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Spanked and Fucked

This is the title of the latest full-length 28 mins film being released at Intimate Spanking today and here is a very special review of it with exclusive 1st show images you won’t find anywhere else at the time of writing.

When Sarah & I came up with the concept of making our own erotic and intimate spanking videos, we always wanted to film something a little special, something that appeals to either sex, even if we were to depict sex and spanking. Since this is solely an F/F spanking concept (no old or ugly guys like myself) or random male hands interfering with the women… this is a girl on girl clip store with the emphasis on sexy/sexual/erotic and intimate spanking play and punishments. So who better than to have 2 hot redheads (who know and work with each other) be the first to make a strap on spanking and fucking film for us?

So please welcome Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in the Sonoma region in the SF Bay area a couple of years ago at a wonderful location… so we just had to film this super hot erotic spanking movie! Check out the images and the free clip (c/o spanking tube) and remember the only place to see this film in full is at the Intimate Spanking clip store. You won’t find these films on Russian owned piracy sites or freeloader boards…  be the first to enjoy this amazingly hot, sexy as hell, spanking and fucking film for those who really adore this type of genre.

spanked n fucked

Spanked & Fucked
Starring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna Lain and Amber Dawn are 2 smoking hot redhead girlfriends who want to inject some kinky play into their sex life and decide on spanking which excites them both. Amber and Luna take turns fondling and caressing each other’s round bottoms, slapping them, and using a sexy riding crop that they had recently purchased. Things get steamier quickly as Amber uses a vibrator on Luna, spanking her cheeks from behind, spreading her legs to make sure the vibrator edges her close to orgasm. Amber also gets fucked with a vibrator as she is spanked next, and asks Luna to spank her harder. This film moves up a gear as Amber brings her girlfriend to a shuddering climax with her varied spanking rhythms and the strong vibrator. Once Luna’s contractions subside, Amber knows that her young GF likes to take charge with her strap-on… wanting to fuck her with that big fat cock. Amber is so wet that Luna’s strap-on easily slides into her welcoming pussy and Amber moans as she begs to be spanked harder and harder while she rides on that thick cock to a loud orgasm! It seems these 2 ladies have discovered the passion of sex and spanking… this intimate spanking film is every bit as hot and smoldering as these 2 redheads!

intimate spanking


[jwplayer mediaid=”62337″]

This clip is lower quality – Full Downloads in MP4 & MOV formats are HD1080

For the full archive of intimate spanking content – CLICK HERE

spanked and fucked

More Hot F/F Spanking Videos

Just a quick update on a few spanking sites that are featuring some really hot all girl action today! These are the types of spankings I love to see when the mood gets me, like erotic or sensual spankings, girls enjoying each other’s company and not afraid to show it! The following spankings are from 3 different sites that I all love (the first, naturally) and so I start with the very latest update from AAAspanking.com and as promised earlier this week, Sarah has a beautiful new girl next door type, never seen anywhere else until now. She is still not able to drink legally in the USA, and has the exotic name of Aysel Zeeling (Aysel rhymes with Hazel). I love that fresh girl next door look so when she arrived this strawberry blonde had no tattoos, flawless pale skin and a smile to light up a room. She is fairly local to Sarah in the US so I expect after this entertaining filmshoot (we seriously shot some amazing scenes later in the day as well) she will be back, I hope so!

Aysel Zeeling’s 1st Wheelbarrow Spanking

with sarah Gregory at AAAspanking.com

aysel wheelbarrow spanking

Sarah had just introduced beautiful girl next door, Aysel Zeeling, to her group of sites so of course this was a girl Sarah couldn’t resist spanking in an intimate & revealing position. Would Aysel take on the challenge of joining the infamous AAA Wheelbarrow Club? She really was a sweet girl, 20 years old & refreshingly tattoo free. Her innocent looks make this irresistable viewing as Aysel took her second spanking of the day in a naked predicament! However, Aysel proved she was more than capable of withstanding this new experience as she later admitted that she really enjoyed the headspace of being spanked in such a vulnerable way. Sarah was happy too & glad that she could make Aysel’s day by fulfilling a fantasy of hers on her very first spanking shoot.

wheelbarrow spanking Aysel Zeeling at AAAspanking.com Aysel takes her first wheelbarrow spanking aysel_wb06 handprint spanking spanking aysel_wb09 Sarah Gregory spanks Aysel in the nude aysel_wb11 naked otk spanking aysel_wb13 intimate spanking aysel_wb15 aysel_wb16 close up view first time spanked revealing position OTK girl next door spankings


This video is also available IN FULL HD at both Clip Store options of AAA (see below)

aaalibrary600 aaaspanking clips store - click here


Next, from FirmhandSpanking.com the latest installment between 2 very hot young ladies. Melanie Taylor again has beautiful Dani Daniels over her knee for a bare bottom spanking punishment!

