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A Spanking Story of Sibling Rivalry

Another Friday already? A week ago, I said goodbye to Sarah who is back in the USA getting back to her routines, catching up with her precious dogs (who I also love and miss loads) as well as posting a butt load of (sigh…) Strictmoor Academy videos! By the way, Strictmoor is nominated and is up for a prestigious vote at Fetishcon this year – a finalist for title of “Long Play Fetish Video” for this year’s awards! PLEASE DO VOTE if you can, it’s an easy process. We will both be at the cermony and be super delighted to win this, Sarah works so hard on these titles and there are so many stories behind the scenes – I’m biased, of course, but compared to the other contenders – oy! Come on… it’s a 3 hour spanking story with a lot of thought put into it! Go vote 🙂

So, I will be back in the USA in less than a month so it’s not too long to wait to see her again. Anyway, when we were both here we filmed some great content with Belle Calder, almost to the day a year previously we filmed her too. We still have films not yet released from that shoot as we have so much content…  Anyway, a week prior to that we were in sunny Spain visiting Zoe Page (oh and some bloke called the Guv’nor – tee hee). It was a fantastic break (thanks again guys!) – and since she was at a loose end the day we were filming in the UK we asked her to shoot a couple of vids, Sarah was super excited to work with her and just seeing this film shows why! This is easily my fave film from that day and it is just a nasty, mean sibling bratfest that goes horribly wrong for Belle – because what Zoe wants… Zoe gets! As you will see.

It is fantastic to see Zoe back at AAA Spanking and she is now available for custom work too – HERE – It goes without saying that I think she is a very accomplished fetish model/actress and I would LOVE to be able to film her for custom work (she would too… so get your thinking caps on!) Anything is possible… until she says “nyyy-ooooh” (no) – dare you ask?

Sibling Rivalry – out now for full download at the AAA Clips Store

new spanking film available to download in full

Or you can view it as part of the awesome membership site (along with nearly 370 other HD titles at the time of writing) at AAA Spanking – the latest video release also contains about 170 screen grabs incl. approximately 40 stills which compliment it perfectly. You can see some GIFs I made and some lower res stills images that members are able to view and download right now in full size. Enjoy a perfect bratfest start to the weekend!

Sibling Rivalry: Sisters! They can be best friends or fight like cat and dog when they are growing up together. Zoe has resisted the urge to get her own back on her younger sister, until now! Belle’s “cool, prim and proper” demeanor she portrays to their parents is annoying Zoe as it’s a lie. She is always getting into trouble because of Belle as she is regarded as the bad sister. But in fact Belle is equally a brat in real life but poor Zoe is often blamed! Belle soon discovers that getting her big sister into trouble has some painful and embarassing consequences.

They scrap and Zoe trashes her room before taking her over her lap for a spanking like mom and dad gave them in the past! Only Zoe is meaner… all that pent up frustration is taken out on Belle’s pert behind as Zoe reigns down smack after hard smack with her hands before using the dreaded Mason Pearson hairbrush that stings like hell. Zoe leg locks her sister who is still thrashing around and struggling to avoid the inevitable heavy thwacks of her hand and that hairbrush on her delicate sore bottom.

Belle Calder in PJs sibling rivalry Zoe Page

This is an awesome rival sibling punishment film as the older sister once again asserts her authority in the house. Stars Zoe Page as the older sister with Belle Calder on the receiving end!

sister spanks younger brat hair pulling and spanking sister spankings leg lock spanking

You can check out a free 57 second preview of this new spanking video (below)

click here to play the free video preview

AAA Spanking


More Sister Spanking Punishments

Hi everyone, as promised, here is the very latest film update from AAASpanking.com and it features the welcome return of Katie Brown in a sister spanking video which is out now for download.


She filmed with us last month when Sarah was in the UK with me. We got in touch through a mutual friend & she was doing a different style fetish shoot near to where we were staying so we had time to meet up. Katie had expressed an inkling to try out spanking again, and I remembered how popular she was a few years back… so I was really stoked when she agreed to film with us both. Sarah was especially pleased as she loved her work on AAA and immediately had so many ideas (she always does!) So this is where we are – under the influence of Sarah, AAA is now showing more family themed films… and as I am now of an age where I really can play a father without that 10-15 year age gap (which I always find rather cheesy) I decided to do so before father becomes “grandfather” … or gramps, LOL! Well, my hair is thinning and turning grey after all but I’m not in the least bothered about that, of course. We guys don’t seem to mind turning grey, do we? It’s inevitable, I guess! But I digress! We needed a F/F film with Katie and this was the deal… a sister spanking (or to make it more believable – a half sister spanking!)


