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3 Reasons to be British & Proud!

Great-Britain-FlagAs I type this, news of HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge is in labour with the future heir to the throne – at long last, the royal sprog has finally seen sense and can no longer chill out inside mummy… a bank of paparazzi  are awaiting the royal couple plus one and the circus is under way… now I don’t much care for those that wish our country to be a boring republic… I often find those that live in such republics often miss the pomp and splendour of the past which gives any country a unique edge… anyhoo, reason number 2… another fantastic performance in the Tour de France cycle race means even though the current holder of this race (Sir) Bradley Wiggins was injured and couldn’t take part, Chris Froome (who finished 2nd last year) won the 100th Tour in style… froomeI’m sure my lovely French readership (that are now fast disappearing, lol) will congratulate him wholeheartedly on another superb performance and how our boys are starting to dominate the world of cycling… I certainly see it on our roads as more and more people take to them and avoid my wheels of death on their racing bikes … and if I couldn’t piss off our wonderful colonial cousins from down under yet again…

reason 3: England’s awesome cricketers romp to a 2-0 lead in the Ashes Series, needing only a draw to retain them in the best of 5 series (we look so good that the rare phenomenon of a 5-0 drubbing is on the cards). For once the Australians are hoping our usually crap weather might fragment the 5 days tests and halt our lads from winning as easily as they did in the last test at Lords… as only the weather might stop them if we have thunder storms in between the intense lovely heatwave we are experiencing. hot-weatherBritain is a great place to be right now! It is as if God had blessed our small nation… and so to celebrate our awesomeness (lol, please, for the love of “God” do take this as tongue in cheek, I know there are those that find irony difficult to grasp at times), then why not check in on some equally great English spanking sites, including my own of course – with news of what is out and what will be coming this week!

Coming out later this week at AAAspanking.com – a truly English rose that is Amelia Jane Rutherford… spanked OTK and stripped naked for our viewing pleasure. Those who know Amelia will understand that she has a fantastic body and is not afraid to show it off, she insisted on a 2nd naked punishment spanking over my lap, I didn’t argue one little bit! The below images are 1st view screen shots taken from the film and will not be seen anywhere else yet at the time of writing, so please enjoy this special little early preview for yourselves! I hope my members approve at what they are about to see 🙂

Amelia’s Naked OTK

amotk011 amotk021

amotk024 amotk042

amotk050 amotk061

amotk075 amotk080

amotk082 amotk087

amotk090 amotk093

The gist of this story was that Amelia had shamed and embarrassed me the previous night with her drunken behaviour… after making me a hot cup of early morning apology coffee, a hungover Amelia waited nervously for her inevitable scolding, with recollections of embarrassing events and a humiliating OTK spanking which resulted in her receiving one fully nude that she wouldn’t forget this start to her day in a hurry! (sigh, any excuse to get her kit off, eh?)

amotk098 amotk103

This will be available later this week HERE but it will be aired EARLY (no later than tomorrow, below)
Showing at the CLIPS STORE

There is an extra incentive at the clips store as I am uploading a revamped HD version of a classic we filmed with Jasmine Lau – one of my fave films – “Nothing Sexual”. It’s now also inside the members area (upgraded free, of course) in HD-MP4 at 1280×720 instead of the original 960×540 WMV version. I’m also looking at removing many of the smaller WMV files to clear up disk space on my server as I don’t think these offer anything  to anyone now as most people would prefer to download the full files, am I right?

A quick reminder of Jasmine & myself (click image for gallery) in “Nothing Sexual” (below)



From NorthernSpanking.com I have 2 variants of excellence for you today! From the featured long play film, part 13 of “The Chosen” – this should and must win the film of the year… it was a massive project that only they could carry out with the help and 100% trust of the 2 subs involved, Sasha Harvey & Jadie Reece, who, as I am sure you will all recall are subjected to unknown and wicked punishments filmed throughout an entire day at the hands and various implements of Lucy Maclean & Stephen Lewis. They inflict much psychological torment and punishments on their 2 chosen victims! It was a spontaneous film and the images below are taken from the latest episode featured… if you want to know more scroll back over my archives and type in “The Chosen” as a search parameter, I’m sure you’ll be able to see more of this long play epic!

