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A Hot Bonus Spanking!

There was an additional short film added to AAAspanking.com earlier today for members which featured beautiful, well endowed, Sophie Parker in a really cute pair of pajamas getting an OTK spanking over in a nice close up and personal view for us. The camera angle got in very close to her spanking and also captured her facial reactions as she talked directly to the camera at times, pleading for her bedtime punishment not to continue. This film was originally a project of POVspanking.com but it actually wasn’t strictly a POV style film in the truest sense as the camera roamed around. However, instead, it was shelved and recently remembered, looked at again… and then decided it was far too good to sit languishing on the AAA servers unwatched. Sarah asked me about it and then i remembered that it was actually a pretty darned good spanking film! I know that this will probably appeal to those that hate to hear the spanker yap on, or whatever… we know the story from what information is provided (which you’ll see below) in fact, you don’t even see the spanker, as such… just a non specific male guardian type figure dishing out her spanking in an efficient and stern but silent manner. I am sure AAA members will enjoy this, I certainly did when I saw it again. Sarah liked it too which is why it has gone up. I can tell you that there are more and longer films like this which will be coming from the SG group of sites… but for now, check out the screen grabs and a short clip so you can understand what I am trying to describe to you today!

Sophie Parker’s “Up Close & Personal Spanking” – from AAA Spanking


Here is the description for AAA members: Every few months at AAA Spanking there is always an extra bonus short movie put up. They are often different and this one is definitely so. This was originally part of the POV project but as it was an early attempt this was in no way a true point of view from the spanker’s perspective so it was quickly  removed from that clips store. What you have instead is a great OTK spanking movie of a beautiful pleading girl, Sophie Parker, who we see getting spanked up close and personal before her bedtime. There is no dialogue from the spanker, in fact we don’t even see the spanker. Some would argue that is a good thing! This is a short hand spanking and hairbrush punishment clip with lots of close up angles of Sophie reacting, talking to the camera and us getting a great view of her fantastic bared, spanked bottom.

sophie_closeup008 panties down for her spanking otk spanking tearful spanking sophie_closeup034 sophie_closeup037 time for your spanking sophie_closeup041 sophie_closeup044 close up spanking sophie_closeup052 sophie_closeup057 hairbrush spanking sophie_closeup069 sophie_closeup072 holding her bare spanked bottom

Check out a short free clip of Sophie’s spanking punishment…

[jwplayer mediaid=”44142″]



This video will be available as a ONE TIME DOWNLOAD HERE from Tuesday this week

In case you are wondering, check out the galleries of films that Sophie has already appeared in at AAA Spanking – just click on the images below which will lead to that specific film gallery. I hope you all have a great start to your week 🙂

soph1 soph4 soph2 soph3 soph6 soph8 soph5 soph7

oh, & in case you’re wondering, Sophie co starred with Amber West in a few of these vids!

Playing Catch Up Part 1

I have promised to get together a detailed post of images and what I have been up to on my latest adventures across The States – I will get to that… but as it involves so much preparation I will not make any more promises and just “Do it” (as Nike might say) when my timescale and time constraints are far more feasible. Sorry about that… the next 3 posts starting from today are all about catching up with the latest and hottest spanking updates from some of my fave sites so you should come back over the next few days as I will be updating this and my other blogs with plenty of news and info which I hope is interesting for you all!

In no particular order, merit or favoritism… here are the first of those updates I have promised you today! Starting with Firmhandspanking.com who continue to feature Samantha Woodley, Kat St James and Kyle Johnson in the “Brotherly Love” series  – this is supposed to be “The Finale” (I’m not sure if it will ever really end… lol) but this features many 6-9  minute spanking film clips as short stories with some kick ass stills images… this is the most recent and supposedly last in this epic series!

Samantha Woodley spanked by Kyle

Samantha Woodley is spanked nude in the bath in the epic finale of Brotherly Love

brotherly_zc005 nude spanking in the tub spanked naked brotherly_zc009 wet bottom spanking spankings brotherly_zc014 OTK Spanking sexy hot punishments bathtub discipline

Samantha Woodley and Katherine St James nude in the bath. What could be better? A long hard 380-smack spanking! Samantha’s bare bottom is soon wet and red for trying to run away with Kat to New York! So hot, we show both angles complete, totally bare!

Samantha Woodley and Kat St James

Check out the free Spanking Clips of Samantha Woodley HERE

Firm hand Spanking


From NorthernSpanking.com comes the full film starring Jenna Jay & Miss Jessica Wood in a rather amusing but severe F/F spanking and discipline movie that Jenna didn’t find so amusing when the heavy leather strappings commenced! Check out the authentic and “old style” gym outfits and heavy panties required in formal gym sessions long… long ago!

The Bicycle of Discipline


Miss Jessica has something of a reputation locally as a very effective personal trainer with somewhat unusual motivational methods. Perhaps this is why her business is favored with a steady stream of lazy young wives, whose husbands are fed up paying for gym memberships! Jenna Jay is Miss Jessica’s latest victim… er, client!

NSI128-JJ010 NSI128-JJ017 NSI128-JJ024 NSI128-JJ027 NSI128-JJ029 NSI128-JJ032 NSI128-JJ034 NSI128-JJ045 NSI128-JJ049 NSI128-JJ051 NSI128-JJ053

Check out MORE of Jenna & Jessica HERE


No place is safe in the Sorority House – least of all the kitchen as this latest long play and very sexy spanking episode shows… this latest movie with stunning image set is called “Chaos in the Kitchen” – from SpankingSororityGirls.com

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Star Nine is back to intimidating Alyssa Reece, this time in the kitchen, when she sits on a stool and puts the curvy bottomed pledge over her knee for a hand and wooden spoon spanking. More making out occurs before Alyssa gets to spank Star a little bit, too, and finished strong with that wooden spoon!

13 14

This site is HOT in its own right – Check it out HERE

Or view it as part of the infamous and Best Value Clare Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


At the AAA Clips Store there is a new film added well in advance of the release date for members of AAAspanking.com … it’s worth looking forward to (for those who have memberships stretching to early May 2015) and those who only download the odd film can get this a few months ahead of the update schedule.
It stars a very bratty and brassy young Sophie Parker in this “fan request” film of which she was unaware of until she was being tied up… fooled into believing her last film was a schoolgirl scenario (you will see she is dressed as a head girl in authentic school uniform) … Sophie was instead given a most humiliating and tearful punishment on the spanking bench. She started to complain so she was quickly ballgagged and although loosely tied (AAA is not a bondage site) it meant she still could not get away easily so endured a scolding and having her panties ripped and cut off her with scissors then her bare bottom was given a good beating until it marked beautifully with the bathbrush and a wooden paddle! Some images and where to download this unique clip event are shown below:

sophiespankingbench001 sophiespankingbench002 sophiespankingbench003 sophiespankingbench004 sophiespankingbench005 sophiespankingbench006 sophiespankingbench007 bench1d benchsophie sophiespankingbench008 sophiespankingbench009 sophiespankingbench010 sophiespankingbench011

Sophie bucked and writhed in pain but it wouldn’t stop until she was genuinely more contrite! It’s a good film with the beautiful Miss Parker given a genuinely humiliating punishment which she later admitted really messed with her head… but in a good kinky way! She would like to “thank” her fans for this unique opportunity (I believe she said this sarcastically!)




& Finally for today! Brand new from English Spankers is the wonderful return (again) of Satine Spark – I’m a huge fan of hers and I know both Sarah Gregory & I are excited to work with her later this year… we will think of something to do to her (together) that she hasn’t done yet, I’m sure, LOL… I love self spankings so this is a great film update as naughty Satine uses a hard leather paddle on her gorgeous derriere! Oh… and just look at that cute cosplay outfit. “Nom Nom!”

