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Spanking Site Updates

Hello, here are some useful site updates for you to check out, each of these sites also has a fantastic preview clip, so do check them out at the links provided.

Apricot’s Self Spanking – AAAspanking.com
Debut from Apricot Pitts

Please welcome Apricot Pitts in a stunning debut with a difference. Just look at her! She has an amazing beautiful, all natural, girl next door look that we so adore! Apricot’s first film is also something we don’t make that often, asking girls if they’d do a special self spanking video. She loved the idea and is so perfect for this style, as we don’t want this to be a light impact film. We only ask girls who are confident that they can spank themselves hard in the absence of another! Like many spanko lifestylers, Apricot has done this often in the past without a partner to regularly spank them… so she was a natural choice! This video contains many great cam angles and amazing bonus footage, including an immersive POV style as she talks and looks directly at the camera telling you how she feels! It’s a smoking hot debut with Apricot using plenty of “ouchie” implements including leather paddles and a hairbrush. Watch her flawless, bare peachy cheeks end up glowing a deep red in what we consider is one of the best self spanking films we’ve ever seen online! Find out for yourselves, you will not be disappointed!

Click here for the free spanking preview

Lingerie Lies & Spankings – MommaSpankings.com
Starring Harley Havik & Samantha Baker

Mom confronts Harley after finding sexy lingerie in her bedroom while collecting clothes for the laundry. First off Harley is not allowed to wear let alone buy sexy lingerie and second she lies about it being hers and blames it on Sarah. Then, she gets a bad attitude with mom. Mom won’t have lies and attitude and plans to teach her naughty daughter a lesson she with never forget. It is right over the knee for some spanking with mom’s hand and the wooden hairbrush. After her spanking, she is made to kneel on the chair displaying her sore red bottom while mom calls Sarah’s mom to find out if indeed Sarah is allowed to buy sexy lingerie. Coming soon, Sarah and Harley Punished together by both moms!

otk spanking spanking

Click here for the free spanking preview

A Lesson in sexual obedience – SarahGregorySpanking.com
Starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Elizabeth

Sarah is Miss Elizabeth’s submissive. As a submissive there are rules and protocol to abide by. One of the rules is that here will be no masturbation or sexual play of any kind without asking for direct permission. Well, Sarah fails to do this and decides to go ahead and masturbate without calling and asking. Miss Elizabeth comes back early and finds Sarah with her hands on her pussy. Angered beyond belief, she scolds Sarah very harshly and then quickly takes her over the knee for a humiliating punishment. This entails having her bare bottom soundly spanked while her legs are spread. Then she is cuffed and placed on the bed on all fours to receive a hard strapping on her sore marked bottom. To finish her punishment, she is made to masturbate with her vibrator as Elizabeth continues to strap and spank her. She is learn to associate the pain of the punishment with this naughty behavior.

Click here for the free spanking preview

Momma Spankings & Sarah Gregory Spanking can be viewed as part of the SG Pass – for less than the combined cost of both memberships with one set of codes!

Jasmine Lau – back getting a spanking!

I will be writing to Jasmine Lau tomorrow as both Sarah Gregory & I are filming her near the end of the month for our own spanking shoot with her. We are excited and I have told Sarah how cool she was when I used to film with her in my early days with AAA. We’re not filming much in the UK, but with the return of Jasmine from around 4 years of not doing porn or fetish work, no doubt she will be in high demand! We would also have been filming someone else who was equally as cute as Jasmine, but unfortunately the company she worked with put her off. I’m not going to mention any names but I was pretty pissed off as we had talked a lot beforehand about filming together and arranged a date… but she won’t be doing any spanking work: I won’t be promoting her stuff I have seen either – out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Though I have certainly have nothing against her, of course, and have extended an invitation should she ever want to try again we will be there for her. Then we promise to have more range and take advantage of what we saw she was capable of rather more than just beating her because she “must be punished” (yawn).

So let’s return to Jasmine – I filmed a lot of stuff with her in the early days and she had always been popular, I’d have easily filmed more content with her but she disappeared for a while so I didn’t push it (you get a feel some girls don’t want to continue so out of respect I left it) but as you’ll see, Jasmine is back and looking as hot as ever, she is still in her 20’s and physically very fit (from the martial arts training, I guess)


This first film is courtesy of Sarah Stern at spankingsarah.com – a kind of two part film where Jasmine self spanks and then gets a spanking from Sarah Stern afterwards in a humiliating position we all know so well. It’s a great intro film and something I would  have most probably done (I have a double plot planned with the girls but more punishment based… trust me, it hasn’t been done on AAA like this and it’ll be a knock out!) However, in the meantime, I can definitely recommend that you take a look based on these images (below).

