as the massive free tour pages!

A Special schoolgirl pajama punishment with 3 naughty girls who should be in their dorms but instead were ransacking the House Master’s office whilst he was away. The girls had found the keys to his liquor cupboard & his desk where he had stashed away spanking magazines & his implements like the slipper & hairbrush he had often used on many a naughty girl! However, he had returned early & the tipsy girls were punished on the spot in front of each other without mercy as he lowered the dropseats of their pajamas for a bare bottom spanking, slippering & a nasty scene of heavy hairbrushing at the end on their bared bottoms for their insolence! An additional punishment for Sara was given for not wearing the regulation dropseats in favor of her own satin nightwear! Mr Down was far from impressed as you will discover in this special pajamarama jamboree celebration. One not to miss for those that love to see very naughty girls punished in their PJ’s!

No doubt you’ll want to see some images taken from the movie, I have some additional images that I took but will save those for another time… check out the storyline in images and check out Sara’s facial reactions which I’ve saved ’til last, these are actual screen images and are superb! That coupled with the Dropseat PJ’s used makes this a proper visual treat, I hope those who are members will appreciate this one as it’s out now!

The girls are larking about, drinking Mr Down’s booze & reading his hidden spanking mags when he returns early to discover this outrage in his own Office! Below scenes are the spanking, slippering & hairbrush punishments they got for daring to disrespect his privacy in this way!

& as promised some superb facial cam shots of Sara as she winces in real pain!

If seeing schoolgirls thrashed in their PJ’s is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that there are a whole series of films covering this subject at AAAspanking – I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as we did making the film! & don’t forget that we have held down the pricing for this site even though one whole movie is uploaded at least once a week (without fail) & with a glut of updates and more… longer term memberships have proved very popular, especially the low priced 3 month non recurring option but I see there are those that now enjoy the lower recurring price too… (Actual pricing is HERE) so a big thank you to those that continue to support us, as without you, we can not make any new films!

Inside info: Our next film shoot is with Sarah Gregory (her site is HERE if you didn’t already know! If you have any requests (I WILL get her in dropseats PJ’s by the way) but we are going to ensure she receives a very British welcome and there’s a nasty cold old school room & Dunce’s Hat waiting for her (oh my!) … but please leave suggestions, you never know, a fantasy to see Sarah punished the way you’d like could come true!

This week at AAAspanking

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I had been as busy as Ceiling Cat (below) watching others so I thought this post today would just focus on Triple A Spanking with what’s just out, what’s about to be finished and what’s coming out at the end of this week… it’s all go as usual and there are some 1st previews here, as you’d expect & it’s a pretty exciting week, update wise.

Ceiling Cat is watching what you see on the interwebs…

Yesterday there was a brand new naughty story with stubborn Irelynn and a determined Leia who ensured that this naughty minx would learn a valuable lesson in kitchen hygiene as Irelynn thought it amusing to play with grapes in “Grapes of Wrath”… no not the famous John Steinbeck novel about the Great Depression & those poor folk who trudged from Oklahoma to California for work in the 1930s… just a light hearted look at the consequences of Miss Logeen defying a very stern Leia… images below are reduced in size, but these are a small sample of what to expect right now for members.

Irelynn plays the brat so well, don’t you think? You should see her when she doesn’t get her own way… or miss out on Pizza!!! These images are reduced size (below) but members can easily download the full zipped files now out and peruse through them at their… leisure!

Pouty Irelynn is told to remove her jeans so she can receive a proper spanking!

You can see MORE of Irelynn & Leia in their latest update HERE

Meanwhile, the popular “grown up” feel of the “Lazy Wife” starring a lazy Jean Bradley, getting a much deserved hard hand spanking and slippering off irate hubby Paul, concludes tomorrow with the full file HD-MP4 movie file alongside the regular Wmv file which is out in all parts… We’ve had some nice feedback on the support mails about the quality of the new style MP4 films and as I promised previously we are backdating all the older films so that they get this treatment too. Please bare/bear (I never quite get this one, bare… brr and bear grrr!) with us as anyone who knows about rendering movie data, it can take an age (or overnight) just to get the data sorted so it can be edited… but all new movies will come out in this additional format and have been since the beginning of March (and we have since started upping the bit rates on the Wmv files too as they started looking far more inferior against the MP4 files… so all the new stuff is looking clearer than ever…

Jean thrashed on the bed by irate hubby Paul! Movie out in FULL on Wednesday.

