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Latest Spanking Updates

There’s lots to let you know about today so I won’t get on my soap box and have a rant about this or that… though I feel like a good moan today, I’ll save that for another (lol). “Thank God” I hear you sigh in relief… so instead, you’ll be happy to see me dive straight in without any more waffle to what you’ve all come here for: The latest spanking updates hot off the interwebz including my own latest F/F spanking film * “FFS! Get on with it, Chief” * which I at first was unsure about, but after playing it back a few times (and viewing it in HD) I really loved it and I will let you in on a few behind the scenes goss after you click on the image below that leads to a special 24 image gallery of the film!

This was the very 1st film of the day between Emma and Taylor, they knew each other but this film was a first in so many ways! Emma is an experienced dominatrix and only tops men as a rule… & young Taylor is a switch but wanted to explore her submissive side (especially being spanked and punished) & this was a first for her too as she had only been a sub to a male before this day! To add to a little apprehension, the lights and cameras got the better of them as the intros took a fair few takes. However, as they both relaxed and realised that we could retake this as many times as we wanted, I was impressed with both ladies professionalism and determination to make their day with us work… and from humble beginnings – as this short film showed… we got some great content. That’s not to say this film is not any good, far from it! If it wasn’t, I would not have put it up on the site. No, it was rather personal for me… and I suspect, for the ladies too…  this was a hurdle they overcame in style, and I know they will be reading this blog and seeing this film come out… I just wanted to say “thanks” again – and I hope to get them both back, either together or seperately to work with us again at some point if they still want to… as we had a blast filming them. I also wanted to get this film out now as I have a great Headmistress/Schoolgirl film coming up at the site in a few weeks that will knock your socks off, Emma was so f*cking stern… and seeing Taylor (& co star Jenna Jay) stripped and humbled after their punishment… yikes… am I teasing? (heh heh) That’ll be coming soon, I promise! 🙂


Don’t forget that Triple A now have a Special Loyalty Price Deal
That’s effectively giving you access for a measly $8.50 a month!


Hmmm, I had also just mentioned the lovely Jenna Jay, hadn’t I? How about seeing her as a naughty inmate, thrown in a Reform Institute and put through all manner of humiliation behind bars? Sounds good? Damn straight it is.


I had only recently viewed Jenna’s intake at Bars-and-Stripes.com and it’s cracking… (good job we filmed her before she is serving 5 years!!!) She is as feisty as ever but soon learns to keep her big gob shut as it gets her into trouble when confronted with Officers Stephen Lewis & Zoe Page who have seen it all so many times before and take great enjoyment out of teaching this madam a painful reminder of her place now that she’s “banged up” inside!

Images below are reduced in quality and size – but members have extensive image sets as well as the films of Jenna to download; But I hope you get an idea from this film series as I loved it!!! (Then again, I’m a big fan of Jenna – as well as Miss Page & Mr Lewis too!)





See MORE Previews of Jenna’s intake and the other unfortunates – CLICK HERE


Here’s a recent fantastic film from Sarah Bright’s great site spankingsarah.com with the beautiful but disgracefully thieving nurse, Sally (played by the luscious Satine Spark!) – It also stars Paul Down, I love this guy, he filmed with us and he’s as bonkers about PJ’s as me (lol!) Well, here you’ll see him in his own PJ’s – being taken advantage of by Nurse sally! I also loved this storyline, it’s a great plot and an excellent spanking film as Sarah gets to the “bottom” of this conundrum!

Matron is none too happy, there are some funny goings on at her nursing home and she needs to get to the bottom of it. Enter Sarah Sly Private Eye, she is set to find the guilty party. It does not take long and young nurse Sally is apprehended doing the naughties with poor Paul. It’s the police or an instant punishment from Sarah Sly, nurse Sally chooses the punishment and finds herself over Sarah’s knees being soundly spanked, first on her uniform then her panties and last of all on her bare bottom whilst bent over the trembling knees of poor Paul. Her spanking is hard enough to mark her tender bottom and leave her in no doubt that she has been well and truly thrashed!




You might also be interested to know that Sarah gets a damned hard thrashing, one of her most severe paddlings ever on film, and it has just been released! Thoughtfully, she has provided a fantastic free gallery which you can see (with the full movie explanation) as it’s the aftermath of her spanking the beautiful stable hand, Kiki in that barn, which you will remember I covered in some detail in a previous post! Seriously, go click on the image below for the Free Gallery

Having met Sarah – I can safely vouch that she is the perfect switch: Fantastic Sub & a wicked Top!


Another Sarah I love to bits is one Miss Gregory… who at the moment is showing a film at her site – SarahGregorySpanking.com that she and her Daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers filmed with Paul Kennedy & Amelia Jane Rutherford. This particular film shoot was made just before my own that I made with Sarah last year so I have to smile when I see the location… it brings back happy memories (and also the one of my near fatal car accident on the way back from that filmshoot) – anyway, let’s enjoy this excuse to see the lovely AJR dressed in a school uniform getting a real tears thrashing as you’ll see below!

English schoolgirl Amelia Jane is on exchange at school in America. She is a very, very naughty girl who thinks she can get away with it because spanking is not allowed in her American school. Well, think again Amelia! Little did she know that her headmaster has brought in a disciplinary consultant and he will be learning these new methods on this naughty school girl!





& of course you will see sarah punished too in her oh so unique and expressive way! 🙂

Take a look at these sample images below that I have from Sarah’s last explosive film
(spanked by brother Preston! Yikes!!)



FirmHandSpanking.com continue to show us stunning girls getting what they deserve and also feature some of the best girls to get some hard spankings like Allaura Shane, Alison Miller as well as new tearful girls like Kelly Morgan & Aleesha Fox (from the UK!)

Check out these latest films which members at FHS are now able to all download in full!



