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Spanked and Fucked

This is the title of the latest full-length 28 mins film being released at Intimate Spanking today and here is a very special review of it with exclusive 1st show images you won’t find anywhere else at the time of writing.

When Sarah & I came up with the concept of making our own erotic and intimate spanking videos, we always wanted to film something a little special, something that appeals to either sex, even if we were to depict sex and spanking. Since this is solely an F/F spanking concept (no old or ugly guys like myself) or random male hands interfering with the women… this is a girl on girl clip store with the emphasis on sexy/sexual/erotic and intimate spanking play and punishments. So who better than to have 2 hot redheads (who know and work with each other) be the first to make a strap on spanking and fucking film for us?

So please welcome Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in the Sonoma region in the SF Bay area a couple of years ago at a wonderful location… so we just had to film this super hot erotic spanking movie! Check out the images and the free clip (c/o spanking tube) and remember the only place to see this film in full is at the Intimate Spanking clip store. You won’t find these films on Russian owned piracy sites or freeloader boards…  be the first to enjoy this amazingly hot, sexy as hell, spanking and fucking film for those who really adore this type of genre.

spanked n fucked

Spanked & Fucked
Starring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna Lain and Amber Dawn are 2 smoking hot redhead girlfriends who want to inject some kinky play into their sex life and decide on spanking which excites them both. Amber and Luna take turns fondling and caressing each other’s round bottoms, slapping them, and using a sexy riding crop that they had recently purchased. Things get steamier quickly as Amber uses a vibrator on Luna, spanking her cheeks from behind, spreading her legs to make sure the vibrator edges her close to orgasm. Amber also gets fucked with a vibrator as she is spanked next, and asks Luna to spank her harder. This film moves up a gear as Amber brings her girlfriend to a shuddering climax with her varied spanking rhythms and the strong vibrator. Once Luna’s contractions subside, Amber knows that her young GF likes to take charge with her strap-on… wanting to fuck her with that big fat cock. Amber is so wet that Luna’s strap-on easily slides into her welcoming pussy and Amber moans as she begs to be spanked harder and harder while she rides on that thick cock to a loud orgasm! It seems these 2 ladies have discovered the passion of sex and spanking… this intimate spanking film is every bit as hot and smoldering as these 2 redheads!

intimate spanking


[jwplayer mediaid=”62337″]

This clip is lower quality – Full Downloads in MP4 & MOV formats are HD1080

For the full archive of intimate spanking content – CLICK HERE

spanked and fucked

Something Special for you!

I have never made it a secret that I admire the work of Amber Dawn’s sites – Amber is based out of the San Franncisco Bay area, and often finds girls you don’t see anywhere else. her small network of sites are truly among the best value out there. Join one and get access to her 2 main spanking sites and the bonus site which is a look at her vanilla modeling side! Redhead Amber has never been far from my thoughts… her work that she produces with her daddy, is unique, with lots of hot girl on girl sexually charged spankings and then there’s her own submissive films to her daddy which you can see (there are 100’s of films) – You’ll see Amber suck her man off, get fucked and from a POV view sometimes as well as seeing her beautiful bubble butt spanked a beautiful shade of red often. However in this post, let’s check up on her perving out on a model called Anna… they both make out and play before Amber really gets to grips with Anna’s very spankable bottom! Warning… these images from the films WILL cause severe #TrouserArousal (or for you ladies, please be aware of leaking gussets) – you have been warned! #HAWT!


Anna gets to feel the full sexual spanking that Amber so loves giving her girls…

anna01 anna02


anna04 anna05


anna07 anna13


anna16 anna17


anna19 anna20


anna23 anna24


anna26 anna27


Hot girl girl spankings and the intimate and domestic style spankings of Amber can be see in full HERE

Today’s Kinky Updates

Just a quick Kinky update whilst I personally regroup and get you some more spanking updates elsewhere this week… I have been away on a 2 day work course and am preparing for another shoot end of this week so am a busy boy! I hope you understand… just to let you know my site update will be a day late (I will upload this all tomorrow and upload this full version and the movie at the clips store… sorry about that, but I just didn’t have the time this week to get it out whilst I was away as it was pretty intense and I only switched on my laptop to check mails and support queries in the end! the below site updates are hot though and offer sexual themes, BDSM and spankings of some very hot and submissive girls!

Available now at Sex and Submission:

FOREIGN EXCHANGE SLAVE! French Student Suffers in Sexual Punishment!

Sexy French girl Nikita Bellucci does an amazing scene with great believable role-play, punishing throat fucking, pounding sex in bondage and deep anal penetration! As a foreign exchange student, Nikita thinks she lives at the perfect boarding home but quickly learns that she has become a sexual prisoner and fuck toy for a cruel and sadistic house master. Mark Davis is in top form as he dominates and relentlessly fucks all of Nikita’s holes!

Go to Sex and Submission »

 at Whipped Ass: Horny lesbian sex slave spanked, fucked, and punished!

Lea Lexis’s new 24/7 sex slave, Allie James, is too eager for her own good. When she’s caught masturbating without permission, her Mistress teaches her a lesson.Lea’s training methods include: OTK spanking, vicious nipple and pussy clamps, hot wax, clothespins, a dildo gag, pussy licking, ass worship, facesitting, multiple orgasms, and lesbian strap-on fucking.Will Allie learn her lesson, or will she ignore the rules for the pleasure of punishment?

