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More spanking content to start off your week

Hello everyone… Here is the latest set of film reviews, featuring classics from the past and the very latest videos from the sites below. I trust that you all had a great weekend, this blog review is for you all on the start of yet another week as this year passes so quickly, we’re already halfway through August and summer is nearly at an end… where did all that time go? Best not to ponder on how time flies, I guess… just stay safe out there and enjoy some films I have not featured before until now, along with some of the very latest website updates!

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Before bedtime spanking of Cleo Divine

cleo divine at realspankings.com

Cleo is asked to pick which implement she wants to be punished with, the spoon or the belt. She tells Mike that she doesn’t want to be spanked with either. Quickly she learns not to smart mouth him, and is taken OTK for a wooden spoon punishment. After letting Cleo’s bottom cool off, Mike returns to apply the belt to her already bruised bottom.

otk spanking strapped bare buttocks strapping cleo divine gets a spanking

More films featuring beautiful Cleo Divine can be found at Real Spankings
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redstripe films

The Journey (Episodes 1 to 4)

ready for her spanking

This is the first film from the “Spanking Mansion” series. These films will take viewing of CP, spanking, and discipline to a new level. This is “The Journey”… It’s a dark story about Suzanne (a cheating wife) and her descent into a kind of Hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others. This first episode recalls the story of her remorse at being caught out, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband. This comes hard and fast and without mercy. Once Suzanne starts on this journey into pain she has no idea where it will end…

spanking and paddling hand print spanking

After Suzanne’s punishment by her husband, she is surprised when he sends her to see a professional disciplinarian. It is made clear to her that she is to be punished further and more severely than ever before. It is with a certain amount of fear that she agrees to submit to whatever is planned for her. The discipline starts and she has to remove her black lace panties and bend over in her stockings and high heeled shoes. A wooden ruler warms her bottom before an extra large and heavy leather paddle smashes into her bare bottom. From then on the punishment gets worse as, spread-eagled, she is given a thrashing with a leather thronged martinet and a leather strap. All the punishments are designed to inflict the maximum pain and humiliation.

punished at home spanked pussy and ass

The Journey continues for Suzanne, it’s a journey into pain and humiliation and eventually self-realization. It’s now time for the next part of the punishment ordered by Suzanne’s husband and this promises to be the fiercest yet. Despite her protestations, this lovely housewife is to be given at least 30 strokes of the heavy cane. Her bottom is made ready, dressed in just her black stockings she kneels in just the right position and prepares herself for the searing pain she knows will come from the full strength cane strokes which will be applied to her already sore bottom.

leather paddling

Suzanne has come to a sort of realization; she needs to be punished, this may be the reason for her bad behavior. She craves the pain and the humiliation that she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts The Disciplinarian and asks that he come round. Once together, she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs. What happens next is more than she ever imagined. This is real life hard discipline as requested by Suzanne herself. Nothing is held back… nothing is hidden.

Accessing this site for a month costs $24 with the choice of purchasing a membership to another of their sites at the same time for far less than the normal cost of membership – CLICK HERE to view the extensive tour pages and check out the join page for the above offer.

spanked and diapered

Maid for Discipline

spanked and diapered maid

Amy Fox is a maid who gets more than she bargains for in this latest film from Spanked and Diapered. Alex wastes no time scolding and humiliating Amy before spanking her over the knee on her tight panties. However, this is far from over for Amy as she is then diapered like a little girl before further spanking punishment is given for her infractions.

spanking over panties changing into diapers - ageplay punishments amy fox spanked and diapered spanked in her diapers

More films featuring my good friend Amy Fox can be found at Spanked and Diapered

spanking server

Tyron Spanked and Caned

tyron at spanking server

Tyron is yet another East European beauty exclusive to this site where she has been spanked many times before. In this featured punishment, Tyron is placed on the examination couch, kneeling with her bottom stuck out as she is spanked over her cute panties. Then, her bottom is sprayed with water for the next part of her punishment, a hard no nonsense caning across her pert glistening buttocks! Amazing!!!

spanking caning spanked and caned

Tyron is one of many stunning East European girls you will only find at Spanking Server

That’s it for today’s post, stop by soon for more updates and remember I will also start updating my other blog HERE – go check it out as it has LOTS of spanking material to keep you busy as well!

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A Great Start to the week!