The board of education teaches pretty student Kelly Morgan that going camping and not reporting for work carries consequences in The Intern. Ten swats from Earl Grey across tight jeans with a school paddle has the teeth-clenching cutie bawling after five, and very sorry after ten. Ouchie!

be the 1st to see Kelly Morgan’s Free Preview Film HERE

FirmhandSpanking.com wouldn’t be the same nowadays without appearances from Alluara Shane and Alison Miller – 2 very popular girls and so I won’t disappoint, check out their latest exploits in these images (below)




Staying out all night and wearing Alison Miller’s clothes earns brat Allaura Shane a bottom tanning to remember – 24 with a leather prison strap. After making out with the pool boy, Allaura takes the lunge position for a tough 18 strokes on her bouncing bare booty in Houseguest from Hell.

You can see a free preview clip of this punishment on the home page HERE

& Finally, below is a special free preview of another new girl to this site, Aleesha Fox!



It’s the job from hell, as Aleesha Fox finds out when she’s spanked by Mr Partridge (played by Earl Grey) in Au Pair Trouble. 56 with a hairbrush turns her bottom crimson and splits the wood too! Not doing her job properly and upsetting Mrs Partridge (Amelia Jane Rutherford who plays the mad stressed wife) is fatal…

See the rest of this brilliantly amusing, wonderful OTK extravaganza at FirmHandSpanking.com


& before I go, don’t miss out on the return of my once popular “Cream horn Spanking Special” which means I shall be finding some super sexy updates for you to gaze at and scoff in the sight of a cracking brat or 5 getting their just “desserts” – I am sure Clare Fonda will be helping out with this as I have noticed some new stuff appearing at her site, so I shall… ahem … be perusing at leisure, some of her fine ass spanking sites as well as a few others I just know you will want to see that only I feature here on a regular basis! (Come back tomorrow and you’ll see it all!)

Have a good one and hope you enjoyed my little update today! See you all tomorrow here! Chief.

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

Spankings that are too good to be true?

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Hmmm, I copied that exactly as it came into my mailbox. Now… should I respond to this unsolicited email? Or make a call? *chuckle*

*Disclaimer: By all means have a go yourselves but the Chief will not be held responsible when these idiots bleed you dry of funds for fees and such before you get your non existant cash!

Why am I posting this? Well, I just wanted to apologise to any prospective members who might have wanted to take advantage of my 1 Year Anniversary join up at AAAspanking.com… sadly I had to pull it as it got so abused by password traders and piracy which I had (unfortunately) discovered that I have removed this option and will no doubt never trial again! Well done to the idiots from Eastern Europe signing up with stolen details… bravo indeed!


Let’s lighten the mood with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings! 🙂

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Neice discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film from SoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


OK, that’s it from me today, I will be back soon with more updates as and when… take care

Spanking Forecast

I predict a weekend of frivolity, drinking and some moderate to severe spanking coming in tomorrow evening… how’s things at yours? After the recent blustery weather, the windiest I’ve known for some time where I am… it’s nice to relax tonight knowing that I can sleep and not worry about the tiles on the roof being ripped off, then having to get up at some stupid o’clock and face not 1 but 2 downed trees on my way to work in the dark… ah the joys of of mundane lives, eh?

So lets’ all celebrate the weekend (can you tell I’m not working at all, lol) with some well deserved spanking punishments that I can totally get and love watching… hmmm, where to start? Well tonight I want to remind you of a fantastic post I did on one of my other blogs and tomorrow I have a treat in store for you here, so don’t go far!

Want to see some incredibly cute girls spanked and humiliated? Of course you would…

Check out these fantastic images and access to free movie clips which will hopefully make up your mind. I’ve taken these from 3 different contrasting sites in an effort to be as varied as possible, all are F/F spankings and all feature from 3 well known spanking sites: Sites you might just want to check out in more detail after this update (and I don’t blame you after this little lot!)

Before I continue, please be aware that images and content in this post are highly erotic in nature and, my fellow spankos, your blood pressure may rise when viewing the following content, proceed with caution!!!
My fave Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee had recently surpassed themselves with a fantastic story arc of cruel old Mrs Kanda and an incredibly cute new girl called Azuki, so adorable in fact that in her amazing little sailor girl school outfit she really does look like she’s come straight out of an Anime Comic that the Japanese do so well!!! So welcome Azuki… in a series of films I will be showing you below, and bravo to Mrs Kanda, who I find strangely addictive to watch when she is spanking and chastising her girls as she is so obviously an old spanko perv that I can identify with, LOL!

Old Mrs Kanda & her latest victim, Azuki

Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Azuki (especially in that uniform) is this long play 6 minute clip courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE – just click on the video below as she patiently explains to us how to chastise girls and in particular the unfortunate Azuki who she takes quite a shine to (who the hell wouldn’t?) There are subtitles, naturally, I even love the little typo errors but then again, my written Japanese is naturally abysmal, but you will definitely understand what is going on and if you want to spend 5-6 minutes, I could think of far worse things than checking out this great little video! Settle down and enjoy! I’ve included images from this below the video.

Quote from Mrs Kanda:

“Every girls buttocks have 2 important uses. First, to sit down…. and second (wait for it) to receive spankings on them (I knew it! what a perv, lol)




OK, so you’ve seen Azuki at home, let’s take a peek into her bedroom where this lazy teenager, like so many, has a really messy room, well, this is another chance for Mrs Kanda to instill some much needed OTK discipline and of course the girl protests but soon she is ordered to pull down her school panties and get over Mrs K’s lap and the girl snivels and sobs as she is spanked!



Mrs Kanda is a traditional “old skool” disciplinarian and often will punish her girls in her comfortable Kimono outfits, just as we see here with Azuki’s ongoing home education and compliance, she is cruelly punished over the chair with a paddle to great effect, as you’ll see in this free view WMV clip and the images that accompany this recent movie update at CutieSpankee!



OK, there are MORE updates with Azuki, but I will let members of CutieSpankee enjoy those, I think you have seen enough of this beautiful teenager’s ongoing discipline sessions with Mrs K! Remember if Girl/Girl stuff does it for you (and why not?) then you might want to remember that you can gawp at exciting schoolgirl bitching & playfight and spankings between friends like this recent naughty update that gets old pervs like myself all hot and bothered… simply pure, shameless spanking erotica from Japan!



