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Check out these awesome spankings

Here’s a quick round-up of some choice spanking sites, some with new girls featured here for you to see getting a punishment they deserve! On a personal note, it’s been a crap past week, one which kept Sarah and I occupied elsewhere, so forgive me for the absence here. If you go to Sarah’s Twitter feed, you’ll see a tweet currently pinned as to why our week has been so bad.

If you saw her tweet I can confirm many tears were shed, we’re seeing an insurance assessor early tomorrow (floor tiles we never knew about are asbestos FFS) and know only some insurance will cover this… we had worked so hard when COVID stopped filming to make an amazing studio space and then our precious time and money was ruined just like that overnight! If you can help, please do, it really means a lot to know there are those who could support us when this has really knocked us both for six. & so to the reason you came here today… the updates.

Stunning Danusha Cox gets her first-ever spanking – and you’re invited to watch!

A bottom-warming welcome to Firm Hand for Danusha Cox, taking her first-ever spanking in Discipline Counselor. “You can see from my facial reactions, kicking and the color of my ass this was my first time,” laughs Danusha. “Mr Friday’s hand is big, he spanks hard, it stings, no acting required! I loved that I got to give attitude!” See Danusha’s pert booty turn crimson and watch her bottom bounce as she yells in slow-motion replays!

See this brand new series with the new girl next door, Danusha Cox, only at Firm hand Spanking

Arella Bell – Learning to say “Sir”

New student Arella is having trouble learning to say ‘Sir’ so the Dean helps her.

Check out Real Spankings Institute for more films like this with Arella Bell

Anne: Hand Spanked While In A Straddle

Anne is told to lose her panties and straddle the ottoman to receive a hard hand spanking before bed time.

See more red bottom spankings like Anne’s only from Real Spankings

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I will have fun with you

Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady on this website. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of Sarah Stern’s and wanted to give it a go. She was thrown right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.

There’s more of stunning Bonnie Bellotti with Sarah at Spanking Sarah – check out all her films

Alexa’s Inappropriate Dress

Alexa has been asked to call round to see her boss, there have been complaints from some of her work colleagues about the way she dresses for work. After a very careful and close examination, he has to agree that her dress is quite revealing and that under company disciplinary procedures he will have to administer a spanking as her punishment. She does not seem too upset by this and soon finds herself over his knee as he gives her a long and very hard spanking.

There are lots of English girls getting the spankings they deserve at English Spankers

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon! Good night from a freezing cold New England.

Sunday Funday Spanking Updates

Another collection of fine spanking erotica from some of the best spanking themed websites around. Here’s something to keep you busy and distracted from your Xmas shopping. Check these sites out and help support them with a membership… easily the best way to view and help each and every producer showcased here.

I will say this again, as I know many of you who read this blog also prefer to try and download content for free from piracy websites… you are supporting Russians who don’t give one flying fuck about who produces the content. They are in it to rip off as many sites as they can… getting rich off our hard work and it’s pretty obscene… I get it, but if you ever sign up for a membership through them – Good luck, I hope your card gets scammed and you are no friend of any producer, all you are doing is helping to hasten the demise of the membership model which provides great independent value, and push us to open clip stores costing everyone more and pushing us to deal with more PRIVATE spanking commissions, for which the vast majority of people will never see. & for what? Because you can’t be bothered to support the sites you profess to love? Not even with one membership sign up for under 30 Dollars… even just once per year? Seriously? But you’re prepared to spend more than that at Starbucks per month or on all those Xmas presents for family members you’d rather not see?

Think and don’t make the Russian pirates wealthy off our hard work. Besides filming and editing and getting the sites updated, we have to source the girls, deal with location shoots, and cancellations, shitty boyfriends or jealous, demanding “dominants” who change the rules after we producers have vetted and thoroughly prepared for a shoot, who write back (if we’re lucky) and say they can’t come, even after buying them a plane ticket, and so on… trust me, this happens sometimes and is part of the job, sadly… as is piracy. Russian pirates just steal and don’t have to worry about anything else like creating content. The irony of when the stuff they steal is shared elsewhere and they “bitch” by putting their own sad watermarks on it is beyond parody… but it is dangerous to continued content creation – again, think on that!

OK, enough of my bleating, go enjoy the latest showcased spanking sites.

The latest film now showing at Northern Spanking

Helping Her Career

Nurse Cleo has failed to gain the promotion she wanted at work. She’s good at what she does but seems to lack focus. Paul believes he can help her with that, by restoring some domestic discipline to their routine, starting with a good spanking for Cleo and a thrashing with his belt.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64139″]

A classic movie that best showcases Spanked and Diapered

Ella’s Giant Teddy Tantrum

Little Ella is getting ready to go on vacation with her family. After a fiasco in which she almost lost some of her stuffies on a previous trip because she brought so many, Ella’s step-mommy, Lilly Calloway, now only allows her to take one stuffie with her. Ella comes into the room with the stuffie that she intends to bring…and it’s as big as she is. When Lilly tells her that this is not a travel-friendly bear, Ella throws a huge tantrum. Out of patience, Lilly resorts to the measures that she knows will work to get her naughty step-daughter under control: a spanking over her knee. But if Ella is going to act this way now, there’s no way of knowing if she will decide to throw fits like a baby all day long. With the troubles of transit already looming in the future, Lilly takes actions to keep Ella from acting out later by giving her a punishment that lasts all day (and saves time, too). Ella gets a dose of diaper discipline as her red bottom is taped into a thick, padded diaper to travel in.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64153″]

A classic mommy/daughter Japanese Spanking from Hand Spanking

Unpaid Monthly Tuition

Yurina’s mother gets a call from school that her daughter has not paid her monthly tuition. Yurina is given the stinging smacks that she deserves by her mother when she gets home. There are two versions shown here, one in the Japanese Room and another time in the Bedroom!


