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Hot FF Spankings

It’s late but I wanted to give you something to read and check out or consider while I collect together more news and updates… I have never shown this awesome film or brought it to your attention until now. It’s available as part of the extensive membership at Shadowlane.com – I have exciting news about their 200th film (well, I thought it was exciting) –  see below – and I’ve seen the full film and they/we, myself and Sarah did a really good job as were the good folks, Tony & Eve … and I felt honored to become a part of the SL “family” – but I will get news of that very soon another time.

Sarah and John at Shadowlane

No, in the meantime, please remember that there are the likes of legendary Clare Fonda and one lady I’d have loved to have spanked in their ranks, before she disappeared back to the Bay Area… the incredibly hot Miss Zille Defeu. Today is all about FF spankings!

hot girl on girl punishments

Down Memory Lane – with SHADOWLANE – as Clare Fonda spanks Zille Defeu

lingerie female spanking

I loved this switch in spanking fortunes when Clare does what she does best…
Getting her own back on girls, and how!

spanking OTK Clare Fonda Zille Defeu

Iris (played by Clare Fonda) displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking! Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy from Shadow Lane.

FF spankings Hot OTK spanking


Clare spanks Zille OTK


Remembering this double feature next as we take a trip to SpankingSororityGirls.com for a hot double spanking of cute 1st timer, Lily by both Veronica Ricci and Sarah Gregory… but not before Lily had a go at Veronica’s peachy ass! I loved these 2 films and it’s part of the vast archives of this vastly under rated site!

Lily Banks & Veronica Ricci girl spankings spanked over her lap naked catfight Lily grapples in the nude with Veronica naked spanking OTK nude spanked naked Veronica Ricci spanked

Veronica Ricci sneaks into new pledge Lily Banks room to do some friendly groping, as a way of welcoming Lily to the sorority. But Lily is having none of it and resists. The girls struggle a while before Veronica gets Lily over her knee for a spanking that turns Lily’s bottom bright red (in fact the first ever spanking Lily Banks has received). Lily is feisty and she fights back and begins spanking Veronica until she agrees to help Lily get out of the sorority. Veronica hatches a plan, only Sarah Gregory catches Lily searching for transfer papers and gives her another spanking on her already sore bottom.

Lily runs from Sarah Gregory caught and bent OTK sarah spanks hard FF OTK spanking see Lily Banks spanked Sorority girls spanking a pledge is spanked by sarah painful OTK spanking grabbing her sore ass

View this classic from SpankingSororityGirls.com

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Way back when… I used to have a real spanko crush on Sierra Salem when I first started blogging and she used to run a photo blog of her life which I really enjoyed following, it’s gone now, as is she from the online spanking community…  but fortunately she filmed a lot during this period and she did a few series with Firmhandspanking.com in 2007 and 2008. This latter one was all F/F – I often take notice of where people film too, and I loved this location, it looked like a nice retreat out in the mountains and can imagine the fun they all had here… Michaela McGowen (probably my all time favorite spankee) apart from Sarah, of course – “Hi darling!” (she’ll be reading this at some point!!!) – was filmed here and I remember blogging about the time she got chased around a pool table and spanked not far from where naughty Sierra is being spanked (below)

Sierra Salem OTK with the spoon wooden spoon spankings ouchie schoolgirl thrashing schoolgirl discipline Sierra pouts when spanked spanked hard spanking schoolgirls teenager given a spanking panties down and bathbrush

See the bathbrush to full effect in this hard “Discipline Tutor” series HERE

After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.


Finally for today… something brand new and so f*cking hot that it inspired me to change my schedule for the week (I had been wanting to get out an FF film anyway, to be honest and this was the perfect excuse) – as you will be seeing Joelle at Triple A Spanking later this week with buff Lily Swan in a long play F/F 2 parter which is awesome: but Joelle is the submissive in that one (to start with!) … so fans of this gorgeous feisty half American half Brazilian beauty are in for a double treat – starting here, spanking the stunning redheaded beauty, Bianca Rose.