Good news! Well, it is for me today! I have a day off and this morning I will devote time SOLELY to bringing you a mega update of spanking erotica and news to keep you all MORE than happy! I must apologize for my brief absence, being away from this blog is a real pain… as I love writing here, moaning, ranting, letting you guys know what’s happening in the online scene and of course sharing some of my content and other producers films that I rate! (legally!)

unhappyfaceIt has also been a week where I know some other producers have had one from hell… and are continuing to – as the greed and piracy of some are literally ripping the heart out of our tight knit UK community! “Oh no! Not harping on about piracy again” I hear you mutter… well, yes, I really think some of these individuals either have no idea how badly it affects us… or plain just don’t care and do it solely for their own personal profit. In one of the latest attacks, for example, forum members are provided with only paid links (why not pay a membership to US instead of this lowlife?), so they can get more money from the various filehosters or filelockers. I won’t bore you with the detail, but right now I live in fear that my site is next, I have had a number of increased fraudulent/attempted sign ups recently… as have my fellow producers here in the UK. We are being targeted by someone/several people using stolen card details, they will get in eventually… they always bloody do! I’m not going to give away how I monitor what I look out for from potential thieves of our content but it does irreparable harm! I know one producer actually cried, I know how she felt as I had a “site rip” earlier this year – it is utterly soul destroying to see it happening in front of you, you feel helpless, exposed, violated… you really do! & the filehosting companies are complicit, they know this illegal activity (I will not argue, it is!) and hide behind a law that they eventually comply with but know that the links have been downloaded and then allow the illegal file sharer to re up them again almost immediately. Some companies are working on closing down the monetisation of filehosters… this is the new way that has seen 100’s of would be scammers and thieves of content worldwide stopped before their file hosting companies can really take off… We spend time removing these links, time we would much rather spend on producing more content for our own sites. It takes away the joy and creativity we all have and this is a very real threat to some of us smaller producers as more and more hard pressed people turn to free links.

If you are one of these, everytime you download a link, you are helping to fund many pirates at OUR expense. I have said it once, I’ll say it again, I don’t want to continue if this is the future  – I would rather try and sell up with what content I had spare and leave this hassle to others, as much as I hate to admit this and I know there are others who feel the same – is this what you want? Small producers forced out? – Leaving only big ones in their wake and the odd clips 4 sale snippets from any Tom Dick or Sally making a few Bucks here and there? I’d be interested to know if any of you have done this in the past, we try to keep our memberships competitive, I even have a great idea on rewarding loyalty which will be coming soon at my site… but I think I have said enough… please just remember the best way you can support any of us is to buy a membership of the site you like the look of, we appreciate your support, contrary to some ignorants out there, we do not make a vast fortune from this! I barely break even (of course I do but only just) but I still have a full time job elsewhere which often takes over my life and I spend so much time updating, helping to edit, promote and deal with customer queries (I had 2 this morning) and not including spending more time on my much neglected blogs – I am burning myself out! Seeing a site rip of my own site would just break my heart and make me question why i am doing any of this! Remember, i am not alone in that thought 🙁

OK, let’s try and cheer us all up and check out some great updates that I have missed this past week to bring to you!

The New Master – starring Pandora Blake & Tom Cameron at Redstripe Films

english-spankersnpp-830058 english-spankersnpp-830059

english-spankersnpp-830061 english-spankersnpp-830064

english-spankersnpp-830041 english-spankersnpp-830043

The Spanking Mansion can now feature the very first initiation of Pandora Blake into the world of domination and pain. Her new and her first master take her to a secret location in the heart of the countryside where her initiation will take place over a number of days. The lessons she will learn will be instilled upon her with a variety of punishments for transgressions, a detailed account is kept and the appropriate punishment administered with a harsh reality that will leave her bewildered. Why is she here, why does she submit and give her body freely, how much of the punishment can she take. You have to see this collection of films and watch the progression of this beautiful young lady – CLICK HERE to see a freeview clip of this classic film!


I will be flitting across The Atlantic (not literally, unfortunately!) between various spanking sites – as an example, here’s some of the latest films coming out from Michael Masterson’s websites, filmed in Colorado as a rule! the 1st features a recent collaboration with one of the nicest brats with a very spankable bottom that I have personally had the “pleasure” of thrashing…. Miss Alex Reynolds!