Katie’s face is VERY expressive throughout the film.

Check out the blurb on the sister spanking storyline below with the images & GIFs – what I must say is that I am thinking of getting some of this film re edited with just – and only Katie’s – FACIAL REACTIONS. There are those who might want to just watch her every reaction as I was hooked, she was sooooo expressive and genuinely reacted. This could go up as an additional clip… or perhaps a bonus for members, I’m not sure yet. I don’t think it is mean to say that her tolerance isn’t the highest, but her ass sure turned a beautiful crimson with that speckling I love so much… and I loved the end results with the excellent film quality and the stills. You can catch some of these below from the HD1080 films (images here are reduced in size, naturally) members get the full film, and both extensive image galleries to download. It’s HOT!

Troublesome Sisterwith Katie Brown & Sarah Gregory


If you love seeing girls in tight yoga pants, there’s lots of spanking over these!

Sarah had rented a small appartment on her extended stay to England to see friends & family. The “family” included her half sister, Katie, who she hadn’t seen for several years. It didn’t stop Katie wanting to stay with Sarah despite the cramped space & soon she was taking over. Sarah’s patience was finally broken the time she returned to prepare for a small dinner event later that evening. She found Katie practicing her Yoga stretches on an exercise mat. She had moved all the furniture out of the Living Room. Sarah knew exactly what this young brat needed & took Katie over her lap to give her a long overdue spanking. She yelped & cried out, Sarah was content to just spank her sister over her tight spandex workout pants, but of course Katie couldn’t keep quiet & so a more humiliating spanking was required as Sarah pulled down her tight leggings. She hand spanked, then paddled her selfish sister’s tight buns until she knew Katie was truly remorseful! This is the first of more films featuring popular Miss Brown who made her unexpected return with an exclusive filmshoot recently!

katie in her yoga pants t002 t003 OTK spanking t004 t006 spanked sister t008 t009 hard spanking sarah spanks her half sister paddling leather paddle on bare bum t013 spanking and paddling t014 t015 sister spanking katie brown t018 t019 sister spanking



This video is also available at the CLIPS STORE HERE in full HD for those that prefer one time only downloads to keep rather than a membership.


As a side note, I would seriously consider Katie for BEST FACIAL Expression in a spanking (when the time comes for nominations): This girl has it. Those watching the full movie will see it too!

Time for a quickie “catch up” spanking

More industry news but I am oh so far behind and am obviously biased when it comes to the sites I help run alongside Sarah Gregory … however, there are some really amazing spanking updates from her network this week and I shouldn’t wait any longer for this one as it’s a very cool update I know fans of hers will be excited to see!

From Momma Spankings – Sarah plays an older sister to the gorgeous and (so far) exclusive New England starlet called Aysel Zeeling. Aysel is simply adorable with a breathtaking “girl next door beauty” and you will be able to see more of her coming soon to AAA Spanking as well, but please do check out this all female spanking film (below).

Sore Sisterstarring Aysel Zeeling & Sarah Gregory

Sarah spanks her sister

Sarah is in charge as mom is away and her younger sister, Aysel, has gone out and gotten drunk and missed curfew. Sarah, who cares for her sister, is very disappointed in Aysel. Sarah decides to take things into her own hands with regards to the discipline. She spanks young Aysel for her immature and reckless behavior until her bottom is very red and very sore.

spanking over her panties otk spanking momma-227-025 spanking momma-227-031 momma-227-027 momma-226-005 momma-226-011 momma-226-018 spanking her sister 1 spanking her sister 2 momma-227-033 momma-227-034 girl next door spanking momma-227-045 momma-227-049


gorgeous girl given a good spanking


Or check out this network pass giving you access for a fraction of the combined cost of her sites with one set of membership codes for your added convenience! (see more info on this below):

sarah gregory spanking pass


Don’t go far… more epic content and spanking news updates coming later today! xoxo 🙂

When Sister Spanks Hard!