What further can I say? Check out all their latest updates with more free images etc HERE


OK, how the hell do I follow that? Well, I think I have found something in the archives from AmberSpanks.com which will make you beg for more of this cute redhead giving it good on her role reversal site where SHE gets to spank the girls! I can tell you over the years, Amber really has got damned good and sexy at spanking her girls, she should know, she spanks as she’d get it and it shows! There’s also some rather pleasing sexually explicit content which just makes the whole spanking erotica just super hot – Amber genuinely gets off spanking and bringing off the naughty girls that answer her ads, however, what I have here is something stuck and played often on my “hard” drive and it’s an oldie, something I may have featured yonks back, but it really needs airing again as I think this was by far the sexiest girl Amber ever had over her lap.

Harper – one of Amber’s sexiest girls she ever spanked? You decide!

Unfortunately, the girl was not a spanko, she only came for the money but this perky breasted, typically toned sun kissed Californian girl made up for it with her stunning looks and made a visual spanking feast with her over Amber’s lap! Sadly we will never see her again in a spanking role so Amber has the full exclusive on this beauty and though it was shot a few years back, I have always rated this one of my top sexiest spanking movies and you’ll see why from the images and the way in which the intro to the film was shot! Harper may have upped her modeling fee at the time which understandably irked Amber somewhat – but I feel over the long run, this girl was worth it… Ok, enough of my waffling, check out this hot chick below!

Check out the screen grabs from the longer movie, the quality is of course fantastic and this film is somewhere in the region of approx 400Mb for around 13 minutes of spanking joy!





Oh my goodness… that girl is just simply TOO HOT for me to show you more of… of course you can see all of Harper’s spankings in HQ-WMV & Quicktime playback formats and I promise you it is well worth checking out! Only from Amberspanks.com


& finally in this particular post, I’d like to show you this fine classic of a girl I don’t feature much of (God knows why as she is lovely, but I promise to show MORE of her if you want!) ladies and gents I give you the infamous Teen Brandi! This intro from me is a great film as she is spanked on her bottom and thighs in the ubiquitous “Diaper Spanking Position” and there is a free clip of this available below as well as some interesting screen grabs!




This cracking teen’s site makes up part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow 🙂

Unseasonally HOT Weather & Spankings

Bloody hell, it’s hot here… it’s supposed to be a bit chilly as the leaves start to fall from the trees, but as Briatin basks in its warmest ever September day (and I’m guessing tomorrow will be the warmest October on record) here is an example of how we last celebrated such unseasonally warm weather… way back in 1895!

The Victorians. They really were quite prim and proper in those days… compare that to the image taken and circulated yesterday in our newspapers of a girl sunbathing in London’s Hyde Park… with hardly anything on (nice view by the way!) They could have shown an ass shot too… bah!

Of course this is a spanking blog and I should be getting you some updates at least before I head off to my film shoot we’re doing tommorow, but before I do quickly give you an update, why not feast your eyes on our fine ladies and cracking images as we “swelter” in near 90’s heat… I “love it”

Cambridge University students take a punt on the river Cam

A beautiful sunset after a warm day on the beach!

Typical awesome beach ass we see nowadays when the weather is nice

“Typical awesome ass we see on the beaches nowadays!” *sigh*


OK, here is a brief update, I have also updated my other blog HERE if you wanna check out some classic stuff I really enjoyed viewing again late last night (ahem!)

Someplace where it is always warm and sunny is LA in California and I got to checking out the latest developments of Clare’s awesome EE6 series, the 1st classroom mayhem scene, which in itself is an epic spanking story, has been completed and available for download and currently the new cheergirl is being taught a lesson for being late… but if you haven’t seen much of it then why not catch up withthis great compilation clip that you can view immediately, I have ensured the quality is as best as it can be for Flash Player playback… but all in all, it looks pretty damned good and is representative of what members are viewing right now!

Liked that? You can check out the FULL film HERE

If you liked that, you’ll love what is coming with what I think is the meanest looking paddle, I asked Clare about this and she was a little intimidated by it’s heaviness and power at the time and you can see why as it doesn’t take much of a swing to get that to crack on a poor girl’s bare bottom… needless to say, I have been reliably informed that Ten Amorette took it as a personal challenge to get a good whacking…. this is possibly Ten’s finest hour in spanking and she looks simply stunning as you’ll see below! These HQ images are available to view for members and accompany the ongoing EE6 series which will make it the BEST (in my opinion) ever!

Ten takes all of the wooden paddle – to the surprise and delight of the teaching staff!


& of course many of the other girls are going to be taking this most evil wooden implement too!




OK, You may have seen me rave on about new blubbering girl Claire from BunBeatingFun most recently (Greg gave me a good heads up on her – producer to producer, as I had been helping him with some behind the scene issues we all suffer from recently) so, as I showed you some images from his amazing new film, they really didn’t do Claire and her punishment any justice at all…. so check out this snippet below I made…. tell me that seeing her bawl her eyes out, mascara running down her cheeks, seeing this real life brat get a good hard bare bottom thrashing doesn’t get your juices flowing! This really is one of their best films (and I said that last time bratty Charity came online, lol!) Well done Greg & co for making a top OTK spanking film! See Claire get what’s coming to her….

For all the images you can easily check my previous post below that showcased Claire, as that is all I have time for today! Gotta go pack and be on my way! I’ll let you know how my shoot went (and if the neighbors are nosey or not… gulp!)

Have a great weekend and to my readers in Britain… enjoy the unseasonally warm weather! This is our last blast of the year before winter gloomily approaches!
Regards, Chief.

No cats, just spanking!

Make the most of it, those darn kittehs are lurking, especially that Basement Cat and I’m getting worried that they seem to be using the blog to message each other about mice, birds and other no goodness that cats get up to… but fear not, as I intend to dazzle you with some spanking entertainment so take no notice of those pesky felines!

