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Back Up of Lost Spanking Posts

I am making back ups of some lost data but will also include more DIFFERENT content at my other blog TEEN-SPANKINGS so you can be assured that there is going to be a lot of data flooding these 2 blogs in addition to all my usual regular updates! I will continue to do this and pick and choose the very best of these updates that I had lovingly took time over to write up! So these updates will be in addition to my regular stuff and I won’t mention this again: So if you think ol’ Chief has gone mad enthusing about something you may have recognised from a year or 2 ago, then this is why!

I say just enjoy all the extra content! Some of this goes back a few years so hopefully some of you may not have seen any of this, or you may be titillated or intrigued by seeing it again or reminded of something really cool. make this your stop for more  spanking goodness overload too until my server hosts wonder what the hell is happening!!! Enjoy – Chief.


I’ve seen some fantastic posters for some cracking movies at SpankingMags recently – and this is one site which you would ignore at yoru peril. Why? Take a look at the amazing previews below with some of the hardest red bottom punishments with real tears, welted buttocks and some explicit and humiliating discipline added to really put these girls in their places! Click on the images below which lead to special free galleries and movie presentations.

I think you’ll get the idea of the type of punishments that are featured here,and all movies are exclusively remastered, all movies are only HI RES, and these e-Zines are now available for a lower price as well as also offering amazing 3 and 6 month membership deals which work out at unbelievable value! Enough of my waffle, see for yourself  HERE


I have some classics and recent updates from the hard hitting schoolgirl punishment site, GirlsBoardingSchool and as you’ll see, over time, nothing really changes, the girls are very pretty, and they are punished in and out of their uniforms, and no part of their bodies are spared as they get strapped spanked paddled and caned, across their hands, feet and of course, their bare exposed bottoms!

As you’ll see below, this beauty gets a hard spanking, taken from my own personal archives…enjoy!



The themes are varied but all result in the same thing, a very sore red bottom for the girls and often, a very humiliating and severe punishment which leaves them snivelling and crying! The below galleries that I have found are all from the most recent updates at GirlsBoardingSchool and feature some EXCLUSIVE movies starring spanking stars such as Keagan (featured below getting her hands and feet strapped) and gorgeous blonde Molly.

Check out the free galleries of this fine spanking erotica that combines SEVERE spanking paddling and caning discipline and stunning lookers in authentic schoolgirl detention scenarios!



MORE Schoolgirl Punishments are located HERE for your viewing pleasures


This is a vastly under-rated site which focusses on one thing, the punishment of schoolgirls in the USA! If seeing beautiful teens thrashed in & out of their cute uniforms is your thing, then read on! Firstly, it’s a hard punishment site, nothing sexual as it’s schoolgirl themed (apart from those of us who enjoy getting off on the sight of a half naked tearful schoolgirl, with her bare bottom and more fully exposed adding to their shameful punishment!) Just look at some images below and you’ll see what this site is about!

These girls in their cutsie uniforms would be spanked in various locations of the school, nowhere was safe! The classroom for disruptive behavior, the Dean’s Office, where girls knew they’d be severely punished, such as hard hitting paddling and canings. Then there is the privacy and shame of being punished in their Dorms, often stripped completely for our viewing pleasure!



What is good about REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE  is the fact it has massive archives spreading back years, and with the regular updates, it just gets bigger and bigger, what I noticed also was there are 2 camera angles shot, but often they are played out in full instead of edited into one film. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but this network has been doing it for years with great success, and you get a chance to view the reactions and not miss a thing either from behind or to the side or the facial cams that you can view!
One thing I like is that one of my favorite models, Kailee Robinson, features heavily when she did a lot of work, and I mean A LOT of hard hitting stuff, check out some more sample pics below and see the real tears, the shame and the very red sore bottom of Kailee paddled in her Dorm Room.



 What I have also seen is that REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE still has an honorable 3 month offer which allows you to purchase this at just $45 for this period instead of the already very reasonably priced $19.95 per month, which of course is already fantastic value considering they are probably one of America’s largest schoolgirl specialist spanking sites!

