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More spankings to start your week

The asbestos abatement crews were in our basement today… cleaning up tiles that had remained on the floor until the shitwater damage got the carpeting and walling removed to reveal what was below! Asbstos tiles from the 1930s or so! Great… more expense and time to see this removed! We also had the sewer outlet outside our house briefly repaired so it can be used until Spring when the ground isn’t so frozen and they can come back and dig up our front yard once more! Joy! This is heartbreaking stuff… and both Sarah and I are rushing things to try and get an important custom shoot ready and prepared in some way in the basement, already the clean up crews have been in and sterilized the area and it looks better than being under 4-6 inches of dirty water. We have girls flying in, all with tight schedules and COVID testing/isolation as well as at least one young lady hoping to catch up with her family whilst back in New England. To let them down or our esteemed client, we can’t! Anyway, costs are spiraling out of control and Sarah gave in and started a Go Fund Me – she hated doing this as it admits some defeat (temporarily) that we need additional help… but we know the insurance is not going to cover a lot of this and we have paid a lot out of pocket already. Her Go Fund Me is HERE, if you have ever been a fan of Sarah or know her work ethic, it is second to none… and I hate seeing her so upset. She was genuinely surprised and heartened by the response so far… so “thank you” to those who have helped her so far. If you can donate, no matter how small an amount,  I know this would help her immensely. Of course, you could also just join her websites and support her that way and get something back yourself 🙂

Anyway, today… I thought I’d feature other folks’ work until I do the next big SG feature later this week.

Clean Up this Place

with Autumn Bodell and Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey came home to find the apartment that she shares with her roommate to be in total disarray. She quietly waited for Autumn to come home from another of her numerous “dates”. When her roommate arrived Audrey confronted her not just for the state of the apartment but also for her lascivious behavior. When Audrey saw that her roommate had not taken this matter seriously enough Autumn found herself bent over the bed for a spanking. Autumn’s bare bottom was spanked until she agreed to keep the apartment clean and be more thoughtful in the manner in which she behaved with her boyfriends.

panties down spanking spanking spanking her bare red bottom

As well as offering cheap membership options, there is a current promotion for a 3 day non-recurring “looksee” membership, giving you full access to the site for about 5 Bucks! That’s less than a java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks! Check out the website for the latest movie updates like this cool film featuring fan fave Audrey Sugarsmak and sexy redhead, Autumn Bodell.

punished brats

A Problem with the French

with Elori Stix & Miss Elizabeth

Schoolgirl Elori keeps her regular weekly appointment with the school Counselor, Miss Elizabeth, religiously. Wondering why she is so dedicated, Elizabeth discovers that the appointments negate one of Elori’s two French lessons each week. Claims of bullying and a French teacher that doesn’t like Elori do not wash with Elizabeth and she determines that Elori needs to learn a stern lesson… across Miss Elizabeth’s desk, with her panties taken down and a wooden ruler smacking her bottom!

spanking over panties spanking

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film from the extensive tour pages of Northern Spanking

northern spanking

Finally… because, who doesn’t like to see ladies spanked in jodhpurs? Here is the super sexy Jentina Small (who I have a serious spanko crush on) from an archived film at Spanked In Uniform – she can take a spanking and looks stunning doing so, my favorite combination! I know that once I finally am able to leave the USA and return to Europe, I intend to see if Jentina would film for our websites… oh my, wouldn’t that be something? But until then, check out a lot of her spanking fetish work below. This feature is taken from the Lowood Riding School series:

Dry Your Horse

with Jentina Small & Mike Johnson

Little snobbish riding girl, Jentina, took Raven out for a run and she put him back in his Paddock thinking someone else would dry and feed him. That is not how things work at the Lowood Riding School as she was soon to find out… begging for forgiveness across the owner’s knee. Jentina did not dry Raven sufficiently and he was not fed after his run. The owner checked and confronted her in the stables. She was soon dragged back to the office where her own Riding Crop had very painful things to say to her quivering, bare bottom.

otk spanking spanking in johdpurs

See more of gorgeous Jentina getting the spankings she deserves in many uniform style spankings CLICK HERE

Spanking Punishments You Should See!

Here’s a little collection of the latest updates and spanking punishments that I feel you should check out. They are worth it and visiting the site tour pages will give you more information on the films featured here plus other updates I haven’t covered. You can support the sites by signing up for a membership… these are troubling times for everyone, but the websites featured offer amazing value (remember  20 years ago how you’d crave a blurry VHS tape for 50-50 Dollars?) – Now you get HD content for many hundreds of full films at every site shown plus extras like photo galleries and model updates and such. Trust me, every membership received is greatly appreciated and helps keep the sites you love open and creating MORE content.

northern spanking

Summer Camp

Alex, Maddy, Harley & Linny find themselves abandoned by their parents to a Summer Camp, (a feature of growing up in America) and one with a very strict disciplinary policy. Having skipped off for the afternoon and gotten lost in the woods, the girls must now face an angry Camp Director… and his cane! One by one the girls are lectured, bent over, and smacked hard across their white cotton panties, followed by a 12 stroke caning that leaves their bottoms striped and very, very sore.

sore bare bottom caning spanking schoolgirl caning spanked and caned bottoms


northern spanking

spanked in uniform

The Home Nurse

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom paid dearly for that. First, she gets a sound spanking. Then naughty nurse Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. Olga gets a spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, her bottom sore and red, to reflect on her poor behavior.



spanked in uniform

spanked and diapered

Diapered for Disrespect

After being extremely rude to restaurant staff in the hotel where they are staying on their school trip, Cara is taken to her room by supervising teacher Miss Elizabeth to be punished. Cara’s punishment is going to be both painful AND humiliating. As well as the spanking schoolgirl Cara is expecting, Miss Elizabeth informs her as she’s smacking her bottom, Cara is to wear a diaper under her school dress for the rest of the day. And she’s going to apologize for her rudeness, in person, in her diaper! Also, it seems that Miss Elizabeth has borrowed a wooden spoon from the hotel kitchen. Pretty sure she told them it was going to be used to punish this rude little girl!


