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Sensual Spankings – Part 2

Okay, sorry for the delay… I’ll not waffle on. Let’s just get you the naughty and sensual/erotic spankings you want to see… maybe if you like something you will help support those sites with a membership option, most sites here are very reasonable, I wouldn’t promote any site here that I wouldn’t or haven’t joined in the past or present so they all get my seal of approval and need our subs to continue making films. Contrary to what forum and filehosting uploaders would have you believe… the best way of supporting any of our sites is to purchase a membership – everyone counts right now, trust me, I should know!

Here’s a great start with the lovely Sarah Gregory getting a girlfriend spanking a few years ago from Sinn Sage.


Taken from the archives… this film is called “The Cheat” (co-starring Sinn Sage in a girlfriend spanking movie)

0018_the_cheat_gal1-013 0018_the_cheat_gal1-016

0018_the_cheat_gal1-023 0018_the_cheat_gal1-025

0018_the_cheat_gal1-026 0018_the_cheat_gal2-013

0018_the_cheat_gal1-031 0018_the_cheat_gal2-026

0018_the_cheat_gal2-024 0018_the_cheat_gal2-020

Sarah’s strict beautiful girlfriend, Sinn Sage, is very angry when she finds out that Sarah has been cheating on her. Sarah is working, earning money letting guys touch and spank her at clubs and hotel rooms but Sinn doesn’t like that she has to do that behind her back… so when she returned, Sinn makes Sarah strip down and get across her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking with hand, strap, and leather paddle in more than one sexy position that Sinn gets off to, watching Sarah squirm with real shame and embarrassment before the girls both get turned on and make out with Sarah’s bright red burning bottom a reminder that she should be a better girlfriend in future!


This is one of the many HOT films from the archives of Sarah Gregory Spanking

or view as a member of MommaSpankings.com too & save money with the Sarah Gregory Pass (see below)


I found some original screen images from a naughty girl/girl movie at my site AAA Spanking … no one has seen them this size as they are taken from the raw data and the film was originally edited at a very reasonable 1280×720 resolution – all new films at my site are now edited at their original screen size of 1920x1080HD – at a future date I will most probably re edit some older films, so they will be started from scratch (essentially slightly different from another editor’s eye using the same raw data and with some suggestions and input from me with musical scores, credits, split screens/slo-mo shots and more). However, I have to PAY a decent editor to do all that for me… without membership sign ups, that isn’t gonna happen – period … but imagine if this film was one of them, eh? #schwiiing!

Webcam Hustlers – Starring Ashley Graham & Nyssa Nevers


Nyssa’s English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of their wicked Uncle’s plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! he wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show?

Check out the movie and see for yourself who won!

webhustlers002 webhustlers003 webhustlers004

webhustlers005 webhustlers006

webhustlers007 webhustlers008


webhustlers010 webhustlers011

webhustlers012 webhustlers013

webhustlers014 webhustlers015 webhustlers016


These girls had such naughty chemistry… they knew each other outside of spanking and actually travelled up together at the time for that film shoot… so felt more comfortable messing around with each other, which showed. I thought they were great and it’s a great spanky sensual and erotic girl girl spanking fest! I hope you liked the added touch of the football shirts of the 2 Manchester teams (City & Utd) from the English Premier League – they had no idea who or what they were (LOL!)… Nyssa pronounced it “Man-chess-terrr” in her cute (to my ears) American accent. In recent years, Manchester City (in sky blue sported by Ashley) have had the upper hand on titles – in England the teams are often referred to as “Man City or United” but I think that year that Nyssa wore the shirt, the Reds of United had won it.

This is your last chance to grab the trial membership – It goes before the end of the month!