Take advantage of the low monthly or 3 Month Special below:


A return to classic RETRO discipline, when girls bottoms quivered in fear if they knew they had detention “after school” as in the privacy of these private institutions, Masters would dish out all sorts of nasty punishments across their bare teenage cheeks. See one such punishment for Helen and Cathy with their contrasting bared cheeks thrashed with the leather strap! A return to old fashioned values and this film is available as part of a unique membership at SpankedSchoolgirl

I have got a couple of special freebies from this movie – see below



Teen schoolgirls getting spanked is one of the topics that nearly everyone can agree on that it’s a “must see”…who wouldn’t want to watch a girl in her uniform, getting told to remove her regulation knickers and get over Miss’ knee for a revealing bare bottom spanking!

So feel free to watch Jodie below getting a thorough spanking across Miss Wood’s knee for her disgraceful behaviour in class…this is what OTK spanking is all about and the very latest specially adapted and re edited movie of Jodie caters to us over the knee punishment lovers! Enjoy!






OTKspank is a one stop resource site for all things OTK and has some delicious spankings like the above and the longer term memberships at this regularly updated site are amongst THE BEST anywhere for the amount of content on the internet! 

Spanking Love & Memories

Hi everyone, I have been busy elsewhere today so when I checked some spanking materials for review it was going to take a little longer than I anticipated so I thought I’d just choose some of my favorite posts from the last year and I think you’ll agree, some of these are a labor of love! I hope you enjoy reading and watching this content as I remember very well putting it all together for you! Enjoy! & I mean that sincerely!
P.S. (Back tomorrow with all brand new global “spanking love & punishments!”) Don’t miss it!


Nothing like seeing naughty teens and schoolgirls spanked  slippered strapped and caned when they have been naughty, and this little collection I have here are all from one site and it’s one of Britain’s premier schoolgirl spanking websites – SpankedSchoolgirl.com

If you click on the images below they lead to specialist galleries and free movie preview clips etc with storylines that explain what is happening, there’s some damn hot stuff there if you haven’t seen any of these, you are in for a real TEEN treat!!!

laura1 laura2




dirty carcrime


This is a great movie that is found inside the Schoolgirl Archives of FetishFlixx.com that sees 4 girls spanked and caned across their bare bottoms at a rural countryside cottage where absolutely no one will be able to hear these girls crying out loud and snivelling as they take their turns getting thrashed across the 5 bar country gate! This is a visual feast of bared teenage globes getting some wicked cane strokes as you can see by their reactions that the rod is doing its job!

How did they end up getting thrashed? Well, if you must trespass on another’s property, be prepared for the consequences!

Walking up a lonely country lane the girls are only passing time hanging out at an isolated cottage admiring the views, but the owner guards his privacy jealously, no doubt one of those that cares for his elderly parents so is naturally touchy when he catches these unwanted girls hanging around!

You’ll see him lecture the girls then give them the choice of him calling the police or being able to thrash their bared backsides. Now if you knew these girls, you’d understand they wouldn’t want the police involved at all, even if they think the guy is a pervert for suggesting such a twisted course of punishment having them bend over his 5 bar gate – pull down their knickers and allow him to cane their bottoms! Check out the images taken from the full movie (click on thumbnails to enlarge) and I have also included a small free caning scene so you can enjoy seeing what happens!

The wmv file below shows part of the caning scene as each girl is caned on her bared bottom. Hannah and Paige on the far right really struggle when the rod crashes onto their buttocks whilst their friends to the left middle (Kat) grits and bears it…sadly for KJ on the far left, she hardly reacts, already broken by the rod and quietly snivelling to herself!

As an added humiliation, the land owner sends the girls packing, but tells them they must leave with their knickers down and their bottoms on full display (no doubt so her can admire the fine glowing view). This is just 1 of 100s of Fetishflixx movies that can be downloaded and is a personal favourite of mine, I hope you understand why after this film review.