11867_006 11867_013

11867_025 11867_029

11869_0041 11869_0081

11869_0141 11869_0341

11869_0401 11867_0362

Alex is waiting nervously to be punished by Mr. M. He arrives and takes her OTK and spanks her hard with his hand on her bare bottom. She is then made to wait for him to return with an implement. He returns and spanks Alex with his belt on the bare bottom, bent over the bed. She is then left in her room with a VERY red, sore bottom! Check out this great film and many more like it only from RealSpankings.com


& over at the sister site RealSpankingsInstitute.com – a double punishment of Harlan and Abigail in the lunge position caught my eye! I love seeing this position used… it is embarrassing and painful for the spankee in a proper old fashioned discipline setting!

Below images are taken from the HD film “Room Inspection Fail”

11906_002 11906_014

11906_020 11906_024

11907_001 11907_003

11907_016 11907_025

After long hand-spankings, both girls are left in time out. The Dean returns with a leather tawse and straps Abigail in the lunge position. With her bottom still sore from her handspanking, the Dean then makes Miss Harlan assume the lunge position, while fully naked, and straps her long and hard with the tawse too!

& below, I couldn’t resist showing you some images from Kiki’s latest punishment at the institute!

Kiki scored unusually high on an exam she took. She is required to retake the test in the Dean’s presence and she misses 7 answers that she had previously answered correctly. She is required to take three strokes with the leather punishment strap for each missed answer. This punishment leads to tears and a sore bottom, followed by a very uncomfortable time out.

11912_007 11912_016

11912_023 11912_028

Kiki’s long hard strapping punishment on her pert cheeks can be viewed in full HERE


I love seeing grown women given a spanking, maybe because I always think they “should know better” but there is an element of embarrassment and shame that accompanies a grown up punishment spanking… along the lines of “I am too old to go over your knee or get the cane” etc… well, this isn’t the case for Sarah Bright & Katie Didit… and this is a wonderful, hard punishment film I know you will enjoy!

Taken from the ongoing “Dare You Dine with Me” series (I liked this one!!!)
Sarah & Katie get caned!

npp60001004 npp60001006

npp60001012 npp60001020

npp60001021 npp60001027

npp60001041 npp60001043

npp60001054 npp60001062

Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner.  (You can see a special gallery of that film HERE – remember?) The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behaviour decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked and then caned extremely hard on their sore bare bottoms!

Click HERE to view the special free caning preview


Sarah Gregory’s visit to Florida produced this stunning F/F spanking film during her “Blonde period” as she gets to grips (again) with stunning model Galas (having a change of hair colour too) the sexy curvacious brunette… (I can’t keep up with the hair changes, lol) – all I know is that this is female spanking erotica at its kinkiest, I love seeing girls spanked in the bathtub… seeing TWO is even better! Taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking

002 004 007

008 009

011 015


004 006

012 016

Sarah and Galas are in the tub together comparing the spankings they got at school from their hot teacher. When Galas says she kinda has a crush on him, Sarah is not too happy. Sarah spanks her girlfriend on her wet bottom for crushing on someone else. Then Galas decides to spank Sarah for the hell of it, which turns them both on.

Full naughty film can be viewed at Sarah’s site HERE


& at her sister site MommaSpankings.com – a rather odd time for this film to come out as it is “Thanksgiving” themed… but nonetheless a welcome addition to the new site as it’s a great double punishment of bratty Sarah by mom & dad! Taken from the film “An Unhappy Spanksgiving”

014 016

008 016 (1)

005 016 (2)

003 010 011

008 (1)

009 015

Sarah is pouting and acting very ungrateful. When Sarah’s mother confronts her and asks her for some help preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah back talks her enough to earn herself a hard slap across the face. If that isn’t enough she gets a hard bare bottom spanking from mom, from dad, then from both for acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat on Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE to view the new site MommaSpankings.com tour pages and see for yourself!

Or view BOTH sites as one at the banner link below
(giving you a very generous discount off the sites) & you can use the same codes!



Mike takes time off this week (just this week!) from spanking his naughty girls and here’s a chance to see 2 new models interact in the new uniform niche on the site – from the Sexy Maid Cleaning Company section… there’s MORE to come from this and members will see it all – welcome Adrienn and her hapless new maid, Timi.


ep3_6 ep3_8

ep3_9 ep3_12

ep3_14 ep3_15

ep3_16 ep3_18


A businesswoman, Adrienn, wanted a sexy maid to clean her house so she booked Timi for the day. She paid for her to clean only but when she saw young Timi bending over, showing off her delightfully spankable bottom, Adrienn couldn’t contain herself any longer and she ordered Timi over her knee and spanked her. Adrienn also took a leather paddle to her bottom and a riding crop. Timi obviously told her boss what happened and in part 2 we will see what happens to Adrienn! (hmmm, can you guess, I don’t think Mike will be far away, do you?)

