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My Little Toy – Spanking Angela Sommers

warning-natural-distrust-others-april-fools-day-ecard-someecards1Before I start with today’s quick spanking news update, I am aware that it is April Fools Day – so f*ck you very much all you newspapers with your shit make believe stories, pranksters and other jolly japesters who think it’s funny pulling the same inane practical jokes – yaaaaaaaaaaaawn! “F*ck you with a big splintering stick as I am not interested.” Ok, rant over… here is today’s genuine post, no joking here!

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I had the very real pleasure of meeting up with beautiful Angela Sommers when we were in Los Angeles. We had first met her briefly at Fetishcon last summer. Angela was one of the Guests of Honor at that well attended event so didn’t have time to do anything with us, let alone schedule anything… or even know who we were (LOL). She is hugely popular in many fetish circles and is genuinely kinky. She confided to us both that she enjoys getting spanked… and some of the videos we made for the 5 sites (including POV) were incredibly HOT! How could they not be? Angela genuinely surprised me and I would like to think she enjoyed the day with us… it was a pretty relaxed set, just the 3 of us and we talked plenty in between making our films. She was as adorable in the flesh as she looks on film, and I honestly can not wait to meet up with her again (probably at Fetishcon later this year).

This film sets the bar for the type of hot intimate spanking action that Sarah and Angela performed together… and of course Angela switches too and Sarah LOVED the spanking she received (but that is for another day). So… gentlemen, be aware that #TrouserArousal is set to maximum!¬ Ladies turned on by the sight of Sarah having her wicked way with her “Toy” Angela… please be prepared!

My Little Toy – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

submissive Angela Sommers

Angela is waiting and ready! Sexy Angela Sommers is ready and prepared to be Mistress Sarah’s “toy” for the afternoon. On all fours and naked she awaits her mistress. Sarah has all sorts of fun, from spanking her, using crops on her and putting a ball gag in her mouth. Sarah strokes, gropes, and grabs her little toy. The more Angela moans, the more Mistress enjoys herself.

There are both extensive Stills & Video image galleries (see below). Images are reduced in size from the Members Area and the HD video (a clip is shown here too) is naturally a far better quality on the new upgraded HD cams that Sarah is now using on all future filmshoots!

Image stills taken to compliment the film:

spanking powerplay 0247_my_little_toy_gal-004 0247_my_little_toy_gal-007 spanked and spread wide spanking 0247_my_little_toy_gal-016 bare exposed butt 0247_my_little_toy_gal-021

Click below for access to the free clip preview (this should play on all browsers)

[jwplayer mediaid=”48093″]

& below are some hot scenes from the actual video… “oh my!”

Angela Sommers 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-014 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-021 Riding Crop on bare female ass 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-048 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-060 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-068 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-077 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-091 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-098 0247_my_little_toy_grabs-104 strapping Angela Sommers


sarah Gregory Spanking

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Very Sexy All Girl Spanking

There’s a new video just released today at AAA Spanking and it co stars 2 gorgeous girls who love playing with each other… Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert – and I think if you watch this video, it really shows. Both girls played on the bed and were dressed in super hot lingerie – the sight of these two together should come with the #TrouserArousal hashtag… LOL! Anyway, Casey could hardly wait to start spanking Christy and she grabbed her spankable cheeks and slapped her ass for fun! The girls murmered their delight and swapped positions, of course the cam angles were right in on the action as you’ll see from the video images. They had a few toys they played with too, but overall, I think they both preferred to feel each other’s soft skin as they were rubbing and caressing each others bottoms rather a lot! (I don’t blame then, do you?)

sexy girl on girl spanking fun

Christy Cutie (left) & Casey Calvert (right) – Now showing at AAAspanking.com

Check out the images below, there are also some exclusive unseen images that members will also get to see (in larger sizes naturally… and zipped photosets as standard). This film is rather aptly called “Sexy Spanking Friends”.

sexy_friends002 50 shades of grey all girl strapping sexy_friends025 sexy_friends045 spanking sexy_friends048 sexy_friends054 sexy_friends060 sexy_friends075 sexy_friends086 sexy_friends093 sexy_friends097 sexy_friends104 sexy_friends108 sexy spanking sexy_friends123 sexy_friends127 spanked bums