Bouncing bare bottom soundly spanked:
Dani Daniels pays for a night out


Sorority Sisters can be real strict on discipline, as Dani Daniels learns after staying out all night. Senior Melanie Taylor gets to the bottom of it as she puts Dani’s pert, round behind over her knee for a sound spanking, panties down. Will a red, sore bottom teach Dani that being a spoilt brat counts for nothing with Melanie. Will it be her last spanking?

sisters_ch003 sisters_ch005 sisters_ch010 sisters_ch011 sisters_ch013 sisters_ch015 sisters_ch016 OTK spanking sisters_ch021 sisters_ch022 Dani Daniels spanking aftermath




Finally (yes, it’s brief today) something different and from a site I love… it’s been far too long since I last updated you with any news of Amber Dawn at SpankAmber.com – this was also one of my most favorite films, Amber found this cute dancer called Roxy… Roxy is, um… Foxy! She can tease and strip and gyrate, I was hooked after a couple of minutes and then couldn’t wait to see Amber play with this sultry vixen. See the evidence of their playtime (below). just one of 100s of films Amber has lovingly created over many years with her Daddy making it one of the best real life couple sites and a look into their lifestyle out on the interwebz!

roxy02 roxy03 roxy04 roxy05 roxy06 Amber spanks Roxy roxy08 roxy09 roxy10 roxy11 roxy12 roxy13

Amber’s site gets you access to all her spankings in the M/F & F/F categories plus updates on her webcamming exploits and scenes from some of her hot online interactions as a natural redhead webcam & glamour model!




Coming soon!

Bookings for this event are HERE to the largest National Spanking Party based out of Houston TX

International Kiss a Ginger Day

I just found out it is International Kiss a Ginger Day – January 12th! Damn… I think by kiss, they mean SPANK – or in my world that is the case.


Kissing is fine… but I love seeing redhead girls spanked even more!!! #corekink

Ginger-And-Proud-Star1As it’s rushed, here are 3 choice redheads (gingers) that I love seeing spanked and although there are many more, I would like to get this out before it turns into the 13th. remember, I am a redhead lover… pale skin and red hair is a turn on… but that is not to say I find brunettes and blondes any less attractive, oh god no… I just appreciate redheads where some people (luckily for me) miss out on their obvious attractions.

In my world of spanking – 3 such lovely ladies spring to mind, I’ll leave you some compromising images and where they are available to view more of from the websites they are from (if you like) – to view hot, passionate flame haired ladies too!


Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com (how could I ever not include her?)

amber amber0 amber1 amberdawn


Veronica Ricci – Stunning!!! (click images to find out more)

veronica2 veronica3 veronica4 veronica1

Nikki Rouge someone I’d LOVE to work with – (click images for more info)

nikkirouge nikkirouge1 nikkirouge3 nikkirouge4



Yay! That’s better! 😉

Site Watch – SpankAmber

Hello everyone, I know that not many people look forward to Mondays, even more so after a holiday period and the vast majority of you all are back commuting and such. Myself? I actually like Mondays, it’s the start of another week of spanking updates… and to be honest, as I work mainly from home I don’t set aside holiday time in the strictest sense; weekends and holidays have never bothered me like some who want their precious downtime which I can understand. & with it being the new year (and most probably a lot of resolutions broken already) it was nice to visit Amber’s site HERE and see that it’s a had a little bit of a colorful makeover…


the orange theme is gone, now replaced with a primarily blue/azure theme and background. It’s actually quite nice and clean… although I have always associated Amber Dawn with red since she is one of the sexiest redhead spankos known to man (and woman) kind! Still… visit her site and you get access to all areas where SpankAmber and AmberSpanks were different sites they have now been joined together as a super site with a vast collective archive with tons of bonus content too…

hard to believe that it was opened nearly 8 years ago now… wow! It seemed like yesterday when I had contacted her for the 1st time saying how much I loved what she was doing. I still do. Amber is one of those truly original spankos, who with her daddy, make great domestic and intimate spanking films which I have always got into from Day One.
There is A LOT of content – and so varied… a lot is quite sexual with her Lucky man (Daddy) and also features Amber playing and spanking some very sexy exclusive girls to her site… I was kinda hoping she might have made the trip to Vegas at the end of February when I would be there… but alas, it isn’t to be. However… please do check out Amber’s latest spanko plaything, Hollie Cakes (love the name) … images are taken directly from the movie!

Warning: Watching the tease show pictures & spanking of Hollie by Amber may cause Trouser Arousal & a need for some delicious Cream Horn cakes!


Introducing Hollie Cakes – strip tease!

hollycakes001 hollycakes002 hollycakes003 hollycakes004 hollycakes005 hollycakes006


The spanking of Hollie is a simple storyline that we all love and know so well… Amber has a new maid, chosen by her man, in a tight skimpy and sexy outfit… and it’s obvious why she got chosen! Hollie is stunning in her maid’s uniform and Amber can’t help but bitch at the girl less fortunate than herself. She dragged Hollie over her lap when she wasn’t happy with her poor work, Amber spanked this sexy young thing solid for over 10 minutes, all the time getting off to what she was doing to this young babe. Hollie’s cheeks soon reddened and speckled beautifully as Amber continued to spank and grope the girl’s cheeks until she decided to watch her doing some humiliating walltime before letting Hollie resume her work! This film features a lot of split screen action as you will see from these video images.