firm hand spanking

New Rules for Lola Sanders

A second six with a wooden paddle, panties pulled down, for bratty Lola Sanders Lying flat on the dining table, pretty brat Lola Sanders pushed John Friday too far by damaging his clothes. Clad only in bra and panties, she’s already had six swats with a long school paddle. Now it’s time for her pert bottom to be bared for another six burning smacks. Her bouncing buttocks clench and twitch as she’s punished, replayed in slow-mo.

wooden paddling sore red buttocks



Spankings to start your week

Hi everyone, it’s another new week, edging closer to the end of this awful year. It’s great to see that vaccines are starting to be rolled out and I know that as soon as I can, I will be getting it. Hey, for those that don’t want it, believe it’s a hoax, or just refuse to be vaccinated (thank God these people weren’t around when Smallpox was finally eradicated by 1978 thanks to the global W.H.O. efforts). I hope that those who refuse to help/understand are unable to travel, as I intend to, and I don’t want to be put at risk because they believe in baseless Q conspiracies. Getting vaccinated will provide that bubble and the security we would need. Anyway… there is a lot to look forward to next year, but right now… spanking updates go on in a relentless manner! What I have enjoyed seeing are all my favorite spanking sites still able to keep up with new movie updates on a regular basis despite most of us unable to film due to the current risks. From clever remasters of older content, or finding unseen content filmed years ago, having it edited as new… to even having other producers film for them (we have done both sides of this coin – filming for sites and approaching those in their COVID bubbles who can produce content for us). The spanking biz goes on… So here is a selection of the latest spanking updates that I am showcasing for you all. So without further ado… let’s get on with the spankings!

The Physics Master: The tawse and cane for Amelia

Once again Amelia finds herself in the physics detention class and the master is not pleased with her supposed improvements. He now has permission from the headmaster to deal with her in the most severe way. Her punishment starts with a hand tawsing with the school strap. Amelia did not take this too well and is not looking forward to what is to follow A bare bottom thrashing with the school cane. It is not often a girl is caned in this school so when it happens it has to be a real deterrent, which means it must be well laid on; Accurate and hard. Her bottom is soon marked and painful.

hand tawsing spanking bare bottom spanking

Click here to view all the latest updates

spanking sarah

The Home Nurse – 3 part series

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom pays dearly for that. In part 1: she gets a sound spanking. Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound bare bottom paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. In part 2: Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound bare bottom paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. The final part of this series sees Nurse Olga getting a sound bare bottom spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, bottom out, to reflect on her behavior.

bare bottom spanking spanking diaper position spanking

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spanked in uniform

Opal and Fae: Spanked and Diapered

spanked and diapered

Opal and Fae are having a fun afternoon at Fae’s house, but now it is time for the playdate to end and for Opal to go home. They don’t like this and are very loud and bratty when told that it’s time to finish. Between the talking back, whining, and plain rudeness, they earn a long overdue spanking. Mommy won’t have this bratty and childish behavior in her house. If they are going to act like babies, they will be treated as such. They are each taken over the knee for a good hard hand spanking. Next, the brats are placed, side by side, over the edge of the bed as Mommy takes the family strap to their bare upturned cheeks. Their bottoms turn a dark shade of crimson as they cry out in pain. Their punishment isn’t over yet though, Mommy has one more final humiliation for them: A diapering! She diapers the two naughty girls laid out on the bed, bared, legs parted and exposed next to each other. They can only cover their faces in utter shame and embarrassment with this humiliating part of their long punishment. Those who act like naughty petulant little girls get treated as such.

spanking leather strapping girls spanked by mom

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momma spankings
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sarah gregory spanking

Three Naughty Trespassers


Casey, Britney, and Ashley are trespassing private property that is vacant and listed for sale. They break in and know the house is empty so they have some ideas of how to have some kinky and sexy fun. Casey is the instigator, bringing kinky toys and full of naughty ideas. Just as they are starting to get kinky and naked, the real estate agent walks in on them, shocked at what she sees. She is there to prep the house to be shown and is not expecting to find three naked girls. Well, if they want to have some kinky fun, she will show them what happens when they get a real spanking. They plead and apologize saying they only like light playful spanks, however, they are not in a position to argue and Miss Bernadette has meaner plans for them. Each naked girl gets spanked over her lap, then with the straps, paddles, and crops that they had brought until their bottoms are nice and pink. They all find this rather embarrassing watching each other being disciplined and the punishment ends once Miss Bernadette believes they have learned their lesson. Of course, Casey gets the last hard strapping since it was her idea!

hot naked girls get a spanking bare bottom spanking otk spanking otk spanking and paddling bare bottom leather strapping sore bare bottoms get a spanking

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sarah gregory spanking
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sarah gregory pass

Sandra Sanchez archives

sandra sanchez before her spanking

Sandra Sanchez has been one of the most popular girls featured on this website over the years. She makes up part of the amazing archives that members get to view and watching this gorgeous East European beauty spanked in the various humiliating contraptions, or having her pussy strapped, legs splayed, is one of the sexiest sights to behold! Check out 2 punishments films following on from the other as her privates are well and truly tanned as she is stripped of her clothing and dignity during these discipline sessions.

pussy spanking face down ass up spanking spanking and strapping

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spanking server



Spanking on Titillating Tuesday

This is an update post on what could be called “Titillating Tuesday” when you see the film reviews past and present I have for you today! Have fun, y’all!

titillating Tuesday

Doctor’s Dilemma
Starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Stripped naked and paddled hottie doctor Lucy Lauren volunteers for a spanking

Gorgeous private clinic doctor Lucy Lauren decides to appeal to boss Zoe Page’s good nature by undressing ready for a spanking, but it doesn’t save her bottom. Stretched over a punishment frame, bare butt in the air, Lucy yelps as a leather paddle goes to work in Ms Page’s hand for Doctor’s Dilemma. Exciting Reaction Cam shots and slow-motion replays!


