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A great way to end September’s Spankings

I find the month of October rather depressing… it signals the decline of Autumn as the leaves start to fall in earnest as the temperatures plummet… with the dreaded days getting shorter and darker far earlier, compounded by Halloween at the end of the month that means the clocks go back, sure we get an extra hour in bed, but the evenings suddenly get darker far quicker… I really hate driving in my car to work in the gloom of the early morning and returning in near dark or pitch black later… so depressing! Anyway… I thought I’d sign off September with these following updates… and the first recent film from Firm Hand Spanking made me smile as it reminded me of my gambling haunts in Vegas where the girls were dressed in burlesque bustiers… (see my camera phone image below)


So in the new film featuring Stacy Stockton… she got caught wearing a similar outfit at her school when she was trying to sneak out to her night job to earn extra money at Madame Tushy’s Burlesque club (!!!) – Frank Reed was far from impressed… you will see her tearful response that was caught on film, they got a great reaction cam (I have a short clip for you all)

private_bg001 private_bg004

private_bg007 private_bg011

private_bg014 private_bg015

private_bg020 private_bg023


See MORE of Stacy’s red bottom HERE!!!


 I loved the following films so much I have got both for you here… lots of free images and a good gawp at some new spanking talent courtesy of Punishedbrats.com – the first features an original film “Locked Door” about a bride having last minute jitters… with Uncle David thrashing some sense into the bride, Brittney (who looks stunning btw) and the 2nd film is a fantastic F/F feature, a very grown up and sexy domestic discipline film between fiery redhead, Pandora Jones and gorgeous PB regular, Audrey… who looks better and better every time I see her and she is fast becoming one of my fave stars at this site by far!

Locked Door – with the bride, Brittney

locked1-41 locked1-51 locked1-61

locked2-1 locked2-2

locked2-3 locked2-4


It’s finally Brittney’s wedding day but she is having last minute jitters and suddenly hates her dress. She has locked herself in a room and refuses to come out. Uncle David is sent in to reason with the girl and see to it that she makes it down the aisle. Brittney admits that the stress of the wedding has gotten the best of her and she’s been a bridezilla. Hopefully the heat from this spanking will remind her to behave at least long enough to say “I do”.

maid1-2 maid1-3

maid1-4 maid1-5


Ms. Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love.



A stunning colourful debut for Lola Marie courtesy of Pandora Blake’s site Dreams of Spanking – I know each and every film that will be shown of Lola there will be superb, just as every lucky producer, myself included, will vouch for as Lola as she is just oh so spankable and makes each film she appears in special (I have one of her coming out soon and it’s am-aaaa-zing!) these images (below) will also show you why you should get your asses off to see more HERE

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola006 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola018

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola023 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola030

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola050 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola054

Dreams-of-Spanking_lola069 Dreams-of-Spanking_lola071


What happens in Holland if you’re a man and you’re caught peeing in public? Well, it seems there should not be too much of a problem if you’re caught the 1st time (unlike me once in Paris, France… fined on the spot when I got caught… but that is another story half a lifetime ago, lol) – however, it would appear these girls at the south West Police station are unaware of the lapse rules!!! Find out below, courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com

PC Monique and PC Kitty caught a man peeing in public but instead of giving him a warning, or a fine if it was his second offence, they arrested him straight away. When Chief Johnson asked them about it, their reply was that it was a disgusting male habit and it had to be dealt with harshly. Well the only thing that was dealt with harshly in this 2 part film was Monique’s bottom to start with! After Monique had her bottom soundly spanked it was Constable Kitty’s turn. Over the Chief’s knee she went and her bottom was spanked hard and long until Chief Johnson and Mr Van Dijk thought her bum was red enough and spanked properly. Both constables had to stand against the wall, spanked bottoms on display, while Chief Johnson warned Mr Van Dijk once more and sent him on his way.

ep23_1 ep23_6


ep23_8 ep23_10

ep24_2 ep24_6


ep24_11 ep24_12

Check out all the crazy uniform spanking shananigans at SPANKED IN UNIFORM



Here’s a lovely film with a twist, I’m guessing this was done last year when Sarah’s hair was a striking blonde and both Pandora & Amelia were visiting for the Texas All State Spanking Party… a kinky take on Charlie’s Angels… as these girls certainly are NO angels as you’ll see! Oh, and the part of Bosley, played by Paul “Tubaman” Rogers was perfection – he WAS Bosley, lol! Go check out the images below:


Charlie’s Devils: Amelia, Pandora, and Sarah have screwed up again on another mission and Charlie has ordered Bosley to give them a good hard spanking.