DSC_9814 DSC_9820 DSC_9824 DSC_9828 DSC_9834 DSC_9838 DSC_9843 DSC_9844 DSC_9849 DSC_9852

Jasmine Lau had been spanked many times so Sarah wanted to get something a little different when she came over to see her. She asked her what she would like to do and she said could she start off by spanking herself. Sarah asked if she had a reason: she did, she had been quite naughty over the week end so Sarah told her to think about that as  she spanked her lovely bottom. She made a real good job of it, and did not hold back and delivered some real hard spanks to that bare bum.

In the latest installment: Jasmine has been doing a bit of self spanking, she thinks she can do it better than Sarah can, silly girl! Sarah soon shows her that not only can a spanking be painful but it can also be very humiliating. She gets her into the most revealing position and then you will see from her POV just what a spanking looks like when it is really hard and when the girl is stretched out with everything on display.

HC330-01001 HC330-01003 HC330-01004 HC330-01005 HC330-01008 HC330-01010 HC330-01012 HC330-01031 HC330-01033 spanking


Spanking Sarah

OTK & Self Spanking Special

Maddy Marks features in the latest new addition to AAAspanking.com – Maddy is incredibly cute, and in this video she was dressed in a delightfully slutty outfit for her real life boyfriend who she was about to do everything as he instructed. The title of this new film is called “Doing as he says” and features a lengthy self spanking scene with encouragement and direction (off camera) from Maddy’s man… as he tells her to hit or spank herself harder and use a hairbrush and leather paddle too! Once her bare bottom was suitably warmed up (as you’ll see below) he then proceeded to spank her over his knee… this short film focuses on Maddy so there are some nice facial reactions at the end of her being spanked as the spanking (although not brutal), was particularly stinging as it was relentless. Remember… This was NOT a punishment spanking, but rather an exploration into the D/S relationship between Maddy and her secretive off cam real life partner. I loved helping to make this video which was a spontaneous effort, ones like this are often my favorites… and it was filmed in February at one of the spanking parties in Las Vegas that I had attended. It is always a pleasure to meet up with Maddy & co (as they are based in Los Angeles) – I do hope you like this film and take it as intended, those that like self spankings will really love this film, there is a long 8-9 minute scene of Maddy using her hands, hairbrush and Paddle to great effect and her bottom really started to turn dark red – lovely! It really was a sexy hard spanking clip!

Doing as she is told – starring Maddy Marks – new from AAAspanking.com

Maddy Marks doingassheistold005 doingassheistold006 self spanking spanking spanking her ass presenting her bottom spreading her cheeks for a spanking doingassheistold041 spanked red bottom hairbrush spanking self spankings doingassheistold071 using a leather paddle doingassheistold094 doingassheistold097 otk spanking OTK sexy spanking bubble butt

Maddy & her partner decided to show us all a glimpse of their relationship with a short informative D/S display as she was instructed to spank herself in front of the cameras. His voice could be heard off camera gently telling her what to do next and how she should do it. She was told to spank herself harder and harder then rub her cheeks when they started to burn. This was no pattycake self spanking, he wouldn’t have her do this here. Maddy was then told to pick up the hairbrush and whack herself slowly and deliberately harder so we could see the effects this had on her smooth butt cheeks. It was an intimate and sensual act for her to give herself to him and us like this. Finally, she was told to use the leather paddle to redden her bottom before she took an OTK position for a finale spanking. Her boyfriend could not be seen in this video but you will see him spank her as they do at home… hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn’t done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! It was a first for us all and we are sure you will enjoy this loving and close relationship that Maddy and her partner have! He is a lucky man… and so is she for having such an attentive and caring man in her life!

Click below to view a clip of her OTK spanking & part of a self spanking teaser!

[jwplayer mediaid=”40849″]

See the FULL HD video HERE

AAA Spanking

This film is also available as an HD clip
only from the AAA Clip Store for a one time download (see below)

Maddy Marks - doing as she is told


Don’t forget! Not long to go now! Less than a week to pre register!



