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Aline Ambrose at Bun Beating Fun

Greg just contacted me to let me know his latest HAWT girl was now available for members and I gotta say I was real impressed with this girl! Aline Ambrose is, in Greg’s words… “extremely hot in the classical sense of the word and what’s more, she’s clear off the scales in terms of slutty sex appeal.” High praise indeed!

Check out a picture of her below and you’ll see what I mean – My God! Fortunately she was an extremely badly behaved brat with a fantastic ass that was like a red rag to a bull for the guys at Bun Beating Fun when she came for her modelling assignment and left with a very sore red bottom, snivelling and vowing to be better behaved in future! (I hope not, she needs many more spankings and I’d be more than happy to help out!)


So the usual happens, she hates the location… she calls her agent after Greg’s pal (the Mystery Spanker #2) is unimpressed and I know it’s not PC, but I found it funny when she swore at the guys and TMS-2 muttered “bitch” under his breath… you can feel the tension rising and once her ear was pulled – she was doomed! Over his lap she goes and what follows is a blistering spanking that lasts an age, her knickers are pulled down and her bottom grappled with and mauled like a piece of meat which adds to her humiliation and pure shame… she pleads for it to stop – but it doesn’t as she needs to learn her lesson and (close to tears) Aline is given a spanking she wouldn’t forget in a hurry… there’s a twist at the end too… images below should help illustrate this – I love these guys, they how how to deal with real uppity brats!

aline01 aline02

aline04 aline05

aline06 aline07

& so the long painful spanking begins…

aline08 aline10

aline12 aline13

aline14 aline16

aline17 aline19

aline20 aline22

See how red her bum has become in a short space of time… & then the dreaded wooden paddle is used to properly ensure Aline has learnt her lesson… she is given the paddle across his lap and then when she is told to face the wall so he can admire his handiwork… another few stinging blows are administered… phew! This is no pattycake spanking and I know it is not to everyone’s taste, but I certainly enjoy watching these movies and I know many of you do too!

aline21 aline23

aline24 aline25

aline26 aline27

aline28 alinefinal

Go check out the FREE Clip of Aline’s punishment HERE


I hope you enjoyed this film review 🙂

OK, I will hopefully post a little later tomorrow as I have an appointment with my accountant to give me the heads up on the tax I owe, I’m nervous! (lol!) Back soon, hopefully not too impoverished! The amount of tax I pay depends on how many film shoots I can do over the next few months!!! I shall let him know that… heh heh!


Below is a public information announcement sponsored by this spanking blog

Don't let trouser arousal ruin your viewing comfort!

Out at AAAspanking this week :)

Hi everyone, sorry I hadn’t been back sooner! I have been busy elsewhere as well as preparing for another filmshoot this weekend with a NEW girl that I don’t think has been spanked online before. I won’t say anything until I’ve done the filmshoot, but I also have a fantastic beautiful female domme that you will all know and I have never worked with, so I am quite excited about that as well. There’s also a kick ass apartment that I’ve managed to get too! Do I sound excited? 🙂

Well, also check out this special preview of our next film which comes out for members tomorrow and it’s a little schoolgirl cracker starring new girl Mishka. I loved making this as I got to turn her tight, pert bottom very red! Members will get a chance to view a 50 large resolution HQ stills set as well as 120 screen images taken from the movie as well as being able to choose MP4 or WMV-HD formats at both over 3000kbs playback! Cool, huh? So enough of my waffle, click on either image below and they will lead to seperate image galleries giving you an idea of what is coming!

Images below are taken from the movie and these are smaller than the actual screen size!

Then check out this HQ Image set of the film “Smoking Hurts” (below)

Anyway, I hope you like what’s coming! Here’s some behind the scenes gossip on this movie which includes news that this film was briefly filmed outdoors, it didn’t last long as we couldn’t really film outside without possibly attracting attention, but I just wanted to ensure that we did something that gave Mishka an excuse to get caught smoking as it was also mild day. I am still looking for a location later this year where we can film outdoors, I have a few girls and some locations in mind that I know will work so I shall just bide my time. I decided to punish Mishka for smoking (she smokes those horrible little rolled up cigarettes) it’s hardly original, of course, but it’s a genuine spanking offence and I love whacking a girl’s bottom for this infraction as I’m not keen on the sight of a woman smoking (I’m an old fashioned gent!) & indeed I did thrash her, I think she was genuinely shocked and hated that hairbrush as well as the slipper that she had never experienced before and didn’t care to again! I think it shows quite well and she reacted beautifully and we captured it all.