Satine spanks herself with a leather paddle

npp7126008 npp7126011 npp7126013 npp7126019 npp7126021 npp7126024 npp7126031 npp7126035 npp7126040 npp7126042 npp7126048 npp7126053

This is what Mr Stern had to say about Satine’s latest film: We get more requests for us to bring this lovely young lady back than anyone else and when you watch her films you will know why. Satine Spark is filled with the love of spanking so much so that when Mr. Stern leaves her alone for a while she picks up a paddle and gives her bare bottom and thighs a real hard paddling. Being the naughty girl that she is she also gets into some very sexy and revealing positions as she does genuinely enjoy spanking and paddling herself.



Oh… and news just in, contrary to what some may think, I would NEVER do this to an aircraft in flight! Terrorism by Poo? Read on…you couldn’t make this “shit up” – or in this case read how some as yet un-named (I would so want to name and shame this shit merchant) passenger stopped a British Airways Flight from London to Dubai 30 minutes into the 7 hour flight! It is rather incredible… was this some form of “dirty protest”?? I would be livid if I was on that plane as you don’t get back those 15 hours that this person stole from everyone with their out of control shit smearing!!!



Catching up with more Spankings!

Well, in my next post (hopefully) I will be able to give you an idea of what I have been up to… Sarah & I have been filming content… a lot of content which is so varied with some more traditional and severe discipline which both of us have not shot like this before. I promise you it’s really good stuff and with some of the best spanking models out there that can take a good hard punishment! Anyway, today is “catch up” time so let’s get on with what is out there at various other quality spanking websites which I think you will enjoy viewing!

I am starting today with a few updates from the Clare Fonda Network of sites… I spent time with both Clare & The Cameraman in Los Angeles recently, and I love the way they work (oops, more on that next time, today is all about industry update catch ups!)


Jenna Rose gets revenge on Maddy Marks

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

Maddy Marks had stolen a client from Jenna Rose and now she must pay for it. Jenna spanks Maddy hard, even using a bath brush, and demanding 5 clients in return. Well Maddy spanks Jenna right back to negotiate a more reasonable number. Both girls are so sore they must ice their bottoms.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Check out the full film of Jenna & Maddy HERE



When I meet up with Clare, we joke and have fun and talk about her diapers kink and one of her longest serving models she has worked with (who I have a real spanko crush on, Kymberly Jane). Well, imagine my surprise when I see this latest update now showing (Clare told me it was coming) and it is now available as a long play movie from GirlSpanksGirl.com

The Surrogate Mother (new series with Clare Fonda)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Clare Fonda is back playing a lady with a secret desire. She allows Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) to live in her house rent free as long as she will allow her to be Kay’s “mommy” for 2 hours each day. (This is Clare’s core kink!!!) On this first day, Kym gets treated like a baby. Clare puts a diaper on her, tickles her, then spanks her over the diaper right there on the sofa when she protests. Don’t miss Clare diapering her little girl and smacks her freshly diapered bottom until it tingles pink and super ouchy!

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

See Kymberly & Clare (who have fantastic screen chemistry) at GirlSpanksGirl.com


lilyFinally from this group of sites… a new girl, Lily is introduced at SpankedSweeties.com – Lily wasn’t spanked for disciplinary reasons growing up, but she developed her interest early, and that lead to Lily eventually joining a dungeon. She talks about her experiences and acts out a role play with Snow Mercy playing her mom, then shows what her interview at the dungeon was like and a typical session there, too. You will be able to see all these films coming out in full very soon so check out her introduction (below) and from what “The Cameraman” told me – this is one of his most popular single sites (and I understand why)… or of course view this as part of the best value 5 site Clare Fonda Pass giving you access to up to 5 sites at a fraction of their combined cost!

Introducing New Girl Lily

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

The philosophy of Spanked Sweeties

Spanking was part of life for so many girls and we ask them to tell us about it in our intimate spanking interviews. How did it feel to be in trouble again, getting a bare bottom spanking. Our beautiful models tell their spanking stories to Clare Fonda and then we act out a domestic spanking scene. The panties come down, the bottoms get red, and tears are cried. We also work with models who have never been spanked and are curious about what corporal punishment feels like. Spanked Sweeties has brought us many of the newest spanking models and contains 2,000 video clips so you can see them with an in depth interview followed by an old fashioned spanking.

These sites featured above are all part of the massively popular Clare Fonda Pass



I’ve seen a lot of Paul & Alex recently from NorthernSpanking.com and with all the filming and traveling recently… it’s been hard to really catch up on what is at some of my fave sites… so please check out Jenni Mack & Amy Hunter… in this update called “The Assignation”, I’m not sure, but I think both girls have now stopped filming and appearing online, which is a great pity, so enjoy these new spanking nuggets as and when they appear at sites like this, unseen images until now!

theassignation012 theassignation018 theassignation028 theassignation037 theassignation041 theassignation044 theassignation047 theassignation053 theassignation057 theassignation060

The arrangement has been made for weeks. On this day they find themselves in the same hotel in the same city. Jenni is wearing her prettiest panties. Amy has brought her favorite paddle… so what will happen? These images give you a pretty good idea!!!




Finally for today a “2 parter” is complete starring the lovely Sophie Parker… who I recommended to work for this site last year… here are the fruits of some of their labors as Sophie foolishly crosses the Guv!

Sophie’s Cleaning Lesson

1Cleansing - 031 1Cleansing - 050 1Cleansing - 084 1Cleansing - 088 1Cleansing - 022 1Cleansing - 051 1Cleansing - 061 1Cleansing - 085 1Cleansing - 089 1Cleansing - 091

Inmate Sophie Parker was ordered by the Governor to clean His office. She hates cleaning and she defied him and provoked him and when she squirted polish into his face, it was time for sterner measures. Over the desk she went and the Governor’s hard hand and strap turned Sophie’s bottom a fiery red. THEN the Governor lowers Sophie’s knickers and grabs his leather implements, he straps Sophie’s bare bottom soundly until she learns how to clean an office properly.




That’s it for now… more to come very soon, hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂


Sexy Sunday Spankings!

Sorry about my earlier rant, as you can tell, I was hugely upset, I still am… since discovering one of the same individuals, who is causing me so much grief … got in – AGAIN earlier this week, all it took was a few hours before I kicked his ass out as he ripped off my most recent films… cold and calculated, all for his own profit… the fact he says he needs YOU to sign up to his affiliate links to earn money to cover memberships… WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT… if I don’t void the transactions, then I get charged back from the poor legitimate guy that he took the stolen details off… and pay MORE in fees! Anyway, enough… needless to say I and the many spanking producer friends I know all work closely together on this problem. I don’t expect those on forums to understand, some of the stuff they come up with is insane so I am glad I am not a part of that community, some of the ignorance from some of them purporting to know a great deal is laughable! Anyway, I should say that this has made some of us closer and will probably result in more cross collaborations at some point! Whoops…  there I go again… MUST … LIGHTEN … UP! (hehe!)

& lighten the mood I will with a new update from SPANKED SWEETIES


Welcome Elektra Rose – a genuine newbie to the site…

02 03

04 05

05a 06


Here is what they had to say about their latest addition: It has been a long time but we finally found another Never Been Spanked girl. Elektra Rose was never spanked growing up. She never even heard of a birthday spanking until this interview by Fiona. Elektra admits she enjoys being spanked by boyfriends, but when pressed, she means a few swats. On this day, she gets her first ever real spanking. She was shocked by how much it hurt. She left with a very, very sore bottom, but a desire to shoot with us again!

