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In definite need of a good spanking!

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – the “Queen of Chic”, president of Argentina, ¬†in desperate need of a spanking…

Si… they do it like this!

Oh joy! The tedious news that once again… to deflect from their own domestic shite, like so many countries including ourselves mired in this global economic hardship are enduring… it seems the “Queen of Chic” as some have called her in her own country, the wonderful Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, or “Madame Presidente” of Argentina is once again moaning about good ol’ imperialist arrogant Britain (you know, that country on the edge of Europe that has adopted every looney law from the European Union, the one country in Europe that has virtually no immigration policy to speak of, embracing multi culturalism to the extreme… yeah, that “imperialist country”.. the one country in the world spending more on foreign aid against what we make as a nation now “dares” to hang onto The Falkland islands once again.

The Chief says… “Er, darling… if the people of the islands wish to remain affiliated to Britain… then that’s their decision, it’s their choice, not yours, or ours.”

Does she not remember the bitterness of 1982 when her previous incumbants, the undemocratic military “Junta” led by the ridiculous “General” Galtieri with his hilarious banana republic style military uniform caused so much loss of life on both sides when his forces invaded and were repelled 10 weeks later? It does make me cringe that if Argentina (once again) decides to take it to an international court then the idea they have a legitimate claim would again be thrown out, in fact, it should be the Dutch that we should be haggling over the future of the islands with, they 1st discovered it and left it to us as it was an uninhabited island. Anyway, for causing yet more unrest, Madame Presidente Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is obviously in dire need of a damned hard bare bottom spanking!

The “disputed” Falkland Islands – yesterday.

BP disguise their workers as cute penguins… shhh, nothing to see… no oil here!

* Next week, The Chief will investigate the demise of Greece and the Euro and give you tips on which islands in the Agean to visit cheaply when we look forward to the re introduction of the drachma and the subsequent devaluation of their currency. This week… let’s get on with the spankings, ok?

* May not actually happen ūüėČ


So in a British feel to today’s updates… here’s the sexy, slinky Hannah I checked out from the archives of English-Spankers.com – a real teen temptress that wriggled, writhed and practiced her lap dancing techniques (rather well, actually) to the music in a film called “Dance to the Tune” and she is caught by her landlord yet again who is far from happy at the way she is behaving in his house! So instead of a spanking punishment (like her had carried out previously)… he dishes out a rather humiliating and quite embarrassing leather paddling this time on her bare bottom in a variety of positions that leaves her bottom and privates deliciously exposed and vulnerable to his leather paddle that really reddens her bum… oh and her tearful eyes and sobbing at the end makes this a “Must See” in my opinion, images taken from the movie are below!

You can check out mush more of tempting Hannah & ton of more naughty girlfriends, wives and schoolgirls with many free previews and such all shown HERE


The quintessential English girl many know, of course, is Amelia Jane Rutherford… with her good looks and very English accent, I know she’s a big hit with Americans. Dance trained, tall, elegant… and a beautiful sub with a bottom made for spanking. I remembered the series of films with Amelia at Bars-and-Stripes.com so decided to check out my own archives and remembered this wonder where she was the uppity lawyer getting the B & S treatment from Officer Lewis… flogged on the cross for her troubles!

Seeing Amelia restrained and flogged was a first for me at the time, of course, I didn’t know then that Amelia thrives on such scenes and she takes rather a hard flogging on her amazing rump , the images below accompany the movie and of course compliment the series of many films she did when she spent time behind bars here!

Check out more of Amelia’s intake dramas at prison punishment site Bars-and-Stripes.com


I’ve noticed that naughty Masie Dee has recently appeared as a very badly behaved schoolgirl (oh yes!) and where better to currently find some of her newest content than at SpankedSchoolgirl.com – I have included this film as for once her uncle appears vaguely respectable, I think it was probably his annual bath or something… still it was nice to see him without his scruffy beard and I was as surprised as others to see him dressed so smartly for once… of course, Masie still got a damn good slippering as you’ll discover below!

You can see more movies and free previews of Masie and other naughty schoolgirls HERE


I’m gonna have to be quick as my internet connection keeps breaking as we seem to be having powercuts (thanks to the wonderful thunderous weather I’m viewing outside!) so, continuing with the schoolgirl theme, where better than to visit Regulation Knickers and this Catholic Punishment film with the poor girls facing an awful humiliation detention and caning at the hands and rod of Miss Lancer!

See all the naughty girls in regulation uniforms and knickers given the thrashing they so deserve


Bugger! I was gonna write about so much more but my connection and power supply here keep outing so you’re lucky I got this out! I have a feeling that pesky GILF Presidente from Argentina could be behind this now!!! Grrr! She’s in more dire need of a spanking than any other woman by the looks of it!

