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Sunday Spanking Catch up

Gosh! It’s been a few days and I have just not had time to come on here until now, I really hate being away from blogging so hope to make up for this with a special update today. Remember that I had mentioned that at my site there was new girl Jenna Jay? Well, her full film is now up to download along with a ton of images, it was an introductory spanking which I had the “pleasure” of carrying out and I can tell you this girl is HOT! She is going to be something special for 2012, so we are happy to show you ahead of most of the competition as they are sure to invite her to film. In fact, I rarely do this but I wanted to get out a F/F schoolgirl punishment film for next week, and both Jenna and another fantastic first timer called Taylor will star in this movie alongside another new face, Emma who plays a very fierce and nasty headmistress… so thanks to Jenna for ruining my update schedule, lol! See what all the introductory fuss is about in the galleries I have made below, don’t you just love natural girl next door types? I know I do! Click images below to view more of Jenna:

OK, I shall move swiftly on as no doubt you are sick and tired of hearing about me bleating on about our little site (though if you do purchase our long standing Annual Deal giving you spankings at just $8.50 a month (that’s just around 5 of our British Pounds) then there is a special lottery entry that all members who have purchased this deal will get entered in for, and that includes those who purchased it before this month (you’ll find out more next week!) The Offer is a kind of Xmas bonus thing so will end Dec 24th and then I draw the prize at random from a list of those who have purchased the annual membership.


OK, well, where to next? As I have run out of time over the last few days, I’m gonna try and find galleries where possible to start with as these help me provide you with more info, so to our Brit friends at the following sites, thanks for providing these galleries as they help explain the latest updates… and they also have a special limited Xmas Deal on too knocking a generous $10 off their normal monthly price, and this remians permanent for as long as you are a member… so first off, check out English Spankers below and their latest film now out in full. (As ever, click images to enlarge or find the free gallery)

Check out a special FREE Movie preview clip of this schoolgirl film HERE


& over at SpankingSarah.com – this is what I want to see again, sarah in her sub role getting a good hard thrashing as we all know she can take, and this back to basics film with a very stern “Mr Stern” clicks all the right buttons for me, the images here that accompany Sarah’s film are great too! As you’ll discover!

Check out the free preview of this “cracking” movie HERE


& schoolgirl Leah (or Lena as I remembered her) is this week getting a strapping from Headmaster and that delightful wobbling butt of hers is indeed addictive viewing as you will see from this pretty teenager who is properly punished and humiliated in her latest episode shown at RedStripeFilms.com

& it goes without saying you can view a great freeview clip HERE!


Finally, another site with a similar offer for the Xmas period is SoundPunishment.com (so please do go check out their offers especially if you might be a returning member, why not take advantage of their generosity?) and I have pleasure in introducing yet another Masie Dee update from this site (I believe she is now based in Holland but comes over to film in England as and when) -anyway, feast your eyes on this lassie’s humiliating punishment, with her privates and anus fully displayed, no hiding place for her on that bench at all!!! Yikes!




Oh my! Checkout what other naughty films Masie has been involved in at SoundPunishment.com


Staying in the UK, my friends at NorthernSpanking.com are busy as usual providing consistently top notch spanking films and here is a little collection from the very latest updates you can check out from this past week!

There’s a new girl who I haven’t seen before called Sarah Jones, who has curves in all the right places and I just know that Paul would have had fum spanking her lovely bottom, below area few early preview pics of  her introduction, I can’t wait to see more! Yup, it features an argument over who owns the remote control for the TV… (we did a film of that recently as well, lol! Well… it’s a good place to start an argument and get someone over another’s knee, right?)



 The conclusion to the multi girl punishment films starring Pandora Blake, Aleesha Foxx & Xela Chaste by legendary Kane’s very own Josie Harrison-marks is what is next and I enjoyed this film immensely, as I am sure you will get an idea of what happens to the girls from these images shown below:



& I couldn’t think of anything more tempting than seeing Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen together, caned, spanked AND in jim-jams! Northern thought of it and alongside the ever impressive Stephen Lewis, You just know these 2 are going to be thoroughly punished as they should be!



Check out many more updates at NorthernSpanking.com


In Holland, Mike had been busy employing Sarah Bright from SpankingSarah.com that I had featured earlier… so once I had heard she was there filming, then I knew Mike would be dressing her up in his various uniforms, so how nice to see one of my fave uniform punishments, the thrashing of naughty air stewardesses… and of course, Sarah gets into deep trouble in no time at all (fortunately!)




Sarah Bright is an experienced stewardess who is joining the Europe Airlines team. During her first interview she got her contract to sign and she was told she had two days to learn her pre-flight safety speech and then to come back. When she returned it became obvious she had not learnt it so Mr Johnson took her over his knee and she got her first sound spanking at Europe Airlines.

You can see MORE of her punishment and the other specialist spankings HERE


Staying in Europe before I take a quick trip to the States for the final part of this update… I decided to go through my archives of what I had on this site as I wanted to check out Yasmin Garcia again, she filmed extensively with Bars-and-Stripes.com and her intake, for me, was one of the more memorable detentions. She went though the ritual punishments and degradation, she starred alongside Leia-Ann Woods as well, a true devotee to anything prison-like (and of course predatory with her fellow female inmates) but this time I’m focussing on her punishment with nasty warden O’Brien who gets off whacking her girls in her charge… never provoke Officer O’Brien, ladies!




Check out MORE prison style punishments at Bars-and-Stripes.com


I love seeing role reversals, so who better to see getting a good man spanking than one of the sassiest and cheekiest tops around, none other than cougar, Clare Fonda, who I gotta say still looks “fit as” as we say here in England!




Clare Fonda has some fantasies about being spanked by a younger man and she explores them with guest star Kyle Johnson in a nephew/aunt scene where discipline restores the age appropriate behavior as you’ll see here. Kyle gives his slutty aunt a good old fashioned hard man spanking that leaves her cougar cheeks burning bright red with shame!



Oh my goodness! Yes, I have “wood” – see Clare’s punishment in full at SpankedSweeties.com

& whilst I am on the subject of sweet looking girls getting a spanking, I was blown away by the pairing of Jenni Mack, and my nomination for spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci… Jenni’s red hair (surprise!) caught my attention and this sexy and slutty F/F spanking works on so many levels for me, especially when the girls are caught by Miss Chris and all hell breaks loose at Spankedcallgirls.com – I’m sorry, but when I like my F/F spankings, if they’re as sexy looking as this, I’m sold! Click on the images below for 2 fantastic galleries that better explain to you what happens next!

See MORE of Jenni and Veronica in “action” at the naughtiest punishment site – Spanked Callgirls


Remember that both these sites can be included as part of a package where you can choose 3,4 or 5 of Clare’s top rated sites as a pass for a fraction of the combined cost, the best multi site pass out there with NO repeats of content across her sites 100% guaranteed!