09 10

11 11a


Elektra has a beautiful tight bottom just right for spanking… watch out for her other films coming soon that she stars in, helping to fulfill her own fantasies and testing her levels with implements such as the dreaded wooden hairbrush! I’m looking forward to this, her first film already looks like a stunning debut from Spanked Sweeties




To see more of Elektra’s punishments CLICK HERE



The Strict Aunt Jessica series draws to an end – played by Clare Fonda perfectly… just wait til you see Ashley Roses’ magnificent bubble butt getting a good hard spanking from aunty!


003 007

009 012

014 015


In the final installment in this series, Aunt Jessica comes out to find Ashley crashing on her sofa. Uninvited. Auntie is very upset and decides to step up the lesson teaching a bit. She first spanks Ashley on her bouncy round bottom. Ahsley has worn several pairs of underwear in anticipation of this spanking, but this only makes Aunt Jessica even more upset. Aunt Jessica has Ashley bend over and she gives her some very hard swats with a large wooden paddle, leaving Ashley sore and bruised, and standing in the corner.


002 004

006 008


012 013

014 015


Amazing!!! Just look at Alex’s sore bubble butt… addictive viewing indeed! Watch it in full HERE

Girl Spanks Girl

This site is massive in its own right but is an important part of the CLARE FONDA PASS network



I had an email recently asking me what was my favourite PJ film from my site… that was hard to answer, I don’t think I actually have a favourite. Some are too varied, many are memorable… like this great film called “Cruel to be Kind” with Sophie Parker & Amber West. They made a great pairing, especially in this film where I caught them scoffing my beloved chocolate so I gave them that most hated and humiliating of aversion punishments, I force fed them the chocolate they stole off me and strapped their bare bottoms side by side! I can still hear Sophie’s snivelling and crying with Amber whimpering in shame next to her. This was a great little film and these promo images are examples of what members got with the film too!


002 003

004 005


007 009

011 012

It would appear my fave strap featured here has resurfaced after quite some time missing… I just hope that I can get it back soon. I shan’t say anything more on the matter, these things happen.


The official storyline to this is shown below:

The girls discovered some chocolate bars left on the Dining Room table and selfishly begun to scoff them oblivious to the fact Uncle John had caught them in the act. With chocolate still stuck to their mouths, exposing them as the greedy gluttons they were, John was forced to make a decision, he had to be “cruel to be kind” and decided to punish them both the same way that cured the girls of their nasty smoking habit previously. He would associate scoffing too much chocolate with humiliating punishment & the girls were told to get up on the table, baring their bottoms for a nasty spanking & strapping they wouldn’t forget in a hurry as he force fed them more chocolate chunks until they were disgusted by the fact they were tasting this oh so sweet treat yet were getting their bottoms thrashed red raw! A lovely film with the 1st pairing of Amber & Sophie in some beautiful PJs that we know lovers of pyjama discipline erotica will love a lot!

014 015


Check out the tour pages and you should still be able to view the free clip of this!


Teasing Thursday Tempters

Howdy! Hi Y’all… being in the States so long I have now started talking like y’all… hell even other English companies are filming over here in North America as well as your own fine spanking talent on show… so today here’s a quick tempting line up of what is HOT out there, some courtesy of my fellow English producers here in America as well as your own fantastic home grown talent and websites! I will try to limit images to approx 6 or so to get this update out for you’s all! *Yo! Forgeddaboutit!*

Northern Spanking has helped co found an American School for delinquents!

NSI124-GP005 NSI124-GP019

Please step up one of its first pupils, the unlucky Ginger sparks who discovers how we English LOVE to use the cane to get the message across when all else fails! & “boy” does it ever work… check out more images from this film below:

NSI124-GP023 NSI124-GP028 NSI124-GP038


I also had to feature this amazing pantyhose spanking and caning feature of Nurse Caroline Grey also just recently added and now showing at NorthernSpanking.com – Paul has a rather well developed fetish for all things nursey… which I heartily approve of and this has the added and rare bonus of appealing to pantyhose fetishists! It’s something I will be filming more of myself as I have really got into it, but only like filming this in the UK (I will be doing this early October with any luck!)

NSI101-CXP005 NSI101-CXP006 NSI101-CXP010

NSI101-CXP012 NSI101-CXP020 NSI101-CXP021

Check out MORE of the very latest updates coming out right now HERE


A few recent updates now appearing in FULL from Punishedbrats.com are next with a diapering and fetish theme courtesy of Adriana Evans (the Diaper Queen) and Veronica Bound. I believe Adriana is filming with PB again this weekend… I love this girl, she is a pleasure to work with and has amazing tolerance for most butt related punishments! here Adriana is attempting to hide her shame whilst getting spanked in and out of her diapers!


act21 diapergirl12 diapergirl22


diapergirl42 diapergirl52 diapergirl62

& of course more age play spankings with the delightful & tearful Mandie Rae in this “Good Girl” spanking (actually madie told me this hurt like hell) from her “mom” Amber Pixie Wells… Amber was very disappointed in her daughter, who is usually such a good girl and rarely shows any signs of meanness. She spanked her daughter hard and with love. After her spanking was over, Mandie was required to place her bare bottom immediately upon the wooden chair upon which she was spanked. She whimpered as her red bottom touched the wood beneath her. Her mother placed the hairbrush in her hands to think about her behavior. While sitting upon her sore bottom Mandie felt humiliated and also sorry for letting her mother down.


good1-64 good1-84 good1-94

good1-105 good2-62 good2-112




I met Briella Jaden at the recent Fetishcon event in Tampa… and she looked amazing, she normally has her make up a little wilder and ends up playing very naughty young ladies but I almost didn’t recognise her at the event as she looked more like a girl next door (makes mental note to perhaps try her as an innocent looking girl next door getting punished) – However, Briella is perfect at playing very bad girls… as you will see below with her upset daddy, Paul Rogers – now showing in full at SarahGregorySpanking.com

002 005

001 (1) 007 011

008 012


More naughty girls getting the punishments they deserve in full HD from SarahGregorySpanking.com


2 recent updates from the excellent SpankingSarah.com website from the UK has Amelia Jane Rutherford getting a licking over her shorts and bare bottom from Aunty Katie at the House of Correction and in the previous full film update, Sarah catches Jadie Reece smoking pot which leads to a very severe leather strapping punishment.

npp5097020 npp5097044

npp5097051 npp5097058

npp5097060 npp5097064

Amelia Jane and Sophie are at the house of correction and have been tasked with cleaning the house. Sophie refuses to do any of the cleaning and it is left to Amelia to do all the work. Aunty Katie returns and Sophie days that she has done all the work and that Amelia has broken one of Katie’s favourite ornaments. Amelia is despite her protestations to be punished. She gets the strap on her denim shorts then her bare bottom, Sophie watches and gloats

npp7032009 npp7032025

npp7032035 npp7032040

npp7032059 npp7032066

Jadie is at home smoking her shish pipe when Sarah returns. A swift examination reveals that it is an illegal substance being smoked, Sarah is far from happy with this and decides that Jadie has to be punished. She finds her heaviest leather paddle and goes to work on the bare bottom of this young lady giving her one of the hardest paddling’s she has ever handed out.

Check out the HD Spanking Clips of the above HERE


Finally today… Jodi Biltmore’s punishment from the Reform Academy series was my stand out moment from FirmHandSpanking.com this past week. She’s got that perfect girl next door look and receives a good hard spanking leaving her bottom a dark shade of shameful red!

academy_e002 academy_e003

academy_e005 academy_e007

academy_e009 academy_e010

academy_e015 academy_e017

academy_e022 academy_e024

Laid over Mr Strickman’s knee, ripe cheeks bare under his hand, Jodi Biltmore has rebellion spanked out of her 230 times at Reform Academy Cussing out a teacher has painful results and a cherry red butt! (Shot solo Reaction Cam).



