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Awesome Spankings, Part IV: Volume 5799 – Subsection 4i – Paragraph 2e

or…. Friday – Severe Spankings & Correction Day

… & Lord Belbograth declared: Friday was decreed to be a day of “Relentless Punishment” in His House for his naughty female family, subjects & servants; to be thrashed in such a manner that only their soft vulnerable, exposed bare buttocks be played upon severely for His satisfaction, amusement and behavior correction as He saw fit. He required such a reddening of the private bottom flesh that maketh the tears to flow verily from His snivelling subjects ensuring they learned the ways & teachings of Belbograth Manor – He instilled Order & Discipline in His Private Chambers without mercy on the 5th day of every week for those in need! After Luncheon.

& so to Friday’s cracking Spanking Updates 🙂

Spanked-in-Uniform.com has 2 movie updates I want to share with you that are exceptionally addictive to watch! 1st up is one of my fave sub niches at this site: “Naughty Nurses” – this movie contains, Revenge and Canings! It’s all here below!





Nurse Brittany gets her revenge! She takes nurse Leandra over her knee and gives her a sound spanking. After the spanking Dr Johnson fetches his cane and Leandra gets six of the best across her bare bottom while laying over the massage bed in the office… then our good doctor takes Leandra & Brittany out into a busy corridor in the hospital and Leandra is ordered to stand against the wall for an hour. Her bare, sore red bottom on display while people laugh and make fun of her!!!


Don’t forget there are plenty of uniform niches at this site and the schoolgirl one (this is the latest with Caroline Grey) is an obvious choice to view at your leisure with a fine glass of port, soft pungent cheese and water biscuits for nibbles and of course best viewed in a private darkened room!




Caroline Grey is an exchange student sent to St Catherine’s school from America for two semesters. She is rude, ill mannered, sassy and shows no respect to the teachers. When the Headmaster called her into his office, she was her usual sassy self which earned her a severe scolding, having the back of her legs slapped and a quick hard spanking to get her to listen. Then the Headmaster gave her a proper St Catherines style spanking…. VERY HARD!

Check out all the latest films now available across the uniform niches HERE


Bah! I have run out of time again, (er Indoors is glaring at me to finish as she wants to go out!) but you can check out some galleries I have spied that will show you some awesome updates elsewhere currently! Enjoy… and beware Fridays at the Belbograth Household, ladies!






Have a good weekend everyone!
Chief. xx

NEW Schoolgirl Discipline PPV Movie!!!

As promised, I have news of a brand new movie in PPV format OUT NOW at NaughtyBottom.com and it stars 2 very hot girls, Hannah and Justine who look absolutely adorable in those authentic dark navy uniforms! I want waffle here with the full explanation of the film as it’s explained in detail at the movie page!

There is a free preview clip of this detention discipline, as there are all at the new updates which are coming out (4 movies this past week and I know there’s more pending…)

I’ve got you some preview images below which those who can download the films can see for themselves in full, there’s an extensive set that accompanies this movie and the photo set is of course zipped for your convenience. As I’ve said, I received a lot of requests for new PPV movies so passed this on and it seems that NaughtyBottom will once again be uploading dozens of films for those that want more control on what they want to view and download. I understand this, and of course the films are all in excellent playback quality! (images taken from the movie below)






All I will say is that if these girls must drink and make fools of themselves, then they should expect at the very least to get a sore red bottom, luckily, Headmaster agrees with me and does an admirable job!

See this and all the other recent additions HERE



Before I go, I really must advertise the fantastic (if I say so myself) post I just updated at my Teen Spankings site – miss this at your peril, it was a massive labour of love, I hope you enjoy it!

Direct link to the post is below and it features sexual content, extreme humiliation, very sore red bottoms, dribbling vaginas and some damned hard punishments! WARNING: WILL cause SEVERE trouser arousal!!! (hopefully)

Hope you enjoyed my updates today, back with some more exclusive content v soon!