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Spanking Awards – A Personal Note

Okay, this is a bit of a rant and I am getting frustrated by a few, probably some who just troll for the hell of it… but whatever, I think this needs to be said – and I will post this on Fetlife and link it to Twitter too!

rantThe next round is nearly ready but before I continue with that in my next post… I want to say how much time and effort this takes and to be honest, I actually LOSE out financially running these awards spending a lot of time on them instead of working on other far more lucrative projects outside of these awards. In case you all think I have interests that I promote myself. I don’t include sites closest to me currently like AAA (even though I don’t own it anymore it is still closest to me, naturally) and I can’t stop someone like Sarah Gregory who is her own separate entity and can’t help being in the public eye – as such… I put her in if she gets nominated. Of course I want her to do well, she is my real life partner – but I am not going to exclude her because of associating with me, am I? Yes I was asked to do that by someone, seriously? She was nominated by a hell of a lot of people, she has an established fanbase, like many others (way before me) … also those with a larger social media presence will often do better, I can’t help that either. All I ask is that those nominated get a fair crack… please do give those nominated the respect and check them out… some of you will just blindly vote for your favorites regardless… the times I see “nominate such and such in all categories” … really? That is lazy but I bite my lip and count them along with the others when the nominations are counted.

This year I am also asking PRODUCERS to nominate their own film for the film awards, it can be a part of a series they are proud of, and I will be contacting as many as I can think of that are in the public eye.

Here is the list of producers I intend to contact (if I can) – I will be mailing them over the next few days as I will put this up for vote just after Xmas.

If I have missed any. Let me know! These are in alphabetical order (I had to arrange these in the interests of not appearing to favor anyone – sigh.)

  • Bars and Stripes
  • Clare Fonda Pass Network (up to 5 sites to choose from)
  • English Spankers
  • Firmhand Spanking
  • Good Spanking
  • Momma Spankings
  • Northern spanking
  • Punished Brats
  • RealSpankings Network (Realsp & RSI)
  • Sarah Gregory Spanking
  • Shadowlane
  • Spanked in Uniform
  • Spanking Sarah

Have I missed any? Remember I have to contact them too and they have to send me a brief description (and why it is nominated) as to what film and 4 images that they want you to view as part of the description to help you decide why you should get their award. & please don’t moan to me about not including Pandora Blake’s excellent Dreams of Spanking – I have already said why until I am blue in the face… if it isn’t active at the time of voting, then it can’t be voted on. We all know why, and we all hope her site comes back once her appeal decision is made. I’m sure she doesn’t give a damn if this isn’t in the Awards this year. having won a prestigious Short Film award in Berlin recently. She’ll get a special award at the end of this for her services but I can’t ask you to vote on something that isn’t techically there… there is no membership site currently!

Okay… so back to the awards.
I actually want to say that I actually do it for the love of it (believe it or not… but I just need to offload this so you all understand) and because it felt like a void after Brushstrokes stopped it in 2013 on his now defunct Spankingspot blog and anyone who has run this knows what a f*cking pain in the ass it is to run. It’s an adrenaline rush to see people voting, though. I think it’s a nice thing to recognize those in The Scene (full or part time) that contribute something in the online world of our favorite subject and this is what these awards try to convey… it’s also meant to be a bit of fun, so stop bitching at me and just take this in the spirit it is intended. I also can’t get you nominations for people who don’t really show their faces in the party scene or don’t want public exposure – seriously, are some of you insane? They don’t want to be outed!!!
So once again, I also have people complaining to me in yet more anonymous emails (nice one!) about why there are no male bottom awards – well, I asked last year, asked again this year if we should run it and did you nominate any or say what a marvellous idea? – NO! Also some producers who don’t share their traffic (which I personally find incredibly selfish) when they expect us bloggers to just promote them in our own spare time for nothing? LOL! I’d rather promote my own stuff or Sarah… as that is my personal preference, just as you have chosen to exclude affiliates from helping you and rewarding them for their considerable time and effort. Well, you’ll get a helping hand as I have decided to run a Clips Store vote as the last one this year. So guess what… why don’t you actually all think about who you want? I don’t f*cking care who it is, as long as the store is primarily based in the SPANKING categories of any clip store. So there you go… this is YOUR big chance to promote yourselves GRATIS… as long as you get the required nominations. Go knock yourselves out… get people to help nominate you. I will only put through the Top 10 (and please don’t use multiple IPs and emails, I can actually see that, you know? It’s embarrassing) So, I can’t say fairer than that… right?