As you’ll see there is an epic twist with the unexpected punishment of cruel Lucy!

chosen01 chosen02

chosen03 chosen04

chosen05 chosen06

chosen07 chosen08

chosen09 chosen10

chosen11 chosen12

chosen13 chosen14

All parts to this amazing full length movie are now up at Northernspanking.com

If you are interested, their very latest film also stars one Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford 🙂



Finally something a little different from an English site you don’t always hear about… but maybe you should as some of the films in it are excellent and they have been making movies in 1280×720 HD versions for yonks… that site is SpankedCheeks.com and I really love the F/F films they make when Mistress Lina is in control… take this collection of films which I know were made over 18 months or so ago but have been appearing at the site most recently when Sarah Bright worked with them. I loved this film and wanted to show you how she got her humiliating comeuppance as a stroppy hotel receptionist who gave such poor service to her customers that her boss (Lina) marched her into another room and gave her a thrashing then showed the hotel guest how they treated poorly behaved ladies with their bare bottoms on show! I’m off on company business later today (though I will take my laptop and phone so I am contactable most of the time) and I wouldn’t mind if this was their policy if I got treated badly… but as it’s a big chain, I highly doubt that, lol! Still, as you’ll see below, it’s a nice idea and one I thought appropriate to end on since I have to start packing in a mo! 🙂

“Staff Problems… the Receptionist”

receptionist01 receptionist02

receptionist04 receptionist05

receptionist03 receptionist06

receptionist07 receptionist08

receptionist09 receptionist11

receptionist10 receptionist12

receptionist13 receptionist14

If you liked seeing a real grown woman get a proper spanking then check out MORE in this latest film below!



OK, still no sign of the Royal baby just yet… so I shall not wait a moment longer 🙂

Hope you are all having a great start to the week!


Last Spanking Post of 2012

Before I give you a few nice updates I haven’t seen elsewhere today… I want to say that the title is a little misleading as tomorrow I will bring my own unique monthly review of some of the best spanking moments of the past year… I do this every year on my blogs now and I know it’s popular from some of the emails I got previously… it’s something I came up with a few years back so it’s nice to see if it gets copied elsewhere, since I run “such a hated blog” in the eyes of some purists anyways (LOL!)

tarousal11But I digress – and so without moaning about our tacky shitty weather (which I could drone on about) or other non spank related guff I could get up on a soap box about (like ny usueless football team)… let’s just see some great spankings that, well… quite frankly gave me “wood” as I gazed on these wonderful updates and stuff that I had been watching earlier today! Therefore I feel I need to warn you that the following spanking films and updates are all certified Class A “Trouser Arousal” material: Please be warned that excessive viewing may require a quick trip to the loo! I haven’t forgotten the ladies, thankfully you won’t suffer from such cloth stretching disorders but if easily turned on by viewing the following gorgeous spanking smut, be prepared to rinse your panties… (how nice!) – Thank you.


Masie Dee – still someone I haven’t worked with (but will do my absolute damnedest to rectify that early next year) is introduced at Northern Spanking and just look at her already reddening bum and her tearful eyes, I also loved the mirror work in this intro that members can see all parts to, check out some of the latest images below:

NSI110-SM085 NSI110-SM088 NSI110-SM096

NSI110-SM105 NSI110-SM106 NSI110-SM110


Also check out what they have been up to over the holiday period with some great new films and continual updates like these below!

The below images are taken from the film: “At the Coal Face”


NSI105-ANR024 NSI105-ANR029 NSI105-ANR042

NSI105-ANR047 NSI105-ANR055 NSI105-ANR064


Rosie and Nimue have failed to hand in their essay on the Industrial Revolution. This being one of several deadlines they have failed to meet. Their lecturer and tutor, Miss Hunter, summons them to a meeting and gives them a very difficult decision. Will they save their education? Or their backsides?

