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A Very Tearful Detention at AAA Spanking

Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed looking adorbs in their uniforms recently (behind the scenes)

I have a rather special news update featured today at AAA Spanking which also has a great debut performance from Nuna Starks alongside Mackenzie Reed. These two lovely young ladies have a great chemistry together and had been filming on set for Strictmoor Academy 3 recently which I will be reporting on in great detail soon enough. However today, I thought you’d like to see these GIFs and screen images from the latest film now showing this week.

A Very Tearful Detention at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Nuna Starks & Mackenzie Reed

This video can also be downloaded at the following clips stores in WMV & MP4 formats
AAA Spanking Library

This is another excellent film in our School Detention Punishment series and this time it is a special “Double Detention” for Nuna Starks (making her first appearance at Triple A) and Mackenzie Reed. They have been told to report to the school’s punishment room where they will be disciplined after school. This is no ordinary detention, as these girls are a whisker away from being expelled, this is their final punishment and it will count! The girls are nervous, and are fully aware of how much trouble they are in but didn’t expect such a harsh and humiliating session as this one!

Kenzie is taken over Sir’s lap and given a spanking on her crisp white panties, whilst Nuna is told to watch. The girls swap and it is Nuna’s turn. the tension builds as Kenzie goes over his lap for a panties down, bare bottom spanking. This is repeated for Nuna, who kicks and squeals as the spanking starts to really hurt. Then they are told in turn to take turns at kneeling on the bench as the other girl watches the Reformatory Leather Strapping of the other. It is hard and mean, and poor Kenzie quickly loses count in between the floods of tears. Nuna can see the obvious anguish of her fellow conspirator and learns to concentrate on keeping count of 12 hard swats of leather.

The final installment is unexpected as the girls are given a blistering caning, but they have to hold each other’s hands and look into the eyes of the other across a table. This is deeply personal and so humiliating that it brings yet more tears to both girls! It is a tearful detention punishment that these young ladies will not forget, which is the whole point as this is their final chance to remain in school! So it is hoped that this will remind the girls just how serious it really is!

       caning and spanking    crying after their spanking strapping and caning


aaa spanking

Midweek Spankings

Wow, middle of the week already and we’re almost a week into September? I have been so busy recently with lots of travel and filming that time has literally flown by (Thanks to Southwest airlines) at times that  I didn’t even know what day it was! So after a wonderful trip out west, Sarah & I are back in New England and already working on the sites. We have something special planned for next week across all the sites that involves one of our favorite ladies… but that is all I will say for now! I also need to update you on other spanking news from some other sites (as well as our own) as usual. So, here’s a few to keep you occupied.

Chloe Noir is “Fashionably Late” – out in full at Punishedbrats.com

Following her runway show, Chloe had gone out with some friends and didn’t get home until 6am. Upon her arrival home, Chloe was confronted by her father who noted that very little good happens when staying out with that crowd. Chloe attempted to defend her behavior instead of listening to her father’s warning. Soon, she found herself over his lap, whose greatest fear was realized when he lifted her skirt to find that she was not wearing panties. He spanked her bare bottom until he was certain she was not to be a casualty of the lifestyle. After her punishment was at an end, Chloe was placed in the corner with her bare red bottom on display.


See all of Chloe’s Spanking films & more

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Del Hunter features in the very latest schoolgirl punishment film at Sarah Gregory Spanking and this was an awesome film to help make. Del is suitably punished across her hands and bare bottom with a tawse and the school cane! (See below):

Del’s Detention – now showing at SarahGregorySpanking.com

Del is in detention for cheating. Headmaster Osborne is very upset and intends to teach her a very hard lesson. She first gets her hands tawsed because cheating hands get punished. Then she is spanked while bent over the desk. Finally she is given 6 strokes of the dreaded cane on her bare bottom.

hand tawsing  spankings    schoolgirl caning


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I’ve actually run out of time and was going to get you some more spankings and news updates, so I will have to do that tomorrow! Have a good one!