Sorry, I didn’t want to sound negative, it’s just sometimes, these things had to be said to clear the air! Anyway, look forward to BEST MALE & FEMALE SPANKER later to vote on… there’s some good entrants in these categories!

This post was brought to you by “Wake the fuck up” Productions 🙂


A Rant About Models & Spanking


This is a sort of behind the scenes post you might not always hear about. It’s probably the worst side of running various websites – the hiring process and casting for talent in whatever given niche you are looking to produce content for is often straight forward, and in my case 95% of the time it is  – once you have a proven track record or established a place or pool where you can contact prospective models from etc… but when that goes wrong, oh boy, it can go wrong badly! soapboxrantFor if they don’t turn up, or lie about their talents or change their minds about agreed parameters carefully discussed in advance, what should you do? This has always been the worst part for me and I am going to write about it from a producer’s view as it had happened to me a few times over the years and I am writing about it today as it is affecting someone I know – I am not going to name names (right now) unless they want to be silly and carry on with this precocious bullshit… I am quite happy to name you and shame your behavior, especially as it comes from Fetlife – a laid back place where bullshit should stay the fuck away! We all deal with crap elsewhere online or in our personal lives and further dramas via something as amazing as Fetlife just pisses me off big time. So where do we begin? I will let you know what it is like when a model doesn’t turn up, when she says she is and you are waiting for her to arrive on the day of your carefully planned shoot. Let’s start there and build up to that… then I will explain to you just what is happening to the producer in question – and the way he is being treated right now! I am sure she feels aggrieved, but, let me be clear, this is sadly just what happens from time to time, which is why you girls charge far more per hour (which I have no problem with, by the way) as the very nature of our business can change from time to time. However, it is about how we deal with what happens overall and accepting that sometimes, just sometimes, circumstances change beyond our control on either side and we deal with the fallout after but we don’t threaten people with lawyers or demand money for cancellations well in advance when things can be rescheduled. (anyway, digressing already… let’s start with my prep, shall we?)

Shoot Check List:
I have to tell you, this bit is what I dislike the most… contacting for new models and arranging shoots or new locations. Personally, it’s not my thing & I really loathe this part of the work I do. Some may love it… but it is very time consuming, I find. So… do I find a new location? Is it kink friendly? I have to investigate it and then I ALWAYS CONSIDER the models and their locations they have to get to. If it is too far for them, in England, if I shoot there, then I would consider putting them up in a hotel the night before. I won’t put them in a shitty place either, or fly them in (as I have done once) on a poor airline… nope, I want the model to go back knowing I had prepared this part of her trip with her in mind. I would hope that the young lady would be rested and ready to go. I like to think once I put my mind to it, that I have never chosen a bad location or had girls complain about my particular shoot that I did in the way that they were treated etc (well, maybe Alex Reynolds will jokingly complain about how cold a studio was that we filmed in but we were all freezing that day in a really cold spell which was around Springtime 2 years ago, lol!!!)