The latest film now available in full at Real Spankings Institute

Devin Jade Punished for not wearing a Bra

On her first disciplinary trip to see the Dean, Devin realizes how seriously the dress code at the Institute is. The Dean begins with a lighter strap but he is not happy with her reaction. The Dean decides that Devin is not learning a proper lesson so he retrieves a much more effective strap and does not stop until her bottom is purple. Embarrassing corner time follows.

Real Spankings Institute is massive in its own right – You can check out the full tour pages of this site HERE

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A New Week – Another Spanking Showcase

Today I thought I’d feature some different websites which you’ll see more of on a regular basis. Especially one to which I have a new membership right now… so enjoy all the sites showcased today, I promise a membership to any of these will not leave you disappointed! I hope you’re all having a fine weekend!

Boss, I’m Ready to Have My Ass Strapped

This dreamlike fantasy spanking film takes a beautiful young woman to a resort where she reports to the Executive Suite for a hard, 50 lash strapping and then Penalty Swats on her bare butthole. She moves across the resort while she imagines the leather biting her naked bottom up high in the air. She walks slowly, upstairs, down the hallway, and into the suite. Sage quickly gets down to her sexy underwear, masturbates, then it’s off to the bathtub for a bubble bath before she reports to be strapped. The strapping is slow, hard, and mostly on the naked bottom. This film is highly erotic and the look of her beautiful bottom being strapped is glorious!

spanking sage pillar

To view MORE of Sage Pillar – go to Worst Behavior Productions

Lola in the Diaper Position

East European beauty, Lola, experiences a humiliating punishment, tethered to an infamous Server contraption. This time it is to hold her in the Diaper Position. Peter crops her bared, exposed bottom and private parts as she takes the stinging punishment. Afterward, she is unshackled and allowed to caress and inspect her sore, marked cheeks.


Lola features in many updates at Spanking Server

spanking server

Naughty Babysitter Anal Hook Discipline- Ashley Lane

Defiantly clenching her cheeks leaves him no other choice but to deal with her rebellion. Determined to teach her a lesson with a large stainless steel anal hook. Her Tightest naughty little hole will be stretched and punished to put her in her place. Further caning adds additional discomfort to her predicament. Removing her top she is completely naked for the remainder of her discipline. A thick paddle punishes her cheeks as she sobs.

spanking spanking

See more films like this at Assume the Position Studios

Arella’s Institute Arrival

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. He returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.


See more real punishment scenes of Arabella at Real Spankings Institute


Spanking Updates Now and Then

More updates today. I thought since many of us are still at home or social distancing through no fault of our own, I’d go through some classics as well as some recent updates from the sites featured below. For example, the RS Network has featured this young new performer, Arella Bell… and there are some great perspectives of spanking in POV format at Hand Spanking as well as 2 classics I’ve added showcasing Samantha Woodley & Justine Rosenberg (and where you can find more of their content than any other website). okay… let’s get on with this (I’m excited to show you).

Arella’s Institute Arrival

Starring Arella Bell & Michael Masterson

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. The Dean returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings Institute

Arella’s Bare Breasted Strapping

Starring Arella Bell & Betty Blaze

Arella is bent over and strapped on her jeans, panties and bare bottom for not wearing a bra.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings

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Spankee’s Eye, Spanker’s Eye

Starring Noa & Shihori

A daughter comes home late again and is given a sound spanking by her mother. You can view this spanking from the spanker’s eye view as well as the spankee’s view.

Check out the tour pages of Hand Spanking – the only Japanese all-girl spanking site


Starring Justine Rosenberg & Arnold

Justine is starting to build a new blog website, unfortunately, as she has no idea what she’s doing it’s a total mess. Arnold finds himself sorting out her problems that mean he has to spend too much time in front of the computer doing her work – rather than his own that is much more important. He is frustrated and takes it out on poor Justine’s bottom – first with his hand and then with the leather paddle.

Spanked at Home contains more original content of Justine than anywhere else

Brat Camp

Starring Samantha Woodley

Visiting her friend Chloe Elise at an exclusive athletics training camp, Samantha soon learns the penalty for bringing in alcohol as she watches Chloe being paddled Brat Camp style – bare bottom! Coach loses no time in telling Sam to bend over for her licks, even though she’s not a student there. Shorts and panties down, she feels the burn of the holed board for a full ten swats.

Firm Hand Spanking – the largest archive of Samantha Woodley content!

For all your Christian Chicken-lovin’ needs!


End of the week Spankings

Hello… here’s more end of week spanking shenanigans from various sites that piqued my interest at the start of this weekend. So without further ado… let’s get on with this catch-up post… most of the content shown here is recent (in most cases). For those that may be a few months out, that is because I have been so darned busy and have just noticed this – to bring it to your attention… so hopefully, you won’t even notice!