The next updates all make up a membership to the Clare Fonda Pass – the site owners are now actively encouraging you to make this your default way of becoming a member, as it really is so much better in terms of value… accessing 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost. So who are we to argue? Ignore the landing page as it is in transition. What matters is that it gives full unrestricted access to the five sites with your membership codes. Here’s what members have been viewing this week from the very latest updates (from 3 sites chosen below):

Vixen And Darling REMASTERED at Girl Spanks Girl

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling’s pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosening it up and getting it nice and wet — which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself.

Veronica Spanks Her Aunt at My Spanking Roommate

Aunt Clare Fonda recently spanked her niece Veronica Ricci for laughing while she watches her friend Kay get spanked by her mom. But after Veronica also got spanked by that mom, Veronica is angry that she got spanked twice for the same offense. So she gives her aunt a taste of her own medicine, putting her over her knee for a sound spanking.

Stevie Spanked By Tiana Irie at Spanked Callgirls

Stevie Rose poses as the madam who interviews a new lady, Tiana Irie. But turns out Tiana is an undercover cop, ready to bust Stevie. But Stevie offers to take a spanking instead of going to jail. Tiana agrees, and gives Stevie and incredibly hard spanking with her hand and wooden paddle!

All the above 3 films are available with the CLARE FONDA PASS membership

Jessica Fox Paddles her Bottom
A self spanking by Jessica

This is what Sarah Stern had to say about this particular film released a few years ago:
“I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.”


Corona Infractions
Starring Ana & Mike

This is what Mike has to say about the latest episodes completed in the Bellview Catholic School section:
After many months of not filming, we are finally back with a new Bellview episode. In this episode young Ana is soundly spanked for disobeying the CoVid measures put in place for all our benefit. This is the first punishment of many. In part two… Ana is soundly slippered with a Gym shoe for not wanting to wear mouthguards as instructed by the health services and Government. In her final punishment of this painful session, she feels the sting of our Tawse explode on her bare bottom for not keeping her distance during this pandemic.


Spanking Updates, and now for something…

… completely different!

and now for something completely different!

Here’s something a little different today as I bring you updates from different websites, some of which you will be seeing more of in future spanking biz round-ups… anyway, do enjoy these and check out the sites if you haven’t seen them before!

Casey Calvert Full Access Spanking

casey calvert

Positioned on her back, Casey hold her legs up for this full access spanking. She receives plenty of hand spanks and swats up and down her pretty pussy, her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs as she moans. She loves his touch, and the delicious sensation of having her naughty pink parts punished. Shortening his grip on the belt, stinging smacks find her exposed cunt and asshole as well as the backs of her thighs.

Go check out more naughty spanking films with casey calvert at this site

assume the position spanking

Jenia rudely spanked by the Boss

One mistake is forgivable, but what if a salesgirl like Jenia makes silly mistakes every day? The boss of this online agency gives his employees a unique option. Since they are paid so well, the ladies know what to expect… He gives a whipping lesson to 26 year-old Jenia, who prefers getting her bottom whacked than losing her well-paid job. This hot video features plenty of OTK spanking, doggy whipping, over the table paddling and some other ruder discipline techniques that she soon discovers. Looks like the only thing the boss from this network enjoys is spanking his sales staff! Bad work was her first mistake… showing excitement during her spanking and whipping was the second one. If only Jenia was less wet, the boss wouldn’t make her masturbate with a flogger in her mouth. Her cries and moans during this film are hot!

otk spanking

See more punishments like this at my favorite Russian language spanking site HERE

spanking them

Bars & Stripes no longer exists (sadly) as a separate website but the entire series of films both from the UK & Holland are available as part of your membership to Spanked in Uniform. The film that I have selected from the B&S section of this site stars gorgeous MILF, the Spanish star Montse Swinger (filmed in the Netherlands).

Missing a Meeting

After her short prison sentence, Montse Swinger was sent home but she still had one job. Meeting her parole officer. When she missed one meeting, the warden went to her house, woke her up, and the Prison strap was soon turning her bottom a fiery red. Montse had to bend over the end of the bed, bottom bare, and the trusty hand-shaped prison paddle tanned her bottom hard. Then she was told to change and go to her meeting.

spanking montse swinger

Go check out all the niche sections of this site, including the Bars section (my favorite scenes)

One of the best places to find content with Luci Lovett is at Good Spanking – here is one such example of many featuring Luci’s magnificent booty getting a sexy spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Just to please Chelsea

spanking luci lovett

Fetchingly naked Luci presents herself for a sexy spanking. Chelsea gladly takes the lovely nude over her knee and the sensual spanking adventure begins. Luci moans and oohs and aahs as Chelsea begins to heat up the darling brunette’s beautiful bottom. Then Luci goes on all fours, her bottom facing Chelsea, for a snappy cropping! Naughty, naked Luci’s cropping continues and soon evolves into a stinging strapping. Finally, Luci chooses Chelsea’s largest, hardest wooden paddle for the flaming finish to her hot and sexy spanking session!

Go check out all the films featuring Luci Lovett below

good spanking

More Spanking Biz News

Hello again, I seem to be on a roll with my update posts so today I thought it would be good to catch up on various sites that I haven’t caught up with including a couple of new updates from our own sites that I know you’ll like too!