Dark Dance of the HeartAttraction (pt.1)

Joelle strips beauty Bianca Rose naked

After suffering the loss of a loved one, Joelle Barros followed in the footsteps of so many writers from New York and sought refuge in Bucks County Pennsylvania. One day while reading and sipping wine she discovered a new object of her desire named Bianca. For the first time in many months Joelle felt passion. After the two expressed their passion, Joelle fell into a peaceful sleep only to be awakened by a noise in the room. She found Bianca going through her jewelry. Bianca noted that she wasn’t going to take anything expensive, but just wanted something to remember her by. Joelle noted that she wanted their relationship to continue but first Bianca needed to be punished for what she did. Bianca was shocked when she found herself over the lap of the famous artist receiving a lesson in pain.

Joelle makes out with Bianca hot FF loving girls loving each others bodies Joelle spanks Bianca Joelle and Bianca getting naked Joelle barros Bianca Rose panties down naked loving OTK spanking

Check out this hot new film available & excluisve from Punishedbrats.com

hot OTK spankings


The Texas Lone Star Spanking Party registrations at the lower prices and availability on the best rooms will change May 1st – so if you’re in Houston, TX (end of May) – you can come along on the day too and pay the entrance fee… but wouldn’t you prefer to make it a hot spanking weekend? Lots of events, suite parties that stay open til the early hours (all on the same floor blocks so we have privacy) and lots of people to meet, models and dommes etc will be there partying, filming and sessioning too as well as open and private play it will be a great place for those who have never been to a party to see how it should be run by someone who has had years of experience with small and large party events… Current estimates place it at 200-250 people to turn up, that is incredible for a 1st time event like this in Houston. Be a part of something special – see HERE for more details!


& that’s why we’re holding it in Houston!
Don’t like it? Go to the beaches farther along 🙂

lone star spanking party

Sunday’s Soap Box Rant & Spankings

Before I show you some spanking updates today, I haven’t done this for a while, so please sit back or just scoot over the next few paragraphs as the Chief’s infamous “Soap Box Rant” is back! & I have darned good reason to let off steam today as you’ll discover if you read on…

I’m in a depressed mood, after the relentless onslaught of stolen card sign ups this month (which causes me no amount of grief with CCbill, the online card processor, btw)… these past few days, it seems the pirates have finally got what they came for, all my latest films and some never shown before. No doubt these will be posted on various site rip threads which really kills my site off. Are they under the impression the AAAspanking.com is some huge ripe website ready to be plucked? Nothing could be further from the truth, I have just filed my tax returns for the year and it makes depressing reading, I actually lost money in the 1st year making movies, this will reflect in next year’s returns, but this year I had to pay extra as I pumped in a lot of my own and borrowed cash, some of which I haven’t been able to claim for. The reality is that it means a film shoot I was intending to do in a few days or so has had to be postponed and the Tax Man to get his cut instead. Anyway, I have already spotted some of the new films appearing on the usual suspects boards so they are already reported, and as long as I can reduce the idiots to private posts and messages then so be it as my site is not there to provide them with a stable income, let them feast off the others that can’t be arsed to protect their hard work (and it IS hard work!) Copyright infringements are finally a serious business under scrutiny as larger film studios and such have rightfully had enough… for without any income coming in at my site, then I can not hire new girls, pay for editing, locations and all the other expensive stuff that making films is about and of course that is on top of me doing it all for free my end to start with, the promotions, the time spent uploading stuff and so on when I’d rather spend it with my loved one in my little remaining spare time… this year will be a defining year whether I continue with blogging, and being a webmaster. I have to say that this past month’s experience has been draining and upsetting to say the least. If the pirates that rip off my site ever read this, please take note:  You are killing it and making me ill with worry about why I should continue at all! This month, personally and workwise, has been dreadful, I’m glad to see the back of it.  January is traditionally a month of lower sales, but even so, it hasn’t been great this month 🙁

Anyway, to recap, I have every right to try and protect what I have made, as surely anyone would if the tables were reversed. Amusingly, in a dark way,  I had noticed on some messageboards that there are those who got upset if another pinched “their content” and posted it as their own… no honour among thieves, I guess, lol. Well triple how that would feel, my pirate chums, and you might then start to understand what it feels like for me, and the despair when a site rip or whatever appears, the odd film or 2, yeah ok… I understand – but a fucking site rip? It’s fucking disgusting.