Superbowl Weekend Spankings


To the vast majority of people outside of the USA, this event is treated with utter apathy and disdain, rather like the “World”series in baseball or whatever sport (basketball?) – Probably 2 of my most hated, boring sports to watch – ever! However, I like Football (I prefer British Football or soccer as it is cringingly called – and I wince at that) – Now it has to be said I am quite a keen follower of The Ravens (from Baltimore) so was a little pissed off they nearly made it past the Patriots… as whoever got the Cardinals, well, (I really don’t mean to sound disrespectful) but that was like giving them a “bye” to the Finals… and so it is against defending champs, Seattle Seahawks.
It promises to be a great final, hard to call who will come out on top but in the interests of my own self preservation (and many of Sarah’s friends and family)… I am rooting for the Patriots (in my own way). British TV shows it here now in full… all “live” and as it happens as there is quite a following (it’s like rugby, only rugby players really are tough and don’t go in for all that namby pamby protective clothing). I know Americans would like it, it’s tough, a real man’s game… and no cheating or diving that you get so often with the frustrating South American or Italian/Spanish soccer players who learn how to dive and make deception an artform by learning the moves at “Cheat School” – So, looking forward to this later… it should be good. May the best team win!

whapIn the meantime, let’s just check out some more updates and stuff I think you should take a peek at before the Superbowl action gets underway!

West coast redhead babe, Amber dawn made some POV style films showing us her interaction with her online sessions… they ask her to do what she does best, flaunt her gorgeous 40″ plus bubble butt and spank it until it turns as red as her hair! Not only that, she’s a provocatrivix (I made that word up) as she encourages her men to jerk off for her and in the 1st interaction shown below, you will see that the guy wasn’t lying when he said he had a huge cock which he was stroking off to Amber. I like this sort of homemade filth, it’s naughty, smutty and this is the sort of fun, sexual stuff that Amber does oh so well!

POV Self Spanking webcam film – at SpankAmber.com

amb001 amb002 amb003 amb007 amb009 amb013 amb014 amb016 amb019 amb022 amb023 amb026

Just so you can see, I rather enjoyed watching some films of Amber earlier tonight, with my glass of bourbon… it was very nice 🙂


See far more naughty spanking films c/o Amber HERE

Access all 3 of Amber’s sites with one set of codes at a great price!


Joelle Barros is one girl I love working with, she’s hot, intelligent… and of course has one of the most spankable bottoms around… so imagine my jealousy seeing this film unleashed at Punishedbrats.com when I wished I could be that person giving her a spanking for being such a brat! (Oh wait… I will be meeting up with her in February… YAY!)

From the film: “Awkward Introduction”

intro1-111 intro1-121 intro1-141 intro1-161 introduction1-21 introduction1-32 introduction1-41

Joelle thought she had the family vacation house to herself for the holidays; partying and picking up her boy toys. She was outraged when a stranger  walked into the house with suitcase in hand. It turns out that this was her father’s new fiancé. Joelle learned quickly that her soon to be step-mother was a very formidable woman. Not ten seconds after Joelle told her to get the fuck out, the stylish brat found herself over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

introduction1-51 introduction1-61 introduction1-71 introduction1-81

See the full film of Joelle’s latest punishment HERE


This blonde hottie from Eastern Europe reminded me a little of Miley Cirus (just a little) though I secretly wished it was Miley getting this treatment courtesy of SpankingServer.com – this young lady was a winner in her own right, taking a good hard cropping punishment and a revealing one at that too! (check out the screen images below)

Cora gets a well deserved punishment

cora001 cora002 cora003 cora004 cora005 cora006 cora007 cora008 cora009 cora010

More intimate and severe punishments from Peter & co at SpankingServer.com



Finally, 2 film previews from Shadowlane.com which came out this month and I highly recommend that you see! Well known porn and fetish star, Addie Juniper makes another appearance at Shadowlane in this first feature… “Spank First Love Later”


A bedroom discipline drama with spanking, paddling, kissing, oral sex and intercourse and true affection, starring Addie Juniper and Kevin Wang When shapely and seductive Addie dons a micro-mini dress to visit her new shrink, Kevin suspects his spoiled brat of mischief and shuts that adventure down with an over the knee spanking and paddling. The disciplinary foreplay leads to finger banging, oral sex going both ways and sex. Adorable Addie gets head until orgasm as a reward for taking her paddling so nicely. This smart, sexy natural beauty and her cute chosen dude are a real life couple.

1a6f56c18eb38dfb19ec1ea745643b1f 3d63a7ec5a466b6995f16c9528581a6f 673bc30950fcf99c66d2f11d885ad06a a46358e17c66beafb27dbf1f5ee2c768 f02e8c9b7472c8d2e5f40c8af5eefa1a 908239b62a6e859be6c1ae77c1499b2b d794a50ccca2f537efc35eecd0db74e3 db8d1a4588ca5a46b46fcad1a2fd5db9

Then there is probably one of their best films together, thanks to Shadowlane – of Kyle Johnson and Stevie Rose in a film release called “Rude awakening” – Don’t miss this one!!!