Sorority Schoolgirl Spanking

This latest sorority schoolgirl style spanking film is released as part of the group of sites that makes up the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass – check out what Veronica Ricci is up to with 2 new pledges at the Spanking Sorority Girls site… she doesn’t have all her own way in this film as you will see!

Rebel New Girls Get Spanked


Sorority president Veronica Ricci is breaking in two new pledges, who are tattooed rebellions. Emily Parker and Chloe James quickly learn that if you resist, you get spanked. This is a raw, high energy scene with some humor and lots of red bottoms. The two rebels of course turn the tables on their new leader…

02 03 03a 04 04b 05 spanking 06 07 07a 07b 08 09 sorority schoolgirl spanking otk spanking 11 12 12a 13 14 handprint spanking 16 17


spanking and paddling

sorority schoolgirl spanking

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Double Naked Schoolgirl Spanking

I’m sorry I didn’t write a spanking site update here sooner… I have been away helping with a huge spanking shoot… which was pretty awesome but I will let you know more on that at a later date (when I have fully recovered and I can remember the whirlwind of helping with the filming lots of new girls from the UK for various  sites!) Anyway, sorry if I have been cryptic… let’s catch up on what I have been checking out tonight… now that I am safely back and hidden from the watery hell that is raging outside – I quickly caught up with my own membership and site passes to let you know what is out there most recently but am out of time today as I was “perving” so much (ahem) – so I’ll get you another full update here and other blogs of the remainder of the quality spanking houses for your perusal and consideration tomorrow!

Funny thing was, we  (or I at least) – talked about these 2 girls this past week, they are among my faves at this site featured below… and this double act (of Kajira and Syrena) is now out and available in full glorious painful playback at Real Spankings Institute

KJ & Syrena Long Hard Punishment

naked schoolgirl spanking time 13315_013 13315_021 naked schoolgirls punished and given a spanking 13315_031 13315_033 13315_044 13315_068 13315_078 schoolgirl strapping

The Dean marches KJ and Syrena into the conference room, fully naked, for a long and hard discipline session. They are each required to choose three different leather implements to be used on them for a full force strapping that they will never forget.

13316_001 13316_004 13316_009 spanking 13316_015 13316_032 13316_039 13316_047 13316_054 13316_080

Real Spankings Institute is a site featuring real discipline, corporal punishment and spankings. The site is updated 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Each unique update contains 1 complete spanking, and includes both the images and video from the session. Each scene is often filmed from two different camera angles. Most of the time you will be able to see both spanking and the facial reactions.



Real Spanking Institute

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More Spanking Reviews for the Weekend

More updates to kick start your weekend!


Check out SpankingThem.com for unusual spanking punishments from Russia! Pretty 23 year old student, Lina, had fallen behind in her studies at this special college (somewhere in deepest rural Russia) where the Principal’s rules were enforced with humiliating and often degrading punishments designed to ensure the girls never came back again for this unique style of discipline.
This was Lina’s first visit to “The Principal” and she kind of knew what to expect from all the stories other girls had told, but even she was shocked at how her punishment progressed and was unprepared for just how vulnerable she felt, stripped of her clothing and dignity… she was flogged, not severely but enough that she knew she didn’t like it. She was strapped and spanked OTK in the nude too and even had her nipples pegged which she found uncomfortable but strangely exciting but she tried to hide that from the principal as she knew he always ended his punishments embarrassing displays of being made to pleasure herself (meh, I don’t quite understand these finales, but I’m not complaining) – all this before the inevitable walltime to reflect and contemplate what had just happened… still naked!

lina0 lina00 lina00a lina01 lina02 lina03 lina04 lina04a lina05 lina06 lina06a lina07 lina08

It is hot to imagine how the girls would feel as they would know his eyes would be leering at them but they daren’t look to find out in case worse was to come! (Put yourself in their shoes and feel their dilemma… if you could, as by this time they’d usually naked, lol!)