hollycakes007 hollycakes008 hollycakes009 hollycakes010 hollycakes011 hollycakes012 hollycakes013 hollycakes014 hollycakes015 hollycakes016 hollycakes017 hollycakes018

Finally there is also a nice outdoor bonus movie of Hollie showcasing her bountiful assets in public as she strips off on the porch and displays her charms and freshly spanked bottom to the world! O-M-G! Check her out below… I think the “maid” might need to sweep the outside porch too, he he!

hollycakes025 hollycakes024 hollycakes023 hollycakes022 hollycakes021 hollycakes020 hollycakes019

Images from the films are more explicit but I think you get the idea! Check out all of Amber’s latest video releases, including this one with the lovely Hollie Cakes at SpankAmber.com



north-korean-flag-SMALL& as it’s a  New Year, I decided to start a new topic with a bit of fun which I will normally keep separate from main posts –  but if you have any suggestions (the more spanko and twisted/appropriate the better as you will see) then here is my out take on North Korea’s number one chubbster leader, Kim Jong-un – featuring in ” What did Kim see?” I should be safe for at least a week since Mr Obama kindly blocked Mr Jong-un’s internet services… let’s hope he doesn’t do a Google search later, hehe!

What did Kim Jong-un see? #1


Spanking Halloween Week Pt4


BDSM Hello Kitty – Happy Halloween!

It is a record temperature for Halloween here in the UK, expected daytime temperatures of 70f (21c) and a reasonably mild evening means that kids will be plaguing my place later for treats, so this one time I have stocked up on them, I don’t fancy my car being burnt or windows smashed in (did I say I live in a rough neighbourhood? LOL… Just kidding!) Still, the sun is shining outdoors and I feel like I should enjoy it after this post as it will really be the last chance with winter storms and a dramatic drop in temperature predicted sometime this weekend onwards… I know, we have been spoilt with an unseasonally mild September and October here in Britain (whoever says Global Warming is a myth is a fool, or a Republican)… now it will be service as usual when November kicks off *sigh*

The final part to the Halloween week sees a special double film fest from Sarah Gregory’s sites… the first was a memorable spanking film I helped make alongside Alex Reynolds, being daddy to 2 very unruly sisters – this is just a straight forward no nonsense good old fashioned humiliating spanking punishment for 2 deserving brats! With a Halloween twist, of course! 🙂

This is The Halloween Spanking Special – from SarahGregorySpanking.com



Sarah is Alex’s little sister and is always copying her. When she buys the same bunny outfit as her older sister, Alex has had enough. Sarah annoys her so much in general but this is the last straw. They are both in their bunny costumes and get into a sister fight, pulling hair, throwing pillows and yelling. Daddy is not happy at this behavior from his daughters. What they need is a good hard bare bottom spanking. He spanks them both individually for the other to watch, then side by side.

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-019 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-023


The sisters continued to brat and mouth off so they were told they’d get punished in front of each other… then more humiliatingly, side by side. That has them behaving a little more contritely!!!

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-051 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs1-057


003 006

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-030 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-053

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs2-069 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-010

014 015

As promised, they were to be punished side by side after removing the offending costumes which had caused the arguments and fighting in the first place. Daddy was going to throw these pieces of troublesome clothing away so neither girl had an advantage over the other – and of course the best way to ensure they’d remember and learn to behave was an embarrassing bare bottom thrashing. Pulling their panties down he ensured that each smack counted as they grimaced and took their spanking next to each other.

0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-016 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-026 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-035


0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-050 0182_halloween_special_2014_grabs3-056



Poor Sarah & Alex! You can see the full HD film now at SarahGregorySpanking.com


There’s an awesome new film for the Holiday period too from MommaSpankings.com … it’s called “Prank Punishment” – it stars redhead, Melody Nore as the naughty daughter of Miss Chris (and you certainly don’t want to get on her bad side!!!)


It’s Halloween and Melody has decided to go trick or treating even though she is too old for that. She is 19 and should be at home helping mom hand out candy. When people refuse to give this teenager candy she plays some not so nice pranks on them (leaving them tricks because she doesn’t get treats). Mom hears of this crude behavior and gives her naughty daughter a hard bare bottom spanking and hairbrushing when she gets home.


momma-130-019 momma-130-023

momma-130-035 momma-130-037

momma-131-003 momma-131-004


momma-131-013 momma-131-015

 momma-131-021 momma-131-030 momma-131-032

I just watched this HD1080 film and it is every bit as “ouchy” as these pictures show it to be!!! “Ouch!”


momma-131-036 momma-131-038 momma-131-039

Stern and harsh discipline can always be found at MommaSpankings.com

Now you can get access to both sites at a considerable discount as a member of the Sarah Gregory Pass
See HERE for more details (or click banner below) on how to join up to both sites with one membership.


Happy Halloween – & don’t be mean Trick or Treating!