Find out more at Northern spanking HERE


Next from the excellent Bars and Stripes comes a great multi cast film, with a return for evil twisted Matron Maclean (I love watching her enjoying her work!) alongside nasty prison officers Miss Page and Mr Lewis we have the unfortunate Kami Robertson and her cellmate, Lilly Lovell who are given a double session they won’t forget as both girls are punished for fun!

kami2_torturefortwo - 011 kami2_torturefortwo - 032

kami2_torturefortwo - 034 kami2_torturefortwo - 035

kami2_torturefortwo - 045 kami2_torturefortwo - 060

kami2_torturefortwo - 070 kami2_torturefortwo - 087

kami2_torturefortwo - 094 kami2_torturefortwo - 111

kami2_torturefortwo - 114 kami2_torturefortwo - 117

kami2_torturefortwo - 121 kami2_torturefortwo - 126

kami2_torturefortwo - 128 kami2_torturefortwo - 134

Bars and Stripes really struck gold with this unique pairing, Kami and Lilly were inseparable so the girls got many punishments together… sadly, from what I’ve learnt, Lilly did her time at the penal institution and has retired from online spanking already, alongside Kami as a sub, it’s a great loss but I have been informed there are still a huge amount of films to come (as I have with Kami also…yay!)



I haven’t featured Punishedbrats.com in a while and you really SHOULD take a look at what they are producing in HD (at last) at the moment as they star 2 of my fave girls there, Joelle Barros, who I am sure you are aware I was lucky enough to use at my own site… as well as horse riding beauty, Marissa, who was made for OTK spanking (mm mmm!) Checkout some of the images from the very latest updates now available to members…


Dangerous Driving: Marisa was speeding and crashed her fancy sports car. Although she’s upset by the accident, she doesn’t seem to understand how serious a matter it is. She has truly earned this OTK spanking from Uncle David!

dangerous1-2 dangerous1-3

dangerous1-4 dangerous1-5 dangerous1-6


& as I mentioned earlier, Joelle is back, check her out with a girl made to be spanked and given a spanking with… the lovely Pi (or 22/7 as I once referred her as… imagine starring with Ten/10… ha ha!). Joelle shows her dominant side in what I think is the first time on film (damn she looks the part, doesn’t she?)


Taken from the film “Good Impressions”: Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat!

impression1 impression2

impression3 impression5 impression6

impression7 impression8

There is also the promise of Pi getting her own back pretty soon on Joelle – which I can’t wait to see!

Click image below for more on that!



Here’s something I was watching earlier from my personal archives from being a member of various sites over the years… and it stars one girl I am sure is now retired from The Scene, though you never know… Miss Katja Krasivaya who in this case was filmed at Spanked Cheeks so I was more than happy when I saw her here as I had enjoyed viewing her films from Strictly English and also for Northern Spanking in the past…. here she is as a badly behaved bratty schoolgirl getting a punishment that her fed up Aunty Lina has been dying to dish out to her! Yes, it may have been from a few years ago (late 2010 as I recall) but the film is still in crystal clear HD and these reduced size screen shots give you an idea of just what went on. Taken from the film “Not another spanking!”

anotherspanking01 anotherspanking02

anotherspanking03 anotherspanking04

anotherspanking05 anotherspanking06

anotherspanking07 anotherspanking08

anotherspanking09 anotherspanking10

anotherspanking11 anotherspanking12

anotherspanking13 anotherspanking14

This was taken from English site Spanked Cheeks – go check out the link below and click on “What’s New” to see all the film updates!


Finally for now, in case I don’t include these 2 girls her in my blog review of the year, how could I miss out on slinky 6 footer, Adrienne Black… and beautiful, big breasted schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson? These are the 2 very latest films of both girls featuring at Firmhandspanking.com

highfliers_c003 highfliers_c007

highfliers_c010 highfliers_c012

highfliers_c013 highfliers_c019

highfliers_c021 highfliers_c023

Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays which I have to say are HOT HOT HOT!


