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Weekend Spanking Catch Up – Part 1

Here’s the first post of two this weekend as I attempt to catch up with some site updates from all over… so without further ado or waffle, please do enjoy this post, I have created special animated GIFs (pronounced jiffs) as well 🙂


Envy – 1st of a series of Deadly Sins Spanking Films

schoolgirl spanking

In a near POV style, watch as you are allowed to use the power of God to punish who commit the seven deadly sins. This time watch as your little sister is given a spanking for her envious behavior. The first film based on “Seven Deadly Sins” portrayed from the viewpoint of the man.


Rosie Munroe, a senior with attitude, meets her match with a spanking principal!

otk spanking

“I don’t think your rules will work for me,” says cute, bespectacled senior Rosie Munroe in her awesome hard spanking debut at Firm Hand. Principal Friday is certain to get to her at Reform School, starting with his right hand on her creamy white bare bottom, turning it a jiggling crimson as she lies kicking over his knee, panties pulled down. Bonus funny out-take!


Slumber party Sluts!

Elori and Luci are having a slumber party with Misty and Apricot while their mom’s go out for a night on the town. When both moms come back they do not expect to see their daughters having what looks like an orgy with their best friends. Apricot has had eyes for Luci for some time and plans to get down and dirty with her. The other two take lead and start to get heated as well. Both moms come home to topless girls making out and doing a little more. They are mortified as they did not raise little sluts. All four ladies are spanked by Miss Elizabeth with the bath brush and my Miss Bernadette with her family strap. They are taught just what acting like a slut will get them….very sore, red bruised bottoms. I am sure they will be much more behaved from now on.

hairbrush spanking



Cornertime & an Exposed Embarrassing Strapping for Kiki Cali

After some extended cornertime, the Dean places Kiki spread eagle over the conference table for an intense bare bottom strapping. Afterward, she is required to strip fully naked and stand back in the corner.



Quick Spanking Update!

It gets kinda difficult to keep up withthe blog even if it isn’t far from my mind. I have been traveling and filming so much content including a few custom shoots (in between visiting friends in Florida). I’m now on the other side of the USA… where i will be filming LOTS of new content with sarah this week before we take time off in Las Vegas and the get together of lots of like minded spankos at the annual Shadowlane party.

Anyway, in case you missed it, I have not ignored work behind the scenes at AAA Spanking and have been helping sarah with her sites too. Just in case you did miss it, an awesome new schoolgirl punuishment film was released last week starring the gorgeous and ever so spankable Mackenzie Reed (I love this girl). She took her first ever hard hand tawsing on film and I know that it hurt… as you’ll see from the special preview clip. I also have images from this along withthe storyline deszcription. It features a traditional schoolgirl punishment (regulation panties with the white gusset that I know many of you adore seeing again!) – there are also some good hard hand spankings followed by the Reformatory Strap and finally some biting cane strokes that get the message across!

Schoolgirl Vandal’s Punishment – AAA Spanking
Starring Mackenzie Reed & John Osborne

hand tawsing

caningMackenzie is in big trouble this time. Her Detention Punishment will not be pleasant, not after what she had been caught doing. The Punishment is held in the classroom where she committed her many acts of vandalism on the school’s old maps in the Geography Room. She wrote over many towns and cities globally (including Mr Osborne’s hometown from his native England) with newer “derogatory” names. Mackenzie’s immaturity would mean a long hard discipline session with Mr Osborne who took her defacement of the maps personally! He tawses her hands at first, as a lesson that she should not deface school property.

This theme is repeated with a very tearful Mackenzie made to repeat these words as she is spanked with her regulation navy panties and white gusset showing. This is followed by a hard leather strapping which has her crying almost uncontrollably but Mr Osborne isn’t finished with this tearful schoolgirl yet. She is already feeling ashamed and humiliated and he saves his best to last with a severe caning. This reinforces the important lesson of the day not to deface school property! Mackenzie’s tears are real and for those who enjoy authentic hard discipline of schoolgirls in believable settings, you really should not miss this one!

hand strappings  spanking schoolgirl spanking spanked schoolgirl   caned hard on her bare bottom exposed bare bottommackenzie reed


When her regulation knickers with the white gusset are pulled down
Poor Mackenzie knows she is in big trouble!