The girls are sent packing, the final humiliation with their knickers hanging down


SpankingServer has possibly the most beautiful teens and early twenty somethings baring their delicious buttocks for a spanking or far worse such as the dreaded strappings or asshole canings that this site has become known for! I have collected a few special galleries which you can check out below, featuring some of the sexiest girls from east Europe, many of these are either first timers or porn actresses who take on spanking for the first time and although not the severest of sites like we know can come out of Eastern europe, these punishments are still very painful, you can see real tears and visible welts across the pretty girls thighs and bottoms, so it’s not fake at all!

Click on the images below for the galleries of the hottest girls in uniform, the classroom and of porn actresses who should know better!!!

click here

click here

click here

More free stuff and details of the site and current pricing and offers is available on the HOME PAGE HERE


Every now and then I feel the need (or is that the urge?) to watch some good hard spanking and sex, as they quite rightly go hand in hand…now this is usually in the realm of domestic discipline, so I was pleasantly surprised that LUPUS had decided to make a brand new film recently withthis theme, but as a school girl film. I immediately was roused in the trouser department and on further (ahem) investgation, have found that this film is both extremely erotic and with a great story and a twist that the crew of LUPUS do so well!

Indeed! Where do I start? Want to know what girls get up to in those school toilets? You know, when they discuss ways of wrapping their fingers round us fellas between fooling around with each other, we so weak, aren’t we? Now, if I was this teacher who is supposed to be disciplining the girls, and..say – as I’m spanking her, she suddenly falls to her feet pleading, begging even, in her state of semi nakedness and her head is moving closer to my bulge (I’m afraid I would be aroused by now, for sure!) well, we are just weak, aren’t we? & so it appears is this poor fellow who allows the girl to unzip his trouser fly & take his swollen cock into her mouth as she gets to work to take his mind off spanking her bare bottom. All thoughts of continuing the punishment are lost as he enters her tight pussy from behind and he brings himself off, spent! Well, this is what happens in part one of this very naughty film as you can see below:

Now as you’ll have seen so far, both girls have employed this tactic to try and get away with their proper punishment and, well, it seems to be working, avoiding a normal Lupus style spanking is no mean feat, with their bottoms only reddened, without any welts, at the Lupus Studio is something to be admired, however, there is a price to pay but these girls seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t you think? However, even though teacher is enjoying this double dose of joy himself, he knows something is up and it’s not long before the first naughty girl is blamed for this behaviour..seducing him and of course we also get to see a proper spanking!!!

Enjoy the Special Promo Clip (below) which highlights the action from this most welcome and unnusual addition to the Lupus production Studio which is now out to download

Click here to view the FULL Movie

Lupus Spanking Pictures covers a variety and multitude of long play discipline classics that appeals to all braod minded spankos, if you haven’t seen their most recent movies, check out their tour pages and see what you’ve been missing!!!


Emily starred in one of her most famous films called “End of Term Report” – once it was remastered, it became a massive hit in 2006 – winning the Golden Globes Award for online spanking downloads. No mean feat!… and you’ll see why from the images and the 2 amazing clips, this movie is nearly 40 minutes in length, I watched it again earlier today so I could fully review and choose some clips here – and it still excites me watching it!!! An absolute Collectors Edition and a “must have!”

What you’ll see is that Emily has incredibly long legs, a very tight butt, and though quite thin, when you see her totally submissive, there is a visual quality to her punishments that are highly erotic! Like you can break her (but she is actually FAR MORE resiliant than that, which is why it’s so good watching her take these long and severe punishments). It’s like she “needs” to be punished, she actually got quite turned on and even though this painslut got a hell of a beating with the paddle and the cane, her pussy oozed and dribbled throughout the latter stages of her session… see for yourself below as I have got you 2 exclusive free clips of a paddling scene and a caning scene where you’ll see her dribbling pussy ooze and her viscous juice stringing downwards out of her engorged excited labia, that and the sight of her very sore bottom and snivelling makes this film addictive viewing!

The below scene is one of 2 sustained canings that Emily took, as you’ll see, check out what is going on between her legs, members of this film at SpankingMags can of course view the full film and the extensive image grab gallery including this priceless and embarrassing moment for her!