Belinda’s detention film kicks off the New Year as she is punished for trying to extort money… her beautiful curvy bum is exposed and given a hard caning punishment as she is made to touch her toes, legs straight and counts out each of her strokes… there’s a slo mo and reaction cam which provides how hard this puinishment was!


detention_bg003 detention_bg005

detention_bg010 detention_bg014

detention_bg016 detention_bg021


Check out all the latest varied updates with FREE Previews – HERE


That’s it from me, I shall conclude this year with a special post tomorrow! Good night! 🙂


& A Spanky Good Afternoon! Pt2

Here’s part 2 of today’s update, and I promise that I have some hot and naughty spanking films, some sexual scenes and some good hard honest punishments that make you want to see more! So no more waffling, I’m delving straight into the first update of the day from a site I don’t often promote here, but should really do more of as it’s part of a great little network, I’m sure you will know it well… it’s called Spanked Cheeks and I just loved this most recent full film update (yup, I’m a member of it… heh heh) so you will also recognise one of my older fantasy ladies, Red XXX – a very womanly redhead cougar Milf that has appeared at many fetish sites, after I provide the links to this great F/F spanking film (with a naughty twist) I’ll let you know where you can find Red getting up to no good on her own site and elsewhere!

Red plays a horny rent officer who first of all arranges an alternative method of payment for this hapless tenant (who just happens to be an incredibly sexy MILF (and YES… I would really love to!). She’s not used to being spanked and punished as you see her cheeks turning red very quickly… but if this helps her keep a roof over her head, so be it!




Red feels kind of sorry for her client, but she is also incredibly turned on and so makes another proposition, hoping that this hard up sexy lady will eagerly take up her offer of something far more sexual… you can see how that turned out (below)



You can see much more of this red hot spanking & sexually stimulating movie series HERE


As I said, you can find Red at her own site below, one of Britain’s naughtiest ladies who thankfully doesn’t know any better. I have been thinking about older ladies for my own site and she’d be right up there, let me know what you think as I found the sight of these 2 featured at SpankedCheeks.com very, very erotic!



& Click images below for some special galleries of this very sexual cougar, Red.



You might also want to check her and some other of the very sexiest fetishistas in the UK at Lady-Sonia

I might start promoting more of Lady Sonia too as she has worked with many prominent spanking models and has made some excellent films alongside her dominatrix style and cuckoldrix films that I find rather addictive (I have signed up to her site several times over the past years… and felt quite sorry for her hubby, Charles) there’s also some spanking punishments as I said but her niche covers much more… you’d have to go check out this site for yourselves! 🙂


OK, as I featured something a little different, I wanted to show you what Amber has been up to most recently on her website AmberSpanks.com – it’s now part of her 3 sites you get as one complete package (I think there is STILL a Trial option but you’d be amazed at just how much content there is and she offers some of the best sign up deals for a month and more in the biz – so to be honest I’d take that as you’d be really pissed off if you couldn’t get what you wanted on a trial offer and might have to sign up again? Bollocks to that!

Amber films her latest clutch of naughty girls!

My favourite American redhead spanko doesn’t disappoint as she plays with her fellow web cam girls on a jaunt to LA (I think that’s what it is, I’m sure she’ll let us know if it’s not) … but I’ve shown you some of what she got up to, lots of spanking and very naughty sexual foreplay before with slinky blonde Aly (see above muff diving Pixie in the foreground)…. this time Amber is joined by MORE girls as she directs them to lick each other out and also get to spank them one by one… as you’ll see from the images below, my underwear went totally nuclear with “fallout” everywhere (ahem)… see why as we get to see bespectacled brunette Pixie and buxom Ely to join in the fun!

WARNING: Yet MORE Trouser Arousal images appear below!







I will get back to you and let you know about a great punishment that Amber’s Daddy carried out on her recently for being drunk and messy around the house, bringing her to tears! However, if you sign up to AmberSpanks.com – then you can see that at her original site, SpankAmber.com (sign up at either as you get BOTH these sites AND her bonus nude site for free too with lots of webcam data which I urge you not to miss!)


Finally today, as I seem to be on some sort of redhead theme… why not stick with it and you can see one of the latest girls at the Clare Fonda group of sites (or is it the Big C sites now?) – In any case, check out SpankedSweeties.com as gorgeous porn and fetish model Phoenix Askani goes over the lap of the Big C as she re enacts a growing up spanking memory…

A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom (Clare Fonda’s last scene playing the mom) and from dad as you will see below.