Check out all the latest updates across the excellent and extensive tour pages HERE


I’m going to show these images, even if it may be an error on the part of the great folk at NorthernSpanking.com – mainly because the images I have here are so f*cking HOT! (I had to swear… sorry!) You’ll see why in a mo… however, this page was supposed to be for another update and I know that Zoe Montana was again over here in the UK… and I have most probably (once again) missed a chance to film with her but my filming schedules were all tied up and I had little leeway but seeing Molly Malone and Zoe together… well, take a look for yourselves at these teasing images and make your mind up – this looks awesome, does it not?


NSI107-MZ003 NSI107-MZ010 NSI107-MZ027

NSI107-MZ008 NSI107-MZ015

NSI107-MZ022 NSI107-MZ025

I encourage you to investigate MORE at NorthernSpanking.com


& finally today, from the world of Sorority girls getting the spankings, initiations and other various hazing and rituals dished out to new pledges located HERE… I (sadly) see one of the very last films that Kat St James will ever appear in (unless someone has a vast hidden archive of her stuff)… now this is what is said at the site and I am not sure whether that means she is retiring from good from the online scene… I presume she is, as I don’t wish to blow her cover, but she is older than she appears and has a kid (well… most of us do, I guess) so perhaps she wishes to retire gracefully before some unkind idiot like me blabs and says she is looking old (* she isn’t by the way, she looks HOT and I will miss her presence online greatly!) – Kat has played that innocent doe eyed girl to perfection for so long now, I guess the day would come when she said “no more”  – so it goes without saying that this is a cool finale in 2 parts on the road to Vegas of which Kat makes her farewell in style outside in the warm  sunshine!

002 003

004 005

010 013

015 016

In Kat St. James last ever spanking shoot, she and Veronica Ricci run away from school. Veronica tries to talk Kat out of it, she even agrees to take a spanking half way to Vegas if that will stop Kat. But it doesn’t. Veronica spanks Kat, but that doesn’t work either. Sister Mary Alex (played by Alex Reynolds) picks up Veronica in Vegas and of course, must spank Veronica for running away, even using a paddle (see the conclusion below):

005 (1) 007

008 009

012 014

015 (1) 016 (1)

See the whole series of excellent F/F spanking films that makes Spanking Sorority Girls addictive viewing!

This site is part of the Clare Fonda 5 Site Network – access the sites together for a fraction of the combined cost!


& in case you’re wondering what kinky spanking films I am coming out with soon… I promise you there are 2 amazing films showing the next couple of weeks you will NOT want to miss! I promise you they will be worth the entrance fee… and of course your memberships help keep us making more films!!! Thanks for reading and have a great start to the week! I hope this post makes up for some of what I have been trying to catch up on!




Also… see if YOU would like to get over Leandra’s knee at POV Spanking 🙂

The film is in HD-MP4 1280×720 playback.

Oodles of spanking reviews!

rushingMy my… I have been busy away from the world of spanking, website promotions and such… rushing about like a blue arsed fly… so please accept my sincerest apologies. I just don’t have time to do everything at the moment and it pains me when I can’t blog (I find it incredibly frustrating) as I love writing about and sharing some great scenes and newsworthy items that producers, including myself,  have taken time to make and show their members (who support them) to continue doing what we all love. Anyway, I am here today to try and rectify that by providing you with some updates for your visual pleasure and hopefully there is something you might just like! So, you’ll be thankful today that there is no political or religious broadcasts, no anger, no depression… no axes to grind, moaning about pesky billing agents (I could do that all day!!!). Nope… just one thing that we have all come here for – SPANKING!