However, before I continue, I’d like to make a statement about the ongoing COVID pandemic. There are several things to be concerned with and I am at pains to not be political (there are reasons for which I can’t mention here so prefer to keep this on a humanitarian level instead). After all, it’s a spanking blog so I will keep this personal message as a health issue and I’m quite troubled from what I hear and see on media in the USA. This virus hasn’t gone away… Jesus won’t wish it away, less testing doesn’t mean that it is less prevalent. This virus is not ‘Flu (anyone who has caught Flu will also know that is highly unpleasant and life-threatening to some). This virus is sneaky, it remains undetected and pernicious if left alone; it attacks the lungs, the vascular system, and those with compromised health issues… it will find a way to worsen those symptoms. It has an unusually long incubation period without signs of being (highly) contagious. Many people are asymptomatic (I’m not going to explain that, look it up if you really have to) so many are unaware they are spreading it because we don’t have decent testing methods yet.

Wear your masks… the reason we wear them, and why everyone should is not to protect OURSELVES from the virus… it is to protect OTHERS. It is a fact that those wearing masks can reduce the transmission of the virus greatly if they are carrying it, and as long as you follow hand washing and good practices on top then we can really flatten the curve. What I saw in Tulsa yesterday and from the recent, ongoing but totally understandable BLM protests is that we must continue to wear our masks and practice safe social distancing where possible. Most of mainland Europe has now completely flattened the curve and with relaxed procedures, they are ready to allow more freedoms… expecting a 2nd spike and curve to rise… this is normal (protests there will also have exacerbated the transmission of COVID). However, in the USA that curve is nowhere near reduced and is merely flattened and slightly falling… I fear in the next few weeks that the hospital admissions will rise substantially here and it ruins everything we have tried to do these last few months.

The best slogan from any country I have seen is from the Czech Republic:
The Czech motto is “your mask protects me, my mask protects you”.

So, please wear your masks for each other, that is all. Thank you.

As usual, I have featured (where possible) all performers/producers with their Twitter accounts (just click on their names). You will be able to check these out as this form of social media tends to show their latest news and further links to their other ventures, e.g) – other platforms such as additional member sites, Patreon and OnlyFans, etc.

Punished in the Woods – SIU Badminton Club
Starring: Mike Johnson & Olga Cabaeva

During the last game Olga performed badly so after the game instead of taking her straight home, Coach Mike made an extra stop in the local woods to give her a punishment she so richly deserved. He puts her over his knee in the car and spanks her soundly. Coach takes Olga into a space in the woods and bends her over to give her a sound bare bottom paddling with his trusty stinging hand shaped paddle.

Spanked in Uniform has many categories of specialist themes and is also adding content across their network. For example, this series featured below is available to view at either site (from what I can make out) so you can make your choice, I guess. I’m a little confused but whichever site you choose, there’s plenty of discipline to go around!

Satine & Masie’s Long Punishment
Starring: Satine Spark & Masie Dee

Satine comes to Holland regularly and she is in dire need of discipline as well as Masie. Satine stays with Masie when she is here and Masie told us that she doesn’t help around the house etc. Mike gives Satine her first spanking but then it became clear that Masie hadn’t shown Satine at all how to help around the house so it was only fair that he spanks Masie too. Both girls left with very red and sore bottoms. Until the next time… when he told them to email him pictures of their clean flat so Mike can see that they did actually clean. He never got any pictures so he decided to give them both a sound leather paddling.

Then there was the time Masie and Satine were booked a SIU shoot but when he arrived at the station to pick them up… no girls! One hour later the two madams showed up totally surprised and it was clear that they had forgotten that that night the clocks were put forward one hour. They had forgotten to set their mobile phones so he told them both to bare their bottoms and face the wall for one hour as they kept him waiting that long. Then he gave them both a good hard spanking.

Visit Real Life Spankings & Spanked in Uniform
For exclusive “schpaaankings” from the Netherlands (all films in English language)

Big Sister Takes Charge
Starring: Cleo Divine & Bri Crawford

Bri Crawford is supposed to be watching her little sister, Cleo Devine. Cleo went behind Bri’s back and asked one of her friends to buy alcohol for her and her friends. The friend told Bri, and she was NOT happy to hear this. How is she supposed to be keeping her little sister, the precious angel of the family, out of trouble if she’s hitting up her friends for alcohol?

Cleo is in big trouble this time. She is going to learn a lesson: her tight leggings are going to be pulled down, and she’s going over big sister’s lap for a hard hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. The two have fantastic chemistry and seem just like real sisters with the way that Bri scolds and Cleo complains back to her.

bare bottom spanking spanking

See more awesome films & FREE Previews from Northern Spanking

Diapered by the Boss
Starring: Nuna Starks & Alex Reynolds

Nuna is on her first big business trip with a new firm, but at yesterday’s negotiations meeting, she couldn’t focus and got up over and over again to go to the restroom. She needed to be filled in whenever she got back and was creating a huge distraction. She’s sharing a hotel suite with her boss, Alex Reynolds. Alex is flustered and frustrated by Nuna’s behavior, so right before they head out to the meeting for the second day of negotiations, Alex has a talk with Nuna. She tells her that she is going to be punished for being so distracting yesterday and that she is going to fix the problem by putting her into a diaper for today. Nuna is dressed in her professional best, including a pair of silky stockings and a garter belt, but that doesn’t stop Alex from diapering her. Nothing could make her feel more embarrassed than wearing a diaper with her stockings: it points out how mature she should feel, but how childishly she is being treated. This is *so* embarrassing! Poor Nuna!

spanking and diapers spanked and diapered diapered and spanked

See more girls, free movie previews & much more at Spanked and Diapered

Casey Ruins Lola’s Laundry
Starring: Casey Calvert & Lola Anderson


As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the Cheerleader Spankings Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

