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Kami Robertson spanked in PJs!

It’s late here, I’m tired… but I have updated the site and made a special free gallery available which I hope does justice to the latest film which, I must admit, I hadn’t viewed in full until today and so it was like I was a member watching it for the 1st time fully edited! I loved it… and I know YOU will too as it stars Kami Robeertson…. need I say more? OK, then…. she’s in not one set… but TWO (Yes, 2) sets of PJs in this movie and she also gets scolded for daring to wear panties under the 1st set…. then is stripped and made to wear the punishment dropseats…. check out the gallery below…. and if yoiu liked that, there’s the previous film (part 1 of “Wrong Pyjamas” which you can also view)

God is indeed smiling down on us for being able to see these little delights! 🙂

Click image below for the full free gallery


click here

& since I am writing about all things Kami, here are a few more galleries from the same site (click on thumbnails below), if you haven’t seen these before, this is just the tip of the Kami iceberg of spanking movies at AAAspanking.com now available!

naked caning click here

click here click here

 click here for more

 click here

For the latest FREE movie preview clips
Check out the home pages HERE and see them in HD quality.

Contrasting updates at Firm Hand

Don’t you just love variety? It’s late here at Chief Towers… (half past midnight) I am writing to you on this balmy October evening (something I thought I’d never say living here in England) and I was struck by the total difference of 2 very recent movie updates given to members of FirmHandspanking – 2 very different girls, one who we all love to bits, a certain Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford… who I have never worked with, and I have to say… MUST rectify that at some point in the very near future… and a relative “newcomer” to the Firm Hand stable of girls…. the dinky but extremely bratty Monica Bouget, who really does look like she is there enduring it for the money… contrasted with AJR who loves the acting, the role play and of course takes her punishment too!

However, I used to find Monica really annoying (partly becasue she looked like she was there just for a payday and nothing more) – but this latest film with her in got me interested as she took what I know was a painful stinging punishment with a nasty looking bathbrush and her ass marked up beautifully as proof of her resilience! So fair play to Monica for this film, it brought tears to her eyes and her bratty tone disappeared once the brush started whacking her cheeks as you’ll see below!

Monica Bouget takes the bathbrush from Mr Reed




She’s petite, exotic, with enough attitude to light up Reform School. When pretty Monica Bouget locks another girl out of the house in just her panties, Mr Reed gets to the bottom of it. Monica’s athletic bare booty is marked with a blistering, tear-inducing 18 with a bath brush!


Now as for Amelia, she is appearing at this site in a new series called the Marriage Guidance – and of course, it has Amelia bickering as only she knows how and her interaction with her “hubby” is both hilarious and when he gets fed up and thrashes her… addictive viewing as you’ll see form the images below:

Back from Marriage Guidance and over his knee she goes…




A special treat as Amelia Jane Rutherford starts a new series with screen husband Richard Anderson! They’re back from Marriage Guidance and Amelia doesn’t admit that some of their issues could be due to her behavior. Perhaps a sound, bare spanking with hand and slipper?



Sorry this was short n’ sweet, but I had been out most of the day and I’m incredibly tired so could only get this short update out to you today, I promise to get something more substantial up to you guys within 24 hours! Chief.

Laugh your Ass off!

I was in a real reminiscent mood today, bemoaning the crap that is on TV nowadays like the dreadful talent & reality shows spawned the world over… so I went onto Youtube for a giggle as I remembered growing up with “It’s a Knockout!” or “Jeux sans Frontieres” as they called it in Europe… and the best shows were after all the local national ones when we’d have the big competitions between the nations of Europe every Friday night… and “boy” did they provide a lot of laughs… please, whatever you do, please just waste a couple of minutes looking at the clip below, I PROMISE it will make you laugh out loud… this was one of the infamous games (The Penguins) and poor ol’ Doug from Britain really was making a mess of it. But of course, for me… what always made this show was the laughing from Stuart Hall (he’s still going strong nowadays but as a football commentator… just less laughter!)… he would literally wheeze and cry at the antics… I fail to see how anyone can not laugh with him, it is so addictive… so please… do enjoy this diversion before I bring you the spankings  I have for you today!

It really gets going on 1 min 40 …. “Go on Douggie!!!”

& so to the spankings… I am writing this with a BIG smile on my face, so as I’m in a good mood, let’s see what I was viewing earlier today from some of the UK websites first of all!

What better way to start than a look back at one amazing girl who plays such a tempting schoolie (I should know!) and that is Jasmine Lau, I think the images below of her OTK spanking and slippering do the punishment the justice that it deserves! These are taken from the exclusive recent updates found only from Agean’s excellent site SoundPunishment.com



You can see many fantastic Free Movie previews including Jasmine (above) by CLICKING HERE


Now what you may not realize is that Gawping Cat (cousin of OMG Cat) – yeah… they get around, these kittehs, eh? Anyway, as I was saying… what you may not have known is that this poor cat sat through the entire audition and more of the very slinky Lotty (who I have seen elsewhere but no where near as sexily portrayed as she is at Redstripefilms.com – so credit goes to a bare foot Mr Stern for bringing out the best in this very satisfying visual treat…. and thanks for showing off Lotty as beautifully as I knew she could appear! Well done… and now to find some darning materials for my trouser bumpage region (damned stitching is coming loose in the groin area for some bizarre reason!)

Lotty takes her 1st OTK and Implement Spanking in the buff at Red Stripe Films (below)



Slim teenager Lotty is in for a surprise, she had been spanked before but wanted to see what it felt like to try out various instruments of punishment. We welcome the interest of one so young and in the spirit of encouragement we had Mr. Stern bring along a selection of his finest whips, paddles and spanking tools. Lotty stood up to the application of the various instruments quite bravely, we are not sure if she will indulge her fantasy for being punished any further but you can see her great film exclusive to this site.

See Lotty being punished in a FREE Movie Preview HERE


Next up is gorgeous newcomer, Elle… who has the most amazing curves in all the right places, a beautiful smile and of course, a butt that cries out for us spankos to feast upon… I’ll let the images below do their magic… but this is one lady that deserves more attention!!!



An audition for English Spankers can be a very painful affair as Elle is finding out. After agreeing to be spanked for the first time she now has to decide, will she take the leather paddle. She agrees and bends over for the first hard strokes on her bottom. She did not realise just how painful it can be as you will see from her reactions but she did take all the strokes we had planed for her, was her bottom red and marked? See for yourself in our free film on the web site

More previews of beautiful glamour model Elle available HERE


& finally today… in the spirit of cross European “Jeux sans Frontieres” mirth and co-operation… our friends from The Netherlands (I can’t remember if the teams with the NL plates did well as we were always laughing at our own hapless representatives) have a brand new Airline Stewardess movie update from the Europe Airlines section at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Now I love this section so seeing it updated again and this time with Pandora Blake & Amelia Jane Rutherford… well, it couldn’t go wrong… and didn’t! Enjoy this uniform spanking special… I most certainly did!

On the flight to Athens stewardesses Amelia and Pandora decided to try out some new fake eyelashes in the toilet. They spent over 25 minutes in there and the passengers started to complain. This reached Mr. Johnson and both girls were soon in his office facing another sore bottom. Mr. Johnson, after scolding them, decided a sound over the knee thrashing with the heavy leather paddle was in order followed by some humiliating cornertime.




