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Friday’s Spanking Round up

I have some old and some new spanking updates for you all today as we head into yet another weekend!

Here is something different and I know I never reported on this in the past so to many of you, this will appear new… but is typical of the fantastic archives that makes up this wonderful site so please check out the very first time that Caroline Grey appeared at NorthernSpanking.com (below)

NSI090-CS011 NSI090-CS023 NSI090-CS037 NSI090-CS094 NSI090-CS096 NSI090-CS104 NSI090-CS105 NSI090-CS115 NSI090-CS119 NSI090-CS140 NSI090-CS146 NSI090-CS151

Personal Assistant to the great Stephen Lewis was never going to be an easy position to maintain but Caroline was never quite prepared for that position to be up-ended, over his lap having her bottom smacked. Or worse, finding out exactly what that shiny wooden paddle was really for. It seems the conference in Japan was perfectly organised but she paid a heavy price for half a spoon too much sugar in his tea, careless girl!




& to something new – this time from Real Life Spankings showing this young lady in a debut online spanking – she is called Sabrina.

Sabrina gets her first spankingReal Life Spankings

sabrina_first_SAM_1116 sabrina_first_SAM_1119 sabrina_first_SAM_1121 sabrina_first_SAM_1124 sabrina14 sabrina15 sabrina16 sabrina18 sabrina19 sabrina20  sabrina_first_SAM_1123

A Model Agency contacted Mike and they had a lovely, sexy 22 year old English model called Sabrina. He met her and Sabrina loved the RLS principle and she needed spanking discipline. She was a natural submissive. Now as she will be coming over frequently, Mike decided to add her to hisr team instead of making her a guest.



Stunning Kylee Anders is the very latest update to appear at Firmhandspanking.com and this film does not disappoint! Check out the images and the link to the FREE Clip (below)

Kylee Anders reports to her school Principal for her very first, burning paddling.

principal_ac001 principal_ac005 principal_ac008 principal_ac009 principal_ac014 principal_ac017 principal_ac018 principal_ac020 principal_ac023 principal_ac024

Setting off the school fire alarm as a senior prank sends Kylee Anders to The Principal’s Office. Told to bend over and hold her ankles, denim jeans stretch tight over her jutting bottom. Kylee grits her teeth for 12 burning swats from Principal Stockton. Check out all the action with awesome Reaction Cam replays and behind the scenes extras! Ouch.



Finally today… something very different but bear with me… as this is the first full film part of a new series showing at Spankingsarah.com starring Lola Marie in a hard core role… before we all know in the next film which will be coming up, that she is going to pay for what she did – it’s a sex and spanking series and the hard core action is featured: (below)


Lola earns money in a new episode of the “Return to the Manor” series

npp7220014 npp7220015 npp7220024 npp7220030 npp7220035 npp7220037 npp7220040 npp7220043

Lola has been hired as a maid to serve him and Lady Stern. She is fresh from prison and comes recommended by Lady Suzanne. BUT! She is soon back at her old game, prostitution and she has a customer this very day. She is soon hard at it sucking his cock, getting her bottom spanked and then fucking him till completion. This will have to mean trouble at the house and trouble for Lady Suzanne.



See April May “Strapped for cash” – at Redstripe Films

npp7203003 spanking npp7203010 npp7203013 npp7203017 npp7203018 npp7203021 npp7203022 npp7203023 npp7203024 npp7203026 npp7203027

April May need a lot of money and she needs it now, she has no one else to turn to but the Strapped For Cash loan company. After a discussion with Mr. Stern she soon understands about the “strapped” bit of the deal and finds herself over his knee being paddled on her black panty hose and then to her dismay on her bare bottom. She has to endure an extra hard thrashing because of the amount of money she needs. Let’s hope she can afford to repay.


Brit Spankings

As the title suggests… some British themed (& European, if I get the time and they get to today’s stage of events) and I will start today with my friends over at NorthernSpanking.com and a redhead theme I hope you like, starting with the lovely Scarlot Rose (below)

NSI110-DSF029 NSI110-DSF032

NSI110-DSF033 NSI110-DSF036

NSI110-DSF038 NSI110-DSF047

NSI110-DSF050 NSI110-DSF054

A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David was a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot was his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. With the help of Scarlot, David helped retrain one such individual, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom but it seemed that Scarlot was a little overcritical in her note taking and David felt it necessary… as her Mentor, to correct her most thoroughly over his lap!

In another recent update featuring Scarlot… here’s an interesting scene. Do you know that feeling that everybody is talking about you? Well Scarlot certainly does in this film as you’ll discover below, I like this outdoor scene because, as the weather is changing and starting to behave, I get to thinking about filming outdoors too!




Another cracking redhead is Irelynn Logeen (if you want your Irelynn fix then this is the site to visit) … Stephen needs to keep an eye on her as she just can not be trusted to make him a decent supper… so she is punished instead (I think it was a deliberate ploy on her part!!!)

 NSI086-SI054 NSI086-SI077

NSI086-SI121 NSI086-SI130

NSI086-SI129 NSI086-SI109

Of course, with Paul now living in America most of the time with Alex… the influence of LA based models is starting to creep in (and I approve… that place is a vast wealth of spanking talent) so check out a new trend developing, Alex discovering her toppy side on film as she introduces Ginger to the members of Northern Spanking, this is what Paul had to say about Ginger:

And at last, we have new spankee to introduce to you! We filmed and photographed pretty little Ginger just yesterday in Los Angeles. Hows that for freshness? Here we see Alex having some fun with our new starlet, prior to two films, (one a caning), and a lovely outdoor stills set. Watch this space for more of Ginger!

NSI124-AG005 NSI124-AG011

NSI124-AG012 NSI124-AG015

NSI124-AG021 NSI124-AG023

You can much more of Ginger and all the other girls featured above in full – CLICK HERE


I love seeing Aleesha Fox getting punished and I have 2 great updates I want to show you from 2 different sites. The first is a slightly different take… away from the cells at Bars-and-Stripes.com as prison officers Page & Dodge sneak into her room in the middle of the night and try to extract some information from her… all will become apparent when you see the images and the plot line (below)

aleesha_nicked-0270 aleesha_nicked-0350 aleesha_nicked-0470

aleesha_nicked-0680 aleesha_nicked-0750

aleesha_nicked-0820 aleesha_nicked-0950

aleesha_nicked-1140 aleesha_nicked-2190

Aleesha is just going to settle down for the night, but before she does she makes an urgent phone call to her boyfriend Billy Smith. She warns him to stay away from her because they’re on to him and are likely to come back to her place. She then gets into bed and settles down. The nightmare begins when her bedroom door is pushed open and two prison officers run in. Prison Officer Zoe Page and Prison Officer Dave Dodge drag her out of bed. They insist they need her to tell them where Billy Smith is. She insists that she does not know. For some reason they don’t believe her. Her wrists are handcuffed together behind her back and she is flung face down on the bed. Officer Dodge brings a paddle out of his pocket and starts spanking her with it. All she has to do is tell him what he wants to know and the spanking will stop. She tells him that she can’t tell him where Billy is, as she doesn’t know. Officer Page is eager to have a go, so he hands the paddle to her. But still Aleesha repeats again and again that she doesn’t know. Therefore, the two prison officers are enjoying spanking her and causing her pain – so they take turns. Poor Aleesha’s bottom is looking very sore. To add to her misery, she has to thank whoever is spanking her after each stroke. But all good things come to an end and when Officers Page and Dodge eventually realize the fun is over, they march her off for further interrogation.


Check out a free preview clip of Aleesha’s punishment (below)



There is a new film with Aleesha Fox just released today and it is HOT! I love the way Aleesha is held over the table in a most revealing and humiliating way… check out these superb images and the plot of this movie from the often under rated Red Stripe Films website – this site shows you a lot of severe stuff as well as some older films shown previously on this network of sites and I recommend you take a look for yourselves and decide!