Realizing that it is Friday night, the night when Stevie traditionally goes out to the bar across from work with her friends rather than coming straight home, Kyle warns Stevie sternly that he won’t tolerate such behavior any longer. He pulls her over his lap to administer an admonitory spanking to his bride, as a warning to behave herself properly that night. While he has her over his knee, Kyle discovers that Stevie is not wearing a bra under her work blouse. Stevie protests that she is wearing a bra, but Kyle has her remove her blouse to prove that her beautiful, full bosom is indeed completely unfettered. Kyle can’t believe that his wife would be so slutty as to not wear a bra to work on a Friday and decides that such a breech of etiquette merits a hairbrush spanking. Following up a hard hand spanking with an even more severe spanking with a wooden brush, Kyle makes Stevie bitterly regret her lack of discretion. Extra hard spanking, trenchant scolding and two dynamic performances combine to make this delightful video an instant corporal punishment classic. Cute Kyle and adorable Stevie are a vibrant real life couple and their scene is as exciting as it gets!

9ab6015efdb0cc3e976cbe128908ed31 78dbf53a713d4b0adb053d962f230e21 24c8be0154662f443f1df7d4c80fd9c5-1200x675 83af0c77a4f427e014ade32d48b3dcbc  c81e0751c8b67c10c7d5de0e0571b093 add429b01c4fcae46bdedf785bc8206c afdcf6da690b0c12c103068a9e3d01b4  7634384b8b1f3c3681f9c94d577890b7-630x840



Good job this lot didn’t make the finals 🙂


Cheerleaders & More Spankings!


I might have bored you with my recent new found ill health, well, today I had my long awaited Doc’s appointment here at home and he wanted to ensure that I do not have COPD instead of Asthma… (COPD is a term for, among others, emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are often interlinked making it a nasty condition!) I didn’t quite know what it was or even imagine I might possibly have this terrible condition in it’s early stages until I got home and looked it up… needless to say, I think I’ll wait until I take my “Spirometry Test” which has been booked after I take a course of new meds which should help diagnose exactly what I have. In the meantime I am going to be still here boring you with my blog ramblings and site updates for the foreseeable future at least! I will announce my own exciting special new girl update tomorrow (the first of about 6 over the coming weeks!!!) & I am excited about her introduction as we made some really good films together at the recent Crimson Moon Party… as you’ll see tomorrow from her unique introduction.

Tomorrow, real lifestyle player Melody makes her unique OTK & intimate spanking intro at AAAspanking.com !!


But in the meantime, let’s check out some other fabulous new updates and the first today is a stunning reworking of a classic that had me gasping for air! No! Fear not… not the asthma  but the sheer stunning beauty of Sarah Gregory getting spanked by “momma” Chelsea Pfeiffer in her latest long play production at MommaSpankings.com – and just “wow!” – this has everything you could want… mommy/daughter roleplay, cheergirl uniform and both Sarah and Chelsea at their best… it also happened to be a good hard spanking film.
WARNING: Images below caused me severe #TrouserArousalwatch out for damage to your undergarments if viewing the following images as I can not be held responsible for stretched stitching or spoiled gussets, thank you 😉

Cheer Lies – the new film starring Sarah Gregory & Chelsea Pfeiffer


momma-115-002 momma-115-005 momma-115-008


momma-115-018 momma-115-019

momma-115-021 momma-115-025

momma-115-027 momma-115-032

This video is from Sarah’s archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah’s mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to Momma Spankings and be brought to people’s attention as it is one of Sarah’s harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don’t want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video which has been remastered to the best qquality possible making this an absolute “Must See” addition to the “Momma style spankings” Collectors Library.


See the FULL film HERE at the unique Momma Spankings website


At Sarah’s own namesake site… SarahGregorySpanking.com – I helped her out when she asked me to spank Alex Reynolds for letting her down. I love helping out with real life requests… so this movie was fun (for me) to help bring to life… and I remember this well as we were both staying in LA in February with Paul & Alex & I had just spanked her in a very hard OTK spanking film earlier for my own site (this went up a few weeks back HERE in case you had forgotten… an awesome OTK film, by the way) – & then had to do it all over again (sigh, it’s a hard life, eh?) but fortunately I had use of a leather paddle too as my poor hands were starting to feel the burn of some excessive spankings I had been dishing out… seriously, I gave poor Alex some pretty mean spankings in this (& my own) film… check out the images below which are both screen shots and stills which members can view along with the new film in full at Sarah’s site now!