Sensual Spankings – Part 1

There’s a special 2 parter today – so do come back later when I have collected the images I need for my second post, I promise you will like this if it is your thing 🙂

I have devoted part 1 to one of my favourite spanking models – Amber Dawn – and as it’s getting more wintry here now… watching these set of movies with stunning redhead, Amber and Sophia Locke on Amber’s fine Site Network HERE – I was amazed at just how addictively good watching Sophia and Amber together was! There’s another movie which I haven’t had time to cover here… it’s all about Amber sneaking up on Sophia in the pool that you will see below in the dark and abusing her for her own selfish pleasure – it’s HOT. However, these 2 films, one in the pool… and the other with Sophia in a split screen movie over Amber’s lap will more than give you enough idea as to what you can see recently!

Warning: Will most definitely cause severe #TrouserArousal for gentlemen with unruly nether regions… & ladies, those of you inclined to be turned on by girl/girl play and spankings please ensure gussets are not ruined! Thank you.


Sophia is filmed with Amber’s special underwater cam which is intensely cool… the actual film footage is much better and fluid (pardon the wording) but you get the idea as Sophia teases us with some hidden underwater play and Amber catches some great angles of Sophia’s bare bottom, pussy and feet as she swims to the side to reveal more. Amber is then filmed play with and groping, making out with gorgeous Sophia in the pool… I have to say, Amber has got by far the best out of Sophia in any spanking situation… she looks absolutely gorgeous in these films… this is one girl I now desperately want to work with on one of my many visits to the states next year!!! Thanks to Amber’s sexy footage!

ambersophia002 ambersophia003 ambersophia004

ambersophia005 ambersophia006


ambersophia008 ambersophia009

ambersophia010 ambersophia011

Check out footage from this film by looking at SpankAmber.com


ambersophia012 ambersophia014

ambersophia015 ambersophia016


I haven’t seen a split screen film in entirety before, but in this case, it works. Sophia appeals to my love of redheads, of course… and it’s a double delight for me as she is spanked by Amber… Sophia has a fantastic spankable butt as you will see and Amber enjoys slapping, smacking and kneading those tight cheeks… bringing out the redness from a nicely spanked bottom! Check out the face cam and butt cam split screen angles, they work perfectly on close up… You can see Amber getting up close and personal to Sophia as well… a nice touch with the sex toy makes this a super hot girl on girl erotic spanking film!


ambersophia020 ambersophia021 ambersophia022

ambersophia023 ambersophia024


ambersophia026 ambersophia027

ambersophia028 ambersophia029

Oh my… isn’t this a smoking film? Just some of the many typical hot unique girl girl discipline films Amber has worked on to her style over the years, all filmed by her daddy – they know what’s hot and what is not, don’t you think? #schwiiing!


Join up to SpankAmber.com and access to all 3 sites in her network – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Spanking Start to the Weekend!

Oh boy! What a way to start the weekend… if you are reading this, then you are in for a real visual treat as I bring you some very special films, some with clips for you to gawp over and admire too! I won’t waffle on so will just get right on with it as these films are way too important to just fill with my inane rambling today!!!

First today I will start with my own site update and as promised, new girl Melody Nore impressed with a rather traditional OTK spanking followed by a much more intimate and revealing wheelbarrow session to see what she was made of (literally!). Now you know I like redheads, there is something about leaving marks on such beautiful pale skin, anyway, I am  digressing somewhat as you will see. Melody and I had a blast making some films from the recent Chicago Moon Spanking Party and she was keen to see if she could take the embarrassment of the wheelbarrow position after I warmed her up with my hand and a very “handy” leather hand spanking strap… since Melody is a big player, her bottom took some time to mark up from scratch and I was giving it hell… as you will see! Incidentally, this was a day after I had paid a visit to the ER for my new found asthma… but the meds had kicked in so I felt relatively strong and gave her a memorable debut at AAAspanking.com

Introducing Melody Nore – making an impressive OTK & wheelbarrow debut


Below is the official storyline with the good sized clip and some more (reduced size) screen images… AAA Members get the images at full resolution (1920×1080) which are the same sizes as the full HD film in both WMV and MP4 versions.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads I’ve met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too! So when I met Melody at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party, I was very keen to play with her and also film a few good spanking movies for my membership! I was not disappointed… This was our first and an interesting introduction as I took her over my lap for a more traditional OTK spanking over her shorts, then on her pale bare bottom before I used a special leather hand spanking strap later on… but of course, I also wanted young Melody to become the latest addition to my infamous “Wheelbarrow Club” which you will also discover was a great finale to her first ever film at AAAspanking.com

melody003 melody009

melody029 melody044

melody055 melody074

melody085 melody099

melody112 melody120

melody127 melody129

melody131 melody141

melody156 melody169




You can also download this film in various full HD formats at the CLIPS STORE



MORE TO COME… I am editing this post… come back SOON!