Next up is a sample of my images from Fetishcon (at last) teaser below


well, maybe not! hehe

Wet Dream Spankings – pt2

As a distraction from the football… yes, I know, England lost (narrowly against one of the best sides in the tournament and I wouldn’t be surprised if we met each other again in the final, we will only get better away from the oppressive heat of the Amazonian jungle which levels things somewhat as it would allow for our young quick team to counter attack far more effectively… anyway, enough of the footie talk, I am again upbeat of our chances to progress realistically!) – This next up is the stuff of spanking legend…. really hot spanking updates from across the world wide interwebs – these are among the most recent releases that I am currently enjoying personally… and I know that you will too! Today they are mainly F/F focused… but not all, and I promise that you will like what you see today!

First today I am featuring a bang on film from my baby, Sarah Gregory at MommaSpankings.com – seriously this is probably her best ever shot film at the site, as you will see from the images below, the lighting was spot on, the spanking actions and scoldings by momma Dana excellent and this also co-starred the awesome Joelle Barros at this site for the 1st time to compliment what was a great bedtime punishment film! Yup, I helped direct this but I am seriously pleased with the results of this one… Images below are actual screen grabs, not bad, eh? & actual size to just show you just how damned good this film was, I also supplied the costumes so you pajama fetishists, like me, will get off to that too! These are some early scenes you can see right now from this long play 40 minute film! Epic!!!

All Her Fault – starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Joelle Barros


momma-95-021 momma-95-027

momma-95-050 momma-96-006


Momma has taken Sarah and her friend Joelle on a weekend getaway and the girls made a stupid mistake. They hired a male stripper to come to the hotel room while Momma was out, and ordered an expensive bottle of Champagne and charged everything to her room. Momma storms into the room with bill in hand and demands an explanation. Her innocent little Sarah wouldn’t do this, would she? Did Joelle put her up to it? “It’s all her fault!” they say as Momma tries to get to the bottom of the added room expenses. And get to the bottom she does by taking each naughty girl over her lap and giving each one a hard hand spanking. Imagine the embarrassment of being spanked in front of your best friend then watching her get the very same thing

momma-96-044 momma-96-045


momma-96-048 momma-96-073



or get access to both Sarah’s sites for less (see how below)



If you have not read a preview post regarding the Strict Aunt Jessica series now showing at GirlSpanksGirl.com – then check out a FREE Gallery HERE or the image below of the punishment that Snow mercy saw of her friend Ashley Rose… and she liked what she saw a lot – it turned her on, she wanted to know and experience more of what she had just seen!


Well, Snow need not fantasize anymore as she gets her darkest wish and nervously involves herself in a double spanking session experiencing what it’s like to be spanked over a woman’s lap and also get a chance to spank an already sore well spanked bottom too! Talk about dreams becoming reality… and of course this is the stuff of a certain narrator’s “Wet Dreams”! Images below are reduced in size from originals and are totally exclusive to GirlsSpanksGirl.com

DSC_0070l-1 DSC_0075l

DSC_0078l DSC_0081l

DSC_0084l DSC_0085l


DSC_0090l DSC_0094l

DSC_0097l DSC_0098l DSC_0101l


GirlsSpanksGirl.com is also part of the awesome 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass Network
(Giving you all featured sites for a fraction of the combined cost of them all)



One of the sexiest and naughtiest spanking updates coming out this week is featured at SpankingSarah.com – this really is good, and… unless you didn’t know, Mr Stern, (Sarah’s other half featured here) has not been too well and had a spell in hospital but he is making a fine recovery and will be back to fine form like this below as a near tempted Vicar when Sophie thrusts her ample bosoms in his face! The naughty temptress! #mmm


npp5096014 npp5096022

npp5096028 npp5096029


Sometimes even the best behaved of young ladies can fall down. Sophie had been very nasty to the other girls and it had come to the attention of the gentleman in charge of the spiritual well being of the girls at Katie Didit’s house of correction. As much as it went against all that he knew to be right he felt he had to hand out a severe paddling to young Sophie. And make it hurt. She tried to persuade him that he would be much better taking advantage of her ample charms… Will he be able to resist the allure of those unctuous breasts? Find out below!

npp5096045 npp5096046

npp5096057 npp5096061


Check out MORE of Sarah’s fantastic naughty spanking site HERE


Firm Hand Spanking do it again with another of their new recent additions, gorgeous Jodi Biltmore – she looks absolutely stunning in this latest punsihment release as you will see below… #schwiiing


Right from running track, bratty teen Jodi Biltmore is found smoking at Reform Academy and sent to Mr Strickman to be punished. Shorts and panties down for a bare 60-stroke belting will light her up, viewed by Reaction Cam. Check out the high-res stills set too like some of the images shown here – they are stunning!

 academy_d004 academy_d007


academy_d010 academy_d014

academy_d017 academy_d020 academy_d024


Love this girl? She’s stunning, isn’t she? More of Jodi can be seen right here!


Finally here is some delightful spanking nonsense from Russia as SpankingThem.com has a double OTK and punishment of a naughty girl caught masturbating in the classroom… 2 teachers take it in turn to ensure she is thoroughly humiliated, stripped naked and spanked, then flogged in a variety of positions until she can bear the shame no more! here is the story of 24 year old student, Katerina!


001 001a


004 005


007 008 008a

009 011





That’s it from me right now… another amazing football match awaits, Germany v Portugal… and of course USA (yes, you guys are playing tonight!) take on Ghana (that’s in Africa! LOL) – these games look mouthwatering… as mouthwatering as my “Wet Dream Spanking” Update for today, I hope! Back soon! Chief.

Hot Spanking Updates – Part 4

I always seem to be apologizing recently for not getting back sooner… there are many things going on behind the scenes that I can’t talk about, or which would be extremely boring to you on a spanking blog, such as dramas with my most recent car service (which has cost me a fortune) – things like that, as I had to ensure that Sarah gets chauffeured around the UK when she comes over here in May for a few weeks (LOL… makes it sound like she is a diva, heh heh).. it’s just I want her to see my hometown and the Cornish area, something America tourists might miss out on…. I have also been planning a short weekend break away to Paris (when it is my birthday) which I said I’d make up for her since her last experience there, some horrible French person made her cry (she told me the story and it was pretty mean) – so as I used to live there for 3 years in the early 1990’s (& I do pop back there every few years, as I love the place), I have decided to give her my tour of Paris from when I used to live there as a “Parisien” and show her some things not all the tourists would see. This means some great little bars and street cafes/brasseries I used to frequent for the best pastime in Paris – People Watching! – I will also not put her though the pain of slumming it in some sleazy hotel off Clichy in the 18th Arondissement like she did last time… good God no! I’d want to be able to walk out in the evening without wondering if i was gonna be mugged!  Anyway, that’s in May… right now I am also preparing for my trip to see Sarah in April for 3 glorious weeks and of course also the BBW event in Atlantic City… so I hope to meet many of you that read this blog and will be attending, I am really looking forward to this one as it also has a mini invasion of Brits!!!

That’s some upcoming stuff… back to today and what is new at my site… I released a girl/girl film with Amber West & Sophie Parker… dressed in sexy lingerie. they are girlfriends who discuss their day’s spanking sessions and such, then inspect each other’s bottoms and then pour and rub in soothing lotion on their sore bare cheeks and end up spanking each other as they get turned on feeling each other’s skin! The full movie plot and some images which members can see in full (and larger screen resolution) along with the film, are below:


 Chief’s behind the scenes fact of the day: Amber poured so much lotion onto Sophie’s bare bottom that it got out of control… getting everywhere, much to everyone’s amusement, including Sophie… I kept some of this footage in the movie and eventually had to call “Cut” when the stuff just wasn’t getting rubbed in, lol! In the film too, Amber gave Sophie a light spanking… I was about to call cut when it was Sophie’s turn and then she gave her a good hard spanking and please do check out the squeals and moans from Amber… she was genuinely surprised and shocked! I decided to keep both these scenes as it made a nice contrast.