Having an impeccable cheer uniform is part of the pride of representing the team that one cheers for. Today is a special practice day for the keenest girls who are to turn up in their full cheer uniforms for additional credits. Casey is all ready to leave and waits for her roommate, Lola, who is cursing and stressed out in the other room. The reason becomes all too clear when she enters the living room topless and without her socks. It seems that Casey had washed Lola’s clothes without her knowledge and they had been washed with red items that had run. Now the whites of her uniform, apart from a spare pair of shorts that she is wearing, are bright pink! Lola is so angry with Casey’s lack of concern that she decides to teach her feckless roomie a painful lesson and turn her bottom as pink as the whites of her clothing! Casey is spanked over topless Lola’s lap and continually scolded. Her shorts are removed and the spanking continues on Casey’s ever-growing pink colored bottom. To ensure her cheeks remain flushed, Lola uses a nearby hairbrush that really teaches Casey a lesson in not touching other people’s laundry! It seems both girls will miss out this evening on the full cheer practice and the credits they could have gained! Way to go Casey!

otk spanking hairbrush spanking

For the FREE Preview & Full tour pages go to Cheerleader Spankings

Alex Reynolds’ Wheelbarrow Spanking
Starring: Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy

As a one-time purchase, this film can be downloaded from the AAA Spanking Clips Store  – Click HERE or the image below for direct access.

We would like to thank our good friends, Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy (co-owners of Northern Spanking), for agreeing to make this special wheelbarrow spanking film. This position can evoke a lot of emotion, even fear or trepidation. We realize this and now rarely film M/F content in this position as boundaries can be crossed and there could be issues of trust. This is a vulnerable position and we have seen other productions making the mistake of using this position for the wrong reasons. Remember, this is primarily a spanking position, we acknowledge that it is often explicit, but as with Alex and Paul (husband and wife), we wanted them to feel comfortable doing this. There is the exploration of submission, trust, and the headspace that comes with being spanked like this. For the spankee, as with Alex, she would be unable to always anticipate the smacks of his hand but would feel the soothing caresses from Paul and the different dynamics that using this position brings. This is a fun and loving spanking, with the added spice that this wheelbarrow position brings… making it compulsive viewing.

wheelbarrow spanking

For the FREE Preview & Full tour pages go to AAA Spanking

Oh… and another reason I knew I loved Yorkshire Tea! (apart from the amazing taste)

Spanking Updates on Australia Day

G’day mates! Strewth! Is it already nearly the end of January already? That must mean today is Australia Day … so “put another shrimp on the barbie”, enjoy a cold brew and check out some long overdue spanking updates that I am trying to catch up on. & to all my wonderful readers & friends from “Down Under”, my thoughts, as always, are with you all. Going through one of the most devastating bushfires anywhere on the planet must be soul-destroying. You know we in Britain LOVE you loads, even if your cricketers and rugby players are annoying AF! *(LOL!)*

Oh my… where do I start? In absolutely no order of preference, I am just making this up as I go along, let’s start below with a new series and a cute young girl that I haven’t seen elsewhere.


The Seat Of Learning – Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency

18-year-old sexy maid, Lina, was sent to the agency for some training. She had to dress correctly and learn how to clean properly. She was ordered to dust first but she did not do it properly so she was dragged over the knee and her delightful, pert bottom was soundly spanked. She then had to dust again this time with her sore red bottom bared. After her first OTK spanking she cleaned properly for a while but then she decided to take a break without permission! She was caught and placed over the side of the couch, with her adorable, already spanked, bare bottom which soon felt the sting of a nasty old slipper! Just as she thought her punishment was over, she had to bend over the back of the couch yet again, bare bottom stuck out, to receive another sound paddling for using her mobile phone while working. She left with a very sore reddened bottom.


Next… Amy Fox, a friend of ours… is never looking more naughty and hawt as this sassy daughter receiving a spanking & mouth soaping (the 1st for her on film). These images don’t do the full film justice… *O-M-G!*


Amy Spanked & Mouth Soaped

Amy is so determined to provoke her mother that she is deliberately testing how far she can push her! Well, she is about to find out the hard way, and discover just how much mommy is prepared to keep her unruly daughter in check! Amy was sent home from school for wearing a highly inappropriate, slutty uniform unlike anything seen before. Mom has been informed and is waiting for Amy, mean bathbrush in hand, and the sight of Amy’s short skirt is enough to raise mom’s pressure to critical! Amy smirks as she gets a reaction but this time her mother has had enough… she is dragged over her lap and the scolding continues with a hand spanking. That horrible bathbrush has not gone unnoticed and this is promised across her bare bottom too. Amy’s panties are pulled down and the spanking continues harder and harder until Amy has to give and ask her mother to be punished with that awful painful brush. This is all rather humiliating and that is the intended result… the wooden implement is so painful and used with great force that you can see her poor cheeks mark darker and darker before your eyes! It isn’t long before Amy swears; using foul language has also just earned her an additional punishment in the bathroom with a mouth soaping. This is Amy’s first-ever soaping punishment and she experiences how the suds and that horrible taste gets everywhere in a naughty girl’s mouth. In addition to this, her bare exposed bottom is further blistered with the bathbrush… this is one day Amy will want to forget and to avoid another like this in the future, so she better behave! Watch one of Amy’s hottest discipline movies to date, exclusive to our website.