Alex Reynolds & I in the film – “Spanked for Sarah”

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-034

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-009 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-013

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-037 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-016


Sarah has sent her boyfriend John to spank Alex. They had plans to room together in Vegas and the room was under Alex’s name so Sarah and John couldn’t get in without her there. Upon arriving they found Alex not there and they had to wait for her for a long time. Alex didn’t even call to say she would be late. John gave her such a thrashing for her tardy behavior upon Sarah’s request.

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-022 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-024 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-025

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-029 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-032


You can see the Full Film – HERE at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Both sites above are awesome in their own right but you can also get access via the discounted double site offer
& that is via The Sarah Gregory Pass CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


A few missed updates on my part with a couple of new intros I was well aware of since I helped with this final filmshoot for Paul’s final “big” shoot in the UK at  NorthernSpanking.com – This was a fantastic location which Paul had been eager to film at for some time… we all had a blast and I felt privileged to be a part of this closing chapter as Paul now concentrates his efforts for his site on the US West Coast… (which I am somewhat jealous of since there is a willing supply of fetish models in LA!) I know he will still continue to film here in the UK too (as will I… and I am later this month) but they will be smaller and more specific model related shoots, which I understand fully.

Firstly… Seeing Zoe Page punish Satine and Masie (again) was a joy to watch… I wonder if you can guess why? (below):


NSI110-ZMS009 NSI110-ZMS026 NSI110-ZMS033

NSI110-ZMS052 NSI110-ZMS059 NSI110-ZMS062

Miss Page corners two uninvited guests in on of the many outbuildings on her estate. Trespassing is an offence and the girls are going to be stripped, humiliated and thrashed.

The 2nd is a retro feel with Amber West’s intro… I watched Paul set this up, a master at work as he paid attention to detail… even the BMW was a classic car that fitted in with his 80’s style shoot… Amber’s uniform rounded this off nicely.

 NSI128-AP002 NSI128-AP009

NSI128-AP018 NSI128-AP027

NSI128-AP039 NSI128-AP042

Here’s what Paul had to say about Amber’s intro to the site:
Another fairly swift introduction of a new face at Northern Spanking. And what a pretty new face too! We were really pleased to shoot with Amber, a well-known UK fetish and glamour model quite recently.
This scene is another of my recreations of my youthful exposure to corporal punishment imagery. And whoever says it should be in black & white will now leave the room! Amber looks super-sexy and super-scared in anticipation of her visit to a professional disciplinarian as directed by her ladies academy. She fears what awaits within and rightly so. What waits within is a world of pain and humiliation for poor Amber.

The 3rd features Rosie Ann – who we have both filmed with (just before I left for the USA a few months back) – & I intend to again very soon! I love this girl! She debuted at my site recently and she will be a very busy young lady over the next few months in both spanking and bondage which she genuinely loves… some of her images made “Kinky & Popular” on Fetlife which were amazing! What a trooper… hehe!

A few teaser images of Rosie Ann’s 1st appearance along with Miss Jessica who also made a memorable debut as the nasty female top (who I had a lot of fun with and hope to meet again at some point as well!) “Thank you ladies for a fun few days!!!”


Paul had this to say about his next new girl!
A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosie Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ012 NSI128-CJ014 NSI128-CJ016

NSI128-CJ017 NSI128-CJ018

You can see these full updates and much much more at NorthernSpanking.com



Here’s also a stunning reminder of Rosie Ann’s first appearance at my own site a few weeks ago… click on her images to view the full screen video images (I’ve reduced them to 1280×720 here but members get them at full HD size, the same as the film at 1920 x 1080) which have never before been shown anywhere first outside the members area except here – I just “loved” that “cosplay” Japanese schoolgirl uniform and my twisted storyline… She will be featuring again soon but I have so many new debuts coming, it is frightening… I need another site to get it all out, lol!!! (hmmm, that gives me an idea! More on that in a moment)

caughtshort003 caughtshort011

caughtshort012 caughtshort016 caughtshort026

caughtshort029 caughtshort037

caughtshort041 caughtshort046 caughtshort058

caughtshort054 caughtshort062

Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!



