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Something Special for you!

I have never made it a secret that I admire the work of Amber Dawn’s sites – Amber is based out of the San Franncisco Bay area, and often finds girls you don’t see anywhere else. her small network of sites are truly among the best value out there. Join one and get access to her 2 main spanking sites and the bonus site which is a look at her vanilla modeling side! Redhead Amber has never been far from my thoughts… her work that she produces with her daddy, is unique, with lots of hot girl on girl sexually charged spankings and then there’s her own submissive films to her daddy which you can see (there are 100’s of films) – You’ll see Amber suck her man off, get fucked and from a POV view sometimes as well as seeing her beautiful bubble butt spanked a beautiful shade of red often. However in this post, let’s check up on her perving out on a model called Anna… they both make out and play before Amber really gets to grips with Anna’s very spankable bottom! Warning… these images from the films WILL cause severe #TrouserArousal (or for you ladies, please be aware of leaking gussets) – you have been warned! #HAWT!


Anna gets to feel the full sexual spanking that Amber so loves giving her girls…

anna01 anna02


anna04 anna05


anna07 anna13


anna16 anna17


anna19 anna20


anna23 anna24


anna26 anna27


Hot girl girl spankings and the intimate and domestic style spankings of Amber can be see in full HERE

New Spanking Site News!

As I promised yesterday… I am getting back to you but only with one site update as I have run out of time (working all bloody day!!!) so here are some catch up images from a new fave site that I know will do well even if it isn’t in English… it is rather promising – it really doesn’t matter too much as you’ll see 🙂

I really think you should take a look at it… mainly because I have been in touch with the guys that run the humiliation and examination sites I have shown in the past… so when I saw this they let me take a quick nose around! They film out of Russia… which means the girls are NOT seen anywhere else on spanking sites… and unlike some Russian sites I could mention, they are far from brutal… instead concentrating on a sexual and humiliation angle with some good decent spanking action that leaves every girls/ladies bottom perfectly tanned and reddened… they have concentrated on their niche that they already know so well and got in some nice ladies that I’m sure you will approve of… so let’s take a quick peek at the new site SpankingThem.com (from the makers of Special Examinations that I shall remind you all of in a mo).

I will introduce you to 2 of my fave girls from this site today that I have enjoyed watching… and if you stay tuned you can see more or take a peek on their home page (links coming up)

The 1st is college girl Tanya… who faces a rather humiliating session with her professor who has ways of ensuring his girls never fail in exams again by stripping, cuffing, whipping and spanking them naked over his knee followed by some toy play for his viewing pleasure… and in case Tanya should say anything, he takes some images to ensure she’s a good little girl! This is hot humiliation and discipline, it’s Russian… and best of all, it ain’t nasty or brutal!!! Check out gorgeous 18 year old Tanya first of all!

tanya0 tanya1 tanya2

tanya3 tanya4



tanya7 tanya8

tanya9 tanya10 tanya11

[jwplayer mediaid=”27225″]

CLICK HERE to view more downloads of beautiful embarrassed student, Tanya!

There are also femdom and lezdom humiliation spankings with a frightening dyke type ma’am (I don’t know her name, it isn’t mentioned) who really gets off punishing her girls for her own wicked self gratification… but as you’ll see, I don’t blame her for getting unsuspecting Ester’s kit off too when she goes in for a routine examination on yet another trumped up excuse and is subjected to all sorts of unfair discipline… “Spanking Them” style! Ester has the most amazing pair of jiggling natural large breast! So refreshing… and a spankable ass to die for!!!

ester0 ester1 ester2

ester3 ester3a



ester6 ester7

ester6a ester8 ester9

Check out the free clip of Ester’s humiliating punishment – that also involves some forced toy play!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”27240″]

To see more girls like the 2 above, check out new site Spankingthem.com


This new site is from the makers of Special Examination!
click the links and images below for special preview gallery pages

The below galleries courtesy of SPECIAL EXAMINATION






Nom Nom Nom! 🙂


Tempting Tuesday at the Blogg!