Strapped for Cooking the Books!

npp6074023 npp6074025

npp6074031 npp6074034

npp6074043 npp6074045

npp6074049 npp6074054 npp6074055

Aleesha Fox works for Strapped For Cash – a loan company – and she is in front of her boss for cooking the books and unlawfully punishing Nicky Montford one of the company’s customers. She is defiant but in view of the complaint made against her the boss decides she will be severely punished. She has to remove her panties and kneel up on the office table. Once in position her bottom is subjected to a long and painful thrashing with a leather strap. Nicky watches on with delight that Aleesha is being made to suffer so much pain.

See the free clip of Aleesha’s punishment and review the other films HERE


I’m not quite sure what to make of Sarah Bright’s latex nun costume… but of course it’s kinky as hell in a return of the “Unladylike Manor” series… it’s good that Sarah shares this with people she knows well to start with as it’s a “bit out there” then again, plugging Casey Calvert with an anal hook whilst she is dressed as a cheergirl isn’t? (lol – my next film coming soon) – so just ride with it… so coming to the stage this week is Suzy Smart, the victim in this takes a hell of a strapping from both Sarah and Katie Didit… as you will see below:

npp6078019 npp6078036

npp6078044 npp6078047

npp6078050 npp6078068

npp6078074 npp6078078

This is what Sarah had to say about the return of this series: My Unladylike Manor series proved to be so popular that I have decided to continue with the story. The new series ‘Return To The Manor’ The poverty Years follows the family into some new and exciting adventures starting with the enrolment of Lady Suzanne into the household staff. This turns out to be a very painful return for Suzanne, it may in face prove to be the very hardest beating I have ever given out. See what you think.

It’s also best if you see a clip of this (featured below) and it will become clear!



An old school classic is shown at SoundPunishment.com – there are some real gems here from time to time and this old classic deserves a mention… Student Emily Jayne has been caught by the caretaker reading pornography during the break when she should have been outside wiith the other pupils. Rather than risk the cane from the headmistress she accepts a roasted bare bottom spanking from the caretaker.

P8017787 P8017793 P8017813

P8017824 P8017832

P8017834 P8017841

P8017853 P8017859

Don’t miss the full film available to download HERE



Finally today… a “First date” spanking film from Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking website in this nice and very “couple-ly” sort of film that has its own special intimacy… with Nimue Allen and first time spanker, Andrew Shada… who is normally a bottom at this site.


Dating can be nervewracking when you’re kinky. When do you tell your date that you like spanking – and how? Seasoned spankee Nimue doesn’t waste time, and as soon as they’re back to her house she takes the plunge. Andrew is surprised, but not horrified… and as she introduces him to the pleasures of reddening her lovely round bottom, he soon gets the hang of it.

Dreams-of-Spanking_date043 Dreams-of-Spanking_date018 Dreams-of-Spanking_date024

Dreams-of-Spanking_date028 Dreams-of-Spanking_date033

Dreams-of-Spanking_date036 Dreams-of-Spanking_date039

Check out this movie along with a great free clip and all the most recent films that  Pandora has uploaded



At the risk of boring you further, I have decided to stop today, that has somewhat got me caught up, a little… from the Brit’s perspective… if I have time later, please do go check my other blogs as I intend to update these both next and I know that there will be some excellent spanking content and news updates coming your way!

More spankings to start your year!

How’s everything? Are we all recovered from the New Year celebrations? I didn’t do too much, I enjoyed a really nice bottle of red wine that I had bought for around $35 and some cheap supermarket champagne to kick off the New Year but did it all at home… I still haven’t said anything to “Er Indoors” … and it’s eating me up as we sometimes argue, (which makes things easy) then she can try to be nice to me by planning our vacations or time away for weekends and being cheery – then I feel so utterly crap about it as I try to delay or avoid the situation – but in or around 10-15 or so days, suitably after the New Year is a memory and I have sorted out more of my own affairs behind the scenes… then I will let her know I am leaving. I am getting a horrible nauseous feeling just as I type this, the pain I am about to cause her, I hate myself for it, I am sorry to bring this on you all, I had a little cry earlier today about it… I so hate keeping secrets and lying to anyone. pirate Of course, I have had the fucking credit card thief sharer of my content on a particular forum continue to upload yet more of my films which has just made me feel “fantastic” – typically the latest stuff as that is how these greedy c*nts work: I have just deleted a tirade and what was going on behind the scenes, but I’d hate to forworn anyone… so I have deleted what I said (you’d find it boring anyway) as you are here to view what’s out there, and hopefully the DECENT majority of you who realize that without memberships or financial support of your fave sites and stores that you enjoy viewing content from – we and other producers will cease to exist without it.

As one producer I love states… “Would it kill someone to pay approx $20 to view the entire site?”… FFS, that is such good value when you consider how much we all paid in the early 1990’s to view fuzzy and poor quality VHS tapes for $50-80 a pop from various backstreet shops and such (for less than 45 minutes worth of spanking content) – yet there are some out there that just want want WANT everything for free, demand it, get upset when they can’t get it or think we are c*nts for daring to get our copyright protected materials removed on file sharing sites. Gosh… maybe I should let it all stay there and go out of business… hmmm, let me fucking think for a minute! *sheesh!*

I’m going to let you in on one of my latest POV efforts first… starring the delightful Maddy Marks as the schoolgirl who hands in a very poor grade card and so she faces the inevitable spanking from… YOU! She pleads, but she gets nowhere (YOU are mean… aren’t you?) Check out some screen grabs from this latest clip to go live at POVspanking.com – Remember that the POV is from YOUR perspective, as your eyes would see! It’s very involving!

m001 m005

m006 m011

m015 m021

m026 m028

m032 m034

Check out the free clip at POVspanking.com


First time girls can be a bit of a nightmare, I have had good and bad experiences with first timers, girls claiming they are subs or can take spankings and such but can’t… we are spanking sites… it’s what we do: So I understand the risk Sarah took with this gorgeous thing called Lexie… the images do this justice… the actual film is even better and available exclusively at RedStripeFilms.com as Sarah’s shovel hands get to grips with this slight girl’s exposed bottom!

npp6061005 npp6061009

npp6061025 npp6061031

npp6061034 npp6061038

npp6061045 npp6061046

npp6061047 npp6061050

This is what Sarah Bright had to say about Lexie’s spanking: Whenever we get a new girl on the site we never know just how she will respond to her first spanking. She may not be able to take the pain, especially when I am doing the spanking. We were not at all sure about Lexie, this really was her very first time for any sort of punishment but you will see just what happened. There was a lot of screaming and some real tears but boy did she take this spanking.



Having worked with Joelle Barros (again) recently, I have a lot of respect for her and of course I love seeing her spanked or spanking her myself (it’s an addictive pastime, what can I say?) – so here is one of her latest films at PunishedBrats.com with the fearsome and ever so slightly scary Michael Valentine (who I am 100% sure is a real nice guy, ok?) – Joelle’s latest punishment is for a Curfew Violation!


curfew_002 curfew_003


curfew_005 curfew_006


Joelle has broken curfew on exam week and Headmaster Valentine is waiting for her in the student lounge. He is not very happy to find that she is once again not taking her school career as seriously as she should. Check out all of Joelle’s amazing spanking films from PB HERE


& to round things off today, a couple of fantastic films from Sarah Gregory’s site… one with me from our recent collaboration (the film is in 1920x1080HD playback too!!!) and a special girl/girl spanking film for her many F/F fans out there!!!