& finally at the end of this week (Good Friday) – and it WILL be with this new film. Check out this sneak preview of a short sharp shock film, it all comes out with full size screen grabs, & the full MP4-HD file as well… of “Leia versus… the bath Brush”. Actually it’s called “Rude awakening” and there can only be one winner… and this really nasty instrument we’ve got in our arsenal now is something the girls have come to dread… and for good reason, it stings like buggery, so I am led to believe (ahem!)

So plenty of goodness for you all to enjoy! I’m off out in the sun for a little bit, I need my Vitamin D supplement as nature intended – this fine Spring weather we’re experiencing over here in England is most unbecoming… so I’m going to make the most of it – as it certainly won’t last!!! 🙂

Dropseat Pajama Spankings

I’m on a mission to buy some dropseat pajamas, I hope to have these by the next time I have our next film shoot… Yes, I will hardly say that I’m totally obsessed by them at the moment but they do make for interesting viewing and as I have never had the “pleasure” of having a young madam present herself over my lap and have that “drop seat” lowered to reveal a bottom ripe for spanking – however it is a delicious thought. Anyway, remembering some of the movies I had viewed and downloaded at the Dropseat Studio on my Spanking Theater, this little movie sprung to mind as it contained an incredibly cute girl I hadn’t seen much of called Artemis Antoine – though I thought I had recognized her as a spankee at a the Shadowlane Studio (and I was correct – I’ll show you where later) the reason I’m showcasing this is because this incredibly cute brat was both naughty and perfect for this Dropseat movie… as you’ll see.

Now I think she is normally a more dominant character (I could be wrong) but if she was (I think she does more BDSM and is aka Mistress Artemis) then this is an incredible turn around like the Shadowlane films as she was beautifully submissive in this – & the hour long movie I’m reviewing here is in 4 parts and is called “A Helpng Hand” suggesting what sort of help is needed to discipline your girl when she has “done wrong”.

Part 1: Disciplining your partner when she hasn’t cooked and cleaned up properly at home

Artemis is given a dressing down for the lack of housework, her staying out all day instead of cleaning and cooking for her hard working man… so he knows just the solution by spanking her right there and then and getting his belt out across her tight pert bottom! She reacts and moans as you’d expect, the spankings aren’t brutal but they’re hard and believable and this is a great start to view an incredibly cute girl!

Part 2: The present, playful spankings & make up sex

Feeling a little guilty about thrashing his girl earlier, Aretmis’s partner buys her a very pretty nightdress that she had always wanted, they kiss and make up and one thing leads to another on the bed as his hands wander down to her warmed butt… this is a hot scene with lots of hard carressing and groping of her fabulous bubble butt, he spanks her cheeks but not in anger, more in lust as she grinds her ass into his crotch in approval… the scene ends with them… and us, the viewers… hot as hell!

Part 3: The Dropseat Pajama Punishment (images & free video clip)

As you’ll have seen from the free clip and the images above, it’s Dropseat Punishment time… Artemis is brought in and told to wear the pajamas, she knows that wearing these means she’s going to be spanked and this scene features a hot OTK spanking scene, her bottom visibly reddens, you can almost feel the heat of her bottom as it is strapped and she spends some lingering cornertime afterwards as the camera lingers on her bared buttocks! I can’t stress how this full scene is HOT!

Part 4: the Punishment Dress (a very cute spanking discipline)

I think the folk at DropSeat productions thought they’d add this as a bonus scene as it’s a 11 minute film which doesn’t really tie in with the previous 3… Artemis is made to wear this “Punishment Dress” – I suspect mainly because she looks incredibly hot (as you’ll have seen) bent over with the frills and those lacy knickers peeled down and I can vouch that this OTK scene is highly erotic! I did laugh when I found out why she’s being punished… for dissing her man’s Aunt and the fact she was overweight… oops! Artemis is one amazing girl and this bonus rounds off this film perfectly! You can download this only from their page HERE

If you liked this film, check out the rest of their films at their location HERE at the  Spanking Theater

Artemis Atoine also starred in the Shadowlane films below – click on the posters to read her full storyline if you liked the above movie (hard not to) all these movies can be viewed courtesy of the Spanking Theater and are downloadable as cheap streaming or downloadable wmv content!