OK, that’s it for me for now, however, please do go check out these 2 clips stores below and other pay per download sites – as I will be adding much more content very soon and I promise you that if you don’t want to sign up for a membership and only want to view the odd films then these options below are especially for you! Enjoy!

& the original NaughtyBottom – still offering some classic movies at rock bottom prices with MORE new movies finally coming very soon (yay!)

Brief Spanking News & stuff

I’m gonna have to be as brief as I can today as I got waylaid with other things so apologies (I had promised a mega post… will have to do that over the weekend instead… sorry). Well, I have been listening to feedback and looking at ways of making a sign up to my own little site even more attractive to 1st timers… remember we produce all our own content and I am rather proud of the MP4 films that we produce as well as the WMV ones as standard which has some of the best quality around… (I’ll dig out the comparison movie clip galleries for you to decide later).

So before I bore you all to death in this shortened post today… please do check out the site tour and join pages for the revamped sign up which includes out best ever monthly non recurring deal (as I know that somehow still gets people concerned, as well as a kick ass 1 and 3 month recurring option (I’m not even gonna mention the prices as they are our lowest ever) and of course the chance to take out the year membership giving the equivalent of just $8.50 a month access which is, well… a way to reward those that want to help support our efforts and I think that’s only fair… so thanks to those that have signed up by this method, I hope we don’t let you down. Our site has been running for just over 6 months and has averaged over one new film every week on top of the 20 odd we started with so I think there’s something like 40 something now available which is quite impressive in such a short time and we always update with full screen grabs and a full description so you can see what’s coming when the films are longer! Enough of my waffle… see all this and more at AAAspanking.com


Oh… and a couple of comparison galleries are below as promised! Just click on the images and I’ve also added a free gallery of a great film I did with Kami Robertson dressed as a French maid… spanked then belted to real tears… enjoy!


OK, I have also seen that there are a few new updates from Clare’s great sites as well, all with a redhead theme (yay!) and it includes yet another hot newbie called Dani Jensen that I shall be investigating more of this weekend (ahem!) as she appears at SpankedSweeties.com letting us know her spanking history growing up and being introduced over Clare’s lap… note the refreshing tuft of womanly hair “down there” very rare and very welcome in my eyes nowadays! Check out these seriously hot galleries below of Dani’s 1st films!

See MORE of Dani Jensen right now – showing at SpankedSweeties.com


& as promised the uber babe, Veronica Ricci gets her debut as a hooker babe getting a good thrashing off Momma Clare at Spankedcallgirls.com – this is a really hot sexy spanking and Veronica is a real life porno babe that also happend to be a Penthouse Pet as you may well recall… so she is oh so convincing as a top class hooker and here is why I’d blow a stash on Veronica below (if I won at a Blackjack in a Vegas casino)… given half a chance! Just check out that red speckled ass of hers in the free gallery below… oh my!

This film is available to download now HERE at Spankedcallgirls.com


Remember both these sites are part of an option to view as part of Clare’s Spanking Pass




Back soon… and have a good weekend wherever you hang out at whatever spanking site 🙂
Regards, Chief.

Tom Fires Michael & other Spanking News

I could hardly believe it, I knew there was unrest with members at Girls-Boarding-School.com – comments left by disgruntled folk wanting to see more of Headmaster Tom doing what he did perfectly… but they had endured Michael for too long. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I liked seeing Michael punishing the girls, I had featured his paddling & spanking of the very tearful (and absolutely stunning) Micaela… a fellow Swede, as I recall – he actually got some praise in this one, although there were the voices against him who didn’t care what he did, he would always be wrong… but if you have forgotten, take a look at the posts I wrote about her punishment HERE and decide for yourself if Michael did a good job!

So, back to the momentous occasion, whether it’s a publicity stunt, or what… we will see, but Tom is back! Watch out girls! (No, seriously…. watch out, he’s mean!) So to mark this occasion, my tube site at Teen Spankings has the full movie of Michael’s dismissal (or you can view it right now below), it’s both humorous and has a final bitter bath brush punishment from Michael on one smirking girl who says “Goodbye” to him as he is packing his bags! Don’t miss it… it’s a good way to spend 8-9 minutes whilst having your morning cup of coffee! I’ve included a couple of scenes of Michael taking it out on one of the gloating schoolgirls as well! 🙂

See who Headmaster Tom has punished since Michael’s firing – CLICK HERE


OK, next up is a post I was going to do yesterday but I had so many issues with a failing power supply due to excessive thunder that I cut the post short (which annoyed me somewhat) still, today it’s back to normal so here is the little homage to Sarah at SpankingSarah.com where I attempted to and am now writing about her various roles at her site: From spankee to spanker and a very naughty girl that just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy ?(often trimmed NOT shaven, which I like), or in fact embraces all manner of sexual activity included in her spanking punishments… if you like to see sex AND spankings, then this is one site you should bookmark! Check out some varied content I found to showcase what I’m blabbering on about, these are just some of the High Quality images taken from the films (they are not screen grabs but represent what’s in the films!)

Sarah is a keen photographer and takes no crap from her models that mess her around!

Sarah caught playing with herself whilst camping by the grumpy farmer who has other ideas!!!

Sarah’s 1st ever bare bottom birching – these are HD screen images from her groundbreaking atmospheric movie!

There are some great free preview clips and I still think the one with the birch is available on Sarah’s tour pages HERE


Now I love Clare to bits… so if I get my act together and can afford to go to the Shadowlane Party in September, I shall be sure to look out for “Momma”… even if it’s just to say “hello, and spank you very much!” – Well, here’s a little taster of what Clare has been filming recently and also a wee little delve into her archives at her gorgeous GirlSpanksGirl.com website for which I am always hovering in and around for my fix! Check out these little gems and treats I have for you today!

1st up: From GirlSpanksGirl.com – a classic girl bottom spanking and temperature taking in and around the time she shot one of her Exclusive Education series of films, I think this was from the 2nd… and of course, I love temp takings mixed with the spankings! A very short clip and some images are below, enjoy!

Check out the 3 sections of Erotic, Sensual & Discipline that make up GirlSpankedGirl.com HERE

I had mentioned before that Snow Mercy had brought in one of her real life friends, Sophia Locke… who was kind of new to all the online spanking stuff, but she is a genuine looker that has that girl next door feel about her which is such a seller and of course with Snow being there, she was at ease to recall her spanking stories as she grew up and here we see Snow playing her Mom in a classic “get out of bed” spanking that so many naughty girls received! For me, it’s an excuse to show you in & out of her bed getting an OTK spanking, mmm!

I also had a little delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com earlier today and since I was writing about temperature takings, I thought I’d share this little beauty of a film with you starring Clare and a hot girl I’d never seen before (how did I miss this?) called Makenzie! The californian surfer chick look and tanned , toned skin couldn’t stop Momma Clare from checking this naughty girl’s temperature… rectally and giving her a chastising spanking for her troubles! Check out the images below and then the news I have for you which I’m excited about!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Clare once again meets her match with Miss Chris making a welcome return!