Just to let you know, I am preparing for my next filmshoot early next week… however, you won’t know who it is until I complete the day. I might tweet about it “live” at the time, as I’d know everything was going to plan… but after the last debacle when I proudly announced who was coming and suggesting and involving my members and readers of this blog give me ideas of what you wanted to see knowing “who it was” (some were good, some dark and some just impossible or daft… thank you all, by the way!)… I thought I was safe mentioning who was going to be there who would have been a dead cert… alas she couldn’t make it… so I won’t ever be doing that again! Now I may “hint”, or suggest that it “could” happen… but never again will I make a promise of someone turning up and me being unable to fulfill thatI hate letting anyone down, that is the way I am. Hope you guys understand. No names, you should know who it is, I was pretty cut up by that considering what I have seen produced elswhere before and after my date and since I am unable to re arrange anything – now accept that “shit happens” – however, in future, said “shit” will NOT “happen” again on my watch! 🙂


Let’s start with my own new film starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone… getting these 2 girls in shot was challenging as they are so damned tall, lol! However, for the most part I did, of course… and you’ll see a fun theme of naughty Amelia caught watching NSFW (not safe for work) material… um, spanking stuff from this blog, actually(yeah, I know… lame, but if I can’t plug my blog on my own site, where can I, eh? LOL!). Amelia thought it was cool, we had to do a few takes as neither I or Amelia were used to using that particular Apple mouse or keyboard layouts so we had difficulty getting the site pages to load or show on request… sigh… after a few takes and much laughter, we got it right. It still makes me smile at such an implausible plot (who cares? it was fun, it had spankings and of course, the girls!!!) but my excuse is that we all had a hard day and this light hearted F/F discipline movie was just the tonic. I have to say, both ladies in this are looking extremely HOT, which always helps. there are also some nice OTK scenes, and some good hard stingy strappings at the end! There’s not much else to say other than take a peek, if you love either of these gals, then you’ll ADORE this, they had never worked together until this film shoot late last year – it was a very memorable filmshoot! 🙂


nsfw005 nsfw014

nsfw026 nsfw031 nsfw045

nsfw052 nsfw063

nsfw082 nsfw088 nsfw097

nsfw101 nsfw089

The official blurb as shown on the website for this: “NOT SAFE FOR WORK”  – Amelia Jane Rutherford worked part time helping out with the accounts of Miss Molly Malone’s successful lingerie operation but instead of reconciling the latest invoices and reports she had been surfing the internet for some very unsafe for work content! In fact she got caught viewing spanking erotica and industry updates via the “spankingblogg.com” website and Molly was far from impressed at the way Amelia had spent her time. If it was a spanking she wanted, then a spanking was what she would get as Molly knew a few things about old fashioned discipline (much to Amelia’s shock) as she was about to find out! See these 2 tall, sexy British spanking stars go head to head in this fun and naughty office discipline movie as Amelia received an OTK spanking then the leather strap when she was bent over the chair, with her knickers pulled down, bare bottom high in the air creating a fantastic rear and side view of her lingering painful punishment with those oh so long stocking clad legs making it impossible for us to gaze anywhere but on all the spanking action!


Grab a free preview movie trailer now showing on the home page HERE


The FULL HD film is also available at the Clips Store right now
(This is the image artwork of the film as shown at the store)


This clips store is perfect for those who are either unable to join up to the website or for those who only want to view the odd movie here and there! Of course, as I have recently advertised a kick ass offer, which happens to be non recurring, check out the join up page for more details – click on the banner below (I had explained why I was running this offer earlier this week), this… I promise you, will not be around for very long, so make the most of it!



Where to go next? A few sites of extreme interest from the Clare Fonda Network as Nikki Rouge gets to recall her first experiences of spanking growing up at home (she is a hawt Brit redhead after all) as she recalls and re enacts some scenes from her father… Nikki can take quite a beating, you only have to take a look at Dallas Spanks Hard to see the fantastic 50 Shades of Red series they made together!

But I digress… Nikki looks amazing in her tight Daisy Dukes… this 1st film she did is shown at Spanked Sweeties and those shorts don’t stay on for long as she is given a hard bum blistering spanking like Pops used to… those delightfully striped knickers provide no protection whatsoever (the OTK spanking was carried out courtesy of a rather smug “Mr Cameraman” – I would be too given half the chance!)







