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Shadowlane & Spanking Shenanigans

backOk, it hasn’t been easy to write much since the party which was well over a week ago now… I had a double drop after the party… and leaving Las Vegas, of course (which didn’t help). However, let’s not dwell on that, I’m back and should be posting here far more regularly again. Behind the scenes stuff, industry updates and whatnot… Getting out posts like this are usually hard for me, especially since the party was like a blur, lots of filming, party play, socializing and going out as well as staying up very late, with little sleep and I also had to contract a nasty little cold at the time, but just enough to drain me on the odd time I played too hard (damn damn damn!).
This announced itself to me just as we got there (great!) and only really got better on the last night… what a bitch! It didn’t stop me from enjoying myself though. As I said… I helped Sarah film a lot of content but most of the behind the scenes pics I have were from my own phone camera and I have no idea which site these will end up on… just be aware that this was a tiny part of what we filmed, it just happens that I focused on cheerleaders when I did take a sneaky pic off set (ahem!). There are also a few behind the scenes play at the party, which I did a lot more of this time round (it’s never enough, lol). These are basically to fill in the gaps and make the layout look nice!



I got tired & cuddled Spencer!

The last 3 images are not of films (the final image is Sarah & I having some spanking fun at a friend’s house) the 2 previous grainier images were taken by Sarah on my phone when I didn’t know she was taking a couple of pics of me warming up a lovely girl called Daisy (she is featured spanked by Sarah in the last pic too) – and yes, I was using my “Ouch.uk.com” (CDS) Compliance Discipline Strap… sadly I didn’t bring their “AAA branded” Canadian Prison Strap as it was too big to go into my luggage! All previous images were taken during  filming and you can make out myself, Johnny (FLAPaddler), Miss Chris, Sarah, Melody Nore, Maddy Marks & Adriana Evans.

More Cheer girls? Yay for Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose & Maddy Marks!


I don’t have an image but I filmed a brutal and thought provoking film which I think will end up on AAA with Adriana getting THE mouth soaping of the century by Miss Chris as well as an awesome more traditional punishment. It was intense and emotional! Sarah made some great films for Momma that I know of… Miss Chris played her Mom in one and there was a fantastic spanking role reversal with Maddy playing Sarah’s daughter (I love watching Sarah getting mean!) Equally she would say the same of me and in 2 films that I was in, I was MEAN… thank you to Melody and… Erica Scott. Erica filmed with us a couple of wonderful vids too, one was intense and emotional… so I hope the fuckos that complained about any films we had starred in before not being severe enough (as it was Erica) will appreciate this. Of course we put Erica into a cheergirl uniform too… just because we could…  and it was hilarious, we just asked her to bitch, sass and complain about it… and it obviously came too easily to her, but I don’t blame her at all. Still, this will be the only time you’ll see Erica in such a costume! & “Thank you” Erica!

20150905_122352 DSC_6021


We saved the most intense film for last, a really mean caning scene of Stevie Rose and Adriana Evans after they both got a hand spanking to warm them up (as they were going to need it!). Both girls were in tears and real pain, so much so that each girl could NOT make the required dozen in one go, it was that severe. Luckily Sarah and I could see after strike 2 of the cane on Adriana that we had to break it up into 2 sets of six for the girls. That was no break on them though… they had to watch each other and they gripped each other’s hands tightly in support… the atmosphere was electric by the time they made it (it really was touch and go even for these 2 girls who are among the biggest players out there!) I doubt nothing like that has ever been filmed of them together like that. Thank you to Johnny who was awesome in the caning role, it was a “pleasure” to watch, that is how you wield a “stick” – Sticks!


I have to thank Tony, Eve & Butch for hosting the party and of course Joe (Dr Lectr) who helped organize more suite party mayhem as well as many others I am too burnt out to remember, and I apologize. Brunch in suite 801 was fantastic on the Sunday. dogsworkThank you to everyone attending, making me smile as I heard the familiar “slap-slap slapping” spanking sounds from behind the doors, it is a surreal and heart warming experience. The party is also a great place to catch up with friends, like Paul & Alex from Northern spanking who partied hard, and filmed hard too! #weknow #MaxKnows

I needed respite after… Sarah and I sought it at our usual place just off The Strip, our fave pool to relax and enjoy each other’s company, people watch, soak up some rays from that gorgeous dry heat and swim in a nice pool with some fantastic tunes which could have come straight off Sarah’s iPod sounding out over the pool –  Heaven!

20150907_170849 20150909_133400

What a pool view! 🙂

Bye Bye Vegas… looking forward to seeing you again & the spanko fun that will bring!

I’d love to have told MORE stories but we played in private with some people and I guess that remains a delicious spanko memory for us all. This is what the suite parties all over were like, private and public play. I can’t wait to help host Lone Star Spanking party #2 at the bigger more kink friendly hotel next May 19-23 (2016). More on that soon!!! 