checklistI also remember bringing over Leandra from Holland a little later that year and I chose a good airline which she loved and a nice hotel within easy distance of the shoot location that I had picked her up and took her back to after… and even paid her in Euros at the interbank rate rather than have her get fleeced at a retail bank or “Bureau de Change” (I used to work in that line of business in the past and knew it well as I advised her so I saved her up to a further 10% of her fee!) Generally, I like to think of myself as a pretty decent enough guy to work for. The other thing producers usually have a lot to do is the pre communications emails and such, discussing wardrobe requirements and the type of films we do or might cover: I make sure the girls check out the website or give them access to clips so they are fully aware of what we do if they are not familiar with the site… nowadays that is never usually a problem and less so when I co work with Sarah. So if a producer asks for fully nude or whatever the requirements are, and ask them about their hard limits and what they are prepared to do or not do… this gets worked out in advance so it is clear, it’s pretty standard stuff. So I will know that one girl can be caned or another will do masturbation or be gagged or whatever it is I or a producer would require etc etc – it’s how it works. Of course rates also are discussed early on, I get that out of the way and move on once we establish what will be done. On the model prep side that is pretty much it.
Depending on who it is, I would also usually want to talk to them on the phone as well, that way we would discuss any other issues that might arise. After that… as producers, we then have to ensure we have our paperwork ready, equipment (cams batteries, lights and implements) our own wardrobe, any other issues like a car able to travel to a destination (I am rather selfless in that I will travel much further afield to accommodate the girls… they may not know that, but it is what I do if I am in the UK since I tend to be at the ass end of the country anyway where no one will come to! Then it checking with studios/hotels etc to confirm and reconfirm. Once this is all done I feel then I could relax. It’s not such a chore but there is a lot of time consuming work as you can see.


As niche producers, it has to be said, we don’t make an awful lot, we are not all super wealthy, we do this for the love of it… I might complain about this process, some love it… but that is because I know most of us have jobs or part time work to supplement incomes and we juggle all this in our spare time, some of us don’t and rely solely on what we do… that in itself should speak volumes about what we do make. Of course I do okay as do most producers… we don’t drive Porsche 911s or are overly flash like the big Porn Barons is what I am trying to say (just wanted to clear that up) … but I do put an awful lot back into the sites and travel a lot to America nowadays which I enjoy, of course. Anyway, back to when something goes wrong from the prep… I don’t like it one little bit (since when it does go wrong I always think of the time I spent preparing and it makes me sad) because this is my weakest part of my build up and I would rather be doing something else or feel it was my fault… that’s just me. However, I love making good films that I like or customs for others and paying girls for a fantastic shoot, and usually that is the case – I have had times where I felt in the past that I was “jipped” (cheated would be a close approximation) when the girl had claimed she could do something when in fact she was totally unsuitable for our day and that made me uncomfortable. Depending on what has already been invested, nowadays, I would probably stop the shoot as I have lots of content, but a few years ago I would compromise and we would get through but at what cost? I would be far from happy with what I had done. To be honest, that hasn’t happened too much recently but just highlighting what can sometimes happen… and it usually compromises the intensity of a spanking film which might change which is totally understandable. One day we feel fine the next our tolerances for a particular pain threshold will fluctuate. I understand that but don’t let that understanding mean that I can be duped into spanking lightly when I had requsted we were employing someone for a hard shoot etc… especially if the rate was higher! It’s little things like that, but I am showing you WORST case scenarios! This is RARE! Very rare!

ouchiegrouchyointmentI  like to think I can usually sense if something like this is happening and have range and know when someone has reached their limits. I’m not a bastard, I won’t push them fully and make them call “Red” or “Cut” or whatever safeword was negotiated… I’d stop and we’d discuss how they were feeling. Guess who I misread 2 years ago… Alex again (LOL!)

I can use Alex in reference as I know her and consider her a good friend in the scene and she is the partner to a very decent guy and friend of mine, so I want to share this anecdote with you. On this particular day, it was the 2nd of a 2 day shoot between myself and Northern Spanking – the studio had heat but the gas burners needed to be switched off during filming and within 10 minutes the set had got cold quickly. Now compound this with being spanked hard by both Paul and I… (I also did some POV films which were lighter too) –  Alex was the only spankee on set and she had just arrived prior to this from filming a hard 2 day shoot in Holland. AND… to further emphasize how I underestimated her tolerance at that time… she had flown in from America literally just before that so was just about recovering from jet lag too! I am useless when I fly east… with hindsight, I should have known. She  flew into the UK and then out almost straight away to Europe and back. You see… originally, Paul and I had booked her at the start of her UK tour, but neither of us knew that she had managed to squeeze in 2 days into another country. I don’t blame Alex… I might be a bit pissy with the producer that snuck her in just before us, we are all spanking companies, we know girls take time to recover, yes… even legendary Alex (Spankee of 2014 no less, I should add!) – and we had deliberately chosen the date carefully to allow her to get over the dreaded jetlag and start her tour of the UK as she had work with other producers too at a later date. Still, shit happens – I made her cry and felt shit at the time as we had discussed a judicial caning scene and I wanted to save it for the end of the shoot. I had a wardrobe and the studio had a specific set (it was my sole reason for choosing it to be honest, and having a cool school room set) – I of course then realized and dropped the plot immediately and was prepared to finish there and then but Paul did a rather cool and loving film with her and of course this worked out more than fine… in fact I could see something develop between them in this film almost like when I filmed with Sarah at the  Shadowlane Party later that year… bizarre!