Check out MORE of this and all the latest specialist uniform punishments HERE


I hope you enjoyed this uplifting update, I’m gonna be away this weekend so I will get you a few updates on this blog and elsewhere before I go away… take care and hope you had fun reading today’s post 🙂

Regards, Chief.

Proper womanly punishments!

I hope you have been taking part in the poll, some quite interesting trends so far… please do take part as it all helps in the decision process.

You might also want to know that I have recently regained control of barebottom.biz and have some exciting plans for that with that site I want to focus primarily on older/retro images and sites that show spankings filmed, say 4 or 5 years ago or more. I will try to focus on magazines/images and stuff from the 1980s when I can too making it a rather more interesting place to visit! This will be a lengthy work in progress and will have me waffling less and less on there as I have promised (with any luck!) as I’ll need the extra time to change the site appearance/banners/content.

Likewise here, apart from the odd rant, I have decided that boring you all with my superb rapier like wit and jovial banter should change, less procrastination, less waffle… but more focus on the site updates and sites that I like to feature or write about! Of course I’m going to have wobblies and go off on one every now and then… only seems fair so I’m not totally predictable, eh? Today’s post has obviously FAILED epicly as I drivel on… but I shall try and change that next time, lol!

Now here is something we filmed a while ago and it is just released at AAAspanking – it’s one of those rare chances to see those uppity, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth madams like Jean Bradley get their come-uppances after dishing it out oh so many times to others! She agreed to film some specials with us a while back and she can take one hell of a thrashing as well as give it out as you’ll have seen! Jean played the perfect lazy, hungover housewife in this movie (I didn’t delve too deeply as to how she played this part so well!!!) I’m not going to show a clip here but members can of course see this excellent spanking movie for themselves, I have some promo images, of course.

I love domestic discipline scenes with Husband and wife as these can be quite severe!!!
This movie was precisely that – a grown woman getting a much needed red bottom thrashing!


Full explanation & more info on the latest movies like this one are on the tour pages…

I have decided to start reducing images that I show in size, unless I feel it’s necessary to showcase something in particular, DON’T WORRY, you probably won’t notice. I want to give members of sites the chance that they are getting something else the rest of you won’t be as we all know the only way to fully appreciate a website is to check it out inside… I can only do so much to assist. However, I will never promote anything I wouldn’t sign up to myself 🙂


Have a good evening, enjoy this fine Polish cake I found whilst arsing about again on the internets! Delicious “Bum Bum” cake… I’m sold!

Sex, Spanking & Sexy Spankings!

I’m slowly catching up on everything here and just updated my other blog with some really good stuff HERE – so if you have already seen that today, watch out for this theme I thought I’d embrace today (I’m in a better mood, heh heh) and why not embrace sex and spanking and sexy spankings? A heady mix indeed and I promise you some of the stuff you’re about to see is very naughty or just very sexy… so please loosen undergarments and read on!

I have a few grown women today who I find incredibly sexy and I know from some mails I receive that you do like to see attractive MILFs and such as well as teens and young twenty-somethings, so I have some real treats for you today and I’ll start with dirty, horny, cock sucking Sarah who has proved on her own site at SpankingSarah.com that she can take any punishment and puts younger girls to shame with her slutty antics… and will do virtually anything, especially if it’s naughty or very filthy! Well, below in this old classic that I just watched again (you can’t see this on the tour pages so it’s well worth a peek!) she agrees to suck off the Chef for more money whilst she is being caned and fingered… I think I’ll let the images explain what is happening, these are actual full size image grabs when you click on the thumbnails so you will know the quality of the actual movie is clearly HD and top rate!

Go check out a massive free preview of HD movies HERE starring Sarah & friends in some very naughty films that she has amassed over the years! From memory there are about 3 or 4 full tour pages of films and descriptions, so it’s well worth checking out!


Ok, I’m waffling so less writing, more images and clips! Staying with the MILF/Cougar theme briefly, I have to admit I have a thing for Andi Switch and seeing her in this latest movie at NorthernSpanking only makes me want to try and get her to at least star at some point at my own site (I’ve heard she longer longer subs… but I can live in hope!) The images below of her as a lazy drunken wife getting a good thrashing from hubby Paul are a tease, but I think you get the idea! I know this scenario all too well! My missus, “Er Indoors” is a bit of a lush too….”More wine, darling?”

Members can see much more of this movie update with Paul and Andi HERE

Meanwhile there is another complete “Cougar/Diva theme” with Erica Scott getting a good thrashing courtesy of Stephen Lewis! & I have to say he looked rather smug in this movie sorting out Erica’s diva-esque behavior and fabulous derriere which puts many teens to shame… I can tell you I’d be in a long queue to spank Erica’s buns over my knee, that’s for sure, and you can see why below!

Oh… here’s the actual storyline 🙂
Theatrical Agent, Stephen Lewis, is at the end of his tether with actress Erica and her petulant, diva-esque ways. Demanding champagne, candy and being fussy about her co-stars and entirely delusional about what kind of part she ought to be playing. When Erica fails to show on set for filming her latest part, Stephen decides to give her a bit of a reality check with the help of his hand and a hard heavy wooden hairbrush! This film is out in full and can be viewed HERE


Fancy some incredibly cute Girl/Girl cuteness and spankings as only Clare Fonda knows how? I thought you might! There’s a brand new movie just released today at GirlSpanksGirl.com in their hard discipline section and it has strict cousin Alicia Panettiere visiting Mary Jane & Ten (MJ is Clare’s incredibly cute exclusive honey and Ten is an amazing girl from the east coast who I have seen mainly featured at PunishedBrats.com until now and I loved her work there!) Have you seen her legs and butt? They could crush walnuts… toned and incredibly strong – I actually find well built girls like this very very sexy! Oh and these girls both end up getting thrashed in their pajamas as well… enough, see for yourself below! Alicia starts by mouth soaping ten’s “potty mouth” – I love these sort of punishments!

& as promised the girls get a (rare slippering) punishment before bedtime in their pajamas!

Lindsay Meyers was an unknown to me until last summer when she appeared in Clare’s last Exclusive Education series as 1 of the 10 unfortunate pupils in EE5 – well, I have since grown to really love seeing Lindsay, I like to see girls look a little different, she wears glasses sometimes on film (did you see the gallery shown for EE5 above?), or in this case, is one of Momma Clare’s “dirty Hoe’s” at Spankedcallgirls.com and I love Clare’s biting put downs and wit when it comes to belittling her girls, it’s nothing personal, she’s far more clever than that but what she says can humiliate a wayward girl at 300yards and poor Lindsay gets a hard hairbrush punishment when she displeases her madame by not being entirely truthful with her! See some images taken to compliment this latest movie of Lindsay’s punishment!

This is one of my favorite sites as I love this theme (it’s also the one that Clare enjoys working on)
See the Tour Pages to see why it is so popular with naughty girls thrashed for our viewing pleasure!

& finally from Clare’s group of sites today the awesome Kay Richards squeals and complains in the most wrigglesome way only she knows how over the adorable but very stern Mary Jane at Spanked Sweeties – this is part of the introduction series of many films of Mary Jane (MJ) and she is starting to show just how versatile she actually is and I am sure Clare is creaming herself at such a “find” (I’d actually like to see that, if it were possible, lol!) Anyways, this is an incredibly sensual and sexual series of spanking images between 2 very hot girls and Kay totally submits to MJ! 2 words… F*cking Awesome!!!