I know it sounds daft, but I loved the parquet flooring too, a real throw back to the 1970’s and this room had great light and was just perfect for a skiving gym girl’s punishment! This movie also featured my first use of authentic gym knickers with the white gussets that I find a turn on! I have to tell you members will be in for a treat over the next month or so as they will be able to see Mishka humiliated with a temperate taking (hmm, not orally, that’s for sure) and some rather intimate spankings as well as looking totally awesome in a cheer girl’s outfit in a 30 minute film that has her shove a pom-pom handle where no self respecting young lady should “hide” it! (ahem!) You should be able to see some of these from the preview I did originally HERE

Check out the front of the site tomorrow when I will update the tour page & place a short preview clip too

Have a good evening! Chief.

Weekend of Severe Spanking & Caning

Hope you are all well this weekend – Want to know what I was watching today? Firstly, I watched a classic old movie which I hadn’t seen in ages but when you take a look at the pictures from it, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate why I liked this! The film is taken from Long Play & Classic Movie Specialists CALSTAR – I checked out their tour pages and they’ve added a ton of long play films since I was last a member so this is one site well worth taking a look at if you’re into realistic spankings and proper storylines!


Wow…love the before and after images? Well, when you see what poor Callie take in this old Brit long play classic, she’s spanked and caned hard downstairs, and her aching buttocks are finally relieved with some cream, I’m not ashamed to say this movie was rather “Trouser-rousal-riffic” ™ Chief. I’ve also got you some naughty punishment pics which accompanied this film below! Retro-tastic spankings!




Anyone who has had a membership at this site will realize just how big a long play movie site it is and what you get with your membership is a massive archive of movies, some are in better quality than others, the older ones are starting to look dated by today’s high standards but the newer films added reflect this and more than make up for the older films that have, say a 500kbs playback rate which was fine in 2005 but nowadays many want HD quality… but of course what this site had an edge over the HD sites is that this stuff is “vintage” and if you’re into seeing a variety of proper long play discipline movies with good storylines then Calstar is a must see!!! 

There’s 100’s hours of long play movies, if that won’t keep you busy downloading, what the hell will? See for yourself more on what they offer on their new look Tour Pages HERE


More rooting around another site’s archives and came across this l’il beauty at the SpankPass – this as we all know by now, is a specialist multi spanking movie and image site, it’s all they do, and is loved by spanking movie lovers for their vast archives with one set of codes. A bit like this oldie from way back in 2004! How do I know? Well, it stars teenager Debbie Fraser, one of my all time favorite stars, and what’s more, I have a great story about Debbie, but I’ll let you guys in on that at the end. The bonus in this movie is she stars with the equally wonderful Cat, now sadly retired from “the Scene”, but not before she filmed a whole lot of stuff EXCLUSIVE to the Xerotics sites.

Cat (left) & Debbie with her Princess Leah hair-buns 🙂

So rambling aside, take a look at the images taken from the movie, these girls are hot and I never tire of seeing them punished, love the outdoors bit as well, it was freezing the day that was shot, they couldn’t wait to get inside, only it meant a warmed bottom instead, but I think they were past caring by then! Members can of course see more, but enjoy these snippets!





Chief’s snippet of the day: I remember Debbie well becasue I had to go pick her up at Manchester Airport and take her to the filmshoot 2 hours drive away. The poor girls was suffering from a cold but was game and a real trooper… I think she was a little nervous, stuck in the car witha stranger in a foreign country… but she opened up on day 2 of the weekend filmshoot and made some of the most memborable films! I had heard the poor girl got fired when she got back to the states as she viewed herself in a film online at work (oops!) yup, Debbie… your films definitely were NOT worksafe! Debbie: If by chance you are reading this, I certainly hope you are fine! 😀 


Finally today one of my fave girls from Holland and I was so taken with watching this great humiliating and severe spanking from REAL-LIFE-SPANKINGS that I sent a clip up on Teen-Spankings Tube – I have made it available for immediate viewing below with the embedded clip here and I have added a free gallery that showcases Angel’s very tearful punishment throughout as she sobs and cries beautifully during her discipline and the ultimate in humiliation at the end – sitting on Mike’s infamous punishment stool with hard sharp rubber edges making her already sore red bottom sting just a little but more!

Her crime? She failed to pay her bills on time!!! Check images and clip below





See the largest EXCLUSIVE Archive past and present of Angel only from Real Life Spankings


Models & Brats getting it good!