Here’s a reminder of a fantastic sultry Christy Cutie pleading with YOU (playing her daddy in the POV perspective as the spanker… we’re witnessing everything through YOUR eyes!). She’s pleading for you not to give her a spanking! She’s just so adorable, and too cute to spank, she’s telling you that again, but you’re having none of it. Here are some reminder pics of this popular POV style spanking! #cute #adorable #POV


christy002 christy003 christy004

christy005 christy006

christy008 christy009


YOU are Christy’s Daddy and you are far from pleased with her inappropriate attire. She shows you her tight Daisy Duke shorts and pleads for you to let her go out, but those big doe eyes and sexy pout don’t get what she wants this time… oh no! She looks shocked as she watches you remove your belt and gesture for her to take off her shorts AND panties as you bend her over the sofa to take a look at what your baby girl is made of before giving her some reminder strokes with your leather belt who is in charge! Christy’s smouldering looks, and adult babygirl attitude make this an even sexier spanking experience. This is definitely one spanking POV film you should check out as our project continues and we improve each and every time we make these challenging films! This is what real spanking POV should be from YOUR perspective when you imagine spanking a brat… go on, enjoy… we know you want to!

christy010 christy011

christy012 christy013

christy014 christy015 christy017

The Clips are in either WMV or MP4 HD 1280×720 playback – VIEW IT DIRECTLY HERE


All the latest POV spankings, scoldings sub/dom perspectives can be seen HERE



Finally today, a fantastic self spanking reminder from English Spankers with American fetish model, Ludella Hahn. Enjoy watching this self spanking and an interesting intro shown earlier this year.

npp6029008 npp6029011

npp6029014 npp6029023

npp6029029 npp6029032


Top American model Ludella Hahn loves the English way of spanking and punishing girls so much that she wants to try it on herself, so she can spank herself when she is back home. She works her way through our nastiest implements including a large wooden bat, a loopy and some of our thick leather straps. She sets out to really whack her bare bottom till it’s a bright shade of red. Just to make her day Sarah Stern comes along and finishes the job. A good hard whacking film with this beautiful lady taking her very hardest ever punishment.


npp6029051 npp6029056

npp6029057 npp6029060

npp6029066 npp6029068

You can see this film and more of Ludella right here!



Let’s dedicate today to F/F Spanking!

Hmmm, I found this post I had started in my drafts box (just had a clean out) and I don’t think I published this from earlier this year and started writing about Sinn (below): So I have added a few other F/F spankings from Clare Fonda and some other interesting updates to make this a complete post… enjoy! 🙂

Sexy spankings? Hard Female on female punishment spankings, some sexual tension, humiliation, maybe some embarrassment or genuine excitement? Well, this is the joy of watching girls play with each other, whether they do it for fun or whether it’s a good hard old fashioned punishment… it gets to me every single time, I love this little kink… and of course, I know there are a hell of a lot of others that love it too. let’s celebrate with some more F/F spankings that I have been getting off on recently (he said, quietly…)

Check out beautiful Sinn Sage as she gets it good and dishes it back every single time!

Bisexual Sinn loves nothing better than feeling helpless over the knees of a pretty lady, this is often over Chelsea’s lap, but Sinn has often done wrong and can’t always get to spank Chelsea in return… however, with her friends, it’s a different matter and she often mixes this up with sexual tension, foreplay and lingering kisses and caresses to the girls that she ensnares… which of course makes it highly addictive viewing as you’ll see in the switching session below!



Sinn really does have one of the sexiest butts in the business and as always, her most private parts are never far fron view with that delightful tuft of hair framing a beautiful exciteable kitty-kat “down there” that she often gets her girls to play with!

Likewise, Sinn will nearly always try to return a favor or switch for her own selfish pleasures (and why not?) This filly thought she was just spanking Sinn? WRONG!

& this is why I love F/F spanking scenes! See more evidence of Sinn’s switching HERE


Clare made no secret that she used to love working on thsi site as “Momma Clare” the corrupt and perverse brothel madame (can’t say I blame her with all those cute girls she has had over her knee!) so with yet another new girl, Stevie, alongside an old fave, Kat St James… this latest film is a winner!



Katherine St. James has brought Stevie into Momma Clare’s ring and they try to hustle more $$ due to Stevie being so cute. All it gets is a bare-bottomed spanking for both girls which they know they have coming and end up begging for.