Check out more of Phoenix’s burning butt from her intro spankings at SpankedSweeties.com

Remember that new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now part of the CLAREFONDAPASS so with this site above it makes a hell of a multi site network pass to have at a vastly reduced price, good… innit?

Post 2 – Around the spanko world in 80 images

& here as promised is my make up post for being busy elsewhere this week as I bring you a fine collection of what I have been watching including some of the very latest updates to intrigue you further, if you so wish! Here’s a site I haven’t featured in a while, not because I’m not interested in it, I just ran out of time, but I can never run out of time seeing Monica punished, she really can take a hell of a thrashing and this film,although just for otk spanking purists, is not less light on her cute rump… as Danny Crighton is the man behind the hand – and he’s mad as hell!

Monica is spanked for exceeding her Text Limit

Monica has yet again gone over her text limit on the phone bill this month. Danny decides that a punishment is needed to remind her that this is not the way to behave after the previous month’s warning, she knows the score and reluctantly pulls down her jeans and panties for a hard no nonsense punishment spanking on her previously unblemished bottom!



Check out all the latest movie previews and more from RealSpankings.com


In Japan, schoolgirls are put through some imgenious and original spanking and humiliating punishments, repeat offendor rates, I would assume, would be low… but we are fortunate that Japan is a populous place full of very naughty brats like the delightful Fuka (below) sent to her detention and ordered to be punished in the “Discipline Suit” – something a little similar to a swimming costume, but a girl’s bare buttocks are fully exposed and there’s NO hiding place from the hard swift strokes of a heavy wooden paddle as you’ll see HERE



You can see the latest previews including FREE movie clips and more at CutieSpankee.com


OK, I haven’t shown you these updates from Clare’s sites just yet so it’s my turn to get all steamed up about Veronica Ricci yet again as she sets the temperature rising making the perfect callgirl called Audrey as Momma Clare plays and spanks her for her own selfish pleasure after she has been away for some time!

“Get em off… let’s see what you’re made of! Momma wants to play!”




Call Girl Audrey (Veronica Ricci) has been gone too long in Europe. She missed lots of work and now gets a fully nude thrashing from Clare Fonda. First she has to strip to make sure she got no new silly tattoos and then she is pulled over Clare’s knee. Clare is particularly unhappy Audrey has been giving up anal all over Europe instead of making cash like a smart girl.

The larger full size images and the full movie of Veronica can be viewed HERE


Clare’;songoing spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate is now into the 90th episode! Hard to believe but this site has now got some amazing stories to tell, centered around a few principal characters like Madison Martin who just looks better and better, she 1st dishes out a spanking to Mary Jane… but the tables soon get turned!




Mary Jane complains to Madison about how Kay had spanked her. But when Madison learns that Mary Jane has no rent money, she gives her a long, hard spanking, finishing it off with a paddle. But Mary Jane gets a chance for payback. Spanking Soap Opera’s first episode with these two lovely round bottoms together.

Check out this epic 32 minute film being viewed HERE


Finally from Clare’s group of sites we have her audition, model fantasy and newbie girl next door site – SpankedSweeties.com introucing us to a (delightfully) red haired Kisa, who has worked a lot elsewhere and I had heard some horror stories about the way she had been treated by who I called “hovel man” (which is why I will never promote that site anymore with his image on them). So I know damn well Clare will look after Kisa – she is interviewed then given a welcome spanking, I’m looking forward to more of her but you can see the first images from her new film exclusive to SpankedSweeties.com below:




Kisa is known for taking some major thrashings on the web, but her first spanking scenes were in real life. She was spanked by mom and dad and even acts out a belt scene with “Dad.” Kisa is 20 now and was spanked until she was 15 and can brat with the best of them!

We all know the thrashings Kisa can take – I look forward to more of the same HERE


One of Clare’s original sites is the excellent GirlSpanksGirl.com – this is the home of all the Exclusive Education movies (the latest number 6 is now out in full) as well as the sensual and erotic films that she makes, there are some excellent films and stories here that you can find below from the most recent updates – the images below all lead to a FREE gallery so it’s well worth taking a look.



