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We are family!

This song was in my head, “We are Family” a classic disco hit from 1979 by Sister Sledge (when life seemed so good back then, eh?) – anyway, I was trying to find a decent clip on YouTube to show you all and most of the clips were awful, cheesy synced numbers so I eventually found this clip below which showed a live version of this song. Even though the clip is poor quality and slightly out of sync, they are at least singing it “live” and will nicely bring you into this short post and why I feel I had to say…

“We are family… I got all my sisters with me
We are family… Get up ev’rybody and sing!”

Today’s spanking fest comes courtesy of Spanked Sweeties and they have surpassed themselves with a double… a real life family spanking of the Miller Clan… Lana Miller is well known at this network and has worked closely with Clare Fonda and the “Big C” on a number of projects including being Principal Miller in many of the Exclusive Education series of films. Last year we saw one of her real life neices take part, but now we have sisters Michelle and Mandee (Mandee appeared last year in EE6) >>> a reminder HERE

So check out Michelle with her awesome big booty given a good hand spanking by Aunty Lana!





This is just the start as Michelle also gets to spank her more submissive sister, Mandee, in their many arguments and of course this site helps re enact some of their memories and model fantasies so this time the girls can carry out some of what they have practiced in the past in private!





Sisters Michelle and Mandee Miller have already been spanked by mom, Lana. Now, Michelle gets her sister back for getting her into trouble with a spanking of her own. This Sweeties episode is truly a family affair with Michelle and Mandee being related to Lana in real life

Lana punished both girls (below) in yet another scene and re enactment that members of SpankedSweeties.com can now view in full! In this case, the girls are spanked for throwing a party when “Mom” was away!






This site is part of the CLARE FONDA PASS and should be one of the 5 sites you choose as part of your massive money saving deal! Check out the latest info on all the sites and the prices at the banner below!


For your info, I have just uploaded the full length film “You spent WHAT on my credit card?” at our CLIPS STORE in tandem with today’s latest full film HD update at AAAspanking.com

Click image below for the latest clip store film

Let’s dedicate today to F/F Spanking!

Hmmm, I found this post I had started in my drafts box (just had a clean out) and I don’t think I published this from earlier this year and started writing about Sinn (below): So I have added a few other F/F spankings from Clare Fonda and some other interesting updates to make this a complete post… enjoy! 🙂

Sexy spankings? Hard Female on female punishment spankings, some sexual tension, humiliation, maybe some embarrassment or genuine excitement? Well, this is the joy of watching girls play with each other, whether they do it for fun or whether it’s a good hard old fashioned punishment… it gets to me every single time, I love this little kink… and of course, I know there are a hell of a lot of others that love it too. let’s celebrate with some more F/F spankings that I have been getting off on recently (he said, quietly…)

Check out beautiful Sinn Sage as she gets it good and dishes it back every single time!

Bisexual Sinn loves nothing better than feeling helpless over the knees of a pretty lady, this is often over Chelsea’s lap, but Sinn has often done wrong and can’t always get to spank Chelsea in return… however, with her friends, it’s a different matter and she often mixes this up with sexual tension, foreplay and lingering kisses and caresses to the girls that she ensnares… which of course makes it highly addictive viewing as you’ll see in the switching session below!



Sinn really does have one of the sexiest butts in the business and as always, her most private parts are never far fron view with that delightful tuft of hair framing a beautiful exciteable kitty-kat “down there” that she often gets her girls to play with!

Likewise, Sinn will nearly always try to return a favor or switch for her own selfish pleasures (and why not?) This filly thought she was just spanking Sinn? WRONG!

& this is why I love F/F spanking scenes! See more evidence of Sinn’s switching HERE


Clare made no secret that she used to love working on thsi site as “Momma Clare” the corrupt and perverse brothel madame (can’t say I blame her with all those cute girls she has had over her knee!) so with yet another new girl, Stevie, alongside an old fave, Kat St James… this latest film is a winner!



Katherine St. James has brought Stevie into Momma Clare’s ring and they try to hustle more $$ due to Stevie being so cute. All it gets is a bare-bottomed spanking for both girls which they know they have coming and end up begging for.



Then there is of course some switching “fun” which I think is more of an excuse to show off these girls cute botties… it works – I’m sold! As you can see below 🙂



Check out more callgirls getting the spankings we know they deserve HERE


I found some galleries which help showcase the very latest new movies out at some of the other sites in the CLAREFONDAPASS network

Last year’s most improved site Spanked Sweeties shows why it is a great site with new talent and beautiful girls revealing all about their spankings growing up then re enacting them courtesy of Clare or Double Dan for that “father figure” when required! Click image below for new girl Riley’s scene – punished by momma Clare…

See the latest girls spanked HERE for our viewing pleasure


The spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate had a delightful return for Kay Richards, getting a spanking off athletic Ariel X – I wouldn’t mess withthis lass! I don’t think kay would want to either!

Ashli has come to pick up Kay and take her to her company picnic. But Kay is not ready to go and furthermore has dressed very inappropriately. What else can Ashley do but turn Kay over her knee for a hard spankikng with hand and hairbush. She finds a whip that Madison left around and uses that on Kay too, leaving Kay sore and marked!

Check out all 105 episodes now showing HERE


All the above sites in this network can be viewed for less than they would cost on their own and with the same set of codes… makes ense then to check out the options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Sunday Spanking Catch up

Gosh! It’s been a few days and I have just not had time to come on here until now, I really hate being away from blogging so hope to make up for this with a special update today. Remember that I had mentioned that at my site there was new girl Jenna Jay? Well, her full film is now up to download along with a ton of images, it was an introductory spanking which I had the “pleasure” of carrying out and I can tell you this girl is HOT! She is going to be something special for 2012, so we are happy to show you ahead of most of the competition as they are sure to invite her to film. In fact, I rarely do this but I wanted to get out a F/F schoolgirl punishment film for next week, and both Jenna and another fantastic first timer called Taylor will star in this movie alongside another new face, Emma who plays a very fierce and nasty headmistress… so thanks to Jenna for ruining my update schedule, lol! See what all the introductory fuss is about in the galleries I have made below, don’t you just love natural girl next door types? I know I do! Click images below to view more of Jenna:

OK, I shall move swiftly on as no doubt you are sick and tired of hearing about me bleating on about our little site (though if you do purchase our long standing Annual Deal giving you spankings at just $8.50 a month (that’s just around 5 of our British Pounds) then there is a special lottery entry that all members who have purchased this deal will get entered in for, and that includes those who purchased it before this month (you’ll find out more next week!) The Offer is a kind of Xmas bonus thing so will end Dec 24th and then I draw the prize at random from a list of those who have purchased the annual membership.