I shall not dwell on the fact this is a significant date, we all know what happened just over 11 years ago today… and I have to say it was great to see the “Freedom Tower” being built in NYC on my recent visit… however, this is a spanking blog and spankings are what you all crave so to satisfy that need I have a great start to today’s updates with news of what members will be able to view (from tomorrow) at my own site, the much awaited birching film of Kami Robertson in the submissive maid series.

Kami is stripped naked and given a hard birching by the Master of the House

I have a few early exclusive images to show you, as there will be a photo set that will accompany the long play film as well as the usual HD video screen shots that are always shown with any movie at the site. As you should know by now, it comes in 2 versions, WMV (960×540) – and MP4 which plays at (1280×720) size resolution. Both versions look great and wmv also comes in smaller sizes for those with slower connections but as the world wide web gets faster I reckon this option will become more obsolete, but for now, believe it or not, I know that there are still many members who join who do not have a very fast connection and have thanked me in emails for providing the smaller file sizes so they can take time to download the films. OK, as I said, here are some exclusive images from the future photoset which best showcase what happens to hapless maid, Kami Robertson.

This is the 2nd of the “Submissive Maid” series of films and Kami took a birching from her Master of the House. She had to go pick the birch twigs herself and tie them together before presenting Harold with The Birch and he made her assume the position he wanted to punish her in over the chair. It wasn’t long before the criss-cross tell tale welts from the birch could be seen and Harold ordered Kami to remove her clothing so he could see her reactions more clearly in this eery light as she fought for breath and tried to hold back her tears until her body convulsed in pain and the endorphins took over allowing Kami to take the full punishment. This is one of the most intimate and severe films we have ever made and should be a “must have” for all collectors of spanking erotica.


You can see an exclusive early preview of this film below!

Check out MORE of this film HERE


I couldn’t resist showing you this more sexually themed spanking out now at Pandora’s Dreams Of Spanking as she and one of her poly partners D show us what happens in private with this feature called “Mirror Mirror”. It shows the love, lust and a leather belt as he skilfully claims both Pandora’s body and her willing submission. Two large mirrors reflect every moment of intense eroticism, from spanking to “other intimacies” as you will discover. Images below are reduced in size and members get to see 131 images in this new update out now!






See MORE of what Pandora has been up to on the extensive tour pages HERE


& finally in this all English line up today, here is a gorgeous new girl called Lucy who looks oh so spankable in that naughty uniform, luckily she is just that as she is one of the naughtiest girls in school and the new teacher wastes no time in reminding her that he takes no nonsense from misbehaving girls in class!

The new master at St. Justs school for young ladies is taking his first detention class and has the misfortune to get involved with Lucy, the naughtiest pupil in the school. When she refuses to carry out her detention punishment he decides to give her a spanking. Over his knee he spanks her on top of her knickers and then removes them for a really sound beating on her tender bottom. The first video by this exciting new girl on the spanking scene – images below (reduced in size) are courtesy of English-Spankers.com




Check out a FREE HD-WMV Clip at this link HERE of new schoolgirl Lucy


To those that say we English sites don’t know how to produce good spanking scenes, the above should be proof enough we know what we’re doing and we like what we do! Have a think again as we have some of the hottest spanking scenes and exclusive girls around!

Friday Spankings – Pt2

As promised, here’s part 2 of today’s update and it’s a little different and I doubt you’ll find these images and particular updates featured elsewhere today, so I hope this certainly doesn’t feel “samey” – it also happens to be some content I have watched and loved watching… why? Well, I like tears, I like to see good hard honest punishments, I like to see gorgeous girls spanked and of course, the pervy side of me likes to also see a girl often stripped of her dignity in a submissive position and her various private parts on display for all to see. I’m not always into such punishments, it depends on the situation and the girl… but of course, I also like to see girl on girl action and sensual/sexually charged spankings too.  So I hope the following 3 films from these sites covered have all this and more… I trust you will like these too!