knickers down for her spanking

aaa spanking

If you don’t like the membership option then you can also view this film below (in full) from the AAA Clips 4 Sale Store – click on the image below for the direct link and to view the freeview clip there too 🙂

schoolgirl vandal punished - at clips4sale

Alex Reynolds appears in Dormitory Discipline

Hi everyone, sorry I had not been blogging for a few days… but lots of things were going on away from here that I had to go deal with, including the fruitless trip to see my team lose so pathetically getting a spanking at the English national stadium at Wembley (in London). It was an impressive place… but it was meaningless in the end because defeat in a Play-Off Final game is always just more than a cup final… it’s a promotion, a promise of greater rewards for the following year and of course the opponents (I won’t mention the winner’s name) was the stuff of fairytales… a team that arose from another after it had been stolen from the supporters and franchised to another town (this rarely if at all happens in the UK and 99% of ordinary folk here, myself included, are dead set against it). So they get to meet the team that took their name and place next year as equals – after only 14 years climbing from the depths of despair and the lowest leagues. Good luck with that I say! (yawn) – “Moi? bitter? Whatever gave you that idea?” 🙂

Okay, the new updated movie today is the start of some far more traditional and harder films I think you’ll all enjoy appearing at AAA Spanking – this was made over 3 years ago when Alex first visited the UK and she was starting to really feel these punishments as she had been filming for nearly 4 days in a row. Alex has a legendary tolerance and I think at the time she could take a lot. Maybe even more than right now (these things change and evolve, of course) – but nonetheless, it was a great austere “Dormitory Film”. She pouted and bratted a little (big mistake) as that sort of behavior always makes me angry and I gave her a good scolding before she got a cold heartless strapping, hairbrush spanking… and the best bit, using the heaviest (rattan, I think) vintage Carpet Beater which I had that always gets the message across to the girls! Add to that, I got Alex to strip out of her cute school uniform and into her night shirt in her bleak, cold Dorm Room… watching her neatly fold her clothes away and chastising her all the time… it was a good old fashioned schoolgirl spanking film… to the AAA members, I hope you like it. & of course it stars Alex… one of the best spankees at any website (and now a personal friend of mine) that you will see! I’d say “enjoy” – but perhaps just reminisce as to the austere old days instead!

Dormitory Discipline – starring Alex Reynolds


Alex should have been in bed but was still up just before “Lights Out” – in her school day uniform – after yet another troubling day caught smoking and such… punished earlier in the day, she is pouting and sulking… unaware that her light should have been out 20 minutes ago! This would attract trouble from her Dorm Master for sure!

tantrum for Alex Reynolds as she realizes she is getting another spanking hiding the spanking implements stripping off her school uniform moody and pouting face means more spanking bedtime thrashing awaits a007 a008 strappinghairbrush spanking a010 a013 a011 a012 a014 leather strapping on her bare spanked bottom a2spanking with a carpetbeater a017 a019 a018 a020 refecting on her punishment at the wall, bare bottom on full display

Alex Reynolds had been punished in the main Boarding School building for smoking earlier that day and was sulking in her room and not ready for bed at all… she refused to conform and had brought in a forbidden Black Duvet Cover on her last visit home instead of the “Parents choice” (in this case Alex should have had “Care Bears” covers) that she detested. She had also hidden all the implements of correction that were supposed to be on permanent display in her dorm room. So when she was caught, still in school uniform, using her phone at lights out… there could only be one outcome. The implements were soon found and she was made to strip and get into her regulation night gown in front of the Dorm Master before enduring a painful reminder of what happened to naughty girls that continued to defy strict school guidelines. This video features much strapping and use of heavy wooden implements such as a hardwood hairbrush and rattan carpet beater. Strict, mean and nasty: This is one punishment Alex wished she had avoided right before bedtime!

carpet beater spanking punishment


click here to view the free movie previews at AAA Spanking

Or if you prefer, click the image below for the Clip Store direct access link to this film – I know there are plenty out there that prefer this method which is why it is always made available… have a good one everyone!

Dormitory Discipline – available to download in full – HERE from the Clips Store

spanking clip store favorite - Alex punished in the Dorm


Rosie’s Most Humiliating Spanking

ballgagged and given a spankingFilmed about a year ago, Rosie wanted to appear in a film at AAA Spanking that was both edgy and unexpected… playing a foul mouthed and unruly schoolgirl. So we came up with an idea and something she never dared dream would happen – as the title of this film suggests. “The Ballgagged Schoolgirl”. Add to that a rather hard and humiliating spanking punishment there was also an added twist when a smoking infraction earned her a painful hand punishment she hadn’t thought was possible.
Ever been whacked with a wooden ruler? (we’re talking an old school heavy ruler that stings like a “mother”). Well, she got that too and she took this punishment as best she could. Looking your tormentor in the eye is rather more intimate and added to the whole submissive humiliating suspense of her punishment early on!
So here is the latest schoolgirl film, a detention punishment setting, an austere office and some traditional implements of correction including a heavy double sided leather strap that had all the thud and force of a school paddle. This is a great film, check out the images (they are reduced in size here, of course) which are both taken directly from the film and stills images that members get to download along with the video.