Anne of Red Bottoms

American Literature was never my strong point… I suffered/tolerated and did reasonably well at high school with “English Literature” – old classics from Chaucer (14th century for goodness sake!), Shakespeare (16th century, but actually rather good once you understood them) and early novels by Henry Fielding such as “Tom Jones” from the 18th century (in fact he was credited with writing the first ever novel as I vaguely recall) – I also remember suffering Milton’s “Paradise Lost” book of poems whatever they were (11 & 12?) – all I remember from my fantastic English teacher (who was my idol and mentor when I was 17 at school) was that in order for us to understand those books we had to read the 1st two, he apologised to us and mentioned just how sneaky our school’s examination board were to do such a thing… but I digress. As I said, American literature for me was a no no… I’m pretty much clueless and ignorant in that regards, so when Sarah explained to me that her latest film at MommaSpankings.com was a play of words on a novel called “Anne of Green Gables” – I had to look it up in Wikipedia (you can too HERE if you like) – “Anne of Red Bottoms” is just a nice play on words and a good excuse to spank a young madam in period costume – but I heartily approve, and it looks great!


This film also features an early scolding and spanking scene by Dana’s character (Marilla) of Givan (Matthew)

annered002 annered003 annered004

annered005 annered006

annered007 annered008


Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked. Feisty Melody Nore plays “Anne”, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Anne’s best friend. Uncle Givan plays Matthew and Dana plays Marilla. In the first scene, Matthew gets spanked by his sister Marilla for bringing home a girl when he promised to adopt a boy. Next, Anne is spanked for being a girl and having a cheeky attitude. In part two, the girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Marilla comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.


annered011 annered012

annered013 annered014 annered015


See both girls thoroughly scolded and spanked by Momma Dana as only she knows how!

(join her 2 sites with the same codes for $10 less!)


I shall be back later with a more comprehensive round up to finish the weekend!
With thanks to the novels of L M Montgomery for today’s feature update



More HOT Monday Spankings

Another new week, I won’t mention anything about St Patrick’s Day other than this bit… to be honest, I find it odd that everyone wants to drink warm green beer or dress up and look a total idiot (I could’ve said much worse) with those ridiculous oversized hats and spout on about the motherland or the Emerald Isle when they are 1/8 Irish or some such bullshit… no, today, I shall just get straight into some fantastic spanking updates and hidden delights you miss at your peril… let’s get it on, Monday People, and embrace another new week… let’s see what is out there!


Beautiful redhead Amber Dawn from spankamber.com shows us how she spanks her fantastic girls she finds, like this submissive blonde called Anna… as you’ll get to see many parts of Amber’s site network with one set of codes, you can see Anna teasing and showing us what she is made of in the more “vanilla” solo girl section… and of course then there’s the hot spanking… I’m featuring this one today where Anna get’s spanked for continually eating phallic shaped candy… a perfect excuse for Amber to spank her… and of course get to grab and feel this natural girl’s body, perfect little titties and admire just how red her bottom gets… I loved the hair pulling and Amber’s lecherous demeanour throughout this film, she really got off on spanking this girl… it shows and it’s HOT!

Anna teases us and strips for the camera…


anna002 anna003 anna004

…then she is punished for eating too much naughty shaped candy!


anna006 anna007

anna009 anna010 anna011

anna012 anna008

See MORE HOT images & films of Amber showing us her spanktastic charms (like these below)

01 08

Only from SpankAmber.com


A couple of really hot girl on girl updates coming to you from Punishedbrats.com now with some real fave spanking stars of mine, what is there not to like seeing Audrey, Joelle and new girls Adrianna & Cadence? I have filmed and been fortunate enough to work with Joelle and Adrianna a few times already and am hoping that I get to work with Audrey and Cadence too at some point soon… I am definitely filming with Adrianna next month away from any parties anyway and am really looking forward to that as she is infectiously funny and is one of those girls that can take quite a thrashing as you’ll soon discover on my site (coming soon) but today, let’s start with Audrey & Adrianna here in a film called “Overheard”


Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her over the knee on the spot.

overheard1-41 overheard1-91 overheard1-81

overheard1-101 overheard1-51


& a great schoolgirl film with a rare chance to see Joelle take on the role of being more dominant… I know she was nervous about this role on film, but seeing it, she is superb and should switch more in my opinion… I will try to get her to switch at some point for my site, though of course I love seeing her long legs kicking and wriggling when she is getting a good hard OTK spanking!!! With her most hated implement… the hairbrush!!! 🙂

This film is called: “As the hairbrush falls”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

 21 3 3-1


131 71

82 151 13-1

As the hairbrush falls , time and again, upon Cadence’s bare bottom the tears begin to flow. She promises to be respectful of her instructors from now on. After giving her little sister the spanking she needed, Joelle makes her sit on a hard chair that was painful to her freshly spanked bottom.



Next up, a great new film from my wonderful baby’s site… Sarah Gregory Spanking and it stars 2 other people I have a lot of time for… Amelia Jane Rutherford (I will be filming with her soon too, I can’t wait for that!!!) and Johnny… a good friend of Sarah’s and Fetlife stalwart FLApaddler … he’s a great guy and I will be meeting him at the BBW event in around a month… good times! I loved this inventive storyline and of course as it has Amelia, there’s plenty of drama and some (naturally) amazing spanking scenes!


