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Schoolgirl Spankings

As promised, here is my theme for the day on this blog… what a surprise! Schoolgirl spankings? It’s a good excuse to catch up on some great spankings shown recently at the various sites below which you may have missed elsewhere. So let’s kick off this bumper visual feast with a trip to Spanked-in-Uniform.com where I had seriously neglected the most recent schoolgirl updates from the St Catherine’s section on his great site!

One of my bugbears – girls not able to tie properly – is investigated (below)

After spending time in the corner, the headmaster showed them how to tie a schooltie properly. They had never done it before as their mothers did it for them. It took a few sound leather paddlings and hand spankings to motivate them but finally the girls left with their schoolties tied properly and looking like proper neat St. Catherine’s girls!




The next film update is a popular schoolgirl theme – Bullies!

Junior girl, Rochelle, went to the Headmaster and told him she was bullied out of her lunch money and the Headmaster soon figured out that the bullies were two senior girls, Betty and Julie. He found them during recess and marched them straight to his office. After a strict scolding, he put them over his knee and gave them both a long hard bare bottom spanking followed by some lengthy, humiliating cornertime. Bullies were NOT tolerated at St Catherines school!




& finally (for now) the latest schoolgirl themed update out now to download in full…

The yearly athletic meet between a rival school and St Catherines had just finished and the other school  had won by a small margin. That was due to 2 girls slacking around and not doing their best. They were both told to report to the Headmaster after the track meet.  Following a long stern lecture both girls went over his knee and the Headmaster used a hard nasty rubber gym shoe on their bottoms and both were near to tears by the time he had finished with them!




For more schoolgirl type spankings – check out the tour pages HERE


There’s a full schoolgirl fantasy spanking film now available to download with their usual excellent photo images at Northern Spanking featuring the adorable Aleesha Fox in a pristine schoolgirl uniform. This is primarily based on a grown up theme of a partner playing a schoolgirl and letting the lucky fella live out his spanking fantasies… I wonder if Paul “insisted” on doing this? Gives me some perverse ideas for a forthcoming filmshoot! (oh wait, I have already filmed stuff like this too…. heh heh!) Anyway… I (naturally) loved this film so please do check out some choice images from it (below)




Download this great HD film from the good people of Northern Spanking


Not to be outdone, at Spanking Sarah this week there is a superb schoolgirl dorm strapping and caning film with the beautiful and very flexible Kiki Devine as you’ll see below… don’t forget to check out the amazing free preview at the end of this info update!



Kiki thinks she is alone as she spanks and plays with herself on webcam for her boyfriend. BUT, teacher Sarah returns and catches her and is determined to teach her a real lesson. Naked she is first of all paddled and then made to stand and bend over whilst Sarah delivers a full force caning to her bare bottom. Poor Kiki takes a real hard caning, no mercy shown here


See much more of Kiki’s punishment by the predatory Sarah in this free preview HERE


& finally (for now) a short sharp trip to the Reform Institute of the Headmaster’s wicked world at Spanked Coeds – this is a particularly devastating bathtime punishment that has some powerful breath play as Clarice is made to run the water in the bathtub (not the cleanest tub by the way… which would add to the whole uncomfortable-ness of what was to come, in my opinion) and that was her head being held under the water several times until she got the message… and that was AFTER the horrible wooden ruler thrashing she got across her already very sore bottom!






OK, that’s it… but there are more punishments with Clarice and also with a great new girl to this site called Mila which you can find out more about at this link shown below



& in case you like to see various bathroom themed spankings (I know I do) then *surprise surprise* my very next film is a rare treat… as it co stars Leia Ann Woods AND the retired (but not forgotten) Irelynn Logeen… fans of both girls are in for a delightful treat! Oh… and the bathtub was very clean 🙂


& it goes without saying that I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Hywel & Amelia on their recent Nuptials

Congratulations from me to you both, you make a great couple!!! (click image for her blog post)

Friday Spankings – pt1

Before I start today, I have finally decided to get my ass in gear and go watch the new Batman: Dark Knight movie sometime soon… I’m sure Ann Hathaway as Catwoman will be great, she’s a good actress… and from the previews I’ve seen, looks the part, but there can only be ONE catwoman for me (from my confused youth looking at her) and that was Julie Newmar – with possibly the thinnest waist known to humanity on a TV screen. Here’s a reminder of what I mean, and I know it’s self indulgent, but a nice little tribute before I continue, and of course has nothing to do with spanking… except in my darkest fantasies, to have her over my lap spanked in that outfit – purring… well, let’s just leave it at that, eh? LOL!

Julie Newmar – my ultimate Catwoman spanking fantasy!

OK, I think you get the message… so here are some equally “purr”-fect spankings for you today!
Friday Spankings – Part 1


 I’m starting with the amazing new find at Punishedbrats.com – from what I’ve learnt, David and Pixie were hoping to shoot more content with this beauty but, as she is heavily involved in equestrian sports, she fell off her horse (after winning her event) and broke her arm… poor thing! Pity, as I was about to beg David to see if she would have shot for me when I’m out “that way” early September… However, let’s just revel in the 1st of her films now on release and these images show just what an amazing new find she really is!

Marissa in the start of the “Spoilt Little Rich Girl” series…

Marisa has married into a family in which David is the patriarch. A lifelong spoiled brat, she is having some difficulty adjusting to the rules and expectations of the new family and needs to be straightened out by Uncle David.




Check out stunning Marissa in a free preview clip HERE


The new highschool girl to feature in the attentions of Principal Ken at Spanked Coeds is called Mila, and she is a refreshing new girl that can take quite a spanking as well as cry beautifully during her punishment. In this latest episode, she is spanked for no other reason, than she can be… I like those sort of spankings (they seem so unfair, don’t they?) and there is some extra naked humiliation as her pervy mentor is displeased at her not being smooth “down there”. I am really digging Mila at Spanked Coeds, I think you will too! Images below are taken from the actual movie footage!