& don’t forget – ANYONE out west MUST try a Double Double with or without cheese “Animal Style” with extra onions from the BEST Burger chain in the world… In-N-Out – they even have a 50’s retro feel to their places which I love. As approved & devoured by “The Chief” (below)



This leaves me with a long overdue post on the update I should have covered at all the SG spanking sites – there are plenty new ones but I will cover AAA Spanking today as I had that one (kind of) prepared already and I knew what was coming there already. It’s an all British girl spanking extravaganza filmed a few years ago so I know this one well. Zoe Page is the displeased landlady fed up with the non payment excuses for the monthly rent from Aleesha Fox… who quickly understands no money means a very sore red bottom!

Aleesha’s Rent Arrears (A “rear” buttbuster of a film)

aleesha_rent01 aleesha_rent03 spanking aleesha_rent02 pantyhose spanking girl girl otk spanking pantyhose otk spanking Zoe removes Aleesha's pantyhose

Aleesha Fox was behind on her rent and her landlady, Zoe Page, had grown tired of the excuses. This time Aleesha had no valid excuse and Zoe could see she had been buying new clothes for work. Aleesha was told that she’d get a humiliating over the knee spanking right there and then after the latest excuses did not impress Zoe. Watch a hot girl on girl OTK spanking with caustic scolding and put downs as well as hard spankings from Zoe. Classic British girls go head to head in this all female spanking film.

Aleesha Fox spanked by Zoe bosoms and breasts heave as she is spanked peeling off her panties bare bottom spanking spanked OTK spankings OTK Spanking aleesha_rent17 spanked F/F aleesha_rent20


spanked for not paying her rent

aaa spanking

This video is also available to download in Full HD at the Clips Store (see below)

aaa spanking clipstore



Vegas Memories & Exclusive Education

This was my last hotel room view of Vegas before I left in the morning 🙁


Well, I’m back home… recovered from a minor bout of jet lag and am back in my office in the boring dull grey mildness that is England. I had to laugh when the pilot mentioned that as we were approaching London Heathrow airport,the weather there was wet and 59f (15c)… after being in the glorious Vegas heat of nearly double that less than 24 hours previously… oh well! It wouldn’t be England without the sogginess, eh? One thing I have learnt from my trip is that I detest rain, I hate mist/fog and can take any heat thrown at me… case in point when we ventured into Death Valley… I loved that ridiculous heat, it was just not what I had expected. I suppose if I was living there 24/7 I’d get fed up with it and without air con I’d be impossible to live with. Americans often wonder why we don’t have air con here much (well in offices they do and maybe some malls (more on that in a mo) but in most people’s homes, we just don’t have it because we rarely need it! Our summers are never that severe and when they are, they are short lived. So once again, I have come to the conclusion that our weather here SUCKS big time, my one biggest drawback about living here… if I could move to America tomorrow, I would! & I’d probably make that California or Nevada too!

poolBefore I bring you the spanking updates that I have taken a look at… I have to say how much I was blown away by the shopping malls of Las Vegas! They were works of art in themselves… so much money and thought went into building these… 2 malls in particular, if ever you are on The Strip in Vegas… do go visit the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace malls and hotels/casinos! They are monuments to sheer decadence, I have no idea how much was spent on them… but to create an indoor environment that was constantly a beautiful dusk was awesome… rather like the shock I had when I visited the Paris Hotel and casino… I loved the sky inside! (This was the place where I gambled most as it had that awesome dance bar where the scantily clad girls table danced and dealt cards in revealing bustiers!!! Even the Miracle Mile shopping center where our hotel was located had this amazing effect and dining “out” in one of the cafes and bars was a pleasurable experience!

Anyway, enough of my wittering on about Vegas, shopping malls and great weather… sadly the days of having breakfast In the pool are over for this year *sigh*


& so to the updates that I had missed… and whilst talking to Denn at Shadowlane… aka The Cameraman, I asked him about Exclusive Education 8 and if it was being shown… needless to say, they had filmed this partly in The states and also on their France trip ealier this year and it is now out at GirlspanksGirl.com – some awesome images from this special annual event are below!

001 004

006 008

012 016

001 005

007 010

013 016

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in The States.  Veronica Ricci discovered that fellow students Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating on a test. Veronica wouldn’t tell their Teacher Snow Mercy, who was heading the field trip, if the girls agreed to take a spanking. As if Miss Mercy found out, she wouldn’t allow them to go on the field trip to France! So the girls reluctantly agreed to take a hard spanking from Veronica in return for her silence. However, naughty Veronica told Miss Snow anyway, so Celeste and Ela took turns whacking and smacking Veronica hard on her beautiful pert bottom, with their hands and a wooden mirror!

Veronica’s payback spanking by the girls is below!!!