This movie has just been released at Spankedcallgirls.com and is a classic role reversal as Miss Chris confronts Clare about the treatment in the past (again) of her daughter, who is now well out of Clare’s clutches… and also she knows about some of the other girls under Clare’s control so gives this Momma a real hard nasty spanking of her own… which looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more but I’m out of time to write here today, but you can view this movie now online at SpankedCallgirls.com

Two years ago Chris found out her daughter (played by Jenni Mack) was dabbling in prostituion. She spanked Jenni and her friend Sarah Gregory very hard and made Clare take a thrashing right next to them. This was very humiliating for Clare. She has never forgotten it and she is horrified to find Miss Chris waiting for her in her living room for a little catch-up visit which includes a slut spanking to die for!

Clare Fonda Updates for the week!

Hi everyone, here is a post where you’ll find what’s being shown across Clare’s sites (I won’t include her ClareSpanksMen.com site this week since it invoked a furious response last time but I will cover another of her favorite fetishes which you can see later…). Also back by popular demand from my mails is CEILING CAT (yay!) and this kittycat is getting a close up view of the action from his ceiling cut out vantage point…. has anyone told Clare just how big this feline is? He’s HUGE!!! Thankfully this pervy kitteh can look after himself so won’t need Clare’s help in the housing department (besides… he’s “Ceiling Cat!” and can do whatever he chooses to do, which is looking at girls punished bottoms!)

So in the first of today’s updates see what Ceiling Cat has been busy watching (yup, it’s one of my fave girls “Ten” getting a good hard ass slapping at the hands of Alicia Panettiere) at SpankedCallgirls.com – read more about this latest film that also has Momma Clare get involved too!!!

You can tell  Clare loves making these type of films… Ten & Alicia are 2 of her call girls who she has booked for various jobs… but after dishing out some punishments last time, it seems the girls can’t keep their hands off each others bottoms and Alicia soon finds an excuse in Clare’s absence to get this gorgeous girl over her lap for a hard hairbrush punishment. I love Ten’s muscular thick thighs and her amazing bottom which is made for spanking and that soon turned a shameful shade of naughty red… but Momma Clare returns to find Ten’s ass on fire, fully bared and exposed so Alicia gets some of the same treatment from Clare after a good scolding for being a dirty switcheroo that can’t keep her hands off her property! For good measure, Clare can’t resist spanking Ten’s addictive sore cheeks either (who could?) – man… I love this naughty spanking site!!! See some images which accompany this movie below so you get a better idea:

See this very latest film at the unique & very naughty Spankedcallgirls.com


OK, I might be a little obssssed with Ceiling Cat but this little caption below made me giggle as I wrote it up… I love that nosey Kitty and I’m sure you’ll love seeing the latest punishment movie update showing at Clare’s multi themed GirlSpanksGirl.com website where it covers punishment, erotic and sensual spanking sections… as this lovely thing is given a good hard chastising punishment as only Clare knows how with her cutting put downs and eager hand to solve the mysterious problem of her niece’s bad behavior!

Taken from the sensual spanking section of this website, here is a punishment given by a no nonsense aunt to her niece! The punishment is as follows: Samora has been sent to her strict Aunt’s house to live for a while. When Samora slacks off and doesn’t do her homework (doodling instead of learning), she is made to realize the consequence of her actions. Aunt Clare takes her over her knee and spanks her hard until Samora’s bottom turns an angry red revealing the nasty spanking discipline carried out by her strict elder!

See sassy Samora getting a spanking off her Aunt Clare below



It’s time I introduced “Basement Cat” – this kitteh has had limited access to the Interwebs * is really pissed off as you might be able to see…. I can understand why if he was to miss the next full episode from Clare’s spanking soap opera site!

The spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoommate.com continues this week with a new episode starring one of the original girls, Madison Martin, who I think has one of the jiggliest pair of cheeks that make viewing her getting a spanking so mesmerising… it’s great to see her back and this time over the knee of the well endowed Jewell Marceau… I watched a film of hers recently which I’m going to review soon, but that’s another day and another story… here, she replaces Madison’s boss on holiday, but the spankings don’t let up for Madison as you’ll discover below: (no wonder basement cat looks so pissed… I would be too if I missed this!)



All the above sites can be viewed via Clare’s best value CLARE FONDA PASS Network offering you a decent chance to view 3, 4 or 5 sites (it’s your choice) at a fraction of the cost spread over a month or for even better value on a 3 month deal! Check out the full info which makes this one of the most popular multi site options that are not too ridiculously big and pointless, especially over a month or 2… all her stuff at each site is NEVER replicated at another site, another BIG bonus to remember! It’s late here and I was going to ramble on about more of Clare’s sites but I can save this for another time… have a great end to the day wherever you are and watch out for Basement Cat!

Clare Fonda Spanking Updates

Hi there… as I type this with one eye on the volcanic dust that is starting to invade our airspace… wondering if “Er indoors”, currently away “Outdoors” will get back (then she’s due to fly out again Sunday) I thought it would be easier for me to choose one time during a week to cover all of Clare’s amazing content in one post, making it easier for you guys to see what is available then adding any others or archived data when I have time or it feels appropriate. Clare’s sites have been busy and some of the girls are eye wateringly beautiful as you’ll see, and the very latest spanking soap opera episode that is at MySpankingRoommate.com again stars Kay Richards (yay!!!) in another role with cute Rosario Stone (I think it’s their 3rd catfight/spat/spanking together – Rosario is the put upon maid and this film has a classic good old fashioned girl tustle and wrestling with plenty of spankings which you’ll see below, which is, well… awesome! 🙂

Kay & Maid Wrestle & Spank Each Other
Kay and her maid (Rosario Stone) argue over whether Kay paid her or not as the spanking soap opera continues. They get so angry that they wrestle and spank each other. Over the knee, bent over, hand and wooden spoon. Finally, the maid finds the undelivered check, so she bends Kay over for some hard whacks with a large, studded belt which leave the roomie whimpering on the floor!

All the previews of the 80 current soap opera episodes can be reviewed & downloaded HERE


When Momma Clare isn’t sorting our her little Hoes when they act up… they can often turn on each other and this is precisely what happens in Clare’s absence in this latest movie that is out at one of my favorite sites, Spankedcallgirls.com – seeing these slutty girls getting rude nude and lewd with each other usually means there are plenty of red bottoms, tears, making out and other naughtiness and of course this site has the old archives with plenty of temperature takings, ass and pussy inspections and other humiliating behavior that makes these bad girls properly submissive! The latest film stars bad girl Nikki Rouge and Nena

Nikki Rouge is a goddess of a girl and she handles naughty Nena who is vulnerable and hilarious in this scene! In the bizarre world of sex for money, the little hookers sometimes turn on each other. It is particularly effective when Nikki gets new model Nena’s pert butt and she blurts out a stream of expletives! It’s the naughty slut switch spanking of the week!!