OK, that is my experience – now imagine when a girl just doesn’t bother to turn up or gives one excuse hours before she is due to appear after I have gone through all the above checks to ensure she is Ok etc… I still remember getting an email, not a call, not even a text, it came through on my phone – the cowardly one where there’s a distant relative death in the family or in this case a pet had died, just BEFORE the shoot was due to start (right!!!) For fucks sake – grant me the decency to say you don’t want to do it than this half arsed excuse! I don’t want to sound heartless, but when I used to work for XER all those years ago, the same tired excuses would appear for no shows and only once did something close to that happen when a girl received a text towards the end of her shoot that her father had died. She was in tears and sobbing, naturally… I was tasked with taking her back to the train station and ensuring she was OK… I still remember her guilt of being there, 3 hours from home and not with her dad, it was truly heartbreaking. She wasn’t a flake, and had been at several filmshoots so knew what she was doing… so as a producer, those models that just bum us out cause us all manner of grief. Look at the preparation, the logistics, the planning, hiring other people to film as cam guys etc… all this down the toilet cos they could not be bothered to turn up. I bite my lip, I vow that I will never give them a second chance and move on. Girls who do that to me – after all the detail of preparing that I go through… it’s their decision, I won’t hire them unless they call me and explain as things, of course, can go wrong and to be honest, we all know when people are lying. But usually girls who are decent like that call in advance as they know something is up… to do so on the day of a shoot usually means something else, sadly. & I am sharing this with you as it is RARE… but I want to put things into perspective when I tell you about part 2 and a model going crazy at a producer for cancelling (and his reasons and her reaction to it).


Which finally brings me onto the 2nd part of my rant… when we as producers cancel on the model – and then they get all mad at us and start demanding cancellation fees or threatening to bring in “their lawyer” – again, I am not impressed and I am not naming names here – not unless they persist and I will name and shame them and and I don’t give a flying fuck what they think. As this behavior (as you’ll read below) is totally unacceptable.


blacklistI have written copious paragraphs about how things as a producer can go wrong when a model doesn’t turn up. Sure, I get angry and am mad as hell. Do I sue? Do I threaten? Do I try and claim back financially my hours of prep, my hotel fees or studio rental fees I have told you about? No, I tell other producers exactly what happened, the sort of producers I would think they would want to work for… and let them know. Essentially we will “blacklist” them. It’s up to the others to decide if they want to film with her, I give them my reasons and let them make up their minds. I have no issue if they want to hire the girl I might have mentioned that I would never approach again… that is not for me to decide.

So getting back to when a model gets upset if we cancel. I understand, we all have schedules, but there are some things that are beyond our control. Now if this happens to be 2 weeks in advance, I think, “it is a pain…” but you could possibly reschedule (depending on the location) or have 3 weeks to find other work in that area. I know this happens to Sarah all the time… usually with male sub sessions (which I guess is NOT that surprising) and in many cases a deposit can be required as male subbie types tend to flake out 80% of the time. Producers, and this producer in question, would not ever knowingly flake out unless it was for a damned good reason. & it was – the reason is not pertinent, just accept for now that it was – I know he will read this so I don’t want to start writing more on this than is necessary, this post is already turning to be a bit of a monster (sorry, you guys are not normally used to this from me, are you?)