You’ll see some past, retro and present movie reviews today. Sadly I see some other peeps have beaten me to some updates I was gonna do, which is why this first one will no doubt not be found anywhere else, so apologies if it is… but I was in a retro mood and checked out some of my old English style discipline movies and came across this old classic as a rather excited Old Etonian enjoys teaching his Ghetto girls a lesson in the aptly named film called “Black Marks” from ClassicSpanking.com – this was originally shot on VHS many years ago so they’ve done well to remaster it as they have – but it’s still a delightful classic and even though the old gent is (to be honest) a bit crap spanking the girls, he’s obviously enjoying himself too much… I can fully understand! However, what he makes up for in his feeble spankings, he finally gets it right with the cane (after all, he’s an old English gentleman!) … just check out the welts at the end of the clip you’re about to see including the images… the actual WMV movie is better but I think from what you’ll see here, you’ll get the idea!

The above clip was brought to you courtesy of TEEN Spanking Tube

MORE amazing spankings from yesteryear can be viewed at ClassicSpanking.com


From something retro to something bang up to date, this marvellous movie from English-Spankers.com has a former glamour model that I recognize… this is Shannon who thinks she can still use her obvious charms to wriggle out of very poor grades in her latest assessment to better herself… (what’s the point in that, my dear?) Well, luckily, Mr Stern is after my own heart as I would do exactly the same as him as you’ll see in these freeview images and special clip you can play instantly below! I am rather unimpressed with women that try to use their beauty to get themselves out of trouble… I rather like to put them into MORE trouble because they think they are somehow better than other girls! It also makes viewing their distress, embarrassment and of course obvious visual charms all the more addictive!

Check out all the very latest free spanking previews including this movie “Offer Refused” HERE


Talking of brand new, Clare Fonda has another beautiful 1st timer on her site called Sophia Locke who is sure to be another big success story, just check out this girl below and the story behind some of her life growing up in the spanking interview site SpankedSweeties.com – what’s more… she is being spanked by Snow Mercy, I’m sure you are all aware of how I adore her either as a spankee or as a top! This is a hot new update, so thanks, Clare!

Sophia has a high threshold and she and Snow, real life friends, play out great scenes. The two have played in real life and bring their chemistry to Spanked Sweeties as you’ll see in this forthcoming movie of which there are some sneak images below like this mommy/daughter scenario which I can’t wait to see next!!!

See MORE of Sophia & Snow out now at SpankedSweeties.com

Don’t forget that this site is part of the infamous CLARE FONDA PASS Network!


On the other side of the world, how could I ignore the latest updates from Japan? Hmm, should I show you cute snivelling schoolgirls & beautiful crying teens punished at work and at home? Yup… let’s take a peek at their very latest updates at the following site CutieSpankee.com

Check out old Mrs kanga’s daughter and that bruised bottom, if you’re in any doubt as to the girls getting thrashed when they get paddled (the Japanese instrument of choice) then perhaps this film will change your perception of their punishments! Oh, and check out the fact this unfortunate girl gets a severe wedgie! Ouch!

Rebecca – movie review

There is a brand new way to view this long play spanking movie, either as a one off unique download in the best format available from NaughtyBottom.com with their latest film… or as part of a membership to the site it belongs to, the original and often amusing Bun Beating Fun!

Now for all those that don’t know by now (people, where have you been?) The Mystery Spanker (actually he’s called Greg and doesn’t mind us naming him… just wishes to remain a visual mystery) is none too impressed with this naughty girl as she attempts rather foolishly to steal his hard earned cash whilst on set! The First option I have for you below, and a chance to see a free movie clip preview of Rebecca is via NaughtyBottom HERE – they are currently offering this film at the reasonable price of $6.95 to  download and keep it, it’s in Wmv format, you don’t have to stream it… it’s a download and keep option! Check out the free preview HERE

So basically, this is a gorgeous model who decides to be a bit more greedy and seizes a chance when she spotted the cash lying around and our hero stepped out of the room. Now perhaps the cynical of us might have thought he set her up… for it’s a lot of cash to leave lying about… either way, Rebecca hardly has any time to stuff a wad of 100 Dollar bills down her cleavage when he comes back and it’s not long before he sees the bills poking out from her bra… oops, imagine the shame and embarrassment of Rebecca, and the fury of our man! No further excuse is needed for this thieving wench and she’s given the Bun Beating treatment reserved for the brattiest of brats! Now if any of you have seen these movies before, you’ll know that most of Greg’s models are just that… glamour models, many cry off or genuinely cry during their punishment… but some do it for the kudos of saying they have done a spanking movie… one thing, as all we producers know so well… it’s harder to fake a “severe” spanking than to give one… and Greg doesn’t care, once he’s in the zone, the girls are over his knee and gonna get it good! Images below are taken from Bunbeatingfun.com for illustrative purposes!

The “This should have happened to you a long time ago…” or the “Baaaad girl” are an all too familiar put down as the girls cry, scream, kick out, swear like whores and cuss like nothing heard on earth… but one thing is constant… their asses are his for the next half an hour and he demonstrates this with his selective pawing of their hot tender cheeks, and general triumphant crowing as they invariably snivel and sob that they’ll be good girls. Rebecca is another in a long line of brats who got was was coming to her, and for that, I thank Greg for another mervellous epic.

Greg and I have decided that for those unsure about trying out all of his membership films, you can try out a taster of one or 2 that catch your eye – NaughtyBottom now have 9 currently and they have been carefully selected by me, I will probably add a few more very soon but you could do no worse than to check out the gorgeous snivelling brat that is Rebecca!

Choose to download her film here – and check out the rest of the one off download films now available HERE

Alternatively, you can see Rebecca and all the uppity models getting the full BunBeatingFun treatment at the dedicated membership site HERE – this of course represents the best value if you’re intent on downloading the entire library of films, but we hope that naughtyBottom will continue to provide a service to those that only want the odd movie downloaded cheaply for far less than a membership and stay tuned for news of yet another producer coming soon that I’m quite excited about adding!!!

