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Latest Real Spankings & Institute updates!

Thank God for Spam folders… I decided to check mine today as you sometimes get the odd message actually intended for you… however, imagine my surprise and disbelief when I saw these many messages related to some recent posts I had made on the 2 sites in question of this post today. I got these from some fool called Chronomaster27 on a gmail address, sent from the Houston area which was rather amusing… it claimed that the various recent updates of many different girls, including one I have worked closely with… and I hope to again soon (Alex Reynolds, for example) were offended by my updates… the exact message is below:

Please remove your realspankings, and realspankingsinstitute posts, some of our models are uncomfortable with your comments and posting of their pictures.


My response? Oh please do FUCK OFF… which models, why and what did i say you utter troll… let me know on an official Rs address from MM himself and i might just pay attention – anyway, the messages would have been 100% ignored but instead I thought I’d rile this jerk (if that’s what he wants) as I hardly added anything in text that has not already been said (so you better get writing to all the other promo sites and blogs, mate) and used images that others have used to promote these 2 great sites that I greatly support.

So just for you, Chrono… or Anthony as you named yourself in your unapproved and spam boxed message… here are their latest most recent updates. I welcome yet more mailings from you, (please write in as you’ll waste your time and they’ll all go to the spam folder anyway and I promise to ignore them unless you want to scream and shout and stomp your feet in anger), I’d also welcome that for my own, and my readers amusement too but thanks for bumping Real Spankings and the excellent sister site with school discipline in mind – Real Spankings Institute to the top of my thoughts today and making this special post for everyone… I do love it when random messages give me the inspiration to decide what to briefly write about! Such are the joys of blogging… and thank God for the WordPress plugin “Askimet” that blocks all these creepy deranged messages! It’s an absolute Godsend!!! But you do miss out on gems like these 🙂

From Real Spankings this past week!

Home From College: Spoon and Paddle (Part 3 of 4)

The ladies are brought into the kitchen and told they will be paddled. Lila is bent over with her hands on KJ’s legs and is paddled on the bare bottom. She is then ordered to sign her paddle. (This film is shot in 1280×720 HD)

11883_005 11883_014

11883_025 11883_029

11883_035 11883_043

Two Girl School Corporal Punishment Paddling

Ivy and Roxie are called to the principal for having skipped class and leaving the campus. He awards them 2 six swat paddlings each for their offenses. Each girl is bent over for 6 severe swats to their bottom. They are then sent back to class and told to return at the end of the day for the next paddling. (This film is shot in 1280×720 HD)

11929_005 11929_008

11929_015 11929_019

11929_024 11929_027

More of the latest updates can be found HERE

click here for more real spankings


& from RealSpankingsInstitute.com this past week

The continuing series of Abigail & Harlan: Room Inspection Fail (Part 5)

The Dean still has an infraction each to cover with the girls and decides that a bare bottom paddling is the only way to teach them a real lesson. While fully naked and bent over with their hands on the wall, both Abigail and Harlan’s bottoms are paddled until they are black and blue and the tears are flowing. (This film is shot in 1280×720 HD)


11908_001 11908_003


11908_015 11909_011


11909_014-300x200 11909_020 11909_027

Check out all the very latest infractions from this series & more HERE

click here for the Real Spankings Institute


& in other random thoughts… here’s my image of the day, Goodnight! 🙂


A Great Start to the week!

Good news! Well, it is for me today! I have a day off and this morning I will devote time SOLELY to bringing you a mega update of spanking erotica and news to keep you all MORE than happy! I must apologize for my brief absence, being away from this blog is a real pain… as I love writing here, moaning, ranting, letting you guys know what’s happening in the online scene and of course sharing some of my content and other producers films that I rate! (legally!)

unhappyfaceIt has also been a week where I know some other producers have had one from hell… and are continuing to – as the greed and piracy of some are literally ripping the heart out of our tight knit UK community! “Oh no! Not harping on about piracy again” I hear you mutter… well, yes, I really think some of these individuals either have no idea how badly it affects us… or plain just don’t care and do it solely for their own personal profit. In one of the latest attacks, for example, forum members are provided with only paid links (why not pay a membership to US instead of this lowlife?), so they can get more money from the various filehosters or filelockers. I won’t bore you with the detail, but right now I live in fear that my site is next, I have had a number of increased fraudulent/attempted sign ups recently… as have my fellow producers here in the UK. We are being targeted by someone/several people using stolen card details, they will get in eventually… they always bloody do! I’m not going to give away how I monitor what I look out for from potential thieves of our content but it does irreparable harm! I know one producer actually cried, I know how she felt as I had a “site rip” earlier this year – it is utterly soul destroying to see it happening in front of you, you feel helpless, exposed, violated… you really do! & the filehosting companies are complicit, they know this illegal activity (I will not argue, it is!) and hide behind a law that they eventually comply with but know that the links have been downloaded and then allow the illegal file sharer to re up them again almost immediately. Some companies are working on closing down the monetisation of filehosters… this is the new way that has seen 100’s of would be scammers and thieves of content worldwide stopped before their file hosting companies can really take off… We spend time removing these links, time we would much rather spend on producing more content for our own sites. It takes away the joy and creativity we all have and this is a very real threat to some of us smaller producers as more and more hard pressed people turn to free links.

If you are one of these, everytime you download a link, you are helping to fund many pirates at OUR expense. I have said it once, I’ll say it again, I don’t want to continue if this is the future  – I would rather try and sell up with what content I had spare and leave this hassle to others, as much as I hate to admit this and I know there are others who feel the same – is this what you want? Small producers forced out? – Leaving only big ones in their wake and the odd clips 4 sale snippets from any Tom Dick or Sally making a few Bucks here and there? I’d be interested to know if any of you have done this in the past, we try to keep our memberships competitive, I even have a great idea on rewarding loyalty which will be coming soon at my site… but I think I have said enough… please just remember the best way you can support any of us is to buy a membership of the site you like the look of, we appreciate your support, contrary to some ignorants out there, we do not make a vast fortune from this! I barely break even (of course I do but only just) but I still have a full time job elsewhere which often takes over my life and I spend so much time updating, helping to edit, promote and deal with customer queries (I had 2 this morning) and not including spending more time on my much neglected blogs – I am burning myself out! Seeing a site rip of my own site would just break my heart and make me question why i am doing any of this! Remember, i am not alone in that thought 🙁

OK, let’s try and cheer us all up and check out some great updates that I have missed this past week to bring to you!

The New Master – starring Pandora Blake & Tom Cameron at Redstripe Films

english-spankersnpp-830058 english-spankersnpp-830059

english-spankersnpp-830061 english-spankersnpp-830064

english-spankersnpp-830041 english-spankersnpp-830043

The Spanking Mansion can now feature the very first initiation of Pandora Blake into the world of domination and pain. Her new and her first master take her to a secret location in the heart of the countryside where her initiation will take place over a number of days. The lessons she will learn will be instilled upon her with a variety of punishments for transgressions, a detailed account is kept and the appropriate punishment administered with a harsh reality that will leave her bewildered. Why is she here, why does she submit and give her body freely, how much of the punishment can she take. You have to see this collection of films and watch the progression of this beautiful young lady – CLICK HERE to see a freeview clip of this classic film!


I will be flitting across The Atlantic (not literally, unfortunately!) between various spanking sites – as an example, here’s some of the latest films coming out from Michael Masterson’s websites, filmed in Colorado as a rule! the 1st features a recent collaboration with one of the nicest brats with a very spankable bottom that I have personally had the “pleasure” of thrashing…. Miss Alex Reynolds!