The FULL movie can be viewed at SpankingMags – along with many other similar films of humiliation, with equally graphic punishments and severity!


You all know my love of seeing cute Japanese girls getting spanked! The way they snivel and cry, those uniforms that they wear, designed to cause maximum trouser movement in old pervs like myself, or the way their very short skirts reveal some teasing ass cheeks and delicate panties you just know MUST be ripped off! Well, I have a treat today as ”for a luagh” yesterday I just googled “Hentai Spanking” or words similar and I have some of the best images I found below. As well as that, at my fave japanese spanking site CutieSpankee there is a simply stunning update with possibly THE cutest Japanese teenager, Yuka Asagi – I promise you will NOT be disappointed with one of their latest updates!!!

& finally in this round up today, “Hentai Spankings”….this is just for fun, god knows if any of these cause me copyrighting issues but if you are the owner of the artwork and can prove it, I will gladly link your site/artwork or remove as requested… click the following thumbnails for the larger images! I’d welcome any comments of course, do you like the artwork, want me to find more? Have your own links you’d like to share with me? The Comment Box is always there for easy replies from me. & you *know* how I just adore Japanese spankings – if you are into this type of artwork, I don’t mind spreading a bit of blog lurve about and mentioning that dave’s Cherry Red blog regularly features new artwork and has some great interviews with Kami Tora HERE

Want to know what “Hentai” really means? See below:

Hentai is a Japanese word that, in the West, is used when referring to sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation, particularly Japanese anime, manga and computer games. In Japan it can be used to mean “metamorphosis” or “abnormality”. The word “hentai” has a negative connotation to the Japanese and is commonly used to mean “sexually perverted”.

In Japanese the word hentai is a kanji compound of 変 (hen meaning “change” “weird” or “strange”) and 態 (tai meaning “attitude” or “appearance”). The term is used as a shortened form of the phrase 変態性欲 (hentai seiyoku), or “sexual perversion”. In slang, 変態 (hentai) is used as an insult meaning roughly “pervert” or “weirdo”. The term is not often applied to pornography in Japan. Instead, terms such as 18-kin (18禁, literally “18-prohibited”) meaning “prohibited to those not yet 18 years old”, and seijin manga (成人漫画 “adult manga”) are used when referring to pornography.


So there you have it – and next up is a stunning recent update that members can now download in full at CutieSpankee!

Yuka is a stunning pretty teenager and I promise you will melt watching her get punished by the stricy old mistress in her formal Kimono. If there’s anything, apart from watching cute Japanese girls get punished, this site knocks the posts off the competion for their dedication to costumes! Oh, and their love of the Wooden Paddle as instrument of choice across soft teen cheeks!

The above are actual screen shots from the camera facing Yuka during her punishment!

What you will see below are a selection of HQ images and a free preview clip of Yuka’s punishment! Please adjust all trouser settings to “loose”…thank you.

Beautiful, isn’t she? See and hear her snivel as the paddle (I love that design they use!) is brought down hard across her tight smooth buns!


Bonfire Night & Spanking News

Well, as they say here in England… “Remember remember the 5th of November” it’s the celebratory burning of the traitor Guy Fawkes! Nowadays of course it’s rather forgotten just what he got caught trying to do over 400 years ago… but of course I can bore you all with that information!

Bonfores and organised firework displays will be all over Britain tonight!

On 5th November 1605, two years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, soldiers discovered Guy Fawkes in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament. With him were at least twenty barrels of gunpowder. He was arrested and tortured until he told his torturers about a plot to blow up Parliament, King James I & his Members of Parliament. Anyway, I won’t bore you with more info (Google cam let you know if you’re really that interested) & after he & his co conspirators execution the following year in 1606 Parliament agreed to make 5th November a day of public thanksgiving and ever since then the day has been celebrated with fireworks and bonfires (usually placing an effigy of Guy Fawkes on the top of the bonfire!)