You can see all of new girl Mila’s punishment spankings exclusively HERE


Back later today with part 2 (it’s good, I promise) – as I have a few chores to do first and want to actually enjoy a little rare sunshine that has come our way 🙂 – Regards, Chief.

Unexpected Punishments!

Having a good weekend? It feels so nice to get up later than I have been… so much so that I shall look forward to doing it again tomorrow 🙂

Well, that has left me refreshed and wanting to find something a little different today, so I have got you a few recent updates from some sites I love… though the first I’m about to show you I did find rather odd, as it was just , um… wierd, but I liked it, the full film in 4 long play parts is now available to members at AmberSpanks.com and it is with her voluptuous “new find”, dusky Zahara Haze, who they are working together on various cam projects… so it won’t surprise you to know these 2 get rather intimate and often in all the films I’ve seen of them at this fine site!

So this is the storyline, from what I can make of it… or this is how I perceive it… the film opens with a naked Zahara struggling and chained whilst Amber in her open Kimono dress and a rather frightening Asian mask uses the voluptuous bound girl as her plaything, her punishment toy, so to speak… as she uses a whippy cane across Zahara’s heaving bosoms and body as she wishes. I can’t make out everything Amber says to her from behind that mask (lol) but she sounded like a Canadian (eh?) – and I don’t mean to sleight our esteemed colonial cousins, as I love Canadians… but that was just my impression… was Amber trying to disguise her voice? I don’t know… but what you WILL know and see are a whole series of intimate and pain/pleasure sensations that she puts Zahara through with body flogging, nipple clamping, ice and fire… namely candle wax and a great scene where she forces an ice cube deep up inside Zahara’s pussy. Zahara is so worked up by all this that the final spankings and strappings finish the film perfectly for me. Check out some images taken from the whole series and see for yourself… the movie, of course is far better than I can convey here!









Wow! More of this film and all of Amber and Zahara’s collaborations can be seen HERE

You might be interested to know that Amber has changed her pricing structure and for the moment you can choose to view the site as part of a 3 day trial for less than $5 or as a valued member receive lower monthly rebills after signing up or take out a special one off membership (NO rebill option) that works out at an impressive $16 a month (both of Amber’s spanking sites have massive archives stretching back years and all her recent content is now found nowhere else!) You’d need months just to spend time downloading it all! Wanna know more and check out her tour areas? Click on the banners below 🙂


Ok… and now for something COMPLETELY different! Our stern and unfriendly Headmaster at the school of SpankedCoeds.com is again giving one particular pupil of his a hard time, the drunken Daija… and this time I fully agree with the punishment as the girl is slumped and passed out over his sofa! WTF?

A short sharp wake up call and a very humiliating and tearful paddling sorted this girl out… and he did it in his own unique style! See the screen shots from this short sharp shock film, one of the many typical of his nasty punishments!







You can see more of tearful Daija and her fellow unfortunates for under $15 a month at Spanked Coeds


OK, I shall be reviewing some more sites tomorrow, I now have to catch up on my chores when I am fully awake *sigh* have a good weekend everyone. Chief

Super Sunday Spankings

Xmas is fast approaching, tis the season of many work related meals, I have another tonight, all the good work I have done by losing 20 Pounds these last 6 months has gone undone in a festival of gluttony and excessive eating these last few weeks! Another reason I loathe this time of year, to be honest. If you know me, you’ll know I hate this time of year. I have just prepared my Xmas film at our site (sigh) and in the spirit of giving, our members will get a massive 25-30 minute film in one go, no broken parts in gorgeous HD, featuring 4 lovelies spanked needlessly in some extremely tacky and festive gear. Danielle was one of those girls… and after her filming came up with the idea you are about to see below! This is also advertised on the front of our site and it was mainly her idea, so anyone bitching about me exploiting the poor lass… think again! It’s also a nice extra and a “thank you” to the lucky winner… what do you have to do? Click below and see how to enter and be a part of the draw.

& this offer is available to ANYONE who has purchased a Year’s Membership, we are reviewing our pricing structure very soon so this annual deal along with the current pricing WILL change as we are now so much bigger than when we had envisaged the site to start with… so if you also want to take advantage of accessing our site for under $20… which, to be honest, is waaaaaay too cheap, then get it while you can as we will be upping the prices very soon! Not because we are greedy or mean, but because we have no choice, being based in the UK, the Dollar exchange rate is killing us, hosting costs more for the extra bandwidth of all our extra films and it covers the costs of wasting time tracking down pirates and costs that this involves as well as funding for new models and such. I have thought long and hard on this and hope you won’t be too upset, so I’m giving fair warning: I will probably raise the monthly fees in a few weeks, but will still seek to encourage those who want to support us with pay per view options and kick ass longer term deals like we have now!

Get it ALL for under $20 while you can – ALL JOIN OPTIONS HERE


& so onto my next fave theme, seeing drop dead gorgeous Japanese girls spanked in mother/daughter type roles and who better to start this off than Cutiespankee.com who have 2 amazing films with this stunning actress who whimpers beautifully when her tight bare bottom is paddled out of her cute school uniform! *swoon*



OK, if you thought this mother/daughter spanking and paddling looked hot (the movie is fantastic, btw) then check out the 2nd featurette as this girl prepares for her punishment when mother calls her for the inevitable!!!



You can see much more of the latest free movie previews exclusive to Cutiespankee.com


Staying in Japan, I loved this role reversal movie and can imagine this happening in such economically challenged times… it’s called “Stupid Office Worker” and stars a real hot cutie called Anri who threatens her boss she and many others will leave for better paid jobs unless they get a pay rise… but the boss can’t do that and offers up her ass instead as punishment (done in typical Japanese style which I absolutely love! The female boss really looked ashamed!)