I would have published this earlier today but I had to help a friend move from her place and we thought it would go smoothly as the weather here has been dry and warm… until moving day and it rained all day, so I felt a little miserable (soaked through in just a tee-shirt on top) but it is always good to help out those that need it, right?

Rich Woman’s Secret Desire – Hand-Spanking
Starring: Shihori & Noa


Shihori, a rich housewife, has her own secret – a fascination with spanking. She asks her maid to give a spanking to satisfy her fetish.


Caught Shoplifting – Real Spankings
Starring Kiki Cali & Michael Masterson

When a young lady is caught shoplifting on the security camera, she is brought into the storeroom to be searched. She tries to use her charm to get out of it but things do not go exactly as she planned. She is given a hard, bare bottom OTK spanking followed by the belt. Features some blistering hot leather belting scenes.



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The Dean Spanks Lilith – Real Spankings Institute
Starring: Newcomer Lilith & Dean Masterson

Lilith waits for The Dean to instruct her on what will be happening today. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle the stool for a hard, painful hand spanking that leaves her bottom swollen, sore and very red.



This site is also part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS – Giving you access to 8 sites for a fraction of the combined cost of them separately. Take a look for yourselves and see how much content you get with this one membership! CLICK HERE for more info.

Racing Stables Discipline – Firm Hand Spanking
Starring: Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Bare bottom slippered to the limit, bottom bare: Lucy Lauren learns not to lie! Lying bare-bottomed over Zoe Page’s lap in an English garden, gorgeous stable groom Lucy Lauren has to endure a sound slippering for spreading rumors about Zoe having an affair with the owner. As her jutting buttocks bounce, she realizes that lying was a mistake… And there’s more to come. This film also features a stunning slow-motion replay!



Trouble at the Manderin Hotel – English Spankers
Starring: Eryn Rose, Monica & Sarah Stern

This is the full story of the two young ladies, Eryn Rose and Monica, who have decided to marry each other and to take their honeymoon overseas in the Five Star Manderin Hotel. Unfortunately, their behavior whilst out in the town has upset some local people who want the girls prosecuted. The hotel has to take some sort of action and it is explained to them that if they were locals they would be caned by the police. Not only have they been caught kissing and having sex but they were smoking banned substances and this certainly means they must be disciplined. This punishment horrifies the girls but it is offered as the only way they can get out of the mess they are in. You will watch as each girl takes it, in turn, to have their bottoms sprayed with cold water to intensify the sting of the cane and then take a terrible cold caning, twelve strokes at a time, a total of twenty four strokes each. Both girls show off their well-marked bottoms and Eryn is in tears as they have to take the final part of their punishment. Standing together they are given eight strokes of the tawse on their hands. This is a prolonged and terrible punishment for two young girls.


I’ll be back soon with a whole load more news and update content for you all… have a great weekend!

Spankings to start off your week

As the title suggests, there’s no let-up today as I bring you yet more awesome spanking content you might not have been aware of… so without any lectures today (LOL) let’s just get on with the updates and films that I have chosen for your perusal today. As a side note, it really does help both the producers and myself if you choose to use our links we show here if you do decide to purchase something… as this guarantees that we can continue to work together to bring you the very best in spanking erotica, spanking news and more.

Lucia’s Pussy Strapping
Starring Lucia

Lucia is another exclusive East European beauty found at this site who takes the various forms of disciplinary punishment. This scene features the pussy strapping which the site has become known for. legs apart, in the medical chair, her legs are parted and her most vulnerable ladyparts are exposed to the stinging leather. In other scenes, Lucia, found in the archives… endures many varied forms of punishment expected at this site. Outstanding!


Mrs. Williamson is strapped for cash
Starring: Katie Didit & Suzanne Wright

Mrs. Williamson is young and she is a bit of a spendthrift and so she has come to the Strapped for Cash Company for a loan. She is a little surprised at the terms of the loan, but it is explained by Katie Didit the agent that as a part of the deal she has to learn to be more careful with her money. So her lesson starts with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is more painful than she thought it would be but she needs the money. So her bare bottom has to take the pain.



Peaches’ bad day at the Institute
Starring Peaches, Miss Betty Blaze & M. Masterson

Peaches waits in time out to be spanked by Miss Betty. She is bent over with her hands on her knees and given hard swats with a strap. When Peaches is unable to remain still, Betty moves her to the lunge position. Betty finishes the spanking and leaves Peaches in time out.



Part of the Real Spankings Pass network

Ambriel’s Nude Punishment
Starring Ambriel & M. Masterston

Running late getting home, and with a dead phone, Ambriel is required to go to her room, strip fully naked, and return to the living room for a very embarrassing nude hand spanking.



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firm hand spanking

Spa Rules (F – taken from the multi part series)
Starring Helen Stephens & Earl Grey

Missed appointments cost doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens double discipline Late back to the spa after horse riding, pretty therapist Helen Stephens feels her own riding crop across her bottom, protected only by thin jodhpurs. Earl Grey still isn’t satisfied and orders her to take down her jodhpurs and panties for a strapping across her bare bottom. See those buns bounce in slow motion as Helen learns a lesson in the finale of this film.