Rosie Ann – The Ballgagged Schoolgirl


Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date!

rosie_gagged003 spanking rosie_gagged004 rosie_gagged005 rosie_gagged006 rosie_gagged007 rosie_gagged008 rosie_gagged009 rosie_gagged010 spanking wooden ruler spanking rosie_gagged012 rosie_gagged013 rosie_gagged014 spanking and strapping rosie_gagged016 rosie_gagged017 strapping rosie_gagged018 rosie_gagged020 rosie_gagged022 rosie_gagged021 rosie_gagged023


OTK spanking



This film is also available to download at the clips store in full HD HERE

ballgagged and spanked

Exclusive Education 10 is here!

Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda inspired & exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. there are now well over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in the Members section and updates with a new video clip every day. This site is best known for their long schoolgirl spanking video series Exclusive Education and other full length films which feature lots of hand spankings, hairbush, leather & wooden paddles, straps and caning of the young girls bare bottoms. By joining you get access to all the previous nine years of spanked schoolgirl videos with the entire Exclusive Education series and all the other long play videos from the Discipline, Sensual and Erotic sections. All nine previous schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety already on this website (as will #10 once it has been uploaded in full and this is why I am announcing that teh start of this epic has begun!) – both in clip form and as long videos: They are all easily downloadable. Every scene is girls spanking girls, no men at all which appeals to some… if you are one of those… check out what I have in this bumper update today!

Announcing the start of EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 10


WANT TO SEE WHO THE CAST ARE THIS YEAR? Check them all out (below)


ALL images below taken from part one of the series can be enlarged!


It has been 10 years since the beginning of this annual big school girl shoot – and EE10 is one of the best ever. Teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella. Total length for this film is 60 minutes.

002 003 004 005 Stevie Rose spanked OTK 007 008 009 010 Angela Sommers given her 1st OTK spanking 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 spanking 022 023 024 025 hairbrush spanking 027 028 029 030 031 sore bare spanked schoolgirl bottoms


Don’t forget that there is also a PART 2 to this long play epic
a sneak preview of this can be seen below!




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Maddy Marks hard spanking


There’s a brand new film just released at AAAspanking.com starring the awesome Maddy Marks getting a rather hard, humiliating long punishment at the hands of her irate teacher, Mr Osborne… the full story is below, but suffice to say, this was a hard OTK spanking followed by some lengthy severe strapping and paddling that really stung and you can clearly see this was a punishment befitting her “crime” of stealing examination papers for profit that nearly got her expelled from the fee paying school. It’s a nice Anglo-American crossover spanking film… images below are taken  directly from the 16 minute film.

Maddy Marks

Maddy’s ordeal is about to begin when the truth of her theft is revealed to her!

maddy002 maddy003 maddy004 maddy005 maddy006 maddy007 maddy008

Maddy Marks had been summoned to the school basement at 3am after an exhaustive investigation that identified her as the chief culprit in a massive school examination fraud. Told to report in full uniform she had no idea that she had been found out! She had been selling exam papers to her fellow students after she had discovered which questions were to be asked… now she had delayed the examination process and was close to expulsion but her parents pleaded that she be punished there and then and flown home after to reflect on this, It also cost her parents dearly in compensation so before her flight home she received an almighty scolding from Mr Osborne who then spanked her hard on her bare bottom. This was just the start of her punishment as she received a severe leather strapping and wooden paddle whacking which marked her bottom a deep shameful blushing red. To add to Maddy’s shame, her parents had requested that evidence of her punishment be sent to them and Mr Osborne used his phone camera to record the evidence. Maddy was sent to bed and told to report in a few hours for her flight back home where no doubt she would get more humiliating lectures with more attention paid to her poor bottom!

OTK spanking maddy010 maddy011 strapping maddy013 maddy014 maddy015 spanking maddy017 maddy018 maddy019 maddy020 maddy021 maddy022 maddy023



Available for members to download right now at AAAspanking.com


Or via the Clip Stores (see below) for those that prefer this option.