Images above are supplied from SpankingThem.com – check out a free preview video of this OTK College Girl spanking below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”43349″]

More college girl & young ladies shown on the tour pages can be found HERE



I’m always playing catch up at the moment… this was one film I wanted to show you earlier last week but didn’t get round to it – so better late than never! This features a girl called Alyssa who I really like at the Real Spankings Network of sites – you can catch her here at The RSI getting a mean introduction spanking from Dean Masterson and his continuing “devious positioning fetish” of girls during punishments – I have to say, I wholeheartedly approve!

Alyssa’s Visit to the Dean – Full movie & image sets from RealspankingsInstitute.com

spanking 13129_018 panties down spanking schoolgirl spanking bottom up for her spanking exposed and spanked bare bottom punishment Alyssa at RSI strapped and bottom spread exposed and spreadeagled for spanking leather strapping sweet spot spanking spanked and fully spread

Alyssa was spanked by another teacher at The Institute earlier in the day and, as the rule went, she now had to visit The Dean for some more follow up punishments. She was laid out on the conference room table and spanked hard on her bare bottom. The Dean then propped up Alyssa with the use of a spanking cushion to expose her bare bottom further, and used a leather strap on her quivering cheeks. He had her spread her legs very wide, so he didn’t miss a spot, including those tender sit spots right in the crease where the girls all hated having their bottoms thrashed… ouch!


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Real Life Spankings means just that – Mike in Holland takes girls who contact him of via people he knows and has been running this domestic discipline site for many years. It must be doing something right as it is still going strong! Check out why with one of the latest hard hitting punishments of a lovely girl next door type called Samantha. This video is part of a series she is co-starring with Jolene. They have both featured on and off over the years and are very popular with members… find out why with Samantha’s carpet beater punishment in the very latest installment (below):

jol_sam25 jol_sam26 jol_sam27 jol_sam29 jolene_samantha_SAM_0814  jolene_samantha_SAM_0818 jolene_samantha_SAM_0820 jolene_samantha_SAM_0823 jolene_samantha_SAM_0825 jolene_samantha_SAM_0827 jolene_samantha_SAM_0831 jolene_samantha_SAM_0824

It had been almost a year since Jolene visited RLS and had her bottom spanked and that was way too long so it was high time for Mike to give her a spanking. Samantha neglected to email Mike at all since her last visit so he thought it would be a good experience for her to be punished together with another girl (Jolene). He first put both of them together over his knee and spanked them soundly followed by some time on his punishment stools. Then he placed them kneeling on 2 chairs facing each other while he used his trusty leather paddle on their bottoms. Then he finished their punishment session by giving each of them a sound carpet beating. This is the scene you see here with Samantha getting that treatment!

Real Life Spankings


Finally today… I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see the return of Kylee Anders… she is stunning and has a VERY spankable bottom. Jonny Stockton is one lucky guy, as well as keeping his beautiful young wife, Stacy, in check, he has this gorgeous (if somewhat bratty) blonde Au Pair to keep in line too! It’s a tough job, but “someone” has to do it, right? Check out one of the latest videos to go live at Firmhandspanking.com

au_pair_f001 au_pair_f003 au_pair_f005 au_pair_f007 au_pair_f009 au_pair_f010 au_pair_f013 au_pair_f015 au_pair_f016 au_pair_f020 au_pair_f022 au_pair_f024

College Au Pair beauty Kylee Anders strips nude to be spanked for putting old fruit in the refrigerator, and what a hot bod is revealed! Jonny Stockton has the tough job of reddening her gym-toned ass with his hand and a leather paddle, and has the idea of making her stand on top of the fireplace to give him a better shot at her ass!

Check out a stunning preview clip of Kylee’s spanking punishment! (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43407″]

Firm Hand Spanking


In other news… I thought you’d like to see this (and a couple of cute girls in it too!)
World’s Longest Glass Bridge Suspended 600 Feet In Air Opens In China

glass1 glass2 glass3 glass4

Tourists Terrified To Walk It? This is the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge, which recently opened in Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, China. It spans 984 feet (approx 300 metres) and is suspended 590 feet (180 metres) in the air!