This blog has been shut down by the Argentine Ministry of Bad Moody Women…
“Good bye!”

Server Upgrade finally complete

Sorry about my absence on here, I couldn’t post anything and the damned transfer of data took longer than expected but I have just got news from the Hosts that it’s all OK (despite this poor blog having a 403 Forbidden error best part of a day… did you think the blog had gone? sheesh! I did!!!)

So, where do I start? I am MASSIVELY behind on everything, I couldn’t update my own site¬†¬† AAAspanking.com – and am doing so right now (yes, girls… I am multi tasking!!!)¬†This is just a¬†brief post, and I just wanted to let you know… “I’m back.”

I also saw in my mail that there were a few comments received… as the transfer was started on March 30th (I just got news I can update now, so that’s a LONG time!) I will try to find the comments and reply if poss! Those comments are now dust in the wind on t’interwebz… innit?


Check out the new update from CutieSpankee.com

What I love about this site, apart from the uber gorgeous girls of Japan is that even their regulation school gym knickers tightly spread across this amazing girl’s ass is a total picture of erotic imagery!!! See what I mean below… I’m gobsmacked, CutieSpankee do it again with some stunning photography (there’s more of this for members of course!)

OMG! I am in lust!!! Those red knickers are like a rag to a bull… or a raging “Chief”… More stunning imagery & Japanese stunning, erotic and schoolgirl punishment spankings can be found HERE


Sorry it’s a short update, but I will be back later this weekend! have a good one. Chief

Spankings at Regulation Knickers

Regulation Knickers is one of those British sites you might miss, but you really shouldn’t, as all their content is exclusively produced in house and what they were famed for, authentic school uniforms and girls in various states of undress, with those regulation knickers drooping half way down their legs as they got their bottoms spanked hard is still very much the order of the day!

Before you check the rest of the update, see a couple of Free Exclusive WMV clips that of course you lucky lot know and expect from The Chief unlike other places you might go read up on films and reviews etc but I have also included¬†an extensive free gallery that I have had made specially for this blog¬†taken from one of the most recent remastered full movies available for members! It stars one very naughty and very cute looking Emma Brown (playing mischievous schoolgirl Emma Cousins) caught smoking and slacking by Gym Mistress Miss Hastings earlier in the day on a cross country run and so she reports for her detention punishment after school! Seeing her in that old style authentic uniform with her bottom pushed out for her punishment is an amazing sight as you’ll see from the 1st spanking clip and images!

Taken from the movie: “That’ll teach her!”



Emma is a defiant cocky girl that still manages to snigger and giggle when she is being chastised by Miss Hastings, the slippering seems to do the trick and then Emma is told to report to her in her regular full school uniform and also to fetch the cane from further down the school in just her knickers as further embarrassment – the final caning scenes are typically severe and any smirks and smiles that Emma showed foolishly earlier are gone as her bare bottom took a series of stinging strokes as you’ll see from a short clip and from the images taken from this long play movie (typically the long play movies at RegulationKnickers are 4-500Mb in size!)



Check out some more typical storylines below which includes all our fetish needs, including a nice schoolgirl and nurse theme: loving the uniforms!

Nurses and Schoolgirls

Some new faces and as ever the schoolgirls are not only in full school uniform right down to their school regulation knickers but they are going to be thoroughly punished too!! You will be able to watch this great spanking movie develop from the beginning and really enjoy this spanking story as the title suggests like the movie I had featured with the added bonus of authentic school uniform action!


The Deputy Headmistress brings this highly attractive blonde 18 year old schoolgirl home from boarding school as she just can’t behave. Her mother, to the delight of this strict Deputy Headmistress is wearing her nurses uniform. As you will see as this movie develops, the interview with the nurse does not go well and in no time all she finds herself over the teachers knee whilst still in her uniform. She gets such a spanking and her daughter is permitted by the Headmistress to watch just to make her plight worse. You’ll also see a fantastsic scene of the schoolgirl strip so that her legs get a damn good slapping!

watching em get it

Things are not going well for either this tall attractive 6th form girl or the Gym Mistress. Both Matron and the Headmistress have both of them exactly where they want them …. lined up for this punishment! See how this schoolgirl is dealt with, and to create YET more embarrassment for the Gym Mistress, she is given the same punishment bringing her close to tears of shame and humiliation! View and download these excluisve films¬†including sets of girls in their regulation knickers at school¬†only from¬†Regulation Knickers