Go to Whipped Ass »

 Available now at Hogtied: Bella Rossi Back For More!

Why so soon you ask? Because Bella is awesome. After her incredible March shoot this year, we needed more. Today is no exception. Bella endures the most difficult bondage position known, breast suspension. What is different about this one, is it is unassisted by any other support ropes, its just her breasts. Pair that with a challenging inversion, crucifixion, knees to chest suspension, and a day of being tormented with the cane and you have Bella at her best.

Go to Hogtied »

Liked all this? Here’s a unique search function that allows you to trace every film of a model at their group of sites… such as the beautiful and very talented spanking and submissive kinkster loving Casey Calvert who I have the “hot trot trouser hots” for… click image below and it leads to a page that showcases everything she has ever filmed for Kink! wow!


Tempting Tuesday at the Blogg!

I shall not dwell on the fact this is a significant date, we all know what happened just over 11 years ago today… and I have to say it was great to see the “Freedom Tower” being built in NYC on my recent visit… however, this is a spanking blog and spankings are what you all crave so to satisfy that need I have a great start to today’s updates with news of what members will be able to view (from tomorrow) at my own site, the much awaited birching film of Kami Robertson in the submissive maid series.

Kami is stripped naked and given a hard birching by the Master of the House

I have a few early exclusive images to show you, as there will be a photo set that will accompany the long play film as well as the usual HD video screen shots that are always shown with any movie at the site. As you should know by now, it comes in 2 versions, WMV (960×540) – and MP4 which plays at (1280×720) size resolution. Both versions look great and wmv also comes in smaller sizes for those with slower connections but as the world wide web gets faster I reckon this option will become more obsolete, but for now, believe it or not, I know that there are still many members who join who do not have a very fast connection and have thanked me in emails for providing the smaller file sizes so they can take time to download the films. OK, as I said, here are some exclusive images from the future photoset which best showcase what happens to hapless maid, Kami Robertson.

This is the 2nd of the “Submissive Maid” series of films and Kami took a birching from her Master of the House. She had to go pick the birch twigs herself and tie them together before presenting Harold with The Birch and he made her assume the position he wanted to punish her in over the chair. It wasn’t long before the criss-cross tell tale welts from the birch could be seen and Harold ordered Kami to remove her clothing so he could see her reactions more clearly in this eery light as she fought for breath and tried to hold back her tears until her body convulsed in pain and the endorphins took over allowing Kami to take the full punishment. This is one of the most intimate and severe films we have ever made and should be a “must have” for all collectors of spanking erotica.


You can see an exclusive early preview of this film below!

Check out MORE of this film HERE


I couldn’t resist showing you this more sexually themed spanking out now at Pandora’s Dreams Of Spanking as she and one of her poly partners D show us what happens in private with this feature called “Mirror Mirror”. It shows the love, lust and a leather belt as he skilfully claims both Pandora’s body and her willing submission. Two large mirrors reflect every moment of intense eroticism, from spanking to “other intimacies” as you will discover. Images below are reduced in size and members get to see 131 images in this new update out now!






See MORE of what Pandora has been up to on the extensive tour pages HERE


& finally in this all English line up today, here is a gorgeous new girl called Lucy who looks oh so spankable in that naughty uniform, luckily she is just that as she is one of the naughtiest girls in school and the new teacher wastes no time in reminding her that he takes no nonsense from misbehaving girls in class!

The new master at St. Justs school for young ladies is taking his first detention class and has the misfortune to get involved with Lucy, the naughtiest pupil in the school. When she refuses to carry out her detention punishment he decides to give her a spanking. Over his knee he spanks her on top of her knickers and then removes them for a really sound beating on her tender bottom. The first video by this exciting new girl on the spanking scene – images below (reduced in size) are courtesy of English-Spankers.com




Check out a FREE HD-WMV Clip at this link HERE of new schoolgirl Lucy


To those that say we English sites don’t know how to produce good spanking scenes, the above should be proof enough we know what we’re doing and we like what we do! Have a think again as we have some of the hottest spanking scenes and exclusive girls around!

Spanking Updates – part 2

& here’s part 2 of the updates for today as I bring you some choice content I was fortunate to watch, this time, from our friends in America 1st of all before I bring you news of something naughty going on here in England!

First up is the ever gorgeous and thief of my heart, Amber Dawn from San Francisco. Yes, you all know how redheads make me dribble like a demented fool, well check out some great perspectives of Amber across all of her sites as you can now purchase a membership and access them all for one low fee, you’d be insanse if you love seeing sexy and real life spankings performed by, in my opinion, one of the most under rated spanko stars out there anywhere as she genuinely gives you a slice of her life with her partner daddy and her exploarion as a very popular webcam model and bisexual kinkster at play with her exclusive girls! below Amber highlights Zahara Haze, one of her best finds in an age as you’ll see below… she really enjoys spanking and fucking this pot head (by Zahara’s own admission) voluptuous, teenage diva!


This is what Amber had to say about her latest film at AmberSpanks.com

Watch me initiate this virgin 19 year old to the ways of submission and ecstasy, for your viewing pleasure. I torture, punish, humiliate, fondle and fuck this little sex doll hard before getting her off for real. Come see for yourself.