One simple question… WHY???? 🙂

A Humiliating Schoolgirl Spanking


Don’t you just love it when you’re almost all done and caught up with uploads and such that your Internet connection, through no fault of your own, should suddenly cut out? Not only that, but for nearly 24 hours too? Apparently my ISP had a major meltdown, much to the disgust of us customers… it affected not just a few streets, but several large cities. Annoying to say the least (I said in a mocking understated way… even though I felt like Gordon above and was really REALLY pissed off!). What’s more, my ISP won’t admit to what actually went wrong. At least I’m back online, I suppose. I was charged with updating the affiliate side of a few sites and couldn’t – until now.

The first is from AAAspanking.com and that is the only one I can show you in this post… but “boy” what a post it is. Lily Swan makes a welcome return to this site in a really hard hitting hand spanking, leather paddling and strapping schoolgirl punishment with a twist. She got caught peeing outdoors (hmmm, ok, I hear you say) well, take a look at the images and the awesome free clip and decide for yourselves. It’s a good little film and it is out in full HD1080 right now for members.

The Punishment Room – starring Lily Swan

Lily Swan takes a piss outside

Lily Swan was one of those persistently naughty school girls who always felt that the rules didn’t apply to her. The morning’s lessons had just finished yet when she felt the need to go pee Lily couldn’t wait until she got home… or even rush to the bathroom before she left. Oh no, she had to do it when she felt like it on the new gravel path around the back of the school, a short cut many people used. Perhaps she liked the thrill of being caught? Well, that was precisely what happened when she had just finished her “business” one of her Head of Year teachers walked around the corner to see that she had desecrated the footpath. His fury meant that she got ear pulled and marched to the school’s “Punishment Room” – a place she knew well, and was feared by all the girls. It was a last resort room full of horrible nasty implements and straps. Lily was placed on a spanking bench and her filthy panties cut off to expose her naked bottom. Her spanking was just evident from yet more poor behavior at home, which was why this time she’d have no dignity or panties to protect her modesty. She was given a hard hand spanking & with a leather paddle before being told she would have to go back & clean the path of her filthy indiscretions with bleach

caught peeing outside by Sir punishmentroomzz019 punishmentroomzz026 cutting her panties punishmentroomzz043 punishmentroomzz045 spanked and exposed spanking a schoolgirl paddled ass spanking her hard punishmentroomzz082 punishmentroomzz087 spanking and paddling punishmentroomzz093 punishmentroomzz099 spanking bench punishmentroomzz103 punishmentroomzz106 bare sore spanked ass

Wow… what an ass! Lily sure can take quite a beating too! She is definitely one of my favorite play partners that I love helping to film for Sarah’s sites and I can promise you that there is plenty more of Lily to come (at AAA, for example in the spoof “Piyo Training series” but to name one): However, check out the free clip below and then go see the site as there are plenty more updates featuring awesome Lily Swan which you can read up about on the extensive tour pages…

[jwplayer mediaid=”43265″]

Click HERE to access the AAA Spanking tour pages


If you just want to download the film as a one time option, check out the stores below!

aaaclipstore aaalibrary600


Remembering some Great Spanking Updates

This was a post taken from over 2 years ago when Alex made her first visit to the UK – seeing as I have spent time with both Paul and Alex at the Shadowlane Party this weekend, I thought this quick reminder post about a great schoolgirl film made for AAA Spanking might ease any non appearance from me. As you can imagine I have been rather busy spanking bottoms at the party 🙂

“Exemplary Detention”  it’s about 18-19 minutes long and is part of a short series that has a fantastic twist in the 2nd part… I won’t let on for now, but when you see part 2… you – WILL – LOVE IT!