Spankedsweeties showcases hot new girls next door, real fantasies enacted out with 1st timers spanked and interviewed alongside more experienced and well known popular cuties making this a site well worth checking out!


All of Clare Fonda;s sites featured above can be viewed as part of her infamous Clare Fonda Pass Network which NEVER repeats any content from one site to another unlike some networks I won’t mention. If that isn’t reason enough to choose this option, check out the pricing options which are very fair and not overly suspiciously cheap so if you have a few extra Bucks and plenty of time and Hard Disk space, you will know this option is the BEST VALUE which is what I have and am kept busy with the massive various updates across the sites I have chosen (you can choose up to 5 of her sites!) For MORE info CLICK HERE or the banner below.

Back Up of Lost Spanking Posts

I am making back ups of some lost data but will also include more DIFFERENT content at my other blog TEEN-SPANKINGS so you can be assured that there is going to be a lot of data flooding these 2 blogs in addition to all my usual regular updates! I will continue to do this and pick and choose the very best of these updates that I had lovingly took time over to write up! So these updates will be in addition to my regular stuff and I won’t mention this again: So if you think ol’ Chief has gone mad enthusing about something you may have recognised from a year or 2 ago, then this is why!

I say just enjoy all the extra content! Some of this goes back a few years so hopefully some of you may not have seen any of this, or you may be titillated or intrigued by seeing it again or reminded of something really cool. make this your stop for more  spanking goodness overload too until my server hosts wonder what the hell is happening!!! Enjoy – Chief.


I’ve seen some fantastic posters for some cracking movies at SpankingMags recently – and this is one site which you would ignore at yoru peril. Why? Take a look at the amazing previews below with some of the hardest red bottom punishments with real tears, welted buttocks and some explicit and humiliating discipline added to really put these girls in their places! Click on the images below which lead to special free galleries and movie presentations.

I think you’ll get the idea of the type of punishments that are featured here,and all movies are exclusively remastered, all movies are only HI RES, and these e-Zines are now available for a lower price as well as also offering amazing 3 and 6 month membership deals which work out at unbelievable value! Enough of my waffle, see for yourself  HERE


I have some classics and recent updates from the hard hitting schoolgirl punishment site, GirlsBoardingSchool and as you’ll see, over time, nothing really changes, the girls are very pretty, and they are punished in and out of their uniforms, and no part of their bodies are spared as they get strapped spanked paddled and caned, across their hands, feet and of course, their bare exposed bottoms!

As you’ll see below, this beauty gets a hard spanking, taken from my own personal archives…enjoy!



The themes are varied but all result in the same thing, a very sore red bottom for the girls and often, a very humiliating and severe punishment which leaves them snivelling and crying! The below galleries that I have found are all from the most recent updates at GirlsBoardingSchool and feature some EXCLUSIVE movies starring spanking stars such as Keagan (featured below getting her hands and feet strapped) and gorgeous blonde Molly.

Check out the free galleries of this fine spanking erotica that combines SEVERE spanking paddling and caning discipline and stunning lookers in authentic schoolgirl detention scenarios!



MORE Schoolgirl Punishments are located HERE for your viewing pleasures


This is a vastly under-rated site which focusses on one thing, the punishment of schoolgirls in the USA! If seeing beautiful teens thrashed in & out of their cute uniforms is your thing, then read on! Firstly, it’s a hard punishment site, nothing sexual as it’s schoolgirl themed (apart from those of us who enjoy getting off on the sight of a half naked tearful schoolgirl, with her bare bottom and more fully exposed adding to their shameful punishment!) Just look at some images below and you’ll see what this site is about!

These girls in their cutsie uniforms would be spanked in various locations of the school, nowhere was safe! The classroom for disruptive behavior, the Dean’s Office, where girls knew they’d be severely punished, such as hard hitting paddling and canings. Then there is the privacy and shame of being punished in their Dorms, often stripped completely for our viewing pleasure!



What is good about REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE  is the fact it has massive archives spreading back years, and with the regular updates, it just gets bigger and bigger, what I noticed also was there are 2 camera angles shot, but often they are played out in full instead of edited into one film. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but this network has been doing it for years with great success, and you get a chance to view the reactions and not miss a thing either from behind or to the side or the facial cams that you can view!
One thing I like is that one of my favorite models, Kailee Robinson, features heavily when she did a lot of work, and I mean A LOT of hard hitting stuff, check out some more sample pics below and see the real tears, the shame and the very red sore bottom of Kailee paddled in her Dorm Room.



 What I have also seen is that REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE still has an honorable 3 month offer which allows you to purchase this at just $45 for this period instead of the already very reasonably priced $19.95 per month, which of course is already fantastic value considering they are probably one of America’s largest schoolgirl specialist spanking sites!

Take advantage of the low monthly or 3 Month Special below:


A return to classic RETRO discipline, when girls bottoms quivered in fear if they knew they had detention “after school” as in the privacy of these private institutions, Masters would dish out all sorts of nasty punishments across their bare teenage cheeks. See one such punishment for Helen and Cathy with their contrasting bared cheeks thrashed with the leather strap! A return to old fashioned values and this film is available as part of a unique membership at SpankedSchoolgirl

I have got a couple of special freebies from this movie – see below



Teen schoolgirls getting spanked is one of the topics that nearly everyone can agree on that it’s a “must see”…who wouldn’t want to watch a girl in her uniform, getting told to remove her regulation knickers and get over Miss’ knee for a revealing bare bottom spanking!

So feel free to watch Jodie below getting a thorough spanking across Miss Wood’s knee for her disgraceful behaviour in class…this is what OTK spanking is all about and the very latest specially adapted and re edited movie of Jodie caters to us over the knee punishment lovers! Enjoy!






OTKspank is a one stop resource site for all things OTK and has some delicious spankings like the above and the longer term memberships at this regularly updated site are amongst THE BEST anywhere for the amount of content on the internet! 

AAA Spanking – I own up! ;)

OK, I was going to tell you ages ago but wasn’t sure of the reaction I’d get but I’d rather be honest with you guys online so I admit that I actually run the new spanking site “Triple A Spanking” AAAspanking.com – It has been a long, slow, painful and expensive process and something I had wanted to do for an age wanting to do my own thing after being on the sidelines for so long – as I don’t have the luxury of being able to film in my own home and am not a gorgeous spanking model that won’t have to pay Top Dollar to appear… now, I was hoping to have got this site out well before Christmas 2010 and had started filming way back in September with the kind help of some good spanko peeps (Paul and co from Northern Spanking and Jean Bradley of YorkshireSpanking – my thanks to you!) It’s nice to know there are some good folk out there! I had been handicapped by expense and cancellations and the sheer time of setting it all up, so anyone doubting this should try it on their own… If any of you are interested, I will post just how difficult it was and the decisions I had to make but won’t bore you with that now! Still, it’s up now – opened on Jan 15th I had started to promote it softly as there’s still so much to do and anyone thinking I’m going to make a ton of money off this are utterly deluded but now most issues are ironed out so it’s full steam ahead! 🙂 I doubt I’ll even break even for the 1st 12-18 months as we plan to re-invest in more models and film shoots but do plan to do the following as I know it is a long term project, we hope to take the site to America at some point this year – that’s all I will say, we also hope to make Vegas later in the year so hope to meet many producers and models we admire on our side of “The Pond” here and bring in some of the best girls there and give them a good ol’ dose of British discipline! Now, I am one site amongst 100s in this great fetish we love and “yes” it’s a commercial spanking site, about 90% of them are and have to be if they want to continue and expand as overheads are shocking! (Models, locations, time spent editing & webmastering, billing processing fees and such) – But what I want to do is make sure that this site becomes more model driven… I want whoever films with us to have a say in what they do or want to explore as well as deciding now that I want to involve YOU, my readership… and to get this going I have decided to let YOU come up with some storylines you’d like to see at our next filmshoot in February!