11867_006 11867_013

11867_025 11867_029

11869_0041 11869_0081

11869_0141 11869_0341

11869_0401 11867_0362

Alex is waiting nervously to be punished by Mr. M. He arrives and takes her OTK and spanks her hard with his hand on her bare bottom. She is then made to wait for him to return with an implement. He returns and spanks Alex with his belt on the bare bottom, bent over the bed. She is then left in her room with a VERY red, sore bottom! Check out this great film and many more like it only from RealSpankings.com


& over at the sister site RealSpankingsInstitute.com – a double punishment of Harlan and Abigail in the lunge position caught my eye! I love seeing this position used… it is embarrassing and painful for the spankee in a proper old fashioned discipline setting!

Below images are taken from the HD film “Room Inspection Fail”

11906_002 11906_014

11906_020 11906_024

11907_001 11907_003

11907_016 11907_025

After long hand-spankings, both girls are left in time out. The Dean returns with a leather tawse and straps Abigail in the lunge position. With her bottom still sore from her handspanking, the Dean then makes Miss Harlan assume the lunge position, while fully naked, and straps her long and hard with the tawse too!

& below, I couldn’t resist showing you some images from Kiki’s latest punishment at the institute!

Kiki scored unusually high on an exam she took. She is required to retake the test in the Dean’s presence and she misses 7 answers that she had previously answered correctly. She is required to take three strokes with the leather punishment strap for each missed answer. This punishment leads to tears and a sore bottom, followed by a very uncomfortable time out.

11912_007 11912_016

11912_023 11912_028

Kiki’s long hard strapping punishment on her pert cheeks can be viewed in full HERE


I love seeing grown women given a spanking, maybe because I always think they “should know better” but there is an element of embarrassment and shame that accompanies a grown up punishment spanking… along the lines of “I am too old to go over your knee or get the cane” etc… well, this isn’t the case for Sarah Bright & Katie Didit… and this is a wonderful, hard punishment film I know you will enjoy!

Taken from the ongoing “Dare You Dine with Me” series (I liked this one!!!)
Sarah & Katie get caned!

npp60001004 npp60001006

npp60001012 npp60001020

npp60001021 npp60001027

npp60001041 npp60001043

npp60001054 npp60001062

Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner.  (You can see a special gallery of that film HERE – remember?) The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behaviour decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked and then caned extremely hard on their sore bare bottoms!

Click HERE to view the special free caning preview


Sarah Gregory’s visit to Florida produced this stunning F/F spanking film during her “Blonde period” as she gets to grips (again) with stunning model Galas (having a change of hair colour too) the sexy curvacious brunette… (I can’t keep up with the hair changes, lol) – all I know is that this is female spanking erotica at its kinkiest, I love seeing girls spanked in the bathtub… seeing TWO is even better! Taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 004 007

008 009

011 015


004 006

012 016

Sarah and Galas are in the tub together comparing the spankings they got at school from their hot teacher. When Galas says she kinda has a crush on him, Sarah is not too happy. Sarah spanks her girlfriend on her wet bottom for crushing on someone else. Then Galas decides to spank Sarah for the hell of it, which turns them both on.

Full naughty film can be viewed at Sarah’s site HERE


& at her sister site MommaSpankings.com – a rather odd time for this film to come out as it is “Thanksgiving” themed… but nonetheless a welcome addition to the new site as it’s a great double punishment of bratty Sarah by mom & dad! Taken from the film “An Unhappy Spanksgiving”

014 016

008 016 (1)

005 016 (2)

003 010 011

008 (1)

009 015

Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE to view the new site MommaSpankings.com tour pages and see for yourself!

Or view BOTH sites as one at the banner link below
(giving you a very generous discount off the sites) & you can use the same codes!



Mike takes time off this week (just this week!) from spanking his naughty girls and here’s a chance to see 2 new models interact in the new uniform niche on the site – from the Sexy Maid Cleaning Company section… there’s MORE to come from this and members will see it all – welcome Adrienn and her hapless new maid, Timi.


ep3_6 ep3_8

ep3_9 ep3_12

ep3_14 ep3_15

ep3_16 ep3_18


A businesswoman, Adrienn, wanted a sexy maid to clean her house so she booked Timi for the day. She paid for her to clean only but when she saw young Timi bending over, showing off her delightfully spankable bottom, Adrienn couldn’t contain herself any longer and she ordered Timi over her knee and spanked her. Adrienn also took a leather paddle to her bottom and a riding crop. Timi obviously told her boss what happened and in part 2 we will see what happens to Adrienn! (hmmm, can you guess, I don’t think Mike will be far away, do you?)

Check out all the latest updates across the excellent and extensive tour pages HERE


I’m going to show these images, even if it may be an error on the part of the great folk at NorthernSpanking.com – mainly because the images I have here are so f*cking HOT! (I had to swear… sorry!) You’ll see why in a mo… however, this page was supposed to be for another update and I know that Zoe Montana was again over here in the UK… and I have most probably (once again) missed a chance to film with her but my filming schedules were all tied up and I had little leeway but seeing Molly Malone and Zoe together… well, take a look for yourselves at these teasing images and make your mind up – this looks awesome, does it not?


NSI107-MZ003 NSI107-MZ010 NSI107-MZ027

NSI107-MZ008 NSI107-MZ015

NSI107-MZ022 NSI107-MZ025

I encourage you to investigate MORE at NorthernSpanking.com


& finally today, from the world of Sorority girls getting the spankings, initiations and other various hazing and rituals dished out to new pledges located HERE… I (sadly) see one of the very last films that Kat St James will ever appear in (unless someone has a vast hidden archive of her stuff)… now this is what is said at the site and I am not sure whether that means she is retiring from good from the online scene… I presume she is, as I don’t wish to blow her cover, but she is older than she appears and has a kid (well… most of us do, I guess) so perhaps she wishes to retire gracefully before some unkind idiot like me blabs and says she is looking old (* she isn’t by the way, she looks HOT and I will miss her presence online greatly!) – Kat has played that innocent doe eyed girl to perfection for so long now, I guess the day would come when she said “no more”  – so it goes without saying that this is a cool finale in 2 parts on the road to Vegas of which Kat makes her farewell in style outside in the warm  sunshine!

002 003

004 005

010 013

015 016

In Kat St. James last ever spanking shoot, she and Veronica Ricci run away from school. Veronica tries to talk Kat out of it, she even agrees to take a spanking half way to Vegas if that will stop Kat. But it doesn’t. Veronica spanks Kat, but that doesn’t work either. Sister Mary Alex (played by Alex Reynolds) picks up Veronica in Vegas and of course, must spank Veronica for running away, even using a paddle (see the conclusion below):

005 (1) 007

008 009

012 014

015 (1) 016 (1)

See the whole series of excellent F/F spanking films that makes Spanking Sorority Girls addictive viewing!

This site is part of the Clare Fonda 5 Site Network – access the sites together for a fraction of the combined cost!


& in case you’re wondering what kinky spanking films I am coming out with soon… I promise you there are 2 amazing films showing the next couple of weeks you will NOT want to miss! I promise you they will be worth the entrance fee… and of course your memberships help keep us making more films!!! Thanks for reading and have a great start to the week! I hope this post makes up for some of what I have been trying to catch up on!




Also… see if YOU would like to get over Leandra’s knee at POV Spanking 🙂

The film is in HD-MP4 1280×720 playback.

Saturday Spanking Reviews


Greg from Bunbeatingfun.com contacted me about his forthcoming new release and was rather excited about a return to values of his tried and trusted un-PC methods of correction. I heartily approve… the location is the famed shabby motel room somewhere in the great state of New Jersey (before his move to Florida and more shabby motel rooms there which are no doubt being used for his filming purposes).

nancy-v-model-6 nancy-v-model-1

nancy-v-model-2 nancy-v-model-3

The latest haughty model to cross his path in this release is a trailer park girl called Nancy Vee who answers his call for a film shoot to show off some lingerie which of course goes horribly wrong for this madam … from the moment she arrives at the location and demands he pick up her bags from her car, you can feel the tension rise and the angst of our Mystery Man reach boiling point as this floozy rubbishes the set, the location and of course is highly disinterested in her work making a poor effort with her clothing descriptions. The camera pans occasionally to his twitching hands, clasping and unclasping… he’s had enough and you almost will the girl to shut the hell up as it’s obvious to anyone but her she’s gonna get it if she doesn’t behave.