This was one of our favourite films we made at this amazing location in Massachusetts late last year… called “The Bitchy Bride” – Sarah sassed and pouted and whined and stomped her feet until I got this “bitchy brat” to be a little more contrite… just check out Sarah’s bridal gown… it’s awesome… and I have to tell you I just LOVED lifting up those frilly hems… ah, memories! 🙂

0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal1-005 0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal1-022

0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal2-002 0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal2-008


0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal2-025 0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal3-004

0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal3-007 0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal3-014

0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal3-017 0147_the_bitchy_bride_gal3-023


It’s Sarah’s wedding day and she is being a complete Bitch to everyone. Well, her husband to be has had enough of her bitchy behaviour and sends his best man (moi!) upstairs to deal with this diva before the big day.


Then check out Sarah’s hard spanking punishment of 2 party girls… this is HOT!!!


Sarah and her two friends are on vacation. Well, they ditch Sarah and she can’t get a hold of them. They go out and have a great time without her. When they come back to the hotel, Sarah is not too happy. She gives them a good hard hand and hairbrush spanking til their bottoms are burning red. the spankees are blonde Galas Loonar (from Florida) alongside hellraiser Vivian!

0145_party_girls_punished_gal1-025 0145_party_girls_punished_gal2-010 0145_party_girls_punished_gal2-011

0145_party_girls_punished_gal2-022 0145_party_girls_punished_gal2-025 0145_party_girls_punished_gal3-001

0145_party_girls_punished_gal3-007 0145_party_girls_punished_gal3-016 0145_party_girls_punished_gal3-018

Check out more of Sarah’s fantastic films HERE


Back soon folks… Happy New Year (again!)


Whooty Spankings to start your week


We Brits LOVE to talk about the weather (over a nice strong cup of tea or “cuppa” and have a good moan about it) – God knows why, it really doesn’t change much as we have some of the most dreary seasonal weather on the planet which usually involves some form of rain or grey (gray depending where you read this) overtones to it all… so imagine my surprise when the start to this October is still quite mild for us, sure it’s cooling down a lot… but the rain (in general) has eased, mercifully, and the sun is shining… which means later today I gotta go out and cut that damned lawn and grass bank before the monsoon and cold really sets in making that task impossible to do before winter takes grip. I have also noticed that the leaves on the trees have hardly fallen yet, they are only now starting to change and drop whereas I see online in New England and some other amazing places where you really get to appreciate “Fall” – what it is really all about! Anyway, another paragraph on waffling about weather and climate, yup… I’m a Brit… so let’s start off with some UK based spanking whooty erotica and where better to start than Postman Mr Lewis delivering a package to a horny & kinky Kate James at NorthernSpanking.com who invites him in to use what he has just delivered to her… what a sexy inviting costume she’s wearing – oh and what a glorious spankable bottom, how could anyone resist that???





OMG! That is a classic Whooty pic (above) – nom…nom…nom!



You can much more of  naughty curvy Kate James at NorthernSpanking.com


Continuing on with this delicious “WHOOTY” theme…
Please check out popular Darcy Leigh’s latest showing at RedStripeFilms.com in a double spanking!

The Cheating Wife

npp5011007 npp5011017

npp5011021 npp5011022

npp5011023 npp5011031

npp5011034 npp5011040

Big boobed Darcy Leigh has been cheating on her husband and is confronted by an irate wife and her husband. She tries to deny it but has to own up in the end. She is placed over both knees and spanked and then her husband gets a thin nasty leather paddle and sets about producing marks and bruises on her large firm bare bottom. This is a real hard punishment which would reduce any young lady to tears.


See MORE of Darcy’s ample bottom and delicious curves spanked hard in this & other films HERE


Nimue & Pandora are good friends away from filming and regularly help each other out at their own sites so I guess they feel more at ease filming more risque stuff (as Pandora mentioned recently about her 1st ever time filming herself masturbate intimately to full orgasm… but that is another story!) Here, in one of their other most recent collaborations now just showing online at Pandora’s site DreamsOfSpanking.com – Nimue plays the submissive role in a short sharp shock film called “Lady Godiva” featuring good use of a riding crop from a beautifully stern looking Pandora!

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva003 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva006

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva019 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva028

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva013 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva023

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva026 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva030

Nimue finds herself in trouble with the Treasurer of the Pony Club for her unconventional efforts during Charity Fundraising Week. It seems that the Pony Club does not approve of a dressage show that involves naked bare back riding… no matter how much money it may have raised! A brisk whipping with the riding crop will remind her to behave more modestly in future.

See MORE of both ladies in many films at Pandora’s site HERE


A new girl featured at English-Spankers.com last week, and as many of them do, they have to take the Sexy Cleaning Company induction with pervy Mr Stern and his intrusive camera and wandering spanky hands…. Mia is from Germany on a visit to the UK… they have promised she’ll be back… what a delicious growing spankable whooty she is!


The sexy cleaning company is really happy to extend the hand of friendship to our Russian friends, well extend a hand to one named Mia who is our latest recruit. She needs a job and what better than showing off her assets for our lovely members. She knows the rules of the company and it is not long before she is bent over being spanked on her delectable bottom, a good, strong big bottom and it is made to take a real hard spanking.

npp6030004 npp6030015

npp6030024 npp6030037

npp6030038 npp6030046

npp6030047 npp6030057

npp6030063 npp6030065

 There is a free HD preview clip of Mia which you can view and download HERE


Big bottoms in Japan? Are such things possible? Well, in one of the most recent films  (which is one of their most enjoyable, for me, to date) from this girl/girl hand spanking site which is aptly named Hand-Spanking.com – check out what happens when 2 girls get a little drunk after work and one lusts after the other’s larger bottom… I think I would too! There are also some (thankfully) much harder spankings scenes – want proof? I have cut a short little clip as well as some lovely images you get to download as a member! See below! This is HOT!

o4-05 o4-08 o4-11

o4-24 o4-27

o4-30 o4-33

o4-39 o4-46

o4-44 o4-47

Yuria visits Remi, her older co-worker, for their drinking party. Remi gets drunk and lies down on the couch. Yuria is fascinated with Remi’s big bottom and impulsively begins to spank her… also check out the amazing free previews, and another big bottom episode with Remi (see below!)



My favourite uniform niche (the airline stewardesses or “flight & safety attendants” as some overly PC peeps would call them) has had a double update, a great 2 parter with 2 very naughty Dutch ladies who have rather curvy and very spankable whooty bottoms which deserve a mention here today, for sure! Loved this, loved the uniforms, of course…. and I loved seeing their asses given a proper whacking with a ping pong bat in part one and a hard leather strapping in part 2! All info and imagery courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com


europe_ep31_3 europe_ep31_4

europe_ep31_5 europe_ep31_8


After a flight to Budapest it had become obvious that stewardesses, Adrienn and Timi, had lied on their CV when they said they both spoke perfect English. Before Mr. Johnson punished them properly for lying, he decided to give them an English lesson with the help of his hard hand and a little nasty ping pong paddle.


europe_ep32_3 europe_ep32_5

europe_ep32_6 europe_ep32_7


After the lesson it was time to give the lying little madams their proper punishment. They were bent over the desk and Mr Johnson’s big leather strap turned their bottoms a fiery red. They were each given an “English for beginners” book and told to learn the first three chapters before being sent on their way!

This is just one of upteen uniform specialist spanking style niches!
… & you can view more HERE


Punishedbrats.com doesn’t hide from showing us the odd incredible Whooty either… and in the very shapely form of Audrey, I have saved one of the best til last as you’ll see from this amazing spanking finale at the hands of Miss Pandora in a tough love style spanking film…


Ms Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love. Audrey is made to wash up all the dishes sporting her spanked, red  bottom.

maid1-6 maid1-7 maid1-41

service2-4 service2-3

service2-2 service2-5

Trouser Arousal Alert! 