OK, well, where to next? As I have run out of time over the last few days, I’m gonna try and find galleries where possible to start with as these help me provide you with more info, so to our Brit friends at the following sites, thanks for providing these galleries as they help explain the latest updates… and they also have a special limited Xmas Deal on too knocking a generous $10 off their normal monthly price, and this remians permanent for as long as you are a member… so first off, check out English Spankers below and their latest film now out in full. (As ever, click images to enlarge or find the free gallery)

Check out a special FREE Movie preview clip of this schoolgirl film HERE


& over at SpankingSarah.com – this is what I want to see again, sarah in her sub role getting a good hard thrashing as we all know she can take, and this back to basics film with a very stern “Mr Stern” clicks all the right buttons for me, the images here that accompany Sarah’s film are great too! As you’ll discover!

Check out the free preview of this “cracking” movie HERE


& schoolgirl Leah (or Lena as I remembered her) is this week getting a strapping from Headmaster and that delightful wobbling butt of hers is indeed addictive viewing as you will see from this pretty teenager who is properly punished and humiliated in her latest episode shown at RedStripeFilms.com

& it goes without saying you can view a great freeview clip HERE!


Finally, another site with a similar offer for the Xmas period is SoundPunishment.com (so please do go check out their offers especially if you might be a returning member, why not take advantage of their generosity?) and I have pleasure in introducing yet another Masie Dee update from this site (I believe she is now based in Holland but comes over to film in England as and when) -anyway, feast your eyes on this lassie’s humiliating punishment, with her privates and anus fully displayed, no hiding place for her on that bench at all!!! Yikes!




Oh my! Checkout what other naughty films Masie has been involved in at SoundPunishment.com


Staying in the UK, my friends at NorthernSpanking.com are busy as usual providing consistently top notch spanking films and here is a little collection from the very latest updates you can check out from this past week!

There’s a new girl who I haven’t seen before called Sarah Jones, who has curves in all the right places and I just know that Paul would have had fum spanking her lovely bottom, below area few early preview pics of  her introduction, I can’t wait to see more! Yup, it features an argument over who owns the remote control for the TV… (we did a film of that recently as well, lol! Well… it’s a good place to start an argument and get someone over another’s knee, right?)



 The conclusion to the multi girl punishment films starring Pandora Blake, Aleesha Foxx & Xela Chaste by legendary Kane’s very own Josie Harrison-marks is what is next and I enjoyed this film immensely, as I am sure you will get an idea of what happens to the girls from these images shown below:



& I couldn’t think of anything more tempting than seeing Zille Defeu and Irelynn Logeen together, caned, spanked AND in jim-jams! Northern thought of it and alongside the ever impressive Stephen Lewis, You just know these 2 are going to be thoroughly punished as they should be!



Check out many more updates at NorthernSpanking.com


In Holland, Mike had been busy employing Sarah Bright from SpankingSarah.com that I had featured earlier… so once I had heard she was there filming, then I knew Mike would be dressing her up in his various uniforms, so how nice to see one of my fave uniform punishments, the thrashing of naughty air stewardesses… and of course, Sarah gets into deep trouble in no time at all (fortunately!)




Sarah Bright is an experienced stewardess who is joining the Europe Airlines team. During her first interview she got her contract to sign and she was told she had two days to learn her pre-flight safety speech and then to come back. When she returned it became obvious she had not learnt it so Mr Johnson took her over his knee and she got her first sound spanking at Europe Airlines.

You can see MORE of her punishment and the other specialist spankings HERE


Staying in Europe before I take a quick trip to the States for the final part of this update… I decided to go through my archives of what I had on this site as I wanted to check out Yasmin Garcia again, she filmed extensively with Bars-and-Stripes.com and her intake, for me, was one of the more memorable detentions. She went though the ritual punishments and degradation, she starred alongside Leia-Ann Woods as well, a true devotee to anything prison-like (and of course predatory with her fellow female inmates) but this time I’m focussing on her punishment with nasty warden O’Brien who gets off whacking her girls in her charge… never provoke Officer O’Brien, ladies!




Check out MORE prison style punishments at Bars-and-Stripes.com


I love seeing role reversals, so who better to see getting a good man spanking than one of the sassiest and cheekiest tops around, none other than cougar, Clare Fonda, who I gotta say still looks “fit as” as we say here in England!




Clare Fonda has some fantasies about being spanked by a younger man and she explores them with guest star Kyle Johnson in a nephew/aunt scene where discipline restores the age appropriate behavior as you’ll see here. Kyle gives his slutty aunt a good old fashioned hard man spanking that leaves her cougar cheeks burning bright red with shame!



Oh my goodness! Yes, I have “wood” – see Clare’s punishment in full at SpankedSweeties.com

& whilst I am on the subject of sweet looking girls getting a spanking, I was blown away by the pairing of Jenni Mack, and my nomination for spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci… Jenni’s red hair (surprise!) caught my attention and this sexy and slutty F/F spanking works on so many levels for me, especially when the girls are caught by Miss Chris and all hell breaks loose at Spankedcallgirls.com – I’m sorry, but when I like my F/F spankings, if they’re as sexy looking as this, I’m sold! Click on the images below for 2 fantastic galleries that better explain to you what happens next!

See MORE of Jenni and Veronica in “action” at the naughtiest punishment site – Spanked Callgirls


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OK, that’s it for me for now, however, please do go check out these 2 clips stores below and other pay per download sites – as I will be adding much more content very soon and I promise you that if you don’t want to sign up for a membership and only want to view the odd films then these options below are especially for you! Enjoy!

& the original NaughtyBottom – still offering some classic movies at rock bottom prices with MORE new movies finally coming very soon (yay!)

Spanking Saturday overload

I’m not much into Halloween, I’ve brought some treats so the little horrors don’t come up with some nasty surprise with flour or eggs and I will no doubt be grumpy as usual…. however, before that day, and the 7 Billionth child is born (it’s reckoned on Oct 31st – and I wonder if it will be a child in Libya or one of the other “Arab Spring” nations? You heard it here first from this ol’ cynic) … so before I go on one… here are some of the latest offerings around and there’s some bloody good stuff out there right now! Sit back and relax as I take you on a whirlwind tour of the spankings that are making this weekend for me, and hopefully… for you!