Spanking Updates on Australia Day

G’day mates! Strewth! Is it already nearly the end of January already? That must mean today is Australia Day … so “put another shrimp on the barbie”, enjoy a cold brew and check out some long overdue spanking updates that I am trying to catch up on. & to all my wonderful readers & friends from “Down Under”, my thoughts, as always, are with you all. Going through one of the most devastating bushfires anywhere on the planet must be soul-destroying. You know we in Britain LOVE you loads, even if your cricketers and rugby players are annoying AF! *(LOL!)*

Oh my… where do I start? In absolutely no order of preference, I am just making this up as I go along, let’s start below with a new series and a cute young girl that I haven’t seen elsewhere.


The Seat Of Learning – Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency

18-year-old sexy maid, Lina, was sent to the agency for some training. She had to dress correctly and learn how to clean properly. She was ordered to dust first but she did not do it properly so she was dragged over the knee and her delightful, pert bottom was soundly spanked. She then had to dust again this time with her sore red bottom bared. After her first OTK spanking she cleaned properly for a while but then she decided to take a break without permission! She was caught and placed over the side of the couch, with her adorable, already spanked, bare bottom which soon felt the sting of a nasty old slipper! Just as she thought her punishment was over, she had to bend over the back of the couch yet again, bare bottom stuck out, to receive another sound paddling for using her mobile phone while working. She left with a very sore reddened bottom.


Next… Amy Fox, a friend of ours… is never looking more naughty and hawt as this sassy daughter receiving a spanking & mouth soaping (the 1st for her on film). These images don’t do the full film justice… *O-M-G!*


Amy Spanked & Mouth Soaped

Amy is so determined to provoke her mother that she is deliberately testing how far she can push her! Well, she is about to find out the hard way, and discover just how much mommy is prepared to keep her unruly daughter in check! Amy was sent home from school for wearing a highly inappropriate, slutty uniform unlike anything seen before. Mom has been informed and is waiting for Amy, mean bathbrush in hand, and the sight of Amy’s short skirt is enough to raise mom’s pressure to critical! Amy smirks as she gets a reaction but this time her mother has had enough… she is dragged over her lap and the scolding continues with a hand spanking. That horrible bathbrush has not gone unnoticed and this is promised across her bare bottom too. Amy’s panties are pulled down and the spanking continues harder and harder until Amy has to give and ask her mother to be punished with that awful painful brush. This is all rather humiliating and that is the intended result… the wooden implement is so painful and used with great force that you can see her poor cheeks mark darker and darker before your eyes! It isn’t long before Amy swears; using foul language has also just earned her an additional punishment in the bathroom with a mouth soaping. This is Amy’s first-ever soaping punishment and she experiences how the suds and that horrible taste gets everywhere in a naughty girl’s mouth. In addition to this, her bare exposed bottom is further blistered with the bathbrush… this is one day Amy will want to forget and to avoid another like this in the future, so she better behave! Watch one of Amy’s hottest discipline movies to date, exclusive to our website.


In another rare and uber hot spanking film (thanks again to Miss Bernadette topping for this movie – though she didn’t require much encouragement). I think everyone’s blood pressure will be at boiling point when they start to watch Zoe Page in a never before seen submissive hot film as this! *O-M-G! 2.0*


Hurts so Good

Miss Bernadette has posted an ad for a live-in assistant. Zoe Page shows up for the interview but has absolutely no idea what is in store for her. After brief introductions, Miss Bernadette explains that she is looking for someone to do all the basic household chores and duties. However, she has other interests that Zoe must be open to if she wants the position offered. Zoe is told that she will be shown exactly what else will be expected of her as she notices the array of lovely straps and canes on the table. After stripping Zoe’s tight dress off, she inspects her beautiful body that she will be causing delicious pain and excruciating pleasure to. Zoe is shy, a little shocked, yet quite curious as to what she should expect to experience. Bernadette takes Zoe through various stages of impact play including strapping, caning, cropping, tit slapping, pussy spanking, and other forms of humiliation such as crawling on all fours for Mistress. Zoe is unsure at first and it does hurt her quite a bit, but being naked, bared and exposed like this has rekindled some darker edgy desire to be treated like this and starts to like it by the end. This is going to be the perfect job for Zoe… and Bernadette is more than willing to hire her in this new, unique job arrangement.


Or view as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – access 2 sites for less than the combined cost!

One little known but naughty humiliation and punishment site (from Russia) is a particular favorite of mine… the girls get spanked, shamed and punished in ways they’d never contemplate. It’s not like some Russian sites that are just about brutalizing the girls (that is just gross)… nope, this site plays with their predicament and real headspace punishments, it’s actually all rather addictive viewing!


Siana: Punished for Office Party Pranks

This blonde manager is the sinner of the day. She is told that she deserves the most shameful and painful punishment ever for her stupid party pranks. Thsi is one office party aftermath that she will not forget with a scolding, spanking and self paddling as the manager watches her embarrassment! This is a hot office nude spanking video, which you can download HERE


It’s been a while since I advised you of recent films shown at the excellent site below… featuring mainly East European girls (who are hot as heck). Go check out this latest offering!


Sissi: Spanked & Strapped

Sissi is taken by Peter into the Punishment Room, she disrobes and he places her in cuffs, stood up, to receive a spanking once her panties are pulled down. This is the first part of Sissi’s punishment as she is then placed over a table for the strapping of her bare pert bottom! Hot!


Finally, for today, another site I haven’t featured in some time features a delightful punishment of Cara Day. She is one of my favorite ladies, after getting to know her better in Aruba not too long ago. She is quite driven and hard-working, like most successful young women… she is also smoking hawt!