0134_charlies_devils_gal1-012 0134_charlies_devils_gal1-023

0134_charlies_devils_gal1-028 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-014

0134_charlies_devils_gal2-016 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-023 0134_charlies_devils_gal2-027

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-004 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-011

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-016 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-022

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-021 0134_charlies_devils_gal3-027

0134_charlies_devils_gal3-030 charlies-devils-5

Click HERE to view Sarah’s personal spanking site

You can also view Sarah’s site, and her new one MommaSpankings.com via a special pass (see banner below)



Finally today, one of my fave resident girls at Real Spankings Institute called Roxie gets an almighty wooden paddling from the Dean (Mr M) – she is given some huge swats with the largest heaviest paddle in the school, the results of which you can see in the images below, she won’t be able to sit down in class properly for days!!!


roxie002 roxie003


roxie004 roxie005


roxie007 roxie009


All above images were taken directly from the film courtesy of Real Spankings Institute



“Clever girl… now how’s about you remove those shorts & bend over for being so cocky?”

Saturday Spanking Reviews


Greg from Bunbeatingfun.com contacted me about his forthcoming new release and was rather excited about a return to values of his tried and trusted un-PC methods of correction. I heartily approve… the location is the famed shabby motel room somewhere in the great state of New Jersey (before his move to Florida and more shabby motel rooms there which are no doubt being used for his filming purposes).

nancy-v-model-6 nancy-v-model-1

nancy-v-model-2 nancy-v-model-3

The latest haughty model to cross his path in this release is a trailer park girl called Nancy Vee who answers his call for a film shoot to show off some lingerie which of course goes horribly wrong for this madam … from the moment she arrives at the location and demands he pick up her bags from her car, you can feel the tension rise and the angst of our Mystery Man reach boiling point as this floozy rubbishes the set, the location and of course is highly disinterested in her work making a poor effort with her clothing descriptions. The camera pans occasionally to his twitching hands, clasping and unclasping… he’s had enough and you almost will the girl to shut the hell up as it’s obvious to anyone but her she’s gonna get it if she doesn’t behave.


Too late, just as you were thinking this, the trademark ear pull signals he’s had enough and she is dragged over his lap as she protests… we are only into the film 4 minutes or so and this is a long 25 minute spanking film so you just know this poor gal is gonna get it good! & boy, does she get a good hard OTK spanking! This is what this site is famed for! Hard no nonsense spanking of stroppy madams who should have “got what they deserved a long long time ago!” I’m not sure if the motel rooms either side are occupied, but Nancy really does yell out in pain a lot, god knows what anyone outside or next door would think… oh my!

nancy-v-action-03 nancy-v-action-07

nancy-v-action-08 nancy-v-action-09

nancy-v-action-17 nancy-v-action-12

nancy-v-action-18 nancy-v-action-20

Nancy’s panties offer no protection and are removed along with any remaining dignity, she is belittled for mocking his film set and given harder and harder smacks until we see a sort of compromise, a sexual favour if you will. This was performed on a few occasions previously by other girls trying to wriggle out of harder spankings (I remember one by the late great Hollie Stevens, for example) – so our man accepts the gracious invitation to get some light “relief” courtesy of a a naughty lap dance and a sloppy blowjob… Nancy is grateful too that her ass isn’t getting whacked. But of course this is far from the end of her punishment. She is spanked again for being such a naughty slut and the spanks this time are harder, more deliberate, the ass groping, rubbing and mauling offer some relief for Nancy but this is only to prolong the punishment as any of us know… rub the girl’s bottom, offer soothing words of encouragement and continue…

nancy-v-action-21 nancy-v-action-22

nancy-v-action-23 nancy-v-action-26

…and continue he does, with a wooden paddle finale, still over his lap as the film builds up to the classic sobbing mess we know the girls end up on the grubby carpeted floor… it’s a powerful film, not to everyone’s tastes, of course, but I still love this format and I know many others do too! Watch out for this latest release coming very soon at Bunbeatingfun.com