If you haven’t viewed any films via this method then this is a great way to start… take your pick from 2 of my favorite studios featured above, new email sign ups also get at least 10 free minutes to view ANY film of their choice… yup, go check it out!! 🙂

Some New Spankings Viewed Today

I couldn’t help but have a wry smile when I saw this recent update come out from Sound Punishment as once again, Masie Dee seems to be flavor of the moment, even though she didn’t reply to my request to film her late last year (maybe I got the wrong address) I’m in some way kind of glad as she would have been saturating the current spanking market over here in the UK if I had filmed her as well! & that is a shame as she is such an accomplished spanking and porno actress! Take this crazy story that has poor Masie blubbing in the middle of her porn shoot when she admits to her video and photographer that her boyfriend has just left on a tour of duty in Afghanistan (I salute you, young man… it can’t be easy leaving Masie behind either!) and Masie admitted to the producer that she had fallen out with her fella and got upset as he hadn’t spanked her… of course he agrees to do it for her and film it so her BF can watch it on a DVD! This cheers up a tearful Masie who then gets back to doing what she does best, being a very naughty harlot for the cameras!





See Masie Dee & her refreshingly hairy womanly pussy and tight ass spanked on film HERE

Check out the tour pages which includes a free video preview of Masie and other naughty girls!


What happens when Momma Clare’s girls overstay their welcome? Yikes… don’t they know? Well, when Nena and Nikki overstay you’ll see Nena giving us all more of her amazing and hysterical reactions along with redhead Nikki, as usual, taking a hard one for the team! Oh, & I have to say, Clare’s dress is really nice, I’m liking the look, Clare! Classy brothel owner, looks good! (love to see you spanked in that!!!)  😀




See more of this amazing punishment & the rest of brothel owner Momma Clare’s callgirl sluts HERE


Oh, before I movie on I just have to show you how naughty both Alexis (she’s smoking!!!) and Ash are at Clare’s GirlSpanksGirl as Ash helps Alexis frig her off to a loud climax before Ash is asked to spank Alexis afterwards. I had shown you some images before, well, just check out how naughty these girls get: WARNING: It’s non spanking but, hell, these girls are HOT! Just imagine the spankings afterwards!!! Click image below to play this exclusive clip

Check out this erotic spanking movie in full at GirlSpanksGirl.com

Both these sites are of course available via the top value CLARE FONDA PASS!


Finally another naughty girl is Miss Amber Dawn from San Francisco who really ups the heat at AmberSpanks.com this week when she does what she does so well, getting the most out of her unique forst timers and girls no one else has found to spank and Amber has ateadily made herself essential F/F spanking and naughty making out viewing – seriously hot stuff and it’s something Amber knows she does so well! See what I mean with her and latest “capture” Stephy C…





Beautiful Amber gets slap happy with Stephy’s gorgeous bubble butt and Stephy feels the burn as her bottom is lightly greased for Amber’s hard stinging smacks with her practiced hand! See Amber really get off on spanking Stephy’s amazing rump only at AmberSpanks.com


Finally from AAAspanking – someone wrote to me asking what was one of my favorite films shown so far that I had been in and of course there were so many nice memories flooding back but I really liked the film of Jasmine and Kami who were fighting over a boyfriend both had been dating. They had a massive pillowfight in their jim-jams on the bed until I came in to find out what all the noise was about. I remember telling them in our film brief to really play up and they bloody well did!!! A little too much, I feared, as they became really hard to handle until I gave Kami a stern look off cam and she knew I meant business when I said “enough!” (bless) It was a fun film to make and in between the laughter and bottom rubbing there were some deceptively hard punishments. I loved their nightwear, of course, and spanking them both OTK and giving their red bottoms a good hard hairbrush punishment that they both said really stung like hell afterwards was right up there! They also unwittingly made the film last longer (I was in my element and past caring) as they refused to aplogize to each other at the end and so I informed them that I’d be hovering over them with the brush whacking their red bottoms until they both did… thanks to Kami for refusing to apologize so soon – Jasmine wasn’t though, heh heh!

See the images taken from this film below and hopefully you’ll understand why I really liked making this movie!