That idea I had is this… my poor PPV site naughtybottom.com has been vastly underused and it is about time that was put to rest… I know many people love to download the odd film instead of a membership… so here is my deal, I think I will also put up some films in advance at naughtybottom.com to give it some more exposure whilst I also get to make sure this site offers better value, WAY BETTER VALUE than, say, Clips4sale – I have control over that – whereas when I upload films to the Clips Store it usually works out at around a Dollar a minute… it’s fixed like that… so in this case the full 30 minute film… which has not been offered in this format until now… can be viewed for just $12.95 and not the $25-30 or so it would cost at C4S!

The film? Check out the link below… and I have a few reminder images too… there is also a free clip in MP4 (there are 2 versions, both in 1280 x 720 of WMV and MP4 which has not been shown before of this classic that started my Wheelbarrow Quest with a vengeance… Ladies & Gents, I give you the full uninterrupted Mishka Devlin Wheelbarrow Spanking “Quintology” – yes, all famous 5 segments joined as one seemless film as it was once intended! Divided into the various fantasy wheelbarrow style spanking sections of:

  1. The innocent looking girl next door
  2. Naked girl with just sexy stripey socks
  3. Dropseat PJs
  4. Schoolgirl in a short revealing gingham dress uniform
  5. Sexy naughty Girl Guide uniform spanking

Mishka Devlin’s Wheelbarrow Spanking Quintology


Mishka Devlin only ever worked with one English Spanking Company – but the films she made with them were outstanding and she soon retired from The Scene which was a great loss as she had the perfect girl next door look without ever being shy. This enabled this fantasy series to be born and spawn a whole series of further intimate spanking re-enactments with other girls. But this producer will always remember the first time this collaberation took place. You will see 5 different scenarios of Mishka in the now infamous “Wheelbarrow Position” as she was spanked as the girl next door, in her dropseats PJs, in a girl guides uniform, as a schoolgirl and in some very sexy stripey socks and wearing nothing else! 2 cam angles show the spankings in intimate detail from the spanker’s view and also as a general view so we see how she is spanked intimately!

This is your chance to download the complete 30 minute HD film for the very first time!

2 5

6 8

Click image below to view the free MP4 HD Clip of Mishka’s wheelbarrow spanking




Finally today, a beautiful image set that accompanies the new spanking film out at English-Spankers.com with another new couple… I haven’t seen this girl with a cracking name before, she is called “Honesty” – talk about setting herself up for a fall… this is one site that consistently has amazing photography that I admire… along with their films, it’s hard to beat generally. See what I mean in this self spanking film, which goes a bit wrong for Honesty when she is caught doing things to herself a young lady would rather not get caught for… all will become clear! I have also got a free HD clip for you to view as well! Enjoy!

npp7060006 npp7060013

npp7060017 npp7060023

npp7060032 npp7060035

npp7060038 npp7060040

npp7060042 npp7060048

Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and with her black stockings on display is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching from another room and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling not only by herself but from her strong armed boss.

You can view the FULL  film HERE



Back later with my site updates & other spanking news with clips & POV offerings you won’t wanna miss!


A Quick update for the weekend!

I started this Friday evening and will finish it Saturday morning! A veritable weekend spanking post that I hope you enjoy! OK… do you remember on Monday that I gave you part 1 to the MommaSpankings.com feature from their archives where naughty Sarah had faked staying at home from school so the nasty nurse came round with a rectal thermometer and discovered that she had been faking it? She sent her to school with a freshly spanked bottom for her troubles… well this conclusion is the homecoming scene… and Momma is waiting for Sarah – having heard what had happened – oops!


… After the nurse had sent her to school to finish her afternoon classes, she informed her mother on the phone what had happened and when she returned home from school she found her angry Mom waiting for her with hairbrush in hand and a scowl on her face! Oops!

momma-21-039 momma-22-003


momma-22-015 momma-22-016 momma-22-019


You can download the full film HERE

& that takes us nicely to the very latest film (just released) which again uses the hairbrush… (did I tell you that I love the hairbrush and have half a dozen different ones for various punishment scenarios?) anyway, I digress – this film is aptly called “Don’t make me fetch the hairbrush!”

Of course, Sarah is pouting and sulking… being a sassy little brat just itching for a thrashing as she listens to one of the best scoldings I’ve heard in ages (Momma Dana does this off camera) and it is a relentless tirade against Sarah… oh the film is also uploaded in 1920×1080 MP4 or MOV formats (as will all her new movie formats at both her sites from now on) & I gotta say, it’s awesome! #yay!