Christy and Casey were more than just good friends, they were spanking friends. They never had a problem helping each other out if they wanted a sensual paddling or ass smacking with some fun erotic play. They knew that they both looked good in their stockings and sexy lingerie so it wasn’t long before Casey couldn’t keep her hands off Christie’s voluptuous full spankable bottom! They had both been spanked earlier and now, with just a beautiful glow remaining on their bottoms, they teased out the red color once again. They both took turns to spank and use a couple of their favorite toys on their bare behinds. Afterward, the girls rubbed lotion lovingly onto their glowing cheeks. This video also contains some fantastic close up angles of the girls bottoms in a bonus rear cam view at the end. It is a very sexy and sensual all girl spanking experience.


Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert

AAA Spanking


Leggings & Lingerie Spanking Films

Hi everyone, the 1st of 2 new spanking films is now available to download at AAA Spanking starring 2 beautiful ladies, this was filmed several years ago and very nearly went un-noticed until Sarah checked them out and said how hot these videos were and why weren’t they uploaded? She is, after all, the owner and boss… so I helped her upload the films this morning after she kicked me out of bed to make her coffee and get this ready for her! So lucky members of AAA get to see some interesting sexy spanking between 2 hawt ladies, Nyssa Nevers & Carissa Montgomery. The first film this week has Nyssa, wearing super sexy purple lycra leggings, getting spanked over the lap of Carissa who is wearing really hot red lingerie… with her ample breasts on display as she spanks Nyssa. I liked their chemistry (ahem!) … I think you will too!

Check out these images taken from the video (below)
“Leggings & Lingerie Spankings – pt1”


The first of two hot all female spanking films from these ladies! Stunning Carissa Montgomery, dressed in very sexy red lingerie, spanked beautiful Nyssa Nevers who was wearing the hottest shiniest lycra leggings that really did make her look oh so spankable! Carissa wasted no time in feeling the shiny material and loved the smooth texture as her hand started to spank Nyssa’s pert bottom. Over the leggings at first, then later she pulled them down to reveal a gorgeous reddening bottom which she helped ripen even further cherry red! Watch this hot girl on girl spanking film with 2 big names in the fetish biz together for the first time over each other’s laps for a fun but firm spanking session!

nyssyacarissa007 nyssyacarissa013 nyssyacarissa016 nyssyacarissa026 nyssyacarissa031 nyssyacarissa036 nyssyacarissa041 nyssyacarissa046 nyssyacarissa048 nyssyacarissa049 nyssyacarissa055 nyssyacarissa060 nyssyacarissa064 nyssyacarissa075 nyssyacarissa077 nyssyacarissa094 nyssyacarissa103 nyssyacarissa111

I also noted how good watching Nyssa’s legs and feet were in this vid… for those who have a bit of a foot fetish (as I have since discovered I do) this is an added bonus!


Check out the FREE Clip HERE – and full access to this video


The next film update is later this week & you’ll see Carissa getting her turn over Nyssa’s lap!

This video is also available as a one time download at the Clips store HERE



More coming soon… as Carissa gets her turn!



Watch out for more films coming to POV Spanking soon
Including an AWESOME scolding video from Miss Chris!


Spanking Nurses & Students

Canadian-American flags togetherJust a very quick update to keep you amused – I do hope that you have all had a great long weekend, especially to those of you in either Canada or the USA who have celebrated their national days, meaning you get to drink and eat lots outdoors and watch fireworks when it gets dark. Great! At the time of writing, in case any of you are interested in watching “Monkey Tennis” or ladies soccer, as it is also called (apparently) – my congrats to the USA in winning quite comfortably (in the end) against the Japanese Ladies 5-2 (I did watch goal 4 on a highlight and laughed at the hapless, flapping Japanese girl-keeper but it was a cracking goal scored from just within the half way line… those goals are rare and to be savored. Okay, this is brief and I just found this latest update from the Clare Fonda Network located at one of the 5 sites making up this network – one of the naughtiest and sexiest girl spanking sites – Spanking Sorority Girls


Check out this lovely raunchy spanko naughtiness as a student is caught impersonating a nurse – after she took a rectal temp taking! Surely there are easier ways to perv on the sorority girls??? LOL! I like this girl’s style though! & even better, I like the way she is caught out and punished!