In the Erotic (naughty) Spanking section of GirlSpanksGirl.com there is a continuation of the “Other girl” series with Alexis, you may remember below she was playing with and got pleasured by new hot blonde Ash (reminder below)

If you thought that seeing this couple (above) together was hot, with lots of switching fun and punishment spankings and making out, then be prepared for yet more delicious nonsense as Mary Jane , the girlfriend of Alexis finds out and all hell breaks out as you’ll see below. Basically, it’s more of an excuse to show 2 VERY naughty young ladies spank each other, make out and frig each other off whilst of course letting us see all the action and their frshly tanned bottoms! Do I have “Wood”? I have a whole f*cking forest FFS!

Check out the girls in this new movie EXCLUSIVE to GirlSpanksGirl.com

Alexis confronts her girlfriend Mary Jane about her sleeping with Ash. She spanks Mary Jane to teach her lesson. After the spanking, she admits that she already spanked Ash to punish her, too, but then she made Ash pleasure her. So now it is Mary Jane’s turn to spank Alexis. And when they finish, they make out with yet more naughty playtime fun for us all to enjoy!


Finally today from Clare’s newbie, first timer and model fantasies and interview site – SpankedSweeties.com – I’m sure you will remember that I had introduced you recently to blonde newcomer, Ash Hollywood, another great find by Clare… so in case you aren’t impressed with the images below of her spanking over “Momma Clare’s” lap (I can’t remember if I had showed you that) – then check out the scolding and her tears as she takes her spanking – re-enacting an event in her life as she is spanked by Mom for being a terrible unruly brat, mean to her brother and hell to babysitters… you know the type, eh?… Well for all those real pain in the arse gals you’ve had the misfortune to deal with… see this typical brat-like girl get what’s coming to her!


& here’s something a little different from me (which means I ought to update my Girl Thrashing Boys blog) but if you are unaware of have been living on Mars then most of Clare’s girls take part in some seriously sexy and fun Fem Dom action with hunky young guys. I have to admit I have been getting into this scene recently and fully appreciate it and why guys will switch! Anyway, take a look at some recent updates from ClareSpanksmen.com and you’ll see – of course if you’re not into this, no worries, it’s just a small part of this Clare Fonda update today… but seeing the girls empowered over men is an erotic sight anyway!

See what I mean? Here is Ash Hollywood, looking damned hot and as you’ll see in these images there’s a great POV (point of view) aspect where you can imagine being the naughty guy going over her lap! I’m not going to show any clips here, but I may do at my other blog which I shall update afterwards HERE) Clare maintained that she is a naturally dominant lady who can rock a fem dom look and is a talented athlete with a good swing on her… and “mint” with a paddle!

& of course there are more point of view movies, one recently released with Clare (even I would be tempted to take a chance if I was naughty over her lap!) and as I said before, many of the regular girls love to switch and take control of young men like the very popular male model Kade, seen below with Mary Jane giving him a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking!

More men spankings by hot girls can be found HERE


Now the reason I covered the last site in Clare’s group is that it’s become an important part of her network and you have the choice of choosing the number of sites that you want, like 3, 4 or 5 sites in her CLARE FONDA PASS – full details of this fanstastic money saving membership is available HERE and don’t forget the longer term deals which works out even cheaper!!! OK, enough of the hard sell, but I do hope that you also enjoyed the fantastic variety that Clare offers across her network!

& now for something (not) quite completely different

As I start this post I just see on the news that Osama Bin Laden had been shot dead earlier today by US Special Forces where he was hiding out in his luxury apartment in Pakistan.

I won’t get out my soapbox or witter on for long on this subject but feel I have to have my 2 Cents anyway as this is, of course, a spanking blog but it would be rude of me not to comment as it’s such a big piece of global news after all… First of all, watch out for the possible backlash & reprisals from those upset that this murdering piece of trash got what was coming to him after 9/11 – I still remember watching that 2nd plane crash into the World Trade Center live on TV nearly 10 years ago slaughtering people of every faith and denomination. So what do I personally feel? I don’t feel at all bad in seeing this monster no longer able to draw breath and experience the miracle that is life… If there really is an afterlife or another plane of existence and there is judgement on what we had done after being “self aware” then I am sure this excuse of a human being , like so many other hate mongers and despots before him, might just face some sort of eternal damnation, preferably with metaphorical hot pokers up their existential arses! & so onto lighter matters…. my spanking round up (yay!)


Here’s a site I don’t often highlight, but I really should as they are producing better stuff and of course their girls are unique to their network, so from Spanking Experience check out a couple of recent films that I liked, I hope you do too!

Erica was caught drinking yet again and this time her punishment would be severe and humiliating as she was first spanked over the bed, then as her bottom was stinging she was cuffed to the posts and given a strapping and cropping as she struggled and cried into the sheets!

These girls are watching porn on the laptop and have thought about making some cash from webcam sex too… that is until they are caught and both of them face a rather embarrassing naked show in front of each other as their pert bottoms are given a good hard thrashing to teach them an important moral lesson! These movies are taken from Spanking-Experience.com and there is an very extensive tour page section where you can review these movies. This site is also available from just $12.95 – so WELL worth checking it out for that interesting money saving option 🙂


Back in the USA, Clare’s spanking soap opera website continues to earn rave reviews and the last couple of episodes at My Spanking Roommate show a back to basics with some of the most popular stars of this website! In the latest episode, we see the welcome return of Madison Martin! Madison decides to skip work and stay in a nearby hotel room. But Mr Phillips, Harmony’s boss, shows up to the room with a note from Harmony (who is Madison’s boss). Madison reads how she will either be spanked by Mr. Phillips, or fired. LOL… what a choice! She chooses the spanking… & it’s a hard one! Yeowch!

The previous episode stars the fantastic duo of Kailee Robinson & Chloe Elise
(images and description are below)

Chloe catches Kailee sneaking through her desk and snaps a photo of her. She threatens to show the photo to everyone unless Kailee agrees to submit to a very painful hairbrush spanking over her knee. Reluctantly, Kailee agrees… & from the images above you’ll see what happened. This is a great F/F movie (as viewed by Chief).

Finally I thought I’d feature a rare classic from the episode archives of this wonderful site and it starred Audrey Knight… a girl i can never get enough of seeing over anyone’s knee with her bare bottom getting a good hard spanking, we all know she loves to dish it out, but of course she proves that she can take it too! *MMM*

Lawyer Audrey Knight pays a visit to Mr. Ford to get money from him for his spanking of Alanah Rae. Unfortunately for her, she has a clause to waive all claims – and she is spanked by Mr. Ford until she signs the clause! To see Audrey, Chloe, Kailee, Madison and umpteen other girls in this spanking soap opera, CLICK HERE to view every episode update and see for yourself!


