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1st part of the Spanking Catch Up!

I have just spent a tedious hour trying to book a flight, all for the sake of a few Quid cheaper on one network I was sent to… their useless rotten server kept timing out and also I didn’t know if my card was getting charged, so in the end I paid about $10 extra just so I could get the damn thing sorted, it just pissed off that this had wasted my time faffing with that site’s useless connection. Frustrating, isn’t it? I felt so helpless and so angry… I have enough worries on my plate without crap like that! So already I am an hour behind on what i wanted to bring you as well as get some other writings up on the other blogs! So I won’t bore you with the detail and will limit images per site to a maximum of 8 and bring you all the relevant info you will need to see what is out there this past week or so… if I have time, I will write extra on my other blogs! I will give you links to those or announce them on Twitter so you will know they are updated. OK… let’s get on with the spanking goodness and in no particular order, coming to the stage today we have updates from the following sites:


English Spankers – Spanking Sarah – Spanked in Uniform & Sound Punishment

Followed by appearances from Firm Hand, Amber Spanks and Sarah Gregory Spanking … and if I have time I will also add a fine update from my good friends at Northern Spanking too! I’m gonna be busy, so I better get cracking!

English Spankers – “A Well Deserved Punishment”

Young Jess fancies herself as a cat burglar but she does not have nine lives and unfortunately picks on a house owned by the London Tanner and Spanking Sarah. Now she is caught in the act of going through the cupboards and punishment is to be swift and very painful. After a real lecture and telling off she goes over the knee for a spanking but then the wicked pair decide to give her a nasty double caning. Bent over she has to take a long and very hard thrashing from two very accurate and hard experts with the cane.

npp6087035 npp6087051

npp6087068 npp6087074

npp6087079 npp6087090

npp6087093 npp6087100

Check out the free HD Clip of thieving Emo Chick Jess’s double caning HERE


Spanking Sarah – “Paddle for Ashley”

It’s the second part of Ashley’s audition for Sarah’s site and she wants to use her paddles on her bare bottom. Ashley is so lovely that she really does have to force herself to give her the hard paddling that she knows we will expect her to receive but thankfully Sarah is able to do this. Once she sees her bent over with her bottom right in the air she has no hesitation and Sarah gives her a jolly hard punishment paddling. She picks two nasty stingy paddles and these do make her jump around a bit, but it was worth it though as you will see!

npp6094007 npp6094011

npp6094026 npp6094032

npp6094038 npp6094039

npp6094044 npp6094050

See sexy brunette Ashley’s first paddling from this free clip HERE


Sound Punishment – Amelia Jane Rutherford is the “Sorry Secretary”

Amelia Jane Rutherford, her name is a impressive as the position she holds as personal secretary to the Chairman of the Board. When she really messes up the correspondence between two customers it costs the company dear, and the Chairman exacts his revenge in a way she will always remember!

_DSC4302 _DSC4306 _DSC4307

_DSC4313 _DSC4317

_DSC4320 _DSC4323


Check out a free clip of stunning Amelia’s punishment HERE


Spanked-in-Uniform – Army Cadet Section “Letter Home parts 1 & 2”

18 year old cadet Vanessa is writing a letter home how she is doing at the Academy. She mentions in the letter that in that morning she was soundly spanked by her commanding officer during inspection for having her toothbrush in the wrong place. During the spanking he noticed that she was not wearing regulation panties so he told her to wait by her bed, bottom bare, until he had finished the inspection. She then got a sound paddling. later that week in part 2, her commanding Officer decided to give her a traditional salute birching whilst still dressed in her formal uniform. She received a hard 12 stroke bare bottom Academy Salute Birching which left her bottom very red and sore…

ep19_7 ep19_6

ep19_10 ep19_13

ep20_1 ep20_8

ep20_10 ep20_11

Go check out this double film update as part of the whole spanked in uniform thing!


OK, I know the next update well, as poor Sarah Gregory had to edit this whilst we were out together in LA… it wasn’t an easy edit either and no one will know how hard this was to complete unless you saw some of the raw footage… OMG! This is one of my pet peeves whenever we film and if I am not on cams then I have less control or direction. We don’t always get the cam guys we want… & we only have one chance to get it right after we finish filming for the day so for her to edit in between constant “cuts” and cam angle re arrangements or zooming in and out unreasonably…grrrr. We live and learn. It’s easy to overlook something at the time, it can’t be redone and makes life difficult later… so what Sarah has done with this footage, when you see the movie, you will never notice anything… and it is in fact an editing marvel! She worked damn hard at this and I’m proud of her, I know couldn’t do that! Well done, baby… oh, and it’s also a really good film with Chelsea Pfeiffer too, as you’d expect! Check it out below!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-017 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal1-027


In this video Sarah plays a young innocent girl who has only read about and seen videos of spankings. She is curious and would like to try it. She contacts Chelsea Pfeiffer who has put out an ad looking for a submissive to spank. Sarah quite enjoys the sensations of her first spanking, strapping, and flogging, though it does sting and make her squeal!

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-021 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-023 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-027

0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-029 0153_i_want_a_spanking_gal2-026

Check out MORE of this film only from SarahGregorySpanking.com

or via the Sarah Gregory Pass (click banner below for her special 2 site pass saving you money)


Another lady I love to bits doing what she does is Amber Dawn from the Bay Area on the west coast, this hot redhead spanking model has been making her own unique and often much passed over spanking porn (in my opinion) since 2007… sign up to her network and you get 3 sites, 2 of which are entirely devoted to spanking, One features Amber getting spanked by her (lucky) Daddy and various switchy girlies… and the other site she gets to dish out some naughty punishments of her own… and of course the bonus site features a lot of her vanilla modeling stuff as well as recorded cam shows and all manner of extra perviness that I know you will all adore!

OK, enough of that… here is Amber dishing out her spankings to Amy on her birthday

AmberSpanksAmyBD1a AmberSpanksAmyBD1b

AmyGH1a AmberSpanksAmyBD2d

AmberSpanksAmyBD2k AmyGH1c

AmberSpanksAmyBD2q AmberSpanksAmyBD2s AmberSpanksAmyBD2t

Click here to see just how HOT Amber’s site is!


Finally from Firm Hand Spanking (I ran out of time thanks to a nasty piece of piracy that took me a fucking hour to remove and it’s a Saturday FFS!) I think you’ll like this last update I have for you today, it stars Tara Somerville, one of the gorgeous new girls featuring presently at this site! Here she is in her ongoing “Intern” series. I have to give a “shout out” to Ralph Marvel here (aka Frank or Coach Reed at Firm Hand) he’s an awesome guy and a great top who I have met a few times now!

intern_cc003 intern_cc009

intern_cc011 intern_cc013

intern_cc015 intern_cc018

intern_cc022 intern_cc023

A perfect, jutting bare bottom and a beautiful blonde! Tara Somerville comes to the office in her college cheer uniform – hot as hell! Mr Reed’s paddle spanks her bare butt 40 times for disrupting the office, leaving her cheeks red and sore! Attitude adjusted? Briefly… there is plenty more to come in this hot series, that is for sure!