Click here to see MORE of Nikki’s 1st films and some nice home hard spanking tales


Next from this network, featuring Nikki again at SpankedCallgirls.com is a great switching film where she is first spanked by another rival callgirl (beautiful Koko Kitten) then she gets her own back… but you just know this mayhem will lead to far more trouble for both girls – thankfully 🙂


003 004

005 006


009 011

013 015


Nikki Rouge convinces Koko Kitten to work in France. But when Koko discovers Nikki did not inform Madam Snow, her silence comes with a price – she gets to spank Nikki! But Nikki thinks Koko went too hard, so she gives Koko a spanking, too. The girls use hands, and a hard wooden mirror. So… do you wonder if Madam Snow will find out and what will happen if she does? Stay tuned! check out the awesome updates at this site HERE

Both sites shown here from this network are available at a fraction of the combined sign up fee as part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass – you would be wise to check out the latest deals offered and be prepared to have a very large external hard drive to download all that content! See banner below for more details:


Next up from SpankingSarah.com is a very sexy film with Kiki Devine showing off some moves for the camera before her provocative behaviour gets her into trouble (Sarah… you are such a del;ightful prude in your old age! LOL!) Images below are taken from the latest film update “Kiki – Disco dancer Spanked”.

npp4053017 npp4053066

npp4053085 npp4053093

Kiki is having a great time, she is working in a photo studio doing some quite nice pictures but then the photographer starts to offer her more money if she will do some naughtier things. Well she is not too sure but the lure of the money is too strong and she soon finds herself naked and about to get into some very serious hot water.Her  guardian turns up unexpectedly to prevent things going much further but she is determined to deal with Kiki and to do so very firmly and painfully. Kiki is put over the knee, her bottom is already bare but is then subjected to a real hard nasty spanking that leaves her in no doubt that she has done wrong and no doubt that she has been well punished.

npp4054003 npp4054008

npp4054013 npp4054021




Staying within the same group of sites, there’s also a new film with Ten Amorette looking incredibly (nay… uber) cute in a French maid’s outfit as she takes the test to see if she has what it takes to become a maid at a top establishment here in England… however, she has forgotten one very important thing… our out of touch aristocracy LOVE to spank lazy colonials! #oops!


Ten Amorette is over from the USA and she wants to try her luck at being a housemaid in the traditional British style. Unfortunately she did not realise that the British aristocracy are all a little kinky and still insist on beating their female staff for breaches of the rules. That’s how she finds herself bent over the masters knee getting her bare bottom well spanked and paddled with his leather spanking slipper paddle.

npp5060004 npp5060007

npp5060014 npp5060025

npp5060029 npp5060035

CLICK HERE for another free HD preview clip of this awesome spanking scene



I was going to update you with news on another site but they are currently on downtime so I will save that for tomorrow – Again, I have run out of time… so I shall be updating this blog with a whole ton more of updated news and site offerings as I am home alone all day (yay!) So will have plenty of time to update this blog for once! Have a great evening wherever you are! Regards, Chief.


Playing “Spanking Catch Up!”

Today is a great day for me to catch up on some spanking films and scenes/images etc that I have missed due to some horrendous work commitments away from here and my site (yup, I need to work to keep a roof over my head, despite what some troll thinks I get up luring girls to exotic locations and all whilst we play in champagne filled baths offset then sell off our videos for $10,000’s) but guess what – I digress! (LOL) – So onto a site I love, they just get on with making great films and image sets that always grab my attention, here are some of the great scenes you can see this week from some of the latest updates to start with below:

Zoe Montana inspects her bruising and receives more punishment at NorthernSpanking.com

This set with Zoe Montana made me smile as I know the story behind those horrendous marks, I hope she kept her end of the bargain and did another shoot with Paul! I also slept in that bed a month or so before Zoe was on it, I was kept up all night by a rattling window pane and felt like shit the next day when I had a shoot with Jenna & Taylor at the time (oops!) It’s a pity this place is now not available as it had so many institutional rooms that I wanted to make use of… but I did film here a few times and there are many films to come, but guess what – yup, I digress yet again, this is about Northern Spanking“Get on with it, Chief!” I hear you cry out in despair!



It used to be called Borstal. What its called now Zoe is none too sure but every day this sadistic superintendent in a leather jacket arrives and gives her a beating. Creative too; even the insides of her tender thighs do not escape a strapping.

I nominated Stephen Lewis as “best spanker” – it’s not just the way he spanks them but who he is with… here are a couple of very recent films with lucky Stephen and some of the latest girls featured, such as redhead Serena Storm and brunette Roxy Valentynne in the film “Bum Notes”.




Roxy is taking piano lessons from Miss Storm at the insistence of her father. But the fact she has made little to no progress in 7 months raises questions for Mr Valentynne. And he wants answers!