Clare has also been busy getting the ever so delightful Lindsay Meyers in another great film at Spanked Callgirls – Lindsay is leaving the callgirl ring and going back to college. She knows this is costing Clare a lot of money. She asks Clare if she can have a bare bottom spanking to make her feel less guilty about what she is doing to her boss. Poor Lindsay is paddled as well but she knows she deserves it!

Personally, I love seeing Lindsay spanked, a really spankable bottom and she has that wonderful squinting look without her glasses on… I’d have played tricks on her hiding paddles and hairbrushes from view until it was too late if she was over my knee and take advantage of her poor eyesight… but I’m a cruel person… lol! However, unlike her YOU can see some of Lindsay’s best spanking films at SpankedCallgirls.com

TOP TIP: As you know, Clare has her infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which includes both sites featured above – a great way to view your monthly or quarterly membership options at a fraction of the price of single site memberships!


Remember I said something a little different? How’s about this beautiful 19 year old Russian bride (called Dior) who was given the Dallas Spanking treatment in front of her hubby… her English wasn’t the best but I guess she quickly understood what was happening!!! She was simply stunning as you’ll see from the promo images below and I have a short spanking clip which shows you a very small part of Dallas getting to grips with this young woman’s amazing butt! It includes some nice cam angles of this gorgeous thing too… as it would be a shame not to capture her reactions! Don’t worry… Dallas didn’t – images and clip taken courtesy of the archives from DallasSpanksHard.com



I also have a treat for those that enjoy just the odd download rather than a membership, I see there are a couple of new movies added at NaughtyBottom.com, I’ll show you some images and where to download a free preview clip with the full description of the movie along with the original site should you want to download MORE or all of their movies instead!



The latest full list of movies available for download are located HERE

The above download films are taken from BunBeatingFun.com – if you want to download ALL their 80 plus fantastic movies with one membership fee option!

Have a great May Bank Holiday!
Back tomorrow with more NEW movie updates for you!

Sex, Spanking & Sexy Spankings!

I’m slowly catching up on everything here and just updated my other blog with some really good stuff HERE – so if you have already seen that today, watch out for this theme I thought I’d embrace today (I’m in a better mood, heh heh) and why not embrace sex and spanking and sexy spankings? A heady mix indeed and I promise you some of the stuff you’re about to see is very naughty or just very sexy… so please loosen undergarments and read on!

I have a few grown women today who I find incredibly sexy and I know from some mails I receive that you do like to see attractive MILFs and such as well as teens and young twenty-somethings, so I have some real treats for you today and I’ll start with dirty, horny, cock sucking Sarah who has proved on her own site at SpankingSarah.com that she can take any punishment and puts younger girls to shame with her slutty antics… and will do virtually anything, especially if it’s naughty or very filthy! Well, below in this old classic that I just watched again (you can’t see this on the tour pages so it’s well worth a peek!) she agrees to suck off the Chef for more money whilst she is being caned and fingered… I think I’ll let the images explain what is happening, these are actual full size image grabs when you click on the thumbnails so you will know the quality of the actual movie is clearly HD and top rate!

Go check out a massive free preview of HD movies HERE starring Sarah & friends in some very naughty films that she has amassed over the years! From memory there are about 3 or 4 full tour pages of films and descriptions, so it’s well worth checking out!


Ok, I’m waffling so less writing, more images and clips! Staying with the MILF/Cougar theme briefly, I have to admit I have a thing for Andi Switch and seeing her in this latest movie at NorthernSpanking only makes me want to try and get her to at least star at some point at my own site (I’ve heard she longer longer subs… but I can live in hope!) The images below of her as a lazy drunken wife getting a good thrashing from hubby Paul are a tease, but I think you get the idea! I know this scenario all too well! My missus, “Er Indoors” is a bit of a lush too….”More wine, darling?”

Members can see much more of this movie update with Paul and Andi HERE

Meanwhile there is another complete “Cougar/Diva theme” with Erica Scott getting a good thrashing courtesy of Stephen Lewis! & I have to say he looked rather smug in this movie sorting out Erica’s diva-esque behavior and fabulous derriere which puts many teens to shame… I can tell you I’d be in a long queue to spank Erica’s buns over my knee, that’s for sure, and you can see why below!

Oh… here’s the actual storyline 🙂
Theatrical Agent, Stephen Lewis, is at the end of his tether with actress Erica and her petulant, diva-esque ways. Demanding champagne, candy and being fussy about her co-stars and entirely delusional about what kind of part she ought to be playing. When Erica fails to show on set for filming her latest part, Stephen decides to give her a bit of a reality check with the help of his hand and a hard heavy wooden hairbrush! This film is out in full and can be viewed HERE


Fancy some incredibly cute Girl/Girl cuteness and spankings as only Clare Fonda knows how? I thought you might! There’s a brand new movie just released today at GirlSpanksGirl.com in their hard discipline section and it has strict cousin Alicia Panettiere visiting Mary Jane & Ten (MJ is Clare’s incredibly cute exclusive honey and Ten is an amazing girl from the east coast who I have seen mainly featured at PunishedBrats.com until now and I loved her work there!) Have you seen her legs and butt? They could crush walnuts… toned and incredibly strong – I actually find well built girls like this very very sexy! Oh and these girls both end up getting thrashed in their pajamas as well… enough, see for yourself below! Alicia starts by mouth soaping ten’s “potty mouth” – I love these sort of punishments!

& as promised the girls get a (rare slippering) punishment before bedtime in their pajamas!

Lindsay Meyers was an unknown to me until last summer when she appeared in Clare’s last Exclusive Education series as 1 of the 10 unfortunate pupils in EE5 – well, I have since grown to really love seeing Lindsay, I like to see girls look a little different, she wears glasses sometimes on film (did you see the gallery shown for EE5 above?), or in this case, is one of Momma Clare’s “dirty Hoe’s” at Spankedcallgirls.com and I love Clare’s biting put downs and wit when it comes to belittling her girls, it’s nothing personal, she’s far more clever than that but what she says can humiliate a wayward girl at 300yards and poor Lindsay gets a hard hairbrush punishment when she displeases her madame by not being entirely truthful with her! See some images taken to compliment this latest movie of Lindsay’s punishment!

This is one of my favorite sites as I love this theme (it’s also the one that Clare enjoys working on)
See the Tour Pages to see why it is so popular with naughty girls thrashed for our viewing pleasure!

& finally from Clare’s group of sites today the awesome Kay Richards squeals and complains in the most wrigglesome way only she knows how over the adorable but very stern Mary Jane at Spanked Sweeties – this is part of the introduction series of many films of Mary Jane (MJ) and she is starting to show just how versatile she actually is and I am sure Clare is creaming herself at such a “find” (I’d actually like to see that, if it were possible, lol!) Anyways, this is an incredibly sensual and sexual series of spanking images between 2 very hot girls and Kay totally submits to MJ! 2 words… F*cking Awesome!!!