See what I mean about the lotion? LOL

Images below show what happened in the film: “Working Girls”


girls022 girls042


girls046 girls053


girls059 girls066


girls081 girls090


girls109 girls121

Lovers Amber & Sophie are both hard working spanking and session models who arrive home after a hard day’s work on their separate assignments & compare their day’s work. From all that play, their bottoms are still sore from the long day’s exploits and each mark tells a different story… the girls giggle and admire their glowing bottoms and before they settle down for the night, they sooth each others sore skin with cooling moisturizing lotion then spank each other in turn to bring up the day’s playful telltale marks. More bottom rubbing and soothing lotion helps get these girls in the mood for more playtime in their bed!



– ALL membership options via CCBill are now cheaper CLICK HERE for more info! –

For those who just want to download the odd movie of their choice, this latest option is added with ALL the other releases (I have got the most recent films uploaded in various formats of your choice) You can see this latest film HERE or click on the image of the working Girls (below)


More recent films are shown below and available to view IN FULL HD 1280×720 or better

bartender canedemoFULLb

lovingdisciplineOTK GETOUTTABEDHD

selfdefileHD jasrevengeHD


NEXT WEEK at AAA Spanking sees a Bible Bashing extraordinaire with Sarah Gregory at her sassy best given a humiliating temperature taking after she faked the first one, trying to get out of boring Bible Class by pretending to be ill… I have some exclusive early screen shots  taken from the fully edited 16 minute video which has some great banter, and some great spanking scenes in that very cute Bible Class uniform! My fave quote from that film was Sarah trying to justify why she shouldn’t have a rectal temp taking after I had trusted her to take the first orally (she placed the thermometer in a warm cup of coffee she was drinking which sent the temperature rising to over 108f – ahem!)


bible002 bible003

bible004 bible005


“You can’t penetrate a sick person… that’s ewwww, like grossness!”





No More Halloween… Please!

Yes… yes! I hear y’all! Thankfully it passed off here out in the sticks where I live without incident… not one kid came “Trick or Treating” though I wished some girl like the images I had posted yesterday had instead, it wasn’t to be. To be honest, I am rather loathe to celebrate Halloween (probably because at my workplace they try to force it on us in the name of charity which I loathe with every fibre of my being). Also looking at the Facebook updates of my new  (and lovely) American family now, they LOVE it to bits… dressing up their dogs and such… O-M-G! My English reserve and threshold for anything overly commercialized kicked in and I tried not to feel snooty about it, I just don’t really get it, personally… yes, I did a “Halloween” film (well, it wasn’t spooky, just an excuse to have cute girls spanked, lol). I accept that it’s a bit of fun really and that i’m just an old git that should just keep quiet… as it does bring joy to many millions of kids and families (and of course joy to massive retailers who cash in on this excuse to drive additional revenue). Hell, I even have a Halloween theme still up on the blog at the time of writing which I found rather fun for a change and it’s made me think about adding other backgrounds to the blog theme in future… but my top excuse was to just have 3 cute girls dress up in fancy dress and then have me spank them… very delightful it was too! So I should stop moaning and just bring you some wicked spankings that you may have missed elsewhere this past week or so!
Hey… I’m British, so of course we moan and whinge, it’s what we do best – so sue me! Oh… and the weather here is SHIT! 🙂

Non Halloween spanking #1 : The House of Correction


The house of correction has a new inmate to welcome in traditional style. Sophie Parker does not enjoy her first with Miss Katy Didit, it proves to be painful as she has to undress, bend over for an humiliating search and then take a very hard spanking on her bare bottom whilst bent over the punishment stool. Sophie has a beautiful body with large bouncy boobs but this will not stop the spanking she has to endure.

npp5094023 npp5094028

npp5094029 npp5094031

npp5094038 npp5094052


CLICK HERE to see a fantastic free preview of stunning Sophie’s humiliating spanking!


Non Halloween spanking #2 : the return of Adrienne Black

A fantastic sexy spankee and new spanker is up at FirmHandSpanking.com – Adrienne Black (seriously one of the HOTTEST girls to get spanked) is back and a new good looking fella is dishing out his unique brand of spanking discipline. they make quite a couple and the banter between them (I love the way Adrienne always looks so shocked that she is about to be spanked, lol!) can be seen in the montage that gives you an idea of what to expect… and of course a few images that accompany this film – they are “sch-moking!!!”

A new boss, new series, and stunning six-foot blonde Adrienne Black is already in trouble! Messing up the schedule of her hot new boss Jonny Stockton earns her a 216-smack spanking. “Do you think your wife would approve of this?” she asks insolently.

problem_a002 problem_a004

problem_a009 problem_a011

problem_a014 problem_a019

problem_a021 problem_a023

See all the new exciting spanking films including the return of Adrienne Black HERE


Non Halloween spanking #3 : 2 fantastic updates at Punished Brats!

There has also been some very grown up spanking discipline at Punishedbrats.com and a fantastic role reversal for a tough new dominant lady who had been dishing out the spankings recently…. seemed she couldn’t take it in return… these are 2 very different films but reflect the values that owner, connoisseur and all round spanking perv/aficionado, David Pierson, is inspiring at this long standing site… and still one of my all time faves! Just wait til you see David and sexy redhead, Pandora, in a very adult home discipline film in part 2! (More on that in a mo)

The role reversal! “Tables turned!”

tables1-1 table1-2

table1-3 tables1-4

tables1-5 tables1-6

Ariel  has done her research and discovered that Ms. Sydney doesn’t have the most angelic past. She herself was once caught shoplifting and Ariel is going to personally see to it that Ms. Sydney is properly punished!

Now it appears that there is an interesting story behind this specific video. Ariel (AKA Ariel Adore) is tiny and looks almost childlike despite being 24, but she looks and sounds like a kid. Compare that to Sydney who is a robust young woman, who, along with her fetish work, participates in competitive wrestling and MMA! Remember the first five films they made of this story arc, little Ariel was spanked in a harsh manner (see below):


Sydney is a fearsome spanker! So imagine David’s surprise (and our viewing delight) when Sydney struggled to get through her spanking from little Ariel.  It was all she could do to get through this. I suspect that the real issue, was that Sydney had trouble submitting!!!

& then there’s David’s naughty grown up spanking film: “Emergency Funds”


Pandora used the money in her emergency funds account set up by her  ex-husband to buy a fancy dress. Her ex, David, comes over  under the guise of a little romance but then spanks her for  the careless spending. David recalls how this film affected both his son who was filming this and Pixie, who was editing it… this made me laugh!

“Pandora and I did a bit of a simulated sex scene. Aside from some nudity, her not me, it was well shot but tame…. My son shot it. As I was filming this I thought of Pixie’s reaction to this. She said something so nice that it stayed with me. Pixie said, ‘ I had to edit it looking through two fingers. I mean you’re like family’.  That was nice to hear!”

emergency1-1 emergency1-2

emergency1-3 emergency1-4

emergency1-6 emergency1-7

Check out this awesome spanking film along with the usual array of brats getting it good!