*Trouser Arousal Alert* I’m sorry… “I have wood” looking at these spanking whooty pics! – Ms Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love. Audrey is made to wash up all the dishes sporting her spanked, red  bottom!


.service2-6 service2-7

Check out the full film of Audrey getting her amazing full bottom spanked HERE!


So what inspired all this WHOOTY appreciation today? I was looking through my files on something to update my site with later today and realised that I hadn’t uploaded stills photography accompanying certain shoots so I shall be adding 2 later today featuring the gorgeous Sophie below (who recently contacted me about another filming session and I had just realised in my busy untidy mind that I should reply to her and say, “yeah… love to film!” and am currently checking out some locations to do this in!

However…. If you’re in the UK (in this case preferably the Midlands or the North) and have a house to film from, want to see what a (small, easy day’s) spanking shoot looks like, maybe even participate… then write to me HERE and we can discuss things further! Hopefully we’ll get to make much hotter and naughtier stuff than I have shown below… but enjoy, my whooty lovers! 2 small sample  images of what will be going up later today of naughty Sophie! *sch-wiiing!*



Naughty Brats getting what they deserve!

Sorry I haven’t been online here for a few days, blame it once again on my incompetent internet connection. Stuck out in the rural wastelands of England, we don’t have those city slicker type fibre optic thingies… we have dated copper wiring from the old phone networsk… God knows when our telephone company (that makes BILLIONS in revenue) will ever bother to service its customers properly in the 21st century with decent investment for those penalised for choosing to live away from the muggers and smog filled towns… but I live in hope that one day soon my internet connection will be far more reliable than it currently is!

I somehow managed to get my site updated yesterday with the new film as promised but ran out of time to prepare something on the blog in advance… so here it is and also news of other very naughty girls who get some spankings they so richly deserve for their very filthy behaviour! (mmm)

Danielle Hunt is at AAA Spanking – and is “Caught masturbating”


When I filmed with Danielle late last year, we discussed a few types of films she hadn’t really done or things I hadn’t done previously with her and this one cropped up. I hadn’t seen Dani do much in the way playing with herself on film and she was more than happy to do this for Triple A and incorporate it into a film. I know it’s a cliche: “girl caught masturbating/girl punished etc etc… “but like the schoolgirl scenarios, it’s all something that we generally love seeing. I like to see sexy girls showing us what they’re made of, I also like to see them receive a good hard punishment when I can… this is no different. So with the gaze as a customer viewing the movie, I got Danielle to play with herself… slowly, deliberately, rudely… and tease her increasingly wet, excited pussy with her personal vibro as we filmed this for a good 5 minutes! Members can get to see the 1st part of this along with the fact she is spanked in PJs… (yum!) Better is to come as when I “catch her in the act” – I decided to severely punish her with a heavy cane and a carpet beater (which I nearly broke on her wicked bottom) such was the force of her thrashing… and believe you me – it was that. I’m proud of the punishment I gave Danielle in this film, afterwards she told me that was the most painful punishment she had in a long long time on film… and I laughed as she had already said that about the 2 previous films we had already made that day … our session together was clearly getting to her, I thought. I hope this shows in the film, I’m sure it does! I offered Danielle the chance for some pleasure before the pain… she was more than happy to take me up on this offer as you’ll see below!

a03 a06

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Here is the storyline behind the film “Caught masturbating”

Danielle has been staying at a strict religious household, her parents had given up on her, unable to look after their wayward daughter. Bored out of her mind in this stifling place, she had secretly bought some “toys” online to relieve the frustration when stuck in her sparsely decorated room that had reminders of what happened to bad girls. By her bedside remained a cane & a horrible carpet beater, which her adopted uncle used on her from time to time. At the start of this film we see Danielle pleasuring herself with one of her purchases but then she got caught in the act nearing orgasm. Her strict uncle was shocked & angry that this self defilement had happened under his roof so he unleashed a torrid amount of cane strokes & whacks with the carpet beater to ensure Danielle learnt that such impure actions would not be tolerated whilst under his care!


There’s a FREE Movie Clip which you can see HERE


Continuing this theme, a new film has been uploaded at Red Stripe Films and stars the UK’s best new spankee of last year… Jessica Jensen (remember she was discovered at my site last year and I got loads of films with her) – however, I liked this one as it is in the same vein as the Danielle movie above – caught playing with herself! tsk tsk… What is it with our filthy English ladies? LOL!

Jessica Jensen pleads  that she was “only playing”


When it comes to malingering in the private hospital glamour model Jessica Jensen knows all the tricks. She fools Matron Sarah and the doctor but slips up when she is caught pleasuring herself with her vibrator. Now the doctor is not best pleased at this behaviour and is determined to teach Jessica a lesson.  He decides that a good bare bottom spanking followed by a dose of the stiff backed hairbrush should sort this young lady out and get her back to work.

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npp5016017 npp5016022

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npp5016053 npp5016055

You can check out a delightful FREE Movie Preview – and this film is a welcome addition at RedStripe!


Finally, to THE spankee of last year winner – Sarah Gregory – and one of her latest multi girl movies. This is a brat-tacular filmfest… see for yourself below as Sarah and chums make for a very visual treat and assault on our spanko senses! Yum!


It’s the company Christmas Party and employees, Melody and Angel are no where to be found. When Sarah finds them in a hotel room getting it on instead doing their jobs she spanks them. They are spanked hard by hand, hairbrush, and crop.

002 007

010 013

001 002

003 006

007 008

014 016


004 009

014 (1) 015 (1)

Do NOT miss Sarah Gregory spanking and getting spanked RIGHT HERE!


OK, that’s it for now… I can’t write with a raging hard on *ahem* “damned trouser arousal” – I’m off out with “Er Indoors” as it’s her birthday so I have chosen a nice place for us to have a quality meal… in the meantime I hope you enjoyed these updates I have featured today as much as I did quickly writing about them! Wow!

Tanker Wankers & other news

The site that had greeted many a British motorist this morning!

OK! It’s been far too long since my last soapbox rant… and I’m fuming, absolutely livid! Now I’m not so livid at the union Unite that had balloted the fuel tanker drivers, I can understand their concerns that companies are, as usual in this hard pressed time, trying to cut costs anywhere they can (employing cheaper less skilled foreign labour and employing less qualified staff with less training or placing these highly paid drivers on very short term contracts!) So although I was annoyed with the possibility of a strike by fuel tank drivers, when fuel prices are already amongst the highest anywhere in Europe, once again, it seems our government REALLY hates drivers! – No, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it is costing me nearly 100 Pounds ($150) a month for a 17 mile round trip to work 5 times a week… no it wasn’t that… it was the dickhead response from our so called Government Officials that have needlessly panicked and ensured many of our population’s “sheep like” mentality come to the surface as they bleat to the petrol forecourts to fill up in case they’d have no fuel.

I refused to be bullied into queuing up, thinking that common sense would prevail, even though I was low on fuel myself, I saw the first queue and thought I’d try the next day. After all, they were now telling us NOT to panic buy, stock pile (which is dangerous anyway) but of course once blind panic sets in with the majority of our population, they queue anyway. Wankers! I had to queue up yesterday as I had no choice, I endured a miserable hour and even had an argument (along with other irate drivers) with one guy who was filling up with jerry cans and maxing his tank on his little dick extension 4×4. Actions like this idiot are what has caused fuel shortages across the country, in effect a run on all the petrol stations and so demand outstrips supply, naturally!

Any strike (I heard it is being called off for now) would have to give us hard pressed motorists 7 days notice so no threat of a strike over Easter, at least! I have enough fuel to get to my film shoot tomorrow, so that will go ahead… but seriously, there are some real panicky cocks out there, not helped by our pathetic government who got this and of course our recent disgraceful Budget so wrong… but I shall finish this rant, I could be here all week moaning about those out of touch tossers in power right now (however, I still wouldn’t have loony Labour back in power either, they are even MORE incompetent!)