Too late, just as you were thinking this, the trademark ear pull signals he’s had enough and she is dragged over his lap as she protests… we are only into the film 4 minutes or so and this is a long 25 minute spanking film so you just know this poor gal is gonna get it good! & boy, does she get a good hard OTK spanking! This is what this site is famed for! Hard no nonsense spanking of stroppy madams who should have “got what they deserved a long long time ago!” I’m not sure if the motel rooms either side are occupied, but Nancy really does yell out in pain a lot, god knows what anyone outside or next door would think… oh my!

nancy-v-action-03 nancy-v-action-07

nancy-v-action-08 nancy-v-action-09

nancy-v-action-17 nancy-v-action-12

nancy-v-action-18 nancy-v-action-20

Nancy’s panties offer no protection and are removed along with any remaining dignity, she is belittled for mocking his film set and given harder and harder smacks until we see a sort of compromise, a sexual favour if you will. This was performed on a few occasions previously by other girls trying to wriggle out of harder spankings (I remember one by the late great Hollie Stevens, for example) – so our man accepts the gracious invitation to get some light “relief” courtesy of a a naughty lap dance and a sloppy blowjob… Nancy is grateful too that her ass isn’t getting whacked. But of course this is far from the end of her punishment. She is spanked again for being such a naughty slut and the spanks this time are harder, more deliberate, the ass groping, rubbing and mauling offer some relief for Nancy but this is only to prolong the punishment as any of us know… rub the girl’s bottom, offer soothing words of encouragement and continue…

nancy-v-action-21 nancy-v-action-22

nancy-v-action-23 nancy-v-action-26

…and continue he does, with a wooden paddle finale, still over his lap as the film builds up to the classic sobbing mess we know the girls end up on the grubby carpeted floor… it’s a powerful film, not to everyone’s tastes, of course, but I still love this format and I know many others do too! Watch out for this latest release coming very soon at Bunbeatingfun.com


Sarah Bright continues her spanking initiation of the gorgeous new girl, Lola Marie this week with just about every implement she could lay her hands on… if Lola marie could get through this “interview” then she could get through a whole day’s spanking no problem! See the images below:


This is what Sarah had to say about the latest punishment series: This is the second part of my interview with brand spanking new black model Lola Marie. In this part she gets to feel the real pain I can inflict with a variety of my special toys. I have a very heavy and thick wooden paddle which I love to swing at her beautiful bottom and also a nasty loopy whip I use when I have her in the diaper position, still to come is the leather paddle, this is a special one made for me and is extra heavy. Would she be able to take my full force swings and smacks, you’ll have to find out!

npp6015009 npp6015012

npp6015016 npp6015018

npp6015021 npp6015024

npp6015035 npp6015040

Do check out the great free HD preview available HERE



Another girl who is sorry is the beautiful Scarlot (you know how I adore redheads!!!) – this is a classy domestic discipline film between a husband and wife – she knows her place and, as the title of the film suggests… she is “Awfully Sorry!”


Scarlot has made a show of herself at the golf club dinner dance following one too many Spritzers, bringing shame upon herself and her husband and their standing in the local community.

NSI110-SP017 NSI110-SP019

NSI110-SP021 NSI110-SP029


NSI110-SP043 NSI110-SP048

NSI110-SP052 NSI110-SP054


See this beautiful kiss and make up HD domestic punishment film at Northern Spanking


Roxie is one of my favourite Real Spankings models – she has that very naughty girl next door look about her… you know the type, she’ll have a tattoo because daddy told her NOT to… she’ll go out drinking with her friends when she should be studying… I love seeing her getting punished, she looks so coy, but in reality, she is anything but and deserves all the many spankings Michael can give her!!!


Handing Michael the wooden paddle is part of her punishment, it’s humiliating and then she is told to remove her jeans, pull down her pants and bend over the sofa!

roxie002 roxie003

roxie004 roxie005

roxie006 roxie007

roxie008 roxie009

She is then sent to her room early where she has time to reflect on just what happened….
ensuring it’ll be a long tearful night in her room – all alone!


See this and the vast array of many domestic discipline punishments from RealSpankings.com


Oh, before I go, I do have one more update to show you… it’s a bonus at my own site showcasing a POV film… it’s free for AAA Spanking members, but this can be purchased as a one off download at POVspanking.com if you so wish – this is a Spanker’s POV – this site will be covering many various aspect of POV and this includes the “peeping Tom POV” as well as making YOU the victim of a spanking and many other similar aspects, we also have close up spankings and the famed wheelbarrow films as one off downloads… yes I klnow these aren’t strictly POV… but they are good fun and are closley associated with the genre. Image below are from the latest film starring Alex Reynolds getting a whacking over a trestle as she takes a strapping and almighty slippering from YOU! Enjoy!


alexPOV04 alexPOV06

alexPOV08 alexPOV10

alexPOV11 alexPOV12

alexPOV14 alexPOV15

alexPOV16 alexPOV17

This clip explores the view of the spanker, it’s the spanker’s POV. YOU are in control… Alex talks to YOU and the camera is your eyes, you can really imagine that you are spanking Alex as she lies over the punishment trestle… it’s too late for her to find excuses now… she gives you the 1st implement, a leather strap, YOU know what to do with it, don’t you? You’re not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson, so you give her bottom a good slippering too, and YOU watch what you are doing, seeing her bottom mark up an angry red as you slipper the hell out of her rear! This film is classed as spanker’s POV in our ongoing project: We hope you enjoy this special preview of what we are trying to do. Feedback is most welcome…



Have a great weekend y’all!
I dare you to try and resist spanking something like this below, lol!


Pyjama Friday & other Spankings!

Now, many of you will know that I love seeing girls punished in their pyjamas (or pajamas as you good folk from America spell it) and also the punishment rituals associated with bedtime punishments and spankings… that feeling of dread for a young madam who knows before she gets a good night’s sleep, her ass will burn, she’ll endure a humiliating and embarrassing discipline session… and lying in bed, gently sobbing as the lights go out… she’ll have plenty of time to reflect on this. I also favour those early morning discipline scenarios, where the girl has just woken up, if she got any sleep at all… as she would have been told she would be getting punished in the morning… nothing like a little mental anguish to go with the physical side of the discipline. Imagine her awake at night wondering what the next day would bring… oh,” if only she had been better behaved and hadn’t got caught…” and so on! I like to think that at my own site, our mind games we sometimes play with the poor girls comes across clearly… I shall no doubt be exploring many more of these themes… under the guise of spanking girls in their pyjamas and underwear *ahem*

Anyway… you’ve probably had enough of me banging on about my site (although there is a new POV movie uploaded) but I shall let you know about at the end of this post… though it’s not strictly POV, since is is a “wheelbarrow film”… and possibly one of the BEST I have ever made! … so don’t miss that!!!