spanking_monstersNow add to that I have seen the communications on a Fetlife messaging system – and as far as I know, he hasn’t actually talked on the phone to her. A rate was set, he somehow accepted a very high starting non nude rate (which I have to say I wouldn’t, nor would Sarah who I talked to this about and I know other spanking producers wouldn’t either) then when he wanted perhaps thong and then panties down, as most of us would… the rates increased to something we wouldn’t accept. OK, perhaps that was his fault, it was only a couple of hours, not a full day shoot… hell, we have all negotiated a bad deal once (I say once as I just don’t do that shit anymore) and he knows I will be having words with him on this… but hey, that was the rate, so be it. Cool. However, as I said, something happened, he wrote to her to cancel the shoot for then… it just couldn’t go ahead. So cue the threats that he had to pay a cancellation fee, that if he didn’t pay up it would increase to her full cancellation fee of $150 (why was she doing him a “favor” in the 1st place?) and then, of course, I had forgotten to tell you they had somehow agreed that she shouldn’t get marked? WHAT??? He owns a spanking store that essentially has girls spanked and getting red bottoms. I’m not saying he has to be mean and welt them… but they are going to get a red bottom, it’s a spanking and his site generally has punishment spankings on them. How the fuck can she not get marked? Maybe I have misunderstood, probably no lasting marks then, like… gone in 24 hours or the next morning… usually a hand spanking and leather strap etc is good to heal quickly, but as we know, each girl is different in how they react so it is hard to call… I say this to every girl who does spanking, each day is different, each spanker different… do NOT go to a glamour shoot a day or 2 after a spanking shoot (unless you really do have buns of steel and there are a few girls I know can easily do this) but for the rest of you girls… do NOT impose this idiotic rule on spanking sites. We just won’t hire you. We will hire a girl that WANTS to be spanked, it is our core niche, it is what we do. If you don’t want to be marked, then stay the fuck away from a spanking or bondage site. Period! Just do your fetish photography or other fetishes that don’t require marking like cosplay or POV, humiliation etc… it’s a niche we are in so respect that, please, ladies.
I WILL REPEAT: Don’t show the sites who you are trying to gain employment off a massive disrespect by pulling this stunt! So of course I will let all spanking sites that want to know (based in the US) who she is in private (you guys know my address or Fetlife msg me) – I will guarantee you won’t have heard of her as she isn’t in our niche – well, I haven’t seen her spanked on our sites!

Batman Spanks Bad Girl

So currently I am hearing she still wants to extract the cancellation fee and is getting mightily upset that he won’t pay it. Well, with 20 or so days to go, I’d not pay either. Do I start chasing the models who flake out and let me down BADLY? No. I have explained what a fucking pain in the ass it is and how fucked off I am when this happens but I won’t hound the girl or go after her for money and time I think is owed to me and expenses I had already paid out! I had it recently and shared the cost of the location and got little content but that is the way it sometimes goes. You, young lady, if you are reading this, need to just accept that circumstances beyond a producer’s control happens. if a model called 2 weeks from a shoot, I would be able to reschedule another girl, I think. This shit just sometimes happens in our line of biz… it’s far from ideal, of course, but there you go. As I said… He will have no doubt spent time planning his shoot before already, we all do in advance as I had METICULOUSLY explained earlier. So we producers tend NOT to flake out as a rule. Those that do soon get a bad rep!!! Now I did once earlier this year and was so apologetic to the girl I consider a friend that she was cool and we re-arranged and shot a few days later (my car was out of commission at the time and getting repaired). See? Shit happens in our biz. Stop bitching and deal with it in a far more civil manner than threatening people on Fetlife and hounding them with messages that I felt I had to say something – that ain’t gonna go down well.

Rant over. More to come, if this persists on their part.

My apologies, I now will get back to writing an update post then finally think about updating you all with my latest US exploits which should be FAR MORE light hearted! Thank you & God bless!