I won’t tell you who the girls are for now (until I contact them see if they’re happy to be mentioned in advance) but they are 2 well known established models who I know will be great together, one who is new to the site and we have been after her for an age. However, what I will do is show you the probable sets in advance and imagine that there are both girls, we will cover F/F, and harder scenes of spanking, strapping, caning – & will cover schoolgirl/domestic discipline. What I want you guys to do is come up with a great storyline, want to see something different? Within reason I’ll choose about 4 or 5 plots if they are do-able and I can promise you there will be pyjamas and bedroom punishments and I am trying to purchase a cool uniform on eBay (I’m gonna tease you and won’t let you know until we filmed it as I’m a rubbish bidder on eBay, lol!) – but it will be a cracker if I get it!!! By all means leave a comment here but you can also mail me directly at webmaster (at) aaaspanking dot com (I’ve done it like that to stop spammers killing my mail address) – All communication here is strictly confidential and I will answer all mail! So below are the probable areas that we will film, there are 2 bedrooms, and a modern bathroom which is not featured. As I said, this will be filmed around mid February so get your ideas in quick and as soon as the film shoot is over I’ll let you guys know more inside info, I aim to do this more as well!

So my blogs will be more driven with stories of spanking shoots, behind the scenes stuff that no one else can provide, personal views and images taken of the day with special extras that of course no other blog or site would be able to give you, so hopefully this will make things here a little more interesting! I will of course STILL show you what I love watching online and will continue to provide special snippets, clips and free info/Offers and pics as I have always done in the past where possible of all my fave sites that you know I report on here – it’s just I will, of course, also feature my own site from now on, naturally.

OK, enough of my waffle: I am going to show you a few images of what members will be able to download very soon, these images are from films not yet shown, so to let you know that there are some cracking movies coming up! After that, I am featuring a current film with a different preview clip that is not available anywhere else in the original Wmv playback! I hope you like what is coming and what is currently available on the site!

All the above images are taken from forthcoming movie updates (I’ve also reduced them to 900pixels wide) and these are just some of what to expect, and naturally I’d be able to tell you stuff like Kami Robertson wearing her red Flamenco dress, she had wanted to be spanked in that and this was the first time she had worn it, so we were pleased to “do the honors” and initiate it with a good hard slippering on her fab bare bottom – or that an image you can see of Leia and Pandora in the hot tub was the last movie of that particular film shoot and it was absolutely freezing and raining so the girls wanted to get back in the comfort of the hot tub with my last bottle of 2003 Rioja Reserva (I’d been saving that with a fine cigar, lol!) I hope they appreciated that bottle! Anyway, this is all to come and below is a film that members have viewed and stars Sara Winter & Cindy Hodges. (Wynter & Donna to some, but they wanted to change their screen names so we obliged).

The below clip from the movie “Post Party Punishment” is exclusively provided here

I can tell you that both girls were really playing up and that hairbrush got harder and harder, especially across Cindy’s backside (shown above) as she was just so damned cheeky! Perhaps I should have laid off the bottom rubbing but this was, after all, a spanko household – we have discussed our next shoot and when it’s punishment spankings, there will be some proper “man spankings” going on, which we are looking forward to giving! Check out the additional images taken from the film and I have included the official storyline below that taken from the website:

Cindy & Sara have had  a wild party when their friend & landlord, John, was away on business! This pair had met John at a Fetish Party in the Midlands & are now lodgers of his – but these girls are always abusing his trust & good nature so it comes as no surprise that he gets to spank & correct these wayward girls when he sees fit! This time, however, the girls have been caught out as he got back early from his business trip & finds his house in a right mess with the girls upstairs, hungover & hardly able to get out of bed! John takes Cindy, the mouthy one, over his knee first as he makes Sara watch what’s coming to her! The girls soon get the hairbrush across their bare bottoms as John takes great delight in spanking & leering at their reddening cheeks, rubbing them gleefully in between feeling the heat of their butt cheeks as he gets in the zone! Take a peek behind the closed doors of this spanko household somewhere near you!

Please do check out the site if you haven’t already HERE – there’s tons of free spanking movie previews on all 3 tour pages! I also updated it earlier with 2 movie clips rather than one… why? Well, I thought it only fair, that as this movie is half an hour long, if I had given you the first clip it would have been just dialog, it’s actually a great film with Paul and Jean but I felt that you would at least want to see some “action” and you do indeed get to see some great hard spanking that had poor Paul’s hand stinging – darn it, that Miss Bradley… buns of “bleedin’ steel!!!” Apart from the long films I will aim to get a movie out practically one a week depending on the length of them so this site should grow very quickly! Anyway, it’s NOT a review, I’ll let others do that in their own time 😉

So please help me with some interesting storylines if you like! – I’d really welcome feedback too – without this the site can not improve and we are also planning, after experimenting with new playback formats to bring out movies in complimentary full size MP4 format as this is even crisper and clearer in HD and that can only be a good thing. I’m hoping to bring this out in 1280 pixel widescreen very soon and I have checked some of it and it knocks spots off wmv – Microsoft media is starting to lag behind so we intend to make it the secondary file format sometime soon but it will still be there as I do know, like myself, there are many who are loathe to try other formats, even if the media players nowadays out there like VLAN and even Real Player play all sorts of formats including Wmv! We won’t include the old movies as “updates” or remasters as that’s unfair, we will just advise in the member section what has been updated and of course, I’ll let everyone know here any new developments! Hope it meets with your approval, there’s plenty more we are planning but I certainly don’t want to give away all our ideas, of course!

Please also note, if you are a female model and would like to be considered in future – please contact my webmaster address or check out my profile and use that one provided.

Have a good one!
Chief. (aka John Osborne!)

edit: Thanks for the kind mails I have received so far, awwwwww, I’m welling up 😉

Latest Schoolgirl Slippering!

Hi everyone, just a quick good hard look at the very latest spanking update from FetishFlixx which stars 2 American girls which grabbed my attention… why? Well, because I was present at this film shoot a few years back so am able to give you a better “behind the scenes” perspective!

FetishFlixx have Niki Flynn (left) & Lauren Legends (right) nervously awaiting their thrashing!

This was an interesting movie, those who are into Googling names might want to Google “Lauren Legends” and they will see she was an American porn actress, good old vanilla porn, with some fetish thrown in here and there. I had a conversation about her roughly a year ago with Clare Fonda as I had seen her in an old archive from one of her sites and brought her and a few other girls up in conversation as she mentioned that she had once been approached about some girls that Xerotics wanted to hire (I found out it was indeed Lauren and the others) and fly over to the UK at the time! This is always a risky strategy for producers in advance so getting feedback from other folk they have worked with is important as Clare had mentioned thay had all worked well with and for her previously.