However, boastful Anri sent an email to her boyfriend about making it all up and foolishly sent it to the company’s chief exec who forwarded it to her office boss who exacts a suitably humiliating payback spanking!



Click HERE to see the latest special free movie previews & more!


I have had some requests about Samantha Woodley recently, and she filmed a ton of content at FirmHandSpanking.com – even though it may have been filmed a few years back… it still hasn’t been released until now so to all intents and purposes, it is of course “brand new” and unseen… I have to say, her latest bratty episode they are showing during breakfast in her “Learning Curve” series was one of the sexiest punishments I’ve seen – with her spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen, with her tight pink panties still on… all this for not being able to make coffee and burning the toast! Enjoy her humiliating & sudden hard breakfast spanking as you’ll see below!




Of course, this site isn’t just about featuring some of the hottest Sam Woodley films… oh no, even long established players like Alison Miller with probably the jiggliest, wibbly-wobbliest bottom that can take a really hard thrashing still features on a regular basis… and that’s good news, as her films are amongst the most popular and for good reason… watching Alison getting spanked on her bare bum is an event in itself… check out the images below then check out the short preview clip I’ve cut which covers the slo-mo action replay of her spanking/paddle brushing and you’ll fully understand what I mean!




Warning for my gentlemen viewers: Miss Miller’s jiggling bottom WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

More fantastic jiggly ass spankings can be viewed in full at FirmHandSpanking.com


Here’s a site I haven’t featured for a little while, keeping it to myself again (lol) and this headmaster is stern as hell, as he always is, taking no crap off any of the girls at Spankedcoeds.com and this tearful girl has yet another semi naked spanking across his lap as he reminds her that this pre bedtime punishment is for her own good (ahem!) and there will be more of this when she wakes up (how awful!) – Please do check out some scenes bel0w which showcases what she endured!




More hard spanking action from the Headmaster can be seen HERE


Finally today, I thought I’d feature a model I hadn’t seen in ages, and so I decided to peruse her section inside Northern Spanking and here area few choice images taken of Samantha Johnson… one of my all time fave English girls in The Scene that I would *love* to spank personally…

below you can see some of her many films she starred in at NorthernSpanking.com – Enjoy!






Check out the many films of samantha and of course so much more from one of the longest established spanking sites from the UK! NorthernSpanking.com


Have a rest if you are not working on the Sabbath and enjoy the countdown to Christmas that is under full steam here in England, as I am sure it is wherever you are (well, unless you’re in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates and suchlike… and I’m sure my site is blocked there anyways!)

I’m off out for my meal – I have the special “Cakeboy” pantaloons on for added comfort 🙂

Saturday’s Spanking News

Well, I’m a little late in bringing you some behind the scenes info on my very own latest movie just released yesterday at AAAspanking.com as well as everywhere else, so no point bleating about it, please enjoy today’s updates and feast your watery eyes on what’s out there currently! ‘Tis a veritable concoction of spankings, tears, mayhem and naughty discipline many of you have come to expect from me on here! Peruse at will!!!

Wynter – aka Sara Winter gets her comeuppance for real when she took too long on a cigarette break!

Now, I’m strictly of the old school fraternity that hates to see girls smoking! I hate the smell of stale tobacco lingering in a room, OK, I have the odd fat Havana cigar… but like former President Clinton once exclaimed “I did not inhale!” (no, sir, you just dipped it in your intern’s honeypot and enjoyed the taste… but I would be digressing… ahem) So, of course I’m no mean bastard, the girls & crew can take coffee and cigarette breaks as and when throughout a day… but to hide away and take longer than expected… holding up the film shoot… well, that’s not on, is it? A perfect excuse to slyly bring down a video camera and punish the girl right there and then… and that’s just what I did to Sara in this latest release now showing! I ensured she got a good hard spanking and brought  a couple of straps with me to reinforce the point that slacking off like that was a big breach of trust issue. I hope you like Miss Winter’s suitably reddened sore bottom as payback for that abuse of my trust! I love excuse and impromptu maintenance spankings like this!




This is the blurb given on the tour pages describing the film in more detail: “Sara had snuck off to take an extended coffee break during John’s film shoot and was caught smoking a cigarette in a restricted area. Not only was she caught out, she had deliberately taken her time and had held up another film being made! John had seen enough and told her not only was she getting less pay for the day for messing his company around, he was going to spank and humiliate her further right there and then! Sara knew she was in the wrong and accepted her fate without too much of an argument. John quickly pulled down her knickers and gave her a spanking and a good hard strapping for her foolish attempt at trying to cheat him out of a film that she was contracted to make! Let this be a lesson to the slackers out there! Mr Osborne doesn’t miss a trick, ladies! Ahem… meanwhile, if you lovely ladies fancy working for his fine upstanding company… then please do visit the Models Page HERE which is also located on the front bottom pages of the site. You can be sure he’d “love” to find more excuses to spank all you naughty ladies out there!”

A small exclusive image of what was taken near the end by the stills camera! 🙂

Check out all the latest previews & quality cheap sign up options now available HERE


& the spankings and paddlings (with possibly the thickest, meanest wooden paddle I’ve ever seen) at GirlSpanksGirl.com as Clare Fonda’s infamous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 6 series continues and I have some amazing images which highlights the paddlings and also the real life niece of feared Miss Lana Miller over her knee in this first for both of them… I really do hope Clare persuades Mandee to come back, there’s not enough black girls getting a good spanking in such an environment and consequently, I love seeing this rare gem of a spanking – great on Clare for getting Lana and Mandee to shoot this!