Then there is of course some switching “fun” which I think is more of an excuse to show off these girls cute botties… it works – I’m sold! As you can see below 🙂



Check out more callgirls getting the spankings we know they deserve HERE


I found some galleries which help showcase the very latest new movies out at some of the other sites in the CLAREFONDAPASS network

Last year’s most improved site Spanked Sweeties shows why it is a great site with new talent and beautiful girls revealing all about their spankings growing up then re enacting them courtesy of Clare or Double Dan for that “father figure” when required! Click image below for new girl Riley’s scene – punished by momma Clare…

See the latest girls spanked HERE for our viewing pleasure


The spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate had a delightful return for Kay Richards, getting a spanking off athletic Ariel X – I wouldn’t mess withthis lass! I don’t think kay would want to either!

Ashli has come to pick up Kay and take her to her company picnic. But Kay is not ready to go and furthermore has dressed very inappropriately. What else can Ashley do but turn Kay over her knee for a hard spankikng with hand and hairbush. She finds a whip that Madison left around and uses that on Kay too, leaving Kay sore and marked!

Check out all 105 episodes now showing HERE


All the above sites in this network can be viewed for less than they would cost on their own and with the same set of codes… makes ense then to check out the options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Classic “Sinn”ful Spankings!

Delving deep into my archives this morning – I was checking out what to write up here today and went to my SpankSinn folder for some inspiration and wanted to review one or a few of her very naughty films for you that I hadn’t seen in an age. However, I have currently been watching a whole load of SpankSinn.com content this morning and, ahem… have difficulty concentrating now as this girl can get very raunchy (as I’m sure many of you know!) Well, I also remembered that Chelsea, who often spanks naughty Sinn, likes to also get “down and dirty” with her, often pleasuring or allowing Sinn to be a naughty slut and film it for our obvious viewing pleasure! So… one film in particular caught my eye and I decided to just update this post with this film, so it’s a sort of film review and then I’ll let you decide from there just what is still showing today… more of the same, but I felt this old film from 2009 deserved a mention… “Stepmom takes Control!”

Sinn was caught sneaking in at Dawn but was caught out by her stepmom, Chelsea, who had been waiting up all night to catch her out… and she was mad as hell and hell bent on spanking her step daughter! Chelsea had her eye on this naughty girl for some time and Sinn was mortified that her dad would ever find out that she had been staying out all night so submitted to Chelsea’s spanking punishment! Chelsea soon discovered that Sinn was turned on by her OTK spanking and could even feel her dripping wet pussy and gently rubbed the horny slut’s panties to feel the moisture seeping right through! This secretly thrilled Chelsea as much as seeing this attractive young woman heaving and sighing across her lap but she was supposed to be punished – so Chelsea decided to spank her some more with a hard hairbrush and also allow Sinn to pleasure herself with the handle during this part of her discipline as she knew the feelings of pleasure and pain would sustain this for much longer – after all, Chelsea had been up all night waiting for this opportunity so wasn’t going to let this go by without some more original spanking punishment she had in mind!

Below you’ll see the scene before the hairbrush punishment where Chelsea checks out how “nasty” a girl she is asking Sinn to “shake her booty” like she’d do in the nightclubs…. this is a shameless scene to watch as Sinn jiggled that amazing bubble butt of hers and some interesting cam angles as you’ll have seen above make this a very erotic clip! Watch those trousers!!!

Chelsea continued with prolonging Sinn’s punishment after she pleasured herself with the hairbrush and Sinn tasted her own cum juice on the handle so Chelsea decided to make Sinn keep it in her mouth to stop her from moaning with pleasure so much… this time she spanked her hard with her hand, strap and paddle as Sinn’s muffled noises of both pleasure and pain continued – whilst Chelsea reminded her what a nasty step daughter she was! See more images taken from the movie below:

Sinn’s punishment was coming to an end and Chelsea had her fill of this brazen hussy… however, Sinn was so worked up that she couldn’t keep her fingers away from her sticky pussy so Chelsea allowed her the chance to bring herself off but only if she could watch what a dirty naughty little girl she was…. if you view this entire film you’ll understand that Sinn was past caring and as you’ll have seen from the interesting cam angles shown in the movie images…. Chelsea got more than an eyeful of Sinn’s delicious honeypot as she fingered herself off to a huge climax!