002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015

Sunny Day poses as a nurse who must give new student Mary Jane Mahem an exam. She takes Mary Jane’s temperature rectally. When she becomes surly and uncooperative, Sunny spanks her. When Mary Jane figures out that Sunny was not a real nurse, she gives her a few spanks of her own. Sexy and mild spankings is the prescription in this one.


It’s a sexy spanking which compliments the many harder, more severe butt blisterings also located at this site. I have to admit, I like sites that demonstrate “range” (and also not afraid to show that they can vary updates rather than wham! whack! bam! Yikes so hard etc – yawn!) so this week the update is a far more provocative, raunchy style. Check it out in full HERE

spanking sorority girls

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OTK & Self Spanking Special

Maddy Marks features in the latest new addition to AAAspanking.com – Maddy is incredibly cute, and in this video she was dressed in a delightfully slutty outfit for her real life boyfriend who she was about to do everything as he instructed. The title of this new film is called “Doing as he says” and features a lengthy self spanking scene with encouragement and direction (off camera) from Maddy’s man… as he tells her to hit or spank herself harder and use a hairbrush and leather paddle too! Once her bare bottom was suitably warmed up (as you’ll see below) he then proceeded to spank her over his knee… this short film focuses on Maddy so there are some nice facial reactions at the end of her being spanked as the spanking (although not brutal), was particularly stinging as it was relentless. Remember… This was NOT a punishment spanking, but rather an exploration into the D/S relationship between Maddy and her secretive off cam real life partner. I loved helping to make this video which was a spontaneous effort, ones like this are often my favorites… and it was filmed in February at one of the spanking parties in Las Vegas that I had attended. It is always a pleasure to meet up with Maddy & co (as they are based in Los Angeles) – I do hope you like this film and take it as intended, those that like self spankings will really love this film, there is a long 8-9 minute scene of Maddy using her hands, hairbrush and Paddle to great effect and her bottom really started to turn dark red – lovely! It really was a sexy hard spanking clip!

Doing as she is told – starring Maddy Marks – new from AAAspanking.com

Maddy Marks doingassheistold005 doingassheistold006 self spanking spanking spanking her ass presenting her bottom spreading her cheeks for a spanking doingassheistold041 spanked red bottom hairbrush spanking self spankings doingassheistold071 using a leather paddle doingassheistold094 doingassheistold097 otk spanking OTK sexy spanking bubble butt

Maddy & her partner decided to show us all a glimpse of their relationship with a short informative D/S display as she was instructed to spank herself in front of the cameras. His voice could be heard off camera gently telling her what to do next and how she should do it. She was told to spank herself harder and harder then rub her cheeks when they started to burn. This was no pattycake self spanking, he wouldn’t have her do this here. Maddy was then told to pick up the hairbrush and whack herself slowly and deliberately harder so we could see the effects this had on her smooth butt cheeks. It was an intimate and sensual act for her to give herself to him and us like this. Finally, she was told to use the leather paddle to redden her bottom before she took an OTK position for a finale spanking. Her boyfriend could not be seen in this video but you will see him spank her as they do at home… hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn’t done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! It was a first for us all and we are sure you will enjoy this loving and close relationship that Maddy and her partner have! He is a lucky man… and so is she for having such an attentive and caring man in her life!

Click below to view a clip of her OTK spanking & part of a self spanking teaser!

[jwplayer mediaid=”40849″]

See the FULL HD video HERE

AAA Spanking

This film is also available as an HD clip
only from the AAA Clip Store for a one time download (see below)

Maddy Marks - doing as she is told


Don’t forget! Not long to go now! Less than a week to pre register!



International Kiss a Ginger Day

I just found out it is International Kiss a Ginger Day – January 12th! Damn… I think by kiss, they mean SPANK – or in my world that is the case.


Kissing is fine… but I love seeing redhead girls spanked even more!!! #corekink

Ginger-And-Proud-Star1As it’s rushed, here are 3 choice redheads (gingers) that I love seeing spanked and although there are many more, I would like to get this out before it turns into the 13th. remember, I am a redhead lover… pale skin and red hair is a turn on… but that is not to say I find brunettes and blondes any less attractive, oh god no… I just appreciate redheads where some people (luckily for me) miss out on their obvious attractions.