Dropseat Spankings are always one of my favourites… Michael Masterson is also a big fan of them over the years as Roxy & Abigail will vouch for when this very recent update of their double dropseat paddling punishment was filmed at RealSpankings.com







See what happens to both girls when they annoy Michael with the continual mess in their room with games console discs and general untidiness bringing out the paddle to re-enforce some strict house rules that they have both foolishly ignored! See the full film and some great paddling scenes of 2 very cute girls only at RealSpankings.com



Anyone for tennis? Have you been watching the Roland Garros French Open? Clay courts are so much different from playing on grass and seeing this Grand Slam event on TV… it always signals the start of summer for me – even though in Britain we have endured our coldest Spring virtually since records began (global warming? ha!) The French tournament is a fantastic prelude to the next 2 on grass… the warm up at Queens followed by the one and only Wimbledon. So it is fitting that Masie Dee should annoy Paul Kennedy with her and the other girls constantly retrieving their balls from his lawn until one day he snaps and teaches young Masie a lesson about ball control! Images below are courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com

NSI110-PM013 NSI110-PM028

NSI110-PM040 NSI110-PM052 NSI110-PM066

NSI110-PM050 NSI110-PM087

NSI110-PM072 NSI110-PM090 NSI110-PM093

NSI110-PM095 NSI110-PM100

Check out all the very latest spanking entertainment from Northern Spanking HERE


Valerie Bryant from Firm Hand Spanking always does it for me… I love her facial reactions and she has one of the most spankable bottoms on the planet that I love seeing reddened and sore after her punishment! So the latest in the “Learning Curve” series is now out in full… and even though these images are fantastic… for once the movie of Valerie’s punishment was way way better than these (I think it had something to do with the fact the natural light was so much better!) take note FHS peeps…do this AND with your kick ass photos – you really do have an unstoppable site on your hands! Anyway, check out the stills below – these set off my “Trouser Arousal” (TM Chief) alarms, so please be careful when viewing any of the erotic spanking pictures and clips that I provide, I can not be held responsible for any such mishaps! Likewise for you ladies, if your gusset overfloweth with joy gazing at such wonderment of erotica… please do not send me the dry cleaning bill. Thank you.

Valerie Bryant’s buttock-burning 52 with a leather strap tests her resilience!

tlc_bf002 tlc_bf004

tlc_bf005 tlc_bf006 tlc_bf010

tlc_bf011 tlc_bf017

tlc_bf016 tlc_bf018 tlc_bf021

tlc_bf019 tlc_bf023

Trainee teacher Valerie Bryant has a ripe peach of a bottom! Mr Anderson has her lie over the back of a sofa for 52 strokes with a school strap on her bare skin in Learning Curve. Her teeth-gritting reactions are so powerful, you will see this in the movie too! CLICK HERE for the free preview


The 2 most recent films added to Punishedbrats.com are carried out by trusted stern disciplinarian, Veronica Bound… she sure has the scolding techniques and firm no nonsense attitude to discipline I most admire in a strong mature woman that knows what she wants… and you’ll see that both Pandora Blake and Charlie Skye dealt with in a swift painful resolution to the reason they got punished in the first place!


Pandora Blake stars in “Grievances” – the 1st scenes of Arbitration

grievance1-2 grievance1-3

grievance1-4 grievance1-5

grievance1-6 grievance1-7

Veronica and Pandora are having a disagreement over everything from reasonable expectations to the dowdy maid’s uniform. Finally Veronica has had enough and declares Pandora may remove the offensive uniform as she’ll have little need for it for a while as her bare bottom is paddled! This film was filmed in David’s office and you can see a FREE Preview of this latest film HERE


Rules Change – with Charlie Skye (spanked by Veronica)

rules2-1 rules2-2

rules2-3 rules2-4

rules2-5 rules2-6

Nearing the end of the Life Swap experience, Charlie informs Veronica how much her rules suck and that things will be a lot different from now on. But Charlie’s demands fall on deaf ears as Veronica spanks her for this rude outburst. Charlie is relieved to think that her Life Swap experience is nearing an end and her bottom can have a rest but Veronica’s got something else in mind!

See all the latest HD films HERE for a membership starting from just $17 a month (still at 2006 prices!)


I’ve not shown much from Spanked-in-Uniform.com recently… which is a pity as there are updates and new films a plenty… as well as 2 new uniform niches introduced (I’ll start with these) and then show another recent fave of mine, so that kind of brings me up to date with Mike’s great site. All images below are taken from screen grabs of the films themselves, all filmed in usual HD quality playback.

Below is the latest new uniform niche – The Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency


This is the first of 2 films introducing new maids Julie and Scarlett to the company: “The Complaint” – Sexy maids Julie and Scarlett were sent to a customer John to clean his house. He was not satisfied and sent a letter to the Agency complaining about Julie’s shoes and that the girls didn’t clean properly and were caught watching soaps on TV. Mr. Johnson decided that both maids needed a good spanking. In part one Julie goes across his knee and gets soundly spanked.


ep1_3 ep1_6

ep1_7 ep1_8

ep1_10 ep1_12

Click here for the 1st film from the Sexy Cleaning  Maids series


This is the very 1st movie from this series and it is in 2 full parts… this is part 1: Julie and Scarlett were late for practice with the result that all the courts were occupied so they trained inside. Coach Mike saw them and scolded them because they had an important match that Saturday and every practice is important. He grabbed a chair and flung them both across his knee for a sound spanking. They were then sent to his office where their bare bottoms will be soundly dealt with in part two.


ep1_7 ep1_8

ep1_10 ep1_11

ep1_14 ep1_15

You wouldn’t want to misbehave in this badminton Club… would you? 🙂

I haven’t featured this niche for ages, so enjoy the uniforms and seeing Mike look very smart in his pristine whites. It can only be the Southport Naval Academy!


The Competition: It was time to promote one of the cadets to corporal but their commanding officer had a problem. Both Fae and Tiina had excellent records so he decided, in true naval style, to have a birching and caning competition between the two cadets. He thrashed their bare bottoms with 2 different birches and two different canes, six strokes each, until one of them gave up. The winner was promoted to corporal. You can find out who in the full film HERE


ep10_2 ep10_5

ep10_6 ep10_10

ep10_15 ep10_17

To see all the uniform niches currently showing from this vast archive of sch-paaankings – CLICK HERE



Finally from POVspanking.com – a wheelbarrow position clip “extraordinaire” – this was one WB film I felt I got completely right, we had additional lighting and reduced glare and shadowing… it, like the actual POV scenes are an ongoing project and a learning curve every time we make one of these films as they are a lot harder to do than you may think… but Sophie’s… at the hands of Zoe, was an awesome effort and it is showing for the 1st time (and only place on the clips4sale network) at POVspanking.com Check out some images from the film below… this was a 2 part movie… Sophie had already been spanked OTK of Zoe Page and then she had to endure this… the OTK part is now uploading at my other clip store HERE and should be available within an hour or 2 of me posting this 🙂

The full film (both parts) will become available to members of the main site early July (if memory serves me right on the schedule list…) yes, I actually have a list of films to upload about 2 months in advance with any slots free when I know I will be doing a film shoot to get those out too… so if you can’t wait until then, these 2 clips are there for you… or if you just want to download the odd movie. then “boy” you’re in luck, aren’t you? You will get to see this waaaaaaaay before anyone else and it’s a good reason for having the Clips Stores to highlight and preview films far in advance 🙂


This was Sophie’s only wheelbarrow spanking, and she took this reluctantly after a tearful OTK spanking at the hands of hot bully, Zoe Page which you can see at our other clips store  HERE  – you will get to see in very clear and intimate detail Sophie’s embarrassing finale to her cheerleader punishment by coach Page… this film clip makes you feel a part of being there as some of the scenes are so close and naughty with nothing to hide! as you’ll see below from the actual screen shots… #HAWT!

sophiewb001 sophiewb002

sophiewb003 sophiewb004

sophiewb005 sophiewb006

sophiewb007 sophiewb008

Check out the wheelbarrow spanking clip HERE



Have a good weekend everyone! Chief. xx

Something Old & Something Unseen!

I sometimes re read my old posts on any of my blogs… looking for inspiration or something to base an update on… I had forgotten just how damn fine Raquel dressed in a cheer girl costume was who mainly starred at the following site below, I had to copy that post from ne of my other blogs and show you guys first before continuing with my updates. Oh my… what a lovely blast from the past, I do hope you enjoy the sight of her getting spanked by the equally lovely Mrs Burns!