Oh! & to celebrate Amber’s 5 years online, here is one of her first movies she did at AmberSpanks.com (although not five years ago as this site was stared around a year later as I recall) this was uniquely a F/F site she started up later to compliment her popular mainstream site of us watching her get some wicked spankings of her own…. which you will have seen plenty of on this blog over the years! In fact, the past FIVE years! Congrats, Amber… here’s to your next 5 wonderful years online! & do any of you remember Amber almost nervously spanking Mel? Oh my how times have changed!!!

Taken from the film “Mel gets wet!”

Mel does a naughty strip tease for Amber. She thinks she’s here to have a sexy spanking and play with her. Amber has other ideas as she uses her bare hand and the leather paddle on Mel’s tight dancer butt. Amber does not appreciate Mel’s sounds of ecstasy so she turns up the heat. Amber continues to torment poor Mel who’s torn between agony and arousal as she oils up her flaming red cheeks, teases her with her panties and gets excruciatingly close to her naughty bits.



Mel was the 1st of many a stunning girl to get over Amber’s lap!!!

& don’t forget that at SpankAmber.com there are now many very sexually explicit movies with Amber unafraid to show us what she is made of (including that fantastic bubble butt of hers) and we also get to see her and Daddy getting it on in between some spanking punishments, of course! I think these screen grabs from the latest series of films can explian this better than me waffling on…. see for yourself.





MORE of this latest series of movies can be seen at SpankAmber.com

& don’t forget you can view all 3 sites now at no extra charge, they are all included in the membership and it’s a good excuse to see Amber and Daddy on holiday last year in Paris, France… for example, from her nude site (below) now included in the sign up


Sarah Gregory once told me how much she enjoyed working with Kat St James…. and I can see why! These 2 “love” to play with each other, and throw into the mix their “momma”, Dana Specht…. and this makes for a potent spanking movie based on 2 misbehaving sisters caught fighting… um, getting the spankings they deserve from a very pissed off mother! Love F/F and home discipline films? Then check out this treat, the movie and all its parts are now fully released with an extensive gallery for members of Sarah’s growing website – SarahGregorySpanking.com

Momma Dana is not happy to find money missing from her wallet. When she goes to confront her two naughty daughters, she is even more angered to see them physically fighting. They are punished with spankings over their clothes, panties, and bare bottoms. each is given corner time while the other is spanked. At the end they are both knelt on the couch for a hard strapping!





You can see all of Sarah’s movies in 2 popular formats – Windows Media (.wmv) for, I guess the majority of us lazy arses who have Windows OS and catering to Mac users, the Quicktime Format (.mov)

You can easily check out more of Sarah’s fine work HERE on her extensive preview pages


OK, so as promised, I will get my ass into gear and bring out the new film at my own site tomorrow and in the meantime, here below is a link to the much awaited hard core and spanking film that Pandora is now proudly showing at DreamsOfSpanking.com (and quite rightly) with one of her real life partners, D – as we get to see Pandora Blake spanked and fucked on camera (truly a voyeuristic treat!) Click images below for an exclusive perv at this latest offering online released yesterday to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day… or perhaps not 😉


A red evening gown, a pair of scissors and a cane. Exposed skin tormented and teased as the dress is slowly cut away. This is D and Pandora more intimate and more explicit than you’ve ever seen them before.

Pandora also had this to say in response to a query about the film:

I do like seeing explicit sexual acts alongside my spanking, but only between real lovers. Without that spark of chemistry, affection and intimacy, it does nothing for me. And I’m not particularly interested in watching fucking without spanking. I’m hoping to produce more of this sort of material, but not loads, and always with an emphasis on both CP and genuine intimacy.

Check out what is going on in more detail at Pandora’s site HERE

… & on that bombshell … “Goodnight!”

Amber’s Daddy is a lucky man!

Amber Dawn and her Daddy have been making their own unique brand of films for over 4 years online now and I wanted to focus on a couple of their most recent films at SpankAmber.com which show just how far and intimate this real life couple have become online and I have to say I’m happy that Daddy is finally showing himself more and more on film with Amber as it’s a natural thing to see them play or punish as they would in private… the voyeur in me enjoys this perspective… and it’s addictive viewing, especially the sex and spanking scenes we have been treated to more and more as we know couples like them who practice their own unique brand of domestic discipline and fun play demonstrate more and more to the curious public…

So to the conclusion of the Sex bench, scroll back a week and you’ll see the 1st parts to this movie… here are the inevitable results of Amber’s teasing as she is cropped and painfully whacked with the Lexan paddle bringing her to tears before giving her Daddy a delicious blowjob, taking his engorged member deep into her warm waiting throat before she is fucked hard over the bench, showing us her swollen pussy seeping with his seed afterwards, her freshly punished red bottom all too evident… an alluring sight indeed and one which I, ahem… heartily approved of!





You can see the full series of this movie in HD Quicktime playback – playable on VLAN player – or on the Wmv version which is almost as good, the above screen grabs were from the QT version and you can decide which versions to view thanks to VLAN Player’s ability to recognize many formats nowadays!