In my world of spanking – 3 such lovely ladies spring to mind, I’ll leave you some compromising images and where they are available to view more of from the websites they are from (if you like) – to view hot, passionate flame haired ladies too!


Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com (how could I ever not include her?)

amber amber0 amber1 amberdawn


Veronica Ricci – Stunning!!! (click images to find out more)

veronica2 veronica3 veronica4 veronica1

Nikki Rouge someone I’d LOVE to work with – (click images for more info)

nikkirouge nikkirouge1 nikkirouge3 nikkirouge4



Yay! That’s better! 😉

Site Watch – SpankAmber

Hello everyone, I know that not many people look forward to Mondays, even more so after a holiday period and the vast majority of you all are back commuting and such. Myself? I actually like Mondays, it’s the start of another week of spanking updates… and to be honest, as I work mainly from home I don’t set aside holiday time in the strictest sense; weekends and holidays have never bothered me like some who want their precious downtime which I can understand. & with it being the new year (and most probably a lot of resolutions broken already) it was nice to visit Amber’s site HERE and see that it’s a had a little bit of a colorful makeover…


the orange theme is gone, now replaced with a primarily blue/azure theme and background. It’s actually quite nice and clean… although I have always associated Amber Dawn with red since she is one of the sexiest redhead spankos known to man (and woman) kind! Still… visit her site and you get access to all areas where SpankAmber and AmberSpanks were different sites they have now been joined together as a super site with a vast collective archive with tons of bonus content too…

hard to believe that it was opened nearly 8 years ago now… wow! It seemed like yesterday when I had contacted her for the 1st time saying how much I loved what she was doing. I still do. Amber is one of those truly original spankos, who with her daddy, make great domestic and intimate spanking films which I have always got into from Day One.
There is A LOT of content – and so varied… a lot is quite sexual with her Lucky man (Daddy) and also features Amber playing and spanking some very sexy exclusive girls to her site… I was kinda hoping she might have made the trip to Vegas at the end of February when I would be there… but alas, it isn’t to be. However… please do check out Amber’s latest spanko plaything, Hollie Cakes (love the name) … images are taken directly from the movie!

Warning: Watching the tease show pictures & spanking of Hollie by Amber may cause Trouser Arousal & a need for some delicious Cream Horn cakes!


Introducing Hollie Cakes – strip tease!

hollycakes001 hollycakes002 hollycakes003 hollycakes004 hollycakes005 hollycakes006


The spanking of Hollie is a simple storyline that we all love and know so well… Amber has a new maid, chosen by her man, in a tight skimpy and sexy outfit… and it’s obvious why she got chosen! Hollie is stunning in her maid’s uniform and Amber can’t help but bitch at the girl less fortunate than herself. She dragged Hollie over her lap when she wasn’t happy with her poor work, Amber spanked this sexy young thing solid for over 10 minutes, all the time getting off to what she was doing to this young babe. Hollie’s cheeks soon reddened and speckled beautifully as Amber continued to spank and grope the girl’s cheeks until she decided to watch her doing some humiliating walltime before letting Hollie resume her work! This film features a lot of split screen action as you will see from these video images.

hollycakes007 hollycakes008 hollycakes009 hollycakes010 hollycakes011 hollycakes012 hollycakes013 hollycakes014 hollycakes015 hollycakes016 hollycakes017 hollycakes018

Finally there is also a nice outdoor bonus movie of Hollie showcasing her bountiful assets in public as she strips off on the porch and displays her charms and freshly spanked bottom to the world! O-M-G! Check her out below… I think the “maid” might need to sweep the outside porch too, he he!

hollycakes025 hollycakes024 hollycakes023 hollycakes022 hollycakes021 hollycakes020 hollycakes019

Images from the films are more explicit but I think you get the idea! Check out all of Amber’s latest video releases, including this one with the lovely Hollie Cakes at SpankAmber.com



north-korean-flag-SMALL& as it’s a  New Year, I decided to start a new topic with a bit of fun which I will normally keep separate from main posts –  but if you have any suggestions (the more spanko and twisted/appropriate the better as you will see) then here is my out take on North Korea’s number one chubbster leader, Kim Jong-un – featuring in ” What did Kim see?” I should be safe for at least a week since Mr Obama kindly blocked Mr Jong-un’s internet services… let’s hope he doesn’t do a Google search later, hehe!