Some behind the scenes info on this film: The classroom set was quite cold, despite us having the use of a massive heater, the setting loses heat very quickly (like the schools of old as I recall). Alex… and pretty much most of us (I am never that bothered by the cold, that’s just my quirk, I guess) hurried their lines to get the spanking part done so at least Alex could feel some part of her body warming up!!! Zoe didn’t play in this film, she was an observer… watching and taking notes as to how to properly punish a girl in detention… so have a thought for poor Zoe who was rather skimpily dressed, as you will see! Below are some images taken from the film followed by some actual screen shots of the film so you can clearly see what will happen to the naughty exchange student  (Alex).

ex_detention05 ex_detention08

ex_detention10 ex_detention11

ex_detention17 ex_detention22

Wondering what the wine bottles, cigar humidor (and there are also several LARGE chocolate bars) as well as all those nasty implements are doing there? The official blurb doesn’t state why they are there but the reason is because Alex had stolen these items from the staff room as the teachers had a party planned (apart from the implements, they are there for “educational” purposes for Zoe) – I won’t tell you how they found out…. needless to say, Alex was well and truly rumbled and had what was coming for all her lies!


Some screen shots below of the action too… I really liked the way this film came out in the end and it was one of my faves of the day… I guess Alex just “loves” to play bad bratty schoolgirls!


ex_detention018 ex_detention034

ex_detention066 ex_detention075 ex_detention095

ex_detention114 ex_detention120


ex_detention173 ex_detention187

The official storyline: Alex Reynolds was the subject for prefect Zoe Page’s study on how to carry out the perfect detention as shown by Mr Kennedy. This was needed in the absence of teaching staff due to ongoing Education cuts to teacher funding at the school. Alex was a complex subject for Zoe to observe as this American Exchange Student tried every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence! This would be no simple spanking punishment, as Zoe had secretly hoped it wouldn’t be… Miss Reynolds’ lies & her refusal to own up when she had the chance saw to that! So her regulation panties were removed then she received various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare, quivering bottom in the cold austere classroom. This would include the heavy punishment hairbrush, a thick leather strap & a painful wooden paddle (to make her feel at home). Zoe watched eagerly taking notes as the punishment unfolded so she could step in if needed whenever Mr Kennedy decided to leave the room. This is a special long play 2 part detention series of student Alex Reynolds & we know you will enjoy this! See what happened in this schoolgirl spanking film with a true authentic, depressing classroom setting!

You can see the full Hd film from the AAA site HERE



This post is untouched and from over 2 years ago – POV has come so far since those early days!

At POVspanking.com there are some more film clips, but I promised to show you what we were doing so you get the idea… here is a clip of Alex, in her dropseats pleading and then accepting her punishment in a purely POV style. then you’ll see the action later ion clip 2, just click on the images and the files should play, I didn’t have time to turn them into flash/HTML5 movies for now and they won’t play on mobile devices using Android anyway!

Clips are reduced in size/quality from original HD-MP4 versions but still play well at wmv 960×540…



See all the latest films at POVspanking.com


Back soon with Shadowlane news, film updates and gossip! 🙂

Rosie Ann’s Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann spanked

Finally, I managed to update the latest film released on AAAspanking.com – As you should know by now… I help update all the films on the SG Network alongside Miss Gregory but unfortunately for Sarah… she hates updating my previously owned site (now part of the SG sites) as I had no content management system (CMS) and had just used HTML/Dreamweaver and FTP uploads which made it harder to update for others not used to this method. So I am often left alone to update this site (still) – anyway, it is up, and also available at the Clips Store (in full) and with a new featured HTML5 player option (as all new fully updated films are now shown in for those who use mobile/tablet devices as well as not wanting to download the full films to a hard drive and just stream it). The HTML5 option (not Flash, I hasten to add) is an ongoing process and there’s probably about 60-70+ films updated to include this but I will try to get this completed by the end of this month for the entire members area. Then we will look at Sarah’s main sites too but she has a CMS which makes this option a little harder so will need to contact her original designer for this project.