Spankedsweeties showcases hot new girls next door, real fantasies enacted out with 1st timers spanked and interviewed alongside more experienced and well known popular cuties making this a site well worth checking out!


All of Clare Fonda;s sites featured above can be viewed as part of her infamous Clare Fonda Pass Network which NEVER repeats any content from one site to another unlike some networks I won’t mention. If that isn’t reason enough to choose this option, check out the pricing options which are very fair and not overly suspiciously cheap so if you have a few extra Bucks and plenty of time and Hard Disk space, you will know this option is the BEST VALUE which is what I have and am kept busy with the massive various updates across the sites I have chosen (you can choose up to 5 of her sites!) For MORE info CLICK HERE or the banner below.

New Spanking Updates

Sorry about boring you with my site but there is yet ANOTHER new update released today which is the 1st data from our last film shoot and it stars the very gorgeous Irelynn Logeen & Leia-Ann Woods scrapping and catfighting in their cute Girl Guide Uniforms as they are getting ready for a Fancy Dress Party! Check out some of the original size images below, this in addition to the very popular Kami Robertson update in that gorgeous Flamenco dress at the start of the week ensures I am trying my damnedest to get you guys hooked on AAAspanking.com – LOL!

This full update & all recent movie additions available to view HERE


Clare has been busy with some amazing stuff recently including a hot redheaded chick called Lynn Leona who I absolutely adore already! Clare admitted that this girl didn’t take the hardest of spankings, but the way she cries, moans and pleads for the humiliating spankings to stop are such addictive viewing, you can see a little free clip of what I mean (below), I know a picture speaks more than a 1000 words, well, I always feel seeing the original movie data helps even more – my philosophy, of course: That’s probably why you are here, right? I promise you the sight of Lynn over Clare’s knee is something special, & I can’t wait to see more!!!

As you’ll see: Lynn has a definite girl-next-door vibe and her stories are very vivid. Her whining reactions are rather unique!

Clare noted that Lynn was one of her most sensitive “Sweeties”. She cried so much as the punishments evoked real-life memories. She was spanked mainly by mom and once by dad, and of course we get to see this pretty redhead’s gorgeous bottom fully bared and stinging!

This is the very latest movie update at SpankedSweeties.com


Ok, the next update from Clare’s site should come with a health warning as it is extremely HOT! From GirlSpanksGirl.com this movie update can be found in the Erotic Spanking section (of course!) and the story brings super hot vixen Alexis with a new girl I haven’t seen at Clare’s site, blonde cutie called Ash. The story of the images taken from this movie (below) is as follow: Alexis invites Ash over to her place, where she accuses Ash of sleeping with Carmen,(Alexis’s girlfriend). After Ash denies it, Alexis spanks the truth out of her. Then she makes Ash pleasure her, and even lets her get some spanks on Alexis’s luscious bottom – as I said, this is VERY NAUGHTY – so view with extreme caution (yeah right, lol!)

This is one of the naughtiest scenes I’ve seen with the incredibly cute Alexis and newbie Ash and you can see all this and so much more at one of my fave sites GirlSpanksGirl.com


You may remember me raving about Lindsay Meyers (who you can see a lot of at Clare’s other sites already that I’ve written about) well, in, what I think is her 2nd or 3rd film from memory (without looking) at Spankedcallgirls.com Lindsay in this movie episode is being far too much of a prissy miss with “Momma Clare”. Clare needs to know what dirty deeds went down with Lindsay and her client. Lindsay is attempting not to kiss and tell. We’ll see how tight lipped little Lindsay remains when she is bent over Clare’s knee, bottom fully bared with a hairbrush whacking away at her tight ass! Seriously, I love the messed up stories and fact that Clare can treat her “hooker babe” girls in such a humiliating fashion!

For the hairbrush scenes and more of Lindsay’s oh so cute rump getting a bare bottom thrashing – Click HERE


Remember that these are just some of the sites you can view with Clare’s infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which offers access to the above sites with 3, 4 or 5 site options which are vastly reduced on a monthly or quarterly membership (my choice of membership) the only drawback is that you need external hard drives to contain all this spanking goodness to download and keep! (Well, it’s not much of a downside as external hard drives are now pretty cheap, I just bought another 1 Terrabyte capacity drive for around $100 which isn’t bad!)

Anyway, I’m waffling, check out the site offering snad the costing of becoming a multi site Clare Fonda member, it will surprise you just how little it is in comparison to individual membership fees which are already very fair! CLICK HERE


Finally today another new film from another network and rather bizarrely stars Elizabeth Simpson at SpankingDigital.com (her new stuff is normally shown at her own site SpankMyBottom) but it features their new girl Masie Dee – there’s another film of Elizabeth and Masie at SMB. Now, I like Masie, despite her never getting back to me last year when I tried to recruit her for our site (bah!) but I can see why she is popular as she has that little girl lost look going on – which I know I;d have exploited – but she is getting nowhere with Elizabeth in this movie as Miss Simpson typically berates and humiliates her before pulling Masie’s jeans and pants down for a much needed spanking – I have included a short Masie clip that shows the way she foolishly answers back before Elizabeth loses it and gets her over her lap!

This new movie is available to download from SpankingDigital.com

The sites that Elizabeth features on can also be viewed with one set of codes by signing up to the SpankPass Network

So with pricing for monthly and longer term deals amongst the best value around. Well, it seems they are updating again on a regular basis so I guess I can again recommend this network (I was really getting pissed off with comments I hadn’t published about me being involved with them… so….)

For the last f*cking time – I have had nothing to do with the way they run/update or whatever the hell they do at their sites for well over 2 years – how much more can I say? Yes, I know a lot of their content, especially the older stuff and of course, Elizabeth etc… but that’s it. The fact I have recommended this independently should at least maybe let you check out this site again if you have not been there for a while. But remember there is a great choice nowadays which I aim to cover (including, of course, my little site). I like the fact there are small independent producers out there, without them the big guys get stale as I have noticed over the last few months! OK, I’ve rambled on enough… back soon with more great spanking goodness very soon!

Cream Horn Spankings

Sorry about the absence! As I said I’ve been busy away from the blog so once again “Sorry!” My humble apologies if I seem somewhat tardy in updating nearly everyday to just 3 or so times a week but what I will update I hope you all love! better late than never and just released at SpankedCallgirls.com is my long standing favorite spankee, Kay Richards who looks super slutty and amazingly “dee-lish” in that outfit with her dress showing off all her natural curves… She gets properly “man spanked” by Double Dan… and I gotta say, if ever I make it over to LA (which I hope to much later this year) I will be looking up Kay for some man spanking of my own… and that’s a promise! Find out why she gives ol’ Chiefy his trusted “Cream Horn” Award!