& so to their latest film which is a little different, a split perspective on the screen as we see 3 angles at once of an OTK spanking over Daddy’s lap. We get to see his spanking, Amber’s ripe round wobbling bum and her facial reactions as well as what I called the “Breast Cam” which you’ll see in the images below 🙂

So enjoy this nice domestic discipline spanking that has Amber first in her sexy stripey socks, her ass soon matches their color as you’ll see… and watch out for his groping hands on “Breast Cam” – I can almost 100% say that Daddy must have had some severe “wood” spanking Amber like this, I know I “would have”…




See MORE of this fantastic series only at SpankAmber.com


I am going to feature more of Amber this week, at her Girl on Girl spanking site… AmberSpanks.com but members will already know that her latest hot, steamy spanking film with her double lookalike, Jolene are incredible… Amber eats out Jolene and spanks her hard including lots of anal play… (one image below will capture one scene!) if you can’t wait, don’t worry, her movies are up and the Quicktime format is amazingly crystal clear… remember that you can purchase both her site memberships at the same time and get a generous $10 off, making both sites the equivalent of under $15 each, and for 100’s of her totally unique films, that is an offer NOT to overlook in my opinion! Help support Amber to create more of what I think are some of the best original spanking films of domestic and girl/girl genres out there!

OK, I need a cold shower after viewing this! Back tomorrow with some UN-Halloween spanking updates 🙂

Real Naughty Spankings!

Whilst perusing through Sarah’s marvellous archives, I came across this “mature” stunner called Conchita who is my ideal MiLF… she’s a good looking older lady that isn’t scared to show off her charms, perform sexually on film and able to take a spanking too! Ideal! What’s more, she doubled with Sarah in a strapping movie after having been thoroughly fucked. Now if sex and spanking sites are your thing, this real life girl next door British spanking site is definitely one to look out for! Sarah seems to have changed her direction as she admits she is late 30’s but still a hell of a sight to behold! Over 6 foot tall, Sarah is impossible to ignore in a room… Nowadays, Sarah seems to prefer to play the dominant partner and still sub, of course… but it may appear that her very naughty sexual play may be over… at least giving blow jobs and the such, but the archives, like this one with her and Conchita are what makes this a site very much well worth visiting for a hell of a lot of variety. Sex with your spankings? Why thank you… go visit SpankingSarah.com for more info and all the latest free HD movie previews! I have provided you with a few images of Conchita fucked and then leathered later alongside Sarah, enjoy!





See MORE of Sarah’s special site and the excellent tour pages and previews (click banner below)


OK, here’s a girl I haven’t seen until now as I had been impressed with one of the other unique girls called Sophie to this site, well, I have to tell you I rejoined this site on the strength of their new girl Devin, who is another amazing beauty able to take a variety of withering and stinging punishments! The site? GirlsSpankedHard.com – a site I haven’t been back to for a while and am now regretting why I hadn’t gone back sooner! See what I mean from the stunning images taken from some of her punishments below!

Only 19 years old, Devin has never appeared on a spanking site before until now! She makes no secret that the money helps towards her tuition fees as a student, but she isn’t doing this just for the cash. She reveals in an interview before her spanking films that she IS a lifestyler (the best kind) and this shows in her films as she can take, albeit tearfully, a damned hard spanking, cropping and pretty much anything that her bare bum can handle! She cries and cries out loud during her punishments but more in endurance, and she is proud that she can take it! Her fresh faced girl next door looks makes her addictive viewing and the images below show you a glimpse of what she experiences!






Check out more of girl next door Devin at GirlsSpankedHard.com


& here’s a round up of some pretty hard punishments you’d expect to find from Michael Masterson’s Real Spankings Pass network, the individual sites are also noted for your further advised perusal 🙂

Bailey filmed a lot of content for this network and even though she’s retired, (with the amazing exception of seeing her perform for NorthernSpanking last year!) Bailey’s stuff still comes out and she looks understandably timeless! They are also upping the quality of the movies making this a great site to revisit on it’s own or as part of the Real Spankings Pass



Finally from the Institute comes a couple of updates, very popular college girl Lila is spanked and strapped naked with her legs spread invitingly with her sex gaping in this humiliating film that really makes her cry out loud! & you’ll see a few images of new recruit Lyndsay as she is introduced to the Dean’s Office and what happens to naughty girls in there! Fans of Michael Masterson’s work, as ever, will NOT be disappointed!

Lila (below) feels the sting of her latest humiliating punishment




Lyndsay quickly learns to avoid angering Dean Masterson


The 2 sites featured here (above) are part of the Real Spankings Network

EE6 News and Amber Dawn gets VERY naughty!!!

OK, this post today is the perfect way to lighten things up after some of my posts, I don’t want to scare you all away or sound preachy… so I have some incredible news (and images) about 2 sites I absolutely adore and am just devoting this post to them both today and you’ll see why!

Clare, Lana & Snow show who’s boss in the long awaited “Exclusive Education 6”

First up – finally at GirlSpanksGirl.com – the fruits of Clare Fonda’s inconsiderable labor are finally coming with the 1st long awaited update to Exclusive Education 6 – the annual spankfest that has Clare get a group of her favorite spankees together, dress them up in cute school uniforms and whack the bejeezus out of them alongside her trusty sidekick Lana Miller and… *sigh* a welcome return for Snow Mercy!