Ok, and onto the cheer girl spankings as promised! This is an awesome classic I just wanted to let you all be aware of and it’s exclusive to REALSPANKINGS.com

Wow! this is just a taster, as you get to see another angle of this paddle punishment as well as much harder and longer spankings across her bared bottom and you will catch some beautiful expressions from a girl I hadn’t really noticed until I started scrolling through the cheergirl spankings and she just popped out! Literally, with her perky tits and cute butt and that naughty expression on her face, she’s the whole teen minx deal! So, I have downloaded a shed load of Raquel’s spankings and am… ahem… perusing her excellent stuff without the hinderance of any trousered clothing below… LOL! (Ha! take that, Trouser Arousal Alerts – ™ Chief)

Fortunately there is some excellent image stills that always accompanies the movies and this captures Raquel and Mrs Burns (who I still have a massive crush on ever since I saw her getting spanked and fucked hard on many an occasion… but that is another story). Please do enjoy… I know I certainly am!






See more cheergirls and all of Raquel’s movies at Realspankings.com


Cheerleader Bailey Sullivan is paddled by Miss Baker…


While I’m with the same group of sites, one girl is VASTLY under rated and there’s a whole mini subsection, where if you join her site  (in this case) SpankingBailey.com – you also get access to Teen Brandi and the Teen Jessica franchises too! You can’t go wrong with this option, and as I give you something special a schoolgirl struggle between Bailey and Mr Daniels… this is only part of the possibilities of becoming a member of these sites gives you!

3416_017 3416_020 3416_027

3416_040 3416_044

3416_056 3416_058

3416_065 3416_070

3416_051 3416_092


This may have been from a few years back but go see for yourself, check out the latest images and movies that are advertised, remember what you saw here and imagine what you’ll be getting now! & if you have the time and inclination to view a whole network run by Mr M (and it’s bloody good!) then the vast Real Spankings Pass is the one to get and will save you a fortune if you want to download 100’s of Gigs of data to your shiny new external spanking library hard drives that Santa may have brought recently down your chimneys!

RealSpankings and Spanking Bailey are part of this network featured below:


OK, later on at my site this week comes a new film from beautiful and cruel Zoe Page as a lecherous girl guide who picks on her fellow guider, who I have just discovered from Sarah’s fine news blog HERE is the best new UK spankee winner, Jessica Jensen. (My blog and website also got a few notable mentions so that made me happy). Anyway, I am fortunate to have filmed so many movies with this lovely girl and this latest one is quirky and rather naughty as you’ll discover as I give you the inside gossip on this movie before it goes live this Wednesday at AAA Spanking

God knows if this ever happened in real life and I came across a pair of girls dressed and acting like this!
This is why I love making such fantasy films, I hope you enjoy this one too!


The movie will come with 200 (yup, 200 video images) as well as an impressive  high resolution stills set and it is approx 20 minutes long (from memory). Some sample images from both in full size are available (above) and below before anyone else! I will also make this film available at some point for those that only want to download the odd movie at my Clips Store, and for those that wanted to know, the Kami PJ film is up in full and in parts for your convenience and choice and I’ll advise you all when the Jessica Jensen movie is up there here on this blog.

spankersguide015 spankersguide043

spankersguide062 spankersguide074

spankersguide101 spankersguide107

spankersguide133 spankersguide192

Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, gorgeous Jessica Jensen (voted best new UK spankee), who she knew had a “thing” for her, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe’s attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page appeared as she turned on a smirking Jessica & started to spank the bewildered girl. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie which turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!


There will be a link to a free pussy spanking clip on Wednesday! Zoe at her pervy best, believe you me!

I have to admit, Jessica was a little un nerved at times by Zoe… which was something Zoe sensed and took advantage of but that was only to explore Jessica’s limits as these set of films that so many of you have seen between the girls and myself were filmed before Jess had really done any proper spanking films which she admitted was helluva  different but worthwhile compared to her usual porn films she was used to making. However, she did really well and I’m sure we will get her back at some point this year as there are more films we’ve made yet to come and of course she is starting to appear at other spanking sites like Spanking Sarah and English-Spankers – and well done to Jessica for winning the best new spankee of the year award! I actually watched some of the movies we made together again and have to admit she looked pretty damned good on them at AAA Spanking so actually I am not surprised – and I actually feel rather pleased with myself (for once) for finding such a gorgeous spankee first (I’m not sure she will thank me, though… lol!)


See why for yourself here!


OK, that’s it from me tonight… I shall be back very soon and with more news from other sites and some personal news about what I will be up to later this month! Have fun. Chief

Monday Night Spankings

I’m gonna be brief today (hooray, I hear you all cry out in relief)… It’ll  hopefully be a little different from the usual spankings you’ll see, it’s late here, “Er Indoors” is sleeping but will wake up pissed at me for being here bringing you some updates and stuff I have been watching this past few days without her knowledge… so let’s get on with the naughtiness before i’m rumbled, eh?

Below is Allison – a girl next door type I found very exciting to watch in one of the best OTK spanking films I’ve seen in a long long time! It is taken from RealSpankings.com and Allison goes over the knee of Danny in a no nonsense spanking punishment you’d expect at this network!

Seriously take a look at some images which compliments this movie, this girl definitely “has something” about her and there’s MORE films of her at this site too!



Actually there was a rather good strapping of Allison too as you’ll see at the hands of Danny Crighton (below)



See MORE of this real girl next door’s many punishments HERE



OK, I have a real thing for Carina Thompson… she and her sister owe $1000’s on their daddy’s credit cards and their slow painful payback continues at the hands of Patrick Bateman, the Financial coach brought in to curb these spendthrifts… you can see why Carina here earns a slice off the credit card debt right here with a fantastic nude paddling film following on from sister Beth’s equally stunning first nude spanking film!

More images which compliment this latest movie are below:




Check out a fantastic free preview clip of carina’s paddling punishment HERE


whoops this update didn’t last long, I’ve been busted, it is 12.45am, she’s got out of bed to chastise me… so I better get to bed (whoops!) More updates and news tomorrow (it’s a promise) as I have FAR MORE TIME on my hands… so stay tuned!

Regards, Chief.



6 of the Best

It’s anothing depressing day here in the UK, weatherwise, I mean… another torrential downpour has meant I can not go into our garden and mow the overgrown lawn once more unless I want to play with mud and the anthills (ants love this mild soggy weather!). I have been inside watching our Olympics team , on the whole, do us proud. Our little island nation sitting 3rd, currently in the medal rankings, which is pretty much unprecedented, it won’t last, but who knows? 6 Golds yesterday, and one in an event that I thouyght we’d never win… the 10,000m Mo Farrah… your last lap was AWESOME!) & of course all round Hepathlete and pin up babe, Jess Ennis, got her Gold medal this time after being unable to compete in Beijing 4 years ago! So to celebrate the 6 Golds we got yesterday to add to our tally, here is a 6 of the best feature, where you will get to see 6 Hi Res images from each of the sites I have visited and I will let you bask in their glory!

A rather fit looking Tara is first up in the 6 of the best feature today!

The Dare – Starring new girl Tara From Punishedbrats.com




Tara ran through the boy’s locker room on a dare and came face to face with the head coach. Her little stunt doesn’t seem quite so funny when she is over Mr. Pierson’s knee getting her bare bottom spanked. Tara is left bare bottomed to kneel in corner time and consider her actions.

See some free preview clips of this stunning girl’s punishment HERE


 Roxy is made to watch tearful Allison’s strapping… from RealSpankings.com




A very tearful Allison takes the strap in front of a shocked Roxie
The full image set and movie can be viewed HERE


Ivy is bent over and given a severe caning by the Dean at Real Spankings Institute




See all the latest spanking punishments from the infamous Real Spankings Institute


Beautiful Brandi in an awesome form from a great film of her “Spread Eagle” hairbrush punishment!




Brandi has her own site (awesome to the extreme) which you can see HERE

The good news is if you purchase site access to Brandi’s site you also get acces to Jessica’s site (below) and this might help persuade you to think twice about the very reasonable entrance fee since thses 2 sites (and 2 more) have archives stretching back over 10 years!!!