 & check out the awesome paddlings as promised below! Yikes!!!




If this wasn’t enough, remember that Snow Mercy is one of the fearsome teachers in this series… well, in the same disciplinary section of the site a brand new long play movie has just started and features Miss mercy on the receving end (OMG! I can never get enough of seeing Snow bent over shamefully with her panties removed and getting an embarrassing spanking!) – Well, wait no more as she is an aunty in DEEP TROUBLE as you’ll see below!

Aunt Snow has been slacking over the summer and maybe even doing drugs. Her neices, who are staying with her decide it is their responsibility to teach her a lesson. So they overpower her and toss her over their laps for a handspanking, then bend her over and spank her with a hairbrush. Snow swears she has learned her lesson.



Check out MORE of these great updates at GirlSpanksGirl.com

Remember – this site is part of THE top value CLARE FONDA PASS!


Grrrr, I am really having the gremlins as I post this today… I have noticed that  recently when posting, it really slows me down… not that you’d notice, of course as you’ll be reading the finished project. Damned images and such aren’t aligning correctly, even though I have used this stupid software for an age… bugger, f*ck and sh%t!!!

As I have such a potty mouth, here’s a delightful girl that will take away my feelings of anger, a girl I could NEVER get annoyed with… even though she plays the brat oh so well, I am of course referring to the beautiful Pixie Amber Wells and just check out her latest great movie (now out in full) that you can watch exclusively at PunishedBrats.com

Pixie’s film “Babysitting Blues”




Veronica arrives home earlier than expected and finds evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have invited her boyfriend over. She finds a rather large shoe abandoned in the living room that could not belong to Pixie or the children, and paddles the girl for having boys over on the job. The teardrop shaped dark wood paddle does a number on babysitter Pixie’s bare bottom. Pixie will think twice before ever bending a rule while working for Veronica in the future!

& check out new girl Amaya getting a much needed thrashing off Veronica in her bedroom… this looks really promising!!!

A new film starring Amaya  over Veronica’s knee – “Insolence and Consequence” – Amaya went out despite being grounded by Veronica. Clearly that punishment is not getting the message across. Amaya is ordered to the bedroom for a hairbrush spanking.


Finally today, I have a butt thrashing festival of tears and very sore bottoms as I think this is probably the 1st multi bum spanking that the mean ol’ Headmaster at Spanked-Coeds.com has carried out and I can tell you there are PLENTY of tears and screams as he dishes out a severe and nasty spanking and paddling of each girl… twice! By golly, these co-eds get a hell of a thrashing and these images don’t really do it justice but I hope you get an idea anyway!






A tear jerking butt busting spectacular! Go check out the free previews and see for yourself!


Have a great weekend! Chief.

Yikes! Spankings aplenty!

Well, I have been seriously delayed in getting up any sort of news or updates apart from my own stuff and, forgive me for being a little self indulgent, but I’m gonna start with news that the “Slapper Clobber” F/F OTK spanking movie at AAAspanking is now up and available in WMv-HD and MP4 (coming very soon). Just click on the image below and it will show you the latest blurb and a free movie preview – I love this film, I love the lighting and of course both Leia and Irelynn look stunning together!!! This film already comes with one of my fave HQ stills sets (and it’s pretty extensive) as well as an image set taken from the HD film too! All in all… this is a humdinger of an update if you love girl on girl spankings…. do NOT miss this film!

This movie, as you may have known, had been briefly available as a lower resolution download at our Clips Store here – for those that don’t want to sign up to the site, downloading the movie of your choice is available by this option and we are adding new films all the time.


& onto the other news and updates of what I’ve seen so far this week!

Staying in Britain, various schoolgirl, domestic and just plain naughty bonkers updates from 2 great sites! At English-Spankers.com there’s a brand new movie out with a Ginghan clad dress schoolgirl called Suzanne! See image below for the FREE Gallery

Suzanne is home from school and she has been fighting with her fellow pupils. Her guardian is not best pleased and decides that she needs to be taught to behave like a proper young lady and not like a ruffian. He decides that a number of punishments are called for and we see them all. She is spanked, paddled and finally caned hard on her bare bottom. Serious punishment that leaves its mark on her tender butt!

Now we know that young ladies like to play with themselves, usually we don’t mind, sometimes we even like to watch or even join in the fun. When the young lady in question is supposed to be getting out of bed and ready for work, however, it is a different matter. How to deal with this situation? A spanking on the bare bottom followed by the slipper and then the cane. Some may say that is just a little harsh but we think it’s just about right and certainly gets the right response. Will she do it again? We fear so.

Above FREE Movie Previews can be seen at this special page link

For the rest of the latest updates you can check out the HOME PAGE of English-Spankers for all the very latest regular HD spanking updates.


At Sarah’s site SpankingSarah.com she has just finished her addictive cruel and unnusual “Unladylike Manor” series with a great finale as you’ll see below with an actress and blogger I love seeing (I’ve seen all her work at Northern Spanking so it’s a treat to see her working here with Sarah – and that is Nimue! (see below)

Wicked Sarah is once again posing as The Confessor and luring young ladies into her clutches. This time the poor girl is in distress as she tells her tale of deceit and betrayal to Sarah, the sympathetic ear! When she has unburdened herself Sarah pronounces the punishment, the most severe she has handed out yet. Nimue is to be paddled and humiliated and caned. This is the latest episode in the Unladylike Manor series and Sarah and Katie make it so realistic, with superb acting skills and real hard authentic punishments.

Natasha has been taken on as Sarah?s maid. The poor girl does not have much idea of what she is to do and what her duties are. Sarah is holding a dinner party and soon finds fault with every aspect of the preparation. The maid is about to suffer. This tiny young girl is no match for Sarah and she is soon over the knee being spanked. She is then made to undress and the paddle is used on her till she breaks into tears.