See MORE from the home of Excluisve Education and erotic girl on girl discipline – Click HERE

All the above sites are amazing in their own right, but as I keep banging on about this, you can view them all as part of Clare’s multi site pass, no repeats elsewhere, just original films and different stuff on each site, no remakes elsewhere… guaranteed!



Here’s something a little amusing and very erotic from SpankedCheeks.com as lapdance bar owner Lina is far from impressed with her latest recruit, who can’t get her ass round the pole properly… which of course has drastic results when Lina can easily pole dance and this tight trim little thing is absolutely hopeless! With the help of a spanking in various positions completely naked, she gets the motivation to avoid being so rubbish at pole dancing, otherwise she’ll get  very sore red bottom !!! This pole dancing film has, ahem… caused some rumblings in the trouser depeartment! oops!







See Lina pole train her latest recruit in this 20 minute spanking film HERE


OK, have a great weekend, my missus is starting to complain so I better spend some time with her…

laters 🙂

Beautiful F/F & Discipline Spankings

To be honest, any movie starring Jadie Reece will always grab my attention, she is just so naughty! But play her alongside Andi Switch who plays the older very attractive woman who is having an affair with Jadie (who could resist such female temptation?) then add this to the mix when the girls are caught making out in Andi’s bed by her actual girlfriend, Alina, who arrived home early to find this going on… then , ladies and gentlemen… we have a spanking film you mustn’t miss!

Alina is a well known disciplinarian anyway, she’ll thrash anything… man or woman that crosses her and this sexy Swedish lady takes no crap from Andi and the bit on the side that is the scrumptious Jadie!  To be honest, it’s an excuse to see some hot female making out action, naked bottoms shown and spanked for the cameras in the bedroom… and guess what, I’m not complaining!

One of the many MUST SEE movies currently available for download at SpankedCheeks.com – see the images from the movie below and decide for yourself if this is hot… or not!







See MORE of this hot movie HERE and what is on offer at SpankedCheeks.com


So from pure naughtiness to more traditional discipline – this time in Army Uniform as one of the very latest updates from the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com has new recruits Amelia Jane & Pandora getting themselves into a whole heap of spanking trouble… as you’ll see below! Attennnnn….. Shun! 🙂

Two new girls arrived at the academy. Amelia and Pandora were sent to the academy by their parents because they were kicked out of 3 schools and they had become uncontrolable. Their disrespectful attitude became quite obvious to their commanding officer who soon had his cane across their bottoms. After they changed into their uniforms, both cadets were taken over the knee for a hard military style hand spanking! Hup! Hup! Hup! Bend over ladies…. this is gonna hurt!






You can see all the military style & institutional punishments from this site HERE


& talking of uniforms! The latest movie from SpankingSarah.com is both hilarious and frightening as Sarah hits new femdom highs punishing this cracking new “girl next door” type called Honey (I bet she is…)

but hang on… Sarah is dressed as a nun, but dressed in a fetish black rubber/latex nun’s uniform? (ahem!) & with her forlorn maid, Katie, looking on in the background? This sounds corny, but it’s a hell of a visual treat as you’ll see below and Sarah is awesome as a fearsome Domme… she is mean as hell when she wants to be! “Blessed be the poor innocents that cross her path!”






& finally, check out the relative newcomer to Firmhandspanking.com – Alisha Strauss, who looks stunning and is very well endowed up front, so to speak… and with this womanly curvature comes a very shapely spankable bottom… (OMG it really is!!!) and she wears glasses which appeals to my pervy side as I love to see these book wormish types receive a good thrashing! Which is what you can see below from her latest installent.





As well as new girls like Alisha you can see free movie previews of some of my all time faves like Adrienne Black or Samantha Woodley in brand new films just released as well (which I shall no doubt be availing to you in due course) So you can cruise on over to Firm Hand’s preview pages and see for yourself  – CLICK HERE for their extensive tour pages!

Hope you all had a good weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow with a spanking movie review and will be updating my other blogs.
Have a good ‘un. Chief.