Jessica gets a tearful punishment after school!




Check out more of the beautiful jessica and her severe punishments HERE

The above 2 sites can be purchased seperately and you get to see both as part of a 4 site package

You can also see all the Real Spanking Network sites at one place with a special pass
See the banner below for more deatils on the money saving deals available


I had to go to work in between writing this and watching theawesome 100m race tonight – Usain Bolt, you legend! 🙂

Back with more spanking updates very soon! Chief

Weekend Spanking Updates

I won’t waffle on today about politics, or the crap weather, or even “Trouser Arousals” and such… “nope” – I shall just delve straight into some great spanking entertainment that is about this week that you may or may not have already seen and I hope you like this fine selection. (I’m waffling, aren’t I?)


Pandora’s been a bad little girl, and she knows it. Thomas finds her at bedtime, dressed for bed in her teddybear nightie, and takes her over his knee for a sound spanking. Then he tells her to take down her knickers and bend over the arm of the sofa for some stinging strokes of the implement she fears most – the dreaded switch.



See all of Pandora’s latest updates including some fantastic free movie reviews HERE


From the excellent Real-Life-Spankings.com (or Real Life Schpaaankings as I like to call it) comes a double girl movie update with Amy and Monique getting (as Mike ably descibes it) a “Sound schpaaanking! You’ll enjoy seeing these 2 Dutch girls and their wibbly wobbly bottoms getting a good hard hand spanking and much more (below)





You can check out more of these 2 very naughty young ladies getting what they deserve – HERE


Another “madam” that I know has been VERY busy and getting her just desserts is Dani Hunt. This most spankable bratty babe has once again incurred the wrath of Mike on her “Diva Returns” movie to Spanked-in-Uniform.com and her huge buns are given a proper wolloping as you’ll see below!



The world famous singer and popstar Danielle is on a world tour again and during a break she came back to the Rockford School Of Dance to be put back in shape for the rest of the tour. Coach Johnson clearly remembers her Diva attitude and behaviour so when the little madam put her feet on his desk, he wasted no time in spanking her over it. Danielle wanted a private class so Coach, with his heavy strap in hand, gave her painful private lesson. When he caught her using her mobile phone instead of stretching, he dragged her to his office for another long, hard over the knee spanking! 


If you like uniform spankings then you might just also want to check out Cory & Loni in the recently added “Mike’s 50s Diner” series… I have to admit that Cory is a favourite of mine and she looks amazing in these outfits, don’t you think? *sigh*



MORE of Cori and the naughty girls in their uniforms can be seen on the extensive tour pages


Since there is no summer at all here in the UK to speak of (the worst for decades!) how nice to see the girls like Roxie and friends relaxing by Michael Masterson’s pool, only to get a thrashing by him and Betty for lazing about between shoots, smoking and being idle…. oh, and is that what sunshine is ???




I love seeing outdoor punishments… check Realspankings.com for a whole load more!

& in the same network, there is a fantastic outdoor paddling scene of one of the most popular models, Monica, who can really take just about anything Michael can throw at her… this paddling scene you are about to see shows the ferocity of her wooden paddling… ouch!

Taken from the excellent RealSpankingsInstitute.com



Do not miss any of the other free previews located HERE


Both the above sites are part of the 8 site Real Spankings Network (see below how & what you get ffrom one of the longest established spanking networks around!)


OK, some of you might be interested to know what Clare Fonda’s real passions are recently, and she “LOVES” adult baby and diapering fetishes, with some spankings and the inevitable verbal chastisement thrown in as only “Momma Clare” can maintain… so when I recently signed up to her Naughty Diaper Girls site again, imagine my surprise to see possibly one girl I’d willingly fly over from the US to the UK for a filmshoot (note to self, do not make promises your finances can not compete with!) one Miss Dani Jensen. She’s a cracking porn and fetish superstar with the cutest body and cutesy accent, a very filthy mind and one girl who is definitely NOT shy! Oh, and I know this is my vanilla side crawling out here, but she has trimmed her pubic hair EXACTLY the way I like to see it… forgive me for rambling on, it is my blog, after all, heh heh). So check the image shots taken from this film

No spankings in it… but as I said there are spankings at this site, but the whole diapering aspect and the vulnerability that Dani expressed in this film hit every button for me! I was so turned on!!! Hope you were all too seeing these images!





Dani is a college girl needing a place to stay. She can get free housing if she measures up to Clare’s standards whch include keeping her little pussy very clean. Clare thinks that if girls give off a scent they will atract her husband so she wants to wipe down and diaper each one. Dani assures her she does not want Clare’s husband, or want her little pussy wiped or to have to wear a diaper but she does need free rent. Clare has her strip and spread her legs and then diapers the reluctant Dani Jensen.

See MORE of gorgeous Dani doing crib and diapering times HERE


As I am on the subject of Clare Fonda… the sites in her name go on from strength to strength with a great find for “The Big C” as Alexis Grace gets to spank a new stunning girl at one of the flagship Clare Fonda branded sites – GirlSpanksGirl.com co starring new girl, Layden Sinn.





Alexis Grace stars as the Naughty Tutor who spanks girls hard and then teaching them her own twisted version of sex education. The series starts out with Alexis spanking Layden Sinn, who is one of the most stunning models to ever be used in a spanking scene… view this amazing film HERE


& as I promised (when it came out) the 2nd scene of Kay Richards getting her revenge on the ass-fabulous big booty behind of Kelli Staxxx – seriously, just look at that utterly wobblesome treat to spank – I am soooo jealous! This film comes courtesy of Spankedcallgirls.com





Here’s the reminder of this film: Kay Richards visits a client and is surprised to discover that it is a lady (Kelli Staxxx). Kay begins making out with Kelli, but keeps checking her phone and texting and even takes a call. Kelli has had enough and spanks Kay hard for this. But then Kay finds out that Kelli was hired by Snow to spy on Kay. And Kay is going to tell Snow that Kelli marker her bottom – unless Kelli lets Kay spank her big, bouncy bottom.

Check out the very latest punishments of some of the naughtiest girls around HERE

Don’t forget these 2 sites in this network are part of a Top fivesome with vastly reduced monthly and quarterly rates making it one of the best value multi site deals out there, I am of course referring to the Clare Fonda Pass


& finally today in this catch up spanking spectacular, I bring you the beautiful Belinda Lawson spanked in the bathroom with a dreaded bathbrush, in the finale of the “End of Term” series… over the knee of Amelia Jane Rutherford! (oh my… this really does look as good as it is!) Just check out some choice images from the film and decide for yourselves!

Images courtesy of FirmHandspanking.com




With this being one of the very latest new films, I thought I’d just remind you of a great bathbrush spanking from a few years back before I go – and it’s an excuse to show Michaela McGowen getting spanked over the knee of Lizzy Madison… this is such a hot set (and film) – Enjoy!



The hairbrush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” confesses gorgeous Michaela McGowen after a spanking in Nanny Diaries. In Lizzy Madison’s last video for Firm Hand, it’s a battle of wills after she finds out that top nanny Michaela has “borrowed” $200 from petty cash. Spanked over the knee on tight jeans, then bare, Michaela’s punishment is an intense finale!

Check out the free movie previews HERE for yourself – have a great remaining weekend!