Again – both the above movies can be seen with FREE HD Previews on this Special LINK HERE

& if you want to see all of what Sarah has been getting up to, visit her extensive tour pages which has a ton of interesting and addictive viewing material showing your precisely what you can expect inside as a member! Well worth a peek 🙂


Clare Fonda’s group of sites have been busy with the continuing series of films shown below and this is some of Clare’s hottest stuff for ages, partly with the fact that her new girls Veronica Ricci and Dani Jensen are such incredible finds… and they are starting to blend in with Clare’s amazing talent like one of my all time faves Kay Richards and the list of amazing girls spanked here goes on… check out the galleries from these latest films!

Kay Richards & Veronica Ricci take turns to thrash each other until their asses are speckled red from the force of their spankings! See the free image galleries below as they whore it up at SpankedCallgirls.com (warning – these are 2 VERY HOT galleries)

Then check out what is going on at GirlSpanksGirl.com – the Strict Cousin mega movie is about at an end and this hot Sugar Momma Clare movie with her younger lesbian lovers is coming to a close in perfect time for the much awaited EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 6 – but 1st check out this amazing set from the sugar Momma Clare film (warning – again… this is HOT stuff!)

Clare looks amazing in this film, doesn’t she? *sigh*

& of course my present infatuation is Dani Jensen who is still explaining to us her life story through the interpretation of hand, paddle and a very sore red bottom! You can see her new movies now showing at the newbie, 1st timer and spanking model fantasy site – SpankedSweeties.com (all Clare’s new girls start here with an extensive spanking intro!!! Luckily!)

Loving those cute socks btw! mmmm!

& finally from the continuing saga of the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate – a welcome return for Chloe Elise, Madison Martin and one of my fave stars of last year’s Exclusive Education series, Ashli Orion who looks so damned cute and innocent but is a real life (very) hard core porn star – this is a great spanking update, the new episode should be due anytime as the full film is now available for download!

Of course – all these sites are great on their own, there’s so much to see and download at each one, but the best bit, as you probably know is that I view this with the Clare Fonda Pass (and you can choose 3, 4 or 5 of her sites at an amazing monthly deal which costs little more than many other sites do for a month!) Easily the best multi site package about for the quality and the fact NOTHING is replicated elsewhere!

Check out the CLARE FONDA PASS for more details and see for yourself!


Finally today, I couldn’t resist showing you what the nasty old Principal at Spanked Coeds is up to – still putting the fear of God into them as this time he “chastises” April for not doing the washing up chores on time! In this short film she is severely spanked across his lap with her long legs flailing and with much crying and tears… seriously, you wouldn’t want to cross this fella and I’m loving his work, see some screen shots from the film below and see for yourself:






If you are interested in seeing a corporal punishment site with extensive use of black girls and collegiates spanked and punished to tears by the mean Portly Principal shown here, then please do go check out what this site has to offer, including a very low join price which isn’t too bad at all! Oh… there’s free preview clips too!!!

Tearful Punishments

Tears can come at any time during a punishment, however, spanking isn’t just about “punishing” – for many it’s a form of expression in sexual play and that submissive/dominant role that plays a huge part in a fulfilling sexual relationship. Point in case being Amber and as I had the good luck to check her site earlier today I saw that her Daddy is once again taking a dominant role with a strong sexual element… well, if you call seeing Amber getting fucked from behind (including a rather convenient butt plug parked deep up her anus for that wholesome full feeling as well) then, “Yes”, I’d say that’s probably quite sexual!!!

So it is to Amber we go first as she brats to the camera, jiggling her pert breast and playing the loveable cam whore she professes to be (and she is) until Daddy takes off his belt and lashes her behind which soon wipes the smile off her face and only then does he take her roughly from behind. The movie shows the full pleasure and pain of this taking of Amber, it may not look like a lot is on her terms, but you know it is, it is what she wants too… and “boy” does she get it! Images below are taken from the movie!





You can see MORE of this provocative and sexually explicit spanking session HERE


I must admit that I do get turned on seeing girls spanked or punished to tears (I think there’s a term for that, isn’t there?). Anyway, one such site that regularly has girls blubbing is a site that I find hard to ignore, that is Spanked Coeds – and these girls really get a nasty spanking punishment off the old Principal who just doesn’t take any shit off them… they know they are in trouble when they’re alone with him. Imagine the girl below (Bridget) who took a ride with him to a deserted parking lot to get punished? What *was* she thinking??? This is the persuasive power of this guy, he’s mean as hell, as you’ll see below!




Bridget’s smoking habit has got her into trouble for the last time as she is sent inside the car to be punished there and then… this will be in addition to the punishment she’ll receive when she gets back to the academy! Displeased with her answers, the principal slaps her face a few times to remind her how serious this is, it soon brings tears along with the dreaded hairbrush on her bare backside, as you’ll see in the free clip below!

You can see more uncompromising hard discipline of girls HERE


Next is an homage to one of my all time favorite girls from Headmaster Tom’s Girls-Boarding-School and that is the beautiful pert Linda. This wa sa girl that could take virtually anything, and she often did, especially the cane or wooden paddle, often leaving her tearful and with a very sore bruised bottom!



Because you have taken the time to read my blog I thought it only fair to reward you with these amazing aftermath cane shots of Linda (above). But there’s more, I also have some rare OTK images of Linda which I am sure you will all love too (see below). Linda is by far one of the prettiest girls to ever have been punished (severely) at Girls Boarding School – it’s something I think even Headmaster Tom now laments but fortunately she was featured a lot during her tenure and so members have a vast range of images and films to download of this blonde schoolgirl.