Have a great weekend everyone… and I hope you somehow managed to get over the trauma of spooks, ghouls and trick or treaters…. wherever you may be! Don’t  forget, if you WANT a spanking treat on top of the fantastic stuff shown here… check out my site for the kick ass membership options 🙂


Triple A Halloween Spanking Spooktacular

Ok…the film is anything but spooky, lol… I just wanted to have that as my title today! Halloween for grown ups (who don’t have kids in tow) is basically about dressing up and partying… any excuse as far as I can see. Now, when it comes to such frivolity, I am a miserable bastard at the best of times. So having a bunch of rowdy bratty girls dressing up, drinking and abusing my trust is a recipe for disaster… and so it happens that is what went down in the latest film just released in time for “Halloween” as new girls to my site, Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks, are accompanied by well known troublemaker, Alex Reynolds! These 3 together were a hell of a handful, I can tell you… but they were happy memories. I don’t often do films with 3 girls, but when I do, they are nearly always mayhem… and lots of fun to make! This was the 1st of 4 really good films we made together… it was odd making this film just before Labor Day knowing it was coming out for Halloween… heh heh, with the temperature outside close to 100f (38c) it did make me smile in our AC hotel suite 🙂

Horrid Halloween – the new film out now at Triple A Spanking!


Below are some of the promotional images I have made available, members today get to see the 1st of 2 parts to this movie, a 106 screen video gallery AND a glorious HQ image set with 73 gorgeous images (all at least 1800 pixels wide) – that’s a pretty good update today considering I update 3 times a week!!! Want to see more? Check out the (selected) reduced size HQ images 1st, then I have the film descriptor for you… followed by some nice video screen images… which have some great angles as you’ll see, both on the butt and facial reactions! Enjoy!

halloween008 halloween015

halloween026 halloween032

halloween037 halloween041

halloween049 halloween054

halloween066 halloween072

The girls are getting ready at John’s place for their Halloween Party night out. He kindly allowed them space and comfort to get ready and catch up on girly gossip as the 3 girls hadn’t seen each other for some time. However, they abuse his trust by bringing alcohol and dressed up very inappropriately. Maddy and Alex were dressed up as teenage Girl Guides and Christy had a very short Alice in Wonderland dress that left nothing to the imagination! John was called back to his serviced apartment when he was informed that there was a rowdy commotion going on. The girls were getting drunk and the TV was blaring out disturbing the neighbours. He was rather embarrassed and with the complete abuse of trust, it could mean only one outcome for the girls. They would get a horrid spanking punishment before being let out to their party and he wanted to make sure that their bottoms would be glowing bright red for all to see how wicked they had been. Some great facial reactions, sore red bottoms and bratty behaviour from the girls with some equally forceful heavy wooden paddling and hairbrush punishments to kick start the Halloween Holiday!

Images below are taken directly from the film, I’ve included some not seen elsewhere too 🙂

halloween005 halloween010

halloween016 halloween018

halloween027 halloween036

halloween067 halloween092 halloween108

You can see a free preview clip of this new film on the front  of the Home Tour Page HERE


So… it wasn’t spooky or scary… but I did get to dress up 3 naughty girls in some hot costumes, I know you love those girl guide uniforms too, just when I think  I should retire them, another model asks me if she can be spanked in them… what can I say, eh? It’s a fetish I shall have to endure, along with seeing girls in various school and cheerleader uniforms *sigh*

Some of the new films you will now be seeing over the next 7 or 8 weeks are really upping my own personal quality ante as they cover areas I had never dared to before or adding my own unique kink to a tried and tested subject (can you tell I love playing the hard pressed yet pervy teacher?) Hell… why not? I do this partly as a rebellion against my own school days… as one of my woodwork teachers in the past would gleefully humiliate anyone of us boys by placing our heads in a vice, tightening it a little then saying to the hushed class how we should be spanked or punished. I seem to have sometimes taken on that persona… I think that was where my discovery of my own personal fetish begun at around age 13 as I was incredibly tolerant of this teacher’s “weird” behaviour whereas my fellow classmates were appalled!

Anyhoo… moving on… all the amazing films coming out can be viewed as part of the LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP that I have pioneered in a bid to offer the best possible return for anyone who wants to support my site over a long term membership. I shall continue this until around the New Year and then simplify the memberships, but anyone getting these deals in advance will NOT be disappointed with what I have coming! I also have news that I shall be going over to America again in early December – I shall most likely film at least one day whilst there too, but I hope to get at least one film shoot done in England before I leave with a new girl not seen on any other mainstream site – so I shall hopefully be able to tell you about that  AFTER it happens, of course (I have learnt my lesson about announcing stuff then getting let down!)



The above film is also available as a special one off download in full HD-MP4 – you can view ALL the films on offer, including this very latest film by clicking the link HERE or the Cream Horn banner below 🙂



I have also just released a great POV style film at the aptly named POVspanking.com clip site which has cheerleader Sophie pleading with YOU not to spank her… but as her coach, YOU have had enough and she’s there for a spanking and strapping… on the bare bottom! She needs a humiliating and embarrassing punishment – can YOU give it to her? below are some additional promotional images that showcase this beauty’s film… and she sure does look good in that uniform!!!



SWS_1274 SWS_1275


Beautiful cheerleader Sophie has let down the squad again and YOU had warned her what would happen if she messed up… she is pleading with YOU to be lenient, but she’s had her chances. YOU have ordered her to remove her panties and bend over to receive a humiliating bare bottom hand spanking. This film follows YOUR eyes as you look at her exposed privates from behind, catch her eye contact as she knows exactly what YOU are seeing and doing when she is bent over feeling vulnerable and contrite… she won’t let you down again unless she wants another embarrassing punishment like this! This POV spanking perspective is from YOUR view. Filmed in HD-MP4 1280×720 resolution…can be easily viewed on all media players and devices!

Note: POV purists please note, this was an early film in our project and doing this as a spanker’s perspective is extremely difficult, it wasn’t perfect and we have since now known what we want to do but we were never going to let this film remain unpublished! However… Sophie is too darn cute for that as you can see from the images here! You will STILL love some great POV angles and the way Sophie acts to the camera as she pleads with YOU! & IMHO It’s still worth every penny and only available at POVspanking.com




& before I go today… here’s a little something I found on my Facebook account earlier which was a surprise, but it’s awesome… Twerking to Beethoven’s 5th – I love this!!!

Sophie’s HOT new spankings

It’s still sweltering unusually here in the UK, I had a day off from work which was a blessed relief from my stress there and have been juggling several things recently so it was nice to not do much (well, I did update my site… more on that in a mo) and I have not wanted to spend time in the sunshine… I’m at an age, (and ugly appearance) where I really am past caring if I get bronzed or not… unlike, say, 20 odd years ago. But I think my skin could do with a break – so no sunburn from me (yet)!! I didn’t realize that if the weather here was at a reasonably high consistent temperature of +30c (about late 80’s farenheit, I think) for over 5 straight days then it is officially considered a “heatwave” – hardly sweltering, but it’s warm all the same and the 1st time we’ve had consistently high temperatures like this day after glorious day since 2006 – yes, that long ago, that is how shit our summers have been here for the last few years!!! So I will not complain, I’m rather pleased and happy that our lawn is turning yellow, it means I don’t have to mow it for a while 🙂

Please, do I have to keep my clothes on? I’m so hot! (yes you are, my dear!)


& onto the promised updates, if you check out my site, you will see Sophie given a double punishment by Zoe Page who has a naughty wicked plan to humiliate her… an OTK spanking in that cheergirl uniform followed by *drum roll* a wheelbarrow positional spanking leaving NOTHING to the imagination! Someone complained that I was too porny? (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) well, this is kinky and naughty and I loved making this. Zoe and Sophie did too, actually… see more images below, I have some HQ images (reduced in size) as well as some screen shots showing you what you can see as a member of the site watching this naughty little flick 🙂

sophiecheer02 sophiecheer03

sophiecheer04 sophiecheer05

sophiecheer06 sophiecheer08




Sophie was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the bad behaviour & poor attitude would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, the opposite was happening & her latest “boob” mishap with her magnificent breasts popping out of her tight cheergirl uniform in front of a capacity crowd had shamed her fellow cheergirl troupe & her coach! All because Sophie couldn’t be bothered to wear the correct sports bra! This film starts with Sophie being told she will be punished, she doesn’t argue, just accepts her fate & whimpers as Zoe progresses quickly to a bare bottom OTK spanking before the final humiliating & embarrassing finale of her punishment… a 1st time wheelbarrow positional spanking! Sophie knows that Zoe can see everything, every detail of her private anatomy & added to the stinging smacks, Sophie pleads for this new humiliation to stop! This double discipline might have just got through to young Sophie at last!