Fireworks from my hometown of Plymouth (behind the famous Smeaton’s Tower lighthouse)

OK, to follow this I have some HOT bottom spankings and some very sexy stuff mixed with schoolgirl and domestic spankings you can expect to find on t’internet!

There’s a new schoolgirl discipline movie just released today at SpankedSchoolgirl with Carla given an OTK spanking as she fails to impress in her Home Schooling with poor marks on the basics that she should be getting right! Her bottom is already extremely sore from a previous thrashing (see the previous episode for that evil caning!!!) and when she is spanked over his knee, her bottom quickly warms up and turns a bright red as you’ll see from the images below!





Poor Carla, her mind is numbed withtheh pain of that spanking after a horrible caning… well check out what is now available in full at SlutSpanking – an excluisve naughty girl girl erotic spanking film in the shower as these girls, Kirten and Hanna rub and spank each others bottoms as the hot water soothes their reddening buttocks! It’s not a punishment spanking, just a good honest excuse to ogle 2 girls get it on, and Slutspanking lives up to its name with these 2 girls and I have a quick naughty exclusive spanking clip for you to see as well as a few extra images from the film!


Check out some of the images taken from the naughty update below! These girls bottoms are reddening up nicely, eh? Mm mmm!



Check out all the latest updates with some excellent girl girl spankings!

Have a good weekend. Back soon with more global spanking updates as always!

Mega Spanking Update (as promised)

OK, as I promised, here are some nice updates of some new stuff, featuring latest updates out at various sites and some stuff I have also been catching up on from my own personal stash! I am in no way responsible for causing any discerning gent’s undercarriage garments from rumbling with desire at the following erotic and downright hot spanking content. OK, hang on tight to the spanking rollercoaster… here we go!

So, after you’ve cleared up the puke from that unfortunate ride… let’s trundle off down to SpankAmber for a delightful movie I had watched earlier this morning which is typical of Amber’s HOT work. Warning: Watching Amber’s bottom jiggle will cause unintentional trouser eruptions and have you jabbering like a fool!

Check out the images if you like, below, I took these from the movie so you can see exactly what happens to Amber throughout 1 of her 100s of very naughty spanking films!

Please check out the rest of this movie & Amber’s site HERE


Another classic piece from my stash is courtesy of SpankingServer and it stars Brit spanking sensation Pandora Blake, forcing our man Peter to scold and chastise her in his best English during breakfast, it’s a quirky OTK movie and you can see the long play free clip and some images taken from this below!

This clip comes courtesy of my TEEN SPANKING TUBE (I’ve added some more movies since!)

Want some more stuff from SpankingServer ?? Who wouldn’t – these fine images show us the wonderful contraptions and restraints that many of the girls must endure during their discipline sessions. I find it a real turn on seeing girls placed in these wicked instruments and of course quite often they are left with their bottoms or pussies exposed and looking so vulnerable!



Now I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but for those who like the stuff from Diseno Media (producers of SpankingServer, for example) and the Pain4Fem Films, well, now there’s now a Specialist Clip site that gives you access to the best action scenes of Pain4Fem at a new site called JustBeaten.com

This site doesn’t buy in the content, it’s part of the diseno Network so they have a vested interest to make sure it’s up to scratch!!! I have been given some promotional content below and if you check out the 16 images below which I chose from one film, a film I had always wanted to see as I had heard so much about it – (am I teasing you?) then I think you’ll agree with me that this site has everything one would need and expect from Peter & Co at Diseno Media! The girls, as always, are just stunning, the punishments real and often severe, but these tearful girls take their punishment and make this a wonderful new site to enjoy new content if you are like me – and haven’t got their DVD collection (which would cost a fortune to own) this site makes it possible to see a lot of this content in HQ Full Screen movie playback! See what I mean with the images below starring Pandora Blake & Amy Hunter:- This is one film I have always wanted to see, now I have, it blew me away… I’m sure this was probably the severest punishment both girls had ever endured, ouch!