Sarah Bright continues her spanking initiation of the gorgeous new girl, Lola Marie this week with just about every implement she could lay her hands on… if Lola marie could get through this “interview” then she could get through a whole day’s spanking no problem! See the images below:


This is what Sarah had to say about the latest punishment series: This is the second part of my interview with brand spanking new black model Lola Marie. In this part she gets to feel the real pain I can inflict with a variety of my special toys. I have a very heavy and thick wooden paddle which I love to swing at her beautiful bottom and also a nasty loopy whip I use when I have her in the diaper position, still to come is the leather paddle, this is a special one made for me and is extra heavy. Would she be able to take my full force swings and smacks, you’ll have to find out!

npp6015009 npp6015012

npp6015016 npp6015018

npp6015021 npp6015024

npp6015035 npp6015040

Do check out the great free HD preview available HERE



Another girl who is sorry is the beautiful Scarlot (you know how I adore redheads!!!) – this is a classy domestic discipline film between a husband and wife – she knows her place and, as the title of the film suggests… she is “Awfully Sorry!”


Scarlot has made a show of herself at the golf club dinner dance following one too many Spritzers, bringing shame upon herself and her husband and their standing in the local community.

NSI110-SP017 NSI110-SP019

NSI110-SP021 NSI110-SP029


NSI110-SP043 NSI110-SP048

NSI110-SP052 NSI110-SP054


See this beautiful kiss and make up HD domestic punishment film at Northern Spanking


Roxie is one of my favourite Real Spankings models – she has that very naughty girl next door look about her… you know the type, she’ll have a tattoo because daddy told her NOT to… she’ll go out drinking with her friends when she should be studying… I love seeing her getting punished, she looks so coy, but in reality, she is anything but and deserves all the many spankings Michael can give her!!!


Handing Michael the wooden paddle is part of her punishment, it’s humiliating and then she is told to remove her jeans, pull down her pants and bend over the sofa!

roxie002 roxie003

roxie004 roxie005

roxie006 roxie007

roxie008 roxie009

She is then sent to her room early where she has time to reflect on just what happened….
ensuring it’ll be a long tearful night in her room – all alone!


See this and the vast array of many domestic discipline punishments from RealSpankings.com


Oh, before I go, I do have one more update to show you… it’s a bonus at my own site showcasing a POV film… it’s free for AAA Spanking members, but this can be purchased as a one off download at POVspanking.com if you so wish – this is a Spanker’s POV – this site will be covering many various aspect of POV and this includes the “peeping Tom POV” as well as making YOU the victim of a spanking and many other similar aspects, we also have close up spankings and the famed wheelbarrow films as one off downloads… yes I klnow these aren’t strictly POV… but they are good fun and are closley associated with the genre. Image below are from the latest film starring Alex Reynolds getting a whacking over a trestle as she takes a strapping and almighty slippering from YOU! Enjoy!


alexPOV04 alexPOV06

alexPOV08 alexPOV10

alexPOV11 alexPOV12

alexPOV14 alexPOV15

alexPOV16 alexPOV17

This clip explores the view of the spanker, it’s the spanker’s POV. YOU are in control… Alex talks to YOU and the camera is your eyes, you can really imagine that you are spanking Alex as she lies over the punishment trestle… it’s too late for her to find excuses now… she gives you the 1st implement, a leather strap, YOU know what to do with it, don’t you? You’re not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson, so you give her bottom a good slippering too, and YOU watch what you are doing, seeing her bottom mark up an angry red as you slipper the hell out of her rear! This film is classed as spanker’s POV in our ongoing project: We hope you enjoy this special preview of what we are trying to do. Feedback is most welcome…



Have a great weekend y’all!
I dare you to try and resist spanking something like this below, lol!