I have also decided, since I am English, to write in MY English (you’ll see “honour” instead of honor), For me, it is tiring to guess how it should look in American English, so please accept this quirk, I am, after all… a no good Limey and should be expected to write it in my own language… OK rant over 🙂


To those who have skipped my rant, welcome… and here are today’s spanking updates from the Chief’s perspective! You’ll see naughty girls and those in dire need of a spanking, whether it’s a punishment spanking or a little more sexual, I think I have some interesting updates and stuff I have been viewing these last few days to amuse and arouse you all 🙂

Private school can be tough when a girl’s grades are down and she fails exams. Richard Anderson puts pretty blonde senior Belinda Lawson back on track in End of Term. Belinda proves her bare buttocks can take a harsh 265-smack spanking: “It stung a lot, but I got through it.”




Do not miss your chance to see a preview clip of stunning schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson HERE


 A brand new series of home discipline films has begun at GirlSpanksGirl.com with Momma Clare the concerned mother of schoolgirl Elise Graves in this typical Fonda production we all love so much! Clare is the ultimate scarey “Mom!” for any of her girls as you’ll see below, she doesn’t tolerate Elise’s behaviour one little bit and even after the 1st spanking punishment, she is walked upstairs for part 2… the mouthsoaping (which I absolutely love watching) and a further spanking over Clare’s knee!




Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn’t done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves. There are many traditional spankings that take place over this summer, and even a mouth-soaping that.


See all of the Concerned Mother series at GirlSpanksGirl.com


Another new movie update at the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com is now out and has 2 of my favourite girls together for the 1st time and it’s a real winner! Sierra Salem (remember her?) and husky voiced Kay Richards (mmm!)

Sierra Salem was trying to move out on her sugar-momma Clare, but Kay helped to track her down. Kay spanked Sierra to convince her to stay with Clare. Sierra finally agreed, but only if she could spank Kay too! Yup… mad, bad and crackers… but as usual, it works! How could it not with these two?




There are now nearly 100 full length movies in a story arc that covers the main characters Kay, Madison and Chloe with many guest spankee and topping  appearances from many of America’s best known spanking stars! See more HERE


Finally from Clare’s group of sites, her wonderful Spankedcallgirls.com continues to entertain and tittilate in all the right sleazy spanko areas as her girls face yet more humiliation and punishment! As you’ll see below, whenever the super slinky Alice Wonder and her naughty real-life friend Nena are in town… Clare is gonna need a hairbrush and some solid OTK chastisement to handle these real hussies! I think she does a good job with this sexy twosome, don’t you?



First it was Nena, then Alice is told to strip and get over Clare’s lap!



I cannot recommend this naughty OTK spanking movie highly enough! Just what I needed to view 😉

& don’t forget that you can see these 3 sites together if you so wish as part of Clare’s best value CLARE FONDA PASS network which gives you access to 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice at a fraction of the combined monthly cost! Check out the site and options below!


I’m staying on the west coast of California, but gonna concentrate on 2 models who come from further up north, San Francisco, to be precise… and many of you will instantly recognise both ladies I’m featuring… as I prepare how the hell I can go and live out in the Bay Area as if these 2 amazing spankees are anything to go by then… OMG, are all the woman in the Bay Area as gorgeous and hot? So, to my current crush and long term crush… starting with Zille Defeu and I thought I’d remind you of this great set below with her in our glorious English countryside when she first visted the good folk of NorthernSpanking.com

If you go down to the woods today… You might be lucky enough to spot gorgeous Zille Defeu showing her underwear! But I doubt it. Stephen however enjoys just such a treat and, not only that, the naughty little minx encourages him to spank her! So you can imagine that they were proud to present to you Zille… a delightful person and a well-known fetish model and photographer, as well as a dedicated San Franciscan spankee!