Interested now? This is from one film, CLICK HERE to see the many films that you can download produced for pain4Fem and now available exclusively for JustBeaten.com


A NEW Update at StrictSpanking.com is a remastered masterpiece of Ellie Maye – probably THE most lusted after teen spankee in recent years from the UK. I know this movie has been shown before, but I was told this is the ultimate re edit and I have seen it in full (it’s out now to download in full) this brings us the best quality possible and this is my all time fave Ellie movie anyway…why? Well, she is laid over a chair, knickerless, and her legs splayed and flail as she is strapped in her school uniform. This is an intensely erotic film, and what’s more this update will come with a full HQ Image Stills set as well as this film. Trouser arousal ratings set at max, please view with caution, the scenes of OTK spanking and the humiliating strapping, thank you.

Oh wow! Ellie Maye as we remember her, and I never grow tired of watching her classic movies, the cam angles were perfect for this movie, getting her facial reactions and a nice side shot of her prostrate over the chair, bottom stuck high in the air as well as the camera behind as it catches the action on her bare exposed privates, and that reddening bottom! That beautiful speckling effect! It’s all in this film clearly captured at StrictSpanking.com


EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 5 – this fantastic hour long 10 girl punishment extravaganza is starting to draw to a close and Clare has just released a series of galleries which makes my work easier (Thanks Clare!) – as I can just show you the latest updates which cover a fantastic one on one with (for example) Clare & a tearful Sarah Gregory as well as scenes with well known girls like Nikki Rouge (gotta love this gal!) and there are ample opportunities for new girls and gorgeous newbie spanking babelettes like April O’Neal and suchlike *drool*

These galleries will do more than me waffling on explaining about the movie (click on images below to take you to the galleries), so enjoy the images and members can of course view the latest installments at GirlSpanksGirl.com

GirlSpanksGirl.com now has all 5 series of Exclusive Education as well as featuring Clare’s longer play movies there is a vast archive of content that clare has amassed over the years which she admits she is proud of, and this site – fantastic as it is, compliments the CLARE FONDA PASS which covers your choice of having 3, 4 or 5 of her sites on a massive money saving monthly or longer term membership! This is my choice and it’s the only way to watch all of Clare’s fantastic sites!



Staying on the schoolgirl theme – a NEW Update at SpankedSchoolgirl.com starring that feisty teenage minx Carla sees her stood upright in her uniform, bottom fully exposed for a nasty caning after arriving home from school (it’s quite a severe caning!) My utmost apologies as I thought I had already covered this fine movie – so all good things come to those who wait! If seeing a girl caned properly and very firmly with the welts quickly appearing on her bared buttocks is something you might think is for you… don’t wonder about it, go see it for yourself now!

Carla was caught fighting at school & sent home in disgrace. Back home she was given a good telling off then told to pull down her pants & touch her toes! Her plump bare bottom was then thrashed with the cane. Carla had to endure the final hard strokes stood upright, bottom loose and unclenched. Then she was told to get to bed (with a very sore bottom).

The full movie of Carla’s severe humiliating caning is available to download HERE


OK, this mega update continues and the 2 movie clips below are EXCLUSIVE to this blog and feature 2 of the biggest stars featured at Firmhandspanking.com – Seriously, I am really starting to fall in love with the oh so cute Michaela McGowen, I’d sign up to this site(if I wasn’t already) just for her (and there’s enough stuff of Michaela alone believe you me!) but there is also a fantastic movie of Abigail Whittaker from a recent update that has her strapped fully nude on the bed, and what a body she has, trim and buff… fear for your pants, gentlemen, I expect more bulging disturbances as you watch these 2 exclusive free clips for you! (no extra images this time – as I just realized how much time I have spent on this update, I hope you appreciate it!!!)

Click image below to play the WMV clip of a cute naked Michaela caned bent over in the final installment of the “Legal Penalties Series”

Fans of Abbie will NOT be disappointed, so if you haven’t seen a free clip (in actual playback resolution) of her naked on the bed, bickering and arguing, then you are in for a treat… to be fair abbie had a point that she felt this particular punishment was more for His benefit… but that’s what makes this all the more satisfying to watch, as I know damn well I’d find any excuse to be in his position, wouldn’t you???