Click image below to view my special free spanking clip of Lauren

The reason was because poor Lauren cried out on day 2 of an important rare 3 day film shoot at the time and pretty much deflated everyone there – but I will leave it at that as you never know, maybe it was her time of the month, (doubtful, and I saw no evidence of that, lol) these things happen and you can’t force people to do stuff and girls limits are always respected (hence why she stopped) but I guess she wasn’t as “Fetish” as the other girls so had “rather embellished” her credentials a little… which is somewhat annoying to say the least. However,  remember some girls thrive on being spanked hard and will tell you if you are not properly spanking them and request harder swats or whatever whilst there are others just in it for some easy cash and so on… everyone is different and I respect that. But, and this is my opinion of what I witnessed, to possibly mislead a producer about your capabilities, well, what I do remember from this time was that the other girls were a little hostile to her which was not a good sign either! (Not Niki in particular, from memory, who was resident in the UK, but the other girls who were flown in from the USA West Coast) and Lauren had the habit of wanting to do more racy stuff (which is nice but when you’re shooting spanking stuff you rather want to concentrate on that rather than vanilla pussy shots or whatever all the time, right?) As I am waffling on about poor Lauren, I mustn’t miss out on Niki who we all know could take a very severe punishment (such a shame she is now retired) but I rather liked this early OTK scene below as she snivelled and wriggled over Headmistress Shanelle’s lap beautifully as you’ll see!

Click image below to view the exclusive free spanking clip

So why am I bleating on about Lauren so? The work she did was great during her stay – that i won’t fault, and she had an amazing stance that looked so vulnerable as you’ll see from her slippering scene, and she really HATED the slipper and cane – but it’s a pity that she didn’t make the final day, in fact, she didn’t turn up on set and instead stayed at the hotel at the time. I suppose because I knew how much the girls were being paid, it did kind of make you think sometimes, maybe if she had tried a little harder, maybe she did… I don’t know but I was involved with another film in another room and this one may have been the one where she made it to the end and then said she had enough, you can see in the clip I have saved at the end that she is struggling when slippered… if you’re into seeing girls crack under pressure, and know that fact, then be aware that this was probably the film that did it for her! I have included some choice images from the film shoot below and the plot of “Private Education” is underneath that!

Niki Flynn & Lauren Legends found themselves in front of the Headmistress in the private girls school they were having to attend. Attitude & correction meant everything to their stern Headmistress which each girl was sadly lacking. After a long lecture she told both of them they would be getting a soundly spanked bare bottom followed by a severe session with the slipper. See both girls being bared spanked & then bent over and thrashed! This schoolgirl quivering bare bottom discipline video is out now for download and you can see a slippering clip of both girls on the HOME PAGE (or click image below to view)

You can see all the selected spanking movies which still makes this one of my favorite sites!
Feedback on anything I write is always welcome, hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
Enjoy the film, it’s a good ‘un!

My 4th Bloggiversary

Hard to believe, but I knew it was around this time and checked when I started up the blog and it was 4 years ago today! My how things have changed since I first started…. well, to celebrate this I have scoured this blog’s archives and got some of my fave posts, then at the end I have a few brand new updates to keep this current, so stand by for a mammoth post as I locate and find some memorable posts I enjoyed making and sharing with you over the last few years!

First up from FetishFlixx – the painfully thin Emily, the pink slippers, her bright red sore bottom and *that* slippery slit! 😀

I had a “hand” in this movie, quite literally, and many of you will be well aware of the painfully thin Emily and the sorts of thrashings she could take! So, apologies for those who have seen this before, but it’s a trip down Memory Lane as I give you the low down on Emily’s Slippering and that incredibly naughty wet pussy of hers that just dribbled and oozed during her punishment! All courtesy of spanking movie site FETISHFLIXX

Emily's slippering

This film was remastered at the time, and has been around a few years and still holds up well, as you’ll see from the free clip further below. I also managed to find an old gallery that I had made and updated the links etc on it, that explains all you need to know about the interesting storyline! See the images below and see if any of you remember this film:

slipper2 slipper3 slipper4

This film also caters to those, like myself, that like to see a girl punished in her pyjamas early in the morning, caught unaware and easy to trick with questions to catch these lying little madams out with! If you click on the image below, you’ll get to see the old free gallery I had made which explained the plot of the movie, which went on for some 20 odd minutes of hard spanking & slippering goodness!

click here for the free gallery

Now, for those that like to see what sort of quality the film was made in, check out the free clip of the slippering below, and just check out those ridiculous fluffy pink slippers, I can tell you that she made a BIG mistake bringing those with her as the soles were ridged and caused all sorts of painful welts and bottom reddening marks… silly Emily!

click here to play this free slippering clip

I can’t show you anymore of the film, that’s not fair to the site owners, but from the extensive images and what you’ve seen so far, those that don’t have this movie can safely download it knowing that they are going to be watching something special and it’s still EXCLUSIVELY from FETISHFLIXX in this format – it’s located in the Domestic Section and I have no qualms in recommending this classic, and of course, apart from seeing The Chief in one of his fave all time movies, you’ll get access to all the other great spanking movies that cover Schoolgirl Discipline, Domestic Punishments, Girl/Girl and dozens of fantastic Rosaleen Young remasters at this site too! That’s why I have always loved reviewing this site – it’s got it all!


Please check out one of my fave posts of the year I made for Firm Hand Spanking – This was when they announced more NEw girls to add tot he awesome regulars like Samantha Woodley, Michaela McGowen & Alison Miller. Some of the new girls have been simply STUNNING as you’ll see below when I raved about them earlier in July this year!
See some of the new girls below as they recently celebrated more than 1000 movies for us all to download on the site! I’ve included some of the newcomers who are seriously going to give the girls we all know and love on there some much needed competition for our affections!

30 Stroke strapping for stunning Samantha Woodley in Discipline Program:
I will start this amazing series of updates with the grand dame and number one spanking model, Samantha Woodley! I can not get enough of Sam, and it seems members can’t either. This latest punishment will keep her fans coming back for more as she looks simply stunning in this movie!
Warning: The sight of Samantha bent over the kitchen counter with her quivering ass cheeks high in the air, pants down will cause severe arousal!
Here’s the description of why Samantha finds herself in this position! She’s pushed family lawyer Earl Grey to the limit and beyond in Discipline Program. Now Samantha Woodley is disciplined for taking a rental car back to the dealer and keeping Mr Grey waiting. 30 strokes of a black leather strap across her totally bare bottom. “I couldn’t keep my legs down,” admits Sam, “it stung more than I expected!” Seems that this is not the last punishment she’s due!

Annabelle’s toned bare buns feel the firm smack of Mr Reed’s Life Coach training:
OMG! One of the new girls, Annabelle’s incredibly tight toned ass should come with a warning too! This is one girl that the Chief has been caught drooling over and you can too if you check out more of her below!

One of the loves of my life was called Annabelle and this hot dusky uber-babe does this girl’s name justice, I’ve never met an Annabelle yet who I wouldn’t kick out of bed. If this amazonian beauty was ever foolishly to cross my path, I think I’d keep her to myself!!!
The webmaster at FHS had this to say about her: She’s classy, she’s hot, she’s beautiful with a perfect booty. What’s not to adore about Firm Hand exclusive newcomer Annabelle Vanderwood? Stepping from fashion shoots to entertain us with a sound, bare bottom spanking, Annabelle gives a new meaning to attitude! Mr Reed is not to be thwarted: hands on the wall, butt out, he applies his hand to quivering globes!