Linda’s perfect rump are a real visual treat, especially in the scene below where she is spanked in the bath tub! Imagine the joy of the teaching staff at this famous institution when presented with an awesome sight like her magnificent rump? I’d find any excuse to punish that, I really would! (ahem) See bent over while sitting in the bathtub. She is almost completely naked, except for her knickers which are pulled down and don’t really hide anything from the naked eye. Linda’s head is bowed down with shame. The cane whacks down onto her naked moistened buttocks making that sting all the worse! Result? One completely obedient, if somewhat tearful teenage girl!



Now that Headmaster Tom is back in full control – We can enjoy MORE harsh punishments like this!

CLICK HERE for the full extensive previews and extra images you can view from all the latest film updates now showing at the one and only Girls-Boarding-School.com


Finally, as I have ended on a schoolgirl theme, the next update to come out at the Triple A Spanking Clips Store will be the long play movie which members at AAAspanking will know as “Car Scratch” starring Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake who are spanked and whacked by Headmistress, Jean Bradley, and a rather pervy looking janitor played (rather too well) by Paul Kennedy (lol). The girls thought they were keying the car of the janitor when in fact it was Miss Bradley’s… and once she finds out why they decided to vandalize a member of staff’s car, she brings in the janitor to help punish the girls as well – much to the disgust of them both as they found him “creepy”, making up excuses of “spillages” near the girls changing rooms and so on… so to be spanked with their pants down by him was the ultimate humiliation! You can choose any part of this special abridged Clips Versions as I had removed the 1st part which contained the build up dialog so in each of the 4 parts on offer there will be plenty of schoolgirl spanking and humiliation action. If you want to see the double punishment of the girls by both Miss Bradley and Mr Kennedy then I would recommend part 4 😉

Images are below and these movies will go live at 5pm GMT (or midday US East Coast time) – Each part is around 80-90mb each and plays in Wmv format (we alternate between the MP4 and Wmv formats but it seems other producers have been ignoring the strict 10mb/minute guidelines, so we thought we would too this time for these 6 minute clips and we’re still not abusing the limits… unlike some that I have seen!

Spanking Inquisition – part 1


Spanking Inquisition part 2


Spanking Inquisition part 3


Spanking Inquisition part 4


Don’t forget that you can view the full uncut version of this 30 minute film as part of a membership package at AAAspanking and we now have several NON recurring options as well as the Special 1 Year membership that works out at just $8.50 a month which is am amazing deal for our exclusive content! Back soon with more worldwide updates and news of another exclusive film coming to our clips store too 😉

Just Spankings… No cats or other animals harmed in this update

No cats today, just glorious red bared bottoms spanked and punished the way they should be and I have some delightful movies for you including one from us which is due out tomorrow – I had only just viewed the full movie (only an hour ago) and I love that feeling, like a member not knowing what is coming next and I was pretty much stoked at how poor Sara Winter’s bottom got so red… I was filming in another part of the building when this was shot so had no idea what Paul Down had got up to… but I needn’t have worried, it’s a classic pajama spanking punishment with plenty of OTK and relentless spankings… and no real introduction… just spanking action throughout! There was no need for any lengthy plot as you’ll discover, Sara, was late out of bed… repeatedly! & each time her spankings got harder and harder, check out the images from this movie and you’ll understand what I mean (look at her sore bottom… yikes!)

The film starts with her being dragged out of bed very quickly whilst her enraged Uncle Paul immediately places her over his lap and starts spanking her whilst shouting at her telling Sara what a lazy girl she is for failing to get out of bed for their long journey! After her bare bottom is spanked he leaves and tells her to “Hurry Up!” – the film returns to her still not getting ready and she is again thrashed over his lap, the spanking is quite relentless, along with the withering verbal lashing she receives and you can quite clearly see Sara’s bottom turning redder and redder! (An awesome sight) She is left again to get ready and a 3rd and final time she is spanked stood up over the wash basin as an exasperated Uncle Paul is unhappy that his lazy niece is still in her pajamas… a great cam angle shows the full extent of the battering that Sara’s sore bottom takes and I have to say this film really surprised me (pleasantly) – A good old fashioned spanking of a cracking girl on her pajamas, I fail to see how anyone will not enjoy this short sharp shock of a film! Images direct from the movie are below for your exclusive first showing here (these images are not warmed up so they are the raw data as I have to check these out later – they are that new!) 🙂





This is the next NEW Movie update for members of AAAspanking.com – out tomorrow!


The latest spanking soap opera episode from My Spanking Room Mate is a double headed affair with neighbor Clare interfering with the way her colleague Alicia disciplines the girls at the school they both work at… Clare suggested that Alicia get the girls to spank each other and this is what happens (yes, you’ll be aware that this is the same school and classroom of naughty girls as the infamous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION series which are all available from GirlSpanksGirl.com – and though I digress, the filming for the 6th series starts soon on Aug 7th!) The upshot is that Alicia loses her job for allowing the girls to do this to each other… check out some images taken in conjunction with the actual 1st part of the movie below:




As you can see this turned into quite a spankfest and quickly got out of hand which is why Alicia got fired! As she blames Clare for the poor advice, she confronts her at the apartment complex and in the 2nd part of this film, we see yummy cougar, Clare, get her comeuppance with a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking by her younger counterpart and just check out Clare’s red bum! This particular episode is NOT to be missed!!! More images of the 2nd part are below:




You can see more of the role reversal fortunes of Clare & Alicia with the added bonus of schoolgirl discipline scenes at this week’s latest episode from MySpankingRoomMate.com – and of course if you have forgotten the last EE5 series, then check out the site that hosts it and the select galleries that show you just some of what the girls got up to!