It could be worse… imagine being stuck on this commute to work!!!! LOL!

butt at work

Tempting Tuesday’s Updates

soapboxrantWARNING! – Before I ramble on about various spanking updates and such, I’d just like to point out to a couple of individuals (oh God I’m pulling out the soap box… yes, I really am, I’m dusting it off and standing on it now… so ignore this next drawn out angry paragraph if you came here just for the spankings… sorry!). As I was saying… like the crazed and nutty president of Argentina, Miss Cristina ” I need a damned good spanking off the Chief” de Kirchener… and that deluded American actor Sean“I hate Brits” Penn who seems to think that the islanders of The Falklands have no say in their future… well after yesterday’s resounding and wholly expected endorsement in their referendum to remain British… the leader of Argentina and ignoramuses like Sean Penn will no doubt bleat on about we colonialist redcoats. “Give the islands back to Argentina! Give them back!” Er… if you have time, this illuminating early history of The Falklands on Wiki is most fascinating. The islanders have a say, I don’t give 2 figs about if there’s oil there or not… it is more than that and in any democracy, a real democracy, like our multi cultural society here in the UK, despite its many flaws… we will respect the rights of those there… and not for cynical reasons. If there is oil there and the islanders become far more self sufficient and wealthy, then I can see them being able to finance their own state and protection so would have no problem with them becoming independent, maybe it will never happen, maybe it will in 40 years or so… just like so many colonies and protectorates in the past. 439t8ywhrjtghThe islanders have a close relationship with us despite the distance, that conflict in 1982 brought us closer even still. Today, they still rely on the UK’s protection from a bullying and not entirely stable “democracy” (which, I might add, came about at the expense of the last Military Junta  in Argentina – just in case Madame Presidente has forgotten, along with the 1000’s of her own people who were ruthlessly tortured and “Disappeared”.) But I digress… my mini rant is over and let’s continue with what you’re all here for. SPANKINGS! #yay!


With a proud Brit theme to start today… I’m going to begin with Pandora’ Blake’s latest offering at Dreams of Spanking as she receives a 100 lash belting off Thomas C in the film “Thrashed & Forgiven” out now for members to view and download in full HD. Check out some choice images and a free clip of this latest film #HAWT


Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed010 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed014

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed022 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed025

Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed031 Dreams-of-Spanking_thrashed036

Not only has Pandora lied to Tom about having a work do when really she was at a friend’s party, but she’s been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid, and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of her partner’s leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.




Naughty housekeepers are always on my “To Spank” list so when I saw the gorgeous and very talented Masie Dee at English Spankers in their latest film out yesterday… one word described this – “Wow!” – You will be glad to know that Masie and I have been in contact several times and I WILL finally get a chance… after sending her an email over 2 and a half years ago to come film in our very 1st filmshoot (as I had always rated her very highly) – to which she replied 2 years later (seriously!!!) By then, I just thought she just didn’t like me or what I did etc. (so we have had a laugh about that now) but she had genuinely just missed my mail and replied anyway… surely that has to be a record? … and definitely a real life plot/storyline for her when I do finally film her. No doubt that’ll probably be with her in a further 2 years time (LOL) … but until then, check out her latest work HERE if you can not wait that long – oh… & it is rather “naughty” 🙂


englsih-spankersnpp8782763 englsih-spankersnpp8782770

englsih-spankersnpp8782779 englsih-spankersnpp8782783

englsih-spankersnpp8782801 englsih-spankersnpp8782804

englsih-spankersnpp8782807 englsih-spankersnpp8782809 englsih-spankersnpp8782818

Young housekeeper Masie Dee has been spanked for her unruly behaviour but now things are getting much worse. Her poor employer finds himself on the end of a campaign to seduce him, this naughty girl will stop at nothing to get her way! Will he resist? Armed only with a large leather spanking paddle, he puts up a good fight giving Masie a red and painful bottom but not before she gets herself into some very revealing positions! #HAWT


You can check out a very naughty spanking preview clip of Masie – Click HERE


Do any of you remember Xela Chaste’s incarceration at Bars-and-Stripes.com ?? In the images below you may well remember her embarrassing and humiliating cavity search and punishment at teh hands (quite literally) of sadistic Matron Lucy MacLean and officer Jessica Wood…

xela_madamscavity_017 xela_madamscavity_025

xela_madamscavity_038 xela_madamscavity_048

xela_madamscavity_066 xela_madamscavity_079

Xela’s second incarceration at this unique centre of punishment fares no better as her continued introduction to officers Lewis & Page prove equally painful and unfair as they punish her at will and for any minor infraction they see fit worthy of a bare bottom correction!