In another rare and uber hot spanking film (thanks again to Miss Bernadette topping for this movie – though she didn’t require much encouragement). I think everyone’s blood pressure will be at boiling point when they start to watch Zoe Page in a never before seen submissive hot film as this! *O-M-G! 2.0*


Hurts so Good

Miss Bernadette has posted an ad for a live-in assistant. Zoe Page shows up for the interview but has absolutely no idea what is in store for her. After brief introductions, Miss Bernadette explains that she is looking for someone to do all the basic household chores and duties. However, she has other interests that Zoe must be open to if she wants the position offered. Zoe is told that she will be shown exactly what else will be expected of her as she notices the array of lovely straps and canes on the table. After stripping Zoe’s tight dress off, she inspects her beautiful body that she will be causing delicious pain and excruciating pleasure to. Zoe is shy, a little shocked, yet quite curious as to what she should expect to experience. Bernadette takes Zoe through various stages of impact play including strapping, caning, cropping, tit slapping, pussy spanking, and other forms of humiliation such as crawling on all fours for Mistress. Zoe is unsure at first and it does hurt her quite a bit, but being naked, bared and exposed like this has rekindled some darker edgy desire to be treated like this and starts to like it by the end. This is going to be the perfect job for Zoe… and Bernadette is more than willing to hire her in this new, unique job arrangement.


Or view as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – access 2 sites for less than the combined cost!

One little known but naughty humiliation and punishment site (from Russia) is a particular favorite of mine… the girls get spanked, shamed and punished in ways they’d never contemplate. It’s not like some Russian sites that are just about brutalizing the girls (that is just gross)… nope, this site plays with their predicament and real headspace punishments, it’s actually all rather addictive viewing!


Siana: Punished for Office Party Pranks

This blonde manager is the sinner of the day. She is told that she deserves the most shameful and painful punishment ever for her stupid party pranks. Thsi is one office party aftermath that she will not forget with a scolding, spanking and self paddling as the manager watches her embarrassment! This is a hot office nude spanking video, which you can download HERE


It’s been a while since I advised you of recent films shown at the excellent site below… featuring mainly East European girls (who are hot as heck). Go check out this latest offering!


Sissi: Spanked & Strapped

Sissi is taken by Peter into the Punishment Room, she disrobes and he places her in cuffs, stood up, to receive a spanking once her panties are pulled down. This is the first part of Sissi’s punishment as she is then placed over a table for the strapping of her bare pert bottom! Hot!


Finally, for today, another site I haven’t featured in some time features a delightful punishment of Cara Day. She is one of my favorite ladies, after getting to know her better in Aruba not too long ago. She is quite driven and hard-working, like most successful young women… she is also smoking hawt!


Caught without Panties

Having failed a dress code inspection Cara is sent to the Dean. Her bottom is properly strapped and she is sent to her next two classes without a skirt or panties and is told to return after lunch for a second strapping.


Weekend Spanking Updates

Tomorrow I will be showcasing what Sarah & I updated the past week (which is pretty incredible) – but of course, there are other spanking sites too, so I have something a little different for you today which I do hope you like!

Spanking Sorority Girls

Cherry Spanked For Bad Behavior

Cherry Kitty is being a naughty girl and her mom was so worried that would lead her to the school for wayward girls that she hired Veronica Ricci to instill some discipline in her daughter by any means necessary. With Veronica, that means a hard spanking and paddling. Veronica helps convince Cherry to change her ways as she puts her over her knee for a long and painful spanking.


Girl Spanks Girl

Missy Spanked Again By Mom

Sadly for her, Missy Rhodes did not learn her lesson with the spanking she received yesterday from her mom (played by Snow Mercy). When her mom catches her sneaking into the booze cabinet, she puts Missy over her knee in the kitchen for another long, hard spanking over her already sore bottom. Missy ends up red, and for real, it hurt so much for her to sit down after this painful spanking.


My Spanking Room Mate

Adriana Spanks Kay

Kay Richards wants to switch roommates. Adriana Evans suggests that she would be a good roommate, but Kay is reluctant. Ariana uses the power of spanking to help Kay consider her. And it is a very sound spanking over her knee with her hand and a hairbrush that goes toward changing her mind. Kay is left with a red, sore and speckled bottom that needs lots of rubbing.


All the above websites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – giving you up to 5 sites access with the same set of codes for a fraction of the combined price. CLICK HERE for the full details.

Northern Spanking

Tea & Caning at the Office

April is a junior assistant at the Home Office and, as happens occasionally, has left a laptop full of sensitive information on the Tube! Mandarins Kennedy and Osborne have been appointed to look into April’s indiscretion and to decide and apply any disciplinary measures required. Recalling long-disused Home Office tradition, the pair decide that April should keep her job but suffer a caning for compromising national security. Besides a tape recording for archive, no record will be kept of the matter to avoid press attention – a satisfactory outcome all round? Perhaps…

NB. for our American audience, the Tube is the London Underground metro system and the British Home Office is equivalent to the US State Department and Mandarins is the term used to refer to dusty, middle-ranking officials therein. All clear? Jolly good. As you were!


Spanked and Diapered

I don’t want to wear my Diaper

Alex Reynolds is visiting her friend, Harley Havik. The two high school girls are trying to hang out together but Harley’s little sister, Apricot Pitts, keeps bothering them. Harley keeps trying to get her sister to leave them alone, saying that she’s just a dumb little baby. Apricot tries to argue that she’s a big girl, but Harley tells Alex all kinds of embarrassing stories about her little sister. She tells her about how naughty she is and how often she has to get spanked. She even tells her that Apricot wets the bed and describes in detail how their parents react: cleaning her up, giving her a spanking and then putting her back in diapers! The girls decide that spanking Apricot over her pink polka dot panties is not enough and pull them down to give her a bare bottom spanking, making her go over Alex’s lap, too, as her bottom grows pinker and pinker. The girls laugh and tease poor little Apricot about being a bedwetter as they both spank her together.