The Mischievous Maid – this title was thought up by Justin… or J_ Doggg as some of you might know him on Fetlife – & I am mentoring him and so feel  naturally protective towards him too… “I Dom because I care!”

0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-001 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-002


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-024 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-030


0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-034 0155_the_mischievous_maid_grabs_gal1-037


Johnny and Sarah are not happy at all to return to their hotel room after a nice evening out to the maid trying on Sarah’s expensive lingerie. Johnny threatens to call security and Amelia doesn’t want that and says she will do anything. Well, I don’t think she knew that taking a hard spanking and strapping was what she was in for.

Click here to see the next updates from this new film HERE


Finally today, I had to include this old line up with Dani Daniels… she really is stunning and her recent appearances as a top at Firmhandspanking.com (for which she is doing a great job) hide the fact that she has been a sub a few times for Chelsea Pfeiffer… this punishment was a little harder but she gritted her teeth and accepted everything that Chelsea gave her… and she  didn’t hold back with the paddles… Dani is gorgeous and I hope that she decides to bottom again… she’s a lovely top but after you see these screen grabs… you will want to see MORE of her like this, I know I would!

danid001 danid002

danid003 danid004

danid005 danid006

danid007 danid008

danid009 danid010

danid011 danid012

danid013 danid014

danid015 danid016

Click here to see this EXCLUSIVE film only from Goodspanking.com


I shall have more Brit style updates here for you tomorrow including news of my latest film… don’t go too far now y’all! In the meantime, enjoy this fun gif I found… it’s an oldie, but still makes me smile and forget that it’s still only Monday this week 🙂


Oh, and I can’t believe I have been so rude as NOT to mention that an AWESOME interview with myself and Sarah Gregory is up at THIS WEEK IN SPANKING – it’s a podcast, and we discuss all manner of fun and frivolity, I won’t spoil it, but it’s definitely worth listening to, Joe gave us an awesome interview… thanks, man!


1st part of the Spanking Catch Up!

I have just spent a tedious hour trying to book a flight, all for the sake of a few Quid cheaper on one network I was sent to… their useless rotten server kept timing out and also I didn’t know if my card was getting charged, so in the end I paid about $10 extra just so I could get the damn thing sorted, it just pissed off that this had wasted my time faffing with that site’s useless connection. Frustrating, isn’t it? I felt so helpless and so angry… I have enough worries on my plate without crap like that! So already I am an hour behind on what i wanted to bring you as well as get some other writings up on the other blogs! So I won’t bore you with the detail and will limit images per site to a maximum of 8 and bring you all the relevant info you will need to see what is out there this past week or so… if I have time, I will write extra on my other blogs! I will give you links to those or announce them on Twitter so you will know they are updated. OK… let’s get on with the spanking goodness and in no particular order, coming to the stage today we have updates from the following sites:


English Spankers – Spanking Sarah – Spanked in Uniform & Sound Punishment

Followed by appearances from Firm Hand, Amber Spanks and Sarah Gregory Spanking … and if I have time I will also add a fine update from my good friends at Northern Spanking too! I’m gonna be busy, so I better get cracking!

English Spankers – “A Well Deserved Punishment”

Young Jess fancies herself as a cat burglar but she does not have nine lives and unfortunately picks on a house owned by the London Tanner and Spanking Sarah. Now she is caught in the act of going through the cupboards and punishment is to be swift and very painful. After a real lecture and telling off she goes over the knee for a spanking but then the wicked pair decide to give her a nasty double caning. Bent over she has to take a long and very hard thrashing from two very accurate and hard experts with the cane.

npp6087035 npp6087051

npp6087068 npp6087074

npp6087079 npp6087090

npp6087093 npp6087100

Check out the free HD Clip of thieving Emo Chick Jess’s double caning HERE


Spanking Sarah – “Paddle for Ashley”

It’s the second part of Ashley’s audition for Sarah’s site and she wants to use her paddles on her bare bottom. Ashley is so lovely that she really does have to force herself to give her the hard paddling that she knows we will expect her to receive but thankfully Sarah is able to do this. Once she sees her bent over with her bottom right in the air she has no hesitation and Sarah gives her a jolly hard punishment paddling. She picks two nasty stingy paddles and these do make her jump around a bit, but it was worth it though as you will see!

npp6094007 npp6094011

npp6094026 npp6094032

npp6094038 npp6094039

npp6094044 npp6094050

See sexy brunette Ashley’s first paddling from this free clip HERE


Sound Punishment – Amelia Jane Rutherford is the “Sorry Secretary”

Amelia Jane Rutherford, her name is a impressive as the position she holds as personal secretary to the Chairman of the Board. When she really messes up the correspondence between two customers it costs the company dear, and the Chairman exacts his revenge in a way she will always remember!