This was a good long film and I just realized there’s over 100 video screen images but I think some of the ones above kind of show you what it’s about! There were also a bonus set of pillowfight HQ images too! (like the one below) So all in all, I’d have to say this was definitely one of my most memorable films I’d been in at AAAspanking – of course there are plenty more films to come and I’m sure you will all be happy at what’s coming soon 🙂 (more later this weekend)

See more of Kami and Jasmine at AAAspanking – FREE tour pages located HERE

AAAspanking – Latest Updates & News

As promised, I have a real treat for you as I have been dying to share the news about our latest shoot we did at the weekend which brought back the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods and I finally managed to get the beautiful Irelynn Logeen and once again this combination worked on so many levels. Some of the stuff we filmed and photographed was (well, in my humble opinion) very VERY good and I can’t wait to see the results once the edits start coming to me! I have got a nice little “Behind the scenes” free gallery which helps explain some of what we got up to but there was so much more.

The location was excellent, the company great (thanks girls for making it a fun shoot!!!) and, thanks to my partners in crime for getting me absolutely hammered Saturday night after the girls went their way… “Hey, Kids! Don’t do copious amounts of Stella Artois…” my recovery was ridiculously slow with a hangover from hell on Sunday! All this after being insulted as “Cakeboy” by Leia (but more on that later) Click the main image below and it will take you to a free gallery, most images are raw and I’ve reduced them in size but you’ll get the idea of what’s going on!

OK, as you’ll see, my little purchases on eBay were a success, I got myself some genuine vintage Guide uniforms and we used this for some image sets and a great film that had the girls trying to sneak out dressed up in this cute gear to a fancy dress party… needless to say, I disapproved of the way they dressed so thrashed them both! I also upped the intensity of the spankings in many films and you’ll see some great OTK spankings and Leia got to “top” a few times too so F/F lovers are catered for and one film was particularly hot as Irelynn’s soft rump was turning a toasty shade of red to match her hair! I also managed to break my favorite hairbrush in a pyjama film with Irelynn, so she got to keep it as a trophy! There were the usual schoolgirl scenes – and you can never have enough excuses to spank a girl looking incredibly sexy in various uniforms and outfits! We decided to try out some interesting cam angles too but we took advantage of the location’s great views to do some spankings and punishments against the windows (after it stopped raining… sigh) for all the world to see, I don’t know if anyone did, but they would have seen the moon rising early!!!

One quick short sharp shock type scenario I filmed with Leia came from one of her tweets as she made a derogatory remark about me helping myself to some cake at the restaurant that Leia, Irelynn and myself were at the night before. The place was starting to close (so I just thought I’d get my share, that’s all!) see the cheeky tweet below… “cakeboy” indeed!

Ok, so you get the idea, there are so many more films including a great bathroom finale that has a soapy sud spanking of both girls, so lots of goodness to come!!!


& if you check out the very latest update today, as promised, it’s the film of Kami in her Flamenco dress, I have got you some preview images taken directly from the film and I also have important news about all future films as we are upping the quality of the playback as an additional option for those that want to watch HD films in larger, crisper 1280 x 720 size – it will be in MP4 format and there are now dozens of media players that can easily view this, it beats our Wmv versions but that will also be available in clip and full file format as standard and won;t change as we fully understand it’s still the most popular playback format from our previous poll but to increase the size of the films in Wmv isn’t as good as MP4 so we’re going to try that as an added option and will add both files when the full updates are due (so we won’t cheat you with “remasters” or other cheap nonsense!) However, to change it into another format , like say, Real Media would also mean resolution loss so that’s why we stuck with MP4 – we hope when you see this full file and all future movie files – that you will be suitably impressed!

Some Wmv Images from the film “Flamenco failure”

You can see a FREE PREVIEW CLIP from this latest movie HERE
(Full description of the movie is on the page too!)

Remember that we update the site at least 3 times a week, we sometime add bonuses (I did today) and updated the full video image set and half the film already with some great spanking scenes, we will always aim to get at least 1 new film out every week without fail! I’m hoping to get out a film with Irelynn next once the edit is complete and it’s a good OTK spanking film for those that are into that sort of thing (yes, I love OTK spankings!)

Take advantage of our low prices and even better 3 and 6 month memberships which just make sennse when you work it out! Enjoy! We enjoyed making these films, I hope this shows!