Daria from 2punish.com

First up is Daria from Peter’s site 2punish.com – it’s kind of an offshoot of spankingserver – but has many unique punishment films that just get on with the punishment and little dialogue. Here, Daria is drilling holes into wood and paddles in his workshop and Peter catches her and gives her a rather humiliating spanking with the wooden instruments on the workbench and her inner thighs, pussy, anus and bottom don’t escape his attentions either… oh, and she has a rather attractive “lady garden” too, as you’ll see! *drool*







See more of Daria’s films & what other girls are featured in explicit & severe punishments HERE


Sensual and sexually charged girl girl spankings are found at one of my fave sites and fave redhead spanking models unique group of websites, you now get access to all 3 of her sites whatever site you join through and as always there is a cheap sign up option of , to be honest, the monthly price is bang on as there is so much to download you’d never manage it in a few days…. the site?

AMBER SPANKS – and she fucks and licks… and gropes … and and (well, see for yourself!)

The latest series of films stars a gorgeous submissive unique to Amber’s site called Abbey Rhode

There are several films starring these 2, and Amber has her fill of forced orgasms, bondage and plenty of oral pleasure and spankings to keep us all very much glued to the screens!






See why I rate this network so highly – check out Amber Spanks for yourselves!


& finally a real beauty that cries from her hard punishment at the hands of none other than Dallas – this was Tanya James and this stunning girl got a proper hard spanking punishment as you’ll see from these actual images taken directly from the film. The film quality is better than I can make here… so fear not! This gives you an idea of what she suffered for His art!

GO Go Dancer Tanya gets a good old fashioned hard hand spanking that she said she needed – she got it alright! As you’ll see from the screen images of this classic film below:







See more of stunning Tanya’s tearful punishment HERE

Hot Saturday Spanking News – pt1

I was planning on visiting my folk back in Plymouth today but there was news last night of a horrific pile up, one of the worst ever in British history on our Motorway network (freeways to my American chums) which just happens to be the main arterial route from my place to Plymouth on the M5. The motorway is closed both sides and likely to remain so until tonight it has been that bad! So diverted traffic elsewhere will be a nightmare on the secondary roads. I’m a bit cheesed off, but of course, before I think of my own selfish reasons… remember that people have died in what appears to be an incident with 27 vehicles (I know the spot and it’s really disturbing) – so I’m thankful I didn’t travel down last night as I might normally do.

Which brings me to the blog as it gives me some quick chances to update it and also remind you good people that November 5th here in Britain is an excuse to blow up and set fire to things legally… Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night… is celebrated around the country… and I won’t bother educating you like I do every year about this unique event, but I like it, it’s distincly British and I like the way it celebrates the death of a traitor who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament many hundreds of years ago! The weather is still unseasonably mild where I am and clear, so tonight’s displays here should be good which I’m looking forward to! So enough of my waffle and let’s get onto the spankings you all are here for rather than reading my blurb…

As promised earlier this week, I said I’d bring you some of what Amber has been getting up to with her lookalike Jolene at her girl on girl spanking site AmberSpanks.com – and here it is – could I decribe it in one word? “Wow!”






Amber admitted to me that this was the 1st time she had eaten out with extensive anal foreplay of another girl like this… and who better than one of her favorite redhead cam girl models than Jolene? This return for Jolene was all about power play, spankings and the desire of Amber to bring off Jolene with a forced orgasm after a prolonged period. I particularly enjoyed seeing Amber make Jolene wear her panties on her face as she showed the camera her gusset, I can only imagine the sweet female scent that submissive Jolene was forced to inhale and taste from that material… oh my! Amber’s interaction with the camera involved us with what she was doing which I really liked and I hope that this is the start of what Amber is capable of filming with the right girl, as this was hot! I’m sure Amber won’t mind me showing this short end scene below, it kind of displays the power that she had over Jolene… and both girls played their part perfectly!

 Check out MORE of Amber and the girls she skillfully & sexually dominates at AmberSpanks.com


This is a quick update but I will be back later with more spankings so check in later!