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Schoolgirl Spanking Update

Oh well, I was going to update a lot of material for you all but this f*cking hotel I am in has the worst connection – ever! So I’m hoping to get this first part of a gradual update out, I have renamed it the Schoolgirl Spanking Update and it now just features a very sexy Alyssa getting a good hard humiliating spanking and leather strapping from Michael Masterson at the Real Spankings Institute

Schoolgirl Vignette with Alyssa – at RSI

schoolgirl punishment for Alyssa

Alyssa waits her turn for her long overdue punishment

13106_005 13106_030 strapping and spanking 13106_052 13106_059 strapping 13106_069 13106_074

In this school girl vignette, Alyssa is put through different positions and states of undress. She is then strapped to tears by The Dean. The Dean lays Alyssa over a stool and proceeds to punish her already sore bottom with the martinet. She is then placed in time out on her knees.

13107_002 13107_015 spanked over a stool martinet spanking 13107_060 13107_078 cornertime

The RS Institute is updated 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Each unique update contains 1 complete spanking, and includes both the images and video from the session. Check out this full film update along with the other regular features you can expect at this site.


This site is part of the RS Network – see the multi site option saving $$$ on 8 sites!

Real Spankings Pass

Rosie Ann’s Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann spanked

Finally, I managed to update the latest film released on AAAspanking.com – As you should know by now… I help update all the films on the SG Network alongside Miss Gregory but unfortunately for Sarah… she hates updating my previously owned site (now part of the SG sites) as I had no content management system (CMS) and had just used HTML/Dreamweaver and FTP uploads which made it harder to update for others not used to this method. So I am often left alone to update this site (still) – anyway, it is up, and also available at the Clips Store (in full) and with a new featured HTML5 player option (as all new fully updated films are now shown in for those who use mobile/tablet devices as well as not wanting to download the full films to a hard drive and just stream it). The HTML5 option (not Flash, I hasten to add) is an ongoing process and there’s probably about 60-70+ films updated to include this but I will try to get this completed by the end of this month for the entire members area. Then we will look at Sarah’s main sites too but she has a CMS which makes this option a little harder so will need to contact her original designer for this project.

OTK hand spanking

Okay, on to the more interesting subject of young Rosie Ann’s fab revealing punishment spanking. How could anyone resist looking at cute Rosie getting a traditional OTK hand spanking in that uniform? Especially over white panties and then with them pulled down. The difference is that Michael used a nasty hard wooden hand paddle, they are particularly “ouchie” and feel like a hairbrush/small wooden paddle as they contain far more sting and a thud (if the impact is done right). Not every girl can take this sort of spanking punishment… but Rosie proved she could endure this… as well as the more revealing and intimate “reverse seat spanking” afterwards. It was a very sexy position and something she was asked beforehand if she was comfortable with doing… you’ll see why from the images and vid clip… not every girl would be able to maintain any sort of dignity in this position knowing that her butt cheeks were hanging over the edge of a seat whilst a camera was close by recording her every reaction! I have discovered that it can be quite intimidating… so fair play to Rosie for doing this… and doing it so well that helped make this a really hot, erotic spanking film too!

spanked in her panties panties pulled down otk rchair004 schoolgirl otk spanking panties down spanking

More images below from the film including stills images that members can view

Rosie Ann

rchair006 Rosie gets spanked

This unique short sharp shock film stars stunning Rosie Ann, dressed in a cute, very sexy school uniform. It was her turn to be spanked over the chair but Mr Stamp had a special implement that he had decided to use this time… a hand paddle that hurt far more than a simple hand spanking! Rosie’s bottom quickly turned red under her white panties and when they were removed the painful OTK spanking continued. This punishment was far from over, as he had decided she should receive a particularly humiliating end to this discipline session. He positioned her so that Rosie sat over the chair in reverse, with her bottom cheeks hanging out over the edge of the seat making her feel very vulnerable to yet more strokes of that nasty wooden hand spanking paddle! This film contains 3 different camera angles so that you won’t miss a single part of this revealing and embarrassing session that poor Rosie endured!

rchair010 rchair011 spankings close up butt spanked reverse seat spanking rchair015 rchair016 butt spanking rchair018 spanking rchair020 Rosie Ann spanked and spread


See MORE of Rosie’s films archived at AAA Spanking HERE

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