OTK hand spanking

Okay, on to the more interesting subject of young Rosie Ann’s fab revealing punishment spanking. How could anyone resist looking at cute Rosie getting a traditional OTK hand spanking in that uniform? Especially over white panties and then with them pulled down. The difference is that Michael used a nasty hard wooden hand paddle, they are particularly “ouchie” and feel like a hairbrush/small wooden paddle as they contain far more sting and a thud (if the impact is done right). Not every girl can take this sort of spanking punishment… but Rosie proved she could endure this… as well as the more revealing and intimate “reverse seat spanking” afterwards. It was a very sexy position and something she was asked beforehand if she was comfortable with doing… you’ll see why from the images and vid clip… not every girl would be able to maintain any sort of dignity in this position knowing that her butt cheeks were hanging over the edge of a seat whilst a camera was close by recording her every reaction! I have discovered that it can be quite intimidating… so fair play to Rosie for doing this… and doing it so well that helped make this a really hot, erotic spanking film too!

spanked in her panties panties pulled down otk rchair004 schoolgirl otk spanking panties down spanking

More images below from the film including stills images that members can view

Rosie Ann

rchair006 Rosie gets spanked

This unique short sharp shock film stars stunning Rosie Ann, dressed in a cute, very sexy school uniform. It was her turn to be spanked over the chair but Mr Stamp had a special implement that he had decided to use this time… a hand paddle that hurt far more than a simple hand spanking! Rosie’s bottom quickly turned red under her white panties and when they were removed the painful OTK spanking continued. This punishment was far from over, as he had decided she should receive a particularly humiliating end to this discipline session. He positioned her so that Rosie sat over the chair in reverse, with her bottom cheeks hanging out over the edge of the seat making her feel very vulnerable to yet more strokes of that nasty wooden hand spanking paddle! This film contains 3 different camera angles so that you won’t miss a single part of this revealing and embarrassing session that poor Rosie endured!

rchair010 rchair011 spankings close up butt spanked reverse seat spanking rchair015 rchair016 butt spanking rchair018 spanking rchair020 Rosie Ann spanked and spread


See MORE of Rosie’s films archived at AAA Spanking HERE

AAA Spanking trial offer

… or check out the full library of one time downloads (below)

aaa clip store

Lola Marie Spanking Update

It’s a big welcome back to Lola Marie this week at AAAspanking.com as she gets a good hard spanking and wooden paddling from her Homework Tutor for taking the easy route and just copying and pasting work as her own from the internet on her latest work at home assignments. It’s a particularly humiliating and mean punishment with some great scolding scenes. I’ll let you check out some of the promotional images below and provide a link to a short free clip for y’all! Oh… and check out how cute she looks in that cute summer gingham school dress!!!

Lola Marie hw002 hw003 spanking hw005 hw006 hw007 panties down spanking spanked and humiliated

Lola had been assigned a new Homework Tutor as she had been cheating her coursework using too much of the Internet available on her phone rather than learning, researching & understanding her assignments instead of copying and pasting content. She continued to defy those in charge of her care so a tutor was brought in with extraordinary powers to persuade this young madam that plagiarsm and wanton copying/pasting from the interwebs was forbidden. His methods were a little extreme but had a 100% success rate which is what we see with Lola as she learnt a lesson the hard way when he caught her up to her old tricks once more when left in a position of trust. She could expect a lot of embarrassing and humiliating spanking positions and nasty punishments as her tutor was Mr Osborne!

sore red bottom hw011 hw012 getting a wooden paddling Lola Marie paddled scolding punishment paddled hard hw018 Lola is spanked

CLICK HERE to view the free HD clip of Lola’s latest punishment at home


This film will also be available later as a full file download at the CLIPS STORE
(for those that prefer to download the odd movie separately)

aaa spanking

Gym Girls Spanking & Punishment

real spankings institute

To end the weekend: A special feature from RealSpankingsInstitute.com in a no nonsense punishment discipline session of two college girls sent to the Dean’s Office, these are just some of the 100’s of images that compliment this HD film series now out to view in full. I had been waiting until this film series was complete before showcasing it for you all… it was well worth the wait!

Syrena & Kiki’s Punishment by Dean Masterson

13011_013 13011_030 13011_035 13011_046 bared and bent over for spankings 13011_060 Kiki bends over for more spanking 13011_074 13011_064

The girls are sent out of gym class in to see The Dean. They are both told to stand on the line and bend over. Both girls are then strapped over their leggings and on their bare bottoms with the leather strap.