xela2_introductions - 147 xela2_introductions - 151

xela2_introductions - 157 xela2_introductions - 161

xela2_introductions - 198 xela2_introductions - 200

xela2_introductions - 206 xela2_introductions - 210

xela2_introductions - 218 xela2_introductions - 227

Check out these awesome punishments totally unique to BARS AND STRIPES


The conclusion to Classroom Chaos is now available for members of Northern Spanking – and in case you’ve missed a couple of episodes (as they have been coming thick and fast since my last update on this fine long play film) You can check it out below… the girls once again play up and make a real cacophony of noise attempting to play the simple “Mary had a little lamb” nursery tune in Miss McLean’s class but their terrible rendition attracts the unwelcome attention of a very annoyed Mr Lewis who is appalled at the sound he is hearing until the girls once again replay their recorders for a near perfect rendition after his punishment of them all with a caning across their backsides.

NSI100-CCX205 NSI100-CCX236

NSI100-CCX245 NSI100-CCX248

NSI100-CCX258 NSI100-CCX274

NSI100-CCX278 NSI100-CCX282

The girls are dismissed but Mr Lewis is far from impressed at the way the girls behaved and the apparent lack of control exhibited under Miss McLean’s tutelage… she knows what’s coming… and herself takes a tearful grown up caning, it’s been a while since we have seen Lucy take the cane on camera… let me tell you the pictures here do not do her tearful punishment justice… (I’m afraid you’ll have to see that for yourself!)

NSI100-CCX285 NSI100-CCX297

NSI100-CCX302 NSI100-CCX317

See this entire long play film only from Northern Spanking


Another concluding storyline , but with a less happy ending for one poor little fellow…the tortoise!
“The tortoise? What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you grumble.

Allow me to explain in images and the storyline below which is the very latest new movie update courtesy of Sarah Bright at her own spankingsarah.com website 🙂

npp4098001 npp4098009

npp4098014 npp4098016

npp4098024 npp4098026

npp4098027 npp4098030

Schoolgirl Clover has killed the tortoise she stole from a zoo and her headmaster insists that she is punished at home. A good spanking has already been administered and now it’s time for the hairbrush. Bent over she gets it first on her white school knickers and then these are lowered to enable her Aunt to whack her bare bottom. Good hard strokes of the brush soon make her a very sorry young lady.

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Finally, in news of my next film out tomorrow at AAA Spanking … you’ll be able to see a very irritable and naughty young madam with the wibbliest, jiggliest bits getting spanked over my knee in some very sexy lingerie! Having Ashley Graham wriggle over your lap is hard enough at the best of times so it took all my powers of professionalism and concentration to see this one through! (who am I kidding? lol)

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Horsemeat scandals Bolog-neighs & more rants!

soapboxrantMove along if you wanted to see spankings, I just wanted to let off some steam, light heartedly at first about the horsemeat scandal then I got to thinking about my country’s role in Europe as this is part of the E.U. malaise that I am fed up with: Astonishing complacency, arrogance and downright criminal activity by not only the opportunist Eastern European gangs, but our highest “elected” officials in Europe who want the richest nations in Europe to fund the Euro Gravy-train by spending MORE on budgets – and to hell with the tax payers of these nations (Britain, naturally… included).