Stunning popstar Danielle is going on a world tour in a few weeks and she contacted the Rockford School Of Dance to help her with her choreography and get her in shape. Right from the start she behaved like a real Diva and she soon got her bottom smacked and the warm-ups were achieved with the aid of a stinging riding crop. She was told to stop drinking Cokes but during her break she was caught drinking one anyway so her coach marched her straight into the office, turned her over his knee, and gave her a hard spanking on her world famous bottom!





Not long after Caroline was soundly spanked in part one, she was in trouble again. She was caught fighting with a few prefects while trying to run away. She was marched straight to the Headmaster’s office and she got a sound tawsing. Then she did it. She called the Headmaster a “pervert” and tried to storm out. He caught her and gave her a hard 12 stroke St. Catherines style bare bottom caning and put her in the corner. She finally realised that she better behave for her 2 remaining semesters (or terms as we call them in England) at St Catherines or she will be spending them unable to sit down properly!




It goes without saying that you can check out MORE of Caroline and all the other niche uniform spankings that make this site a must see everytime – CLICK HERE


NorthernSpanking.com have their regular daily updates including the next anazing installment of their Wheatley Manor film with an original and humiliating further punishment for Niki at the breakfast table , stripped , wooden spooned and spanked she is then made to lie naked on the table as an impromptu platter for all manner of naughty cakes & desserts (yes, I like cake!) – in fact the good folk of Northern Spanking even provide us with a handy recipe for the various offerings! Anyway, back to the humiliation and further punishment which eventually makes Amelia crack under the pressure…. oh dear, I wonder who’s getting punished next? Images below are from this 10th long play episode!




Click here to see MORE of one of the most original spanking productions ever made

Whilst at Nothern and their many updates, I had to bring you a few images to the concluding parts of the “Coach Caned Bus Blamed” film which also is included in an out takes video also relased this week… but as it co stars 2 amazing girls together, Irelynn Logeen and Zille Defeu (who I am REALLY developing a spanko crush on right at this minute!) it’s more of an excuse for me to show you their red naked bottoms!

Another reason to visit NorthernSpanking for MORE!




What more is there to say about that film? Wow! & the spankings continue…


Missy Rhodes is a cute petite model that I’ve known Clare has used to great affect at her Naughty Diaper Girls website – she has those looks that make her perfect to be an adult baby diaper girl… however, it’s fantastic that she is now appearing much more at Clare’s spanking sites and where better than at SpankedSweeties.com to let us know a little more about her history in the interviews and then get to enact some true real life stories like this one below…

Missy Rhodes is such a sweet and sexy little hottie with such a pert bottom that it is quite exciting to find out that she was spanked growing up. Both Mom and Dad lectured pretty little Missy and took her over their knees. Missy had ber panties taken down by mom and her small and tight bottom got so read sometimes she even cried. Missy admits that spanking actually did teach her a lesson.



You can check out more of Missy 1st at SpankedSweeties.com

This site is part of Clare’s now rather well known Clare Fonda Pass network – where you can get 3, 4 or 5 sites of hers of your choice for a fraction of their combined costing! Don’t take my word for it, check out these movie galleries below which help prove the point that all this recent content can be grabbed at one place! Click any image below for the special freebies.



See how you can view all this and choose your preferred options HERE


Chief’s random image today comes courtesy of an ancient wall painting in the “Tomba Della Fustigatione ” (Flogging grave) in the necropolis of Tarquinia from ancient times in Italy. Spanking has been around for some time 🙂


OK, back to the present day and into another site with their own multi pass options (which I’ll cover later), but 1st I’m visiting RealSpankings.com which has had some stunning and severe spanking updates recently! However, I liked this movie (below) as it had Betty in her dominant role as she interviews and dishes out a punishment to the very pretty and striking blonde hottie called Summer. This was Summer’s very 1st spanking on film which is why I’m highlighting this as I love seeing first timers…

Pretty Blond Summer is 23, has the cute and naughty surfer girl look, and based on her first shoot.Summer had some of the most detailed childhood spanking stories to share that Real Spankings have heard in a long time. It seems the tradition in her house was that when she was to be spanked, her step dad went upstairs and made a very big production about drilling a new hole in the large wooden paddle that they used for spanking. After the hole was added, she was called up, made to drop her pants, grab her ankles, and then received three hard swats on either her panties or bare butt. All punishments led to tears and left her bruised and sore. Her punishment profile on Realspankings gets way into the details.




Check out the very latest updates and movies at RealSpankings.com


At their other sites as promied, here are a few images of what you can expect to find right now updated this week and I’ll start with their schoolgirl themed site RealSpankingsInstitute.com



The girls are instructed to remove their uniforms and wait for instruction by The Dean (Michael Masterson). He makes the girls put on their missing ties from their uniforms. Ivy is told to kneel on the chair and bend over the table for a hand spanking, while Melody watches and waits her turn for the same humiliating treatment!

Below is another recent movie now released in full at this site and it has Danny catching Frankie chewing gum in detention. She is taken OTK and spanked on her bare bottom. She finishes detention with no skirt or panties, writing lines on the board! This is a classic OTK spanking film and does NOT disappoint!

Now as I had mentioned something about a multi site deal at this network, you’d also get the chance to view all of Brandi’s work stretching back 8 or 9 years and her site is STILL being updated twice a week despite her retirement years ago, such was the content they shot together…. and she will forever be known as Spanking Teen Brandi – images below are from the lastest movie update where her laughter in detention earns her the ruler across her bottom… and it is used with such force that the thing splinters… that HAD to hurt!



CLICK HERE to discover a way to view all the featured sites in the RSN (Real Spankings Network) for a fraction of the combined cost and see how many other sites you get with your one membership!


I was going to finish here but I had watched a rather good film at FirmHandSpanking.com last night starring their brand new girl Kelly Morgan – what you get is a fine image set accompanied with the film of her very first bare bottom paddling, and they chose the PERFECT girl for their new facial reaction cams, she is so expressive… you just KNOW that those swats hurt like hell! Check her out below:




“Oh my God!”” Gasps pretty newcomer Kelly Morgan in her debut series, The Intern. “”That HURTS!”” The crack of a leather paddle 27 times across bare skin is a treat. So special that all 27 swats are shown on Reaction Cam too! She’’s totally natural. Watch out for two fast sets of five… ouch!