Caught without Panties

Having failed a dress code inspection Cara is sent to the Dean. Her bottom is properly strapped and she is sent to her next two classes without a skirt or panties and is told to return after lunch for a second strapping.


Spanking Updates to start the weekend

More spanking updates to start off your weekend… hope you all have a good one, especially with some of these recent videos for you to peruse! Enjoy!

Ten: Kicked out of the Gym

Ten is kicked out of gym and sent to see The Dean. He applies a strap to her bare bottom, and reminds her of what following directions looks like.

Find more awesome scholastic discipline punishments at Real Spankings Institute

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Chelsy spanked in the morning

Super sexy Chelsy is woken up early by peter for her morning punishment. Dragged out of bed, she is given a spanking and whipping across her bared, exposed bottom! By the end of this short sharp shock… Chelsy is well and truly awake, ready to start her day sitting uncomfortably at school later!

See more hawt Eastern European girls punished exclusively at Spanking Server

The Headmaster’s daughter

Ashley arrives home later than usual, she has been worrying about what will await her when she gets there. She has good reason to be nervous, especially when she had been caught cheating by her Form Master at school… and there was the fact that her father is the Headmaster. He knows all about his cheating daughter’s antics, the lazy plagiarist. So this is where the film starts, Ashley is told to sit down as her father explains what will happen. He is the master at scolding, poor Ashley doesn’t know where to look as he reminds her that her spanking punishment at school will also be carried out at home in private. Ashley is embarrassed as that means she will go over her daddy’s lap for a bare bottom spanking whilst still in her school uniform. At school, spankings are carried out over panties and never over a teacher’s lap! This further adds to the humiliation as she feels her regulation school knickers pulled down and daddy’s hard hand spanking her exposed bottom to a shameful crimson! If that wasn’t bad enough, she is told she will receive “six of the best” with his rattan cane. Ashley knows how much this stings and promises her father that she has learned her lesson. Her pitiful pleas fall on deaf ears as she is told to bend over the sofa, stick her already sore bare bottom out, for 6 mean strokes of the cane. The caning really stings… her reactions to this final punishment are captured in perfect detail, as are the swift, mean cane strokes. Watch beautiful Ashley Lane as you’ve never seen her before in this amazing, old school, authentic discipline film.

More traditional & specialist punishments exclusive to AAA Spanking

ALL NEW Michaela McGowen series & a resounding bare bottom spanking

Michaela McGowen, one of our hottest models ever, is back in all-new rediscovered videos from 2008! Solid gold spanking treasure as Michaela is soundly punished by stepmom Cindy Wallace. A college friend is living at their home and paying rent without asking her mom. Michaela has even been spanking her! Retribution as Michaela bends bare bottomed over the kitchen counter for a long, hard spanking. Michaela’s face shows it’s getting to her. Enjoy bottom-bouncing slow-motion replays in Houseguest From Hell.


Visit Firm Hand Spanking for more hot & original punishment videos

Thieving Maddy

Maddy has been called in for a disciplinary meeting with Coach Lake. He is far from happy that he has to confront one of the best girls in the squad after he reviewed evidence of her stealing from fellow team mates in the locker rooms. She doesn’t seem to care or understand how this could affect team morale. Her argument was that it was just cheap make up. She displays zero empathy which Coach finds annoying in the least! The other girls were upset that one of their own would go through their belongings! Maddy knows how Coach deals with discipline and she has two choices… he has been asked to have her thrown off the squad or she can be punished… and punished properly so that she understands. She reluctantly accepts the second option and takes her position over his lap as he starts to scold and spank her over her tight practice pants. Of course the spankings are always carried out on the bare bottom by Coach Lake, as he knows just how embarrassing the girls feel. Maddy is also far more contrite now as her bare bottom is thoroughly warmed… she knows that there is a 12 stroke caning promised next! The caning is hard and mean, designed to teach this young madam that theft has consequences. All the girls will know that she has been suitably punished, and Maddy knows she will have to earn their trust again in the future.

spanking caning

See the best in sporting uniform punishment – exclusive to Cheerleader Spankings

Explain your behavior

On a trip to find a college for Suki, Paul is very disappointed in her conduct at their first interview and decides to resurrect a punishment method from her younger days to remind Suki that, now, by her behavior, she has a major hand in her own future. Having her bottom slippered does indeed seem to effect in Suki’s attitude but tomorrow’s interviews will tell the real tale.

spanked and exposed slippering

See more action from the new user friendly Northern Spanking

Have a great weekend, unless you are a hayfever sufferer – imagine breathing in this gross green pollen cloud shown recently in North Carolina!


A Painful Spanking Saturday for Some!

Good day to you all… I had planned to do this update yesterday, but I had a few private commitments I had to attend to so it’s a little late, but it is well worth the wait, as you will see! I have tried to spread the spanking net a little further and introduced some GIFs when I have the time (they take up my time to make, of course). But I hope you like what I have found for you today, past and present at these various spanking websites! So without further ado, here’s a couple to start with featuring a couple of my favorite spanking models… Sarah Gregory (naturally) and the beautiful, leggy blonde Australian model, Gigi Allens!

Currently at My Spanking Room Mate – this is the very latest video release (episode 297 in the ongoing spanking soap opera) and it co-stars myself with my beautiful bratty GF, Sarah Gregory. I loved making this and I hope we get a chance to work some more later this year!