Today’s Cream Horn Award goes to Kay Richards at Spankedcallgirls.com




This is something we should see more of, Kay getting MAN spanked! I love Kay’s husky accent and the way she moans and complains, it’s just so sexy! In this episode, you’ll see Kay getting some hot OTK action from her client which is one of the hardest thrashings she has had in a long time. Kay always gets very red and sore, vulnerable and weepy as we all know! Mmm!! See more of Kay HERE


Another of my real faves is the lucious Michaela mcGowen, another who easily earns the Cream Horn from me everytime, again it’s her cute accent, the way she whines and complains when things go against her like this wonderful scene from the infamous “Houseguest from Hell” series just over a year ago at Firmhandspanking.com – yeah, I know it’s old but it’s worth posting, and bear with me as I’ll update with a brand new honey from there afterwards!




OMG she’s incredible, isn’t she? I have gone Michaela mental recently, check out how Aunt Cindy disapproves of Michaela’s short skirt then chases and spanks this gorgeous brat in the long play streaming clip below: Enjoy!

& as promised some short clips of a newbie and some images too which I’m sure will have already been circulated, but this new girl has the look of Ann Hathaway about her, don’t you think? I kind of want to see the actress spanked for making some criminal films like that awful princess one (can’t remember the title) oh hang on, I’ll go Google her film biography…. one sec!

tum tee tum…. just looking

still looking her up… *sigh*

Ah yes… “The Princess Diaries” (d’oh!) and I think they made a sequel too (WTF?) Anyway, as I said, new girl Carey Brooks has the touch of Ann hathaway about her…. and I’m sticking with that as it does it for me!


Yes! Those buns ARE real, carey is the possessor of a fantastic bubble butt!!!




Massive Weekend Spankings

I have a real treat for you all today, some of the biggest names in the spanking world bent over and getting very naughty with their oh so cute pert butts thrashed for our viewing pleasure! & where to start? Well, first of all, I just wanted to post a pic of our 1st snowfall this winter, it’s largely melted from last night as I’m in the “milder” south west of England… but there’s still some White Stuff about and loads more on it’s way along with blizzard predictions for next week (oh f*cking great!)

Yes, I’m sure readers in the southern hemisphere are giggling as they chill out on the beach!

OK, so onto some spankings which will surely warm us all up and I have to warn you watching Amber in this series from her latest update with an old favorite “Ambere“, another natural redhead who makes a very welcome return giving us 2 red haired beauties for the price of 1 which gets the Chief’s HIGHEST Trouser Arousal ratings – seeing these 2 together will have you drained dry in minutes if you’re not careful… so proceed with caution 🙂

I have a whole series of goodies (below) from her 1st update and this is what Amber excitedly had to say about her time again with Ambere:

“Cute, young fit bubble butted Ambere comes over as her boyfriend watches. She’s mad at him because the night before she gave him head and passed out without getting her off. She said originally that I could spank her but not use my vibe on her. But she was so horny when she got there that when I asked if I could hold the magic wand on her pussy, she’s like “hell, yeah! I don’t care who holds it, I wanna cum!” I enjoyed spanking her and getting her off as her bf watched… I was showing him and teaching him how to fuck his girl, I’m hoping next time she comes back I’ll get to use my strap-on on her as he watches and I’ll make her say “Amber you fuck me better than my man!” I love how the young girls like Ambere get so wet and cum so easy. I knew Ambere would be back when she first came with Jessika about a year earlier. She seemed to really enjoy being spanked and genuinely likes girls and was very attracted to me, as I was to her. She’s open and free and gave herself up, a fully surrendered little pain slut, all tight and toned for me!”

Now check out some of these red hot scenes, this is just the start!!!

& Ambere is brought off by Amber…but members will be able to see this in full, of course!

Click here to see more of Amber and friends incl your chance to purchase access to BOTH of her spanking sites for a very generous $10 monthly reduction (this is seriously HOT stuff!!!)


Another hot cutie I have a thing for is one Miss Kailee Robinson, you’re really spoilt for choice when you want to check out her stuff, she has basically worked for all the major spanking producers in the USA and a few in Europe but some of her best girl girl stuff (since I’m on this theme at the moment – hell, it sells as it caters to ol’ pervs like me!!! heh heh) look no further than Clare’s group of sites from the CLAREFONDAPASS Network and in particular I have this little gem where Clare loses it totally with a very tired over sleeping hooker that is Kailee – check out the special long play free clip I have had made and also some images you might like to peruse over! All courtesy of Spankedcallgirls.com – Clare Fonda’s hooker babes spanking site!

You can see more of this movie and check out the latest updates that are out at SpankedCallgirls HERE – I have also got you the very latest update in images below from Clare’s latest exclusive hot model Mary Jane (who is just adorable!) and wouldn’t you think about shelling out to spend some “quality time” with her for a couple of hours? Ahem! An innocent looking spanking hooker chick, who looks so filthy and slutty in these pics below that could drain the juice of mere mortal men from 100 yards!

O-M-G… was that hot, eh? You can see why Clare has got Mary Jane in an exclusive deal! See what happens to her when one of Clare’s clients pays top Dollar to have a go on her ass and avail themselves to using this innocent looking thing as they wished (click the large image of MJ in the crucifix position below)

I’m sure many of you will know I also have the hots for Snow Mercy, whether as a spanker or as a spankee… and she’s back in her Aunt Bella role looking so darned hot, this 5′ 11″ beauty really does it for me, hell, I was even scoping her out at ClareSpanksMen.com recently, LOL! Seriously if you want a peek at something different, check out how darned awesome she looks as she spanks poor kade over her knees! CLICK HERE – I reckon I could even take a spanking over her lap (well, maybe it’s a fantasy, not sure I could go through with it, but she’d be the “one to turn me” if there was a chance… heh heh! Oops as usual I am digressing, please just click on the 2 images below for the latest updates to come out of GirlSpanksGirl.com in the Aunt Bella series, there’s a full explanation and tons of free images taken from the movie for you to check out!

Check out more of Aunt Bella and other girl on girl spankings including, of course, the complete series of Excluisve Education (all 5) HERE

All of Clare’s site featured above can be viewed as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site deal on a monthly or even cheaper quarterly basis and the BEST way to view clare’s sites at the CLAREFONDAPASS


Finally from Firmhandspanking there is the latest movie of Kayla Apple, I’m starting to really like this new girl’s spankings, she has some amazing facial reactions and whimpers in a most magnificent manner – Now check out Kayla getting paddled with a HUGE wooden instrument of destruction (lol), click the image below which gives you an exclusive FREE view of this wmv clip from the latest full length movie.