Flout the rules? That’s a bare hairbrush spanking for bratty Goldie Rosemont
Another sensational gorgeous Newcomer, Goldie Rosemont, will give any red blooded male the “cream horn” wearing that mini school skirt and you’ll want to be the guy giving out this punishment as she is thrown over the bed and his knee with her tiny panties pulled down revealing a delicous round butt!

The yelps coming from sultry Goldie Rosemont during her brisk, bare-bottomed hairbrush spanking demonstrate that Mr Strickman knows how to administer discipline the old-fashioned way – hard! This dark-haired beauty thinks she’s in for an easy ride with her private tutor, but his use of corporal punishment will soon make her realise that rules are there to be obeyed, not flouted! Goldie is a spanko’s wet dream come true as you get to see her get the deserved hairbrush punishment CLICK HERE!

Sassy school uniform and an attitude earns stunning Adrienne a spanking
Can I continue with the superlatives? Oh yes I can! Very naughty and impossibly long legged newcomer Adrienne has the looks and brattiness that must come with The Chief’s highest Trouser Arousal Alert!
Even hardened spanko, Earl Grey, is in awe of Adrienne’s beautiful butt as he hurredly removes her tight white panties so he can drink in the sight of this teenage brat’s derriere and he shows amazing self restraint as he watches her tight buttocks slowly turning cherry red!
“If you’re gonna treat me like a kid, then I’ll dress like one,” sasses stunning blonde Adrienne Black in school uniform! This Firm Hand newcomer is heading for a licking in College Discipline Program, and who better than Earl Grey to spank that beautiful booty a deep red, first on panties, then bare. Adrienne’s long legs look delicious as she bends reluctantly over the end of her bed.

Warning: Watch this babe only in a darkened room, remove all tight fitting clothing and you too can drink in the sight of those long long legs and tight burning arse!

Alison’s bubble butt feels a drilled paddle and a bath brush – burning swats rule!
Alison Miller is one of Firm hand’s top models and it’s not hard to see why in this latest update as her buns are battered and bruised in this paddling classic!

This is one of her more severe punishments and you’ll see why as her delicoius cheeks are whacked hard!
So this is what she gets! A large round wooden paddle with holes! Alison Miller’s bubble butt takes the heat of the board from her Life Coach, Mr Reed. And if that isn’t enough, after five with the paddle he swaps it out for a long-handled bath-brush on her bare bottom. We know Alison hates the brush and paddle! Now see her get both in one butt-burning sequence, just before she goes for a run in her shorts!


Abigail Whittaker’s pert bottom gets 50 with a leather paddle for disobedience
I’ve always had a special something for Abi who makes me  go weak at the knees, and this cute Firm hand babe still delivers in this recent update!

Abigail has trouble following simple instructions, like emptying the dishwasher! So what better way to teach her the rules of the house by paddling her behind 50 times? John Ryan is The Interventionist who’s taken wild girl Abi into his home after a theft incident. Now she’s learning the rules the hard way, with a sore bottom. Those gym-toned cheeks redden nicely!

& finally I am really starting to fully appreciate just how damned HOT Michaela McGowen is (and always has been), she’s one girl I may have passed in favour of someone else in the past, say like Samantha Woodley, Abbie Whittaker, Alison Miller or AJR, to name some at FirmHandSpanking – but in truth, you and I know she’s damned hot! Anyone who downloaded the Excellent OTK Air Series from 2008/09 will remember just what a cutie Michaela looked in and out of her uniform then…anyway, I digress, Michaela, you are just adorable and in your present Legal Series, you have me aching (literally) to see more of your punishments! As a treat, the clip I made available on my TEEN SPANKING TUBE I am making available in the original WMV format here today – as well as a selection of some great HQ images from this movie


Seeing Michaela in this embarrassing position sounding very humble and very submissive as this paralegal is punished by her Attorney boss is the very latest of the Legal Penalties Series! This full movie and all previous Legal Penalty movies can be viewed HERE

Phew! You can see free intro clips of all the girls above HERE thanks to FirmHandSpanking.com


I have delved back 3 years for the next features when I made a whole load of galleries and clips for the SpankAmber.com network with the redhead babe Amber Dawn – I’ve featured her MANY TIMES and fans of her will know just what a wonderful painslut she has become and over the last 3 years she has really developed spanking girls, making her compulsive viewing both as a spankee and a spanker! The below galleries and clips are from the early years – feel free to enter “SpankAmber” or “AmberSpanks” in my search box on the right hand sidebar and it will show you all the posts I have made of her from the most recent going back! She truly is ADDICTIVE spanking material!!!

Enough said, If you haven’t already – check out the 3 sites that feature Amber below



I can’t miss this annivesary without highlighting some of the best OTK films taken from BunBeatingFun and the first here stars Keli Anderson and I remember reviewing this when I replayed the movie and just *had* to share this info with you all and it’s something I’m glad I played back, it’s an awesome film, around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off Greg’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings… yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a real screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site… I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this bitch, and I got to see her properly punished! This movie is a MUST SEE and of course it compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!

keliclip1 keliclip2

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

Brianna was another favorite – what a fresh faced stunner she is! Only 20, not old enough to hang out in bars and get drunk (though I guess this hasn’t stopped her from being a complete brat). However, she reminds me of a former girlfriend from many years back, so I was shocked but also very aroused to see her get what was coming…something I should have done to my bad girl many years ago for being a (beautiful) bitch! Here’s the image that reminded me of my girl from way back…

Brianna – (who could have been my girl from way back, who was also a right brat!)

Although this wasn’t exactly the motel Brianna’s filmshoot was in, I  do remember coming across a few of these on Highway 1 (I think) in NJ, which I thought was hilarious…

So, as I digress again, here is the gorgeous fresh faced “Brianna Beauty” in a gallery and preview clip (below) I have just uploaded, so “for what she is about to receive, we thank thee, oh Lord!”

Next BBF model I liked is below! She hails from Wasilla, Alaska – yup, the same place as Sarah Palin, now I might be a Brit, but I’m well aware of this MILF soccer mom senator who is probably in need of the biggest public spanking on the planet. Sarah Palin, OMFG, what were the Republicans thinking?…dear old dear. (edit: and she STILL continues to embarrass all those near her – I’d love to have a few hours in private with her, mind!) Anyway, if you can’t get that thick but (imho very doable MILF) over your knee, then lets choose a fellow Wasillakan…and naughty temptress April fits the bill!

Check out this first show gallery and special free preview clip belowclick here

Finally, one of Greg’s best looking models in my opinion, and a real screamer as well, this B Movie actress is just adorable!

She hasn’t quite cracked Hollywood just yet, but she’s a doll and I gotta say I reviewed some of the films she’s starred in such as “An Erotic Werewolf in London” – you’ll get the drift, she’s also been the main star of movies like the Misty Mundae series, some of National Lampoon’s efforts and horror flicks.

OK, so the girl herself, from Greg’s film, shot at some seedy motel in New Jersey (as always) was a bit of a come down to the production sets she’s used to, so no guessing she gets a bit “uppity” which is when the punishment of this delightful madame begins!