Oh… and a little plug to my Clips Store – since it appears many of you prefer to download the odd films every now and then… here’s a great incentive to check through the store as there are a bunch of totally exclusive films still showing there, this small selection below are all only found at the clips store (there are more there too!) So, for example, these are 3 films you will not have seen anywhere else… Click on the image and it links directly to the exact position on the clip store where they are found! & of course there are shortened clips from under $5 for those that just want the spanking scenes as well as the full length movies… I will be updating more of the very latest Mishka movie there later today too! 🙂

Saturday/Sunday Spankings pt2

Oops! I had tried to get in a 2nd post yesterday so have had to catch up today… the reason I was delayed is because of my fuckwit neighbour , who  it would appear has had his tag taken off if his present behaviour is anything to go by). he was put away after the vicious assault he carried out on someone who owed him money and of course our pathetic judicial system let him out on release 7 months into a 20 month term… and he had a further 10 months drink driving and other anti social prison terms to run concurrent (meaning no extra time added!) WTF? No wonder crime in this country is on the rise when the consequences are pitifully weak…

Tough luck, kid… something completely inane and random uploaded here for you!

 Anyway, rather than start off on a diatribe about this piece of scum that lives next to us (he has started bullying my partner and our other friendly neighbours) so we have already involved the police who were quick to act this time, I want the wanker put back in jail, we shall see if he continues to misbehave… but I never hold out much hope! Seriously though, what is wrong with some people?

& in other news, goat and sheep herders of Italy unite in their support against England in a crucial one off game to see who plays Germany in the semi finals… COME ON ENGLAND… we can beat these tax dodging sheep herding lotharios!

heh heh! & so on with the spanking updates I had promised you all!


Apparently Danielle is back in England, I’m not sure how many companies she managed to star with but I know that she is filming with someone I know over here for the 1st time so that will be interesting to see his results when they come out (I’m such a tease)… but if, like me, you wanna see MORE of Danielle, then please do check out this great film now showing between the wonderful Betty Blaze and our Dani as she is given a rude reminder of what happens to girls who keep Mistress Betty late!





Check out the early part of this film which shows you just what members have been viewing…

See the full film only from RealSpankings.com


The next couple of sites I’m showing are from some great films I watched again and I thought they really deserved a mention as they showcase the next 2 sites in question… so first up, from the aptly named Spanking Sarah – a really cool film with Sarah given a good hard thrashing with the leather paddle of a furious Mr Stern… now THIS is why I love this site so much… seeing Sarah told off and put in her place (which is rather difficult if you ever meet her, as she is about 6 feet tall!!!) I understand why she can scare half the girls she punishes just by towering over them!




You can ALL of Sarah’s severe & naughty punishments – as well as see her expertly dishing it out Right HERE


OK, here is one of my fave spanking stars from over the years, and what I think was her first ever time on film when she was just 18… Irelynn Logeen featured as a resident at Girls Boarding School getting some traditional spankings across the knee of Headmaster Tom in what were a really good set of films… so much so that I watched a few again and this one stood out and I’m sure I haven’t shown you any images from it until now but you’ll get the idea when you see how good this looks (it is, btw!)





Click HERE to see more of Irelynn and check out the very latest film previews


OK, that’s it for now, I have to ensure all my beers are chilled for the big game tonight!


Spanking Overload!

If, like me, you enjoy seeing a beautiful girl given a good hard spanking, preferably over the knee of her “non specific authoritarian figure” (I love using that phrase, heh heh!) then you are in for a treat today… I also think that today in the northern hemisphere, at least, is the longest daylight period as the summer equinox is here… it’s all downhill after this as we speed towards darker gloomier days, but wait! As I take a peek outdoors, where I am in Britain, it is unseasonally cold, grey, overcast and has just started raining – ah, the great British summer, it never lets us down, does it? And I promise not to let you down with today’s fantastic updates starting with AAA Spanking and the latest OTK spanking film with the ever reliably cute Kami Robertson arriving home drunk and her “non specific authority figure” (let’s just call him Uncle Harry) in no mood to let her get away with behaving like that in his house!

Kami had already been warned about her attitude and the way she treated Uncle Harry’s place like some cheap hotel when she stayed at his so when she returned home drunk and had lied to him about not staying out late, Harry took the drunken brat across his knee for a lesson she might just well remember until the next morning! Why? Because he sent her to bed with a very sore, burning bottom after giving her a short sharp shocking OTK spanking reminder of what would happen when she broke his strict House Rules! Kami’s bottom was just made for spanking and you will not be disappointed one little bit to see her struggle, squirm and complain as that beautiful butt wiggled and turned a shameful bright red over his lap!

Check out some choice images from the movie (below)






I rather like these short sharp shock type movies, it’s a pretty standard excuse to get Kami over his knee, she plays the stroppy young madam a little too well at times and invites trouble. This is one of a few films Harry and Kami did together, and I think you’ll be liking what you see over the next few months as there is a heavy birching film (very atmospheric and one you do NOT want to miss!) and a great solo maid film which kind of was the precursor to the birching movie… we had a great set in front of an Edwardian fireplace and Kami had the perfect costume… this will be on top of what is already a great homage to Kami’s filmwork with Triple A! I have loved working with her and will no doubt do so again soon. Just writing about it makes me smile *mental note – MUST ask Kami back yet again!!! 🙂

For more info and how to see this FULL movie – CLICK HERE

Those who just want to see the odd movie will be pleased that this film has also been uploaded to the Clips Store and I see that there has been a few downloads already so I know there are those that do like this alternative method too!



Another girl who has featured a lot at our site (and actually worked alongside Kami) is Danielle Hunt – she is currently working out in America so you are going to see her at a lot of American websites soon and I see that some intro films have already arrived at RealSpankings.com

I don’t have a lot of her stuff just yet as I need to renew my membership at RealSpankings.com – but if you don’t want to wait, I know damned well her films are going to be HOT! CLICK HERE to see more of Danielle at thsi site!


Danielle has worked all over so you won’t have to go far in her bid to globally show off her most spankable ass… closer to home a brand new film from the Hidden camera series at Red Stripe Films has a rather lush Dani given a severe leather hand and bottom strapping by Sarah Bright (see the images and the full storyline below – I’ll provide a link where you can view a great HD preview clip of this too!





Danielle Hunt has to return to the court appointed therapist for the second part of her ‘therapy’, little does she know what awaits her. She has first to hold out her hand for a good hard leather paddling, this stings! Next, bent over the punishment stool she gets the paddle on her bare bottom. Just when she thinks it’s all over she feels the first stroke of the cane, it is laid onto her bare bottom stroke after stroke.



OK, anyone remember the classic Tex Avery wolf in the Droopy cartoons of the 1940’s? His reactions, especially the eyes always cracked me up when he fancied the singers (always a redhead, btw… I think Tex had a thing for them – good man!). It’s still funny today even after 70 odd years… anyway, in a reaction to my next lady… here is what ol’ Chiefy was doing when watching the spanking & paddling of stunning Melanie Taylor in the “Dealer” series of spanking films from FirmHandSpanking.com – You will see below from this cartoon clip (the best bit is the beginning so you can stop it and continue reading after you’ve seen it if you wish, but DO see it, it’s the original, and still the best! 🙂

This is the affect that Melanie Taylor can induce on some as she is bent over and spanked!





A special paddle with holes drilled through it increases the sting on the already-reddened cheeks of Melanie Taylor. The burn is so intense that 18 swats brings tears. Failing to complete on time a report on casino fraud has serious consequences from Earl Grey: a very sore bottom!

To see the full series of spanking films with Melanie Taylor – check out more HERE


 Yankee Stripes is one of the many films now starring Sarah Gregory at Bars-and-Stripes.com and is well worth a peek as it covered a part of her life as the brat that had gone too far as she was detained in the UK on suspicion of Arms Smuggling… here is the build up story to why she was detained:


Sarah Gregory is an all American girl with an independent and fairly decisive outlook, characteristics that have stood her in good stead as she has progressed through life to become a trusted representative of a government agency. Not all is well though as, during a trip to the UK, she is discovered smuggling firearms in to the country and not wishing to reveal too much about her activities, is forced to defend herself without the benefit of diplomacy.