The girls assume the position against the blackboard and show us their ripe reddened bottoms!

You’ll see Clare’s most recent addition like the gorgeous former Penthouse Pet, Veronica Ricci, starring alongside some equally awesome girls this year… it looks as if this series just gets better and better, Clare has created a monster!!! Established names now at Clare’s sites like Ten Amorette *swoon* makes her 1st appearance in any of the Exclusive Ed series as well as Mary Jane… most of the girls are new to this series and as Clare boasted, quite rightly… “this is gonna be one hell of an ass-spectacular, covering girls of every shape and size!” So us ass lovers will be blinded by the sight and shapes of these glorious bottoms… and of course the girls take their traditional 1st spankings 2 by 2 in the large classroon as you’ll see below before the serious punishments with a thick nasty paddle and plenty of ouchy Mason & Pearson hairbrushes are used across these girls fabulous behinds! Check out some exclusive preview pics and see what’s in store and available right now!




Plenty of facial reactions and of course the girls can see each others bottoms as they are being spanked, the traditional and humiliating way to discipline the girls in the Exclusive Education series! Clare informs us that this film shoot had traditonal hand and hairbrush spanking OTK and the paddles just kept getting bigger (yikes!). As Clare remarked… what the hell will they get thrashed with next year… a door or something? I think they’ll opt for a more portable version of that but it’ll no doubt be as thicj and stinging! All of the girls who got the paddle knew they wanted it and owned up when it was time but Naughty Nena (crying above left) had to call out and she took it well.  She played the most disruptive girl in class and when the others said “She started it,” they were not just telling tales!


Veronica looks worried: “Oh God… she can not be serious… am I gonna get a paddling with that thing?”

EE6 features so many elements, spanked cheerleaders (see Lilia below)… strict teachers (eg… the awesome return of Snow Mercy!). Principal Lana Miller, dressed in a stunning red Calvin Klein Dress laying down some major whacks and some news as well of her real life niece starring in this (I’ll come to that in a mo!) – this is such a diverse group of beauties with the booty to shake! You want cheerleaders too? This little beauty is called Lilia Spinoza and she made a cameo role with a cheerleader spanking, I hope Clare gets her back as this looks good!


& finally with the news that Lana’s real life niece, Mandee, took part in this production (yes, she is the gorgeous black honey you may have glimpsed above in some images… but seriously, she is the spitting image of Lana 20 years her junior, don’t you think?) Mandee has never been spanked before, of course she knew what her aunt did… and this was a stunning first for them both… I have it on good authority that Lana appeared to spank her niece just that little bit harder…. probably savoring the chance to do this just the once and get away with it… another first on the very latest EE series! See Mandee below and check out the frightening resemblance to Principal Miller!

See how you can start to view this amazing new movie HERE – only from GirlsSpanksGirl.com

Remember that this site is part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS


& in my 2nd part today I have some stunning news of a brand new hot girl on girl spanking and punishment film from Amber that is probably one of her most sexually provocative and adventurous yet! What’s more, when you see the stunner she has in her clutches, you’ll undertstand why… this new girl is called Trisha and she is just amazing! A total hottie, this movie is serious HOT STUFF and carries the Maximum Trouser Arousal Rating allowed, so please be warned!

OK, now that you have been warned, don’t blame me for anything untoward as you check out a great story, and what I think is one of Amber’s firsts – filming in a hotel room! It stars Amber as an obsessed fan of Trisha, let’s guess she is like some pop star or something, anyways, Amber plays a stalker – sending gifts to Trisha and she has followed Trisha to the hotel and this is where the film starts as Amber barges her way into the room on a hungover Trisha who she easily overpowers and chastises for ignoring her gifts and messages… Amber plays this all rather too well… LOL! Oh, and she just happens to have some rope and a ball gag as you’ll see… Amber, is there something you’re not telling us? 🙂

OK, there’s not just the punishment angle going on here… there’s the nutty stalking element of the sexual side… you’ll see Amber degrade her idol and completely control her infatuated object with her own lust as she sexually plays with a tied up Trisha… who I have to say has one of the cutest kitty-kats ever! (Seriously, this is good porn!) – Amber uses a variety of vibes and a strap-on to fuck this girl to her satisfaction… all the while ensuring her bottom remains nice and red as a sign of her total domination over poor Trisha! OK, I’ve said enough, the images don’t do the film justice but will have to suffice… however, members of AmberSpanks.com are able to view this hot film right now! OMG, I have aching “wood”!







Words can not describe how incredibly hot and sexual this whole punishment session is!
It’s a fantastic mixture of Amber doing what she does best with some good old fashioned F/F porn thrown in
I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this filmshoot… but no doubt a fly with a huge “fly-size” boner!

I loved it, I am sure you will too! Check out MORE of this amazing film HERE

There! Now these 2 fantastic updates have blown away the cobwebs of dark clouds looming over this blog! Go check out these sites, they are worth every penny and deserve patronage! Back later with yet more spanking goodness you have all usually come to expect!
Regards, Chief.