Julian Wells
Uh-oh, the Chief decides to take a very cold shower watching her “devour” this banana!

To see the FREE 10Mb Movie clip and 24 images from this latest film, click on the image of a crying Julian below! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

click here to view

I hope these special movies have whetted your appetites for good old fashioned OTK – when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like it! Download Julian Wells’ film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve at BunBeatingFun.com


There’s so much I wanted to review so I will have to curb this but I wanted to include Isis as she is one of my favorite models and I chose this little gem over at CanedSchoolgirls.com starring her playing schoolgirl Tara Johnson – or should that be a girl returning to fulfill her long lost fantasy? I remembered this film vividly, and the caning scenes and the look on her face are simply awesome!

19 year old Tara returns to school to fulfill her dream of being properly punished with her knickers down to her favourite teacher she had a crush on! As she’s a fully grown, and very sexy young women, the poor hapless treacher can hardly resist and is only too happy to help her out so he suggests a spelling test and decides to see where her wrong answers get her from there… I can tell you if you take a look at the screen grabs below I think you’ll see she gets a much needed spanking & caning that Tara soaks up with ease! What a naughty naughty girl! Welt-tastic!


As you will have seen, this is a very sexy and potent film of a girl that gets my trouser undercarriage in all sorts of mess when I view her shameful punishments, knickers down! What can I say? I’m a spanko perv! See ALL the schoolgirl canings movies and download these Hi Quality films today only from Canedschoolgirls.com


I just had to include what I still regard as one of the sexiest and hard punishments as you’ll see from these gorgeous pics courtesy of  SpankingServer.com – These Czech and Hungarian girls getting their lovely butts spanked are simply stunning!

SpankingServer - Click HERE

More spankings HERE

Check out these amazing pics below and click on the images to enlarge!

The below images are various OTK pics I took a fancy to, I also have a few of the vids somewhere & they’re stunning!

SpankingServer has Extensive homepage tours – see for yourself CLICK HERE


Now here’s something I still rate as one of my best turn on movies over time from an unnusual source – WiredPussy.com

This is an awesome film, not strictly in the spanking genre and I accept not everyone will appreciate this! However, take a look at the pics and the 2 clips (there’s 2 versions so you’ll definitely be able to watch it).

Schoolgirls at Wiredpussy.com

It features schoolgirls bullying then sexually abusing the lovely innocent Leilani led by stunning blonde, Harmony. Anyone who has been intrigued with some BDSM mixed with spanking, restraining and humiliation punishments will enjoy this. It also features (as the site suggests) the use of electrical punishment/pleasures inflicted on the recipients.

Checkout the 2 clips below and then check out the 12 free pics I’ve made available so you get the total flavour of this film. It includes spanking, paddling, and then covering electrical punishments, flogging and forced dildo worship and face sitting for the poor Leilani! It’s a very sexually charged film, so be warned in advance, it’s HOT stuff!

Right Click and Right Click and

Wow! Told you it was gripping stuff, eh? WiredPussy.com has extensive FREE Tour pages, so take a look. For selected vid clips of this film, click on the thumbnails below – enjoy!

Click to see more here


Finally, a title to the point, “Knickers & the Rod”, Heather Stanton brings the cane to Miss Smith who uses it for her detention punishment. I loved this movie as heather sniffed and sobbed complaining that “it hurts” – Poor Heather has to remove her regulation white knickers and after her nasty caning covers up her burning cheeks. A lovely contrast of crimson cheeks and white cotton panties is the end of this movie!

more Heather Stanton here

click here to view

Finally check out Sara Bergman who I have shown in the past  where I think Sara looks totally amazing, one of my most played and best liked movies, and to end this today, I have got you some images of that movie below as a treat and a bonus! I think it’s the black top and the long legs that did it for me!

I just hope this mega post doesn’t make the page take forever to download, I’ll add some smaller posts to follow and will make only 3 posts per page whilst this post is on the first few pages of the blog! Happy Bloggiversary!


Spankings at Regulation Knickers

Regulation Knickers is one of those British sites you might miss, but you really shouldn’t, as all their content is exclusively produced in house and what they were famed for, authentic school uniforms and girls in various states of undress, with those regulation knickers drooping half way down their legs as they got their bottoms spanked hard is still very much the order of the day!

Before you check the rest of the update, see a couple of Free Exclusive WMV clips that of course you lucky lot know and expect from The Chief unlike other places you might go read up on films and reviews etc but I have also included an extensive free gallery that I have had made specially for this blog taken from one of the most recent remastered full movies available for members! It stars one very naughty and very cute looking Emma Brown (playing mischievous schoolgirl Emma Cousins) caught smoking and slacking by Gym Mistress Miss Hastings earlier in the day on a cross country run and so she reports for her detention punishment after school! Seeing her in that old style authentic uniform with her bottom pushed out for her punishment is an amazing sight as you’ll see from the 1st spanking clip and images!

Taken from the movie: “That’ll teach her!”



Emma is a defiant cocky girl that still manages to snigger and giggle when she is being chastised by Miss Hastings, the slippering seems to do the trick and then Emma is told to report to her in her regular full school uniform and also to fetch the cane from further down the school in just her knickers as further embarrassment – the final caning scenes are typically severe and any smirks and smiles that Emma showed foolishly earlier are gone as her bare bottom took a series of stinging strokes as you’ll see from a short clip and from the images taken from this long play movie (typically the long play movies at RegulationKnickers are 4-500Mb in size!)



Check out some more typical storylines below which includes all our fetish needs, including a nice schoolgirl and nurse theme: loving the uniforms!

Nurses and Schoolgirls

Some new faces and as ever the schoolgirls are not only in full school uniform right down to their school regulation knickers but they are going to be thoroughly punished too!! You will be able to watch this great spanking movie develop from the beginning and really enjoy this spanking story as the title suggests like the movie I had featured with the added bonus of authentic school uniform action!


The Deputy Headmistress brings this highly attractive blonde 18 year old schoolgirl home from boarding school as she just can’t behave. Her mother, to the delight of this strict Deputy Headmistress is wearing her nurses uniform. As you will see as this movie develops, the interview with the nurse does not go well and in no time all she finds herself over the teachers knee whilst still in her uniform. She gets such a spanking and her daughter is permitted by the Headmistress to watch just to make her plight worse. You’ll also see a fantastsic scene of the schoolgirl strip so that her legs get a damn good slapping!

watching em get it

Things are not going well for either this tall attractive 6th form girl or the Gym Mistress. Both Matron and the Headmistress have both of them exactly where they want them …. lined up for this punishment! See how this schoolgirl is dealt with, and to create YET more embarrassment for the Gym Mistress, she is given the same punishment bringing her close to tears of shame and humiliation! View and download these excluisve films including sets of girls in their regulation knickers at school only from Regulation Knickers

Sunday evening scorchers…

Brrr! It’s a tad chilly outside, I’ve got a roaring log fire going and brought the laptop into my Living Room to write this as I watch some lazy crap on the TV… The missus is away and I couldn’t even find solace in sneaking off to watch my football team as they are so dire that I actually resent supporting any of the vastly overpaid players that are shaming my club, Plymouth Argyle – I wish nothing but unemployment and illness on those slacking fuckers many who are just playing down their contracts as they have all the power… just FUCK OFF along with the property developing scum infesting my club who are hoping to profit from England supposedly getting the Soccer World Cup bid for 2018… it won’t happen, I’m actually hoping Spain or Russia get it so the leeches running my beloved club will up sticks. I know the club will fall into Administration, and for the amount of money owed… A Premiership footballer could give up a month’s wages to help out our now utterly shit ridden club…anyway, I am digressing, I am thoroughly depressed following them so I, like many other of my fellow fed up fans, are voting with our feet and not going until the present Board members piss off. I WANT MY CLUB BACK!