Image taken from my little cameraphone yesterday at my local garage. Finally getting close!


OK, let’s get on with the spanking updates I promised 🙂

A good hard paddling of naughty schoolgirl Lena at Redstripe Films for getting it on with one of her friend’s mums in the gym until she is caught making out and given an almighty paddling by the Head Teacher as you’ll see below!




Check out the free movie preview on the tour pages HERE


Continuing the schoolgirl theme, the conclusion to “With Attitude” is now available to download at Punishedbrats.com and I am so getting Beverly Bacci right now… I love seeing her punish the other girls, even though I miss her as a sub… you can of course see Beverly’s sub films (and there are PLENTY!) in the PB archives. Anyway, check out Joelle’s punishment and the way Beverly admire’s her handiwork, it’s priceless!


Check out all the latest free movie previews from Punished Brats HERE


Bonus image taken from Chief’s crappy old fashioned camera phone! But was worth it 🙂

If only I took a film of her, the most mesmerising ass in the street I have seen in an age! *sigh*


Another film from Agean at Soundpunishment.com featuring the lovely petite round rump of Elizabeth Baxter is next and she gets a Triple (I like that word, lol) Thrashing Punishment. Hand, paddle and cane! There is also a chance to view some of his latest excellent films at this very English spanking site…

Sixth Form schoolgirl, and School Prefect, Elizabeth Baxter has been caught playing around with a boy from the nearby comprehensive school. She has been called to the Headmaster’s home so that her severe punishment is kept private. He spanks, paddles and then severely canes this petite schoolgirl until she is truly penitent!




See the latest films from the unique SoundPunishment.com


Jenna Jay is finally featured at NorthernSpanking.com and worth the wait in her introduction. She stars alongside David De Wolfe and this vibrant, pretty submissive girl next door is every spanko’s dream – she gives you plenty of excuses to spank her bottom with her foolish quibbling and cheeky responses to perfectly sane quastions! (fortunately)

Jenna Jay – now appearing at NorthernSpanking.com



You can see more of Jenna, panties down – at NorthernSpanking.com


Finally today, Dallas is my inspiration in the way Ten Amorette is spanked hard! I don’t know what is going on with the hat (lol) but it’s his handiwork we should admire as beautiful pouty spanko queen, Ten, gets a good old fashioned tanning across that big firm spankalicious butt of hers!

When I do indeed visit the States later this year, I will do everything in my power to ensure I get a chance to film Ten for my own website… safe in the knowledge she can take pretty much anything after her recent visit to Dallas 🙂


Now you know why I rate Ten sooooo highly! This is an amazing spanking film – don’t miss it!



OK, it’s late and I should be in bed as I have my own film shoot tomorrow… I can’t wait to let you now how it went! Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will – *wink*  🙂

Sunday Spanking Catch up

Gosh! It’s been a few days and I have just not had time to come on here until now, I really hate being away from blogging so hope to make up for this with a special update today. Remember that I had mentioned that at my site there was new girl Jenna Jay? Well, her full film is now up to download along with a ton of images, it was an introductory spanking which I had the “pleasure” of carrying out and I can tell you this girl is HOT! She is going to be something special for 2012, so we are happy to show you ahead of most of the competition as they are sure to invite her to film. In fact, I rarely do this but I wanted to get out a F/F schoolgirl punishment film for next week, and both Jenna and another fantastic first timer called Taylor will star in this movie alongside another new face, Emma who plays a very fierce and nasty headmistress… so thanks to Jenna for ruining my update schedule, lol! See what all the introductory fuss is about in the galleries I have made below, don’t you just love natural girl next door types? I know I do! Click images below to view more of Jenna:

OK, I shall move swiftly on as no doubt you are sick and tired of hearing about me bleating on about our little site (though if you do purchase our long standing Annual Deal giving you spankings at just $8.50 a month (that’s just around 5 of our British Pounds) then there is a special lottery entry that all members who have purchased this deal will get entered in for, and that includes those who purchased it before this month (you’ll find out more next week!) The Offer is a kind of Xmas bonus thing so will end Dec 24th and then I draw the prize at random from a list of those who have purchased the annual membership.


OK, well, where to next? As I have run out of time over the last few days, I’m gonna try and find galleries where possible to start with as these help me provide you with more info, so to our Brit friends at the following sites, thanks for providing these galleries as they help explain the latest updates… and they also have a special limited Xmas Deal on too knocking a generous $10 off their normal monthly price, and this remians permanent for as long as you are a member… so first off, check out English Spankers below and their latest film now out in full. (As ever, click images to enlarge or find the free gallery)

Check out a special FREE Movie preview clip of this schoolgirl film HERE


& over at SpankingSarah.com – this is what I want to see again, sarah in her sub role getting a good hard thrashing as we all know she can take, and this back to basics film with a very stern “Mr Stern” clicks all the right buttons for me, the images here that accompany Sarah’s film are great too! As you’ll discover!

Check out the free preview of this “cracking” movie HERE


& schoolgirl Leah (or Lena as I remembered her) is this week getting a strapping from Headmaster and that delightful wobbling butt of hers is indeed addictive viewing as you will see from this pretty teenager who is properly punished and humiliated in her latest episode shown at RedStripeFilms.com

& it goes without saying you can view a great freeview clip HERE!


Finally, another site with a similar offer for the Xmas period is SoundPunishment.com (so please do go check out their offers especially if you might be a returning member, why not take advantage of their generosity?) and I have pleasure in introducing yet another Masie Dee update from this site (I believe she is now based in Holland but comes over to film in England as and when) -anyway, feast your eyes on this lassie’s humiliating punishment, with her privates and anus fully displayed, no hiding place for her on that bench at all!!! Yikes!




Oh my! Checkout what other naughty films Masie has been involved in at SoundPunishment.com


Staying in the UK, my friends at NorthernSpanking.com are busy as usual providing consistently top notch spanking films and here is a little collection from the very latest updates you can check out from this past week!

There’s a new girl who I haven’t seen before called Sarah Jones, who has curves in all the right places and I just know that Paul would have had fum spanking her lovely bottom, below area few early preview pics of  her introduction, I can’t wait to see more! Yup, it features an argument over who owns the remote control for the TV… (we did a film of that recently as well, lol! Well… it’s a good place to start an argument and get someone over another’s knee, right?)



 The conclusion to the multi girl punishment films starring Pandora Blake, Aleesha Foxx & Xela Chaste by legendary Kane’s very own Josie Harrison-marks is what is next and I enjoyed this film immensely, as I am sure you will get an idea of what happens to the girls from these images shown below:



& I couldn’t think of anything more tempting than seeing Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen together, caned, spanked AND in jim-jams! Northern thought of it and alongside the ever impressive Stephen Lewis, You just know these 2 are going to be thoroughly punished as they should be!



Check out many more updates at NorthernSpanking.com


In Holland, Mike had been busy employing Sarah Bright from SpankingSarah.com that I had featured earlier… so once I had heard she was there filming, then I knew Mike would be dressing her up in his various uniforms, so how nice to see one of my fave uniform punishments, the thrashing of naughty air stewardesses… and of course, Sarah gets into deep trouble in no time at all (fortunately!)




Sarah Bright is an experienced stewardess who is joining the Europe Airlines team. During her first interview she got her contract to sign and she was told she had two days to learn her pre-flight safety speech and then to come back. When she returned it became obvious she had not learnt it so Mr Johnson took her over his knee and she got her first sound spanking at Europe Airlines.