Sarah Gregory Spanked for Losing Niece

spanking Sarah Gregory

The lovely, but bratty Sarah Gregory has lost track of the niece of John Osborne, her landlord. Sarah was supposed to be watching his niece for the day, but lost track of her at the mall. So John puts Sarah over his knee for a very long, very hard spanking, using his heavy hand plus a dreaded leather paddle that teaches Sarah a valuable lesson and leaves her bottom red and sore!

otk hand spanking spanked and strapped
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My spanking roommate

Gigi Allens is spanked by Dad

spanking Gigi Allens

Gigi is wearing the tiniest, short shorts that ride right up her butt crack and she is about to go to school until her dad sees her dressed like that inappropriately. They argue and she further disrespects him so he drags her over his lap for a good old fashioned hand spanking. First he spanks her over the shorts, then pulls them down to make a point so that her bare bottom is reddened properly. Watch this leggy beauty take a good hard man spanking as she is told to go and change into something more appropriate for the classroom.

spanked by daddy Gigi Allens gets a spanking otk spanking grabbing and rubbing her sore spanked booty
4 domestic & introductory vids with image galleries are available of Gigi at Spanked Sweeties


spanked sweeties

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clare fonda pass

Delta: Caught in the Dean’s Study

Delta gets punished

The Dean finds Delta in his private study reading a magazine. She is made to remove her clothing as she is strapped. Not satisfied with the severity of the implement, the Dean sends Delta to his office to retrieve a more effective implement.

  leather strapping Delta hauser strapping
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Somebody needs a Spanking

strapped at Good spanking

Sexy little redhead hottie, Johanna Sullivan, presents herself clad only in panties and bra, for a spanking she clearly needs. As instructed, she drapes her lovely body over Chelsea’s knee and the spanking begins, just as it should, with a nice, stinging bottom warming. Once Chelsea decides Johanna’s cute, round bottom is warm enough, out comes the hairbrush and things really begin to heat up! As her much needed discipline continues, Johanna finds herself on all fours in front of Chelsea, whereupon a very large wooden paddle is put to good use. Soon Chelsea’s ready to move on to the next implement and she instructs Johanna to lie flat on her belly. The strapping ensues!

wooden paddle spanking leather strapping
See more of Johanna getting spanked by Chelsea exclusively at Good Spanking


Good Spanking

Dariya’s Disciplinary

20 years old Dariya at Spanking Them

The girls knew what it meant when they were summoned to the Principal of this Russian School for a “Disciplinary”. It was both scary and involved many facets of humiliation and spankings! The gossip was rife and the girls were afraid to lose their position, but if they passed their test in the Disciplinary there were rumors of penalty swats and more! So it was pretty girl next door Dariya’s turn. Nothing quite prepared her for undressing and being spanked then having her panties stuffed in her mouth as she was told to crawl around on the floor, but that is what she did. Discipline, Russian style, like this is often a turn on for these girls, as it turned out for Dariya who lost her inhibitions and was allowed to masturbate lewdly for her principal… and she loved it!

Spanking Them is one of the few Russian spanking/humiliation sites that I highly recommend


spanking them

Weekend Spanking Catch Up – Part 1

Here’s the first post of two this weekend as I attempt to catch up with some site updates from all over… so without further ado or waffle, please do enjoy this post, I have created special animated GIFs (pronounced jiffs) as well 🙂


Envy – 1st of a series of Deadly Sins Spanking Films

schoolgirl spanking

In a near POV style, watch as you are allowed to use the power of God to punish who commit the seven deadly sins. This time watch as your little sister is given a spanking for her envious behavior. The first film based on “Seven Deadly Sins” portrayed from the viewpoint of the man.


Rosie Munroe, a senior with attitude, meets her match with a spanking principal!

otk spanking

“I don’t think your rules will work for me,” says cute, bespectacled senior Rosie Munroe in her awesome hard spanking debut at Firm Hand. Principal Friday is certain to get to her at Reform School, starting with his right hand on her creamy white bare bottom, turning it a jiggling crimson as she lies kicking over his knee, panties pulled down. Bonus funny out-take!


Slumber party Sluts!

Elori and Luci are having a slumber party with Misty and Apricot while their mom’s go out for a night on the town. When both moms come back they do not expect to see their daughters having what looks like an orgy with their best friends. Apricot has had eyes for Luci for some time and plans to get down and dirty with her. The other two take lead and start to get heated as well. Both moms come home to topless girls making out and doing a little more. They are mortified as they did not raise little sluts. All four ladies are spanked by Miss Elizabeth with the bath brush and my Miss Bernadette with her family strap. They are taught just what acting like a slut will get them….very sore, red bruised bottoms. I am sure they will be much more behaved from now on.

hairbrush spanking



Cornertime & an Exposed Embarrassing Strapping for Kiki Cali

After some extended cornertime, the Dean places Kiki spread eagle over the conference table for an intense bare bottom strapping. Afterward, she is required to strip fully naked and stand back in the corner.



Post April Fools’ Day Spankings

April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting “April fool” at the unfortunate victim(s). Some newspapers, magazines and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in smaller letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country.