This film has it all, some incredibly hot spanking punishments of an oh so buff Sinn and of course being a very very naughty girl which she just loves performing on film like this! There’s a great strapping scene below which is typical of the punishment that Sinn received but for the more raunchy and erotic parts, you can gleefully download the entire film HERE!


Dropseat Productions: Mother-in-law Discipline

After my recent successful (and enjoyable review of another Dropseat Production movie – See HERE for that review) – I decided to view the movie at my Spanking Theater and review a film I’d long waited to see as it starred Clare Fonda and Sinn Sage, who filmed this together around 4 years ago and this combination in this full length movie version is damned HOT!

All the films from Dropseat Productions are available at the Spanking Theater

I’ve split the full film into 4 parts and will also show you where you can buy this as a DVD at the end if you are feeling flush otherwise this has been taken as a cheap download option where I downloaded it for under 6 Bucks! (You can also use your pay per minute options at the Spanking Theater HERE and just choose to download parts of this movie and you’ll see some scenes I’ve split for you to help you decide, how helpful can I be, eh?)


The reason I was excited about this film was because I know just how naughty Clare can be and she uses all her best witty put downs and humiliating verbal chit-chat to a very submissive Miss Sage, who plays her daughter-in-law, called Tammy – who has been caught cheating on her husband by Clare (who plays her Mom-in-law, Sue) – You’ll see many spankings, humiliations, temperature takings and panty inspections as well as lazy Tammy being told to call her pissed off Mom-in-law “Mommy”

Sue has photographic evidence of Tammy’s filthy lewd behavior of her cheating on her son and decides to treat this trampy wife of his a lesson she’ll NEVER forget and drags the lazy slut out bed to confront her withthe evidence she’s compiled starting with images of her caught with other men! & so begins the endless humiliating discipline you’ll see below – in typical Dropseat “fashion” you’ll also see their infamous clothing, little girls dresses and school uniforms used to great effect by this sadistic mother in law…

Tammy will do anything to not allow her husband find out – which suits Sue just fine and she treats her daughter-in-law like a baby little girl, making her call her “Mommy”, spanking her, promising her that this is the start of the behavior modification and she makes her wear a revealing school uniform that Tammy thought she was way beyond but this only served to humiliate her more. A great introduction and all images here are only meant to serve as a guide (the actual image quality is impaired as my image grabbing software is simplistic at best!)

I forgot to mention that towards the end of this scene is an amazing drawn out mouthsoaping scene which just shows you how much trouble that Tammy is in and the way that she will be punished like a baby little girl by her “Mommy” (the mouth is cleansed as Sue is aware of just what she has been putting “in there”) as the other promised ritualistic punishments are to come! You can see a free clip of this mouthsoaping below:

Scene 2: Temperature taken and spanked

Along with the regular inspections and spankings that “Mommy” had promised was a twice weekly temperature taking, which of course is utterly humiliating… this is a side of a punishment I like, so if you were happy seeing a mouth soaping alongside spankings then this early scene of Tammy having her rectal temperature taken should fit the bill! After this, Tammy must wear that uniform again and make “Mommy” her breakfast… but of course Tammy is no good girl and soon ends up over the knee of Sue for another weepy spanking and more cornertime! Lovers of Sinn’s amazing jiggling bubble butt will, like me… be mesmerized… it really is something special!!