Sarah wanted to make a film for AAA Spanking which involved one of her favorite domestic spanking fantasies,  sibling rivalry. She thought this site could do with more of her influence in this area and I quite agree. It’s also a rather hot film as it features a spanking new debut with the awesome Jordana Leigh. She was filming a custom shoot not so long ago with Sarah and then spent a few days hanging out at hers as they are old friends. It was great to finally meet her since she appeared at Sarah’s other sites years ago… I can also tell you that there are some amazing cheergirl films coming up with Jordana… but that is for another blog post and another day!

So those that love girls spanking each other, in PJ’s and a domestic setting… stand by as this will be “right up your street”.

Sister Spanks Hard – new film featuring Sarah Gregory & Jordana Leigh

sister spanks hard

Scene from the film “Sister Spanks Hard”.

Below are some GIFs I made for this blog from the film plus a few screen grab images with some excellent stills photos (reduced in size, for promotional purposes… members get the full size images, of course). All this accompanies the movie, and it’s all available for members to download now.

sisters_001 sisters_009 sisters_017 sisters_024 sisters_041 sis1 sisters_045 sisters_062 otk spanking sisters_066 sisters_073 spanking her sister bare bottom spanking sisters_095 sisters008 sisters_099 sisters_112 spanking sisters013 sisters008 sisters_113 spanked naked

Sarah & her sister Jordana had secretly gone out and got a little drunk before an important exam at school. Of course this was unacceptable behavior but sneaky Jordana had pretended to be really sick the following day and Sarah had to take her exam and failed. Sarah knew Jordana was faking and so this is where this film starts with Sarah confronting her “sick” sister. This soon escalated to Sarah punishing Jordana for getting her into trouble… She spanked her over her knee like a naughty little girl and then finished the punishment with a bare bottom spanking like their momma used to do when they were naughty!




This film is also available as a one time download at either of the AAA Clip Stores (see below).

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore

In other news… you may have seen Sarah’s Custom page recently, do take a look as it shows you how to order a film to your requirements. The next model we will both be filming here in the UK is the awesome and very talented Jasmine Lau – we have our own plans for her for all the sites including cheergirl and mother/daughter roles for sarah’s sites… but if you want to order additonal custom work privately, then this is your chance with Jasmine! Let us know ASAP! All orders should be sent and agreed/paid for with Sarah by this time next week.


Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Ok, I suppose I could post lots of pics of grown men and women crying after last night’s defeat to the victorious Germans… hmmm, maybe I will, but one thing is for sure… what is trending right now is #2girlsnocup “2 Girls No Cup” (a play on the infamous and rather yukky “2 Girls One Cup” which the less I say about that, the better, lol. The latest trend is due to this crowd fan image in Rio’s famous Maracana Stadium last night – see below:


These 2 accompanied the Argentine team and provided their fans with much eye candy!

Now, I have done some (ahem) investigating seeing as they just looked almost too perfect and of course, I was right, they are famous in Argentina, the Xipolikatis Sisters… who not only sing and model… and of course looks gorgeous…. but they also get naked and love being naughty and showing off their most amazing bodies and toned bottoms… as you will see below.



xipolitakis-3 xipolitakis-4 xipolitakis-5



xipolitakis-f2 xipolitakis-f3 xipolitakis-f4


So with that in mind… I don’t feel remotely sorry for Argentina since they have these 2 beauties to console themselves over! Their grandparents from the beautiful Greek island of Samos would be proud! (See? I did research and stalk them a little, lol!) – oh, and I won’t even go into seeing all the wonderful girls in bizarre 10 pin bowling shows they have in this country… televised, you can look that up for yourselves!!! I promise it’s worth it.


Oh… and a couple of images of distraught fans… hehe! 😉



I’ll be back later with more spanking updates to start your week 🙂

All About the (Bikini Clad) Ass #71

Before I get on with my spanking updates I just thought I’d give you all a warming spankable sister swimwear image special… courtesy of that well known bikini brand that you can see in the images… actually, it’s a great site to spot some stunning spankable babes (he said pervingly!) To all my chilly northern hemisphere readers, this should warm you all during our winter! Enjoy and imagine the possibilities of these 2 stunning sisters… oh my!

DSC_2970 DSC_2986 DSC_2987 dsc_3025 DSC_3093 dsc_3101 dsc_3120 dsc_3121 dsc_3175 dsc_3281 DSC_3349 DSC_3369