What did Kim Jong-un see? #1


More HOT Spankings out today!

I’m just updating another blog post and will be doing a special separate one on the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival with lots of preview clips and images… however, just released today at FirmHandSpanking.com is an awesome new series with my fave spanking couple from this site. Please read on…



Jonny and wife Stacy Stockton feature again now at FirmHandSpanking.com – this young attractive couple are sure to raise temperatures higher in this new domestic discipline series called “Truly Madly Deeply”

See what happens when husband Jonny catches wife Stacy going to the shops with her nipples poking out over her top! It’s a great OTK spanking and a great new look for Stacy with that lovely red hair – I approve 100%!

tmd_a001 tmd_a002 tmd_a003 tmd_a005 tmd_a010 tmd_a011 tmd_a016 tmd_a017 tmd_a021 tmd_a022 tmd_a023

 Is this a perfect marriage? Stacy Stockton willingly lies over husband Jonny’s knee for a spanking when she goes to the store with a nipple peeping out of her bra! Stacy’s all-new Truly Madly Deeply sets the bar high in loving domestic discipline with 250 smacks.



A Weekend of Damn Hot Spankings

I hope you have all had a good weekend… later sees the “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” kick off at AAA Spanking which I will all let you know about in due course, but I want to keep that separate and let you in on a couple of seriously HOT spanking updates I watched this weekend! The 1st is from SarahGregorySpanking.com and stars Sarah giving the “oh so hot” Candle Boxxx a “good girl” spanking. This was filmed earlier this year at August’s Fetishcon in Tampa, FL… I was there of course and got to film Candle too which you will see soon enough. But, oh boy, are you all in for a treat with this hot movie first! We got the lighting in this hotel room just right and managed to film some HOT spanking action that fans of Sarah and in particular, Girl/Girl action will just ADORE! From the moment Candle smiled and begged for Sarah to give her that “good girl” spanking, I knew it was gonna be awesome and erotic with the girls having a fantastic chemistry (having worked together a few times). Now, before I show you some awesome images from this film, I have to say what a pleasure it was to work with Candle, a genuinely decent fetish model I can’t praise highly enough and she is just so darned nice away from the cameras too 🙂

OK, so here it is: needless to say, seeing hot spanking action like this rather caused some uncomfortable viewing so please do loosen undergarments and for you ladies who love this sort of action too… please do switch on your dehumidifiers before ogling such naughty, erotic imagery! Thank you

Candle Boxxx’s Good  Girl Spanking – at SarahGregorySpanking.com


Candle has laid out all her favourite spanking toys for Sarah. She sits submissively waiting for her dominant/girlfriend, Sarah, to come in. She asks Sarah for a good girl spanking, this is the kind she likes. A lot of grabbing, touching, warm up, and all different toys. This is not a punishment or hard spanking. Just two girls having some very sexy fun together.

0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-001 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-003 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-004 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-007 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-009 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-011 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-016 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-020 0184_good_girl_spanking_gal1-024

& I also have some screen shots from the movie, these are in lower spec as the actual film footage comes in at a whopping 1920×1080 HD playback (likewise the images above I have chosen are reduced in size and quality to those that members get too!)

0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-015 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-030 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-063 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs1-069 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-026 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-049 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-056 0184_good_girl_spanking_grabs2-068

You can much more of Sarah & Candle (plus their other work they have done together) HERE

This site is part of Sarah’s Special Pass giving you even better value to join both her spanking sites!


Remember later today comes the Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival of kink – basically you’ll get 3 amazing and naughty films showcasing this marvelous position starting off with Miss Sarah Gregory, followed by a very trim and buff naked Lily Swan… and finally young Rosie Ann, in her school uniform, no less… getting the same embarrassing and revealing spanking that makes the wheelbarrow position either the most dreaded or most fun (depending on the girl and the situation!)