13012_001 lunge position spanking 13012_028 leather strap for Kiki baring schoolgirl titties 13012_051 breasts bared during spanking Syrena bared breasts Kiki bared breasts

Both girls are then told to lean forward and hold the “Lunge Position” while they are strapped on the bare bottom with the leather strap with holes. They are left, standing and exposed, until The Dean takes them in to continue.

13013_003 13013_014 13013_026 13013_035 13013_038 13013_040 Spanking Kiki spanking Syrena spanking 13013_078

Syrena and Kiki are placed on all fours facing each other on the boardroom table. Each girl is then hand spanked on her bare bottom by The Dean.

strapping leather strap 13014_019 13014_029 Kiki bares her big ass college girls face more humiliation 13014_046 13014_054

Finally… The Dean then spanks both Syrena and Kiki with a leather strap on the bare bottom. The are then left in time out with their legs in the air and bottoms exposed until the timer runs out 3 minutes later.

Syrena & Kiki legs up in the air spanked and punished

This amazing Humiliation Series Punishment of Syrena & Kiki is now available to download


This site is also part of the popular 8 site special pass that you can obtain getting access tot he best sites updated daily within the RS Network – CLICK HERE or see the banner below for more info and details on how to join.

Real Spankings Pass - click here

Spanking & Panty Wetting

Katie wet and soiled her panties

Katie the schoolgirl temptressPanty wetting and spanking have always been somewhat intertwined (in my opinion) from the days of a nervous person facing a punishment or a bratty girl having fun to “piss off” Sir and so on… it was a fascination for me ever since I remember spanking one of my old girlfriends many years ago and she just peed herself all over my lap and started laughing and apologizing. I’m not one to fuss over such silliness… it just made us both laugh and wonder what other “weird” shit we were both into at the time… which was a pleasant exploration (but that is a long time ago and another story). Now it also happened to be that she was a natural “squirter” well before the so called phenomenon is around nowadays on the interwebz as more and more pornographers look for realistic and diminishing niches in which to thrill and amaze us all with. I remember back in the day she felt strange and upset but I liked it and could see this wasn’t piss and told  her if was a “gift” rather than a hindrance (pity that ATVOD in the UK seem to think it is, ignorantly) – anyhoo, before I digress massively… I do admit to getting turned on seeing a girl wet her panties, especially in a punishment scenario… so when Katie and I discussed a schoolgirl storyline where she’d pee herself with worry and fright, she was game… she wanted to do this and we waited to do this as the last movie of the day and she didn’t go to the toilet once and just drank lots (I mean LOTS!) of water that day until she was bursting! Just how much she’d break that seal we were all to discover as I have NEVER seen a girl pee so much before on camera!

katie's little accident - spanking film preview

Katie Brown looks all innocent (kind of) before her pee and punishment film begins!

So this is the latest new video update that members at AAA Spanking can see right now… Katie Brown, dressed as a (rather admittedly sexy) schoolgirl given a punishment at home and while she waits for the discipline to begin pee uncontrollably for near on 2 minutes non stop! Now I and cameraman Dodgy Dave remember this well as it was his kitchen and instead of filming outdoors (it was already dark by this time) we filmed it inside thinking a little pee on the floor… no problem, clean and disinfect that and move on… oh no! Katie just peed and peed and peed… it was almost exhausting to watch and I thought about the electrics and just how much pee was coming out it as it got that bad!!! Check out the clip below and you’ll see the beginning of this epic pee-pee-athon!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41151″]

Here’s some behind the scenes info, we filmed this and then cut, took some stills and then spent over 30 minutes clearing up the mess and thoroughly cleaning it before the punishment scene. the things we do for our art, eh?