After the scolding comes the punishment – over her knee to start with!

momma-67-010 momma-67-011 momma-67-014

momma-67-020 momma-67-025 momma-67-026

I am loving these action shots… this is a fast paced no nonsense mother/daughter spanking film!


Coming up… oops… Momma has fetched the hairbrush!


See what happens next exclusive to MommaSpankings.com

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Staying with the “family” theme… the continuing series of “Brotherly Love” at Firmhandspanking.com stars Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James who take a bottom-quivering double strapping of 132 licks on their bare bottoms. Lying side by side over an ottoman they kick and buck as Kyle Johnson lays on the tawse… hard! As you’ll see, that’ll teach them for cutting college to strip in a club!


brotherly_s004 brotherly_s007


brotherly_s006 brotherly_s016


brotherly_s018 brotherly_s020


Check out the full archive of unique films starring these 2 gorgeous girls HERE


As I mentioned archives… why not check out this awesome reminder of just how hot Amber is?  Below, she has no one to spank her so she does it all by herself, getting turned on feeling her bubble butt getting redder and warmer until she feels another type of throbbing itch that needs to be satisfied elsewhere (ahem!). One of the many HOT films taken from SpankAmber.com


361b 361j


362d 362i


363o 363u


364a 364c


Join SpankAmber.com and get access to her other awesome sites for free!


Ah, while we’re at it… I delved into the archives of NorthernSpanking.com and thanks to their excellent model search function looked up one of the hottest girls they had filmed (in my opinion) that I had not seen anywhere else, Roxy Valentine – I remembered this naughty bunnygirl spanking tease production… I’m sure you will too. I must apologize to my male readership everywhere, if you are experiencing the dreaded TA (Trouser Arousal – tm Chief) then, like me, you have probably relieved the detestable tight fitting undergarments causing said  uncomfortable restrictions “down there” – I always recommend reading this blog with loose fitting undergarments… or none at all (as I often do, lol!) Of course, for ladies who LOVE to get off to the beautiful sight of naked/female red bottoms and such… I would recommend that you change your underwear in case of gusset overflow… #MOIST ~ #SHE KNOWS (if anyone is a fan of dapper on facebook and/or the Vines, you’ll understand my hashtags… heh heh)


Sexy Roxy throws herself at lucky Stephen Lewis! She wants to know what effect her costume for the party at the weekend is likely to have. And finds her answer!

NSI106-SR021 NSI106-SR026

NSI106-SR027 NSI106-SR039

NSI106-SR053 NSI106-SR058

NSI106-SR070 NSI106-SR074

NSI106-SR090 NSI106-SR096

Yikes! see what else Roxy got up to exclusively at NorthernSpanking.com


I’ll get you some more updates hopefully this weekend, there’s plenty to see! Have a good one!


Naughty Lola Marie

It seems people just can’t get enough of naughty Lola Marie at the moment… I like to make rude films with the right girls from time to time… and Lola is definitely one of those sexy naughty girls that make that task so easy! This was one of the first films I had ever shot with Lola and I wanted her to be the sole attraction… no nasty distractions with me or another person spoiling it, Lola was to be the star of this film completely! So how did I make that happen? She recalled how she’d get bored at home… you know, that itch that just had to be scratched – Lola is a very sexual girl and has her needs like any of us, so she thought she would steam up our camera lenses and show what she got up to in the privacy of her own place when she was alone and bored… fortunately I was wearing loose fitting garments which did not cause too much uncomfortable trouser arousal, as you could well imagine! Lola also recalled how she REALLY loves to get spanked for being naughty… so we combined her filthy toy play with some self spanking implementation courtesy of the bathbrush, several NEW hair brushes and straps for her approval. The results are below… these images are a little extra to what I have made free outside of the members area… I don’t want to give away all my content  as that would be unfair to those that have decently taken the plunge and become a member… but there are plenty of really naughty and far more graphic images for my members who are now happily downloading all this lovely spanko smut… but I think you’ll get the idea. All images shown here are reduced in size, even though they are at a decent resolution already… so imagine the clarity that members get! (lucky bastards!)

Below images are from HQ photo stills… followed by some HD screen video images showing you parts of the film – there is a link at the end to how you can view a free clip as well as news of a special offer that has been received rather well since I pioneered this to reward longer term membership which no other site has dared implement! 🙂

Naughty Lola Marie (out now at AAA Spanking)










& below are the actual video screen images (which are also high quality!)


lolamarie027 lolamarie032


lolamarie042 lolamarie072


lolamarie105 lolamarie117


You can CLICK HERE to view a brief free HD clip of Lola marie’s latest film

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Or if you prefer, then just download the film on its own (see more details below)

This film (click on Lola below) is also available as a complete HD download

click here for this film


The AAA Clips Store now has over 200 clips and films to choose from!