Don’t forget you can access both these sites as part of the flexible Clare Fonda Pass (choose 3, 4 or 5 sites)


 Something a little sinister comes from the nasty Principal at Spanked Coeds and this time it is the ongoing confusing situation for Angelina as she struggles to understand the concept of correct footwear on top of her other violations. this time she is stripped and as well as her bottom getting thrashed with a very stinging Yard Stick, her feet and tops of her thighs are given the same treatment, this is something she won’t forget in a hurry, images below are taken directly from this interesting and cruel movie!






You can check out all the nasty punishments inflicted on the Coeds with free previews etc  – CLICK HERE


 & finally today from RealSpankings.com this classic of Kailee Robinson is advertised on the front tour pages of the site so I thought I’d show you here so you van see what the site offers (it’s vast, of course as it has been around online for an absolute age!) This is a particularly severe leather belting across Kailee’s quite sore cheeks as you’ll see from the 5 minute clip below and the images which show just what is happening if you can’t wait that long!

Kailee had been using her mobile cell phone inappropriately, texting whilst driving, sending rude images of herself to boys and her friends so Michael decides to give her a humiliating belting bringing her close to tears and then takes some images on her phone before ensuring that her friends can see what had happened to her!




You can see much more of Kailee Robinson HERE – who was punished regularly at RealSpankings.com


& before I go, over at our Clips Store a new casting movie has just been uploaded. As it wasn’t featured on the front of our main site (partly because I ran out of time and was a little busy, but inside the site it is there, of course). So regular members can view this in full in glorious HD-MP4 but now there is an alternative as you can just download this movie on its own (if you so wish) and it is uploaded in Wmv format and you can see if I had a good time in this spank casting of Miss Lucy Jones… or not 🙂 (Click image below for more)

Friday’s Spankings

As I had promised yesterday, there are new films uploaded at AAAspanking and new clips constantly being uploaded at our Clips Store – as I haven’t updated the front of the site page this week, you can check out a small clip of the audition casting of new girl Lucy Jones below which is now out to view in HD MP4 for members

*edit: Lucy has an amazing ass – very very spankable! A real nice girl too! 🙂

You might want to know that we had been experimenting with alternative methods of billing for those that couldn’t sign up with their credit card via CCBill so in addition to it being completely anonymous, we have set up 2 additional services on the join page where you can use your mobile/cell phone (or use telephone billing if in North America at a fair price). Now it’s a sort of SMS message, it varies for each country but I tried it here in the UK (as I don’t know what each country will charge and I have no control over this) and it’s a week membership for 10 Pounds in the UK (not that pointless expensive and unnecessary pay per minute crap) but at least you get access for a whole week and you can opt out at any time with a STOP message (it’s all explained if you were to use it and I’m sure it’s very similar in each country) OK, it’s still not as cheap as a credit card sign up but it’s an option to fall back on we have provided and I don’t want to start offering 4 or 5 credit card options as affiliates that I care about would cry “foul” that I was using their traffic for my own purposes as that is only currently set up for CCBill. So I have stuck it out just using that processor which is well respected  for card sign ups but I have noticed there are many refusals of cards beyond the norm so some folk can just get refused through no fault of their own… so this phone payment option or the payment by cash option I have just set up ensures you can get access to our films if you want it. OK, that’s enough of my guff for now… before I bore you to tears, here’s what is going on or I have been going off on one over these last few days! Enjoy! I did!






Just some of the choice images taken from Hungary’s Spanking Experience website – this site is one of 3 in the group and there is a multi site pass (that I am using) which gives you access to over 500 full length movies (if truth be known, I watch it for the redhead Livia… who is featured in a few images above – there’s something about her I find addictive viewing!)

You can find out more about their Special multi site Spanking Pass HERE


Recently I featured a hard no nonsense spanking punishment of new girl Daija by the cruel old school Principal at Spanked Coeds who is probably one of the meanest guys I’ve seen spanking girls at any site. He’s a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and Colonel Sanders and has some strict 1930’s Depression values, perhaps…

you can see what he does below when he continually thrashes her without much time for a rest between an OTK spanking, and the use of a ping pong bat and a hard heavy hairbrush that has Daija bawling her eyes out by the end! I’m ashamed to say I got rather turned on seeing her cry… & a snivelling wreck slumped on the bed at the end – seriously, this was a proper tearful punishment!






See more of this nasty man’s excellent punishments at Spanked coeds HERE!


Now sadly, as I started to write this post today, Er Indoors has been giving me grief about spending time with her so I can not continue so will try to add some more posts later this weekend, I really just don’t have enough hours to do everything I want to at the moment, it is so incredibly frustrating! My apologies… and I’ll be back soon.

Chief 🙁

More Spanking News

I have obviously been so busy recently, trying to find a replacement car (which isn’t going well at the moment and is taking my time) but I have definitely decided to downgrade, which is a shame, but I just can’t find any reasonable alternative at the moment and am wondering about the paltry sum I’ll receive off my insurance company, which isn’t going to help! Still, after news of the AAA Spanking Clips Store which is now open at long last, there’s one of my favorite films going up there around 6PM US East Coast time. This stars both Jasmine and Kami fighting in their pajamas before getting a good OTK hand spanking and a double hairbrush punishment! The film is about 20 minutes long but it’ll be split into 4 parts so you can choose which one you’d like to download so here’s a reminder of what to expect and where to find it. Shhh, I also uploaded it in our normal Wmv format, so it’s exactly the same quality as inside the members area of AAAspanking after I saw some other producers had ignored the measly 10Mb/minute guidelines! I’m currentlky uploading the final part as I type this, and the 5 minute clips are $5.99 (I tried to lower it to $4.99 but the software wouldn’t let me so I’m not trying to be greedy) Actually, I’ve seen some producers put up 7 minute clips and try to charge $15+ (damn, that’s a little steep!) Anyway, I’m waffling as usual….