Below are some screen shots and if you haven’t already, so check out the FREE CLIP below

sophiecheer006 sophiecheer019

sophiecheer025 sophiecheer036

sophiecheer037 sophiecheer046

sophiecheer050 sophiecheer066

sophiecheer079 sophiecheer085


If you just want to watch the OTK spanking or the wheelbarrow spanking clips then this can be done at the following clips stores below, a quick cheap alternative if a membership (even a non recurring one) seems somewhat daunting as I just counted up the films and there’s now about 150 there, all with extensive screen galleries and about 90 image sets, not bad for around two and a half years worth and I only started filming from zero… nada… scratch in  Sept 2010!!!

Click either image below for direct access to the clips

sophieotk222 sophieWB


Check out all the films from both clips stores below:






Pyjama Friday & other Spankings!

Now, many of you will know that I love seeing girls punished in their pyjamas (or pajamas as you good folk from America spell it) and also the punishment rituals associated with bedtime punishments and spankings… that feeling of dread for a young madam who knows before she gets a good night’s sleep, her ass will burn, she’ll endure a humiliating and embarrassing discipline session… and lying in bed, gently sobbing as the lights go out… she’ll have plenty of time to reflect on this. I also favour those early morning discipline scenarios, where the girl has just woken up, if she got any sleep at all… as she would have been told she would be getting punished in the morning… nothing like a little mental anguish to go with the physical side of the discipline. Imagine her awake at night wondering what the next day would bring… oh,” if only she had been better behaved and hadn’t got caught…” and so on! I like to think that at my own site, our mind games we sometimes play with the poor girls comes across clearly… I shall no doubt be exploring many more of these themes… under the guise of spanking girls in their pyjamas and underwear *ahem*

Anyway… you’ve probably had enough of me banging on about my site (although there is a new POV movie uploaded) but I shall let you know about at the end of this post… though it’s not strictly POV, since is is a “wheelbarrow film”… and possibly one of the BEST I have ever made! … so don’t miss that!!!


Dropseat Spankings are always one of my favourites… Michael Masterson is also a big fan of them over the years as Roxy & Abigail will vouch for when this very recent update of their double dropseat paddling punishment was filmed at RealSpankings.com







See what happens to both girls when they annoy Michael with the continual mess in their room with games console discs and general untidiness bringing out the paddle to re-enforce some strict house rules that they have both foolishly ignored! See the full film and some great paddling scenes of 2 very cute girls only at RealSpankings.com



Anyone for tennis? Have you been watching the Roland Garros French Open? Clay courts are so much different from playing on grass and seeing this Grand Slam event on TV… it always signals the start of summer for me – even though in Britain we have endured our coldest Spring virtually since records began (global warming? ha!) The French tournament is a fantastic prelude to the next 2 on grass… the warm up at Queens followed by the one and only Wimbledon. So it is fitting that Masie Dee should annoy Paul Kennedy with her and the other girls constantly retrieving their balls from his lawn until one day he snaps and teaches young Masie a lesson about ball control! Images below are courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com

NSI110-PM013 NSI110-PM028

NSI110-PM040 NSI110-PM052 NSI110-PM066

NSI110-PM050 NSI110-PM087

NSI110-PM072 NSI110-PM090 NSI110-PM093

NSI110-PM095 NSI110-PM100

Check out all the very latest spanking entertainment from Northern Spanking HERE


Valerie Bryant from Firm Hand Spanking always does it for me… I love her facial reactions and she has one of the most spankable bottoms on the planet that I love seeing reddened and sore after her punishment! So the latest in the “Learning Curve” series is now out in full… and even though these images are fantastic… for once the movie of Valerie’s punishment was way way better than these (I think it had something to do with the fact the natural light was so much better!) take note FHS peeps…do this AND with your kick ass photos – you really do have an unstoppable site on your hands! Anyway, check out the stills below – these set off my “Trouser Arousal” (TM Chief) alarms, so please be careful when viewing any of the erotic spanking pictures and clips that I provide, I can not be held responsible for any such mishaps! Likewise for you ladies, if your gusset overfloweth with joy gazing at such wonderment of erotica… please do not send me the dry cleaning bill. Thank you.

Valerie Bryant’s buttock-burning 52 with a leather strap tests her resilience!

tlc_bf002 tlc_bf004

tlc_bf005 tlc_bf006 tlc_bf010

tlc_bf011 tlc_bf017

tlc_bf016 tlc_bf018 tlc_bf021

tlc_bf019 tlc_bf023

Trainee teacher Valerie Bryant has a ripe peach of a bottom! Mr Anderson has her lie over the back of a sofa for 52 strokes with a school strap on her bare skin in Learning Curve. Her teeth-gritting reactions are so powerful, you will see this in the movie too! CLICK HERE for the free preview


The 2 most recent films added to Punishedbrats.com are carried out by trusted stern disciplinarian, Veronica Bound… she sure has the scolding techniques and firm no nonsense attitude to discipline I most admire in a strong mature woman that knows what she wants… and you’ll see that both Pandora Blake and Charlie Skye dealt with in a swift painful resolution to the reason they got punished in the first place!


Pandora Blake stars in “Grievances” – the 1st scenes of Arbitration

grievance1-2 grievance1-3

grievance1-4 grievance1-5

grievance1-6 grievance1-7

Veronica and Pandora are having a disagreement over everything from reasonable expectations to the dowdy maid’s uniform. Finally Veronica has had enough and declares Pandora may remove the offensive uniform as she’ll have little need for it for a while as her bare bottom is paddled! This film was filmed in David’s office and you can see a FREE Preview of this latest film HERE


Rules Change – with Charlie Skye (spanked by Veronica)

rules2-1 rules2-2

rules2-3 rules2-4

rules2-5 rules2-6

Nearing the end of the Life Swap experience, Charlie informs Veronica how much her rules suck and that things will be a lot different from now on. But Charlie’s demands fall on deaf ears as Veronica spanks her for this rude outburst. Charlie is relieved to think that her Life Swap experience is nearing an end and her bottom can have a rest but Veronica’s got something else in mind!

See all the latest HD films HERE for a membership starting from just $17 a month (still at 2006 prices!)


I’ve not shown much from Spanked-in-Uniform.com recently… which is a pity as there are updates and new films a plenty… as well as 2 new uniform niches introduced (I’ll start with these) and then show another recent fave of mine, so that kind of brings me up to date with Mike’s great site. All images below are taken from screen grabs of the films themselves, all filmed in usual HD quality playback.

Below is the latest new uniform niche – The Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency


This is the first of 2 films introducing new maids Julie and Scarlett to the company: “The Complaint” – Sexy maids Julie and Scarlett were sent to a customer John to clean his house. He was not satisfied and sent a letter to the Agency complaining about Julie’s shoes and that the girls didn’t clean properly and were caught watching soaps on TV. Mr. Johnson decided that both maids needed a good spanking. In part one Julie goes across his knee and gets soundly spanked.


ep1_3 ep1_6

ep1_7 ep1_8

ep1_10 ep1_12

Click here for the 1st film from the Sexy Cleaning  Maids series


This is the very 1st movie from this series and it is in 2 full parts… this is part 1: Julie and Scarlett were late for practice with the result that all the courts were occupied so they trained inside. Coach Mike saw them and scolded them because they had an important match that Saturday and every practice is important. He grabbed a chair and flung them both across his knee for a sound spanking. They were then sent to his office where their bare bottoms will be soundly dealt with in part two.


ep1_7 ep1_8

ep1_10 ep1_11

ep1_14 ep1_15

You wouldn’t want to misbehave in this badminton Club… would you? 🙂

I haven’t featured this niche for ages, so enjoy the uniforms and seeing Mike look very smart in his pristine whites. It can only be the Southport Naval Academy!