Phew… I made it past one of my most hated days of the year (apologies to those who had birthdays on April 1st). April Fools’ Day takes on extra annoyance ever since the onset of a certain “gentleman” bemoaning Fake News and creating lies, rumors and conjecture forcing people to fact check (if they care)… unless they don’t care and accept certain news sources as gospel… so now every day in the news world is like f*cking April Fools day and I am sick of explaining myself to some people about what is and isn’t true etc. If you can’t work that out then you are always going to be gullible to pranksters on April Fools’ Day and everyday if you are unable to determine what is real news or fake news – (hint: fake news is spread by Social Media/Twitter bots and little known news web sources and sites, not generally your usual large news organisations/media outlets that have been reporting for years, despite what some idiots might believe!)

What isn’t fake today are the latest updates I bring you from a few sites of interest. So let’s get on with them…

Daizy Cooper is a beautiful, feisty young girl we filmed with last year for our group of sites. Here in this first appearance at AAA Spanking she is getting spanked by Harley Havik, an excellent switch, as you’ll see… Harley has a very hard hand. It’s actually very hot to watch her scold this ebony brat and the smiles and laughter soon disappear! Please welcome Daizy to the site, we adored working with her with more films to come out later this year across the network!

A Spanking for Cheating Daizy – AAA SPANKING

Another cute new brat makes her debut this week at Triple A Spanking so please welcome Daizy Cooper. This feisty, ebony beauty makes for a terrible roomie as Harley Havik soon discovers in this all girl spanking video. One thing Daizy forgets is NOT to cross Harley, she has a terrible temper and a very hard hand… as this naughty brat soon finds out. Harley confronts her roommate about cheating with her lousy boyfriend and Daizy shows little remorse, laughing at Harley’s obvious anguish. In no time at all, Harley pulls giggling Daizy over her lap and attempts to spank the smirk from her face. The message finally gets across when Harley spanks her harder and harder on her bare and evidently sore bottom. This is a hot all girl spanking film which features the mean hand of Harley and the jiggling, round cheeks of Daizy’s booty! Foot lovers will also enjoy the spanking scenes as you will get to see plenty of Harley’s bare soles and toes with lots of leg kicking from Daizy showing off her sexy tight black socks!


You can also view this film in full (in the format of your choice) at the AAA Clip Store

Tough training for Fitness Fanatic Lyra Bryant, with a strap and tawse

Firm Hand Spanking

There’s no way out for athlete Lyra Bryant when she breaks training rules by working out with an unauthorised trainer. Bent over a sofa, a leather strap cracks across her tight shorts before John Friday decides that a tawse on her bare bottom will be more effective. Reaction Cam replays capture every dramatic moment as Lyra feels the burn.


Kiki: Spanked with Spoon & Breadboard – Real Spankings Institute

Kiki is spanked with a wooden spoon and a breadboard for not finishing her kitchen chores.



Finally today, check out this recent stunning debut from Delta Hauser getting a double discipline of a hairbrush spanking and a caning at Cheerleader Spankings – do not miss this one!!!

Delta’s Double Discipline – Cheerleader Spankings

otk spanking

Delta Hauser premiers in a special double punishment at the hands of her mom, Miss Elizabeth, and her coach, Johnny Lake. Delta had been caught by her coach stealing money and his cellphone… he is, understandably, very upset and escorts her home. Her mother explains she deals with things like this in her house with spanking punishments. Delta receives a hard OTK bare bottom spanking over her lap as coach looks on. To add to her shame, Delta is given a very painful hairbrush spanking too. Her punishment is far from over as coach is allowed to also cane Delta in front of her mother. These strokes of the cane are severe and make Delta wince (check out her reactions) as she regrets ever trying to steal again. She learns an important lesson as you will discover in this latest debut feature with gorgeous rock chick, Delta Hauser.

 spanking and caning caning

Click here for the full length video

This film can also be viewed at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store HERE in the format of your choice.

Many of the girls and tops featured here will also be attending the largest spanking party in the world! This is held in Houston, TX and there will be many models, producers and of course, the best of all… LOTS of ordinary fun loving spanko folk from all over who want to be in one place enjoying each other’s company. The Saturday Ball is worth it too as we have the same high quality meal options as last year, this proved VERY popular.

The full schedule of events is now online and if you are an active member of Fetlife then you can see all the latest threads in the Group Discussion page HERE

If you intend to come, get your spank on as time is running out, flights into IAH (Houston’s George Bush Intl.) are the most convenient as a free shuttle bus is provided to the hotel venue. Anyway… all details are located HERE

Spanking Updates for the week

Howdy! It’s been a while and I had been traveling (now briefly back in the UK again) and there is much for me to catch up on. Both Sarah and I had been touring the West Coast of the USA and filmed with so many awesome people, we have so much content and so many new ladies to show you… so I think at AAA (at least) we will be showcasing new talent for the next few weeks… there’s a new girl in a full HD FF spanking film tomorrow and the following week I’ll be dishing out one of my meanest scoldings and canings to another schoolgirl miscreant which saw her legs visibly trembling (this is being edited as I speak).

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for news of that but in the meantime let’s catch up with some other producers and what they have been showing recently!

At Northen Spanking this was released a few weeks back, I played the part of a pervy rich resident at a convalescent home (look at that awful technicolor dreamcoat dressing gown Paul got for me) and it brought back many good, fun memories of that filmshoot… however, the spankings by Matron Jessica Wood to uber naughty, cute nurses, Jenna Jay and Rosie Ann, were the big feature! Go check out the tour pages of Northern Spanking to watch this awesome free clip they have provided as well!