Spanking Galleries

Well, it happens, a combination of other work commitments and writers block means today, you won’t have to put up with my ramblings and instead I have collected together a whole load of galleries for you to check out! I have tried to collect something a little different, with REAL women, girls next door… and truly gritty and naughty spankings of women of all ages and sizes, celebrating punishments and kinky spankings, mainly domestic discipline that I hope you will appreciate! It’s not all about spanking bimbos and impossibly cute young things… this is the real stuff we get up to behind closed doors here in Britain! Enjoy! Some of these galleries provided by the following spanking sites are, frankly… damned good and well worth further investigation! I’m a member of all the sites shown below and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise!

Red Stripe Films – Dedicated to sex and spankings, real women, older ladies with attitude, real wives, girlfriends and the girls next door who get strapped, paddled and caned when they misbehave!







For more – Click here to view loads of free previews from Red Stripe Films


The next set of galleries are taken from Sarah England’s website – SpankingSarah.com and this is a great site, part of the same group of sites I am featuring today, but of course with the focus on Sarah as both sub and domme, this is a real life spanko and blogger that really shows a naughty side to her spanking punishments! the site is dominated by sarah, but of course there are plenty of guest appearances from folk in her life and the archives contain lots of sex and spanking too which is rather pleasant to view 🙂 – So if you’re into seeing a real life spanko, (she’s incredibly tall so it can be rather satisfying to see her subdued or if you’re a naughty girl she will obviously appear intimidating, I would imagine!) then do check out Sarah and friends – the images below lead to galleries showcasing most of her recent HD movie updates!







Check out Sarah and friends – FREE Movie previews HERE


& finally today, from the main site in this group we have English-Spankers.com – they led the HD revolution a while ago so have the largest collection of films on this higher resolution format and of course the spankings are far more disciplinary in nature, covering corporal punishments of schoolgirls, wives, the new collections of untried girls and auditions, which I like and generally some red hot talent more recently showcasing women of all ages and, I have noticed more recently, lots of glamour models experimanting with spanking… which is worth noting too! The images below all lead to yet more galleries! Hope you enjoy this little diversion today! Chief.







If you want to see FREE HD Movie Previews from this site – Click Here

Tearful Punishments

Tears can come at any time during a punishment, however, spanking isn’t just about “punishing” – for many it’s a form of expression in sexual play and that submissive/dominant role that plays a huge part in a fulfilling sexual relationship. Point in case being Amber and as I had the good luck to check her site earlier today I saw that her Daddy is once again taking a dominant role with a strong sexual element… well, if you call seeing Amber getting fucked from behind (including a rather convenient butt plug parked deep up her anus for that wholesome full feeling as well) then, “Yes”, I’d say that’s probably quite sexual!!!

So it is to Amber we go first as she brats to the camera, jiggling her pert breast and playing the loveable cam whore she professes to be (and she is) until Daddy takes off his belt and lashes her behind which soon wipes the smile off her face and only then does he take her roughly from behind. The movie shows the full pleasure and pain of this taking of Amber, it may not look like a lot is on her terms, but you know it is, it is what she wants too… and “boy” does she get it! Images below are taken from the movie!





You can see MORE of this provocative and sexually explicit spanking session HERE


I must admit that I do get turned on seeing girls spanked or punished to tears (I think there’s a term for that, isn’t there?). Anyway, one such site that regularly has girls blubbing is a site that I find hard to ignore, that is Spanked Coeds – and these girls really get a nasty spanking punishment off the old Principal who just doesn’t take any shit off them… they know they are in trouble when they’re alone with him. Imagine the girl below (Bridget) who took a ride with him to a deserted parking lot to get punished? What *was* she thinking??? This is the persuasive power of this guy, he’s mean as hell, as you’ll see below!




Bridget’s smoking habit has got her into trouble for the last time as she is sent inside the car to be punished there and then… this will be in addition to the punishment she’ll receive when she gets back to the academy! Displeased with her answers, the principal slaps her face a few times to remind her how serious this is, it soon brings tears along with the dreaded hairbrush on her bare backside, as you’ll see in the free clip below!

You can see more uncompromising hard discipline of girls HERE


Next is an homage to one of my all time favorite girls from Headmaster Tom’s Girls-Boarding-School and that is the beautiful pert Linda. This wa sa girl that could take virtually anything, and she often did, especially the cane or wooden paddle, often leaving her tearful and with a very sore bruised bottom!



Because you have taken the time to read my blog I thought it only fair to reward you with these amazing aftermath cane shots of Linda (above). But there’s more, I also have some rare OTK images of Linda which I am sure you will all love too (see below). Linda is by far one of the prettiest girls to ever have been punished (severely) at Girls Boarding School – it’s something I think even Headmaster Tom now laments but fortunately she was featured a lot during her tenure and so members have a vast range of images and films to download of this blonde schoolgirl.



Linda’s perfect rump are a real visual treat, especially in the scene below where she is spanked in the bath tub! Imagine the joy of the teaching staff at this famous institution when presented with an awesome sight like her magnificent rump? I’d find any excuse to punish that, I really would! (ahem) See bent over while sitting in the bathtub. She is almost completely naked, except for her knickers which are pulled down and don’t really hide anything from the naked eye. Linda’s head is bowed down with shame. The cane whacks down onto her naked moistened buttocks making that sting all the worse! Result? One completely obedient, if somewhat tearful teenage girl!