You can see MORE of her punishment and the other specialist spankings HERE


Staying in Europe before I take a quick trip to the States for the final part of this update… I decided to go through my archives of what I had on this site as I wanted to check out Yasmin Garcia again, she filmed extensively with Bars-and-Stripes.com and her intake, for me, was one of the more memorable detentions. She went though the ritual punishments and degradation, she starred alongside Leia-Ann Woods as well, a true devotee to anything prison-like (and of course predatory with her fellow female inmates) but this time I’m focussing on her punishment with nasty warden O’Brien who gets off whacking her girls in her charge… never provoke Officer O’Brien, ladies!




Check out MORE prison style punishments at Bars-and-Stripes.com


I love seeing role reversals, so who better to see getting a good man spanking than one of the sassiest and cheekiest tops around, none other than cougar, Clare Fonda, who I gotta say still looks “fit as” as we say here in England!




Clare Fonda has some fantasies about being spanked by a younger man and she explores them with guest star Kyle Johnson in a nephew/aunt scene where discipline restores the age appropriate behavior as you’ll see here. Kyle gives his slutty aunt a good old fashioned hard man spanking that leaves her cougar cheeks burning bright red with shame!



Oh my goodness! Yes, I have “wood” – see Clare’s punishment in full at SpankedSweeties.com

& whilst I am on the subject of sweet looking girls getting a spanking, I was blown away by the pairing of Jenni Mack, and my nomination for spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci… Jenni’s red hair (surprise!) caught my attention and this sexy and slutty F/F spanking works on so many levels for me, especially when the girls are caught by Miss Chris and all hell breaks loose at Spankedcallgirls.com – I’m sorry, but when I like my F/F spankings, if they’re as sexy looking as this, I’m sold! Click on the images below for 2 fantastic galleries that better explain to you what happens next!

See MORE of Jenni and Veronica in “action” at the naughtiest punishment site – Spanked Callgirls


Remember that both these sites can be included as part of a package where you can choose 3,4 or 5 of Clare’s top rated sites as a pass for a fraction of the combined cost, the best multi site pass out there with NO repeats of content across her sites 100% guaranteed!


OK, that’s it for me for now, however, please do go check out these 2 clips stores below and other pay per download sites – as I will be adding much more content very soon and I promise you that if you don’t want to sign up for a membership and only want to view the odd films then these options below are especially for you! Enjoy!

& the original NaughtyBottom – still offering some classic movies at rock bottom prices with MORE new movies finally coming very soon (yay!)

Just who did wet the bed and other Spanksgiving treats

OK, as a Brit, I think it is rather selfish for our American cousins to be having 2 big family shindigs so close together, barely a month apart, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up (incidentally, if you guys *have* to choose… which is more important, could you choose?) I have a member of family over there and he is with his fiance’s family… no doubt tucking in to a huge turkey about now! I haven’t forgotten that Canadians have celebrated their Thanksgiving too, but it is much earlier… I don’t know why but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the seasons? Anyway, if anyone can enlighten me (I’m far too lazy to look it up on Google) then please do… and I will try to answer the first mystery tonight and also give you an idea of what is coming up, behind the scenes of AAAspanking.com as we are planning a big filmshoot over the weekend and Monday which I’m both excited about and quite nervous as it is going to be rather expensive (yikes!)

So, the burning question right now is “Who wet the bed?” Yup… Jasmine & Sophie won’t admit to me what babies they are by thinking they can sneak out and ebjoy their evening whilst muggins here has to cleab up after them… well, I certainly don’t stand for it as you’ll see and invent new and humiliating ways of investigating this heinous crime! There are 2 image galleries below which describe to you what is going on rather than me waffling here about it!

Click image below for the video image gallery

& if you STILL want to investigate further, perhaps this 2nd image gallery can assist!

I won’t spoil it just yet… but it’s a fun film and one we all enjoyed making (members will get the idea of us messing about as there is a reference to the girls claiming a cat did it… and you’ll see our editor messing around with the footage, blink and you’ll miss it!) Sorry to tease, but I thought it was funny, at least! Only Ceiling Cat knows… and he isn’t telling!

Boo! Ceiling Cat… such a meanie! Go play God on another blog you feline philanderer!

Well, I can only say a little for fear of fur and claws attacking me from up high, but I do remember that we were near the end of the day, it was baking hot outside (seems a world away now, sigh), the girls (I hope) had a good time as we all had lots of laughs and of course had to be mindful at the time of the neighbors, which none of us were happy about, closing the windows, and practically suffocating inside… but we did it and the final film we did which, for now I’m not sure will be out, was a bathroom scene and the girls were happy to get some colder water to cool them down before I whicked them off to the train station at the end of the day! So this film bring back happy zany memories and I hope that those who watch it in full will enjoy it too – Check out more right here


By the way, I’m not going to find any “Thanksgiving film references, it’s not me, really, I know some producers do this but I may stretch to a Christmas one (hmm, Danielle Hunt in Xmas gear, must think about that and get hold of her!)

So I’m just gonna show English films today 🙂

Check out this site which has improved a lot recently, with some old and new content mixed in, I recognize the first girl from way back when I had worked with her, though she was called Lena… here at Redstripefilms.com they call her Leah… it does not matter a jot as her bottom is still beautifully bouncy and oh so damned spankable! Check her out below!

When Leah turns up to her class without her school uniform she is sent to see the headmaster. He tells her to go and change into her uniform and return to him. Once back in front of him he decides to punish her with a traditional over the knee spanking onto her firm bottom. Despite her screams she is soundly spanked and you will get to see this magnificent rear take a deserved thrashing!




Click here for the free movie preview of this enticing punishment

This is how I also remember her at NaughtyBottom.com – click on image below to take you to the page that contains a free clip!


Finally today, I wanted to show you the latest goings on at NorthernSpanking.com – always a good place to stop by and these latest updates do not disappoint at all!

For lovers of girls with such rounded perfection as Kate, you will be thrilled to see her back in this recent update simply entitled “Brat”



Stephen has had enough of Kates untidiness and laziness, so when he finds her still in bed at lunchtime he decides its time for this little brat to be punished… and just check out her rounded rump as she moans and brats over his knee, her flesh turning red under his masterful strokes!

& NorthernSpanking are very proud to announce the following (as well as an awesome cast as you’ll see below), if you check out the images from the 1st part of this film you will understand their excitement!



Aleesha, Xela and Pandora are on Parole after a stint in prison for different offences. They meet their new Probation Officer, Josie, who is a far cry from the soft touch of Mr Mann, their previous officer. Whom, it has to be said, was more than flexible in allowing the girls a little discretion during their parole. This new officer however, is one tough cookie. And she means business!

Paul and Lucy are thrilled to welcome the LEGEND that is Josie Harrison-Marks, publisher and editor of Kane Magazine to our team of formidable Dommes.


& of course there is the added bonus of Sasha Harvey’s recent return as well!!!

See more of what to expect HERE


OK, have a great Thanksgiving, those that partake and stuff themselves silly on turkeys! Back soon.

Saturday Spankings – pt2

OK, before I go out tonight, here is the second part of my update… this is some of the stuff I have been viewing this weekend, and it’s well worth a look!

From Clare’s quality sites, I checked out her Spankedcallgirls.com site (via my CLARE FONDA PASS – which is better value) and do you remember me showing you the diaper girls recently? Well, Tegan was a new girl to Clare and now she is appearing (alongside the gorgeous Missy) at all of Clare’s sites and she plays a hooker babe called Daisy who fell asleep on the job!





Tegan Summers plays new callgirl Daisy who fell asleep on her “date.” Momma Clare gets Daisy’s pert buns very red. The California blond wishes she had never agreed to be one of Clare’s girls as she did not know it would be so rough. She learns the hard way to be a good little slut.

You can see all of Momma Clare’s naughtiest classy hooker babes and sluts getting what they deserve at the site she once admitted to me that she loves filming in… and I can see why as Clare has a lot of fun spanking these hot girls and this role is so suited to her being their bad ass “Momma” – See for yourself HERE

& don’t forget to check out the best value pass with no replicated films at her sites (see banner below for the various sign up options of 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice!)