Here is a nice showcase of a site I really like and I know that many out there have also appreciated the style of “The Mystery Spanker” for some time. I aim to get you an interview up with our elusive webmaster and “Bun Beater Extraordinaire” quite soon and am hopeful that we can forge a partnership in other spanko-related areas too… but for now why not peruse some of the archives that I just trawled with some real feisty clips from some real bratty models that screamed and cried their way through their humiliating spankings… just click on the instant show clips and I have also included links to many image/clip galleries that show you a little more about the quality spankings that are dished out to these bad ass divas! Welcome to the wicked world of BunBeatingFun.com

Model: Maklaran – click below to play

Model: Liz Tyler – click below to play

Model: Angelina – click below to play

Model: Anna – click below to play

OK, now that you are warmed up and have a good idea of what is inside the members area from the long play films (most are 25-45 minutes in length and I counted around 80 odd models and brats lured to sleazy motel locations for these spanking punishments). Greg, (aka The Mystery Spanker) must know that the girls are going to kick off and knows exactly what to do… and of course has his trademark “Red ass” beer to celebrate at the end of many movies whilst the poor sobbing wretches are left on the floor clutching at her sore throbbing butts! (how apt)

Click on any image below as these lead to a variety of special galleries which will show you more films and of course images for you to check out scenes taken from the long play movies so you will know what to expect!





For more recent movie additions & Free Previews – CLICK HERE


Instant play clips courtesy of the Teen Spankings Tube
(see more free & latest clips below)

Special Exclusive Sign Up Offer!

As the title says, this is a totally exclusive offer only available from this blog or the Teen-Spankings.com Network (find the banners like the one below and it leads directly to a special sign up page)

This page is only around temporarily and is a little experiment of mine – so if this tempts you to sign up and take a peek (there’s at least one new movie with images added every week with 3 regular updates EVERY week for members) – then click on the sign up banner below. We are doing this as I know full well just how tight things are for many people, but of course, my generosity won’t be around for long as if it gets over subscribed quickly then I will remove the Trial – so seriously, get it quick whilst I decide if what I’ve done is wise or not! 😉


If you’d like to know more about the very latest movie just released earlier today then read on, and of course you can check out the rest of the site offerings and then if you want to take advantage of this unique offer then come back here and click on the link banner above as this offer is not available on the regular sign up pages.

This was actually one of Jasmine’s last films that she filmed with us and she had taken some quite hard canings and strappings earlier during the day so this film was an excuse to show off the beauty of her warmed, rounded bottom and a chance for an old perv like me to indulge myself in much bottom rubbing! However, we also liked the fact that Jasmine had a nice tight pair of denim shorts (almost Daisy Duke-esque) and I can tell you feeling her warmed up bum, the heat through the denim material was quite addictive and revealing her bottom to spank, pat and stroke was…ahem, a rather erotic exercise (seriously her soft skin is softer than a 1000 softest fluffiest cute puppies you’d all love to stroke!) and fortunately I was wearing my infamous “Protective Cast Iron Undergarments” ™ Chief – thus avoiding the dreaded effects and consequences of  any unwanted “Trouser Arousal” ® Chief. (LOL).

Click image below that leads to the latest free preview on the Tour pages

I have also got you some images from the film so you can admire Jasmine’s magnificent bottom in and out of her “Daisy Duke” shorts ( I won’t bother with the storyline as it is explained fully on the tour pages).





I can tell you that there are more films of Jasmine to come but for now, I hope you enjoy this latest offering! & of course if you’re tempted by the sight of Jasmine’s pert bottom then for a brief period only you can purchase a membership to AAAspanking for far less at this blog or my other networks!

PS. Don’t forget that at the regular site sign up HERE – the offers of vastly reduced NON recurring 3 and 6 month deals will ALWAYS remain, and these are truly outstanding value (you can see how much clicking on the link here to find out) – work out what that is a month and you’ll agree it’s pretty darned good.

I will be back later with more updates from around the wonderful world of the spanking on t’internet!
Regards, Chief.

Spanking Roundup & other news…

2011 is looking to be an eventful year for many peoples of the world as they assess what their actions to self determination and that of Mother Nature can bring as they/we all cling precariously to this rock hurtling through space called planet Earth. So as we watch the Middle East political landscape starting to change (who will be next, Jordan, Syria, Iran?). Down under in what many of us Brits consider one of our closest nation buddies, the poor folk of North Eastern Australia, already recovering from the worst flooding for 30 years are now suffering with Cyclone Yasi hitting the coastal areas, and to understand how destructive it is:  it’s a 300 mile wide swathe of 200 mph winds comparable and probably more severe than Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans over 5 years ago. I feel for the residents of Queensland – and they are told more bad weather systems are inevitable for the next few months! Just how humble do we appear when the full fury of Mother Nature takes hold!

As I write this I hear there are gunshots in Cairo as it gets ugly there in the increasingly more hostile demonstrations – the things we do to each other, I sometimes despair, I get angry, “man’s inhumanity to man” – and I could ramble on, I’m sorry, I should have got out my soapbox before carrying on as this is after all a spanking blog and you have come here to escape the depressing news of the above and instead celebrate with me some of the things this wonderful kink of ours can give us back as we escape into a world of some seriously hot spanking and punishment discipline! & I have that for you as my 1st update below has to be one of the HOTTEST movies shot by Ms Law at BadTushy.com in an age and it is an absolute plesasure to introduce this very latest movie as she humiliates her girls in the most explicit and provocative F/F spanking I have seen for some time!