In her debut for Northern Spanking – it was decided to give Mila as much exposure as possible… to the whole of Las Vegas in fact! Punishment, as is usual in these circumstances was left in the safe (and paddle-like) hands of Mr Lewis! To see MORE of Mila and the gorgeous girls featured above CLICK HERE


OK, this is simply one of Sarah’s best films I’ve seen in a while, mainly because it features Sally Spark getting something she should have had a long… long time ago, a damned good thrashing in the buff! She has worked for Sarah a few times (even producing some films for the dreaded x*r*t*cs when they approached every Brit producer for content when they were in dire need after I got shafted BIG TIME by those schmucks who sold this tired “spanko empire” to the new owners who I admit I’m not best keen on either. $1,000’s were owed to me which should have been included in a sale but of course the brothers had conveniently gone into Voluntary Administration fucking over our tax authorities and the many creditors (I was second highest behind the tax man, btw!) and of course my lost affiliate revenue promoting those sites when the new owners took over (which really hurt me BIG TIME) after they changed all my affiliate codes… (but guess what, I digress again, eh?) So back on track… & the best work of Sally is without doubt at Sarah and Mr Stern’s sites and this latest offering is a real cracker! Seeing Sally’s beautiful body, completely starkers (she is extremely beautiful) was an added bonus and why Spank Cat DEFINITELY approves of this movie and many of Sarah’s fantastic films she produces herself giving us a new full film each and every week at a much lower price than expected – Check out her membership options and you will see what I mean! I love seeing Sarah getting spanked too so this is a fantastic bonus and there is a vast archive of spanking smut and films stretching back several years! Oh, and you can also vote for my blog and site if you like on her excellent blog’s spanking awards for UK Sites HERE (pretty please!)

In the meantime please do check out Sally’s punishment below!

This is what Sarah had to say about the latest film: Sally has made some spanking films already but felt she was not pushed to her limits, I was happy to discuss this with her to see just how far I could take this young blonde beauty. I decided to use a variety of implements on her soft bottom and breasts… the martinet, a strap, a paddle and the riding crop. Sally took it all, much harder than than she had ever experienced and it made a great film of this teenage lovely!






See the HD Movie preview of gorgeous Sally’s Punishment HERE


Meanwhile Sarah’s “other half” has had his hands full spanking some lovelies over the years and he makes a welcome return spanking ample BBW Darcy who has THE most spankable bottom, I’d “love” to get my hands on that bubble butt rear!!! Wouldn’t you?

Mr. Stern is on call to exasperated husbands and boyfriends to come and deal with errant wives, in the most extreme cases he will visit the wife at her home and record the events. The range of punishments depend upon the behaviour problems but with Darcy the  first miscreant of this new series who has been cheating on her husband he decides to start with a spanking on her large firm bottom. The spankings are severe and obviously painful.




Will Darcy learn from this bare bottom spanking? FIND OUT HERE FROM THE FREE MOVIE PREVIEW!



Another Spank Cat approval rating for Sound Punishment as schoolgirl Fae Corbin gets a nasty wake up Detention from the hands and slipper of Headmistress Stricktland, poor Fae’s bottom takes a pounding, first over the lap of her teacher then bent right over getting a good old fashioned slippering that the other girls could hear in adjoining classrooms!

Below are some lower resolution shots I took from the promo vid and played around with them for added effect, however, members will get to see a proper HQ Photoset and the full film in much higher and clearer quality than you can here, below images are for illustration only…




Get to see the best previews and full movies HERE


&  here are some nice images to nearly end this British spanking post on today as RedStripe films takes a look at the antics of Kami Robertson and Dani Loveday as both girls bottoms take a severe last punishment from their day’s filmshoot… I’ll let the images do the talking from that shoot as well as the official explanation (below) which basically means the girls got a good thrashing! 🙂

This film just should not have happened. The shoot was over and the crew were packing away when the girls started to brat. They were in the mood for more spanking and paddling and caning. That’s what happens when you have great spanking models like Kami Robertson & Dani Loveday. So what to do? Only one thing, out came the spanking toys and they both got what proved to be the most severe thrashing of the day. Did they like it, yes they did and so the day continued.








See the mayhem with a free preview clip at the aptly named Red Stripe Films website HERE


Darn it, I nearly forgot so here is the final Brit spanking update of the day… how could I? (so sorry, Pandora!) I never seem to be able to persuade any of my readership to sign up to Pandora’s great site, God knows why, perhaps you are all already members (it wouldn’t surprise me) or I’m never taken seriously on here (blah blah blah… spank cats and such) but just in case… take a taster at the very latest offering from her website below 🙂 Does the Spank Cat dream of spanking? Hmmm…

taken from the film “Prove Your Love!”