& you can catch up on all the latest updates incl. another with Samantha Woodley HERE


OK, thanks to the pirates, I had to cut this short, it has really pissed me off… but what am I supposed to do? Let these greedy leeches suck the life out of my site? I promised to make it as unprofitable for them and that is the point… I’m sure some of them and their freetard lackies read this blog, seriously do they not know how much it hurts to see your hard work, the agony of those filmshoots when models don’t turn up or something else goes wrong… the chargebacks from STOLEN cards they use… no, they just take and try to make as much profit as they can. There is less and less incentive for smaller producers like myself to “produce” nowadays when this happens… I seriously predict in a few years that the paysite model will be drastically changing, and that model will involve big changes most probably punishing those that try to support our work now… as without income, we die, that’s a fact. It will mean other ways of trying to protect what you have built up and most probably in fractured sites/clips and one off downloads but to name some ways as getting into sites like mine and ripping it is far too easy nowadays. Sure, we often stop stolen cards, they are normally easy to spot… but we are not always online… how sad would that be… I do try to have a life, unlike one guy based in Holland (one of about 4 or 5 determined individuals across the glove) who is determined to release every film I have produced… it is truly sickening and soul destroying. So if you can put up with my ramblings, have any sympathy left after this little rant, then please do try to support my site with a membership, or any of the others you see, as this affects us all. I’m still keen to continue but seeing site rips on any site destroys that hope and fun that I and other producers once had making content! As I said, it is an emotive subject, I hate the fact I have to spend more time devoted to rooting this crap out when I’d rather be spending time on my site and blogs instead or even enjoying a break as I had planned to. So have a great weekend, I will be back tomorrow and trying to update my other blogs and sites of interest too! Night all!



More Updates for your consideration!

Jeez… I have been sooooo busy that I only just managed to (finally) update the site with a new film so I basically put up the full film instead of breaking it into 2 parts. It features a return for Danielle Hunt in a memorable film I made with her. I believe this actually was our first film of the day and it was pretty cold in that studio as I recall… so with Dani feeling the cold (hmmm, most girls do, eh?) I gave her a darned good thrashing to ensure that at least one part of her anatomy was quite toasty and all warmed up. Her dusky bottom turned a darker shameful shade with a hint of throbbing red that I loved seeing as I spanked her over my knee rather hard then used a hairbrush to finish off her punishment when I didn’t want to ruin my own precious hand on her near indestructible rear! This was a painful punishment with Dani in a naughty cheerleading uniform, which I loved seeing her in. If you click on either image below, it will take you to 2 special free galleries which best showcase my site’s latest new film update! Enjoy!!!

Dani’s Cheerleading Evaluation – The Free Gallery of video screens


Click image below to view the Special Free Gallery
(images reduced in size from Members Area)


You can watch a special OTK hairbrush punishment preview HERE

FYI – this film is already available as an HD-WMV download at the CLIPS STORE

Want to know what is coming before Xmas Day? This was taken from my most recent filmshoot only a few weeks back and stars Sarah Gregory with Joelle Barros, a fantastic duo (only spoiled by some hapless geek like myself who believes he has been given 2 Stepford Wives Style bots – spankbots in fact) who are commanded by a special remote control in his possession which can make them do anything and everything he desires in his wildest punishment fantasies with these lifelike hot spankbots… as you will see, not all goes to plan… it’s a fun, naughty and at times rather hard hitting (remember the carpet beater!) film… with a nice twist at the end I will not reveal (aren’t I a tease?) 🙂

spankbot01 spankbot02

spankbot03 spankbot04

spankbot05 spankbot06

This film goes live early next week at AAAspanking.com


Sticking with a fun element, briefly… I took time out to check all the most recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com and their other updates are featured elsewhere, so I thought I’d bring you these fun images, I remember Paul sending me an image of this, he was really excited about the day’s shoot… (and now you can see why) after he and Zoe Montana had done this little fun set… messing around in the soapy suds of the industrial size kitchen sinks at a unique and fantastic location (sadly no longer available to use!)

NSI107-PZ022 NSI107-PZ035

NSI107-PZ044 NSI107-PZ048


NSI107-PZ081 NSI107-PZ088

NSI107-PZ098 NSI107-PZ100

Check out more naughty spankings c/o NorthernSpanking.com


Wanna see something naughty but nice? Of course you would… the latest recruit at the Sexy Cleaning Company from English-Spankers.com was awesome fetish model, Ludella Hahn, who asked if she had what it took to join their company and they of course welcomed her. She did some amazing flashing shots for the cameras then took a good whacking with a wooden baking spoon and a very hard leather paddle. She even took the paddle and did a very sexy and quite hard self paddling on her lovely bottom. Check out some superb images below… the film is far better! Trust me!

npp6028030 npp6028021

npp6028037 npp6028044

npp6028052 npp6028056

npp6028058 npp6028061

npp6028063 npp6028073

Check out this and the other great films she has starred in exclusive to English-Spankers.com


Exclusive updates come thick and fast at FirmHandSpanking.com as one of their most recent recruits, gorgeous and sassy Stacy Stockton, features in the latest film shown today as she is accosted by young hot shot lawyer, Patrick bateman for wearing highly inappropriate attire in the office environment. I never really like watching American films with canings in them as a rule, as they never seem to get them right… but this one was superb… a dozen hard strokes measured for effect and some fantastic reactions from Stacy… this hurt alright, and i am sure she learnt her lesson… (images below accompany the movie)

secretary_bd001 secretary_bd004

secretary_bd006 secretary_bd010

secretary_bd014 secretary_bd016

secretary_bd023 secretary_bd024

I promise you will not want to miss sexy Stacy’s punishment – See it HERE


I loved seeing this location shoot, and of course Agean from SoundPunishment.com is rather pervy as a frightenly real looking vicar who chastises then spanks one of his more provocatively dressed (or is that undressed?) congregation after the church service… how could Susan James refuse her punishment in the eyes of God from a “man of the cloth” – good job I never accepted the calling… I’d be in every tabloid here in the UK using the good Lord’s name to instruct sassy young girls like Susan to remove their panties and receive unholy paddlings and such on their bare quivering pert bottoms… *sigh* lol! See for yourself some choice images taken from this excellent film!

susanjames02 susanjames03

susanjames05 susanjames06

susanjames07 susanjames08

susanjames10 susanjames11

susanjames15 susanjames18

Check out the very latest spankings including this film by viewing the tour pages and downloading the excellent free clips so you can make up yoru own mind about this English spanking site – SoundPunishment.com


The last site from the UK featured in this post today is Pandora’s DreamsOfSpanking.com as she stars in a delightful (over the top) historical romp called “The New Lieutenant”

Her Majesty’s Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: Lieutenant Shada requires introduction to the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! Havelock also takes the opportunity to provide the new Lieutenant with Flash Harry’s patent method for domestic bliss:  a brisk over-the-lap spanking and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop… (image below are part of the 83 image set which accompanies the 18 minute movie)

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant019 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant057

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant059 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant080

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant066 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant083

Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant087 Dreams-of-Spanking_lieutenant108

Check out the free video preview HERE


As it is very nearly Xmas, I have relented and will let you know about a new update just appearing as I type this… it’s from a very exciteable Sarah Gregory who just LOVES the fun and festivities of the Holidays… perhaps only rivalled by a certain Miss Alex Reynolds… who is the spankee star in this daddy/daughter spanking movie “Not what she expected!”. (Alex looks impossibly cute in her PJ’s!!!)