WARNING: The girls discovered the fury of Ms Law is comparable to a Force 5 Cyclone!

Ms Law catches her girls best friend stealing from her pocketbook but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over! Everytime she cried Ms Law just smacked her bare ass even harder then more intimately to make it more humiliating for this thieving piece of shit! You will see from some choice images below that this full spanking video is surely one of the hottest films Ms Law has made in quite a while and just look at how red and busted up the ass of this thieving piece of lowlife really got! Ms Law ensures those that cheat & steal get what they fully deserve! Top Karma spankings indeed!




This movie has all the fury and force of a Category 5 Cyclone – CLICK HERE for more!



NEWSFLASH!!! I almost forgot that in Pennsylvania it’s “Groundhog Day” today and Punxsutawney Phil (see below) predicts there will be an early Spring, yay!!! I hope so as I plan to be over that way if things go well! So thanks’s Phil 🙂


Not sure if I had shown you this full movie update from AAAspanking but it’s a cracker, literally!!! As Kami took a real hard belting and of course I will share some behind the scenes info on this movie as well as provide you a little clippet near the end of her leathering and believe you me, between takes when we changed cam angles – she told me to whack her as hard as I could, she’d cry “cut” if it was too much – so I did… she told me she REALLY felt she had to be punished and wanted me to bring her to tears – Now anyone that knows the marvellous Kami Robertson will know exactly what I am on about as she wanted to cry… no, she NEEDED to cry, she didn’t want to act this out and I rarely do so of course we got the required effect when she felt suitably humiliated and sore! Then she reached the point of no return as I continued to thrash her… it’s a great little movie and a believable story – “what would YOU do if your cleaning maid broke one of your irreplaceable family heirlooms?” Indeed!

Click HERE or the image below for my additional short HD clip of Kami’s punishment!

Images below are taken from the full length movie called “Broken Glass”






You can see another clip of Miss Robertson’s punishment…
and more of her work already shown exclusively at AAAspanking.com 

WARNING: Do NOT spank Kami OTK unless with great self control & cast iron underpants! 


Finally today as promised my focus is now on another great spanking site from Japan and the brand new film just released at Hand-Spanking follows from my last post HERE (which ended up being a review of the site) and this again features the very cute Kurumi with those big doe eyes and a very spankable soft bottom!



Click image below which leads to the current free movie clip in Wmv playback

From my last update featuring Kurumi and her Step Mother – The scene gets back to the present time. Kurumi is now given a sound spanking and an enema (members can see this!!!) that she’s been afraid of from her strict nasty step mom! I have also added a few images of the spankings below for your added perusal!



MORE movies of Kurumi & other sobbing pyjama clad girls, schoolgirls and daughters HERE

Sneak Preview from TheBareBottom!

Forget multiple updates, forget the same old )and sometimes spammy) drivel that you might see at other blogs, here’s an update you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE apart from HERE at the time of writing! So much so, that Quality this time outweighs Quantity, I have decided to give this little movie, which should be out this weekend, the Chief’s Fine Wine & Cigar Award to spankovision!

Image taken from my garden table after enjoying some spanking movies 🙂

I was so impressed with Louise, as I knew this girl was a bit of a wuss when it came to getting spanked, but fair play to her, this is a good hard strapping movie and from the short clip you’ll see below, he really is belting her good and hard!!! I also like the camera lighting, which, I know at this location – was a real pain in the arse (no pun intended) so to capture Louise’s red cheeks so perfectly as they were thrashed is indeed worthy of my new award! AND…you get to see this and the preview images BEFORE the members of  THE BAREBOTTOM.com

Louise only made things worse for herself when she didn’t give a damn that her swearing (or cussing as you guys say in North America) using the F-word (who does she think she is? Gordon bleedin’ Ramsey? Can this young tart cook and rescue restaurants? I think not!!!) So the smiles are soon wiped from her face as she is spanked and spanked HARD when she continues to swear when she feels the stinging from the spanking over her knickers, which only infuriates Him more….leading to a good hard bare bottom strapping session! Anymore swearing and it’s the cane!!!

“Louise! Will you keep your smirks and your potty mouth in check?”

“Regulation knickers down, I’ve had it with you, let’s see if this works!”

Was that not a beautiful set of images of an attractive but foolish potty mouthed girl? the FULL movie will be out any time now only at THEBAREBOTTOM.com – the home of all exclusive and hard hitting teen and schoolgirl punishment films!

Have a great weekend and a good holiday period – As it’s cold dark and grey here in my part of the UK, I wouldn’t expect it any other way, since it’s a bank Holiday weekend 😉

Regards, Chief