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!  A unique, believable and entertaining switch scene featuring both F/M and M/F spanking.




Check out a long play free preview of this great switching film HERE


Hope you liked this promised 2nd update here today!
I’ll be back soon with yet more goodness from the spanking internet! Chief

British Spankings

As we start to gear up over here for the once in a lifetime Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I though it would be a nice touch to show case some of the latest films now showing at some of my fave British sites. Of course I am biased so will start with my own and there is a brand new film just released starring the uber gorgeous Jasmine Lau putting up with her weekly maintenance Spanking… the poor girl is so used to these there is now no need for a build up dialog, this film cuts to the chase and gets on with having Jasmine spanked in a ritualistic way that John (moi!) loves… first over her tight shorts, then allowing ME the pleasure of removing her panties to a position that I can then properly smack her delicious rear with all manner of spanking implements. & as sual, some soothing cream which she is rather grateful for (if you click on the image below it takes you to a 24 image gallery of this latest film so you get the idea of what it is about.) Members get larger and better images and of course the films in both HD Mp4 and Wmv versions (I think you might just be able to tell I enjoyed making this naughty little film!) *wink*

Click on a rather disgruntled looking Jasmine putting up with yet MORE excuses to thrash her beautiful bare behind once again! This film compliments many Jasmine films that are already uploaded!

Some behind the scenes info on this film, I won’t forget this film, like so many others that day as we filmed in intense heat, I had to keep the windows shut for fear of alerting the neighbours of what we were doing and there was no air con in the cottage (& the neighbours were the couple renting out the property right next door!). I was a little more calmer than usual in these scenes, ever fearful we’d get caught… but poor Jasmine just yelped out every now and then when she couldn’t help it (naturally). Giving the keys back after I had taken the girls to the train station, the owners asked if I had a good weekend and said they didn’t hear a peep from us! Perhaps they were hard of hearing, lol! Anyway, it meant all our filming that day went ahead, it something I won’t forget as it really was a risky location! heh heh! (Just goes to show all the effort we take into researching properties and locations sometimes  goes horribly wrong)

By the way, if any of you readers here would like to allow me to film inside your property and maybe you’d also want to spank some of the girls on film if you so wished… then please do give me a shout on my email address, either via the webmaster (at) aaaspanking.com address or my gmail address featured in the “About me” page – or even leave a comment, as long as your email address is correct I can reply (no one else can see your email address but me). Finding decent locations to film in are always a real pain in the arse (no pun intended)…

What else has been updated this week at AAAspanking.com I hear you ask? Well, I have just released tomorrow’s update today as I shall not have access to the site update software, though I can still have access online, of course. So you have this second film update (shown below)… actually, I should apologise as I forgot to update this sooner (oops) – so enjoy the awesome concluding part to “Caught by Mistress” (it’s a good one with Jenna and Taylor!)

& at the start of the week, members were treated to the 1st full installment of the 5 part series of spanking fantasy films. This one of “The Girl next door” featuring Mishka in the wheelbarrow position (my absolute fave position) and she will star in that position in ever more daring scenes coming soon, such as a girl just wearing stripey socks (I like girls wearing these… remember, it’s my fantasy!), then there will be a dropseat pyjama spanking and a schoolgirl and girl guide punishment with some of my little tools I love using on a naughty girl’s bare behind!

You can see the full 1st part now as a member – the scenes of this are in the image gallery (below)


Don’t forget that you can also view these films at the Clips Store – just pick and choose the film you’d like to see, there’s now a huge selection, naturally at far less than a membership site cost without ever worrying about rebills… not that you should, but some people seem to think it’s still 1996 and companies ripping consumers off left right and center with hard to find cancel links and such. Anyway, this option is provided, as well as membership site having MORE NON recurring options than a standard recurring membership (yup, I care for your peace of mind, see?)


So what of some other quality producers in the UK? I have to be brief (as I should be setting off in a mo!)

Click on the images below for the choice offerings this week from the Strand Network of sites!
Full explanation of each film and a link to view a free clips available:





I also have a few images taken from a very recent film update from Pandora Blake’s Dreams Of Spanking – check them out for yourselves in another lavish spanking costume thriller



The Morpheus Club welcomes new members Adele and Jimmy. Their host provides a trained pet, and instruments from flogger to tawse. Adele takes particular delight in tormenting her new plaything.