Check it out later… this week also sees the conclusion to Zoe’s amazing cold caning film too!


Gorgeous Spankings

I never have enough time at the moment so here are some updates you should be aware of… I hope you enjoy these, I know I certainly did 🙂

Sexual Harassment (parts 1 & 2) from GirlSpanksGirl.com

This is found in the “Erotic Spanking” section of the website:
Super sexy, very tall and strong Allison Tyler gets called into her boss’s office. Her boss is also tall and sexy and played by Gigi Allens. When Gigi gives Allison a choice of being fired or accepting disclipline, Allison chooses the disclipline, which turns out to be a painful spanking from her boss, and a taste of her own sexual harassment in the form of a strap-on. Well Allison seeks revenge and gets it with a payback spanking.

002 003

004 006

010 012

013 014

Such naughtiness! All revealed in the FULL FILM HERE

001 002 003

005 007

009 011

012 013


Gigi is still steaming mad about the spanking Allison gave her at the office (in part 1). So now she orders her worker over her knee and spanks her with hand and a leather paddle. But Allison will not take this at her own home. She tosses Gigi over her knee and spanks her. Afterward, the two ladies, who clearly have an attraction to each other.

Members can view it IN FULL HERE

001 002

004 005

006 007

009 010

011 013

015 016

See this film in the Erotic Discipline section of  Girl Spanks Girl

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2 Big booty spankings next from My Spanking Room Mate – the spanking soap opera continues… and a very welcome return for original cast member Kay Richards (Kimberly Jane) who I love to bits, I love her attitude and she has by far the sexiest husky accent of any spanking model on the West Coast! (& a strong right arm as well as a VERY spankable booty!)

Kay spanks Mom at Work

002 003

005 006

007 010

011 012

013 015

Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) comes back into her mom’s office, where she was recently spanked. She decides it’s only fair to teach her mom a lesson. She sits down and tosses some money on the floor. When Kay’s mom bends to pick it up, Kay tosses her over her knee and gives her mom a sound spanking.


Snow Spanks Intruder Lily

& in another episode that I had missed until recently… Snow mercy stops and spanks and intruder at her place! Warning: this contains scenes of a magnificent big booty getting a good hard spanking!!!

002 004

005 006

008 010

011 014

015 016

Snow Mercy returns to her apartment to find a total stranger, Lily, sleeping on her sofa. Snow is increasing annoyed by this young lady who is crashing at her place without an invitation. So like any good resident of this apartment complex, Snow must teach Lily a good lesson with a sound spanking, using her hand, and a wooden spoon.


This site is part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS
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Sounds good, do WE insult her or does SHE insult us??? Just asking 🙂

Bank Holiday Spankings

It’s a bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the 1st and last Mondays here are always bank holidays and they haven’t been that far apart this time as Monday fell late at the start and early at the end of the month which kind of makes me think the month has gone by faster than expected… which is worrying! However, as we all know here in England… we never expect much from our rubbish weather. I laugh at the boffins telling us the planet is warming up when all we have endured this year are record low temperatures and increased rainfall patterns… so here are the 3 scenarios, one or two of these WILL come true… which is why I have elected to work Monday and receive double time and a day in lieu – and it’s a doddle as not many people are about making my life a whole lot easier… so, as I said, these are the 3 scenarios.

1. Total Traffic gridlock as the weather pattern changes and promises much warmth and sunshine!


2. The weekend and Monday is a total washout!


3. Monday is a glorious sunny early summer day and the entire nation flocks to the beaches!


Personally, as I’m working, I don’t give a damn… so I hope it’s nice so people here can cheer the fuck up!


Shall we take a peek at some more spankings? Firstly below, here’s a site I love to bits, I haven’t really highlighted her site recently as Amber concentrates far more on her lucrative webcam work, which I fully understand… however, she still loves her spanking and some of her recent work shows this: Amber also has possibly THE best deal ever for anyone interested in checking out her site. Personally, after 3 days, I’d be hooked and gladly pay the (still) low month’s fee to ensure I got ALL her content… as it is VAST… we are talking 100’s of films (I estimate 5-600 films?) from across 3 sites spanning back about 6 years that you get access to – and I shall shut up with the superlatives, just check out my fave redhead spanking model of all time… feast your eyes on spanko switch, Amber Dawn – images below are just from her original site SpankAmber.com (sign up to one site for 3 days at LESS than $5 and get access to her 2 other sites free!)