It’s Christmas morning and naughty little Alex has snuck downstairs early to get a head start on opening her presents. Daddy catches her and is not happy with her behaviour. Alex get something she did not wish for on Christmas morning…. a spanking!


0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-015 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-022 0146_not_what_she_wished_for_gal1-026

Robert Shore plays Alex’s dad… I like this guy a lot and hope to film with him throughout our meetings at various events next year 🙂


You can check on the progress of this new movie HERE




Playing “Spanking Catch Up!”

Today is a great day for me to catch up on some spanking films and scenes/images etc that I have missed due to some horrendous work commitments away from here and my site (yup, I need to work to keep a roof over my head, despite what some troll thinks I get up luring girls to exotic locations and all whilst we play in champagne filled baths offset then sell off our videos for $10,000’s) but guess what – I digress! (LOL) – So onto a site I love, they just get on with making great films and image sets that always grab my attention, here are some of the great scenes you can see this week from some of the latest updates to start with below:

Zoe Montana inspects her bruising and receives more punishment at NorthernSpanking.com

This set with Zoe Montana made me smile as I know the story behind those horrendous marks, I hope she kept her end of the bargain and did another shoot with Paul! I also slept in that bed a month or so before Zoe was on it, I was kept up all night by a rattling window pane and felt like shit the next day when I had a shoot with Jenna & Taylor at the time (oops!) It’s a pity this place is now not available as it had so many institutional rooms that I wanted to make use of… but I did film here a few times and there are many films to come, but guess what – yup, I digress yet again, this is about Northern Spanking“Get on with it, Chief!” I hear you cry out in despair!



It used to be called Borstal. What its called now Zoe is none too sure but every day this sadistic superintendent in a leather jacket arrives and gives her a beating. Creative too; even the insides of her tender thighs do not escape a strapping.

I nominated Stephen Lewis as “best spanker” – it’s not just the way he spanks them but who he is with… here are a couple of very recent films with lucky Stephen and some of the latest girls featured, such as redhead Serena Storm and brunette Roxy Valentynne in the film “Bum Notes”.




Roxy is taking piano lessons from Miss Storm at the insistence of her father. But the fact she has made little to no progress in 7 months raises questions for Mr Valentynne. And he wants answers!



In her debut for Northern Spanking – it was decided to give Mila as much exposure as possible… to the whole of Las Vegas in fact! Punishment, as is usual in these circumstances was left in the safe (and paddle-like) hands of Mr Lewis! To see MORE of Mila and the gorgeous girls featured above CLICK HERE


OK, this is simply one of Sarah’s best films I’ve seen in a while, mainly because it features Sally Spark getting something she should have had a long… long time ago, a damned good thrashing in the buff! She has worked for Sarah a few times (even producing some films for the dreaded x*r*t*cs when they approached every Brit producer for content when they were in dire need after I got shafted BIG TIME by those schmucks who sold this tired “spanko empire” to the new owners who I admit I’m not best keen on either. $1,000’s were owed to me which should have been included in a sale but of course the brothers had conveniently gone into Voluntary Administration fucking over our tax authorities and the many creditors (I was second highest behind the tax man, btw!) and of course my lost affiliate revenue promoting those sites when the new owners took over (which really hurt me BIG TIME) after they changed all my affiliate codes… (but guess what, I digress again, eh?) So back on track… & the best work of Sally is without doubt at Sarah and Mr Stern’s sites and this latest offering is a real cracker! Seeing Sally’s beautiful body, completely starkers (she is extremely beautiful) was an added bonus and why Spank Cat DEFINITELY approves of this movie and many of Sarah’s fantastic films she produces herself giving us a new full film each and every week at a much lower price than expected – Check out her membership options and you will see what I mean! I love seeing Sarah getting spanked too so this is a fantastic bonus and there is a vast archive of spanking smut and films stretching back several years! Oh, and you can also vote for my blog and site if you like on her excellent blog’s spanking awards for UK Sites HERE (pretty please!)

In the meantime please do check out Sally’s punishment below!

This is what Sarah had to say about the latest film: Sally has made some spanking films already but felt she was not pushed to her limits, I was happy to discuss this with her to see just how far I could take this young blonde beauty. I decided to use a variety of implements on her soft bottom and breasts… the martinet, a strap, a paddle and the riding crop. Sally took it all, much harder than than she had ever experienced and it made a great film of this teenage lovely!






See the HD Movie preview of gorgeous Sally’s Punishment HERE


Meanwhile Sarah’s “other half” has had his hands full spanking some lovelies over the years and he makes a welcome return spanking ample BBW Darcy who has THE most spankable bottom, I’d “love” to get my hands on that bubble butt rear!!! Wouldn’t you?

Mr. Stern is on call to exasperated husbands and boyfriends to come and deal with errant wives, in the most extreme cases he will visit the wife at her home and record the events. The range of punishments depend upon the behaviour problems but with Darcy the  first miscreant of this new series who has been cheating on her husband he decides to start with a spanking on her large firm bottom. The spankings are severe and obviously painful.




Will Darcy learn from this bare bottom spanking? FIND OUT HERE FROM THE FREE MOVIE PREVIEW!



Another Spank Cat approval rating for Sound Punishment as schoolgirl Fae Corbin gets a nasty wake up Detention from the hands and slipper of Headmistress Stricktland, poor Fae’s bottom takes a pounding, first over the lap of her teacher then bent right over getting a good old fashioned slippering that the other girls could hear in adjoining classrooms!

Below are some lower resolution shots I took from the promo vid and played around with them for added effect, however, members will get to see a proper HQ Photoset and the full film in much higher and clearer quality than you can here, below images are for illustration only…




Get to see the best previews and full movies HERE


&  here are some nice images to nearly end this British spanking post on today as RedStripe films takes a look at the antics of Kami Robertson and Dani Loveday as both girls bottoms take a severe last punishment from their day’s filmshoot… I’ll let the images do the talking from that shoot as well as the official explanation (below) which basically means the girls got a good thrashing! 🙂

This film just should not have happened. The shoot was over and the crew were packing away when the girls started to brat. They were in the mood for more spanking and paddling and caning. That’s what happens when you have great spanking models like Kami Robertson & Dani Loveday. So what to do? Only one thing, out came the spanking toys and they both got what proved to be the most severe thrashing of the day. Did they like it, yes they did and so the day continued.








See the mayhem with a free preview clip at the aptly named Red Stripe Films website HERE


Darn it, I nearly forgot so here is the final Brit spanking update of the day… how could I? (so sorry, Pandora!) I never seem to be able to persuade any of my readership to sign up to Pandora’s great site, God knows why, perhaps you are all already members (it wouldn’t surprise me) or I’m never taken seriously on here (blah blah blah… spank cats and such) but just in case… take a taster at the very latest offering from her website below 🙂 Does the Spank Cat dream of spanking? Hmmm…

taken from the film “Prove Your Love!”

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!  A unique, believable and entertaining switch scene featuring both F/M and M/F spanking.




Check out a long play free preview of this great switching film HERE


Hope you liked this promised 2nd update here today!
I’ll be back soon with yet more goodness from the spanking internet! Chief

A Flood of new spanking films

Well, since our wet summer just turned into an even damper Autumn (or Fall as you Americans say) we have had 90 serious flood warnings all over our tiny island in the last 24 hours which appears to be in danger of sinking at this rate! I am so fed up with this damp squid of a year, I can’t wait to get away somewhere… ANYWHERE dry and warm for a few days (must book somewhere quickly). So, as topical as the “Flood” of spanking updates is today, I feel sorry for those put through the misery of flooding to their property… the upset and hell of replacing everything and anything cherished.

London, yesterday.

OK, enough of this wet despressive nonsense… let’s check out some British spanking updates starting with my own site which features the beautiful Joelle getting her first spanking, our first spanking film ever made in America… and I seem to have upset Mr Brushstrokes of The Spanking Spot for not telling him I was filming in NYC! If I was, I think I might have told him to come along (NYC was a stop gap to fill in our last day of America before flying back from nearby Newark) – I was actually filming out in the Philly suburbs where Joelle will attest that without GPS I got horribly lost there and back! Thank God she was pretty patient… this of course didn’t stop me from tanning her lush behind a gorgeous shade of crimson in the “Introducing Joelle” film now out (see the free gallery of this below):



Whilst I have a really cool F/F new movie coming out next week (members can already see a free preview pic of who it is, so I won’t say for now – as I am a tease) it’s a really good movie and likewise, at English Spankers this week, their new full movie stars the awesome Sally getting a really hard red bottom thrashing off one lady you would NOT want to cross when she is upset… Sarah Bright! Check out the free image gallery below and see for yourselves, I love this!!!



British nurses can be amongst the most caring, of course, they are also a lust object we folk over here love to see punished in our fantasies so it comes as no surprise to find plenty of nurse discipline and medical submission films as you will see from Sound Punishment (below)

See the latest HD Spanking Movie Previews HERE


Finally,  some nice images from Northern Spanking in one of their latest films (out in full) from their recent visit to Vegas, they got to film with Jenni Mack (who I really have a thing for) so am completely jealous that Paul and Lucy got to film with her, but then again, I can console myself with my 4 girl American shoot, eh? *heh heh*
Just check out these great images that do the film every justice (images are reduced in size from the members area)

The Travelling Disciplinarian & the Naughty Nurse

Jenni has called The Travelling Disciplinarian Agency because she lacks focus and wants to be better at her job. The Agency sends Miss Hunter out, and Miss Mack turns out to be a rather naughty woman indeed…







OK, that’s all for now, back soon with some American updates which I shall be looking at next (and from what I’ve seen so far… we’re all in for a treat as usual!). Cheers! Chief. xx




The latest film with Joelle Barros will shortly be available as a one off download too!
See banner below for the latest films 🙂

Friday Spanking Updates

Here we are again, the cusp of a weekend where many stop working, spend time with the family… and for some, a time to slope away and check out what has been uploaded at all our favourite spanking houses! Well, no doubt I have bored you silly with my stuff this week (lol) so here are some more updates from the select producers that I genuinely love watching… so anything I may have missed in the week, here’s the time to catch up! & what a start as I give you the amazing Joelle Barros (not at my site, she’s out next week and I am going through some of the content I made, oh crap… it’s looking awesomely HOT! but that’s for another day) so let’s check out her latest series starting over at Punishedbrats.com

This is the 1st of the “Naughty nanny” series:  Joelle has just started caring for David’s two children and made one of the worst mistakes possible – she’s lost the kids. While David is able to reassure her that the children are home safe, he must also provide her with the punishment she deserves. Images below are from this latest movie!




There is also a free preview of Joelle’s punishment spanking – CLICK HERE


 Here’s the long awaited new spanking film from SpankedCallgirls.com which has 2 newbies to this site, Heather and Alex (who I must admit I have only seen Alex as a sub before this) and you’ll see both girls argue, wrestle and bicker when they recieve news about their latest assignment from new brothel madam, Snow Mercy… I have shown you what happens to Heather when Alex gets the upper hand (but I’ll let you know that Alex gets it too later, of course!)






Madam Snow calls Heather to inform her that either she or her friend Alex will be getting their first job with Snow’s company. After she hangs up, Heather declares that she is the chosen one. But Alex disagrees and the girls begin wrestling and spanking each other. They end up over each others knee for long dosages of spanking, with hand and hairbrush, until one gives in.

& this follows on from the recent delightful carnage of Veronica Ricci’s “party” at teh same site
Click image below for a special free gallery preview…

So check out why I love this site so much HERE – mainly catering to those that love F/F spankings!


I recently had the “pleasure” of finally downloading and watching the last part to the Naughty Tutor (Day 3) and it was without doubt sizzling hot, I of course ignored my own Trouser Arousal and paid for it with some seriously creased and ruined underwear… but I can tell you it was worth it!!! See why (below)





Layden is late for her next lesson. So she is going to get a different kind of lesson – a spanking lesson that will teacher her to be on time once and for all. She looks very frightened as Tutor Alexis towers over her. Layden pleas not to get another spanking, over her already sore bottom. But Alexis puts her over her knee and gives her a sound hand spanking, followed by some with the hair brush, then another lesson in sex education, as Layden is made to pleasure herself with an electric device.

This is the infamous site that also includes ALL of the Exclusive Education series! CLICK HERE!


The newest site in this Clare Fonda (or should that be Big C?) group of sites is Spanking Sorority Girls and ANY site that has the beautiful and addictively viewable Veronica Ricci as a spankee or spanker (or both as she is just “lush”) should always get a mention. Veronica tempts a new pledge (a stunning blonde girl next door type) called Lily Banks… just see what they get up to in private…





Veronica Ricci sneaks into new pledge Lily Banks room to do some friendly groping, as a way of welcoming Lily to the sorority. But Lily is having none of it and resists. The girls struggle a while before Veronica gets Lily over her knee for a spanking that turns Lily’s bottom bright red (in fact the first ever spanking Lily Banks has received). Lily is feisty and she fights back and begins spanking Veronica until she agrees to help Lily get out of the sorority
but as I’ll explain in  a further update, they get caught out and punished, but you can see that film (and the one I have shown here) in full right now HERE

Needless to say all of these sites from the same network can be viewed at a fraction of the combined cost individually at the Clare Fonda Pass


Kelly Wilson is back at Sound Punishment

& finally today, I knew that Agean from Sound Punishment was filming with her again (yes, we do chat amongst ourselves over this side of The Pond) so couldn’t wait to see the 1st results of this film with Kelly Wilson, who I like seeing spanked… hey, you never know, she might appear quite soon at my site too! *wink* But until then, see the largest collection of Kelly Wilson spankings anywhere! The latest is a military type discipline… and I love the austere setting (surely not a Church or Village Hall… it’s crossed my mind to do that, lol!) and the authentic Royal Airforce uniforms! It’s an excellent spanking movie…




Kelly Wilson thought that the modern RAF would be a safe place to flaunt her feminine wiles to get what she wants. The Wing Commander soon dispels her of this idea by delivering an old-fashioned severe hand and paddle spanking to her delectable bare derriere!






Have a great weekend everyone! I shall be busy updating my Clips Store!

Quick blasts from the past!

A quick reminder of the archives as I bring you this little collection… enjoy!

Let’s start with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings!

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Niece discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film fromSoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


Yet more spanking goodness!

Sometimes you have to admire an individual, I just watched the amazing and historic 200m race in which Usain Bolt defended his Olympic title with ease and did it with style. I don’t know what it is about the men’s 100 and 200m finals that evokes such emotion… but I was guilty of being caught up in it, 1st it was the 100m race which he won easily last week… now tonight we witnessed what everyone believed would be equally historic, perhaps it’s seeing Man take on and defy nature of what we are or can become, the same can be said for many of the sports I have witnessed over the past 10 or 11 days, but none stand out like the 100 or 200m final, even though, my fellow countrymen are breaking their own records and actually putting our tiny overpopulated country on the map once more as we show the world that we can compete (and as I saw today, make the French media insanely jealous of our awesome cycling team… which gave me even more pleasure) – So to all athletes and olympians competing out there, a big “thank you” from Chief for making this a spectacle I and many of my fellow Brits won’t forget in a hurry in what has become a momentous year for our country, even despite the crummy bankers and the continuing farce of the Eurozone threatening to drag us back to the Stone Age… I say this – “Why are you not looking at my Spanking Updates?” Let’s get down wit dat ass…

Check out what is to come today and feast your eyes on some rump awesomeness!

OK, let us check out a real honey called Cora at SpankingServer.com – and the usual fantastic punishment shennanigans that Peter gets up to thrashing his bevvy of East Euro beauties in the usual positions over his wicked implements and embarrassing positions the girls (like Cora) are placed in.


Cora has a distinctive tattoo – and you know that I am not a massive fan of obvious or overly distinctive tatts, but this one on her left elbow fascinated me, was it unfinished? Was it meant to intrigue me the way it did? … and for some strange reason, I found checking out her tatt and her various punishments arousing to say the least… you can see what I mean from this recent update as she is punished in a cheer girl uniform and, OMG… Cora looks stunning bent over (and that tattoo of hers blends in nicely with the uniform too!




Do NOT miss any of Cora’s punishments – You can check her out exclusively HERE


Another girl that has a lot of excluisve, and from what I have viewed over the past year, some of her best content, is Masie Dee at SoundPunishment.com – Masie is one of those girls I haven’t actually asked to work with me (I have lots of naughty storylines thought up for her) but I keep meaning to… and I bloody well should get my ass into gear, shouldn’t I… the reason? I’ll let these images from one of her recent updates show you – as they say pictures can speak a 1000 words… and I have waffled on long enough.




See Masie in school uniform getting a massively embarrassing and intimate slippering punishment as her bottom and privates are fully exposed to teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a hury! See MORE of Masie’s great films at SoundPunishment.com


OK, here’s a site I don’t feature often, but you will from now on as I have just become a member and am so impressed by this site I wanted to keep it a secret all to myself (some hope) so today I give you the images that persuaded me to join up (below) and then there are some fantastic galleries which I have found to compliment the promotion of this site, primarily a femdom, lesbian spanking, thrashing, forced orgasm/bdsm – and anything sort of goes as long as it’s “tastefully nasty” in the most gloriously sexual way (yes, it appeals to my pervy side alright!) – ladies and gents I give you Whipped Ass

Famous porn starlet, redhead Monique Alexander, is fucked and whipped in lesbian bondage for the very first time by the beautiful brunette, Bobbi Starr (who I love mainly because this girl has a most amazing natural pubic bush to die for!)

“Nom Nom Nom!”

Mistress Bobbi demands that her new bound submissive eat and drink from her before punishment can begin!

This is one of the sexiest images I had come across of Bobbi spanking Monique… check out more HERE

& if that has aroused your interest then please do go check out the free galleries below, click any image you like for the full gallery of the various femdom lesbian punishments of your choice! & You’ll find Francesca Le, more of Bobbi Starr and a long awaited return of one of the most celebrated vanilla porn actresses, Justine Joli (aka Swan), as well as Penthouse Pets all thoroughly humiliated as you’ll see below from this brief selection!




Check out the free movie previews (if you dare) of this extremely hard kinky site HERE


 You know I have a thing for cheer girls or girls punished in uniforms, well feast your eyes on this double whammy, the striking six footer, Adrienne Black, in THAT uniform getting a good old fashioned whacking across one of the best most spankable bratty asses out there – courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.com

Adrienne Black takes a 37-stroke strapping after disrespecting her teachers




Respect and obedience are an important part of life, stunning Adrienne Black learns as she bends over for a 37-stroke strapping, 27 of them bare cheeked! Already in trouble for spending time on her modeling career, Adrienne’s bottom pays big-time. Hot Reaction Cam replays!


“I have wood!” tittered Chief childishly.
Good night and back tomorrow with more “grown up debate” and updates 🙂

Today is Schoolgirl Spanking Day!

The School Holidays here in the UK are almost upon us… it’s gonna be tough for parents this year if the weather continues to be a complete and utter washout as the little perishers will stay inside, no doubt stuck in front of their consoles or passing yet more rude images of each other on their smart phones… well, to “celebrate” all things schoolgirl today, that is all you’ll find in my update… and I will start with my forthcoming new film starring Jasmine and Sophie, this has got an awesome image set which will accompany it. I have played around with a few images and they are 1st shown here before anywhere else (naturally) and the images are a reduced size… Enjoy this 1st show preview 🙂

Jasmine stays around after school at her friend Sophie’s place, but as the girls giggle and decide to get up to no good with Uncle John’s bottle of fine wine down at the local park… he barges in and has a nasty short sharp shock for boththese naughty girls… poor Sophie had only just got a severe detention spanking at school and now her Uncle was going to dish out yet more punishment for her stealing his wine! & don’t think Jasmine got spared this too! These images are the aftermath of what took place… this film will be out later this week! I promise you it’s a real beaut! 🙂



& as I said earlier, I was messing around with one image, just for fun… and got a few different effects, I won’t be using these on the website, unless you think I should place up a bonus set just for the hell of it… let me know what you think. Click images below to see the larger sizes.


3 updates a week, 1 new film every week without fail & a very special Loyalty Offer – CLICK HERE


Meanwhile… on with yet more schoolgirl spankings from one site you should take a closer look at (if this is your thing) as the owner of SoundPunishment.com is quite the strict Headmaster when he wants to be… the uniforms and punishments fill your every need like the delightful Elizabeth Baxter (below)


Sixth Form schoolgirl, and School Prefect, Elizabeth Baxter has been caught playing around with a boy from the nearby boy’s school. She has been called to the Headmaster’s home so that her severe punishment is kept private. He spanks, paddles and then severely canes this petite schoolgirl until she is truly penitent.


& of course Danielle Hunt also recently went for a visit (yes, she is here too!) looking cute and very pleading with her big bouncy cheeks getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking! Images below are taken from the free movie trailer that you can see HERE




Danielle Hunt is a dispapointment to her Housemaster. Lazy and uncaring of her studies she is summoned to his rooms to be disciplined. Her attitude earns her not one, but two, hard OTK spankings in a row onto her dusky bare bottom, so beautifully highlighted by her pristine white knickers and blue summer school uniform dress.

& another recent update with the charming newcomer, Chloe Rogers… with a filthy habit!

When you are a provisional Prefect at the school you can get too big for your boots. Chloe Rogers thinks that as everyone else outside at break she can grab an undetected cigarette in a deserted classroom. Much to her surprise the Headmaster is looking around the school…. and finds her! It’s a hard OTK spanking she gets before his wicked cane bites into her bare bottom! A truly well-spanked and caned hot bottom in this photo-story of Chloe’s first ever real-life caning.




Check out more of the extensive tour pages and the new lower pricing – CLICK HERE


Staying at school, Games Mistress Amy Hunter has a whole long lingering punishment detention in store for Nimue Allen and Rosie Bottomley (as you’ll discover below). I make no bones about this that it caters to girls with a rather plumper bottom and I love to see big bottoms punished like these!!! Want to see the film? CLICK HERE

Rosie and Nimue have disgraced themselves at a school tennis tournament, bringing down the reputation of their school and their Games Mistress. The Headmaster sanctions an unofficial punishment from the coach to be meted out swiftly and without sympathy to the girls.





NorthernSpanking.com prove again that they produce consistent addictive & viewable spanking films!


Another good place to find schoolgirl punishments is the St catherine’s section of Spanked-in-Uniform.com which of vourxe has Mike’s own unique outlook on all things schoolgirl… as you’ll see below from the last movie update on here starring 2 very naughty Dutch girls, Amy and Monique.

During recess the Headmaster noticed Amy and Monique in one of the bathrooms and their ties looked scruffy. He ordered them to his office and he scolded them that St. Catherine’s girls are allways properly dressed and that includes the school tie!. He bent them both over his desk and he gave them both a sound spanking over their skirts and knickers. Then he put them across his knee, took down their knickers, and spanked their bare bottoms soundly!



Check out the other 46 schoolgirl episodes – this is just one niche, there are now 10 series of differing uniform spankings that should satisfy your uniform punishment cravings (I know it does for me!)


Back to Dani Hunt (again, lol) and this is her 1st film shot with The Big C at their newest sorority site – Spanking Sorority Girls – and I have to say, Dani looked good in red, don’t you think? Oh, and over the knee of these evil nuns!




Dani Hunt is a very naughty student. She gets called into the office of head nun Sister Mary Olivia, played by Lady Olivia Outre (star of over 300 fetish videos). Sister Mary Olivia has been telling Sister Mary Ginger how necessary it has become to return to the old ways of discipline, which she demonstrates on Dani with a hand spanking. Sister Mary Olivia then instructs the young nun to also place Dani over her knee and give her a sound spanking.. And to drive the message home to Dani that she must change her ways, the nuns cane the bratty schoolgirl. She definitely learns her lesson!

This is the latest episode from SpankingSororityGirls.com – another excellent addition which has made the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass even MORE attractive with the best ever pricing for a choice of 3, 4 or 5 sites. The below site should always be included in the pass, but is equally MASSIVE on its own… and that is Spanked Sweeties – this week showing us another new girl recounting her school days at home. Welcome Stevie!





Stevie Rose is a lifestyle spanking enthusiast who got into it late, as she was not spanked growing up. But shortly after turning 18, she discovered what a discipline spanking was from a boyfriend. She talks openly all about her exposure to spanking and is given a hard discipline spanking from a large male.

See why this site is so popular – Click HERE

Spanked Sweeties & Spanking Sorority Girls can be purchased as part of


OK, I hope you liked this little schoolgirl update, I shall be back soon with more spankings and am about to write on another of my blogs HERE – Thanks for popping by and reading the latest offerings


ADVERT: For those that enjoy just downloading the odd movie or clip…
Don’t forget! NEW movies and clips added all the time at

eg) this film “Where are my shoes?” has now just been released in full at our main site (but was available to download IN FULL) from May 20th at the Clips Store – click image below.


An apology and on with the spanking updates

I had made a promise that I’d get you some insider info on my next film, well, unfortunately, editing the data and the images was taking too long so I will announce the film when it is updated later this week… but be aware that all good things come to those that wait!

OH, AND IT’S A LITTLE LATE, BUT TO ALL MY FELLOW ENGLISH TYPES OUT THERE, HAPPY ST GEORGE’S DAY! Yup… fly the flag unless some council busybody says you can’t because… God forbid, the cross of St George might offend someone of a non Christian faith (sigh). So here’s the new football strip our overpaid players are wearing which came out today in preparation for our glorious failure in the Euro Finals coming in June… I actually quite like the new strip, England’s 1st home kit colours that are the same colour as our national flag (the away strip has always been a favoured red shirt and white shorts… so this reversal is pretty cool in my opinion!)

Ok, and onto some amazing previews of what my fellow “English” spanko producers have recently been letting their members download, and in no particular order of spankiness… let’s start with some cracking images from a spanking of a very sexy girl called Kelly Wilson from SoundPunishment.com – The image set brings out the best of this lovely girl, don’t you think?




Check out more of Kelly’s unique spanking films and image sets HERE


Sasha Harvey is all woman… just so so spankable! I still remember many years ago being present at a filmshoot where she had the severest leather strapping I had ever witnessed, her bum ended up a welted angry red… this is a lady that can take her punishment! Unfortunately for her, Mr Lewis can dish it out too so when she is lazing around in the garden and asked to clean up… then this is what happens to madams like Sasha that won’t do as they’re told! From the series “Clean Sweep” at NorthernSpanking.com




Sasha has done a whole load of great films with Northern Spanking – check them out HERE


& finally today, a classic pyjama-fest with Uncle Paul and Dani Hunt his blubbering neice placed over his lap for being a stroppy feisty girl! This is from the forthcoming movie which members will be able to see at SpankingSarah.com – & I can’t wait to download it, can you? I love Dani… and I love seeing “Uncle Paul” chastising her.. this so reminds me of the film we did together (a reminder at the bottom of this post!)

Sarah Sly gets involved in the case of the runaway girl, this is a long and involved story of deception and pain through lots of spankings and other punishments. The story starts as Danielle Hunt is to be punished at bedtime by her Uncle. She does not want to be punished and puts up quite a fight but she ends up over his knee being spanked and slippered on her pyjamas and on her bare bottom. A good old fashioned punishment well delivered!





Remembering Paul in a similar situation with his step daughter Sara Winter… this film proved quite a hit, click on the image below for the free gallery reminder.

Available in full HD playback from AAAspanking.com

If you just want to see this film only then it’s available as 2 short (and cheap) clips – click below and you can download this as a really cheap one off movie of your choice (the OTK spanking and/or the later punishment)


Tanker Wankers & other news

The site that had greeted many a British motorist this morning!

OK! It’s been far too long since my last soapbox rant… and I’m fuming, absolutely livid! Now I’m not so livid at the union Unite that had balloted the fuel tanker drivers, I can understand their concerns that companies are, as usual in this hard pressed time, trying to cut costs anywhere they can (employing cheaper less skilled foreign labour and employing less qualified staff with less training or placing these highly paid drivers on very short term contracts!) So although I was annoyed with the possibility of a strike by fuel tank drivers, when fuel prices are already amongst the highest anywhere in Europe, once again, it seems our government REALLY hates drivers! – No, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it is costing me nearly 100 Pounds ($150) a month for a 17 mile round trip to work 5 times a week… no it wasn’t that… it was the dickhead response from our so called Government Officials that have needlessly panicked and ensured many of our population’s “sheep like” mentality come to the surface as they bleat to the petrol forecourts to fill up in case they’d have no fuel.

I refused to be bullied into queuing up, thinking that common sense would prevail, even though I was low on fuel myself, I saw the first queue and thought I’d try the next day. After all, they were now telling us NOT to panic buy, stock pile (which is dangerous anyway) but of course once blind panic sets in with the majority of our population, they queue anyway. Wankers! I had to queue up yesterday as I had no choice, I endured a miserable hour and even had an argument (along with other irate drivers) with one guy who was filling up with jerry cans and maxing his tank on his little dick extension 4×4. Actions like this idiot are what has caused fuel shortages across the country, in effect a run on all the petrol stations and so demand outstrips supply, naturally!

Any strike (I heard it is being called off for now) would have to give us hard pressed motorists 7 days notice so no threat of a strike over Easter, at least! I have enough fuel to get to my film shoot tomorrow, so that will go ahead… but seriously, there are some real panicky cocks out there, not helped by our pathetic government who got this and of course our recent disgraceful Budget so wrong… but I shall finish this rant, I could be here all week moaning about those out of touch tossers in power right now (however, I still wouldn’t have loony Labour back in power either, they are even MORE incompetent!)

Image taken from my little cameraphone yesterday at my local garage. Finally getting close!


OK, let’s get on with the spanking updates I promised 🙂

A good hard paddling of naughty schoolgirl Lena at Redstripe Films for getting it on with one of her friend’s mums in the gym until she is caught making out and given an almighty paddling by the Head Teacher as you’ll see below!




Check out the free movie preview on the tour pages HERE


Continuing the schoolgirl theme, the conclusion to “With Attitude” is now available to download at Punishedbrats.com and I am so getting Beverly Bacci right now… I love seeing her punish the other girls, even though I miss her as a sub… you can of course see Beverly’s sub films (and there are PLENTY!) in the PB archives. Anyway, check out Joelle’s punishment and the way Beverly admire’s her handiwork, it’s priceless!


Check out all the latest free movie previews from Punished Brats HERE


Bonus image taken from Chief’s crappy old fashioned camera phone! But was worth it 🙂

If only I took a film of her, the most mesmerising ass in the street I have seen in an age! *sigh*


Another film from Agean at Soundpunishment.com featuring the lovely petite round rump of Elizabeth Baxter is next and she gets a Triple (I like that word, lol) Thrashing Punishment. Hand, paddle and cane! There is also a chance to view some of his latest excellent films at this very English spanking site…

Sixth Form schoolgirl, and School Prefect, Elizabeth Baxter has been caught playing around with a boy from the nearby comprehensive school. She has been called to the Headmaster’s home so that her severe punishment is kept private. He spanks, paddles and then severely canes this petite schoolgirl until she is truly penitent!




See the latest films from the unique SoundPunishment.com


Jenna Jay is finally featured at NorthernSpanking.com and worth the wait in her introduction. She stars alongside David De Wolfe and this vibrant, pretty submissive girl next door is every spanko’s dream – she gives you plenty of excuses to spank her bottom with her foolish quibbling and cheeky responses to perfectly sane quastions! (fortunately)

Jenna Jay – now appearing at NorthernSpanking.com



You can see more of Jenna, panties down – at NorthernSpanking.com


Finally today, Dallas is my inspiration in the way Ten Amorette is spanked hard! I don’t know what is going on with the hat (lol) but it’s his handiwork we should admire as beautiful pouty spanko queen, Ten, gets a good old fashioned tanning across that big firm spankalicious butt of hers!

When I do indeed visit the States later this year, I will do everything in my power to ensure I get a chance to film Ten for my own website… safe in the knowledge she can take pretty much anything after her recent visit to Dallas 🙂


Now you know why I rate Ten sooooo highly! This is an amazing spanking film – don’t miss it!



OK, it’s late and I should be in bed as I have my own film shoot tomorrow… I can’t wait to let you now how it went! Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will – *wink*  🙂

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

Spankings that are too good to be true?

We happily announce to you that Your E-mail address has won you the sum of $850,000.00!(Eight hundred Fifty thousand united states dollars in SWISS LOTTO NETHERLANDS PROMOTION. you are one of the 10 lucky winners in the ongoing SWISS LOTTO NETHERLANDS PROMOTION prize draw for the year 2012. All 10 winning email addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000.000 international Emails each from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. As part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually.

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Congratulations once again from all members and staff of this promotional program and Thank you for being part of our lottery program this year.

Yours truly,
Mrs Natascha Michiel


Hmmm, I copied that exactly as it came into my mailbox. Now… should I respond to this unsolicited email? Or make a call? *chuckle*

*Disclaimer: By all means have a go yourselves but the Chief will not be held responsible when these idiots bleed you dry of funds for fees and such before you get your non existant cash!

Why am I posting this? Well, I just wanted to apologise to any prospective members who might have wanted to take advantage of my 1 Year Anniversary join up at AAAspanking.com… sadly I had to pull it as it got so abused by password traders and piracy which I had (unfortunately) discovered that I have removed this option and will no doubt never trial again! Well done to the idiots from Eastern Europe signing up with stolen details… bravo indeed!


Let’s lighten the mood with some cracking updates from around the globe from Japanese film makers Hand-Spanking.com – who, surprisingly, focus on … um… hand spankings! 🙂

japanese girl with a hand print spanking

“I would like to think this would spur them on to make something like this!”

…and I’m going to start with a collection of images representing some of this site’s favorite theme, that of Mother/Daughter or Aunt/Neice discipline, usually in the confines of the home where outsiders can’t hear these beautiful girls whimper and moan as they take their often humiliating bare bottom spankings!






MORE specific themes & movie previews can be seen on the tour pages of Hand-Spanking.com


Here’s a girl I wanted to remind you of again… seriously one of the best spankees and main stars of this independent site, blonde, beautiful Sophie… with a radiant smile that can turn quickly once her punishment is under way and she cries often and you can feel her pain, quite literally… as she has some of the best facial and body reactions to whatever is thrown her way, be it a maintenance spanking, new paddling or cropping, being restrained and flogged or strapped as she is below! Wow! If you haven’t seen Sophie before… where have you been?





Another Sophie, this time, a much welcome blast from the past as I help you remember this wonderful spankee. She starred in many of Headmaster Tom’s sites but helped start up Spanked-Cutie.com with having at least 30 of her own films on there to get it going before other girls were tagged onto the site in many domestic style situations and some of the films were just outstanding, with great plots, and anyone knowing Sophie would realize she could take a hell of a thrashing and humiliating punishment as and when required.

This was one of the series of films she did alongside the fearsome Shanelle, a very capable lady you wouldn’t want to cross if you were a silly girl… Oh dear Sophie! I loved this film and have found some images from an old hard drive to illustrate what a great movie this was! (I had just finished watching it again before posting today so wanted to include it, hope you like it!)






Finally today, I should warn you that watching this 18 year old girl’s pert cheeks will (most probably) cause some sort of trouser upheaval, for you gentlemen, so please take heed, as you’ll discover… Elizabeth has a most tight pert pair of buttocks that turn a shameful red. Thsi is the latest HOT teen discipline film from SoundPunishment.com

Elizabeth Baxter is really in trouble. Her guardian has been called out of an important business meeting to get her out of jail after she has been caught taking drugs at a party. He has lost a lot of money on the deal he was negotiating and also has had to stand bail for her. George is now determined to wreak his revenge on her pert 18 year old bottom.



Click here to see the WMV versions of the free previews!


OK, that’s it from me today, I will be back soon with more updates as and when… take care

What’s occurring? Spankings as they happen

If you want to access AAAspanking from just $8.50 a month – see how HERE


Hello everyone, now as it’s getting close to Christmas… way too close, I am spending time on here when I should be visiting mother and family 100 miles away today on my day off… so I hope you appreciate my efforts as I quickly bring you some news of more Xmas Fayre and unfair seasonal spankings as well as a quick nose around a few other sites for your viewing choices!

Starting at AAAspanking – the site is barely a year old yet has an impressive archive of videos stored up already (which is why the prices WILL rise after the Festive period as I explained) but I’m giving you all forewarning so get in quick and join Santa (I have been checking the download logs there’s a busy IP address from Lapland in the name of S. Claus).

Well, it’s here, the “Triple A Spanking (anti) Xmas Video” – 23 minutes – 4 girls – just hand spankings – fully loaded in HD with Wmv or MP4 versions approx 600 MB each. All placed up yesterday with over 200 bonus images of video and stills photos. I can tell you my poor hand was busy sorting out these girlies (don’t feel too sorry for me though) as I had the dubious pleasure of spanking new girls Jenna Jay, Taylor Richardson, Danielle Hunt and a welcome returnee, Kami Robertson! See for yourself in 2 image galleries that are now available online (click images to access the free galleries).

It’s our 1st Xmas online so we thought we’d give you a little treat and have John spank and stroke each of these 4 girls bottoms one after the other. He is confronted with all manner of shape, size and varying wobblesome or jiggly butts that we have all loved so much. Of course, John ensures that the girls bottoms definitely turn a darker shade of red to start matching their tacky Santa helper outfits that he had thoughtlessly provided! John isn’t a big fan of Xmas (we can see that with his rubbish outfits he bought them) but don’t let this nasty scrooge stop you enjoying a film that lets you see some new and established spanking talent from the UK getting a good dose of old fashioned hand spanking this Festive Season! John would like to remind you all that no Christmas presents were thought of or used in the making of this film! Bah Humbug! Happy Holidays everyone!


Thank you to Paul & Lucy at NorthernSpanking.com who decided to bring me a Xmas present early… the full updates to what you’ll see below, Leia-Ann Woods all packaged up “In Storage” to be used as some punishment toy as and when for a group of Alpha Males who get off on seeing a beautiful girl helpless, tied and gagged, stripped of her dignity and shivering in a cold garage lock up… just waiting for any company… even theirs; to feed her and warm her bottom (or so I would believe!) Am I rambling, or drooling? Apologies, please check out some preview images below.




There’s always lots of laughs on set, especially when the unexpected happens… so in time for Xmas there’s a nice Out Takes package on top of the usual updates 🙂



See a whole lot more of what is on offer from the unique NorthernSpanking.com


As I’m running out of time today, I’ve got a few galleries for you from the very latest updates now out at English-Spankers.com and it stars Wynter Skye in a schoolgirl punishment film, love the uniform and of course Headmaster looks frightening in his cloak and mortarboard hat as always!

See a full free movie clip of Wynter’s spanking punishment – CLICK HERE


Want to see who Sarah has got bent over? This sly detective series continues… be warned, Sarah doesn’t mess about!

There is also a great free promo clip in HD of this punishment, don’t miss it HERE


As everyone seems to be filming Kami at the moment (and why not as she is absolutely one of my fave girls to work with) I thought I’d take a peek at my own stored content from SoundPunishment.com as I remember there are some excellent films of her there when she first started out and you’ll see the difference! Fortunately, I got this gallery (click image below) which helps better explain what I mean!

Check out all of Kami’s films she did at SoundPunishment HERE

Note: Please be aware that the sites English-Spankers  and SoundPunishment both have very special Xmas Offers giving you the best and cheapest rebill options for the life of your membership… they didn’t have to do this, so if you want to see their stuff (and it IS good!) get a whopping $10 off their monthly prices before they go back to normal pricing!


In America… at Punishedbrats.com there are several lovely new girls appearing, one is called Audrey and I just know she is going to be hugely popular in 2012… David had lots of nice things to say about her, so I know that this taster you’ll see here is only the start… and incredibly, access to his site is STILL the cheapest anywhere on t’Internet! Check out the images and if you wanna know more, please do go check out their pricing and further updates and I’ve got you Pixie’s previews below.

Punishedbrats.com have brought back Joelle who I absolutely loved (remember her in that Brazil soccer shirt? OMG) anyway, she starred alongside Beverly Bacci and even Pixie made it back and got her first spanking on film so I can’t wait for that!!!


Below is the conclusion to the full movie “Unexpected Welcome” with new bottom, Audrey!



Audrey’s obnoxious behavior has earned her a spanking and makes David think twice about leaving her alone while he is away on business… As if a spanking followed by corner time wasn’t bad enough, Audrey is informed that a nanny will be supervising her while David is away!

Check out MORE of new girl Audrey HERE


Lorraine went into major debt buying designer fashion clothes and other school “essentials” and ignored the bills. When Beverly starts receiving calls from collections agencies at the house, she paddles little sister’s bottom to a glowing red!

Lorraine is one of my fave spanking models… ANYWHERE – and you can see why HERE!

Finally, another new scoop as I bring you their latest naughty teen “girl next door” to join the ranks at PB!



At FirmHandSpanking.com – they surely know it’s Chief’s wish to see Michaela McGowen punished for his own personal viewing pleasure… well you can too (bah!) as Michaela shines once again in this excellent and (for me, erotic) hard wooden paddling film… in fact, anything with Michaela in does it for me… EVERY SINGLE TIME! *sigh*





Yup, this is what you get for cheating in your Finals, Michaela!

In case you haven’t read my other blog, I recently did a special feature on FirmHandSpanking and you can see a ton of content and previews for all that RIGHT HERE (I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of this site)


OK, that’s me done, I’m woefully late so I better hit the road and see the folks… back soon and have a good ‘un! Chief