See beautiful Kelly in her 2nd ever spanking film HERE


Finally today… I hadn’t realized that Sarah Gregory and Kat St James had been on holiday earlier this month, what’s more, I did feel a little jealous that she was on the beautiful island of Aruba (it’s off the coast of South America in the Carribean), I haven’t had a holiday this summer at all, and after my crap week working all hours for a pittance whilst inflation and costs of living skyrocket… I wonder when I will be able to afford to go to an exotic location again. (I’m away visiting family in France for a short stay in a few weeks, but it will be up in the cold mountains… no sun there!) However, I’m not bitter, Sarah & Kat looked fab in their bikinis as you can see below… and what’s more, they got to make a spanking film in their hotel bath tub, which has just been released on her site, and it’s worth the entrance fee alone! Seriously, check them out!!!

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.






I love bath tub films… I’m sure you will too when the girls are as sexy as these

Click here to view MORE of Sarah’s holiday shenannigans and spankings!


That’s it from me for now, back soon with a whole load of spanking and erotic punishments , once I’ve viewed the latest offerings! Have a good weekend, and I’ll probably post some sort of  “anti-Halloween special”, since I hate the way this “holiday” has become so over commercialised and exploited by large companies seeking quick profits from the public (including the one I work for, which I hate!)

OTK Spanking Day!

Today’s post is dedicated to everything OTK! Out of all my spanking preferences, I still find this the most satisfying position as a spanker and I absolutely love seeing others, male or female carrying out this disciplinary action… so excuse me whilst I get a little self indulgent and check out some sites I may not have reviewed here for a while or rummage through my own archived data… I’ll also find some new stuff just released at various sites too, in case you may have seen what I’m about to show you from the past (though I doubt you’ll have seen all of what I’m about to share with you!).

Aunt Reina and her niece Laura are first up from the famous Japanese girl on girl dicipline site Hand-Spanking.com – and this movie was a little bit bonkers (but aren’t many of the storylines?) The story is that aunty and her niece recall the spankings they both got in the past from Reina’s sister (making that cute Laura’s mother, of course). They get excited about the times they both got disciplined and spanked and decide to take turns with each other over their laps to recall the way it felt! (I told you it was a bonkers storyline!)

Laura goes first over her aunt’s lap and her bare bottom is quickly uncovered for a firm spanking!




Niece Laura doesn’t need much encouragement to spank her aunt quite hard either!
She even grunts like a Russian tennis player as she slams her hand down onto her aunt’s sore bare backside!




all the films at Hand-Spanking.com come with a decent English subtitled translation and all the newer films are now shot on HD Definition widescreen cameras giving even better playback quality! If seeing girls spanked in the OTK position is your thing, this site mainly caters to that niche as you’ll have seen above!


Now for something new from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a classic domestic OTK hand spanking of (brightly) red haired Alison Miller with her tight jeans pulled down and given an old fashioned no nonsense spanking by Eric Strickman (remember I recently showed you what he is capable of with Kat St James?) This film is no different, it’s a good hard spanking and Alison has one of the best wiggly-wobbly bubble butts that reacts to a solid spanking, just check out some amazing HQ stills from this new series of Alison now available to download HERE!





Alison was quite sneaky as she had guessed uncle Eric would spank her and she had padded out her bottom with several pairs of pants underneath her tight jeans! However this backfired on her when he found out and pulled down all her protection including the jeans and gave her a damned hard man spanking across his lap!

I have cut a special freeview clip including a “slo-mo” scene which is in the film showing off Alison’s amazing bubble butt – CLICK HERE to view this exclusive free clip from this movie!


Now you know I love seeing girls punished in PJ’s, with their trouser bottoms dragged down, preferably around their ankles and over someone’s lap… also (yes, I’m fussy) I usually like to see the scene in the girl’s bedroom as this is her sanctuary… so the spanking, which can end in tears… is the ultimate humiliation if it takes place in the “Holy of Holies” as far as I’m concerned! There is no hiding place when you’ve been a bad girl! So, it was good to see that a recent HD film (with a HQ Stills set that I am showing some reduced size images of) had Aunty Katie spanking her niece, Honey, in such a circumstance… see below! Images are courtesy of English-Spankers.com





This is what the owners of the site had to say about this great film: “Honey is a real naughty teenager and she needs to be taught a lesson. Aunty Katie is the one to do it and in the good old fashioned way, a good stout slipper applied to a tender young bottom. Bent over the knee first of all spanked on her pyjamas and then see them pulled down for the bare bottomed slippering. The very first punishment for this new young spankee!”

See the FREE Preview clip of Honey’s home punishment!


Rather than show what is out right now at Clare Fonda’s sites (images and such are uploaded and the movies are playing out, so I’d be repeating myself at the mo) I thought I’d go back and check out some classic stuff from the past, all with the OTK theme of today, which wasn’t difficult as these girls are nearly always spanked at some point or for a prolonged period in this position (ah, that’s why I love these sites, lol!) – So let me start with a delve back in time to when Clare had redheads Madison Young and a sweet innocent looking (though she was anything but) Paris Kennedy. This is taken from the archives of Spankedcallgirls.com and features OTK spanking, diapering, humiliation and even temperature taking by Clare… this was so hot and I enjoyed checking it out again!





Check out more humiliating punishments of the very naughtiest hooker babes and slutty girls – Fonda stylee!


SpankedSweeties.com is the site Clare introduces many new models and spanking 1st timers or the girl next door types to her network but she also brings in more experienced fetish and spanking models too. They talk about their fantasies and past life being spanked and chastised growing up then re enact them for us! It’s a great site, often missed by some individually (it’s a massive site on its own now!) but should always be one of the sites you choose as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Check out one such model I just watched again called Candle Boxx (I love her stage name!!!) – she took some quite hard man spankings and had one of the most beautiful red speckled derrieres by the time her spanking was finished as you’ll see below in one of her OTK spankings!





Do not miss the interviews spankings and everyone of Clare’s newbies shown here first!