SpankAmberHD010a SpankAmberHD010b

SpankAmberHD019a SpankAmberHD019b

SpankAmberHD027b SpankAmberHD028a

SpankAmberHD028b SpankAmberHD029a

SpankAmberHD029b SpankAmberHD030a

Sign up at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com & get access to the other site FREE (incl. bonus site Amber Dawn Nude!)



Another gorgeous redhead you can’t miss (I featured her yesterday) is Veronica Ricci… this is the 2nd day of the Spanking Cinderella fantasy series showing at GirlSpanksGirl.com – and of course, Veronica in the Cinders roll is getting another unfair spanking at the hands of her wicked step mom… told in a modern day setting, I like this series… especially as we get to see a lot of cute Veronica in the buff… and that super trim toned figure – oh my!

002 003

004 007

008 011

012 013

014 015

Check out the long play videos, the erotic and disciplinarian styles unique to GirlSpanksGirl.com


This site is awesome and massive in its own right, but it is also part of the 5 site CLARE FONDA PASS


Sarah Gregory has now got herself a multi-site pass deal combining her own branded website SarahGregorySpanking.com which I guess has been around for 3 or so years… and her new age play site alongside her online strict Momma, Dana Specht, (who can scold like no other momma!!!) in the aptly named MommaSpankings.com – now you can sign up separately to these sites or sign up at the link and banner I’ll provide at the end of this part of my update today… it”ll save you a decent $10 off viewing both sites!!!

1st up – the latest film from Sarah Gregory Spanking – “Whitney Whips Ass!”

001 003

008 009

010 012

Whitney has warned Sarah time and time again not to call her at work. Sarah once again calls up Whitney at work to ask something unimportant as usual. So when Whitney gets home she tells Sarah she was fired and gives Sarah a hard spanking over her little dress, panties, and on the bare to teach her to lesson.


& the latest film to feature sassy Sarah and strict Dana at MommaSpankings.com is below!

Taken from the long play film – “Sarah Gregory’s day off”

001 002

003 004

005 006

007 008


Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn’t much fun and she’d rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she’s sick, then informs her that Sarah’s mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes…

010 011

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014 015


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Ah bugger… I’ve run out of time… had so much more to write about so I’ll catch up with you all this weekend… Have a great holiday weekend everyone, I know it’s Memorial Day on Monday in America so that’s another biggie!

So here’s a cheering image of a beautiful random bottom found on my Tumblr blog #mmm-mmm!


Isobel Wren mm mm mmm!

Forgive me whilst I slobber over one of Sarah Gregory’s best spanking updates HERE in quite a while, in fact, an outstanding acquisition of the gorgeous Isobel Wren who performs in these spankings films with Sarah like no other when they both attended a Fetishcon event this year. Sarah brings out the very best of Isobel’s spanking beauty who has got better as time has moved on from when she starred alongside Clare Fonda… well done to Sarah and co for making this ol’ perv in England very happy… the images below try to do some justice to the film… decide for yourselves. Isobel is a breathtaking spankee!

Sarah Gregory is attending Fetish Con 2012 and hears a knock at her door. She opens to find super cutie Isobel Wren who has entered the “win a spanking with Sarah Gregory contest.” Sarah is excited to spank her sexy bottom. Isobel agrees to let Sarah video this spanking for all of you to enjoy. It’s right to business. Isobel goes OTK for a nice warm up followed by a solid hand spanking, then some leather. Then she is ordered to undress for the leather paddle and crop while on all fours. She experiences a combination of pleasure and pain while moaning and squealing. She turns a nice shade of dark red.






What can I say? Isobel looks amazing, as does Sarah who looks super confident spanking her. What a prize as well, getting your bare butt smacked hard by Sarah! This is truly a visual feast for your tired eyes, I hope you haven’t rubbed them in disbelief as I did… they are still aching and bloodshot!

Click here to see MORE of Isobel and Sarah in action

“Watching this spanking is better than Viagra!” Chief – October 2012