& In England, the spankings don’t let up as Redstripefilms.com have some fantastic girl next door type spanking films and the latest of Honey Wells in her school uniform getting thrashed by Aunty Katie is excellent! I have a free preview clip as well as some choice images of the blubbering Honey in her authentic English uniform.





The school bully arrives home and her Aunty wants to know why she is in tears. After listening to the girl?s story and looking at the cane marks on her bottom she phones the headmaster. Once she knows the truth about the bullying and general bad behaviour she decides that more punishment is needed and bends the girl over the table for a blistering spanking on her marked bottom. Her tears and cries do not stop the punishment.

Check out more from this site that not only contains girls next door getting spanked but situations of real life sex and spankings which are an addictive mix – the tour pages have plenty of free previews to let you decide for yourselves just what it’s about – CLICK HERE for more


The next 2 sites I’m featuring here have had some fantastic new movies recently, mainly because I have absolutely fallen for these 2 girls, Scarlet and Paris… you’ll recognise them as I had featured them virtually everytime they appeared… so I have combined some of their most recent updates – images shown below are from Sarah’s site SpankingSarah.com where she finally canes the girls out of their cute gingham dresses…. and the free clip is one of the latest films to come from English-Spankers.com that has Mr Stern getting all the luck as he thrashes both girls after watching them flog each other naked (it’s a hard life but someone has to do these things!)




Sarah knows all about the cane, she has been caned many times but never to tears. Her object today is to cane these girls till the tears start to flow and boy do they get a caning. Their small pert bottoms are raised for the swish of the cane expertly applied…


See all the free previews with Sarah and the many girls like Paris & Scarlet HERE

I can assure you that next time I am up their way I will be barging in with our cameras and making some films but in the meantime please do check out why poor ol’ Chief here has some serious wood watching these girls continue to spank and flog each other below at English-Spankers


Seeing schoolgirl Elizabeth recently at SoundPunishment.com reminded me of one of her earlier films and I just loved the way she got treated in this film I’m about to remind you of… especially as the exasperated headmaster (in full authentic old school mortar board hat and gown had run out of ideas without resorting to severe corporal punishment) but nowadays, our feral girls will take a mile if you give them an inch… so it’s time to thrash bad girls like her to tears!

The Headmaster has run out of disciplinary measures for dealing with naughty schoolgirl Elizabeth. Detention and writing lines have all failed to curb her waywardness and inattention in class. Now only lines of another kind are left.



Don’t forget to check out their tour pages that contains recent free movie previews… they’re pretty good and show you exactly what you’ll get!!!

Girls like Elizabeth & other naughty brats are punished the traditional way at SoundPunishment.com


OK, I’m off out to the fireworks display – be good and hope your weekend is fun! Chief

Girls, Models, Milfs… all need spanking!

This still isn’t my promised mega update, I had planned to do something else, but every now and then I get distracted and instead post something else that grabs my attention. Oops! Sorry! But I think you’ll like today’s little post anyways 🙂 I had recently been watching some older ladies getting spanked (as I often do anyway) but what got me was the way that they so deserved their punishment and took it… well, quite tearfully! I also have some brand new updates and of course that’s where I’m going to start today with a fantastic new feature length movie from BunBeatingFun.com as my good man, Greg (aka TMS-The Mystery Spanker) gives this bratty, potty mouthed model, Charity, something she should have received a lonnnnng lonnnnng time ago!

Below are some images and a contrasting spanking scene where her already very sore bottom had been spanked for well over 20 minutes and was soothed by some ice cubes… but of course that means a moist wet bottom is also ripe for a final spanking, right? & you can check out what Greg had to say about this latest girl as well!


In the course of our initial conversation with this naughty minx, she made mention of suffering from a rather nasty sunburn and then went on to tell us that she would be unavailable for at least a week. Charity, you see, is a Florida girl and on the beaches down there the summer sun can wreak true havoc on a young lady’s skin. Not nearly so much as the flat of a man’s hard swung palm on that of her bouncing bare bottom however. Charity, we’ve little doubt, was “unavailable” for a rather longer spell after her visit with us and, given both her poor attitude and her potty mouth, we can only regard that as a good thing.  A very good thing!



Don’t miss more of naughty Charity getting what she deserved HERE


I’m really starting to like the feel and look of RedStripeFilms.com as they continue to show real women of all ages shapes and ability to take a punishment… and the first is a favotite of mine, Katie Didit who I have to admit I have a thing for! She’s great, both as a dominating mother or aunt figure and as a great sub that can really take a good thrashing! This role below shows just what she can take! Ouch!

Police woman Sarah has punished bad driver Katie in an unofficial capacity. Not content with the punishment administered she starts to use a selection of heavy paddles on poor Katie’s bottom. She is soon marked and feeling the pain of the beating then Sarah picks up the cane and bends her over for a long hard caning. Now it may be that Sarah is not really a police woman, perish the thought, but she looks the part, strict and nasty and oh, so dominant! (and Katie oh so submissive!)

Joanne wants to be spanked by her boyfriend; he is not sure what to do so contacts RedStripe for help. He soon has her over his knee and after some initial reluctance and some kicking from his lady he sets about her bottom like an expert. This girl ends up with one of the hardest spankings we have seen administered to any first timer;! Indeed it would be hard by anyone’s standard. A great real sexy spanking scene, high heels stockings and kicking legs!


& of course I couldn’t go without showing you what Sarah Bright from SpankingSarah.com is up to… this time ensuring that a very naughty nurse Clover who she caught about to hop into bed with her supposedly “ill” man gets not just one dose of a paddle… but a DOUBLE dose! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!

Nurse Clover is having a real bad day, not only has she been punished for seducing her patient, it now turns out that she has been stealing from him as well. Sarah is not about to put up with that and the patient suddenly seems to get a new lease of life when it is decided that Clover should be punished by both of them. Two stout paddles are found and clover is placed over the bed, her uniform is taken off and this double paddling gets underway!

Of course, Sarah just doesn’t carry out the punishments… oh no, she is a self confessed naughty minx that also needs correction , often for lewd conduct… and can take a thrashing unlike many other girls! Some choice images below you won’t find on the outside of her site, will… I think prove my point!




OK, you get the idea, right? If you haven’t already, please do check out Sarah’s excellent tour pages HERE that show off HD quality preview clips including the very latest of the double paddling of poor Clover (it’s a cracker!)


& so to a cracking punishment I had watched again recently courtesy of DallasSpanksHard.com and this was a unique long play film which I hope Dallas won’t  mind me taking a sliver of a clip from to show you guys as it’s an awesome piece with a mother of one of his earliest models, Cienna… getting it… yup, her mother, Ann. In case you’d forgotten about this, it was very popular at the time as he had receiv ed requests for more matures… (I hadn’t forgotten and as I’m posting a few more mature things today… I thought I’d finally include it in this relevant post!) To be honest, seeing Ann take her punishment, a grown woman, a very attractive older lady, in fact… brought to tears.. well… wow! I’ll let you see a short clip of Ann receiving the razor strap (one of many various punishments she got including, of course a good hard warm up OTK spanking we all know and love from Dallas!)