Have a great weekend,

Right, I’m off to go watch the European Cup Final this evening (to my American chums, it’s the soccer equivalent of Super Bowl, I guess), more people will be watching this worldwide than the Super Bowl… as English champions Manchester Utd face Spanish champions Barcelona which is being played fortuitously at Wembley, the home of football (soccer). Tickets were a disgraceful £300 per head – that’s about $500+ … and some have gone on the black market for 30 times that value such was the demand! I will be watching it in the pub instead!

As I’m not a fan of either… I do wish that Man Utd do it for England, I’m sure those in Liverpool & Leeds and the blue side of Manchester will not be feeling the same, but it’s sure to be special, these 2 teams are easily the best in Europe and they rightly have earned the chance to play each other in a one off spectacular! For one night only, I’m a Red Devil! 🙂

Monday’s Spanking Updates

Just over a year ago, we were all moaning about one of Iceland’s unpronounceable pesky volcanoes spewing out loads of ash that grounded most flights across Europe and the Atlantic for about a week… so as another of their bloody volcanoes erupts and the ash is due to approach the northern shores of Scotland any second… I’m wondering if we are going to suffer the same nonsense and disruption as last year… this time it concerns me closer to home as my missus is away and is due back this week so we’ll see! *sigh*

Anyway, you don’t want to read me ranting about Icelandic volcanoes… you want news and updates of the hottest spankings around to rival the molten magma… and I shall try my best and today I start with AAAspanking and the promised HOT punishment update that stars Leia-Ann Woods who got a hell of a spanking, OTK leather paddling and one of the severest hairbrushings I’ve seen her take on her bare bottom! This is one short film I am really proud to have been involved in and you can see how we have developed from our stumbling beginnings when we started filming last September… this was far better and the punishment just right with some interesting cam angles! Enough of my waffle, take a look at this clip below of a hairbrush punishment and you’ll see what I mean.

Leia had been in trouble before for wearing the wrong type of knickers underneath her school skirt. She was finishing her education at a posh all girls private school paid by her uncle who only insisted that she stay the weekends at his city apartment near to the school so he could keep an eye on her behavior and continuing education. So once again it came as a nasty surprise for him to receive reports that she had been flouting regulation knicker rules & a snap inspection when she got home confirmed his worst fears! Determined to finally shame and change her ways, uncle John puts his neice through some of the hardest punishments he had ever dished out including a hard OTK spanking & leather paddling which had Leia near to tears but he kept the best ’til last, a hard pounding hairbrush punishment with Leia’s bottom painfully exposed, hearing her gasp out in sheer embarrassment & pain at his unexpected ferocious onslaught on her quivering cheeks!



I feel I should mention a couple of stunning updates from FirmHandSpanking.com as they star 2 of my fave American spanking actresses, Michaela McGowen and Samantha Woodley… as well as a great contrast from English rose, Amelia Jane Rutherford, as her recent series there is again updated with the next installment and I will start with Amelia. I haven’t checked the images that others may have already shown since I have been tardy, so please check out a few choice images of mine that I appreciated that accompany this movie – I hope you appreciate these too!

Amelia Rutherford always produces original, entertaining content, devising and directing her videos for Firm Hand. Her Definitive Guide has her legs kicking and voice going ever higher as she endures 48 with a wooden brush, kneeling on the bed. Doctor Zaegler does the honors!

& of course, as promised below are the latest movie scene updates and a full image set that you can a see a small part of here. Sam has done many scenes in the bath and this one with Eric Strickman is a cracker as he returns home to find she is lazing in the bath instead of being at work… she’d dragged out and given a wet bottom spanking that has her kicking and screaming… ever been spanked hard on a bare wet bottom? Yup, this is a HOT update and Samantha looks incredible as always!!!

& finally from this site the lovely Michaela McGowen in her ongoing College Discipline series! You can see the free preview clip currently showing on the home tour page and some images I have for you below:

Study, don’t text, is the rule! Hottie Michaela McGowen bends over for 10 tough swats with a wooden paddle by her tutor in College Discipline. The sharp crack of wood on those jiggling booty cheeks in tight shorts, then thin panties, is enhanced by unmissable “Reaction Cam” replays of Michaela’s expressive beautiful face!


I highlighted the latest update from Japan recently but let’s not forget that there is another amazing and important website that has some of the best girl/girl photography I’ve seen – that is Hand-Spanking.com – Seems the Japanese know how to get the best from their beautiful girls and in this film 2 friends become rivals and a battle of wills takes place on the bed as they argue and suddenly one girl is subdued and she is being spanked then her knickers removed and her smouldering soft cheeks are spanked as her truimphant friend has her placed over her legs on the bed and taught a painful lesson of how to avoid defeat. Of course the submissive beauty hollers and snivels as only the girls from Japan (we all know) can whine so convincingly! I’ve got you a preview clip, if you haven’t seen this from Hand-Spanking.com already with some intimate spanking images that are a small part of the accompanying photo set that comes with all their movies!

Check out the extensive tour pages that contains lots of preview clips and pics HERE!


An amazing set from BadTushy.com and a quick WMV preview clip should help you decide just how hot this latest naughty spanking update is! Why do I like BT so much? Well…in between the real proper nasty spankings and real verbal humiliation and chastisement of Miss Law (and even Francesca Le who is getting better at disciplining girls whilst looking HOT!) … there’s a the plentiful movies of beautiful babes just doing their thing here, with no other excuse other than to tease and arouse my poor stretched Trouser regions and I’m sure many others too as these girls often wear the sexiest, most skimpily dressed outfits, naughty sexy panties, daisy duke shorts and of course damned fine tushy and butt grabbing, pussy play and making out in between the girls often playful and far from brutal spankings… it’s a pleasant distraction and of course is highly sexual catering to us chaps (and horny ladies) who like to see 2 beautiful girls get it on and play with each other in this way! … This latest sexy update does nothing for the stitching in my poor aching groinal area… so beware! 🙂

Enjoy this exclusive FREE preview clip below…

Check out all the varied spanking movie previews at BadTushy.com – Click HERE for more!


… & with that shameless excuse to see girls making out and playing with their spanked bottoms, I bid you good night (until tomorrow). I have just heard that Barack Obama is flying out of Ireland in Air Force One on his way to beat the impending closures of some airports so has left early… oh well, he could do worse than be stuck in London when he arrives 🙂

Kami Robertson’s naked caning!