Part 3: Little Girl dress & More…

This is where the use of yet more humiliating sissy-wear is used to great effect as “Mommy” makes her daughter-in-law put on the little girl dress and of course she takes her out to the shops where Tammy had a tantrum… no doubt frustrated by trying to comply to her wicked mother-in-law’s control over her! This is the scene where panty inspections are carried out and Tammy is made to ask properly if her “Mommy” can inspect her panties… of course, the attitude earns her another spanking and paddling allowing us to see this amazing bare butt thrashed again! The end scenes are awesome… having Tammy shove her face deep into the crotch of Sue as she decides she needs some pleasuring since Tammy’s mouth is allegedly so talented!

Final scenes: Punished for Dirty Panties

Tammy is accepting her punishments and is hopeful that these won’t go on much longer so she can get her life back on track, however… what she fails to realize when she is on a humbling cleaning exercise of the kitchen, set by Sue… she is summoned for a panty inspection… the dirty marks on her white knickers earns her a final humiliating bare bottom spanking and a paddling until her arse was very sore! “Mommy” wasn’t finished with her though, as she wanted her to place her dirty knickers on the mantlepiece then sniff… yes deeply inhale the aroma and continue sniffing so Sue could be sure she’d get the full waft emanating from those white panties! My oh my… what an interesting finale to this 45 minute film!

Conclusion: Once again this film proves that when you get the right characters together and some approriate, humiliating punishments lined up… a girl doesn’t have to learn from a very sore red bottom (it helps though)… in the 45 minutes you get to see some real verbal humiliation, mouth soaping, anal temperature taking, panty inspections and of course the various spankings and bare bottom paddlings which are not brutal but they aren’t patty cake either and contain lots of slow deliberate removal of knickers and that uniform and dress… supplied for Dropseat Productions by their clothing and DVD store (which is where you could purchase this in DVD format if you so wished)

For clothing and pajama wear as well as the DVDs – visit Bobbies Drops Seats

If you wish to view this movie as a pay per download option or see the other titles from them then just click this link HERE which takes you to their download page. Of course, I didn’t say if I liked the movie or not… um… absolutely! Sinn has one of the best bubble butts in the biz and this movie shows if off to perfection!


You can of course see much more of Sinn at her own site if interested

& of course Clare has her own excellent group of sites as you should know full well by now (banners below) and I’ve recently featured some of her latest updates with some incredibly HOT new girls she’s brought in!

Flirtacious Sinn gets it good!

Remember I promised to let you know more about the amazing F/F spankings at Chelsea Pffeifer’s well run sites? Well, today, I am quickly updating something as I have to pop out for a birthday lunch… but will be back later with another regular Monday update covering all manner of spanking mayhem… but if you are into extremely sexy girl on girl discipline and making out as they get genuinely turned on during the filming… then please read on!

Sinn tries to talk her way out of being caught in Dia Zerva’s closet… rummaging through her stuff, trying on her panties and being very interested in a strap on cock she saw hanging on a hook! Dia (OMG, she is so beautiful and it’s great to see her back with Sinn again!!!) is having none of it and quickly takes Sinn over her knee and we get to see Sinn’s amazing bubble butt jiggle and bounce as it is spanked, first under her skirt, then with the offending black panties removed and Sinn is actually getting turned on and can feel Dia is too… cue some mischievous behavior as Sinn makes out with Dia, and dia fingers Sinn off while she spanks her… I have included a clip of a double handed spanking of Sinn’s very red bottom as well as actually cut some images directly from the film so you can see some of the action sequences… unfortunately my editing “software” is crap so the images aren’t quite as good as I’d have hoped for but they do show the movie as intended and the Flash movie, I had some sound sync issues with too… If it’s too off putting you can download the WMV version which is flawless (underneath the instant play clip!)

The original clip can be downloaded in this WMV version – CLICK HERE

Go check out what is available on the extensive tour pages of SpankSinn.com
(check out the new movie where Sinn gives some back to Dia!)