All the very latest updates with new spanking talent as well as these 2 gorgeous beauties can be seen on the Home page of Firmhandspanking.com – it’s well worth checking out as they have free movie clips from the latest movies just added!

Back tomorrow with yet MORE updates, don’t got far! 🙂


Something Old, Something New…

This first update was inspired by a mail I got the other day asking me if I knew the whereabouts of Catherine Corbet – ah, that Canadian lassie, possessor of a fine tushy who briefly came out of online spanking retirement a few years back only to once again slink off back to Canada the last I heard…well, this little movie below I remember fondly as I was lucky enough to be there when she filmed on her brief return!

Miss Corbet is even lovelier in the flesh, so to speak…so seeing her humiliated with such a lewd filthy storyline was something she said, “yeah, I can do this…I am a naughty girl after all!” The brief storyline is that Miss Smith knows schoolgirl Catherine has been masturbating, the girl obviously leaks rather a lot during her sessions – and as you ladies know on dark panties and no light gusset…yikes…you don’t want to see that crusty residue, well, you might…but Miss Smith most certainly doesn’t!!! & a supposedly good catholic girl as well…tut tut! Check out the free view clip and click on the image below – I have then added some movie grabs for you to look over as well. God bless you Catherine for making some very naughty and excellent spanking punishment films!

This special movie is only available from SpankedSchoolgirl.com and is one of many films that she did that are showing in full at this web site


Another great reason to check out Spankedschoolgirl’s massive archives!


I’m keeping with the schoolgirl theme today (sigh, such a difficult subject!) and to something new which is Miss Goldie Rosemont, one of the new breed of delicious girls that are now showing only at FirmHandSpanking.com making this one of my addictive fixes (along with Adrienne black these new girls are giving Samantha Woodley a run for her money as “most spankable” on that site!!!) See why I rate Goldie below!!!

The rules at Reform School are strict. And when Mr Strickman discovers that Goldie Rosemont has been out all night before an exam, he delivers a bottom-quivering dose of the belt and wooden paddle. Pushed over her dorm bed, Goldie’s panties are yanked off for her buns to be punished. Drunken giggles soon turn to yells of protest!



Check out all the latest girlies including Goldie, Adrienne and I have just seen newbie Allura’s new film out now to download as well (don’t wait for me to get you a clip or some pics, these girls are f*cking HOT!)


Schoolgirls and real gorgeous brats we all love can only mean PunishedBrats.com and I have been remiss in posting their latest updates recently, well, no more, enjoy the images below from a damned HOT new movie out now in full for you to download!

Pixie had been told repeatedly not to practice her juggling in the house. When she ignores these orders and one of the balls breaks a lamp, Veronica takes a hairbrush to Pixie’s bottom. & guess what! Veronica breaks her hairbrush on Pixie’s steel buns! Do not miss this movie 😀



Click on the freeview presentation of Pixie’s punishment (members can view it in much higher resolution!)

Check out all the latest updates including this movie only from PunishedBrats.com

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already noticed, I have been busy adding loads more movies at the new TEEN SPANKING TUBE – it’s a great way to check out some cracking vids and where they come from! Back soon…I’m having a dental implant tommorow so am a bit nervous, so if I’m away for a day or so, that’s why…I’ve been told not to work afterwards 😉

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My latest movies that folks visiting the SPANKING THEATER have downloaded! (Good choices, peeps!!!)


Study of the Caned Schoolgirl

This picture below says it all, she contemplates what the cane will do to her buttocks, she’s been allowe a chance to inspect the rattan rod before her spanking and bare bottom caning starts… is this a cruel mental punishment on top, I’ll let you decide with these never before released images of this classic in their full size glory.

These images were taken from the movie that is found at SpankedSchoolgirl.com

This is an old classic and the movie is available with the video grabs at SpankedSchoolgirl – this High Class set was found at SpankingOnline as I think it advertised this movie at the time (about 4 years ago)

Election Day – Vote for Spanking!