burger-king-not-horse-meatOK… so no doubt some of you will have noticed that there is a bit of a scandal going around with some fast and prepared foods here in the UK. Fortunately I don’t ever really eat many “beef” ready meal or processed products such as lasagne (I work in the business, at least on the butchery side of things that I know quite well so am aware of the supply chain). Supermarkets are not to blame entirely as they have been forced to accept compliance documentation from these companies supplying the meat and prepared foodstuffs as ready to sell for years. Who is to blame for allowing this into our country? … take a step successive governments (starting with Labour over 10 years ago and continuing with our present administration). There has been dangerous cuts to funding to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) who are so threadbare that they are unable to make the dedicated and necessary checks as they should. Some criminal elements in eastern Europe (where else… sigh) have known this and supplied “filler” meat… I’m personally not fazed by eating horse… after all, I had lived in France for years and the “steack hache” was nearly always horse unless you asked for “bifsteack”.  However,  I am fazed by the fact it could be knackered horse from Romania (which it no doubt is) and possibly containing carcinogens… what I am angry about is the fact that there is a lot of profit being made at the gullible consumers and supermarket operations expense as every part of the chain tries to squeeze each other and keep margins profitable whilst showing that the end user… us, the customers… get a good deal! This affects the hard pressed families and those on tight budgets. Of course, many of those miss going to a butchery counter or even on our high street, the dedicated butchers (if you can find one nowadays)… as all meat sold there is totally traceable, (especially beef in the UK… we actually joke that beef is so much more traceable than illegal immigrants… sad but true!)


This whole scandal has hardly started, I fully expect to see lamb, pork and chicken investigated too, I know it should be, I no longer touch any ready meals when I see that the “chicken content” comes (for example) from Brazil! Brazil FFS! Not only is the carbon footprint of that ridiculous, why can we not find a supplier closer to home? Answer: they have to comply with yet more laws in THIS country as those supplying it here do get more checks… notice all the suppliers so far are not in the UK (Comigel in France and Silvercrest in Ireland – both companies duped by their meat suppliers – from Eastern Europe).

spagbol lasagneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeigh findushorse

You pay for what you get… of course we are all angry, I expect to at least trust a label that says beef, even if it is just 45% or whatnot… but I certainly don’t expect some filler to be horse if it does not say so… this scandal will “hit the blocks” and “run and run” – sorry (lol) couldn’t resist! & of course there are some nice memes going round now that Findus, a major frozen food producer has had virtually 100% horse meat detected in some of their “Beef lasagnes” – I hope our agencies and those of other countries in Europe track down the criminal elements.


& we have the joy of opening our borders thanks to EU law next year to Romania and Bulgaria? I despair (& don’t get me started on the UNDEMOCRATIC European Parliament) who some members have openly defied the latest budget breakthrough by the countries that FUND this bloated organization) by stating that they want to vote in SECRET (so as to avoid the WRATH of those who voted them in on 25% turn outs.) To overturn what was a landmark decision instigated by Britain and the fed up northern Euro countries including Holland, Scandinavia and (thankfully) Germany (hurrah!) – who have to foot the bill… how typical that the basket case economies such as Spain, Italy and France want the socialist ideal to spend MORE money none of our countries really have spare…


Martin Schulz (see the bearded weirdo above): A thoroughly unpleasant German socialist president of the European Parliament, is looking for a fight on this. And the new powers the Lisbon Treaty gives the parliament over the budget means Schulz can do just that.

He was at the council last night, warning the leaders of the member states not to cut the budget.  More to the point, he says he has done a count of the political groups at the parliament, and they tell him a budget at the lower figure won’t get through the parliament. He says the leaders of the same political groups told him that they have already initiated the procedure required to ensure that the vote on the budget is taken by secret ballot.

Yes, I know, outrageous. But the parliament has the power to do it. And far from being ashamed, the MEPs (members of European Parliament) will hail a secret vote as a “democratic protection against  ‘dangerous’ and ‘nationalist’ pressures on MEPs from their home governments.”

So, as I say, the parliament trying to veto Cameron’s ‘triumph’ is something stronger than a rumour. But if it’s rumour you want, try this: a confrontation with the Council is part of Schulz’s plan to be the next president of the European Commission. He appears to want to present himself as the champion of – typical left-winger – solidarity, which he calls ‘the key value underpinning the European Union’. If he can line himself up as the anti-Cameron (from the much maligned UK), there are enough ‘anti-nationalists’ who would want him to lead the Commission as insurance against any increase of Council powers at the expense of the Commission.


If they vote this down, I can’t wait for our referendum to leave or stay in the European Union. However, by 2017, it will be far too late as our tiny nation will be awash with yet more economic migrants thinking the streets of our country were paved with Gold and yet more barmy laws we have to embrace at the further eradication of our national identity!

Horsemeat and European Democracy Rant – Over!