Or check out any of Clare’s sites & choose your option as part of her amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS


I had remembered that I hadn’t shown Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com getting a good hard OTK thrashing in her cheer girl outfit, just check out the images below as coach Johnson takes a no nonsense approach to her poor attitude at his prestigious Dance School Academy…





Caroline is an American girl who joined the cheerleading class and she thinks she can be as sassy here as in America but coach Johnson will have none of it! While practising, he noticed that she was wearing frilly purple panties instead of the regulation white ones so he called her into his office and gave her a sound spanking. Then she was told to put on the white panties but her attitude was still leaving a lot to be desired so he put her over his knee again and gave her another long, hard painful tear jerking spanking which left her bottom crimson with shame and very sore.

See all the latest OTK spankings and further humiliation these girls like Caroline suffer – Click Here


Finally, as it’s an OTK spanking I couldn’t leave out a site which says it is dedicated to this, the aptly named OTKspank.com – I wouldn’t normally recommend this but I am today as the outside of the site hasn’t really been updated or changed since Xerotics was sold at the beginning of the year but inside the member area they have been updating the site like before and this movie which is the current one, I have never seen before, though I recognize the location and of course, Hannah Martin… so it’s a nice surprise to see this film (shot on location probably over 6 years ago in Denmark) finally makes it to the light of day.

Hannah was subjected to a rather humiliating inspection and OTK spanking when her continuing failing grades gave her Uncle all the excuse he needed to thrash her bare behind! See some images taken from this film below, hopefully I’m right in saying this is totally unseen, at least in this Hi Res format, or my memory might not be what is was! 🙂





OTKspank.com is basically a massive archive of OTK related spanking films all together in one place, some are exclusively remastered for this site whilst some are shown elsewhere on the Xerotics group of sites. So I won’t labor the point or moan about that (they’ve always done it that way which isn’t the best, of course) as today I’m only recommending this site (but only if you haven’t ever viewed this site or haven’t seen anything from this outfit for ages then it’s really a nice site to start with if you like seeing many pretty girls spanked traditionally over someone’s lap). You got the Chief’s seal of approval to check it out – the member area is pretty easy to navigate around, divided into sections for movies, HQ stills and screen images (which are conveniently zipped) and they do have some good longer term membership offers too, compared to the monthly price.

CLICK HERE to view more on the tour pages
(Use it as a guide as you won’t see this movie advertised there even though it’s the latest one!)


* Disclaimer: Regards this network, many of you will know I had some real issues with them especially around the time of their sale earlier this year and am still suffering as a result of that… however, being now fully independent I can say what the hell I like (although I usually just don’t bother publicly) so if I think any of these sites are not worth looking at… then I’ll say! You may have noticed that I just haven’t bothered, there’s reasons for this as affiliates or promoters like myself won’t usually bother but I’m not going to debate that right now.

However, I’d actually like some feedback to those who are members of any of the sites in question, should I look at these sites again? I know there are those that purchased a ridiculously cheap annual pass last year, so to be fair, they can’t complain… even though it’s pretty obvious the old site owners knew they were selling the sites so I’d guess they just wanted as much income as possible (naturally)… that’s my speculation, of course. If the new owners were to offer anything so daft this year I’d be concerned about their sanity as this just doesn’t make any sense at all (unless they’re selling it on as well, lol).
I prefer to not write anything damning, the lack of anything positive is usually better, don’t you think? Anyway, as I say… “each to their own and all that” and what I say here you should take with a big pinch of salt as if you’ve never viewed any site I might be unhappy with (not confined to this network), then the archives of that particular site could be fantastic and well worth signing up to (if you had not seen the site for a long time, or ever) … but I look at how the sites continue to update as well as that’s an indicator of the integrity and policy of any company, I think.
It’s hard out there, people want to know that they are valued as a member, there’s lots of choice nowadays… that’s my take of attracting loyal members and those that will come back again and again… don’t you agree?

Anyway, as I said, give me feedback and let me know whether I should look into any of the sites, or any other from anywhere that I might have the time to investigate – perhaps do a “warts and all” proper review of a site (it can be any site from any network) that you’d like me to check on before you part with your hard earned cash?

I have been thinking of doing some English based ones, perhaps one from Northern SpankingEnglish SpankersSound Punishment or another you might consider? (cripes, those site have a lot of content… lol!)

OK, over to you all… hope you liked my take on all things OTK today, Regards, Chief. 🙂

Scorchio Spankings

The Spanking Forecast for today is “Mucho Scorchio!” – viewing today’s update comes with a severe Trouser Arousal warning so please take note of this important advisory before continuing on with your daily perusal of said baking hot spanking material! I in no way can be blamed for any unwanted “fronts” or Trouser tsnunamis… please refer to the websites causing such groinal distress if you wish to continue viewing without suing me 🙂

“Este el sábado el tiempo será… Mucho Scorchio!!!”

OK, as I tear myself away from that delightful Mexican chica’s rump… here are todays’ sizzlers all courtesy of Clare Fonda… she has a lot to answer for as I have gone through several pairs of casual beige Farah slacks (remember them?) today already (yes, more than you needed to know… ahem!)


Dani is an incredibly beautiful porn star that Clare has managed to procure for her spanking websites… and what’s more, Dani is a real life spanko, as revealed in her 1st appearances at SpankedSweeties.com recalling and then re-enacting some of her spanking memories and experiences at home growing up with the help of Clare’s hand and lap, of course! I have already shown you some images of Dani previously as you may have seen below… and I am loving the fact she also has red hair… oh my oh my!


Well, there is a new set of images and storyline coming out right now that details another “growing up” experience… was she a naughty girl? I’ll let you decide from these images!



See all of new girl Dani’s confessions, stories, interview and of course her spanking at SpankedSweeties.com


next is something I’ve been waiting for… Clare’s other recent revelation, Veronica Ricci playing a naughty callgirl who will of course get found out by Momma Clare for cheating behind her back trying to get bribes and presents off the punters… but could you say no to this doll?


* “Yup! I’d sell my soul, my mother’s soul and my sister’s for 5 minutes alone with you!”

Veronica is a real find… yes, we know she was a former Penthouse Pet… and it shows…. but also rather intriguingly she has quickly become an accomplished switch, both subbing and domming as you’ll see… but here, she’s a cheating callgirl and brothel owner Momma Clare is pissed at the way she tried not to delcalre her extra income and trinkets! Oops! Clare has some withering put downs that you can see in this latest film as well as a good hard spanking (and it really is) just check out Veronica’s beautiful speckled ass for proof!

