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Learning her lesson

I played around with this image, found it on the interwebs but don’t know the actual source… I hope you like it… I imagine this was after she had learnt her lesson about staying out too late, spanked by her angry daddy… she would be more careful and respectful in future… as she cried herself gently to sleep with her burning red bottom too painful to the touch!


Found via my Tumblr blog (click banner below for more spanking and my obsession with beautiful ass/butt related imagery)


Aftermaths & Schoolgirl Spankings

This is just a brief update as I am away most of the day and wanted to get something like this earlier in the week… so it will have to do now as this sort of punishment scenario has been on my mind the past few days…

One site that I love viewing for authentic schoolgirl punishments is Girls Boarding School – nothing overtly sexual, this site concentrates on harsh dormitory style discipline that often has the girls spanked and punished to blubbing tears! The girls are often in uniform, but you also get to see them in their dorm rooms, sent early to bed, in their casual clothing, I love seeing a ¬†girl’s jeans yanked down, and her red sore bottom on display… I don’t know what it is, I just get off on that, perhaps because it feels rather humiliating, like a violation that she had her protective garments pulled down and left there afterwards… GBS have become masters of the aftermath images as you’ll see from a brief selection below… perhaps this better explains what I am trying to convey!


pic03 pic04

pic07 pic11

pic13 pic14


Oh the shame of it… so imagine having to bare your bottom for a hard buttock welting caning… let’s see the results of that punishment as this poor wretch (below) is left in the cellar to reflect on her latest punishment!


pic03 pic04

pic06 pic14

pic11 pic13


…the shame and embarrassment of holding the cane that had caused her so much pain!

Finally I will leave you with a stunning mixture of images from one of my most fave girls at GBS in this (in my opinion) erotic punishment of a very naughty girl by the legendary and fearsome Mr Lewis who uses this paddle across her wiggling behind majestically…. see for yourself from the GBS Archives (below) – seriously, I get off to this just looking at her legs, so damned shapely… dat ass… and her pained expressions…. this is HOT!

pic05 (1)

pic06 (1) pic07

pic08 pic10

pic13 (1) pic14 (1)

pic15 (1)