The Matrons Alternative – Northern Spanking

naughty nurses in tight fitting uniforms
Featuring: Jenna Jay, Rosie Ann, Jessica Wood & John Osborne 

The Matron of a convalescent home has received a complaint about the conduct of two of her nurses. The complaint relates to the lack of respect shown to one Mr Osborne whom, according to his daughter, is teased mercilessly by these two girls and left to his own devices, not even served his tea and biscuits on time!
The complaint is somewhat puzzling, as we shall see. However, the punishment suggested by Matron Jessica and its subsequent application to Rosie and Jenna’s bottoms seems to satisfy the complaint, particularly when Mr Osborne gets to examine the results for himself! You have to feel sorry for the poor old chap!

strapped over white panties matron punishes her nurses with a spanking sore red booty leather strapping for a nurse spanked nurses


northern spanking

This was a great introduction for a girl I know little about, but she is featured more at this network since her first appearance at the turn of the year (see? that is how far behind I am on bringing you update news sometimes!!!) – She is called Mila, has fantastic breasts (I know Mr M loves to see girls spanked with their boobies hanging out and their booties spanked hard… & why not?) – oh, and I absolutely loved this film, stunning Mila took this hard punishment well!

Mila’s Dress Code Violations – Real Spankings Institute

Mila bares her breasts at Real Spankings Institute
Featuring: Mila & Mr M.

Mila is bent over a stool and spanked on her bare bottom with a leather strap for choosing not to wear a bra. Then Mila is dragged out of corner time and spanked on the bare bottom with a cheek to cheek wooden paddle. With a very bruised bottom, she is placed back in time out until the bell rings.

bare bottom otk spanking breasts hang down exposed and bared mila takes a hard wooden paddling wooden paddle for a schoolgirl wooden paddle bruises


Go to Real Spankings Institute for a special offer

Next up, I would like to wish Angel Lee a Happy Birthday (it’s a day or 2 late here… but better late than never). Angel and Harley Havik both switch perfectly, although I think Harley’s hand might hurt more… I know it did when she spanked Angel in this sibling rivalry style film, then used a wooden spoon without holding back! Ouchies! This was a recent film update which you can see in full at Sarah Gregory Spanking right now and it comes with an image gallery, extensive full set of video images and the HD film options.

Wooden Spoon for Sister – Sarah Gregory Spanking

Featuring: Angel Lee & Harley Havik

Harley has just been spanked for something both she and her sister did, take the car. Harley covered for Angel, but now Harley is going to get even with her. If Angel doesn’t want Harley to tell mom she was in on it, then she must take a spanking and wooden spoon on her bare bottom just like Harley got. Angel is a sorry and sad little sister. Harley gives her the hard spanking she deserves.

spanking her sister over her tight panties spanked in her bedroom spanked in pajamas wooden spoon spanking wooden spoon spanking kiss and make up after a hard spanking



I can’t tell you how good it is to see our friend, Clare Fonda (aka Ms Jamie Foster), spanking lots of tearful girls for a variety of sites nowadays. I can’t get enough of this self styled cougar “soccer mom” who looks better as each day passes. Isn’t she incredible? Fortunately we had Rachel Adams in this day (a real beautiful crybaby) who gave Clare the perfect excuse to give her a hard, hand and hairbrush spanking – to tears!

Spanked for Smoking – Momma Spankings

Featuring: Rachel Adams & Clare Fonda

Momma Clare has a crush on the school principal so when he calls her to tell her that her daughter was caught smoking, she is mortified. How embarrassing of a phone call, not what she was expecting. When Rachel arrives home from school, mom is waiting for her. She takes her naughty daughter of her lap for some old fashioned discipline. Rachel cries real tears and mom knows she is sorry.

spanking over panties panties down otk spanking momma spanking her daughter hairbrush spanking


This site can also be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – Giving you more content for less than the combined cost of the sites with one set of codes for your added convenience!

momma spankings sarah gregory pass

Finally for today, it’s been a while (a-Hwhile – sorry I can’t help myself) – damn! “Now I have Cool Hwip on my mind… Thanks Stewie Griffin!!!” Grrr, I’ll just get this out of the way & you’ll understand cool whip/cool H-wip and awhile/a-Hwile… or the weird/H-weird – now that one doesn’t even have an “H” in it!!!

Wil H-wheaton… LOL, I forgot about that one and the whip references (I adore Family Guy’s subversive kinky references) Anyhoo… onwards to the final installment today from Spanking Server and one of their many caning videos you will always get to see with a delightful difference, the caned anus feature. This short video stars the beautiful Chelsy who appears at this site often… oh my!

Chelsy’s caning – Spanking Server

chelsy at spankingserver
Featuring: Chelsy & Peter

Chelsy had been in the time out position after her traditional caning but now it was time for the humiliating part of her caning. peter instructed her to bend over on the floor, with her ass fully exposed and her face down. Her puckering hole was visible and as he teed up the first stroke, her nerve ending tingled with dread as she knew just how painful her delicate area was. Chelsy took the strokes without complaint but it was obvious you could see the telltale reddening over her most intimate parts! This caning and many more like it are available from this website.

cane marks bare exposed ass caning her anus bent over and exposed for a spanking