_DSC4302 _DSC4306 _DSC4307

_DSC4313 _DSC4317

_DSC4320 _DSC4323


Check out a free clip of stunning Amelia’s punishment HERE


Spanked-in-Uniform – Army Cadet Section “Letter Home parts 1 & 2”

18 year old cadet Vanessa is writing a letter home how she is doing at the Academy. She mentions in the letter that in that morning she was soundly spanked by her commanding officer during inspection for having her toothbrush in the wrong place. During the spanking he noticed that she was not wearing regulation panties so he told her to wait by her bed, bottom bare, until he had finished the inspection. She then got a sound paddling. later that week in part 2, her commanding Officer decided to give her a traditional salute birching whilst still dressed in her formal uniform. She received a hard 12 stroke bare bottom Academy Salute Birching which left her bottom very red and sore…

ep19_7 ep19_6

ep19_10 ep19_13

ep20_1 ep20_8

ep20_10 ep20_11

Go check out this double film update as part of the whole spanked in uniform thing!


OK, I know the next update well, as poor Sarah Gregory had to edit this whilst we were out together in LA… it wasn’t an easy edit either and no one will know how hard this was to complete unless you saw some of the raw footage… OMG! This is one of my pet peeves whenever we film and if I am not on cams then I have less control or direction. We don’t always get the cam guys we want… & we only have one chance to get it right after we finish filming for the day so for her to edit in between constant “cuts” and cam angle re arrangements or zooming in and out unreasonably…grrrr. We live and learn. It’s easy to overlook something at the time, it can’t be redone and makes life difficult later… so what Sarah has done with this footage, when you see the movie, you will never notice anything… and it is in fact an editing marvel! She worked damn hard at this and I’m proud of her, I know couldn’t do that! Well done, baby… oh, and it’s also a really good film with Chelsea Pfeiffer too, as you’d expect! Check it out below!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-017 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-027


In this video Sarah plays a young innocent girl who has only read about and seen videos of spankings. She is curious and would like to try it. She contacts Chelsea Pfeiffer who has put out an ad looking for a submissive to spank. Sarah quite enjoys the sensations of her first spanking, strapping, and flogging, though it does sting and make her squeal!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-021 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-023 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-027

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-029 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-026

Check out MORE of this film only from SarahGregorySpanking.com

or via the Sarah Gregory Pass (click banner below for her special 2 site pass saving you money)


Another lady I love to bits doing what she does is Amber Dawn from the Bay Area on the west coast, this hot redhead spanking model has been making her own unique and often much passed over spanking porn (in my opinion) since 2007… sign up to her network and you get 3 sites, 2 of which are entirely devoted to spanking, One features Amber getting spanked by her (lucky) Daddy and various switchy girlies… and the other site she gets to dish out some naughty punishments of her own… and of course the bonus site features a lot of her vanilla modeling stuff as well as recorded cam shows and all manner of extra perviness that I know you will all adore!

OK, enough of that… here is Amber dishing out her spankings to Amy on her birthday

AmberSpanksAmyBD1a AmberSpanksAmyBD1b

AmyGH1a AmberSpanksAmyBD2d

AmberSpanksAmyBD2k AmyGH1c

AmberSpanksAmyBD2q AmberSpanksAmyBD2s AmberSpanksAmyBD2t

Click here to see just how HOT Amber’s site is!


Finally from Firm Hand Spanking (I ran out of time thanks to a nasty piece of piracy that took me a fucking hour to remove and it’s a Saturday FFS!) I think you’ll like this last update I have for you today, it stars Tara Somerville, one of the gorgeous new girls featuring presently at this site! Here she is in her ongoing “Intern” series. I have to give a “shout out” to Ralph Marvel here (aka Frank or Coach Reed at Firm Hand) he’s an awesome guy and a great top who I have met a few times now!

intern_cc003 intern_cc009

intern_cc011 intern_cc013

intern_cc015 intern_cc018

intern_cc022 intern_cc023

A perfect, jutting bare bottom and a beautiful blonde! Tara Somerville comes to the office in her college cheer uniform – hot as hell! Mr Reed’s paddle spanks her bare butt 40 times for disrupting the office, leaving her cheeks red and sore! Attitude adjusted? Briefly… there is plenty more to come in this hot series, that is for sure!

& you can catch up on all the latest updates incl. another with Samantha Woodley HERE


OK, thanks to the pirates, I had to cut this short, it has really pissed me off… but what am I supposed to do? Let these greedy leeches suck the life out of my site? I promised to make it as unprofitable for them and that is the point… I’m sure some of them and their freetard lackies read this blog, seriously do they not know how much it hurts to see your hard work, the agony of those filmshoots when models don’t turn up or something else goes wrong… the chargebacks from STOLEN cards they use… no, they just take and try to make as much profit as they can. There is less and less incentive for smaller producers like myself to “produce” nowadays when this happens… I seriously predict in a few years that the paysite model will be drastically changing, and that model will involve big changes most probably punishing those that try to support our work now… as without income, we die, that’s a fact. It will mean other ways of trying to protect what you have built up and most probably in fractured sites/clips and one off downloads but to name some ways as getting into sites like mine and ripping it is far too easy nowadays. Sure, we often stop stolen cards, they are normally easy to spot… but we are not always online… how sad would that be… I do try to have a life, unlike one guy based in Holland (one of about 4 or 5 determined individuals across the glove) who is determined to release every film I have produced… it is truly sickening and soul destroying. So if you can put up with my ramblings, have any sympathy left after this little rant, then please do try to support my site with a membership, or any of the others you see, as this affects us all. I’m still keen to continue but seeing site rips on any site destroys that hope and fun that I and other producers once had making content! As I said, it is an emotive subject, I hate the fact I have to spend more time devoted to rooting this crap out when I’d rather be spending time on my site and blogs instead or even enjoying a break as I had planned to. So have a great weekend, I will be back tomorrow and trying to update my other blogs and sites of interest too! Night all!