This is a gorgeous and very naughty movie I loved making at AAAspanking.com as Kami dared to call me a “pervert” (mock outrage!) So I made sure she was stripped naked so I could feast my beady perverted eyes on her before caning this most insolent brat! It’s an incredibly naughty theme as you’ll see… there’s a movie clip, it’s a teaser as I certainly don’t want to show you the best bits, that will be for members to enjoy, but I will give you some images taken from the movie so you are in no doubt as to what happens to her! In addition to this new movie, I can tell you it actually followed on from a previous schoolgirl film she starred in alongside jasmine Lau… so I have also decided to show you that, so you get a feel of why I punished her so in the shower room… and why it became a most humiliating punishment that was carried out on her…

As you’ll see from the images below, Kami’s punishment came from the fact that she wrote some nasty filth on the blackboard AFTER her previous detention… so in addition to her recent punishment, she clearly had NOT learnt her lesson… and rather foolishly her handwriting was easily recognizable so I took great pleasure in detaining her again, this time in the shower room for some more private and long lasting humiliation I had planned for her! Kami had no idea what was to happen so as she continued to call me a pervert, I decided to act like one in her eyes and really teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget!

So what follows is a humbling assault on kami’s bottom and eventually this brat finally gets the message as the cane crashes deep into her soft cheeks… and then of course I demanded to see her shower naked after her embarassing punishment and told her I’d “enjoy” watching her shower! Poor girl…


& finally, as promised a quick reminder of her punishment with Jasmine, you’ll recognize the blackboard and detention location, and to be honest, I gave both girls a severe hairbrushing across their bottoms… perhaps Kami just “wanted” me to punish her further? I wasn’t complaining…

This is taken from the schoolgirl movie section of the website and the movie is called “Double Detention” – if you also check out the extensive tour pages HERE – you should find a free clip if you haven’t already. Some reminder images of the film with Kami and Jasmine are below:

Check out all the movies of the various sections like this schoolgirl themed section, the domestic/pyjama themes and the 1st timers/intro section and of course NOT forgetting the Girl/Girl discipline area that makes up the site!

Friday’s Spanko Frollicking

Well, here we are again, a weekend has loomed large and as I wonder about what to write about this fine evening here in England… wishing I’d actually be outside right now but I owe it to you, my friends to provide you with some inside knowledge on a new movie and of course some damned fined spankings currently viewed by me and my square eyes!

Friday night means that there’s usually a new film uploaded at AAAspanking and lo and behold, there it is… Emma Brown makes a very welcome return to filming online and in such a tight naughty cheer girl outfit too in this F/F schoolgirl scenario punishment! I actually liked the story of this movie, you can read the full description on the home page, alongside a free hairbrush discipline clip right now. But the punishment angle was good… imagine being brought up in front of the Headmistress for spiking the other cheer teams snacks and food with “hash cakes” and chocolate laxatives… now imagine the bedlam that caused… LOL, we were having fun coming up with this story! I love the “what ifs…” what if that really had happened somehwere, imagine the shame, the tears, the near riots as the girls… ah, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? * heh heh *

Emma Brown as cheerleader Nicky awaits her punishment from her Headmistress

Below are the first released screen images of this 15 minute film and you will see some interesting spanking positions and use of a really stingy hairbrush, apparently, this was one of the replacement brushes (I bought 3 new ones… just in case after Irelynn destroyed my favorite last time) and Emma said it really “stung like buggery”… I was encouraged by that, as I was elsewhere doing a photoshoot… and I can confirm that the noises and “thwacks” certainly bear testament to her claims. You’ll notice that the end scenes also had her photographed as these were to be sent to the other principals of the participating schools and cheer teams that this foolish but well meaning girl had so ruined in many horrible ways!

You can only see this brand new Cheer girl Punishment Movie HERE


Seeing Emma looking rather buxom here reminded me of Maggie from Girls Boarding School and she was always one of the highest rated girls for taking some of the most severe punishments, these images of her taking a belting only prove that… the actual film her ass was welted even more as these would have been the high end glossy images taken afterwards… but you definitely get to see what I mean… anyway, admire and behold Maggie.

When Maggie cried, you knew that she had been punished properly, it’s still the site that I come to for those authentic and nasty punishments that bad girls require from time to time… Headmaster Tom – a legend! 🙂

See all the latest updates at the unique Girls Boarding School HERE


Thinking of painful and deserving punishments alongside unique and I put together a collection of captivating images from SpankingServer.com featuring one of my fave subjects… pussy strappings! There’s a pussy strapping clip out this week at SpankingServer, but you can check out some from the archives and what you may have missed recently (below) – then resolve NOT to miss any more and check out the girls or the sites (remember my review on how to watch this site? I’ll post it at the bottom again in case you missed it!)

“Pussy Strappings Ahoy!”  … “and in I go…” 😀


If you missed my review of Spanking Server before – Check it out HERE as it has proved quite useful in helping you all to choose and how to view this wonderful site properly!


Finally, how about a stunning end with another round of Japanese girl spankings and this one, ladies and gents is HOT! My favorite girl on this site switches more than an AC/DC still play concerts… this girl, called Azuki, is something else and in this movie (in that oh so cute stunning school uniform) she plays with herself with a crop imagining the sting and feel of a spanking she desperately needs… so in steps the maid and the rest is a damned hot excuse of a movie that earns another excruciating “Trouser Arousal” high rating… so be careful… images and a FREE WMV clip are below for your delectation!


I just love the heat bumps appearing either side of her panties, and of course, Azuki is stunningly beautiful, like all the images at this site, it is consistently amongst the best around, a perfect compliment to their films! Check out more of Japan’s Cutie Spankee site HERE

& with that I bid you a brief fond farewell for now… back soon, as always.

Cute girls given much needed spankings!