Ok, better get off that damned soap box, it was very therapeutic though! & now for some spanking goodness to warm ye all up!!!

I’m going to start with Amber at her SpankAmber site as she is seriously HOT this week, getting spanked and allowing her “Daddy” to place his excited cock in her mouth aafter has has has spanked and groped her and is so excited he begs her to let him put his stiff cock into her mouth (as you do, of course!) and I know I’d be begging too, just look at the glorious sight of Amber, her red bottom glowing and her mouth full of her man’s salty rod! Yowsers… ! “I haz wood” (again) thinking about being in his position… click on the images below to enlarge the film screens!



Here’s something the guys at Britspank must have been thinking about to warm themselves up too, thinking of the early summer days when both KJ and Paige were frollicking outdoors (do it now and they’d be treated for hypothermia!) – 2 girls thinking about the long sunny days of summer holidays but of course their tomfoolery is noticed and doesn’t go unpunished!!!

These girls get up to all sorts of naughty fun outdoors before they are caught!


Paige thought it might be good fun to pull down KJ’s panties & slap her on the bare bottom out in the open – after all no-one was watching & both girls had a curiosity about each others bottoms especially when they were bared! Sadly they were being watched & all too soon the indecent fun was over, KJ was caught nursing her sore bottom and given some more for her troubles then he went after Paige who was given the strap in the privacy of indoors for a thrashing with the strap!


The next update comes from another of my fave sites and this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a truly stunning teenage brat get the full French Maid punishment at the hands (and his implements) of Mr Johnson at The Birchrod Inn at Spanked-in-Uniform

Beautiful Chervana arrives at the Birchrod Inn for her training unaware of what was instore!

The absolutely gorgeous Chervana (yes, I had “wood” watching her punishment!) was sent to the Birchrod Inn because in her own hotel she is very lazy and does everything half heartedly, getting away with anything her employers might miss… well at Birchrod they miss nothing! Her first task was to dust and she dusted around everything instead of picking them up. That earned her the first sound OTK spanking from Mr Johnson. Then later that same afternoon the lazy little madam decided to take a break and read a magazine instead of finishing off cleaning the bathrooms. She was laid over the table and got a nasty leather paddling on her cute quivering bared bottom. Mr Johnson didn’t miss a trick and as she liked to sit around so much, he put the special scratchy punishment mat in her panties so every time she sat down, she would feel her sore stinging bottom!!!

This is NOT the only episodes that she will be appearing in at the excellent Spanked-in-Uniform and of course you can get to see all the latest various updates now out with the other uniform punishments, if you like seeing nurses, schoolies, airline stewardesses and policewomen thrashed in and out of their uniforms then THIS is definitely the site to check out!



Finally I just caught the latest PPV movie update just released at NaughtyBottom.com which currently is showing the latest series of new movie updates all for just $5 each! This is the 5th film in a series of 10 that are going for that price and if you click here or the large image below the page has a free clip too!

I particularly liked this film as Ashleigh MacKenzie reacted so beautifully to her slippering, you’ll see her wince and clutch at her bared cheeks and of course, she is a stunning girl in that uniform too… if watching this won’t warm you up, I would check your pulse!!! As a bonus treat I have grabbed a few images from this movie (below).


Hope this warmed up your Sunday evening, to those of you, like me, shivering in the northern hemisphere!

Phew! Hot Spankings!!!

Hey everyone…it’s good to be back, well, kind of… I had such a nice break away, even if I did take my laptop, I mainly resisted the urge to stare at it and work. Thankfully “Er Indoors” reminded me that vacations and such like are there to do things differently! Well, there are a few things I have become aware of…

1. I really don’t like sunbathing when it’s over 30c (mid 90s f) and humid (I sweat like a pig, and that’s unfair to the pigs!)

2. Not wishing to put English folk off going to Turkey, the last time I was there was 9 years ago..but f*cking hell, the price of drinks has quadrupled since I was there last time, I resent paying Scandinavian prices for beer FFS! As did my fellow Brits (we do like our beer and wine!)

3. Turkish internet authorities, why have you banned Youtube and poor ol’ MET-Art.com (that made me giggle when I tried to log on briefly…but Youtube? C’mon guys!!!)

4. Thankfully teen-spankings and spankingblogg were available to my massive Turkish readership of 5, still 😀

& finally, Turkish Delight. If there is a trade Descriptions Act from this country, it may have been made in Turkey, but it certainly was NOT delightful. Fortunately, the tourist bazaars kept me amused as I brilliantly haggled my way down to what I would have paid for a decent quality item in England – paying for a piece of tat that ‘Er Indoors now believes is a Gucci purse!
Aww, it was nice (just stop with the rip off drinks FFS!) and the hotel and I must say, very attractive female staff, added to my relaxed pervery in the sun! Thank you Sheraton hotels for your positive stunning female recruitment policy. heh heh!!

Some images below include my nice pool view, the old port and a surpsingly empty tourist trap bazaar/flying carpet alley (special price for you!)

But enough of that! I have a lot of catching up to do with spanking updates etc! So just a couple today which you may already have seen elsewhere, but, as always, I try and get you a clip too, such as I can! Irelynn Logeen is absolutely adorable in the latest HD full film released at Northern Spanking called “The Viewing”and I am really beginning to loathe that damned Mr Lewis, what a lucky guy he is, getting to spank all the talent like beautiful Irelynn! *sigh* What’s more, it’s a little naughty as you’ll see as Both Irelynn and Stephen look round a house for sale, shown by an unsuspecting Ms Zille Defeu (estate agent extraordinaire), only for them to put her nose out of joint and romp around the house with a riding crop and slipper as they christen the place – Spanking Couple Pervert Alert! It’s a great movie, and some amazing images below with the clip will explain it so much better than my prattling on! (mental note to self – sexy spanking scenes with Irelynn will do my blood pressure no good whatsoever!)

There’s something about redheads and spanking, isn’t there? You can see plenty more of her at Northern Spanking



& to conclude my delicious perverted spanking special today, I also notice that at one of my fave sites FetishFlixx a cracking schoolgirl special film where a rather appealing Miss Smith looks in total control over her foolish girls is now out for download. there’s a FREE clip HERE and I have managed to get some re edited and remastered stills from this film so you can see EXACTLY what you’d be seeing if you visited the site and downloaded this classic right now! I have to say, it was a welcome viewing experience and fullfilled my schoolgirl spanking and good hard F/F punishment needs this afternoon! I’m sure it will for you too!

This is a great long play film and features some damn sexy OTK spankings of both teenage girls in their authentic uniforms and some continuing hard strappings across bared and reddened cheeks that will have you in no doubt as to the severity dished out by Miss Smith! See why I rate this film and the 100’s more from Fetishflixx HERE

Have a good weekend, back tomorrow with more spanking updates, I have a lot of catching up to do 😀
Regards, Chief