Katie Brown about to be spanked

Below are some more of those pee pee scenes taken from the HD1080 video

pissing her panties piss puddle soiled panties taking of her pee soaked panties

wet panties spanking spanking spanked wooden paddle punishment spanking worried schoolgirl before more spankings schoolgirl spanking katie gets a spanking and paddling hand spanking wooden paddle spanking

Katie had been spanked at school earlier that day for multiple behavioral infractions so she was nervous about a decision she took with her additional home punishment when it was revealed that she had not learnt one of her lessons by deliberately wearing bright pink panties as continued defiance of strict rules. This had infuriated John and he told her to wait in the kitchen whilst he went off to find some harder implements of correction. Poor Katie was so worried and badly needed to relieve herself but she just lay over the table in pure fright, unable to move… and then peed uncontrollably. Her panties were soaked and the floor was a pool of shame! This was the appalling sight that greeted John on his return. His disbelief at this shameful act only meant that Katie got to feel leather and hard wooden paddles across her cheeks after her soiled panties were removed. To add to her discomfort and embarrassment, she had to clean the vast pool of shame she had created and the entire kitchen before being sent to bed early.

Check out more spanking action of Katie (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41166″]

katie has her skirt lifted for a spanking bathbrush backhand wooden paddle feeling her spanking spanked with the bathbrish schoolgirl leather strapping

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Katie arches her freshly spanked bottom

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Katie's Accident peeing and spanking

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A Spanking Mid Term Assessment

There’s a new film update just released at AAA Spanking which I’m quite excited about since it has a debut with Miss Chris, who is the Principal who has to deal with student, Alex Reynolds. This was filmed when I was in Las Vegas earlier this year so it was perfect timing as the event we were all at, we had some spare moments to make some films together (finally). Alex was fresh off receiving the award for “Best Spankee” and I had wanted to see Miss Chris finally get in a film for AAA – it was worth the wait. Alex, of course, played her role all too convincingly, perhaps because Miss Chris ensures that her girls get a good hard punishment when it comes down to it.

Mid Term Assessment spanking poor grades get you spanked

Images below are taken directly from the film, it features some excellent scolding and it’s pretty authentic as it could be made in a hotel room and to make it that more interesting with the “panties getting pulled down” scenario… the reason Alex would lose that privilege during her punishment was because her parents had asked for her to properly learn her lesson (the reasons are explained later for her punishment) – no girl wants her panties removed… and for Alex to be asked to do this act in this situation made it all the more deliciously thought provoking! It really worked, Alex showed real signs of reluctance but accepted her punishment, it is probably the most contrite I had ever seen her in a film for some time! I liked that! So Miss Chris set the scene, told Alex what was going to happen and of course the added humiliation half way through this spanking that she would then receive the leather strap on her bare bottom too! Oh my!

Mid-Term Assessment: Miss Chris & Alex Reynolds

about to get a spanking shamed and spanked spanked by Miss Chris teacher spanks schoolgirl spanked humiliating OTK removing her panties spanking OTK Alex is spanked over her lap spanked OTK clutching her sore red bum leather strapping on the bare strapping leather strap strapped by Miss Chris Alex Reynolds bubble butt strapped on her bare bottom bare schoolgirl bottom

Miss Chris makes her debut in a memorable scolding & punishment film of student, Alex Reynolds. Alex was summoned to the Principal’s Office as her parents were worried that this former “A Grader” was losing her way at the Private Boarding School they paid so much to have her educated at to do well in life! Alex had been seen breaking curfew and fraternizing with the local boys, as well as the horrifying dip in her grades. Miss Chris knew all too well what to do in this private meeting that she had arranged for Alex. She gave her a humiliating reminder of what happened to naughty girls; told off, made to feel how she had disappointed those that cared for her, letting herself down. This meant she would get not just an over the knee hand spanking, but one without the dignity of her white panties. She would also receive the stinging leather strap used to great effectiveness that had Alex snivelling and hoping to avoid further such mishaps by the end of her ordeal. She was warned, with an array of implements on the table, that her next assessment could be even worse if she didn’t make the changed needed. This Mid-Term Assessment was the wake up call Alex needed to put things right!

Alex Reynolds and Miss Chris at AAAspanking



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