Hi everyone, I will just go straight for it today, less of my waffle and a quick look around the wonderful world of the spanking internet! You might also want to check my other blog HERE as I updated that earlier with some cool stuff… and the first update here is a continuation of that cool stuff elsewhere so if you like this, definitely check out the other blog as it contains a free clip and the previous spanking that beautiful maid, Corrine Gonzalez, gets at the hands of Allaura Shane who just can’t stop spanking this cute girl… I don’t blame her!

See MORE of Corrine & the hot new girls spanked exclusively at FirmHandSpanking


Next up is from the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com and although there isn’t a lot of spanking in this scene I’m about to show, the movie does have this and the overwhelming theme of humiliation – as only Clare Fonda knows how. In this old classic with hot redhead, Vixen, she gives the girl an air enema and this makes her fart, this was when Clare played her evil alter ego “Aunt Gwen” and you can see part of this scene below and the obvious tampon Vixen is wearing too… which Clare playfully tugs at! (OMG!) With the spankings this girl gets, this is why a visit to the archives of this site is a MUST SEE!

If you thought that was hot check the archives again and you’ll come across another old classic from a model we all know so well who gets more similar humiliating treatment with bottom inspections/temperature takings and such – poor Amber Pixie Wells! Oh my!!!

Check out what is in the archives at spankedcallgirls.com HERE

This site is part of Clare’s infamous & top value CLARE FONDA PASS


You can never go wrong with schoolgirl spankings, their cute uniforms, the almost inexhaustible excuse to punish the girls in and out of their panties and all those institutional instruments of correction… it’s a spanko’s dream come true!!! So it is for Mr Johnson at St Catherine’s School for Girls where Stacey, Patricia & Sammie were getting an extra history lesson because they were quite lazy in class. That became quite obvious as their answers to the questions on WW2 were quite ludicrous! They got their bottoms spanked a few times and they earned themselves 18 demerits which got them a sound paddling AND a bare bottom birching before the lesson was over. They left with very sore bottoms under those school skirts – all this wonderment can be found at the most delightful Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Finally today from Russia (without much love) the unfortunate girls who experience severe spankings and harsh punishments for the first time often ends in tears… as it is here and no amount of stunning beauty can deter these guys from going easy on the girls! Some amazing images are below that accompany these movies, one of which I have watched several times recently… for, er… educational reasons on the cultural teachings of old Mother Russia (and such!)

Check out the new look tour pages that shows you all the latest movie updates HERE

Happy St George’s Day

It only seems fair since I celebrated the national days of Wales (& Cornwall) recently that, as a true blooded Englishman… I celebrate OUR National Day today – April 23rd – St George’s Day!

We celebrate St. George’s Day, but which St George? Because there are two, actually…

There’s the George from the popular folk tale who slays a dragon, and there’s the real St. George who died on 23 April. So what do we know about the two Georges? Well the one that killed the dragon was born in Coventry and the real one was born either in Turkey or Greece depending on your point of view. Either way, he has served England for nigh on a thousand years.


Our relationship with St. George started in 1098 when he appeared to English Crusaders at the Battle of Antioch and helped them to victory. By 1415, St. George was so popular that 23 April was declared a national holiday and the Bishops of England ordered it to be celebrated like Christmas! The folk tale of St. George and the Dragon dates back to the Middle Ages when dragons were commonly used to represent evil, so it’s an excellent tale of good triumphing over evil. Since then St. George has been popularly identified with English ideals of charity, chivalry and courage (now known as the 3 C’s). St. George’s Day is a great opportunity to recognize what binds us together and celebrate England’s rich culture, heritage and sporting traditions… and of course, on this blog, our love of all things “spanko” – the following are taken from some websites representing all that is great about English spanking!!!


This is a special week in Britain, 2 long holiday weekends back to back as we celebrate Easter and St George’s day this weekend… Easter Monday to me means watching footie (soccer) and then Friday 29th Prince William makes Kate Middleton his bride in the biggest wedding ceremony that outshines anything glitzy and cheesy from Hollywood as real Royalty show us how it’s done – oh… and we get another Friday to Monday holiday for that privilege… yay!

However, why I am even celebrating since I work freelance and self employed is beyond me, LOL! (oops!) But it’s a special “Feel Good” week and I know that many streets throughout Britain will have the old fashioned street parties, I remember one celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and it was pretty special, I think only the end of WW2 had something like that been done previously. I don’t remember it for Prince Charles and William’s beautiful mother Diana (R.I.P.)

So it’s a return to values… and here on a spanking blog… it’s a return to BRITISH discipline today! So do enjoy… I’ve rambled on long enough!!!

Amber is promised a bedtime slippering by mother after she had been caught smoking with school friends! This is a particularly interesting domestic movie as Amber’s bottom really reddens throughout the film and the many roving camera angles captures the girl’s anguish and delightfully embarrassing position she is in… oh and of course, it’s a pajama punishment which I quite like 🙂

A Special Movie clip of this scene and when Amber got home to earn her mother’s initial displeasure can be viewed at the special link shown below:


More Free clips like the above featuring HOT girls similar to Amber are shown on the HOME PAGE


Jasmine Lau is one of those beautiful English girls you’d love to have over your knee, almost begging her to do something wrong… I have decided to show you a film I just found released at Sound Punishment with Jasmine in her school uniform (and I have news about her as she will be showing in more mores coming to my site very soon as well and have included a reminder below of what she has appeared in)

So Firstly, Jasmine is both cheeky AND disrespectful, 2 qualities guranteed to get any schoolgirl soundly spanked with the hand and a slipper (the quintessential instrument of choice, it seems). Jasmine possesses both these negative qualities in abundance so gets her well earned punishment below!

Just watching Jasmine get thrashed in her films here is worth the sign up fee alone at SoundPunishment.com
(& if you check out their home page you’ll see the above FREE movie clip)


As promised, another decent place to see recent films of Jasmine is at AAAspanking.com – naturally I should know since I filmed them (lol) and I can tell you there are MORE coming very soon, but to recap here are some images taken from some of the movies (not all or I’d be here all day!!!) she’s starred in… and I have to say the pairing with Kami Robertson in some of these films was GENIUS if I say so myself, they really complimented each other perfectly!!!