While she waits for her trial she has been incarcerated at The Prison and feels, because of her agency links, she will get away with at least being taken back to the States to stand trial, somewhere she thinks will be much more lenient toward her. But what she didn’t know was that one of the firearms was used in a murder and the realisation that she has been set up begins to emerge. She must somehow convince The Prison authorities that she needs some special treatment…






Sarah’s punishments can be viewed exclusively with a ton of amazing image sets and high quality videos from the only female prison specialist site on The Net… Bars-and-Stripes.com


Finally today… as if there wasn’t enough eye bulging and wolf whistling from me… the latest episode to feature Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) at spankedcallgirls.com is a 2 parter where she meets a hot French chick, her masseuse… and all manner of naughtiness breaks out as you’ll see below, I have also included the full storyline (if you’re interested!)

Masseuse – pt 1




Audrey Tate (Veronica Ricci) visits a super hot masseuse (played by Sharon Lee). Sharon is French and the two are challenged to communicate with each other. But Audrey likes the girls and makes some moves on Sharon, groping her repeatedly. Sharon threatens to call the police, so Audrey suggests instead that she take a spanking like she gets from her madams when she does something wrong. But Sharon spanks Audrey harder than she anticipated. So Audrey then overpowers the smaller girl and gives her a spanking. Audrey then rubs oil all over Sharon’s legs and bottom and tells her over and over that she is getting a shiny hiney. And Audrey spanks that shiny hiney until she runs out so that Sharon doesn’t call the police on her. A very sensual scene with touches of ass worship and Audrey’s bottom got very red from the spanking and the language barrier is both sexy and entertaining.

Masseuse – pt2





Remember that you can see the gorgeous Veronica at her showpiece site Spanking Sororitygirls where she is featured in approximately half of all the films! Go check out her spanking exploits and see the latest episodes on the tour pages then decide for yourselves – CLICK HERE


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Hard Hitting Easter Updates!

It was a bit wierd going back to work just for Saturday, then having a further couple of days off after this… thank you Jesus for allowing me some much needed time off, even if I didn’t really intend to write on here as My Missus (Er Indoors) is livid that I am spending my spare time with you and not her so this will be brief today and I will cut the waffle down to a bare minimum, just check out these poor bunnies, all these updates are available from the one off Real Spankings network Pass – or you can view more from the individual sites I have covered here today. Enjoy!

Bailey Sullivan is one of those girls I always loved seeing spanked though I rarely cover her here, I really should do so as she has one of best spankable asses out there, even if she is kind of semi retired from the online scene, there is still stuff at SpankingBailey.com being updated as never before seen, so it’s still a site well worth watching out for, especially as you can also get access to 3 other sites in this little network for under $25 a month (MASSIVE archives alone at this sub network as you’ll discover!)





Drop seat spankings? Spanked & paddled by the sexy cougar, Miss Burns? Bailey rubbing her bottom in shame, you say? Check out more of this and other fantastic schoolgirl discipline movies of Bailey – CLICK HERE


At RealSpankings.com there is a fantastic double update of Lila (now without blue hair) that I am sure many of you will identify with. She arrives at Michael’s for her 7pm maintenance spanking, but she’s a little early and he’s watching a poker tournament on TV so she is made to strip and wait – humiliating enough but then she is given a hard OTK spanking followed by more corner time by the TV as he resumes “Live TV” then she is given another more severe OTK hairbrush spanking which you will have to see to believe… Lila is definitely one of my favourite RSN girls as she can take just about anything given to her! There are some images and a short OTK scene for your perusal, members can see the full resoltion movie (and I highly recommend this!)

Lila is also mercilessly given one of the hardest OTK hairbrushings I have ever witnessed and fans of her (like myself) know that this is indeed severe!!! Watching these films alone is worth the entrance fee but this site contains mases of Lila content as well as having possibly one of the largest archives of spanking stuff stretching back to 1996!





Please also do not forget to enter for Caption Competition, I shall be thinking about closing that off soon… there aren’t that many entries so you do stand a great chance of winning that! Click image below for the caption page!

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone! I am predictably stuffed on chocolate eggs! 🙂

Remembering Schoolgirl Thrashings!

This is a schoolgirl themed update and one I want to reminisce with you. I had originally planned a patented Chief Rant at the Fuel Tanker Dispute and our Government’s USELESS crisis management over this whole ridiculous affair, but I might save that for tomorrow (you lucky people, eh?) Let’s just enjoy some real good schoolgirl stuff I enjoyed viewing over the years instead today!

Do you remember this? The Female Disciplinary Manual, I actually got Mishka to read from it in a forthcoming movie as I then spanked her in her tight cute Gingham school dress… (sigh) and you’ll be soon able to see this at AAAspanking  – but here’s a good reminder of what this manual was all about! I’m sure this isn’t genuine, but it looks like a 60’s educational supplement for teachers, it’s great anyway and well worth a read!!! Whoever did this sure had a lot of time on their hands!!!

This section below covers the “Spanking and the Ruler”.

Real 1960s schooling pamphlett

Click on the links below to obtain the page to read this.

1st  2nd  3rd  4th

I find it amazing that such a pamphlett could exist, if it were genuine… be nive to think it was, eh?

Now, I can remember what you are about to see happening to me when I was a nipper, being verbally chastised and rulered by Head of Year when he patrolled the corridors (I was sent out by the teacher and the fact a pupil was hanging around there meant they were there for punishment, able to be heard by other pupils… oh the shame!)

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing these girls get it instead, they’re much prettier than me but I did blub when the ruler landed across my open palms! Well, what we have here is a prefect and a silly girl caught arriving late from 2 very different websites, but both specialise in teen and schoolgirl punishments!

Prefect Paige at SpankedSchoolgirl (yup, I don’t often promote this website but it does have some fantastic archives and is well worth a visit) is first up in this wonderful hard hitting classic as she is noisily punished across her cute bare buttocks with the cane, and there’s a free clip and image gallery to show you the full shame of this punishment! Click on image below for the Free Clip.

prefect punished - click here for the free clip

Paige thought that a girl in her delicate “time of month” could escape punishment, well, how wrong she was. You’ll see her thrashed with her mouse string hanging down in shame as that cane crashes into her teen buttocks time and again! The way it should be! Click image below for more images from this classic SpankedSchoolgirl movie!

click here to view

This movie and 100s more of innocent looking schoolgirls available HERE


Now all the way to Japan and my fave asian teens from CutieSpankee as they squeal blub and get their soft cute rumps spanked and paddled when their harsh mistresses are seriously pissed off with them! Here at school, one beautiful girl in her prim and proper uniform is caught ariving late for class and is punished outside in the hallway as the other girls can listen to her fate, imagine the shame and humiliation of having your knickers pulled down! A free clip and images are below in this very latest update OUT NOW!

hallway paddling - click here

hall01 hall02 hall03


hall04 hall06 hall06

Click Here for the latest news and updates if you want more!
View more free content & then sign up at their very reasonable prices if interested!


Here’s another classic I hadn’t watched in a while from Regulation Knickers and this Catholic Punishment film has the poor girls facing an awful humiliation detention and caning at the hands and rod of Miss Lancer!





See all the naughty girls in regulation uniforms and knickers given the thrashing they so deserve


The next spanking I’m featuring here is from REALSPANKINGS.com and this vast site has so much to offer. I was digging around my old RS Folder… (as you do) and came across this wonderful paddling, featuring Kailee Robinson as the spanker (looking f*cking sexy as ever) but check out the gorgeous girl and that rounded bruised rump as she is PADDLED in her pyjamas, this is a perfect “Pyjama Punishment” as I see it – the way she is forced to remove them after being battered across her cheeks then a long lingering scene as she feels the heat of her very red cheeks – another awesome film with many extra angles from REALSPANKINGS (taken from my archives) Enjoy!





The below movie clip is best viewed on VLC Player or Real Player (it’s in RM format)

There are plenty more cracking movies like this at REALSPANKINGS

OK, back with brand new updates tomorrow and my “Tanker Rants! Ciao!