This was the 1st of many Zille Defeu updates that you can see exclusive to Northernspanking.com


& as promised, my long term spanko scrush, Amber Dawn, a fellow San Franciscan and all round naughty pain slut by her own admission that now has an amazing offer:

See all 3 of her sites, in effect – A Special AMBER PASS including her naughty nude modelling site where she just can’t help showing off her amazing 40″ bubble butt ass, here you’ll see more flawless images of her butt but of course you can see her thrashed at her regular site or her dishing it out in her unique fashion spanking and fucking so many pretty exclusive young newbies and she’s been online for nearly 5 years! Unbelievable… I remember the moment she went live all that time ago and was hooked from the start… er, perhaps because she’s a redhead and you *know* how I dig redheads… right?

Below are a few selected images from her “Purple Panties” collection at Amber Dawn Nude





& with that, I bid you “goodnight” as I contemplate scraping ice off my car windscreen early tomorrow morning – in the dark… will it snow? It’s been forecast again *groan* so I’m looking forward to work as always 🙂

Have a good one, what is left of your weekend, everyone! Chief.


Hey! Don’t forget, those who don’t want to sign up for memberships… I have just uploaded in full the latest film currently out at AAAspanking – Usual Suspects! It is at the Clips Store – check it out below!

Who can forget Sierra Salem?

I guess Sierra is now out of the scene, maybe I should write to her mail address and ask what she is up to, but it’s a pity that she isn’t still around. Perhaps she is still a willing spanko sub in private? I’d like to think so, so I have chosen 2 sites that contained some varying content for different reasons, I could have featured a few more sites, but I could be here all day. First up, when I started to take notice of Sierra several years ago, she was the partner of lucky Dallas at the time so obviously she shot a lot of content for DallasSpanksHard.com and some of her scenes were quite severe as you’d expect, with much bratting, tears and hard spankings, strappings and paddling. I have chosen one film which best showcases Sierra’s punishments at this fine site and of course if you take a look at the tour pages you’ll see Dallas has had plenty of gorgeous girls thrashed as you’d expect!

Sierra – fresh faced & able to take a severe punishment on film – eventually!

Take a look at these 3 clips from DallasSpanksHard.com of her and notice how she continues to brat making him work all the harder, this is the sort of punishment I particularly enjoy seeing especially between couples – as from experience you’ll find that the girl will often “cheek back” more and also on the plus side there’s the intimacy and bonus of the spanker often getting away with a harder punishment for their behavior as you’ll have seen in the clips below – these come courtesy of  TEEN SPANKING TUBE


Yikes, this was just one film and it was quite typical of the many punishments that she was capable of! Sierra had one of those bottoms that just begged to be spanked, and I have got you a few extra images from the above film which shows off Miss Salem at her best, with her bare bottom reddened and on full display!



You can all of Sierra films exclusively shot with Dallas HERE


The 2nd part of this feature today has Sierra in some early content again and with one of her earliest male co-stars, the very capable Steve Fuller. I believe they first filmed together when Sierra made her online spanking debut with Shadowlane – one of the best known spanking producers. In this follow up she did some work with Clare Fonda and here she co stars with Steve again in a couple of films I’ve chosen that has her again looking cute and very bratty (not hard since she was 19 at the time!) This feature below is courtesy of SpankedSweeties.com – Clare’s spanking site that features models being interviewed, exploring their fantasties and real life stories as well as showcasing new talent, a massive site in its own right and one I can highly recommend as you’ll see from this archived content!

The first set of images are from Sierra being told off for not doing her homework, something she replayed on film from her real life and Steve plays a properly frightening authoritarian figure that has Sierra reeling as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee! See the way she wriggles and squirms, answering back making things worse!!!



Click on images below to play these 2 clips of Sierra’s punishment at the hands of Steve Fuller


As you may have seen from the 2nd movie clip (above) Sierra is thrashed on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players so it’s up to Steve to sort out her stroppy attitude and her panties are soon removed and her bare bottom spanked over his knee!



You can check out more movies of Sierra from the archives of SpankedSweeties.com

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