The Competition: It was time to promote one of the cadets to corporal but their commanding officer had a problem. Both Fae and Tiina had excellent records so he decided, in true naval style, to have a birching and caning competition between the two cadets. He thrashed their bare bottoms with 2 different birches and two different canes, six strokes each, until one of them gave up. The winner was promoted to corporal. You can find out who in the full film HERE


ep10_2 ep10_5

ep10_6 ep10_10

ep10_15 ep10_17

To see all the uniform niches currently showing from this vast archive of sch-paaankings – CLICK HERE



Finally from POVspanking.com – a wheelbarrow position clip “extraordinaire” – this was one WB film I felt I got completely right, we had additional lighting and reduced glare and shadowing… it, like the actual POV scenes are an ongoing project and a learning curve every time we make one of these films as they are a lot harder to do than you may think… but Sophie’s… at the hands of Zoe, was an awesome effort and it is showing for the 1st time (and only place on the clips4sale network) at POVspanking.com Check out some images from the film below… this was a 2 part movie… Sophie had already been spanked OTK of Zoe Page and then she had to endure this… the OTK part is now uploading at my other clip store HERE and should be available within an hour or 2 of me posting this 🙂

The full film (both parts) will become available to members of the main site early July (if memory serves me right on the schedule list…) yes, I actually have a list of films to upload about 2 months in advance with any slots free when I know I will be doing a film shoot to get those out too… so if you can’t wait until then, these 2 clips are there for you… or if you just want to download the odd movie. then “boy” you’re in luck, aren’t you? You will get to see this waaaaaaaay before anyone else and it’s a good reason for having the Clips Stores to highlight and preview films far in advance 🙂


This was Sophie’s only wheelbarrow spanking, and she took this reluctantly after a tearful OTK spanking at the hands of hot bully, Zoe Page which you can see at our other clips store  HERE  – you will get to see in very clear and intimate detail Sophie’s embarrassing finale to her cheerleader punishment by coach Page… this film clip makes you feel a part of being there as some of the scenes are so close and naughty with nothing to hide! as you’ll see below from the actual screen shots… #HAWT!

sophiewb001 sophiewb002

sophiewb003 sophiewb004

sophiewb005 sophiewb006

sophiewb007 sophiewb008

Check out the wheelbarrow spanking clip HERE



Have a good weekend everyone! Chief. xx

My Spanking Site Updates

Yikes… been really really busy elsewhere and have been itching to properly sit down and write about what I’ve been seeing and viewing but unable to do so, it’s likely to be that way for a good few days more as I have another filmshoot at the end of the weekend and I really want to sit down and prepare some scripts for that, thanks to some ideas I already have, YOU can get them in too – mail me HERE or leave a comment on this post or the previous one where I asked when we shall be filming new girl Mila Kohl and Aleesha Fox with myself, Paul Kennedy, Dodgy Dave AND Zoe Page – quite a gathering, eh?

Anyhow, the latest film update is out at my main site and is a delightfully cruel and twisted take on a popular board game, Monopoly… which Dodgy Dave used to his own evil ends to use as an excuse to punish Amber and Sophie – who were seriously NOT amused!!! See why below from these preview video screen images! I also have a really nice set of images that will accompany the film but they will be out next week as I just haven’t had time to edit them (do you know it takes LONGER to edit and ensure images look half decent than preparing a video edit and the associated screen images? Well, it does for me!)

Spankopoly – the game of NO CHANCE!

Each month Amber & Sophie return to Uncle Dave’s for one night & a game of (no) chance, a twisted game version that Dodgy Dave loves to call “Spankopoly” where he is always the banker and the girls always lose and pay forfeits with various punishments that he can think up. Why would the girls even contemplate such an act? As you’ll discover both girls are not entirely submissive & are thoroughly fed up to be playing his “game”. The reason they return is because he generously funds them both a lot of their privileged lifestyle and this “game” is a once a month penance they put up with but it also offers them the chance to try & at least win for once & avoid the various humiliations and thrashings… but the odds are always stacked against the girls & they put up with his strange antics. However, tensions mount as Sophie flips the board in total frustration at their ongoing embarrassment being there having their bare bottoms spanked & he orders both girls to stand up & receive a more traditional old fashioned punishment with his leather strap. See how this ends as Dave quashes the rebellion as only he knows how!


Now check out the images taken directly from the film (below)

spankopoly004 spankopoly010

spankopoly025 spankopoly030

spankopoly043 spankopoly048

spankopoly053 spankopoly065

spankopoly071 spankopoly074

spankopoly078 spankopoly081

Check out a special LONG PLAY 50 MB clip that shows the moment Sophie “lost it” and Dave upped the tone of a more traditional spanking punishment, getting fed up that the girls wouldn’t play along with his twisted game anymore… Hilarious and perverse at the same time, I loved it… I hope you do too!


This film will be up on the AAA Clips Store (along with last week’s offering of that Milkmaid thrashing of Dani Hunt) – I just haven’t had time to upload some content yet, I actually only just got a brand new router as the old one was about 6 years old and slowly dying on me… this one is giving me a better upload speed so hopefully I won’t find it such a pain to get the films up from now on!!!

Schoolgirl Amber bends over in the latest offering from POV Spanking


& to showcase that, I have started uploading more content to the new POV spanking site and the latest film stars schoolgirl Amber in a purely POV setting that she found challenging to start with as my hand and direction said nothing… this was hard to direct so we had to be meticulous about what was supposed to happen… it still is in its infancy, but the films get better and better with each new scenario I help direct and make, I liked this one as it had Amber in a very ridiculous short skirt, set for a maximum perving gaze and featured just my hand and some gesticulating so you get to view this as if it was yourself carrying out the spanking – a perfect POV style! Check out the screen grabs from this film, I shall be uploading these and some cool stills images I took as bonus content for members at the main AAA site which will help showcase the POV site there anyway… but here is a taster of the quality of the images you can see taken directly from the film!

schoolreport01 schoolreport02

schoolreport03 schoolreport04

schoolreport05 schoolreport06

schoolreport07 schoolreport08

“Amber is worried and with good reason as she hands you her latest school report… and it’s not good reading. You screw it up into a ball and throw it back at her in disgust then point to the floor signally the start of her spanking punishment for failing her grades – again! She’s still in her uniform, but with her white panties removed and shamefully down around her ankles. The hand isn’t enough so you soon get to use a hairbrush across her schoolgirl bottom to see if that does the trick! This unique film includes good close up POV style action with the hairbrush as well as the hand!”

schoolreport09 schoolreport10

schoolreport12 schoolreport13

schoolreport14 schoolreport15

schoolreport16 schoolreport17

…the beauty of these films is that in the strictest POV style, there is nothing from the spanker… no dialog, in fact, you should not be able to see the spanker as that is supposed to be you in that position, isn’t it? Some nice close ups and some interaction from the punishee adds to the true style POV effect… I hope the images above help show all this!

I will be uploading this full image set and bonus images on top of the usual updates at AAA Spanking soon (it is a treat and a way for members to see our good work carried out elsewhere), but the actual films will only be able to be seen at POVspanking.com

SWS_1317 SWS_1324

Check out all the POV style films, close up and intimate spankings as well as new wheelbarrow position clips!



OK, it’s late (2am) and I am up at 6 so I’m shuffling off to bed… “night night!”