That’s My Boyfriend – part 1 of 4

This scene has then girls pillow fighting and really getting into the spirit of a proper cat fight as they argue about the same boyfriend they have both been inadvertently seeing! A good start to the film and the perfect excuse to sort these minxes out who are making so much noise!

That’s My Boyfriend – Part 2 of 4

Beautiful Jasmine is the first to get a spanking over John’s knee, which she thinks is massively unfair with Kami looking on and gloating, but Kami feels justified in goading Jasmine as she feels that she is the wronged party here when she had been seeing the boy first! However, Kami’s taunts turn to tears as her abusive behavior in this doesn’t go unnoticed… leading to part 3!

That’s My Boyfriend – part 3 of 4

Kami’s turn! With Jasmine told to stand up close by with her red bottom on display, john deals with kami who is soon subdued and taught a painful lesson in some of the best OTK scenes you could wish to see! This is all leading to the climax of the double hairbrushing as both girls are laid out on the bed for the last part…

That’s My Boyfriend – part 4 of 4

Where to start? With so much double girl punishment action, lots of spanking and hairbrush punishments across the girls bare sore backsides as they bicker and argue and the punishment continues until they both say sorry… fortunately for us, the girls find this difficult and as John pointed out… he could be there all day doinhg that to them, sadlu they eventually “make up” but not before we’ve had out fill of a very memorable clip!

All this (this 4 part update is due to go up later today) and the other clips including the EXCLUSIVE Jasmine “slippering movie” are only available at the clips site available HERE – so don’t miss it 🙂


As I’m talking about clips stores and the one off download benefits that so many people think is preferable to memberships, you might just be interested to know that at NaughtyBottom.com – over 30 films have been massively reduced in price, most of the films that are now reduced vary from around $4-7 only, and that’s a full Hi Res Wmv files and in some cases the movies are in full HD and come with image sets as well! I have chosen a couple of sample below for you, click on the images and they’ll take you to the preview page where there’s a FREE clip to make it worth your while and maybe interest you too at these prices! 🙂

This is just the tip of the spanking download iceberg at this site with a whole load of movies now massively reduced in price and the others are being reviewed as well making this one of the best value download only sites which will have more films coming soon which you can now enjoy for far less. The full movie listings are located HERE.


& so to some updates and such from other producers I have liked and viewed over the last days. First up from the very reasonably costed SpankedCoeds.com site comes this latest offering with the unfortunate schoolgirl Daija (below) spanked to tears with the hard hand of the Headmaster and his hairbrush that she complained she couldn’t take! Some interesting and embarrassing poses add to this film, as her punishment… which was for peeing her panties on the desk stool (oops!)

You can see more nasty punishments of very tearful & remorseful Co-Eds HERE


Next up here is a girl that I think could be the next big spanking star if she wanted to be, thanks to FirmHandSpanking for the continuing series of films starring the lovely Corrine Gonzalez who has the most amazing bubble butt, this time spanked by the equally alluring and goirgeous Allaura Shane in the latest film now showing at this site! Still images which accompany the actual movie, as always are available and here is just a small selction of what you can get right now of Corrine!

You’ll see why Corrine steals the Chief’s heart once more… (below)

Corrine is spoilt brat Alluara’s maid… & Allaura can never resist any excuse to punish Corrine’s jiggling bubble butt so this time she gets her on her “sloppy dress”… Allaura hungrily devours the sight of Corrine’s magnificent rump as she slowly peels down those panties to reveal the full beauty of Corrine’s rounded cheeks! With her maid’s legs dangling provocatively over the edge as she is made to lean up on the kitchen counter, Allaura ensures that Corrine is strapped to perfection in this unfair but visually appealing girl on girl punishment film! You can also see a free preview clip of this at Firmhandspanking.com


Finally for today… I just noticed inside the Sensual Spankings section of GirlSpanksGirl.com that there is a rare movie just posted that I’ve never seen before starring Paris Kennedy when she was just 18 years old and all wide eyed and innocent looking before she turned REALLY naughty! Here again you get a glimpse of what she was capable of, I had featured a great movie previously where she starred alongside her 2 tormenting goths… so here again, they are together in film called “The Snoop”.

As Clare explains, ” This was a retro scene shot when Paris Kennedy was just 18 years old. School Girl Paris is spying on the goth girls she is staying with, and she catches them spanking each other. She has a fantasy about being spanked and begins touching herself. But the girls catch her and give her a real spanking. First Kat puts her over her knee and they both give her a hand spanking. Then Paris is bent over for some smacks with the riding crop. And she even gets the riding crop on her nipples before they leave her to rub her sore bottom and return to doing her homework.

If you want to see the full movie of this amazing naughty early work of a young Paris, then check it out HERE

Ok, I did say that was it, but just one little last bonus look at another of Clare’s sites and I know this has probably been shown elsewhere already as the full movie is now out to download, but it’s a cracker and since it has Faye, who I first saw at the above site getting thrashed by Clare as a schoolgirl in her Exclusive Education Series (last year) I have always looked out for this hot honey’s work! So here are a few images and a free clip you’ll get no where else outside of the members area in appreciation of Miss Faye! This is from episode 83 of the continuing spanking soap opera that is MY SPANKING ROOM MATE

Mark & Madison Spank Faye at Office: Madison is visiting her boyfriend Mark’s office when Mark’s ex Faye arrives and throws Madison over the desk and begins spanking her. Mark and Madison decide to end this quickly and teach Faye a lesson. They put Faye over both of their knees and spank her together, with hands and hairbrush. How romantic!

View more of this episode and download all the previous installments HERE

Remember that both the sites featured here from Clare’s sites can also be viewed as part of her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS Network which offers the best value and easy access to as many of her sites as you wish to choose!