“Welcome back Jasmine!”

Warning: The Chief  “has wood” typing this as he recalls this movie he made recently with Jasmine

Ok, I have been busy getting our next film ready for release which stars the very lovely Jasmine, back by (very) popular demand and this film was a sort of recreation of her very first movie she ever did with us… a self spanking and sexy tease, as we interview her on the bed before getting her to show us all what she really gets up to at home…

Jasmine is back and looking as amazing as the first time we filmed her! Yum!

Jasmine is as hot and naughty as she appears in her films… it didn’t help that we were filming in a stuffy room one one of the hottest days of the year at the time (with no air con… we had to close the windows in this room for fear of alerting the neighbors… oops!) However, I couldn’t resist joining in, with such a sight presented to us, I just had to finish the movie as a “stunt hand” and ensure Jasmine’s ever so pretty bottom got a real red “welcome back” – and “boy” did it turn red on her first spanking… she later admitted she hadn’t been spanked hard for a while, except doing it to herself. It was just what she needed…

The images below are totally exclusive to my blogs as they haven’t been released yet (these are reduced size images and I’ll get you more info when the film actually goes up in full this weekend, but members will be able to download this really hot full image set tomorrow in full size and I promise they are amongst the best I’ve taken!




The full HD film will be released in one go by Monday next week at AAAspanking… but if you really can’t wait that long, there is the FULL film already out at our specialist clips site which makes it a popular choice for those that just want to download the odd movie of ours, as I know that there are those that prefer that, even though our membership site is amongst the best priced and most competive out there (I’ve checked!)

Check out her movie (below) – I promise you Jasmine is “smoking hot”

Welcome back, Jasmine! The pleasure is all ours!

Check out other clips (there’s over 80 now) including some unseen stuff at our specialist Clips Store

Naughty Awesome Amber!

Amber’s continuing naughty updates since the last time I checked out her sites has the conclusion to her excellent “stalking movie” of a starlet called Trisha – Amber plays a stalker, from memory and wothout looking it up on Google… rather like the mad bad psycho fan played by Sondra Locke (?) opposite Clint Eastwood in “Play Misty for me” – Amber is a delightfully bonkers fan who barges in on Trisha in her hotel room and overpowers a sleepy Trisha and performs all manner of very naughty spanko and sexually related bondage fun including shibari and ball gags as well as spanking and forced orgasms with various vibros. Trisha, I have to say, has one of the most alluring pussies any lady could wish to possess… I think I mentioned that last time… and the way she moans with that ball gag in place is heavenly!

Trisha – at the mercy of a rather mad bad stalking Amber!

Check out the final images taken from the concluding parts of this fine series which is only available at AmberSpanks.com and compliments Amber’s many naughty and increasingly daring F/F punishment films and 1st time girls that only she has had the pleasure to spank!






Did all those bad things really happen to Trisha or were they just some woerd dream? members can find out HERE… oh, did I mention Amber uses her strap on cock with gusto as well? Damn she is getting naughty as she gets ever more adventurous! If you love girl/girl, spankings, redhead domination and some well made porn from a female perspective, then do go check out AmberSpanks.com for more info!


Of course, Amber caters to us viewing her genuine submissive side and if you know anything about her from my blog and other sites that love her… she needs maintaining and spanking on a daily basis… so she has her hands full with her web camming, her new role as a sex toy tester (damn that has to be a hard job, eh?) and of course her spanking exploits which I have covered in part… so let’s see the other side as we view Amber getting some punishment treatment at her original site SpankAmber.com – the images below are taken from her latest film series there with one of her favorite web cam clients who “gets her” and what’s she’s really capable of during a very naughty 1-2-1 cam session – this was filmed by Amber’s Daddy and you can see just what a playful minx she is when she interacts with her clients that she treasures…

Amber is told to eat her panties after giving her pussy & tits a good hard slapping & spanking!






You can see much more of what Amber gets up to as a member of her site and view 100’s of unique films from over 4 years of the site being active! There is also an option to purchase a dual membership of both her spanking sites for one lower fee which makes the best sense and makes it film for film one of the most attractive options for spanking enthusiasts out there that would get off watching a genuine spanko show us what she gets up to behind closed doors! Highly Recommended! (But I’m biased)


Back tomorrow with news of my latest new movies at my own site and more… til then, be good! 🙂