Now that Headmaster Tom is back in full control – We can enjoy MORE harsh punishments like this!

CLICK HERE for the full extensive previews and extra images you can view from all the latest film updates now showing at the one and only Girls-Boarding-School.com


Finally, as I have ended on a schoolgirl theme, the next update to come out at the Triple A Spanking Clips Store will be the long play movie which members at AAAspanking will know as “Car Scratch” starring Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake who are spanked and whacked by Headmistress, Jean Bradley, and a rather pervy looking janitor played (rather too well) by Paul Kennedy (lol). The girls thought they were keying the car of the janitor when in fact it was Miss Bradley’s… and once she finds out why they decided to vandalize a member of staff’s car, she brings in the janitor to help punish the girls as well – much to the disgust of them both as they found him “creepy”, making up excuses of “spillages” near the girls changing rooms and so on… so to be spanked with their pants down by him was the ultimate humiliation! You can choose any part of this special abridged Clips Versions as I had removed the 1st part which contained the build up dialog so in each of the 4 parts on offer there will be plenty of schoolgirl spanking and humiliation action. If you want to see the double punishment of the girls by both Miss Bradley and Mr Kennedy then I would recommend part 4 😉

Images are below and these movies will go live at 5pm GMT (or midday US East Coast time) – Each part is around 80-90mb each and plays in Wmv format (we alternate between the MP4 and Wmv formats but it seems other producers have been ignoring the strict 10mb/minute guidelines, so we thought we would too this time for these 6 minute clips and we’re still not abusing the limits… unlike some that I have seen!

Spanking Inquisition – part 1


Spanking Inquisition part 2


Spanking Inquisition part 3


Spanking Inquisition part 4


Don’t forget that you can view the full uncut version of this 30 minute film as part of a membership package at AAAspanking and we now have several NON recurring options as well as the Special 1 Year membership that works out at just $8.50 a month which is am amazing deal for our exclusive content! Back soon with more worldwide updates and news of another exclusive film coming to our clips store too 😉

Sarah – Spankings Blowjobs & Switching Fun

Hmmm, it’s a nice sunny day here in Chiefsville… so before I’m forced to go mow the lawn, I thought I’d gather together a little compilation of a very naughty spanking model here in the UK who has her own  site, I’ve featured it before and I often check it out as you’ll see from the set of images here… I felt compelled to write about her after recently showcasing the model Shannon at English-Spankers.com yesterday (a sister site to this one – are websites feminine? hmmm)

Anyway, Sarah is a remarkably versatile actress… she is incredibly tall to start with, a whole lot of woman that needs taming… and fortunately she has a massive submissive streak… but Sarah also likes to switch and she is dishing out more of what she has got in the past… so it’s an excellent opportunity to get in other girls and of course Sarah is rather a wanton hussy that loves gobbling cock, playing with herself and generally having sex whenever she can (which is all good, of course)… this invariably leads to more punishments so for me it’s a “Win-Win” situation! I’m highlighting Shannon’s entry at this site first… Shannon can play the foolish schoolgirl with ease but here with Sarah she is the thieving secretary who submits to Sarah’s own brand of discipline (below):

“Secretary in trouble!” – Sarah’s secretary has been stealing money from the office and Sarah has to deal with her. Shannon the beautiful trusted secretary is to be spanked and punished hard in Sarah’s own unique way over her lap. Shannon’s bubble butt bounces and reddens beautifully as she is taught a lesson not to steal from her boss again!


As I said there are often guest appearances from the regular crew of English-Spankers.com so you get the same HD quality playback and you’re in no doubt as to the punishments the girls on here will get like Shannon (as a schoolgirl here) first punished by her Headmaster then dealt with at home by her irate mother… a special double feature film I’m sure you’ll love seeing!

“Boys mean Trouble!” Shannon has been caught doing rude things with the boys of the upper 6th at her school. After a telling off she is spanked hard on her regulation school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Headmaster takes her back to Mother who informs her she is going over her knee for another spanking & a dose of the heavy school paddle. Shannon is in real pain & a world of misery as those swats turn her exposed bare bottom a burning red!


OK, now back to the star of the site and what she does best, being VERY naughty, showing off her bottom and refreshingly womanly pussy (trimmed, not shaven, for once… which I like to see, personally) and if she has the opportunity to play sexually… she’ll do it and of course, she always gets caught out… which means… Yes… a punishment! Sex and spanking… it’s the staple of many of Sarah’s films as you’ll see in the one below where she seeks solace from the Chef only to get thrashed again by her restaurant owner boss! D’oh!

“Messing with the Chef!” After a spanking from the boss Sarah looks for solace with the chef. This comes at a price… after giving him a long satisfying blow job she is caught and is paddled on the bare bottom until she finds it difficult to sit down!


Finally the below images are taken from the newest movie released at the time of writing, I’ve featured Sarah spanking & being spanked alongside the voluptuous Holly before, I’m glad she’s back and this time punished by both Sarah and the capable but fearsome Mistress Katie too!

“You spoilt my party!” Holly came to Sarah’s first spanking party and would not take a good hard spanking letting everyone down. Sarah and Katie were now going to get even with her by giving her a spanking and other nasty punishments she should have taken earlier… & what’s more, she proves she can take a hell of a thrashing as Sarah really lets fly with her strap stating, “I can’t hit her any harder!”