* Disclaimer: If there really is a Devil in the soul buying business – I was just kidding (kind of)



See why I *might* just risk eternal damnation without a soul – CLICK HERE for more Veronica!


If that wasn’t bad enough… I had asked if these girls pair off, as I love Kay Richards, she’s one of Clare’s best finds over the years and I love her husky accent, naughty attitude and she has the body and breast i’d just want to play with all day (sigh – I digress) so to see her making out with Veronica… oh my…. it’s also the latest 2erotic” story punishment movie out now to download at Clare’s biggest site GirlSpanksGirl.com and these 2 kittykats purr and play upon each other while Kay’s lesbian “sugar momma”, Clare, is out of town…

Well, that is until Clare gets back early and discovers these 2 making out…, true to form, Clare doesn’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of the situation of the girls embarrassment and ensures she witnesses and gives a humbling spanking with some hot sexual play as a turned on Kay reveals a creamy pussykat as she brings herself off with a dildo! Gentlemen, if you haven’t already loosened your trouser garments… I suggest you should do so to avoid unnecessary crushing of the swollen private parts and ladies that are turned on by this sight, and I know that there be many, please do follow the actions of Kay below for a full and satisfying climax!




Members can see Veronica & Kay together for the 1st time HERE (do not miss it!)


Don’t forget, you can view all of the above sites sepereately or as part of a really cool pass which offers you the choice of choosing 3, 4 or 5 sites (there really isn’t any need for more unless you want to view less quality) and Clare’s sites are all about naughty quality updates on a regular basis and the bonus that you WILL NOT find any of her stuff duplicated on another site, unlike some that I could mention! So the CLARE FONDA PASS is – in my opinion, easily the best multi site deal around, check it out below:


& to finish today’s Clare-fest, I thought I’d remind you of a hot spanking and diaper punishment that yet another naughty adult actress got, I really like the way she tries to play “victims”, if you’ve seen Isobel Wren before (and you would have at Clare’s sites, she was one of the girls in the last Exclusive Education series, for example) – then check her out as a Naughty Diaper Girl – this film has it all, a cute girl already spanked, in diapers, humiliated, then caught playing with herself (again) and spanked…. then (phew) re diapered by Clare! See this wonderful mayhem below!

To those that think there’s no spanking at this site… nope, not true, clare does spank the girls in and out of their diapers as you’ll see here!







OK, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I’m away for a few days without internet access, so I hope you enjoy today’s update, and I have also updated my other blog HERE (yesterday) with yet more naughty spanking goodness!


Oh, and don’t forget my own site, there’s new movies added this week HERE and also at the Clips Site we have added 2 highly rated films, they are all live now and available to also view HERE

Tom Fires Michael & other Spanking News

I could hardly believe it, I knew there was unrest with members at Girls-Boarding-School.com – comments left by disgruntled folk wanting to see more of Headmaster Tom doing what he did perfectly… but they had endured Michael for too long. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I liked seeing Michael punishing the girls, I had featured his paddling & spanking of the very tearful (and absolutely stunning) Micaela… a fellow Swede, as I recall – he actually got some praise in this one, although there were the voices against him who didn’t care what he did, he would always be wrong… but if you have forgotten, take a look at the posts I wrote about her punishment HERE and decide for yourself if Michael did a good job!

So, back to the momentous occasion, whether it’s a publicity stunt, or what… we will see, but Tom is back! Watch out girls! (No, seriously…. watch out, he’s mean!) So to mark this occasion, my tube site at Teen Spankings has the full movie of Michael’s dismissal (or you can view it right now below), it’s both humorous and has a final bitter bath brush punishment from Michael on one smirking girl who says “Goodbye” to him as he is packing his bags! Don’t miss it… it’s a good way to spend 8-9 minutes whilst having your morning cup of coffee! I’ve included a couple of scenes of Michael taking it out on one of the gloating schoolgirls as well! 🙂

See who Headmaster Tom has punished since Michael’s firing – CLICK HERE


OK, next up is a post I was going to do yesterday but I had so many issues with a failing power supply due to excessive thunder that I cut the post short (which annoyed me somewhat) still, today it’s back to normal so here is the little homage to Sarah at SpankingSarah.com where I attempted to and am now writing about her various roles at her site: From spankee to spanker and a very naughty girl that just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy ?(often trimmed NOT shaven, which I like), or in fact embraces all manner of sexual activity included in her spanking punishments… if you like to see sex AND spankings, then this is one site you should bookmark! Check out some varied content I found to showcase what I’m blabbering on about, these are just some of the High Quality images taken from the films (they are not screen grabs but represent what’s in the films!)

Sarah is a keen photographer and takes no crap from her models that mess her around!

Sarah caught playing with herself whilst camping by the grumpy farmer who has other ideas!!!

Sarah’s 1st ever bare bottom birching – these are HD screen images from her groundbreaking atmospheric movie!

There are some great free preview clips and I still think the one with the birch is available on Sarah’s tour pages HERE


Now I love Clare to bits… so if I get my act together and can afford to go to the Shadowlane Party in September, I shall be sure to look out for “Momma”… even if it’s just to say “hello, and spank you very much!” – Well, here’s a little taster of what Clare has been filming recently and also a wee little delve into her archives at her gorgeous GirlSpanksGirl.com website for which I am always hovering in and around for my fix! Check out these little gems and treats I have for you today!

1st up: From GirlSpanksGirl.com – a classic girl bottom spanking and temperature taking in and around the time she shot one of her Exclusive Education series of films, I think this was from the 2nd… and of course, I love temp takings mixed with the spankings! A very short clip and some images are below, enjoy!

Check out the 3 sections of Erotic, Sensual & Discipline that make up GirlSpankedGirl.com HERE

I had mentioned before that Snow Mercy had brought in one of her real life friends, Sophia Locke… who was kind of new to all the online spanking stuff, but she is a genuine looker that has that girl next door feel about her which is such a seller and of course with Snow being there, she was at ease to recall her spanking stories as she grew up and here we see Snow playing her Mom in a classic “get out of bed” spanking that so many naughty girls received! For me, it’s an excuse to show you in & out of her bed getting an OTK spanking, mmm!