Sexy Spankings of Amber Dawn!

If you don’t know me by now, I have always had a spanking crush on Amber Dawn of SpankAmber.com fame (Sorry Sarah!!! But you know that I LOVE you, ok?) – I would love to film her just once for my own site (with her Daddy’s permission as he’d be there to help film anyways… I can but dream, I guess). OK, it’s been AGES since I last updfated you with any news on Amber… Amber’s spanking films have become progressively more sexual, as you’d expect from a real life couple and I love the way this dynamic has grown over the years as it is real… & I’m happy to report that it’s still a labour of love from my last contact I had with her, which is cool. Amber is also very well known as an amazing webcam model… but as this is a spanking blog,  I will concentrate on what she does best in this niche, being naughty and bratty and getting punished by Daddy!

Below are some screen grabs from some of her more recent offerings you can see as a lucky member – you get access to all her 3 sites with one membership… so I guarantee you will be busy as hell downloading all that wonderful spanking content!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAD4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA93

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FACE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA95

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAA7 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAAB

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC8

Of course you also get to see Amber & Daddy at play, often in some great close up and POV style shots… she is a wonderful exhibishionist and loves looking at the camera as she is performing a juicy BJ or getting her bouncy bubble butt spanked while he enters her from behind!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8EC Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F7

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F5 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E8

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8CF Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F945 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8C4

The full extent of Amber’s loving spanking submissive relationship is best summed up in the next few screen grabs from another film out last month… again, a great POV style angle to the films as they invite you in to see what they get up to in the bedroom!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F1 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F9 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F502

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4FE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F48B

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F491 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F498

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F49B Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4A3

See all of Amber’s updates – CLICK HERE for more details

Redheads & Spanking Updates

Just a few quick updates for you all tonight! I have been busy checking out flights to America again… flying out in early December for a week… I have something booked but can’t say what exactly yet, but I’m soooo excited about it *grin* and it involves spankings of course!!! I am such a tease, aren’t I? OK, what I won’t tease you with are a few updates you can see right now… so check out the images below and  feel free to enjoy, experience uncomfortable trouser arousal or gusset moistening or whatever it is you poor ladies suffer from too when excited by our lovely naughty kink!

Redhead Asya from Russia is a gorgeous twentysomething student/teacher that faces another extraordinaryily humiliating punishment in the basement office of the Principal or Director of Education (in Russia) at SpankingThem.com – as you’ll see below!


I rather like Asya’s humiliating discipline and would love to be the one administering the punishments to this redhead AND be involved with the scenes of masturbation at the end to add to her total submission – quirky, far from brutal, thankfully… but once again… addictive viewing for a perv like myself and I know there are many others that would like to watch this style of erotic humiliation and submission too!


asya004 asya005

asya006 asya007

asya008 asya008a

asya009 asya011 asya013


You can see a special clip of Asya’s unique punishment (below)

You can see the full film and all the other episodes of Asya and her fellow students & co workers HERE



Sarah Bright’s recent filmshoot with Ludella Hahn looked a real winner as you’ll see below with this gorgeous redhead American model getting an old fashioned English strapping at SpankingSarah.com


Top US model Ludella Hahn has just been spanked by me and thinks that her bratty behaviour is forgiven, how wrong can she be? I fetch my heavy leather paddle and tell her to kneel in the chair, bottom raised and I give her a real taste of good firm English leather. I told her that bratty school girls in England get punished till they are very sorry and I made her one sorry girl

npp6027048 npp6027060

npp6027063 npp6027064

npp6027062 npp6027069

See a free HD preview clip of Ludella’s punishment HERE


Check out all of Ludella’s work with Sarah HERE


Finally, I can’t believe I didn’t show this to you earlier… it’s from Sarah Gregory’s site HERE with elder sister Sarah expertly giving very cute slight redhead Orias a good hard spanking on orders from their momma! Aptly titled “Momma’s Little helper”. I also smiled when I saw the dress Sarah was wearing as she bought this at the time of our film shoot we did together in England (over 2 years ago) at a large superstore near to the studio we filmed at (rather like Walmart or Carrefour) called Tesco (who are huge here in the UK where 1 in every 8 Pounds spent here is at this supermarket giant).

Momma’s Little Helper


Orias has been a real brat to mom and she is busy with work so she asks her daughter Sarah to help her by giving sister, Orias, a good hard spanking for her bratty and immature behavior.

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-011 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-019

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal1-035 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-003


0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-009 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-033 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal2-035

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-004 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-020

0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-026 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-031 0135_mothers_little_helper_gal3-032


See the full HD film HERE 🙂


Good night everyone!