Tedious Net Connections & Gorgeous Spankings

Well, here goes nothing as I try to type another post with a crap connection and guess what, as I start typing this… a bunch of nosey kids walk into the area I have found a half respectable internet Hot Spot connection which will only fail every 15 minutes or so (luxury) – oh FFS! I had plans to make a nice post about facial reactions and some lovely images of some seriously thrashed bottoms to match, so I’ll see how it goes… typing on the go *sigh*

(I have restarted this blog after a horrendous afternoon’s skiing in a total white out, joys of vacationing in cold mountain weather, eh?) Oh, I have also had to pay a lousy 10 Euros again to try and get some sort of privacy typing this, no nosey kids but a shit awful connection again)

First up from PunishedBrats.com some amazing recent updates and the 1st below is the conclusion of Joelle’s very 1st appearance on PB and she’s already a BIG hit with members and bloggers like myself… is it any surprise? Just check out that facial reaction, her cute gear she’s wearing and of course that amazing red speckled ass!! Heaven!!!




Joelle is quick to promise to get rid of all of the pot and the growing equipment plus return the investment money if only Miss Chris will stop spanking her… you can see how it went on HERE!

My 2nd feature from PunishedBrats stars the gorgeous Juliet Valentina and she of that amazing bottom and sporting some of the best facial reactions, here you’ll see why as lucky David Pierson really goes to town on her poor bruised reddy derriere…





After having her bottom paddled, Juliet is sure to be a well-behaved, pleasant girl to be around! She is also certain to spend a lot of her time standing…why? Well, just look at those marks! Yikes!!!

See MORE of Juliet, Joelle and all my usual cute favorites at the unique PunishedBrats!


Being around with a crap internet connection and unable to upload simple images at times is frustrating but I’ll be off tomorrow, back home (I’ll let you know exactly where I am right now… later, if you are interested…rivetting, oh lurkers and readers…isn’t it?) In the meantime I hope I can upload some images, I’ve had to reduce some of them so I could get them up but I think you’ll get the message and it concerns one of my fave naughty F/F sites starring the fabulous Sinn Sage… she’s not someone I had featured much, foolishly thinking I could just watch and keep her to myself but Sinn makes some of the hottest F/F spankings around and especially when Chelsea is with her…in this latest series, Chelsea tests Sinn with a varierty of trusted and not so familiar objects like the cane and you can see Sinn’s marvellous naked body and her trademark trim tuft of pubic hair as well as her oh so buff body getting a good thrashing! I make no mistake for placing this at maximum “Trouser Arousal” levels (tm Chief), so be warned!

Ah FFS! The images I had just uploaded have all gone thanks to this F*CKING connection, so once I re upload them that’s it from me today, I had so much more planned… another f*cking waste of 10 sodding Euros! (backward mountain c*nts!)







One of Sinn’s site opening offerings became one of her most popular storylines. So, it’s time for Sinn to get another sexy “midnight spanking”. Chelsea awakens the sleeping, bubble-bottomed beauty with a smack! Chelsea works Sinn from top to bottom and front to back as she is spanked with a hairbrush, cropped, gets more hairbrushings and then is cropped all over her hot naked body! Sinn is so naughty she starts to get turned on and opens up her legs and shows off her toned athletic body for the cameras, but chelsea has other things on her mind, a new test! Time for another cropping as Sinn submits to the pleasure! Then Chelsea takes Sinn into uncharted territory, as she begins to experiment with implements with which Sinn is NOT so familiar.Chelsea approaches with her triple cane while Sinn rubs her hot bottom. Getting her first caning! Followed quickly by her very first switching! Ending with a provocative wheelbarrow position leaving Sinn panting! Sinn claimed to HATE the cane, but Chelsea made her like it AND a SWITCH, too! Seriously, do not miss the sexy wheelbarrow position spanking to finish her off… this is HOT stuff and can now be seen in full only at SpankSinn.com


Well, that’s it, I had so much more planned but the connection is just rubbish and I’ve lost data 3 times and I am supposed to be on holiday so I’m off to get drunk before my early departure. If you think you got it rough, just giggle thinking about my wonderful view and what I skied in earlier… *groan*

My wonderful view (it has since cleared up again as this post has taken so bloody long!)