I also had a little delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com earlier today and since I was writing about temperature takings, I thought I’d share this little beauty of a film with you starring Clare and a hot girl I’d never seen before (how did I miss this?) called Makenzie! The californian surfer chick look and tanned , toned skin couldn’t stop Momma Clare from checking this naughty girl’s temperature… rectally and giving her a chastising spanking for her troubles! Check out the images below and then the news I have for you which I’m excited about!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Clare once again meets her match with Miss Chris making a welcome return!

This movie has just been released at Spankedcallgirls.com and is a classic role reversal as Miss Chris confronts Clare about the treatment in the past (again) of her daughter, who is now well out of Clare’s clutches… and also she knows about some of the other girls under Clare’s control so gives this Momma a real hard nasty spanking of her own… which looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more but I’m out of time to write here today, but you can view this movie now online at SpankedCallgirls.com

Two years ago Chris found out her daughter (played by Jenni Mack) was dabbling in prostituion. She spanked Jenni and her friend Sarah Gregory very hard and made Clare take a thrashing right next to them. This was very humiliating for Clare. She has never forgotten it and she is horrified to find Miss Chris waiting for her in her living room for a little catch-up visit which includes a slut spanking to die for!

No cats, just spanking!

Make the most of it, those darn kittehs are lurking, especially that Basement Cat and I’m getting worried that they seem to be using the blog to message each other about mice, birds and other no goodness that cats get up to… but fear not, as I intend to dazzle you with some spanking entertainment so take no notice of those pesky felines!

You’ll see some past, retro and present movie reviews today. Sadly I see some other peeps have beaten me to some updates I was gonna do, which is why this first one will no doubt not be found anywhere else, so apologies if it is… but I was in a retro mood and checked out some of my old English style discipline movies and came across this old classic as a rather excited Old Etonian enjoys teaching his Ghetto girls a lesson in the aptly named film called “Black Marks” from ClassicSpanking.com – this was originally shot on VHS many years ago so they’ve done well to remaster it as they have – but it’s still a delightful classic and even though the old gent is (to be honest) a bit crap spanking the girls, he’s obviously enjoying himself too much… I can fully understand! However, what he makes up for in his feeble spankings, he finally gets it right with the cane (after all, he’s an old English gentleman!) … just check out the welts at the end of the clip you’re about to see including the images… the actual WMV movie is better but I think from what you’ll see here, you’ll get the idea!

The above clip was brought to you courtesy of TEEN Spanking Tube

MORE amazing spankings from yesteryear can be viewed at ClassicSpanking.com


From something retro to something bang up to date, this marvellous movie from English-Spankers.com has a former glamour model that I recognize… this is Shannon who thinks she can still use her obvious charms to wriggle out of very poor grades in her latest assessment to better herself… (what’s the point in that, my dear?) Well, luckily, Mr Stern is after my own heart as I would do exactly the same as him as you’ll see in these freeview images and special clip you can play instantly below! I am rather unimpressed with women that try to use their beauty to get themselves out of trouble… I rather like to put them into MORE trouble because they think they are somehow better than other girls! It also makes viewing their distress, embarrassment and of course obvious visual charms all the more addictive!

Check out all the very latest free spanking previews including this movie “Offer Refused” HERE


Talking of brand new, Clare Fonda has another beautiful 1st timer on her site called Sophia Locke who is sure to be another big success story, just check out this girl below and the story behind some of her life growing up in the spanking interview site SpankedSweeties.com – what’s more… she is being spanked by Snow Mercy, I’m sure you are all aware of how I adore her either as a spankee or as a top! This is a hot new update, so thanks, Clare!

Sophia has a high threshold and she and Snow, real life friends, play out great scenes. The two have played in real life and bring their chemistry to Spanked Sweeties as you’ll see in this forthcoming movie of which there are some sneak images below like this mommy/daughter scenario which I can’t wait to see next!!!

See MORE of Sophia & Snow out now at SpankedSweeties.com

Don’t forget that this site is part of the infamous CLARE FONDA PASS Network!


On the other side of the world, how could I ignore the latest updates from Japan? Hmm, should I show you cute snivelling schoolgirls & beautiful crying teens punished at work and at home? Yup… let’s take a peek at their very latest updates at the following site CutieSpankee.com

Check out old Mrs kanga’s daughter and that bruised bottom, if you’re in any doubt as to the girls getting thrashed when they get paddled (the Japanese instrument of choice) then perhaps this film will change your perception of their punishments! Oh, and check out the fact this unfortunate girl gets a severe wedgie! Ouch!

Clare Fonda Spanking Updates

Hi there… as I type this with one eye on the volcanic dust that is starting to invade our airspace… wondering if “Er indoors”, currently away “Outdoors” will get back (then she’s due to fly out again Sunday) I thought it would be easier for me to choose one time during a week to cover all of Clare’s amazing content in one post, making it easier for you guys to see what is available then adding any others or archived data when I have time or it feels appropriate. Clare’s sites have been busy and some of the girls are eye wateringly beautiful as you’ll see, and the very latest spanking soap opera episode that is at MySpankingRoommate.com again stars Kay Richards (yay!!!) in another role with cute Rosario Stone (I think it’s their 3rd catfight/spat/spanking together – Rosario is the put upon maid and this film has a classic good old fashioned girl tustle and wrestling with plenty of spankings which you’ll see below, which is, well… awesome! 🙂

Kay & Maid Wrestle & Spank Each Other
Kay and her maid (Rosario Stone) argue over whether Kay paid her or not as the spanking soap opera continues. They get so angry that they wrestle and spank each other. Over the knee, bent over, hand and wooden spoon. Finally, the maid finds the undelivered check, so she bends Kay over for some hard whacks with a large, studded belt which leave the roomie whimpering on the floor!

All the previews of the 80 current soap opera episodes can be reviewed & downloaded HERE


When Momma Clare isn’t sorting our her little Hoes when they act up… they can often turn on each other and this is precisely what happens in Clare’s absence in this latest movie that is out at one of my favorite sites, Spankedcallgirls.com – seeing these slutty girls getting rude nude and lewd with each other usually means there are plenty of red bottoms, tears, making out and other naughtiness and of course this site has the old archives with plenty of temperature takings, ass and pussy inspections and other humiliating behavior that makes these bad girls properly submissive! The latest film stars bad girl Nikki Rouge and Nena

Nikki Rouge is a goddess of a girl and she handles naughty Nena who is vulnerable and hilarious in this scene! In the bizarre world of sex for money, the little hookers sometimes turn on each other. It is particularly effective when Nikki gets new model Nena’s pert butt and she blurts out a stream of expletives! It’s the naughty slut switch spanking of the week!!