OK, it wasn’t a review as such, but I think you get the general idea as I have taken some scenes from some movies that are featured at Spanking Sarah – you will be glad to know that all films shown here are totally exclusive and you won’t find them at any of the other networks such as the equally excellent English-Spankers.com

Costings for the site are reasonable too, considering the film quality (there are tons of free clips for you to check out on the tour pages to help you decide) and the variety of the girls and spanking stories available, for less than $30 a month this British themed sex and spanking site is hard to beat! For those that want a little naughtiness with their spankings with a rude theme surrounding one girl’s naughty life… then this could be the site for you!

Oh… and below is a bonus clip of Shannon getting her audition at Spanking Sarah… Enjoy! Chief.

2 Rude Lewd ‘n’ Nude Spanking Films from Lupus!

Every now and then I feel the need (or is that the urge?) to watch some good hard spanking and sex, as they quite rightly go hand in hand…now this is usually in the realm of domestic discipline, so I was pleasantly surprised that LUPUS had decided to make some films with this theme, but also within the school girl realm (oh yes!) The 1st film shown below is both extremely erotic and with a great story and a twist that the crew of LUPUS do so well!

Indeed! Where do I start? Want to know what girls get up to in those school toilets? You know, when they discuss ways of wrapping their fingers round us fellas between fooling around with each other, we so weak, aren’t we? Now, if I was this teacher who is supposed to be disciplining the girls, and..say – as I’m spanking her, she suddenly falls to her feet pleading, begging even, in her state of semi nakedness and her head is moving closer to my bulge (I’m afraid I would be aroused by now, for sure!) well, we are just weak, aren’t we? & so it appears is this poor fellow who allows the girl to unzip his trouser fly & take his swollen cock into her mouth as she gets to work to take his mind off spanking her bare bottom. All thoughts of continuing the punishment are lost as he enters her tight pussy from behind and he brings himself off, spent! Well, this is what happens in part one of this very naughty film as you can see below:

Now as you’ll have seen so far, both girls have employed this tactic to try and get away with their proper punishment and, well, it seems to be working, avoiding a normal Lupus style spanking is no mean feat, with their bottoms only reddened, without any welts, at the Lupus Studio is something to be admired, however, there is a price to pay but these girls seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t you think? However, even though teacher is enjoying this double dose of joy himself, he knows something is up and it’s not long before the first naughty girl is blamed for this behaviour..seducing him and of course we also get to see a proper spanking!!!

Enjoy the Special Promo Clip (below) which highlights the action from this most welcome and unnusual addition to the Lupus production Studio which is now out to download in full…

Click here to view the FULL Movie

The 2nd movie below is typical of their lavish productions, attention to detail and of course, some damn fine spankings of very pretty girls! The following movie is rare for me to review because this film doesn’t contain a caning scene at all. However, what it lacks in any sort of caning, it makes up for with a very severe paddling and slippering of 2 girls and it’s well worth checking out as you’ll see from this review, the free images from the film and the free preview clip at the end! & also it’s a good old fashioned evil “Poppa spanks his girls” type movie! 🙂

The film starts with the daughter sneaking in really late after being at her friend’s place! However, her late absence isn’t missed and as she tip toes in sthe lights go on and she’s caught without any decent explanation. If you haven’t seen the scene where she is caught, check out the FREE Streaming clip HERE from the Teen Spanking Tube that shows this early scene where she is spanked & slippered on her bare bottom. The poor girl pleaded not to be thrashed but she only angered Him when she could offer no explanation why her dress was inside out and where the hell were her knickers? Imagine the shame on both sides, she for being caught like this and He for fearing his girl was a wanton slut!

The following morning, after a snap inspection and the full horror that their girl is no longer a virgin, witness an amazing scene where a metal Chastity Belt complete with the lock is used to try and protect their girl’s remaining modesty, safe in the knowledge that she can no longer get up to no good, she continues to go visit her friend, Dana…but one day it’s discovered that she has somehow managed to replace the lock and fool them both, this girl, how did she do it? and who was helping her? This is where the severity of the following punishment is upped as her Chastity Belt is removed and she is given one of the hardest paddlings I have witnessed on film. You will be blown away by the force of the wooden paddle and the real tears that fall from this pretty girls eyes until she admits that it was her friend Dana who had helped her replace the old lock to her belt!

Sobbing and pleading for mercy, she has made it all worse by bringing her friend, Dana, into this and soon her friend is frog marched into the house by an equally angry father who is keen to show his displeasure by spanking and slippering a tearful Dana in front of everyone! Once both men are satisfied that their girls seem to be suitably punished they devise plans for a new improved Chastity Belt but in a final twist, which I will let members at Lupus-Spanking.com see – Mother pipes up with an alternative plan when they realise that these girls are a little more than just good friends! It’s a great movie, not one of the longest (it’s around 20-25 minutes) but it compliments the VAST collection of movies you can download in full with one single one off membership from this site!

Click below for the Free Wmv Preview Clip

Currently, I think this site is STILL being updated daily so once again provides you with amazing value to download this and the other films whilst getting more new updates!

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