Then, Alex helps Harley lift and open Apricot’s legs, leaving her embarrassingly exposed while her sister positions her adorable Fabine diaper and covers her little princess parts with baby powder. Then the two girls tape her in, then try to get her to show off the diaper. Apricot doesn’t want to, so the girls give her a diaper position spanking on her padded bottom. Finally, Apricot gives in and does as her sister says. The girls tease and torment her some more, tickling her in an attempt to force her to wet her diaper. She holds out, and the girls give her an ultimatum: go to the store with them with her diaper on (the baby print shows through her thin dress) or wet the diaper then and there. Apricot still doesn’t pee herself, so the girls get her ready to go out. Hopefully, they’ll run into some of her classmates there!


Spanked in Uniform

Liz Rainbow’s Spanking Fantasy

The gorgeous, but ever the naughty minx, Liz Rainbow, visited SIU from Spain for some well-earned discipline and she told us she loved the Bellview series and one of her fantasies was to be spanked in a Bellview uniform. We obliged, of course, and in part one… Liz goes across Mike’s knee for a well-deserved hand spanking. In the second half of her punishment, Liz is laid over the side of the lounge chair, bare bottom facing up, and she feels the old fashioned sting of a Slipper. When she screams too loudly her panties are stuffed into her mouth. She ends up in the corner with a very sore bottom.


Stay tuned, have a great weekend and come back later for MORE exciting spanking news and fresh updates.

Spanking Updates to start off the week

Time to catch up with some more update news from all over the “kinky interwebz”  with a great variety of content and storylines from websites you all know and love. So without further ado, here are the following updates I have for you all (see below).


Luci’s huge problemstarring Luci Lovett & Alex Reynolds

In this taboo film, school girl Luci Lovett was minding her own business when she got an email from her school’s volley ball coach. Upon opening it, she discovered it included a photo of his impressively large dick. Luci is marveling at the picture when her mother, Alex Reynolds, comes in and catches her staring at it. Luci should not be looking at such things! She’s shocked at her daughter’s audacity and puts her over her knee for a LONG and HARD spanking, scolding her for looking at this inappropriate picture. Luci is spanked in multiple positions and given a hard paddling as well while she’s scolded and shamed. Poor Luci feels she was an innocent victim here, but she promises, over and over again, to never look at pictures of big dicks again!


This was a custom video and there will be more style of videos like this coming soon to the new look website (I have still to do a review of this as I am sooooo far behind on everything) – this video adds to the growing archive of content with Luci Lovett.



Two Weeks Back at Prepschool with Lily Anna and David Pierson

One day after she had cursed out a teacher, she was sent to the Headmaster’s Office. When corrected by the headmaster, the brat remained defiant. She felt the rules should not apply to her. The principal asked her if she remembered the consequences for disrespecting an instructor at the school. She did, but didn’t believe that a girl of her age would be subjected to a bare bottom spanking. Unfortunately for Lily Anna, she soon found herself over the lap of the principal, who administered a hard spanking to her bare bottom. After her spanking, she was further humiliated by being placed in the corner with her red bottom on display to think about her behavior.

I have got you a special preview clip of Lily Anna’s spanking so you can see for yourself, it’s a classic and compliments her many videos with this network in the PB archives.

[jwplayer mediaid=”58902″]



Kay Spanks the Maidwith Kymberly Jane (Kay) & Maddy Marks

Maddy Marks is the maid who Kay has dress in a sexy costume. If that is not embarrassing enough, Kay spanks Maddy for doing a bad job of cleaning her apartment. Maddy may be taller, but she really needs this job, so while she does protest a great deal, and squirm when Kay brings out the dreaded wooden bath brush.



Riley Anne Bad at Hand Jobs with Riley Nixon & Clare Fonda

Brand new Riley Anne hates giving hand jobs. They are gross she says. When Madam Clare calls her into her office to explain, it is spanking time for cute Riley, who gets red and sore while she learns from the experienced Madam how to give a proper hand job. It hurts for Riley to sit after this lesson.


These 2 website make up part of this top value network – giving you membership access of up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost (see below)


The Spatula (SIU Badminton section)starring Betty & Isabelle

Betty and new girl Isabelle were in charge of the clubhouse the evening before… and one of them stole a spatula. As none of the two owned up, they will both be punished together. This starts with a sound spanking over the knee from Coach Mike. Then the coach fetches a stinging spatula from the kitchen and both girls get a sound bare bottom spanking with it. No matter which one actually stole it, both were present – so both were spanked equally.

This uniform spanking is one of many that you can view with a lot of the films being part of a series, go check out all the videos at the links below…



Coming to the Spanking Stage!

Hello… before we all stuff ourselves full of Turkey & Stuffing with all the trimmings this coming Yuletide… let’s delve deep into Santa’s Sack (Ho Ho Ho!) for some present spanking showstoppers from around the globe. If you’ve been on the naughty list then you can escape with a few viewing treats provided by the following websites all vying for today’s Spanking Stage. So let’s see what’s out and about this coming Christmas time…

College Girl Spanked

After being arrested at a party at school, third year college student Nadia was called home by her mother. Her mother was not at all happy with her daughter’s behavior, and attempted to discuss the matter with Nadia. When Nadia told her that she is a gown woman and will do as she likes, she found herself over her mother’s lap for a spanking. It was bad enough being spanked, but when Nadia insisted that the spanking cease, her mother took down her panties. Nadia was struck by disbelief, then her mother’s hand. As her mother spanked her bare bottom harder and harder, Nadia forgot of her feelings of humiliation and was now begging her mother to stop spanking her and promising to be a good girl. After her spanking was over, Nadia was led to the time out chair used when she was a child. Placing her freshly spanked bottom upon the wooden chair was another in several humiliating and painful sensations she needed to deal with since this college girl arrived home.

otk spanking

See MORE of Nadia White grtting a deserved spanking here

– Episode 37 & 38: Caught At Home –

Cheerleader Ivey decided to miss a practice and mobile with her friends. Little did she know that coach missed her and went to visit her in her own home. After a good scolding she was turned across the coache’s knee and her tight little bottom was soundly spanked. Afterwards she had to strip and kneel on the couch with the dreaded Stinger in her mouth. After spending a while kneeling naked on the couch, she was bent over and she felt The Stinger’s pain explode across her naked bottom before she was taken back to practice. Her bottom bare under her skirt so the other cheerleaders can see she was punished.