001 005

006 007

008 009

014 015

Don’t miss this chance to catch the Exclusive Education series start right now!

The next 2 parts will be from scenes filmed in the south of France so it’s a little different this year with a slightly smaller cast but with some stunning outside locations that still make this an event worth waiting for! (as you’ll see below!)





From the same network of sites is a great update featuring one of my fave models and I asked her on Fetlife if she was attending (she wasn’t, sadly) as I would have surely found a way to film her… this is one of the main stars of My Spanking Room Mate – the naughty husky voiced Kay Richards!  Next time I am out that way I intend to look her up and shoot some footage as I just know what to film with her (but in the meantime check her out below!)


Assistant Landlord Anikka Albrite has been assigned to collect rent from Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane). But since Kay doesn’t have the rent, it means a hard over-the-knee spanking for her. Anikka delivers a good one, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Kay’s poor bottom tender and speckled.

003 004

007 009

011 012

013 014

015 016

Of course, what makes this addictive viewing is the fact that hot blonde Anikka Albrite is paired with Kay in this steamy girl on girl spanking adventure! Check out THIS and ALL the previous amazing episodes now showing at this site HERE

see more of this spanking soap opera HERE


Both sites featured here today are massive in their own right, but really come into their own as part of the 5 site ClareFondapass.com network! Access the sites for a FRACTION of the combined cost!

click here for the 5 site pass

Some New Spanking Updates

As promised, I won’t waffle as there’s a few images and sites you really ought to check out… so, as khan says in Star Trek: Into Darkness… “Shall we begin?”

As I featured Dodgy Dave’s shenanigans previously on the Strip… let’s see what little deal he concocts as he makes his first appearance alongside naughty Lola Marie, who he caught playing on cam… I’ll let the images and their site description  fill you all in!

npp6021012 npp6021019

npp6021022 npp6021029

npp6022012 npp6022036


Lola Marie is a naughty web cam model and she is caught in mid wanking session by her landlord who sees that there could be an advantage to be gained by letting her work from her flat. In return for this she has to agree to submit to a regular spanking or paddling, whatever he wants. Well… he decides to start right there and then and gives Lola’s beautiful bottom one hell of a spanking, boy… he really lays it on hard but she takes the blistering red bottom spanking but what will come next?

Find out here and view a naughty pervy free clip at English Spankers


A great spanking movie I am happy to show you next… as I got to meet Frank Reed at the Shadowlane party (I actually didn’t ask what his real name was… so will have to go with that) surprising as we talked for a while… I really liked him and he’s much taller in real life… he explained how some of the girls can’t quite take a hiding, which we all know anyway… (though they often do film to completion) and you’ll see in this film that Tiffany Bennett’s reactions are very real and the way she tries to wriggle out of her spanking on her already sore bottom is priceless! One of Firm Hand Spanking’s best films recently in my opinion… and Tiffany is just beautiful!

brat_c001 brat_c003

brat_c006 brat_c011

brat_c017 brat_c018

brat_c019 brat_c020


Pulled out of the shower topless, Tiffany Bennett is due a 190-smack spanking on her tight little bare bottom for sunbathing nude where neighbors saw her! She yelps, she squirms, she kicks, bucks and struggles, but Frank Reed has to punish her properly.

Click here to see MORE of this fantastic movie and all of Tiffany’s films


Finally today from my own site, members have been able to view our first work with 2 fantastic Texan ladies, Joey & Kaye… in this image set, or some images that you will see… the girls were allowed to play and have fun, such is the nature of Shadowlane… a great start to our day, and I promise you the films that follow from these 2 (and everyone else we were lucky enough to meet) are some of our finest work!!! I’m so excited!


Texans Joey Delilah & bratty Kaye – 1st image set from our Shadowlane adventures

kayejoey08 kayejoey14

kayejoey18 kayejoey21

kayejoey24 kayejoey29

kayejoey36 kayejoey37

Please welcome Joey (with the long flowing hair) and Kaye (the sassy brunette) to Triple A… they were our 1st ladies we filmed with at the Shadowlane Party over Labor Day Weekend in 2013. We wanted to film with those who loved attending events like this, which would mean they were up for some real spanking fun… at whatever cost. This image set was placed up to the site while we were still in Vegas… so no films have been edited (at the time of writing), but you will see from this lovely introduction that the girls enjoyed each others company and it showed in the later films with lots of bratty chat, tears, laughter and contrition. For now, just enjoy 2 people that are comfortable with each other as we gave them a few implements and “carte blance” to pretty much do what they wanted to each other. This set up the day and all our film shoots whilst at Shadowlane 2013 – so we feel that this image set is a bit special as it started everything off!


More to come from Joey & Kaye very soon at AAAspanking.com


Right, I can’t post any more as I am in a vegas hotel when I should be out enjoying myself…
I hope you understand! Laters! xx