This is what Dallas had to say about this amazing & unusual punishment request (below):

We have never encountered a daughter requesting her mother come to me for discipline… until this happened! Seems one of our first models – Cienna – had a problem with her mom and her mom’s mid-life crisis. Cienna felt her mom Ann was going way overboard with some of her actions when it came to her newly discovered nightlife. When Ann started with a slew of one night stands and late nights, Cienna felt she needed to step in and ask for my help. Cienna laid the hammer down to mom, either slow down… or we are done as mom and daughter. A little drastic perhaps, but Ann did decide to come to me for the motivation to help her achieve this bridge.
I had Ann report to me and sit her down to discuss what was going on. She was kind of pissed that her daughter was pulling the power play. I covered the agreement she made with Cienna before standing her against the mantle to await my punishments. After the hand spankings had left her bottom on fire, I had her lay down on the ottoman where I REALLY TURNED UP THE HEAT! I got out my implements and one at a time BLISTERED her bare bottom. She tried to hold back and bare the pain but I forced her to let go as the TEARS started and her sobbing makes her whole body quake! If you love the thought of a mature woman being spanked until the tears pour down her face, THIS ONE WILL BE ONE YOU WATCH TIME AND AGAIN!

& with that, I totally concur! If you want to see MORE of Ann’s punishment & similar


OK, I have to bring this to a close, I just don’t have enough time at the moment which is really frustrating so here’s something which I’m working on at AAAspanking.com – finally getting to upload some galleries to make it easier for people to see and appreciate what we have, this is just a small collection below and I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more soon all over t’Internet! Enjoy!





Don’t forget that there’s a whole load of HD free clips on the deliberately extensive tour pages!

A brand new film goes up tomorrow as well, so be sure to check that out or pop back here when I bring you first news of that, I haven’t even decided which film it will be just yet 🙂

Spanking Galleries

Well, it happens, a combination of other work commitments and writers block means today, you won’t have to put up with my ramblings and instead I have collected together a whole load of galleries for you to check out! I have tried to collect something a little different, with REAL women, girls next door… and truly gritty and naughty spankings of women of all ages and sizes, celebrating punishments and kinky spankings, mainly domestic discipline that I hope you will appreciate! It’s not all about spanking bimbos and impossibly cute young things… this is the real stuff we get up to behind closed doors here in Britain! Enjoy! Some of these galleries provided by the following spanking sites are, frankly… damned good and well worth further investigation! I’m a member of all the sites shown below and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise!

Red Stripe Films – Dedicated to sex and spankings, real women, older ladies with attitude, real wives, girlfriends and the girls next door who get strapped, paddled and caned when they misbehave!







For more – Click here to view loads of free previews from Red Stripe Films


The next set of galleries are taken from Sarah England’s website – SpankingSarah.com and this is a great site, part of the same group of sites I am featuring today, but of course with the focus on Sarah as both sub and domme, this is a real life spanko and blogger that really shows a naughty side to her spanking punishments! the site is dominated by sarah, but of course there are plenty of guest appearances from folk in her life and the archives contain lots of sex and spanking too which is rather pleasant to view 🙂 – So if you’re into seeing a real life spanko, (she’s incredibly tall so it can be rather satisfying to see her subdued or if you’re a naughty girl she will obviously appear intimidating, I would imagine!) then do check out Sarah and friends – the images below lead to galleries showcasing most of her recent HD movie updates!







Check out Sarah and friends – FREE Movie previews HERE


& finally today, from the main site in this group we have English-Spankers.com – they led the HD revolution a while ago so have the largest collection of films on this higher resolution format and of course the spankings are far more disciplinary in nature, covering corporal punishments of schoolgirls, wives, the new collections of untried girls and auditions, which I like and generally some red hot talent more recently showcasing women of all ages and, I have noticed more recently, lots of glamour models experimanting with spanking… which is worth noting too! The images below all lead to yet more galleries! Hope you enjoy this little diversion today! Chief.







If you want to see FREE HD Movie Previews from this site – Click Here

Laugh your Ass off!

I was in a real reminiscent mood today, bemoaning the crap that is on TV nowadays like the dreadful talent & reality shows spawned the world over… so I went onto Youtube for a giggle as I remembered growing up with “It’s a Knockout!” or “Jeux sans Frontieres” as they called it in Europe… and the best shows were after all the local national ones when we’d have the big competitions between the nations of Europe every Friday night… and “boy” did they provide a lot of laughs… please, whatever you do, please just waste a couple of minutes looking at the clip below, I PROMISE it will make you laugh out loud… this was one of the infamous games (The Penguins) and poor ol’ Doug from Britain really was making a mess of it. But of course, for me… what always made this show was the laughing from Stuart Hall (he’s still going strong nowadays but as a football commentator… just less laughter!)… he would literally wheeze and cry at the antics… I fail to see how anyone can not laugh with him, it is so addictive… so please… do enjoy this diversion before I bring you the spankings  I have for you today!

It really gets going on 1 min 40 …. “Go on Douggie!!!”

& so to the spankings… I am writing this with a BIG smile on my face, so as I’m in a good mood, let’s see what I was viewing earlier today from some of the UK websites first of all!

What better way to start than a look back at one amazing girl who plays such a tempting schoolie (I should know!) and that is Jasmine Lau, I think the images below of her OTK spanking and slippering do the punishment the justice that it deserves! These are taken from the exclusive recent updates found only from Agean’s excellent site SoundPunishment.com



You can see many fantastic Free Movie previews including Jasmine (above) by CLICKING HERE


Now what you may not realize is that Gawping Cat (cousin of OMG Cat) – yeah… they get around, these kittehs, eh? Anyway, as I was saying… what you may not have known is that this poor cat sat through the entire audition and more of the very slinky Lotty (who I have seen elsewhere but no where near as sexily portrayed as she is at Redstripefilms.com – so credit goes to a bare foot Mr Stern for bringing out the best in this very satisfying visual treat…. and thanks for showing off Lotty as beautifully as I knew she could appear! Well done… and now to find some darning materials for my trouser bumpage region (damned stitching is coming loose in the groin area for some bizarre reason!)

Lotty takes her 1st OTK and Implement Spanking in the buff at Red Stripe Films (below)



Slim teenager Lotty is in for a surprise, she had been spanked before but wanted to see what it felt like to try out various instruments of punishment. We welcome the interest of one so young and in the spirit of encouragement we had Mr. Stern bring along a selection of his finest whips, paddles and spanking tools. Lotty stood up to the application of the various instruments quite bravely, we are not sure if she will indulge her fantasy for being punished any further but you can see her great film exclusive to this site.

See Lotty being punished in a FREE Movie Preview HERE


Next up is gorgeous newcomer, Elle… who has the most amazing curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile and of course, a butt that cries out for us spankos to feast upon… I’ll let the images below do their magic… but this is one lady that deserves more attention!!!



An audition for English Spankers can be a very painful affair as Elle is finding out. After agreeing to be spanked for the first time she now has to decide, will she take the leather paddle. She agrees and bends over for the first hard strokes on her bottom. She did not realise just how painful it can be as you will see from her reactions but she did take all the strokes we had planed for her, was her bottom red and marked? See for yourself in our free film on the web site

More previews of beautiful glamour model Elle available HERE


& finally today… in the spirit of cross European “Jeux sans Frontieres” mirth and co-operation… our friends from The Netherlands (I can’t remember if the teams with the NL plates did well as we were always laughing at our own hapless representatives) have a brand new Airline Stewardess movie update from the Europe Airlines section at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Now I love this section so seeing it updated again and this time with Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, it couldn’t go wrong… and didn’t! Enjoy this uniform spanking special… I most certainly did!

On the flight to Athens stewardesses Amelia and Pandora decided to try out some new fake eyelashes in the toilet. They spent over 25 minutes in there and the passengers started to complain. This reached Mr. Johnson and both girls were soon in his office facing another sore bottom. Mr. Johnson, after scolding them, decided a sound over the knee thrashing with the heavy leather paddle was in order followed by some humiliating cornertime.




Check out MORE of this and all the latest specialist uniform punishments HERE


I hope you enjoyed this uplifting update, I’m gonna be away this weekend so I will get you a few updates on this blog and elsewhere before I go away… take care and hope you had fun reading today’s post 🙂

Regards, Chief.