The Judge at Home (new series)
– The Hamster Problem –

This is the first in a new series of The Judge at Home: Not in a court of law but a domestic setting where domestic crimes are sorted out. A complaint has been made against Cherry for not looking after her pet hamster. Judge Stern listens to the evidence and pronounces the sentence which is to be carried out. This will be in 2 parts for which the first is a hard OTK spanking!


Check out British Discipline at English-Spankers

Alexa You Played with my Husband

Alexa is staying at Sarah’s house but it is not quite turning out how she envisaged. Her husband caught her going through their stuff in the bedroom and then is walking around the house in sexy outfits. Sarah is not happy at all eith the way she is behaving but her saving grace is that she said she likes spanking ames. Sarah picked a very heavy leather paddle – a real punishment instrument and no plaything and she used this on Alexa’s bare bottom.



Yasmeena found and spanked

Yasmeena tries to hide from Peter when it is time for her punishment with his belt. He finds her hiding behind the curtains and quickly places her over the sofa, pulling her pants down before giving her the promised spanking and strapping across her bare bottom. Yasmeena then spends corner time near her hiding place, this time with her bare, sore bottom on full display to remind her to behave better in future.


spanking server


Spanking Classics for you to Enjoy!

I thought it was time to get you some spanking updates from these following sites that you may not have seen before, they are all from at least 3 years ago or more… so if you’ve seen any of these before, congrats… for everyone else, this is just some of the typical content that you can see from the chosen websites! Enjoy!

Nyssa Nevers & Fiona Murphy Spank Each Other

Nyssa Nevers mocks Fiona Murphy for getting spanked by Veronica. So much so that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.


This site is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network

Europe Airlines: Spanked for Oversleeping


18 year old Vanessa missed her flight to Hong Kong because she overslept. Mr Johnson went to her house and pulled her out of her bed straight over his knee for a good spanking. Then he told her to get dressed and when she was, he pulled her back over his knee and finished the spanking good and proper.


Daughter and her Trainer

Suzu, daughter of the house, decides to ditch her music lessons and spend the day in her room doing nothing while her parents are away. Erika, her bodyguard, and also her trainer, teaches her a painful lesson.


Unladylike Manor: The secret Policewoman

Another episode from the Unladylike Manor series brings WPC Pandora Blake into conflict with Lady Sarah Stern. PC  Blake thought she could bring disgrace to the house of Stern by prosecuting Sarah but she was up  against a formidable opponent.  Pandora soon felt the heavy hand and paddle of Sarah on her bare bottom. This is one of many many episodes in this long running series.


Bound to be Spanked

Headmaster Tom and Mr Lewis are having a discussion. They agreed on how they were to go forward. Headmaster Tom calls up the stairs for Justine to come down. She joins them at the bottom of the stairs. They tell her that she has broken at least ten of the rules at Girls Boarding School and that is since her last punishment only a week ago. And now fighting.






Thursday Spanking Updates

Good morning everyone, I have a varied selection of spanking updates for you today and you should go check out all these fine sites. Featuring cute girls in various uniforms, getting their bare bottoms thoroughly tanned! I’m starting with a recent double update at Spanked in Uniform in the “St. Elizabeth Hospital” nursing/medical spanking uniform section: Trust me… watching Jentina Small getting punished in her uniform is HOT!

No Twitter In The Hospital!

Hospital policy clearly states: “No mobile phones/cellular devices allowed during work hours” – but Dr. Johnson caught nurse Jentina tweeting on her phone on a staircase while on duty. She was marched into a nearby office and her bottom was soundly spanked while kneeling on a foot stool. She even had to film part of her spanking and post it on Twitter. Then she was taken for bare bottom reflection time in the corridor. Some time later, nurse Jentina is still doing her bare bottom reflection time against the Hospital corridor wall, when Doctor Kelly walks by. She feels Jentina’s bared bottom thinking that it is not red and sore enough. She orders the nurse to touch her toes and her bare bottom is soundly spanked further. Later Dr. Johnson sees that her bottom is redder then when he spanked it earlier so he compliments the good Doctor on a job well done!



The New Staff Member

The House of Correction has a new staff member. Amelia Jane Rutherford has fooled Aunty Katy into giving her a job as an assistant in her House of Correction, not realizing that she used to be an inmate. She soon finds herself in trouble when she lets the establishment’s naughtiest girl out for the day. Staff member or not, she has to pay the price and that means a good hard whacking on her bare bottom from the stroing arm of Aunty Katy.


Nil by Mouth

Having pulled strings to get his niece a nursing assistant position in the hospital where he is a consultant, Dr Kennedy feels rather let down when two incidents of abject unsuitability to the caring profession are brought to his attention. Whatever her future in medicine, Sunnie’s immediate future holds a smacked bottom and a caning!

spanking a nurse


Maya: Bedtime Spanking

Caught awake at 2:30 AM, Maya is pulled from her bedroom, into the living room, for a hard bedtime spanking.


Cleo’s bedtime Spanking

Cleo had been spanked at school and in her house a spanking at school means a spanking at home that evening. Mommy scolds her daughter and then takes her over the lap for a much deserved hard spanking over her pajamas and then on the bare bottom. She finishes with a hard bath brush spanking which makes Cleo kick and squirm in pain as she promises to be a good girl from now on.