“Couldn’t you spank me instead?” asks pretty Kayla Apple, “or swats?” She’s in trouble for stealing another student’s purse. The resource officer at her Private School would send her to court. But the principal offers ten swats with his wooden paddle. The catch is they’re given totally bare bottom, bent over his desk. “That was one heck of a paddling!” she said (and you’ve now seen the proof of this in the clip above!)

Check out the full length movie of Kayla Apple HERE

Girls deserving & “Getting it Good!”

Amelia Jane Rutherford, I never tire of seeing her slinked over someone’s knees. Her bottom being reddened and in here in this naughty clip where she can’t resist answering back, even though she’s a hooker babe here, paid to do what she’s told, she STILL has to be “clever” and this bickering gets her a very red bottom! Oh dear, Clare has fixed her up with spanko customer…lol, never mind, just do as we Brits do so well, Amelia, grit your teeth and bear it….hurry along, nothing to see here 😀

Of course, if you do wish to see more (and I recommend that you would as AJR stars in several HOT films at Spankedcallgirls – please remember to loosen your undergarments gentlemen, I do not wish to be held accountable for mis-shapen “tackles” due to viewing this blog. Thank you. You can also click on the image of Amelia below for a FREE gallery from the above movie!

See the FULL Movie HERE

I also have the very latest images from this website and this new movie is HOT, starring Kat St. James and Alice Wonder who are two very pretty girls! Here you will get to see these playful hooker chicks playing between their “tricks” as predator Alice movies in on Kat St James who let’s her kiss her before “Momma” Clare catches them at it and gives them a quick humiliating double spanking! What we will see after is the girls bickering and giving and getting as good as they can dish out to eacj other and to be honest…it’s a good excuse to see Kat also top the predatory Alice…and why not, eh? Click thumbnails below for the larger images from this HOT New Movie 😀

Or you can view all of Amelia Jane’s work with Clare Fonda via her top value and very popular CLARE FONDA PASS


Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, as there is a heatwave there, I know it’s silly season with haircuts, but this beach look I always find rather strange as braiding hair like this is reserved and kept for the beach, i think…but she’s still gorgeous! This new chica is called Amber who was all smiles to start with at SPANKINGSERVER until they introduced her to their amazing gadgets (that bench with the hole to place their head in is my favourite) then Amber wasn’t so cocky as she was cuffed and chained then spanked caned and flogged on everything she considered her most feminine parts! Another top girl and congrats to Peter & Co at SpankingServer – check out Amber below!

Amber smiles as she’s placed in the stocks – will she be smiling later?

Check out the tour pages of SpankingServer and see amazing the girls for yourself!


I had some time to kill while I was waiting for some new movies to download for review later this week and I came across this cracking picture below of Alexamdria, remember her? The sexy Russian schoolgirl? She really looked good in this uniform and even better out of it, especially with that sexy Russian accent, being forced to “Thank Sir” for spanking her bottom…even she had the giggles…with dire consequences!

See some HQ images below and I have also cut a short HD Spanking Scene – a reminder of what this girl was like getting a very rude and intimate punishment, berated, ridiculed, mauled & spanked over his lap then slippered in a ridiuculous position thanking Him for each stroke! So “Thank you” to HDspank for these images and clip – still the only true High Definition spanking site on the web, even after 3 years since it started…every film on here is only HD playing back at around 6000kbs!

Check out 2 clips, the first is in lower SD version so I can play you a loner scene, it’s rather good as the full lingering humiliation of Alexandria is obvious and listen to the pervy “care” of her teacher…indeed, I’m sure he’d LOVE to spend extra time tanning her ass if need be! I know I would!

CLICK HERE to see the FULL movie in HD of Alexandria!

I actually love this movie so much I’m gonna ask to see if they can add it to NaughtyBottom as they listen to requests for movies to be added there! It’s the one PPV site that offers cheaper alternatives to full memberships, allowing you to pick and choose movies or movie packages as and when YOU want and I think this would be an ideal film for download, until then, you can see it in full glorious HD at HDspank.com as part of their monthly or longer term member sign ups – It’s also a top site I always rate just because of the amazing quality of their movie playbacks – I watched this on my brand new back lit 50″ LED TV with the HDMi output from my laptop and it was amazing!!!

Edit: They have loaded it to this site & you can see the download only version HERE!!!

Check out NaughtyBottom for some amazing new movies I’ve seen added this last week, the movies are below for your perusal if you haven’t seen them advertised already! Enjoy! Each preview below contains a decent free video clip!

SpankedCallgirls – HOT Updates!

This is, by admission, one of Clare Fonda’s fave site projects as the subject material (spanking slutty Ho’s) appeals to her and there’s a vast variety of what you can do including some very hot and very naughty scenes with the naughtier girls who are on brothel madam “Momma” Clare’s books! There are also more domestic scenes and this gives a chance for other cracking Dommes like my current favourite, Snow Mercy, who switches, as I know all too well….anyway, read on and prepare yourself for some very naughty girls like Alice and then Snow spanking Ashli Orion, a dinky real life porn star who fits the bill of a spanked callgirl oh so well….I’d willingly pay up, if I was…ahem…away on business!!! 😀

In the latest updates, here you’ll see “Momma Clare” give her newbie slut a damned good thrashing as Alice is just so horny she even seduces the other girls. Clare , as you’ll see, dressed in her madame’s cougar gear…can barely hide her own excitement getting a good look and handling that expensive meat that Clare’s wealthy clients pay a premium for!




Clare orders Alice to stick her bare ass higher in the air so she can grope, gawp and abuse her slutty piece of meat as she she’s fit to teach this slut a proper lesson and show who’s boss! You’ll also find a special free clip of one such scene as this cougar gets to work on reddening Alice’s pokey-out bottom a pretty crimson!



Wow! This is only a taster of what goes on…as you’ll have seen from the above images! OK, if you’re still not convinced, perhaps the sight of tiny Ashli over the very tall and imposing Snow’s knees for her bare bottom spankings and canings featured below might persuade you to how how this site can get! WARNING: Please continue to be aware that viewing can cause severe arousal!



Ashli Orion is a well known and sought after hardcore porn starlet, you only need to “Google” her name and see what I mean…however, luckily for us, this uninhibited girl is also partial to exploring her submissive side…with often very arousing insights as this girl has the most amazing wobblesome butt I have been lucky to view. If you haven’t seen her punished before, check out this short clip I cut for you lucky folk and watch those cheeks jiggle as they are spanked harder and harder…the full movie is of course far too hot to show here – and Clare would be after me (I wish!)


Ok, Ashli and Snow have come to blows recently before at Spankedcallgirls…I can’t remember if I showed this so I have just chosen 4 hot images below to let you know what you could expect from another HOT movie with this pair!


SpankedcallGirls is part of Clare’s popular multi site option – CLARE FONDA PASS – giving you more sites for virtually the same price as one – which is how I view her sites as a member! OK, I WILL be posting again her later today with some new update news, so don’t forget to pop back soon! Take it easy… Chief