If you haven’t done so already, check out the TOUR PAGES as they contain free preview clips and you can see some of the films with Jasmine in them, naturally.

Have a great St. George’s Day to all my fellow Englishmen & women out there!!! I’m off to sit in unseasonally hot midday sun and drink lots of Pimms cocktails… “Yay!”

(& no, you’re not seeing double!!!)
I repeated this post at my other blog HERE in case there are those that never cross over…
Regards, Chief. (English & proud)

Moving on… Cheerleaders & Schoolgirl Spankings!

Ok, I’m done witha  lot of bullshit that surrounds us in this world at the moment… so as this is a spanking blog, you want spankings, right? So, I’ll give you more spankings than you can handle…. let’s see if you can fill your boots with these quality updates and recollections.

“YOU WANT MORE AT SPANKINGBLOGG? … You can’t handle the Chief’s rantings!”


& here we go with one of my favorite spanking sites FirmHandSpanking.com – Alsion Miller at the ongoing Boot Camp series, this time her amazing bubble butt (check out these images) plops out for a good hard caning from Mr Grey who is in no mood for her excuses! I promise you this caning is surpassed by some great photography, the focus on Alison’s fabulous jiggling cheeks and a special “Slo-Mo” sequence that I have got in a clip for you!!!

See the FULL length movie HERE from the entire Bootcamp Series

I have some additional images from the past starring an old favorite of mine, Lizzy Madison who featured a few years back, she filmed extensively with FirmHandSpanking in 2006-08 and below are just some images taken from her many series of films as you’ll see! Playing cheerleader, schoolgirl and naughty girl next door so well…. please “doff your imaginary cloth cap” in her direction 🙂

I think you get the idea, these are all from photo sets that accompanied films she starred in between 2006-2008. I have seen Lizzy spanking Michaela McGowen too… if ever that was an encouraging sign to see more (see below!!!) All this and more only from FirmHandSpanking.com


Back over the Atlantic and to the “Houshhh of Schhhpannnkings” that is Spanked-in-Uniform – Our Dutch maestro has been busy updating his site since my last visit and you can see below some of the very latest uniform offerings!

From the new Rockford School of Dance – here is the latest spanking episode 🙂

Two students Julie and 19 year old Milena follow the modern dance class & after they did their warm-ups, they got a short 10 minute break. They came back 20 minutes later and they knew very well what was to happen next.  Rockford is a strict dance school! They were scolded and they both learnt proper self discipline again by means of a painful spanking over the knee. Then they had to do the warm-ups all over again but this time with their sore red, well spanked jiggling  bottoms bared for choreographer Mr Johnson able to see his recent handiwork glowing on their obviously throbbing reddy cheeks as you’ll see in these free images below:

In my 2nd look at Spanked-in-Uniform.com here is one of my favorite uniform fetishes – seeing nurses spanked, and in this latest movie just released, these 2 naughty girls really do get what they deserve! Check out the images and the description of this full movie (I just downloaded it and it’s a cracker… I’m not sure, but this could be the 1st pairing of Sammie & mocha honey Stacey together… & it’s a winner!!!

Dr Johnson told nurses Stacey and Sammie to give a young patient Patricia in room 63 an injection twice a day and when Patricia didn’t want the injection, the two nurses decided to take matters into their own hands and spank Patricia. Later when the Doc saw Patricia’s red bottom he called in both nurses who had been attending her. They both got scolded and received a sound strapping over the bed right in front of Patricia for added humiliation to which they had to apologize ina most grovelling and demeaning manner with their knickers removed and bottoms sore and on display! I love this hospital 😉

Check out all the various uniform discipline punishments HERE – with over 100 episodes of Hi Def spanking goodness, more than enough right now to satisfy discerning spankos like myself!


BadTushy.com has had some great F/F movies recently with some Hi Res movies shown at the same kicychen location, by the time I see th elocation I know we’re in fpor a treat and this most recent movie Francesca Le looks really demure and very hot when she gets to punish her so called friend who has let her down after she had to bail the stupid girl out of jail yet again! Cue much anger… tears and a great OTK spanking and bubble butt given a good hard furious “smack…smack…smacking”. I’ve got you a short WMV clip exclusive to this blog as well as these promo pics – damn, this site is getting good again!!!



Now before I go on… I got sent this amazing but very cocky young man taking a penalty in a soccer match… he celebrates before it hits the back of the net… this is a very confident buck, I can only imagine that the opposition players went in with some hard tackles after this… but little gems like this display of sheer arrogance are warranted… enjoy!


I find a humbling of a schoolgirl in a spanking film addictive viewing, apart from the obvious attraction of seeing a cute girl in uniform embarrassed with her knickers down being punished there is the control aspect that I like when those in authority use their powers to fully humiliate and make the girls learn their lesson! So when these arrogant girls show disdain for their teacher’s authority this is only going to end in tears for the foolish girls… and thoughtfully… at Hand-Spanking.com we get to see this in beautiful submissive detail! have these girls not seen the many Japanese spanking sites before? The teachers are always on the prowl to sort out misbehaving girls!!!


PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING! Watching the above free clip of this snivelling schoolgirl’s bottom grinding and heaving up and down across her teacher’s lap will cause serious trouser arousal for gentlemen imagining that she is indeed over THEIR lap instead! Please do not do think about it – I have!!! & it’s NOT pretty!!! This is a seriously good hand spanking film!

Check out the latest updates which feature more free movie previews & image galleries!

Finally if you want to see something a little different, check out my Teen-Spankings blog that shows “Schoolgirls in Space” get spanked too! CLICK HERE for that update 🙂


Don’t go far as there is a NEW movie update going up at AAAspanking tomorrow – I’m umming and ahhing about what to put up so it will be this short sharp shock film which shows the FULL movie including video images and HD-MP4 which will be available with this all in one update tomorrow… if this whets your appetite below, come back here or join my site and you’ll get to view it all… this is the film I broke my hairbrush on Irelynn’s naughty bum! (more on this tomorrow!!!)