In the Erotic (naughty) Spanking section of GirlSpanksGirl.com there is a continuation of the “Other girl” series with Alexis, you may remember below she was playing with and got pleasured by new hot blonde Ash (reminder below)

If you thought that seeing this couple (above) together was hot, with lots of switching fun and punishment spankings and making out, then be prepared for yet more delicious nonsense as Mary Jane , the girlfriend of Alexis finds out and all hell breaks out as you’ll see below. Basically, it’s more of an excuse to show 2 VERY naughty young ladies spank each other, make out and frig each other off whilst of course letting us see all the action and their frshly tanned bottoms! Do I have “Wood”? I have a whole f*cking forest FFS!

Check out the girls in this new movie EXCLUSIVE to GirlSpanksGirl.com

Alexis confronts her girlfriend Mary Jane about her sleeping with Ash. She spanks Mary Jane to teach her lesson. After the spanking, she admits that she already spanked Ash to punish her, too, but then she made Ash pleasure her. So now it is Mary Jane’s turn to spank Alexis. And when they finish, they make out with yet more naughty playtime fun for us all to enjoy!


Finally today from Clare’s newbie, first timer and model fantasies and interview site – SpankedSweeties.com – I’m sure you will remember that I had introduced you recently to blonde newcomer, Ash Hollywood, another great find by Clare… so in case you aren’t impressed with the images below of her spanking over “Momma Clare’s” lap (I can’t remember if I had showed you that) – then check out the scolding and her tears as she takes her spanking – re-enacting an event in her life as she is spanked by Mom for being a terrible unruly brat, mean to her brother and hell to babysitters… you know the type, eh?… Well for all those real pain in the arse gals you’ve had the misfortune to deal with… see this typical brat-like girl get what’s coming to her!


& here’s something a little different from me (which means I ought to update my Girl Thrashing Boys blog) but if you are unaware of have been living on Mars then most of Clare’s girls take part in some seriously sexy and fun Fem Dom action with hunky young guys. I have to admit I have been getting into this scene recently and fully appreciate it and why guys will switch! Anyway, take a look at some recent updates from ClareSpanksmen.com and you’ll see – of course if you’re not into this, no worries, it’s just a small part of this Clare Fonda update today… but seeing the girls empowered over men is an erotic sight anyway!

See what I mean? Here is Ash Hollywood, looking damned hot and as you’ll see in these images there’s a great POV (point of view) aspect where you can imagine being the naughty guy going over her lap! I’m not going to show any clips here, but I may do at my other blog which I shall update afterwards HERE) Clare maintained that she is a naturally dominant lady who can rock a fem dom look and is a talented athlete with a good swing on her… and “mint” with a paddle!

& of course there are more point of view movies, one recently released with Clare (even I would be tempted to take a chance if I was naughty over her lap!) and as I said before, many of the regular girls love to switch and take control of young men like the very popular male model Kade, seen below with Mary Jane giving him a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking!

More men spankings by hot girls can be found HERE


Now the reason I covered the last site in Clare’s group is that it’s become an important part of her network and you have the choice of choosing the number of sites that you want, like 3, 4 or 5 sites in her CLARE FONDA PASS – full details of this fanstastic money saving membership is available HERE and don’t forget the longer term deals which works out even cheaper!!! OK, enough of the hard sell, but I do hope that you also enjoyed the fantastic variety that Clare offers across her network!

Who can forget Sierra Salem?

I guess Sierra is now out of the scene, maybe I should write to her mail address and ask what she is up to, but it’s a pity that she isn’t still around. Perhaps she is still a willing spanko sub in private? I’d like to think so, so I have chosen 2 sites that contained some varying content for different reasons, I could have featured a few more sites, but I could be here all day. First up, when I started to take notice of Sierra several years ago, she was the partner of lucky Dallas at the time so obviously she shot a lot of content for DallasSpanksHard.com and some of her scenes were quite severe as you’d expect, with much bratting, tears and hard spankings, strappings and paddling. I have chosen one film which best showcases Sierra’s punishments at this fine site and of course if you take a look at the tour pages you’ll see Dallas has had plenty of gorgeous girls thrashed as you’d expect!

Sierra – fresh faced & able to take a severe punishment on film – eventually!

Take a look at these 3 clips from DallasSpanksHard.com of her and notice how she continues to brat making him work all the harder, this is the sort of punishment I particularly enjoy seeing especially between couples – as from experience you’ll find that the girl will often “cheek back” more and also on the plus side there’s the intimacy and bonus of the spanker often getting away with a harder punishment for their behavior as you’ll have seen in the clips below – these come courtesy of  TEEN SPANKING TUBE


Yikes, this was just one film and it was quite typical of the many punishments that she was capable of! Sierra had one of those bottoms that just begged to be spanked, and I have got you a few extra images from the above film which shows off Miss Salem at her best, with her bare bottom reddened and on full display!



You can all of Sierra films exclusively shot with Dallas HERE


The 2nd part of this feature today has Sierra in some early content again and with one of her earliest male co-stars, the very capable Steve Fuller. I believe they first filmed together when Sierra made her online spanking debut with Shadowlane – one of the best known spanking producers. In this follow up she did some work with Clare Fonda and here she co stars with Steve again in a couple of films I’ve chosen that has her again looking cute and very bratty (not hard since she was 19 at the time!) This feature below is courtesy of SpankedSweeties.com – Clare’s spanking site that features models being interviewed, exploring their fantasties and real life stories as well as showcasing new talent, a massive site in its own right and one I can highly recommend as you’ll see from this archived content!

The first set of images are from Sierra being told off for not doing her homework, something she replayed on film from her real life and Steve plays a properly frightening authoritarian figure that has Sierra reeling as she is spanked mercilessly over his knee! See the way she wriggles and squirms, answering back making things worse!!!



Click on images below to play these 2 clips of Sierra’s punishment at the hands of Steve Fuller


As you may have seen from the 2nd movie clip (above) Sierra is thrashed on her bed after a soccer practice brings shame as she is sent home for fouling the other players so it’s up to Steve to sort out her stroppy attitude and her panties are soon removed and her bare bottom spanked over his knee!



You can check out more movies of Sierra from the archives of SpankedSweeties.com

This site is part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass network