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Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

Maternal Spanking & Diapering Punishments

It’s been quite some time since I last updated this blog so I do apologize… but I (& Sarah) had other things occupying ourselves in our private lives… and is still ongoing so we are just running on autopilot ensuring that the sites we run together update as normal. However, additions like this blog take a backseat when I don’t have spare time. No more waffling, here’s something for age players and those interested in the spanking and diapering type of films that we and other sites have pioneered over time. Continue reading

Spanking Punishments You Should See!

Here’s a little collection of the latest updates and spanking punishments that I feel you should check out. They are worth it and visiting the site tour pages will give you more information on the films featured here plus other updates I haven’t covered. You can support the sites by signing up for a membership… these are troubling times for everyone, but the websites featured offer amazing value (remember  20 years ago how you’d crave a blurry VHS tape for 50-50 Dollars?) – Now you get HD content for many hundreds of full films at every site shown plus extras like photo galleries and model updates and such. Trust me, every membership received is greatly appreciated and helps keep the sites you love open and creating MORE content.

northern spanking

Summer Camp

Alex, Maddy, Harley & Linny find themselves abandoned by their parents to a Summer Camp, (a feature of growing up in America) and one with a very strict disciplinary policy. Having skipped off for the afternoon and gotten lost in the woods, the girls must now face an angry Camp Director… and his cane! One by one the girls are lectured, bent over, and smacked hard across their white cotton panties, followed by a 12 stroke caning that leaves their bottoms striped and very, very sore.

sore bare bottom caning spanking schoolgirl caning spanked and caned bottoms


northern spanking

spanked in uniform

The Home Nurse

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom paid dearly for that. First, she gets a sound spanking. Then naughty nurse Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. Olga gets a spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, her bottom sore and red, to reflect on her poor behavior.



spanked in uniform

spanked and diapered

Diapered for Disrespect

After being extremely rude to restaurant staff in the hotel where they are staying on their school trip, Cara is taken to her room by supervising teacher Miss Elizabeth to be punished. Cara’s punishment is going to be both painful AND humiliating. As well as the spanking schoolgirl Cara is expecting, Miss Elizabeth informs her as she’s smacking her bottom, Cara is to wear a diaper under her school dress for the rest of the day. And she’s going to apologize for her rudeness, in person, in her diaper! Also, it seems that Miss Elizabeth has borrowed a wooden spoon from the hotel kitchen. Pretty sure she told them it was going to be used to punish this rude little girl!


firm hand spanking

New Rules for Lola Sanders

A second six with a wooden paddle, panties pulled down, for bratty Lola Sanders Lying flat on the dining table, pretty brat Lola Sanders pushed John Friday too far by damaging his clothes. Clad only in bra and panties, she’s already had six swats with a long school paddle. Now it’s time for her pert bottom to be bared for another six burning smacks. Her bouncing buttocks clench and twitch as she’s punished, replayed in slow-mo.

wooden paddling sore red buttocks



Sunday Funday Spanking Updates

Another collection of fine spanking erotica from some of the best spanking themed websites around. Here’s something to keep you busy and distracted from your Xmas shopping. Check these sites out and help support them with a membership… easily the best way to view and help each and every producer showcased here.

I will say this again, as I know many of you who read this blog also prefer to try and download content for free from piracy websites… you are supporting Russians who don’t give one flying fuck about who produces the content. They are in it to rip off as many sites as they can… getting rich off our hard work and it’s pretty obscene… I get it, but if you ever sign up for a membership through them – Good luck, I hope your card gets scammed and you are no friend of any producer, all you are doing is helping to hasten the demise of the membership model which provides great independent value, and push us to open clip stores costing everyone more and pushing us to deal with more PRIVATE spanking commissions, for which the vast majority of people will never see. & for what? Because you can’t be bothered to support the sites you profess to love? Not even with one membership sign up for under 30 Dollars… even just once per year? Seriously? But you’re prepared to spend more than that at Starbucks per month or on all those Xmas presents for family members you’d rather not see?

Think and don’t make the Russian pirates wealthy off our hard work. Besides filming and editing and getting the sites updated, we have to source the girls, deal with location shoots, and cancellations, shitty boyfriends or jealous, demanding “dominants” who change the rules after we producers have vetted and thoroughly prepared for a shoot, who write back (if we’re lucky) and say they can’t come, even after buying them a plane ticket, and so on… trust me, this happens sometimes and is part of the job, sadly… as is piracy. Russian pirates just steal and don’t have to worry about anything else like creating content. The irony of when the stuff they steal is shared elsewhere and they “bitch” by putting their own sad watermarks on it is beyond parody… but it is dangerous to continued content creation – again, think on that!

OK, enough of my bleating, go enjoy the latest showcased spanking sites.

The latest film now showing at Northern Spanking

Helping Her Career

Nurse Cleo has failed to gain the promotion she wanted at work. She’s good at what she does but seems to lack focus. Paul believes he can help her with that, by restoring some domestic discipline to their routine, starting with a good spanking for Cleo and a thrashing with his belt.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64139″]

A classic movie that best showcases Spanked and Diapered

Ella’s Giant Teddy Tantrum

Little Ella is getting ready to go on vacation with her family. After a fiasco in which she almost lost some of her stuffies on a previous trip because she brought so many, Ella’s step-mommy, Lilly Calloway, now only allows her to take one stuffie with her. Ella comes into the room with the stuffie that she intends to bring…and it’s as big as she is. When Lilly tells her that this is not a travel-friendly bear, Ella throws a huge tantrum. Out of patience, Lilly resorts to the measures that she knows will work to get her naughty step-daughter under control: a spanking over her knee. But if Ella is going to act this way now, there’s no way of knowing if she will decide to throw fits like a baby all day long. With the troubles of transit already looming in the future, Lilly takes actions to keep Ella from acting out later by giving her a punishment that lasts all day (and saves time, too). Ella gets a dose of diaper discipline as her red bottom is taped into a thick, padded diaper to travel in.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64153″]

A classic mommy/daughter Japanese Spanking from Hand Spanking

Unpaid Monthly Tuition

Yurina’s mother gets a call from school that her daughter has not paid her monthly tuition. Yurina is given the stinging smacks that she deserves by her mother when she gets home. There are two versions shown here, one in the Japanese Room and another time in the Bedroom!


The latest film now available in full at Real Spankings Institute

Devin Jade Punished for not wearing a Bra

On her first disciplinary trip to see the Dean, Devin realizes how seriously the dress code at the Institute is. The Dean begins with a lighter strap but he is not happy with her reaction. The Dean decides that Devin is not learning a proper lesson so he retrieves a much more effective strap and does not stop until her bottom is purple. Embarrassing corner time follows.

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Classic Spanking for your Weekend

Here is a collection of fine and varied updates from the plethora of fine spanking sites today.

A Proper Whoopin’ For Disrespectful Behavior

Cara is sent to her room to wait for Micheal as a result of her disrespectful tone and attitude. Clearly having not learned her lesson that morning, Cara’s sassy attitude seems to have returned. Michael orders her to bare her bottom and wears it out with a heavy wooden spoon.

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Introducing Nici Dee

She has never been featured on this blog before, but has appeared in many awesome short films and some of her best work is available in the archives of this website. This example, of her pussy strapping, placed into the familiar “Gyno Chair” shows off her stunning beauty and she takes many varied forms of punishments as you’ll see from the additional images I have from other films she has made over the years at the site.

More examples of Nici Dee’s outstanding work can be found (below)

Visit Spanking Server to see all of Nici Dee’s films and more awesome content like this!

Girl Scout Thief Punished

Adriana Evans is a Girl Scout leader who is out of patience for the naughty behavior that some of the girls in her troop are displaying. Dorothy, for example, seems more interested in aesthetics than anything else, and is willing to lie and steal to achieve the goal of “looking perfect” as a scout. Adriana won’t tolerate this: Dorothy is being a naughty little baby, so she’s going to treat her like one. First, Dorothy gets spanked across her authentic Girl Scout culottes. Then, both her shorts and her panties are pulled down so that she is given a bare bottom spanking. But that’s not all that she’s in store for: she’s going to be diapered, and she’s going to have to wear her diaper back to the meeting, as well as while they go sell cookies this weekend. But Dorothy doesn’t have a choice: if she doesn’t take her punishment, Adriana is going to demote her to Daisy Scout with the youngest girls. To make matters worse, once she’s been taped into a vintage fabine diaper, Adriana picks up the humiliates little girl and carries her out into the room where the other girls are waiting, announcing that Dorothy has something to show her friends. How will she ever live this down?

You can download the entire library of specialist films at Spanked and Diapered

Sally’s Long Punishment Day

Sally is lying on her bed reading a magazine and smoking. There is a loud knocking on her bedroom door. Oh dear! It’s Headmaster Tom. She has to act quickly. The cigarette is stubbed out in the ashtray, which is then hidden behind some ornaments on the shelf above her bed. However it can’t hide the smell, smokers think that they can get away with such a filthy habit. Headmaster tom is deeply unimpressed and takes her over his knee for a hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking. He breaks the hairbrush across her pert buttocks. For her deception, sally is punished later that day with a further caning that leaves her bottom swollen, welted and very sore!

spanking otk spanking

Visit Girls Boarding School to see classic hard no-nonsense schoolgirl discipline!

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Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s been a while so here are some excellent recent updates and a classic (at the end) that I have for you today from these fine sites I recommend you go support. Each is different, as you’ll see… so without further waffle from me, please enjoy today’s reviews!

Spanked in Uniform starring Lucy Lauren

spanking over regulation knickers

Panties pulled down, Lucy Lauren is spanked long and hard in school uniform: Fantasizing about being spanked as a naughty schoolgirl is one of Lucy Lauren’s favorite themes. But when she’s faced with the real thing, panties pulled down by headmaster Philip Johnson, it’s a whole new world of humiliation in “Spanked in Uniform”. Lucy’s bouncing cheeks are soon turned crimson. Awesome slow-mo replays show every ripple!

spanking from Sir schoolgirl spanking lucy lauren spanking aftermath


Rude Awakeningstarring Cara Day & Alex Reynolds

cute cara day at spanked and diapered

Little Cara is on vacation with her big sister… but she has too much energy in the morning. When she won’t stop bothering her sleepy sister, Alex, and doesn’t listen to instructions, she’s in trouble. A day at the zoo is still in her future, but it will have to wait until she’s had her bottom spanked over Alex’s knee. And what happens to little girls who don’t listen? They can’t be trusted to listen when they’re out of the house, so they end up getting put in diapers, just in case. Cara looks so sweet being taped into a vintage Bambino diaper that I daresay all will be forgiven.

otk spanking panties down spanking explicit diapering of Cara Day spanked and diapered


Priceless Artifactsstarring Rachel Adams & Paul Kennedy

Rachel is a security guard at a city museum. She works very long hours for very little money and this is just one of her jobs. Overcome with tiredness one day, Rachel takes a nap. Unfortunately, the 18th Century heirloom on which she’s napping is covered by a security camera.
Rachel’s boss is a lazy but connected city employee seemingly freshly transferred from one of its correctional facilities, where no doubt his strengths were more in play. About heritage and history, he gives precisely zero fucks but he does recognize an opportunity when he sees it asleep on a screen.
Unwilling, supposedly, to go through the mountain of paperwork needed to dismiss Rachel, his alternative punishment is more immediate, painful, and extremely humiliating for poor Rachel, who soon finds herself across his desk, tights and panties down, on the receiving end of his belt. She does want to keep her job after all, doesn’t she?

spanking over pantyhose spanked and strapped leather strapping


Judicial Caning & Hand Tawsing of Chrissy Marie & Delta Hauser

hand tawsing and caning

There are 2 sets of a dozen strokes delivered to both girls with increasing velocity to each of them. The cane cuts into their tender skin. Delta takes her 1st 12 then is made to watch as Chrissy receives hers, this is then repeated again with the second set. A second camera angle captures the look of pure agony on their pretty faces with each cut of the cane. The punishment bench pushes their bottoms high in the air, spread and exposed without an ounce of humility.
Their punishment ends with a severe leather hand-tawsing for each of them before they show off their sore hands and striped bottoms.



That’s it for today… and a friendly reminder that this is the type of America we should all aspire to live in, not a divisive one we seem to be struggling in right now where neighbors and friends can not even say who they support politically without resorting to petty name-calling. We are better than this. It was never this bad… was it? I can’t vote, but I highly recommend those who can exercise their God given right and do something about it!


Multi Site Spanking Updates

Here are the latest offerings from the following websites I have chosen for you today. From cute Japanese girls receiving authentic schoolgirl punishments to various age regression and humiliating discipline to multi-site pass updates with news of much more… continue reading. There is so much to check out today!

School Doctor is like a Mother to Us

The school doctor takes care of the girls and treats them when they feel unwell… but she severely punishes the girls when they are naughty and misbehave. She’s like another mother to the girls and provides much needed maternal discipline which works well at the school.

For all the latest & authentic Japanese discipline, visit HAND SPANKING

Naughty Ella Gets A Spanking

Lilly Calloway is babysitting Ella Raine. Lilly is a wicked girl who starts humiliating and regressing her young charge. After baby-talking to Ella about how little she looks in her outfit, Ella refuses to admit that she’s “just little baby”. Lilly tells her that makes her a naughty little baby, and pulls her over her knee for a spanking, which she delivers with vigor and delight. A spanking is the least of Ella’s concerns, though. After her bottom has started to turn red, Lilly bares it, and mocks her about how babies do not wear panties. Further punishment comes to her sore cheeks, but when that’s over, things only get worse. Lilly strips Ella naked, exposes her, opens her legs, and shows off her private areas. Ella is so embarrassed. It’s almost a relief when Lilly tapes her into a vintage Fabine diaper. Almost.

Naked in nothing but her diaper…
Ella must entertain Lilly like a plaything, now that she has been rendered to nothing but a baby. And that means that Lilly breaks out some baby toys, including a teething toy that she shoves aggressively into Ella’s little mouth, gagging her and making her drool all over herself. This only further’s Ella’s regression and Lilly’s delight.

For more ABDL punishment & age regression, go to SPANKED AND DIAPERED

Luca Bella Schoolgirl Birching

Luca Bella is in Spanish Class detention and this punishment will be a little different this time as she is told to remove her panties and present her bottom on the table. She will receive a nasty switching which she soon discovers stings and creates a real mess as the fresh supple birch breaks apart on impact, leaving her with a very sore bottom.

To see more of hot East European girls like Luca Bella, go to SPANKING SERVER

Next up, these are the very latest updates from the Clare Fonda Pass network. One membership gives you access to 5 premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost. This is the best way to be a member of this network.

GIRL SPANKS GIRL – Gigi Lea Spanked By Babysitter

In the second part of this series, Gigi Lea is visiting her cousin Dria, who spanked her. Gigi thought the strict discipline was over, but when she gets home late, she learns that Dria has hired Veronica Ricci to be her babysitter. Veronica is even stricter, which Gigi quickly learns with a painful trip over the knee of her babysitter. She is spanked with hand, wooden bath brush, and then bent over and paddled and she must read the babysitter rules while she is punished. A lesson well learned. She will always be a good girl from now on!

MY SPANKING ROOMMATE – Cece Spanks New Roommate Gigi

Cece Lachey makes her spanking video debut in this scene in which she really spanks her real-life roommate Gigi Lea. Cece proves to be quite the sound spanker as she breaks in her new roommate by putting her over her knee and spanking her while informing her what to expect in this apartment complex.

SPANKED SWEETIES – Introducing Harmony Rivers

New young porn star Harmony Rivers was not spanked growing up, but she was punished and she enjoys talking about spanking, which she likes during sex. We include a role-play spanking scene with Clare Fonda playing her mom and punishing her for something she talks about in her interview.

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More spanking content to start off your week

Hello everyone… Here is the latest set of film reviews, featuring classics from the past and the very latest videos from the sites below. I trust that you all had a great weekend, this blog review is for you all on the start of yet another week as this year passes so quickly, we’re already halfway through August and summer is nearly at an end… where did all that time go? Best not to ponder on how time flies, I guess… just stay safe out there and enjoy some films I have not featured before until now, along with some of the very latest website updates!

real spankings - click here

Before bedtime spanking of Cleo Divine

cleo divine at realspankings.com

Cleo is asked to pick which implement she wants to be punished with, the spoon or the belt. She tells Mike that she doesn’t want to be spanked with either. Quickly she learns not to smart mouth him, and is taken OTK for a wooden spoon punishment. After letting Cleo’s bottom cool off, Mike returns to apply the belt to her already bruised bottom.

otk spanking strapped bare buttocks strapping cleo divine gets a spanking

More films featuring beautiful Cleo Divine can be found at Real Spankings
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For a fraction of the combined cost of them all!

redstripe films

The Journey (Episodes 1 to 4)

ready for her spanking

This is the first film from the “Spanking Mansion” series. These films will take viewing of CP, spanking, and discipline to a new level. This is “The Journey”… It’s a dark story about Suzanne (a cheating wife) and her descent into a kind of Hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others. This first episode recalls the story of her remorse at being caught out, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband. This comes hard and fast and without mercy. Once Suzanne starts on this journey into pain she has no idea where it will end…

spanking and paddling hand print spanking

After Suzanne’s punishment by her husband, she is surprised when he sends her to see a professional disciplinarian. It is made clear to her that she is to be punished further and more severely than ever before. It is with a certain amount of fear that she agrees to submit to whatever is planned for her. The discipline starts and she has to remove her black lace panties and bend over in her stockings and high heeled shoes. A wooden ruler warms her bottom before an extra large and heavy leather paddle smashes into her bare bottom. From then on the punishment gets worse as, spread-eagled, she is given a thrashing with a leather thronged martinet and a leather strap. All the punishments are designed to inflict the maximum pain and humiliation.

punished at home spanked pussy and ass

The Journey continues for Suzanne, it’s a journey into pain and humiliation and eventually self-realization. It’s now time for the next part of the punishment ordered by Suzanne’s husband and this promises to be the fiercest yet. Despite her protestations, this lovely housewife is to be given at least 30 strokes of the heavy cane. Her bottom is made ready, dressed in just her black stockings she kneels in just the right position and prepares herself for the searing pain she knows will come from the full strength cane strokes which will be applied to her already sore bottom.

leather paddling

Suzanne has come to a sort of realization; she needs to be punished, this may be the reason for her bad behavior. She craves the pain and the humiliation that she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts The Disciplinarian and asks that he come round. Once together, she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs. What happens next is more than she ever imagined. This is real life hard discipline as requested by Suzanne herself. Nothing is held back… nothing is hidden.

Accessing this site for a month costs $24 with the choice of purchasing a membership to another of their sites at the same time for far less than the normal cost of membership – CLICK HERE to view the extensive tour pages and check out the join page for the above offer.

spanked and diapered

Maid for Discipline

spanked and diapered maid

Amy Fox is a maid who gets more than she bargains for in this latest film from Spanked and Diapered. Alex wastes no time scolding and humiliating Amy before spanking her over the knee on her tight panties. However, this is far from over for Amy as she is then diapered like a little girl before further spanking punishment is given for her infractions.

spanking over panties changing into diapers - ageplay punishments amy fox spanked and diapered spanked in her diapers

More films featuring my good friend Amy Fox can be found at Spanked and Diapered

spanking server

Tyron Spanked and Caned

tyron at spanking server

Tyron is yet another East European beauty exclusive to this site where she has been spanked many times before. In this featured punishment, Tyron is placed on the examination couch, kneeling with her bottom stuck out as she is spanked over her cute panties. Then, her bottom is sprayed with water for the next part of her punishment, a hard no nonsense caning across her pert glistening buttocks! Amazing!!!

spanking caning spanked and caned

Tyron is one of many stunning East European girls you will only find at Spanking Server

That’s it for today’s post, stop by soon for more updates and remember I will also start updating my other blog HERE – go check it out as it has LOTS of spanking material to keep you busy as well!

teen spankings

More Spanking Biz News

Hello again, I seem to be on a roll with my update posts so today I thought it would be good to catch up on various sites that I haven’t caught up with including a couple of new updates from our own sites that I know you’ll like too!

However, before I continue, I’d like to make a statement about the ongoing COVID pandemic. There are several things to be concerned with and I am at pains to not be political (there are reasons for which I can’t mention here so prefer to keep this on a humanitarian level instead). After all, it’s a spanking blog so I will keep this personal message as a health issue and I’m quite troubled from what I hear and see on media in the USA. This virus hasn’t gone away… Jesus won’t wish it away, less testing doesn’t mean that it is less prevalent. This virus is not ‘Flu (anyone who has caught Flu will also know that is highly unpleasant and life-threatening to some). This virus is sneaky, it remains undetected and pernicious if left alone; it attacks the lungs, the vascular system, and those with compromised health issues… it will find a way to worsen those symptoms. It has an unusually long incubation period without signs of being (highly) contagious. Many people are asymptomatic (I’m not going to explain that, look it up if you really have to) so many are unaware they are spreading it because we don’t have decent testing methods yet.

Wear your masks… the reason we wear them, and why everyone should is not to protect OURSELVES from the virus… it is to protect OTHERS. It is a fact that those wearing masks can reduce the transmission of the virus greatly if they are carrying it, and as long as you follow hand washing and good practices on top then we can really flatten the curve. What I saw in Tulsa yesterday and from the recent, ongoing but totally understandable BLM protests is that we must continue to wear our masks and practice safe social distancing where possible. Most of mainland Europe has now completely flattened the curve and with relaxed procedures, they are ready to allow more freedoms… expecting a 2nd spike and curve to rise… this is normal (protests there will also have exacerbated the transmission of COVID). However, in the USA that curve is nowhere near reduced and is merely flattened and slightly falling… I fear in the next few weeks that the hospital admissions will rise substantially here and it ruins everything we have tried to do these last few months.

The best slogan from any country I have seen is from the Czech Republic:
The Czech motto is “your mask protects me, my mask protects you”.

So, please wear your masks for each other, that is all. Thank you.

As usual, I have featured (where possible) all performers/producers with their Twitter accounts (just click on their names). You will be able to check these out as this form of social media tends to show their latest news and further links to their other ventures, e.g) – other platforms such as additional member sites, Patreon and OnlyFans, etc.

Punished in the Woods – SIU Badminton Club
Starring: Mike Johnson & Olga Cabaeva

During the last game Olga performed badly so after the game instead of taking her straight home, Coach Mike made an extra stop in the local woods to give her a punishment she so richly deserved. He puts her over his knee in the car and spanks her soundly. Coach takes Olga into a space in the woods and bends her over to give her a sound bare bottom paddling with his trusty stinging hand shaped paddle.

Spanked in Uniform has many categories of specialist themes and is also adding content across their network. For example, this series featured below is available to view at either site (from what I can make out) so you can make your choice, I guess. I’m a little confused but whichever site you choose, there’s plenty of discipline to go around!

Satine & Masie’s Long Punishment
Starring: Satine Spark & Masie Dee

Satine comes to Holland regularly and she is in dire need of discipline as well as Masie. Satine stays with Masie when she is here and Masie told us that she doesn’t help around the house etc. Mike gives Satine her first spanking but then it became clear that Masie hadn’t shown Satine at all how to help around the house so it was only fair that he spanks Masie too. Both girls left with very red and sore bottoms. Until the next time… when he told them to email him pictures of their clean flat so Mike can see that they did actually clean. He never got any pictures so he decided to give them both a sound leather paddling.

Then there was the time Masie and Satine were booked a SIU shoot but when he arrived at the station to pick them up… no girls! One hour later the two madams showed up totally surprised and it was clear that they had forgotten that that night the clocks were put forward one hour. They had forgotten to set their mobile phones so he told them both to bare their bottoms and face the wall for one hour as they kept him waiting that long. Then he gave them both a good hard spanking.

Visit Real Life Spankings & Spanked in Uniform
For exclusive “schpaaankings” from the Netherlands (all films in English language)

Big Sister Takes Charge
Starring: Cleo Divine & Bri Crawford

Bri Crawford is supposed to be watching her little sister, Cleo Devine. Cleo went behind Bri’s back and asked one of her friends to buy alcohol for her and her friends. The friend told Bri, and she was NOT happy to hear this. How is she supposed to be keeping her little sister, the precious angel of the family, out of trouble if she’s hitting up her friends for alcohol?

Cleo is in big trouble this time. She is going to learn a lesson: her tight leggings are going to be pulled down, and she’s going over big sister’s lap for a hard hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. The two have fantastic chemistry and seem just like real sisters with the way that Bri scolds and Cleo complains back to her.

bare bottom spanking spanking

See more awesome films & FREE Previews from Northern Spanking

Diapered by the Boss
Starring: Nuna Starks & Alex Reynolds

Nuna is on her first big business trip with a new firm, but at yesterday’s negotiations meeting, she couldn’t focus and got up over and over again to go to the restroom. She needed to be filled in whenever she got back and was creating a huge distraction. She’s sharing a hotel suite with her boss, Alex Reynolds. Alex is flustered and frustrated by Nuna’s behavior, so right before they head out to the meeting for the second day of negotiations, Alex has a talk with Nuna. She tells her that she is going to be punished for being so distracting yesterday and that she is going to fix the problem by putting her into a diaper for today. Nuna is dressed in her professional best, including a pair of silky stockings and a garter belt, but that doesn’t stop Alex from diapering her. Nothing could make her feel more embarrassed than wearing a diaper with her stockings: it points out how mature she should feel, but how childishly she is being treated. This is *so* embarrassing! Poor Nuna!

spanking and diapers spanked and diapered diapered and spanked

See more girls, free movie previews & much more at Spanked and Diapered

Casey Ruins Lola’s Laundry
Starring: Casey Calvert & Lola Anderson


As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the Cheerleader Spankings Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

Having an impeccable cheer uniform is part of the pride of representing the team that one cheers for. Today is a special practice day for the keenest girls who are to turn up in their full cheer uniforms for additional credits. Casey is all ready to leave and waits for her roommate, Lola, who is cursing and stressed out in the other room. The reason becomes all too clear when she enters the living room topless and without her socks. It seems that Casey had washed Lola’s clothes without her knowledge and they had been washed with red items that had run. Now the whites of her uniform, apart from a spare pair of shorts that she is wearing, are bright pink! Lola is so angry with Casey’s lack of concern that she decides to teach her feckless roomie a painful lesson and turn her bottom as pink as the whites of her clothing! Casey is spanked over topless Lola’s lap and continually scolded. Her shorts are removed and the spanking continues on Casey’s ever-growing pink colored bottom. To ensure her cheeks remain flushed, Lola uses a nearby hairbrush that really teaches Casey a lesson in not touching other people’s laundry! It seems both girls will miss out this evening on the full cheer practice and the credits they could have gained! Way to go Casey!

otk spanking hairbrush spanking

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Alex Reynolds’ Wheelbarrow Spanking
Starring: Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy

As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the AAA Spanking Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

We would like to thank our good friends, Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy (co-owners of Northern Spanking), for agreeing to make this special wheelbarrow spanking film. This position can evoke a lot of emotion, even fear or trepidation. We realize this and now rarely film M/F content in this position as boundaries can be crossed and there could be issues of trust. This is a vulnerable position and we have seen other productions making the mistake of using this position for the wrong reasons. Remember, this is primarily a spanking position, we acknowledge that it is often explicit, but as with Alex and Paul (husband and wife), we wanted them to feel comfortable doing this. There is the exploration of submission, trust, and the headspace that comes with being spanked like this. For the spankee, as with Alex, she would be unable to always anticipate the smacks of his hand but would feel the soothing caresses from Paul and the different dynamics that using this position brings. This is a fun and loving spanking, with the added spice that this wheelbarrow position brings… making it compulsive viewing.

wheelbarrow spanking

For the FREE Preview & Full tour pages go to AAA Spanking

Oh… and another reason I knew I loved Yorkshire Tea! (apart from the amazing taste)

Spanking Updates for Self Isolation – 1

The title says it all, I hope you are all safe and well, and practicing “Social distancing” as best you can. There’s no need for me to lecture anyone on what to do. Instead, I’ll give you something to keep you occupied and even daring to join the awesome sites featured below who are making content for us all and keeping us safe and sane indoors… so without further ado – in no order of preference – hold on to your seats ladies and gents for the first ride this weekend!

Foxy strapped by Heidi

Foxy is a recent addition to the unique and hot performers from E. Europe at this studio. Using one of their many specialist discipline furniture, Foxy is placed and given a bare bottom leather strapping by resident female disciplinarian, Heidi. She has redhead Foxy gasping as her punishment is completed swiftly and silently. Bared spread and exposed… Heidi is left to rub her sore red bottom afterward.

Click here to see more of Foxy’s films at Spanking Server

Introducing new Spanked Sweetie – Iris

Iris is a professional switch who works in an LA dungeon. She and her sister were both spanked growing up and Iris tells us all about her experiences. This tall, sexy lady then re-enacts a spanking in which her mom (played by pro-domme Mistress Gloria) spanks her with hand and shoe.

All-new content of sexy Iris exclusive to Spanked Sweeties

Math Tutor Spanking

Apricot Pitts is not doing well in math. Her tutor Ashley Lane is very upset with her and her lack of studying. So Ashley gets creative with her discipline. Ashley puts Apricot over her knee for a very long and painful spanking, incorporating math into the spanking. By the time she has finished, Apricot is much more eager to learn math and has learned a very valuable lesson. And it leaves her bottom very sore and red and it definitely hurts to sit down!

Visit Girl Spanks Girl for more hot spanking content!

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Tennis Tantrum Punishment

Cara Day is sitting in her hotel room pouting. She got into a fight with her partner during a doubles tennis match and knows she is in trouble. Her coach, Miss Elizabeth, is known for being very strict in her punishments of players who act up. When Elizabeth arrives, she has both a hairbrush…and a diaper. After a scathing scolding, she puts Cara across her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves her struggling, red, and very contrite. But this is only part of her punishment. Elizabeth is going to give Cara some strict diaper discipline for this behavior. She makes a big production of showing her the diaper, making her lie with her legs open and everything very exposed, powdering her, and humiliating her. Act like a baby, get treated like one! Cara now has to go down to practice in a short skirt that hardly covers her brightly colored Rearz Safari diaper. Miss Elizabeth is one of the most authentic scolders the fetish scene has ever seen, and sweet lifestyle little Cara Day is clearly so embarrassed by her punishment. And the cute, vintage tennis uniform combined with a fluffy, padded diaper is to die for!

Click here to see more cute girls Spanked and Diapered

Megan and the Pool Cleaner

Meg is on holiday in Spain and rightly she wants to enjoy herself but sometimes she goes just that bit too far. Mr Stern is not known for being a very sociable sort of person and while he is cleaning out my pool he does not want Meg trying her best to distract him When he has finished with the pool he decides to teach Meg a bit of a lesson, he grabs a hold of her and puts her over his knees for a good hard spanking.

See all the very latest updates from Spanking Sarah


After her previous hard OTK spanking Amy Fox now receives an ass-scorching caning in her thin, tight leggings. Viewers of this site will know that the owner has a penchant for tight leggings and films whole series of them on a regular basis, if you want to see girls spanked strapped and caned in tight leggings and yoga pants this is a great place to visit!

See more from Spanking 101 HERE

Under the Sea

Dorothy has entered her family into a rather challenging competition, never imagining that she might actually win. Well, guess what?! Paul is singularly unimpressed both with the prize and with Dorothy’s unsanctioned actions and determines punish her for it. Another trip across Paul’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.

View more free previews exclusive to Northern Spanking

The Tattoo

Since this blond angel was committed to Girls Boarding School some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at Girls Boarding School does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason. This feeling of ease and relief was until a few days ago… until everything changed… on that one day when the Headmaster discovered her new tattoo! What happened on that day can hardly be put into words! One of the most severe bare bottom beatings ever taped! Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out! Enjoy this firm young bottom turned into a dark blue mess, enjoy this beautiful young face crying a flood of tears! Not a movie for the faint-hearted!

Check out the vast archives of Girls Boarding School

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Made it here? There’s plenty more coming this weekend! Stay safe!

Interesting Spanking Reviews

Another quick catch up across a few select sites outside of our network before I bring you a much-needed update on the recent goings-on with Sarah & I in my next post and what we have been doing with our sites recently.
But first, as I said, here’s a cool selection of differing spanking style websites for you to preview!

Girls Boarding School

Micaela (Swedish, I believe) was one of my all-time favorite girls featured at GBS, so why not get a reminder of when she first appeared there? You’ll watch her getting a tearful hand spanking and leather paddle punishment.

Micaela – 1st Time Spanking

Micaela, a very pretty blonde girl enters the office of the GBS principal; She’s looking scared. Michael explains to her why he has called her into his office. The person on the other end of the phone was a friend of his. Micaela was his housekeeper before she came to Girls Boarding School. She stole money from him. So Michael tells her that now she’s at GBS, any and all wrongdoing is dealt with by being punished with corporal punishment. She’s never had anything like that before, so now is the time for her first session, OTK. He pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her. She wriggles and squeals as her bottom becomes redder and sorer. And even more so when her knickers are unceremoniously pulled down to mid-thigh. When he releases her, she thinks her punishment is over. However, his hand is sore so he’s going to use a leather paddle on her bottom instead. Despite her constantly pleading with him to let her go, he carries on with the paddling until she has learned her lesson.

See ALL the spanking films featuring this stunning blonde HERE

Spanking Server

Luca Bella is another gorgeous east European girl only seen at this network of sites and she certainly is a sight for sore eyes!

Luca Bella

Athletic and able to take a variety of different punishments, this collection of images from her many films showcases what a beautiful and versatile model Luca Bella is. her bottom speckles magnificently with the hand, strap or other implements used and of course, she endures the many interesting and varied restraint devices that Spanking Server use. Check out some of her work featured below.

See more of Luca Bella EXCLUSIVE to Spanking Server


More spanking, humiliation and diapering discipline at this lovely fetish website run by Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy. I get this kink so you’ll be seeing more of this featured quite often…

Play Nicely Girls!

See all the latest spanking & diapering fetish film free previews HERE

Northern Spanking

When lost or missing films are found years later, it is a joy to watch, check out this featuring Aleesha Fox & Leia Ann Wood – enjoy!

There’s no “I” in team

Head cheerleader Aleesha is lazy completely lacking in motivation. Coach Leia Ann attempts to correct this situation by smacking her bottom. There is also a new import from the schools twin in Chicago… its made of wood!

Check out the new look Northern Spanking – Free previews HERE


February Spankings

Hello again… While I have some spare time, I thought I’d find yet more sites of recent interest for your perusal. I can get back to packing now… as I have a big trip planned for the coming week. So in my absence, enjoy this varied lined up of spanking erotica I have collated for you today. Check out the tour pages of each site for their very latest updates, these are all recent from January this year!

Madam Clare Fonda Spanks Elori Stix

Elori Stix was the one who got Clare Fonda in trouble and spanked by Blair Williams. Even though Double Dan and Blare both spanked Elori, Madam Clare decides she needs to punish that already sore and spanked bottom. Clare puts Elori over her knee for a very painful spanking.


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Cupcake’s Curfew Caning

College girl Cupcake returns, very late, from a night out to be met with a furious reception for breaking her curfew. She has been warned of the consequences of doing so for a second time: a severe punishment. Having had her bottom smacked hard, Cupcake must now endure a caning on her bare bottom before being sent to bed, with the promise of further discussions on the subject the next day.


Diapered Dorothy: Exam Prep

Alex Reynolds calls her little sister, Dorothy Burnett, into her room. She tells her that she came up with something to help her to prepare to take her upcoming entrance exam to a prestigious new school. Dorothy is expecting help with her math. Instead, Alex presents a diaper. Dorothy has to pee frequently, and no one is allowed to leave the lecture hall until the exam is completed. So, Alex suggests that Dorothy needs to wear the diaper for the exam, and to wear one now to “get used to it”. Dorothy throws a HUGE tantrum over this, throwing the diaper, kicking and flailing, and whining the entire time. If she’s going to act like such a little baby, maybe diapers are more than appropriate for her. Alex has to physically lift and carry Dorothy into position and has to fight and wrestle her to get her to put her legs up, but when she does, it’s to give her a diaper position spanking first. Only then does she tape Dorothy into her vintage DC Amore diaper. Once she’s wearing it, Dorothy still won’t agree to wear one to the test, so Alex wrestles her down onto her stomach there and pins her in position, spanking her diapered bottom until Dorothy gives in and agrees.


The Mentor: Dixon Mason & Beverly Bacci

Dixon is applying to Beverly’s alma mater and seeks Ms. Bacci’s financial assistance and influence with the school to help get her accepted. Beverly is uncertain about the girl, but agrees to take her under her wing provided the girl is willing to do exactly as instructed.

Dixon is not making the best impression on Beverly with her sloppy outfit and poor manners, but Ms. Bacci has faith that the girl has what it takes to be a successful student based on what was written in the application letter. Beverly insists that if she is to offer her assistance, Dixon will do anything she says, effective immediately. This includes removing her offensive clothing and taking a bare bottom spanking for her obnoxious attitude.


Helen Stephens – Spa Rules series

Having her bare bottom spanked in not what Helen Stephens expects at work!
Lying bare bottomed over Earl Grey’s knee, Helen Stephens’ cheeks are bouncing red as her first spanking is completed in Spa Rules. It was her jokey suggestion that he spanked her, watched by spa boss Belinda Lawson – who is next! “I could feel my cheeks wobbling around as he spanked, it was a weird feeling,” said Helen. Earl laughed: “She’s got a good bouncy bottom!”