If you read my previous post you’ll understand I’m a little fed up with politics in general and especially bloody Labour (that’s Gordon Brown’s mob still in charge (just at the time of writing) for those outside the UK that haven’t a clue)

Anyway, I found this interesting Youtube piece on the 3 wives, you know how these politicians like to hide behind their wives or use them as electioneering tools. All 3 women are strong and becoming well known in the UK, Sarah Brown can almost wipe away her ridiculous husband’s constant faux pas after faux pas (well maybe not this time) – Samantha Cameron is a typical young Tory wife (who means well, I guess) and well, Nick Clegg’s missus (he’s the Liberal Democrat leader) – his wife, Miriam, who I must confess I knew the least about…rather like his party’s policies until this campaign, is also a strong independent woman and one I’d have over my knee…heh heh! In the real world, I’d love to spank these haughty bitches bare bottoms (well, maybe not Sarah Brown’s, unless Gordon was watching, or begging, or both…)

Sorry Gordon, it’s a slippering for Sarah in the diaper position or nothing!

I must say, I’d probably enjoy spanking the other ladies but check out this hilarious take on the 3 wives of the new prospective leader below! Again, it’s a spoof (to those outside the UK who know very little about our “first” ladies in waiting) When the results are announced, please PLEASE go to the interactive option of Tory Samantha Cameron (the blue one) first for her reaction if her hubby won the election, it’s a proper LOL moment…seriously!!! Enjoy! 😀

Ok, and onto another little mailer I did earlier, if you missed it here it is and I’ve also got some bonus galleries from SpankedSchoolgirl.com after the post below: Call it my little pre result bonus!!!


Until tomorrow, when the most likely outcome is British Politics dragging its heels and bitching about yet more sleaze, immigration crap and more bankers bonuses etc (yaaaaaaaaaaawn) oh, and the Pound dripping away – fuel, already amongst the MOST expensive in the world in our country despite still being an oil producer – still going up for us hard pressed pissed off drivers, the economy, our dwindling paychecks, increasing taxation and our poor underfunded military stuck in hostile environments that the Europeans can’t be arsed to help us out with… I love life at the mo! have I missed anything out?

Thank God for seeing a beautiful woman humbled, punished and spanked on the bare bottom!

Jodie & Lottie (unseen & behind the scenes)

There’s a brand new movie which has been out this week at SpankedSchoolgirl and seeing both Lottie and Jodie in this brought back all the memories of that day when it was filmed in January. Yes it’s April 1st today (and I will NOT be posting any “hilarious” false news or headlines, that is sooooo lame)…what hasn’t changed is the freezing weather! They say it’s now British Summertime here in the UK, it’s cold, it’s STILL snowing up north…brrrr, reminds me of this chilly January day when both these girls, in their lovely uniforms, were punished in turn and in front of each other by both Mr & Mrs W who really humiliated them by the time these 2 urchins had learnt their lesson!

This update today features some images behind the scenes I took during filming, as well as some excellent vid grab images from the actual movie and a link to Lottie’s hard strapping as well as an EXCLUSIVE snippet I cut showing you Jodie trying to answer back and getting punished hard for it! It’s easily the best movie shown this year at SpankedSchoolgirl and the images and clips below will reinforce what I’m saying! Enjoy!

Answering back is NOT an option and Jodie’s punishment, as you’ll have seen, is all the more severe for it! Lottie is forced to look on and knows her turn is coming up!

Lottie’s turn is no less severe, and in fact, I reckon her punishment is worse as she knew what would happen if she dared to question or answer back, yet that is what she did so the strap bit harder into her flesh and the verbal chastisement became all that more personal! There’s a FREE Sample clip if you click on the image below (located on the home page, well worth viewing if you haven’t seen it yet!!)

below I have got you a few bonus images I took during the filming so you get an idea of the lighting, the number of people around the set etc, the quality isn’t that great as I couldn’t use a flash otherwsie I’d have got my arse tanned for interfering with the movie 🙂 (height of discretion…me!)

You can download this Full Schoolgirl movie HERE – Highly Recommended!

I will be back later with other site updates & insights very soon! Regards, Chief.